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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 12, 2000 on GH
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Monday, June 12, 2000

Luke and Felicia awoke together, all snuggly and cuddly. She asked him how many rules he had in life. He said two, "Eat when you're hungry, sleep when you're sleepy." She said she had 4000. They told each other sweet stories and giggled together. Felicia wondered if she should call home and check in with the girls, but soon she and Luke were swept up in another moment of fun and passion

Laura and Nikolas talked about Stefan and what he did and didn't do wrong. Laura tried to divert the conversation to Nikolas and Liz, but Nikolas would have nothing of it. Laura admitted that she did still have feelings for Stefan. As they started to leave, they wondered why the study lights were still on, but dismissed it.

Alexis arrived at Chloe's to find her friend frantic over her latest nightmare concerning Stefan. She agreed to stay with her and keep her awake. Chloe anxiously asked if Alexis had seen Stefan. Jax called from Zurich and Chloe was glad to hear from him. Alexis and Chloe talked about whether or not Stefan would help Chloe get the drug she needed. Mrs Landsbury called Alexis to see if Alexis knew where Stefan was. Chloe looked like she'd seen a ghost as she heard Alexis' side of the conversation. After she hung up, Chloe told her, "Find him." Later, upset about her dream, Chloe phoned Ned.

Helena gloated over Stefan's poisoned body as he lay there alive but unable to move. Andreas brutally kicked him in the side and Helena burned his fingers, but he did not react. Helena told Andreas she wanted a moment alone with him and then knelt beside him and said there was something she wanted to tell him. She informed him that no one loved him and he would die alone and cold, as he had lived. She told him what a wretched baby he had been, how he cried ceaselessly and only endured her, where Stavros had loved her with all his heart. She told him how much she wished Luke and Laura had killed him instead of Stavros. She lay beside and practically on him, stroking his face and telling him that she had never loved him, and wondered if she'd miss him...probably not, she decided. She kissed him gently on the lips and told him, "Good-bye, Dear Boy" and instructed Andreas to throw him overboard. When he returned, he found her pensive and she admitted she was feeling slightly melancholy.

Sonny and Roy argued with Taggert about whether or not he should go on the rescue of Hannah. They got into the building where Larkin held her and Larkin's men let him know they were on the premises. A vengeful Larkin said that they needed a diversion. He kissed Hannah hard, then threw her over the ledge of the roof. While Roy took care of Larkin, Sonny hurried to the roof and pulled a terrified Hannah back up. Roy and Hannah were joyously reunited while Taggert prepared to take Larkin into custody. Roy and Sonny told Taggert that they had enough evidence to strike a deal with the FBI and a reluctant Taggert agreed to let Sonny have custody of Larkin for one night.

Tuesday, June 13, 2000

Taggert and Mac are searching Luke's club. Taggert confronts Mac over the way he is handling the situation. Mac tells Taggert he better back off. Taggert reminds Mac that what he is doing is wrong. He is trying to get back at Luke. Mac tells Taggert he has a search warrant from a judge. Taggert says that is because he is well respected. Taggert continues to try to reason with Mac. Mac says that he is leaving and he is putting Taggert in charge. He expects Taggert to carry out the letter of the law and if nothing transpires to let it go. Mac then thanks Taggert and reminds him he is still the boss. Taggert says he knows and goes on to carry out his duties. After Taggert leaves, Mac calls Kevin and asks him if he can meet him at home.

Later at the Scorpio casa, Kevin meets with Mac and they discuss Mac's predicament. Mac wants to know if suing Felicia for custody of the girls is the right thing to do? Kevin very diplomatically tells Mac that he needs to be the bigger person. Mac says the girls need Felicia all the time and now is his chance to prove it. He could be the one to give them their mother back. Mac tells Kevin he is worried that she might let them down again. Kevin tells his buddy that the girls will at least have him if that is the case. Mac fills Kevin in on how Stefan has been missing only a few hours and he is already busting up Luke's club. Kevin asks Mac if he thinks Luke killed him? He says he doesn't know anything except that Spencer had motive. Felicia walks in and says hi. Mac asks her where she has been he has been worried. Felicia says she has been driving around trying to clear her head. She asks Kevin if he is aware of the situation and if he thinks Mac should take her girls. Kevin says he thinks they both want what is best for the girls and leaves. Kevin asks Felicia to give Lucy a call and leaves. When Felicia asks Mac about what is up with Lucy, he fills her in on the whole Julie/Kristina scenario. Felicia says it is awful to think of someone taking your child. Mac informs her that he is dropping the custody fight, but not the divorce. He doesn't know how but he knows they can figure out a way to compromise. He tells Felicia that he knew she was upset and was worried something had happened. He is glad to see she is safe at home.

Felicia and Luke are still basking in the afterglow of their night of passion. They continue to kiss and embrace. Later, Felicia emerges from the bathroom fully dressed as Luke continues to snooze. She wakes him and tells him she has to go. She wants to be there when her girls wake up. She thanks Luke for giving her the strength to know she can fight back. He asks if that is all it was? Felicia tells him that who she is with him is who she is in her heart. But, she is a mother and her girls are her life. She tells Luke that the girls love Mac and they need him and she has to compromise for their sake. Luke says he understands and kisses her hand tenderly before moving in on her lips. He tells her that the thought of her begging anyone is more than he can stand. She tells him there will be no begging. It is no longer an option. She says the girls couldn't take a custody battle and that it would tear them apart. Before she leaves, she tells Luke she has no regrets and she won't be sorry and neither can he.

Chloe is at the penthouse dreaming, (I know, again and she never leaves there anymore!). She sees Stefan holding the music box and asking Chloe to help him. Chloe is screaming in her sleep as Ned approaches the penthouse door. He starts shouting for her and she wakes up and answers the door. She begins to explain the whole scenario. Ned tells her to back up and start from the last thing she remembers. She gets her diary and Ned reads the most recent entry. Ned looks shocked and asks her if she really believes that she saw Stefan being murdered? Chloe informs Ned that she has these extremely vivid nightmares and dreams. She recounts for Ned the one where she sees Stefan drinking something and then having this weird look on his face and collapsing. She tells Ned that she couldn't tell Alexis when she came over because she didn't want to alarm her and now that Alexis hasn't called with info, she is doubly concerned. Ned reminds Chloe that Stefan has only been missing for an evening and she could be overly dramatizing things. Alexis phones the penthouse and Ned answers. Much to Chloe's chagrin, Alexis tells Ned that none of Stefan's modes of transportation are missing. She is headed to Greece to see if he is there on their island and forgot to tell. After they hang up, Chloe asks Ned if she is crazy or did she really see Stefan being murdered?

Carly and Sonny are in the nursery working together to scrape the wallpaper of the walls. She is in obvious pain and continues to talk to herself. Why did she get this wallpaper with little bears on it? She tells Sonny they should get a big television and a decorator and turn the nursery into an entertainment room. She becomes more agitated and Sonny stops her and hugs her. Sonny reminds Carly she is hurting herself. They sit down on the floor and she asks him why he didn't wait? Sonny tells her that he didn't want her to die and the doctors told him he had no choice. Carly asks him if he was scared. He says he is sorry but he had no alternative. She tells Sonny the worst part of the loss is that nothing helps and she just feels empty. Carly points out that they have made a mess in the nursery. Sonny thinks a TV is a good thing too. They could stay up and not wake the kids he says. Carly looks crushed as Sonny apologizes. He goes on to tell Carly that she needs to tell herself everyday that she wakes up that their son was loved. She tells Sonny he would have made a great dad. He says they should get out of there and turns off the light as they leave.
Once they are downstairs they share a drink. They both concede that they need some sleep. Carly asks Sonny if he ever thinks of holding their baby? Yes, he says, especially when he thinks of holding Michael when he would come visit him with Jason. He says the baby would have been tinier (younger) and have black hair and dimples. They share a laugh. She begins to explain that she really wanted to hold their baby because she didn't hold Michael until he was 2 months old. She explains the whole postpartum saga and that she actually was in Florida, but not on the beach like people thought. She said she ached for her baby everyday, but couldn't shake the depression. She tells Sonny that sometimes she wonders if Michael remembers that and holds it against her. Sonny reminds her that Michael knows how much she loves him. They are holding hands and sitting on the couch together. Sonny recounts a day in the park where the foursome would head off and look at the sky and their baby would play dump trucks with his big brother Michael. They would remind their baby that he had both of his parents and they would do anything to keep him safe.

Luke returns to his club to find Taggert and several other cops tearing through his stuff. He wants to know what the hell is going on. Taggert tells him they have a warrant and that Stefan is missing!

Wednesday, June 14, 2000

Wednesday started off wonderfully. Sonny was being so marvelous to Carly. Who would have thought he could be so considerate to Carly? Sonny arranged for the nursery to be repainted today. Carly felt relieved by this changed. The two were talking with Bobbie and Roy arrived. Roy and Sonny had a date with the FBI. Carly became irritated by this news because she felt left out of Sonny's life. Sonny told her not to worry because it was all over today. Sonny kept his composure as he lessened Carly's anger. Roy and Sonny left. Bobbie said that she would stay at the penthouse and wait with Carly. Carly told her mom what an important step it was to get rid of the nursery because to change that room would change things for her and Sonny. Carly had seen Sonny lose control and felt helpless in being able to help Sonny through his grief. Bobbie told Carly she must give herself and Sonny time to heal and work through the pain. It will be a long process. Carly insisted that there was only one thing left to be done to be over the loss.

Sonny and Roy awaited the visit of the FBI. Roy informed Sonny that he had to see Larkin for one last time. Roy looked at Larkin and informed him that his threats no longer had value. As a matter of fact, his threats now were signs of weakness. Roy was glad that Larkin would indeed suffer and experience the pain that he had felt all those lost years. There was a knock at the door. It was former Chief Ford and Supervising Agent Edwards. Sonny and Roy started to reveal Agent John Larkin's history of crime and back kick moneys. Initially Edwards did not believe them, until they brought out Larkin and the proof. But it was a deal package. Sonny wanted amnesty; Roy wanted freedom for himself and his daughter Hannah. Roy informed the FBI that they had to accept the deal in order to receive the evidence on Larkin. Edwards took a moment and discussed the deal with Ford and then agreed. Sonny and Roy were glowing with success. Roy said we are free and gave a sigh of relief. Sonny indicated that freedom is not an option available, but Roy, however, is free to do what ever he wants.

Carly still needing someone to blame started in on AJ. Bobbie told Carly to put AJ out of her mind. The only important people on her mind should be herself, Michael, and Sonny. The phone rang at the Penthouse. Carly answered. It was Sonny letting her know that all was clear and free. She asked him to rush home. Bobbie asked about Roy, but Carly said that Sonny did not mention him. Carly told Bobbie she was fine and to go ahead and look for Roy. Sonny returned and Carly congratulated him. She said, you do not like unfinished business. He said that is true. Carly was being quite odd with her conversation about Larkin. Sonny changed the subject and said that Carly and Michael come first with him. Sonny reiterated that he will give them whatever they need. Sonny again mentioned to Carly that he does not want business coming into his home with her and Michael. Sonny asked had they been to the park. Carly said of course not because they were waiting on him. Sonny said let's go then.

Mac arrived at Felicia's house to talk to her about the girls. She questioned him about their conversation yesterday. She asked if he was still of the same mindset and not going to sue her for custody of the girls. Mac confirmed. Mac asked about summer vacation. Felicia told him of her plan to take the girls away to a dude ranch in Colorado for the summer. She wanted to re bond with the girls alone with out the tension in Port Charles. Mac was being pretty wonderful too on this Wednesday. He agreed that would be good for the girls. He told her good luck and then returned to work. Felicia then went to visit Luke who was expecting Alexis. Luke was so happy to see Felicia. Felicia asked about his bag and getaway. Luke informed her that he was the number one suspect for the disappearance of Stefan. Felicia told him he was safe because he was with her all night. That is exactly why I am leaving, Luke informed her because we cannot jeopardize your reunion with the girls. Luke went on to say that Mac overheard Luke threatening to kill Stefan the other day and was taking full advantage of the situation. Luke provided Felicia with reassurance regarding her impending trip with the girls. And of course, they shared one of their passionate kisses before Felicia left. It is so obvious now that these two will have a hard road to travel in order to be together.

Poor Chloe, she really was suffering in every way. If it is not the headaches then it is most certainly the dreams. Chloe decided to talk to Tony about the dreams. She expressed her concern about the content, but also indicated that she now thought her dreams were psychic experiences. Chloe asked if there was any medical documentation about these types of events. He replied in a medical and scientific way. Tony said there is some information about precognitive experiences. But for sure she should follow her instincts and find out what it means in terms of her illness. Ned arrived at the Hospital to inform Chloe that Alexis had been unsuccessful in her search to locate Stefan. Then Ned proceeded to tell Chloe that she needed to tell Mac about her dreams. She agreed. Ned and Chloe arrived at Mac's office to reveal that she may have seen Stefan's murder in her dream. Chloe told the story that she saw Stefan being poisoned and then he came to her a second time walking toward her grasping for air and help. Mac did not believe her until Taggert arrived with the forensic report indicating that there were traces of poison in Luke's safe.

Mac has Luke brought to his office for questioning. Luke was of course resistant in his normal way. Mac asked the question where was he last night. Luke, really not wanting to answer and protect Felicia, does not answer. Mac informed Luke that he was under arrest for the murder of Stefan.

Roy entered General Hospital as a man with a mission, to find Bobbie. He arrived on her floor and she quickly ran to embrace him. Roy told Bobbie their lives were just starting. Roy asked Bobbie for one week of her undivided time for their long awaited trip to Hawaii. Bobbie's eyes were sparkling as the two embraced and kissed.

Thursday, June 15, 2000

Nikolas took over some of Lucy Coe's responsibilities for the Nurses Ball due to the difficulties Lucy is experiencing in her personal life. One of his duties was to gather the orders for the tickets, a task that brought him to the Quartermaine mansion. When AJ told Nikolas to put him down for a ticket, Edward yelled "over my dead body." He said that he did not want to be embarrassed by AJ and that he has a feeling that something terrible will happen if AJ goes to the ball.
Edward threatened to boycott the Nurses Ball if AJ goes to it. Lila warned him that if the family including AJ were not present at the Ball, Edward would be sleeping in the guestroom. When all the Quartermaine commotion was going on, Nikolas received a call to come to Commissioner Scorpio's office immediately.

Emily went to visit Liz and promptly noticed that something was wrong. When she asked her about it, Liz responded by asking her if she has noticed any romantic expressions between Nikolas and her. Emily said no and Liz explained that Lucky keeps trying to push her towards Nikolas despite her adamant declaration of her love for him. Emily told Liz that she would get to the bottom of the bizarre behavior.

Lucky got a room at Jake's and asked Jake not to tell his parents that he is living there. Lucky then contacted Helena and to let her know of his whereabouts. Lucky also called Emily, who came to visit him in his new living quarters. Emily asked him why he was treating Liz like he doesn't love her and Lucky said that he could tell that Nikolas is in love with Liz. Emily asked him if he could look her in the eye and tell her that he did not love Liz anymore and he couldn't do it. Instead he insisted that he has changed over the last year and things can't be the same. Emily said if he doesn't love Liz anymore then tell her so she can move on with her life. And if he also means it, then he should stop looking at her the way he does.

After 12 hours in jail, Luke was brought in to see Mac, who informed him that he was going to be charged with the murder of Stefan Cassadine. A vile of poison was found in Luke's safe. Coupled with the notation of a meeting with Luke on Stefan's calendar on the Friday night in question, Luke seemed to have motive and means for murder.

Roy and Bobbie plans to depart for Hawaii was interrupted by a phone call from Luke. Luke asked his sister for her help in getting a lawyer and she went to visit him at the station. Roy came to visit Luke, ...and to help him escape.

When Nikolas arrived, the commissioner questioned him as to Stefan's whereabouts. When he responded that he did not know, Mac told him that Alexis filled a missing person's report on Stefan last Friday. Nikolas asked if they had arrested Helena and Mac responded that Luke not Helena was their prime suspect. Nikolas filled Laura in on what was going on with regards to Stefan and Luke. Nikolas became irritated when it appeared that Laura appeared more concerned about Luke than his missing uncle. Laura quickly assured him that Luke did not murder Stefan, and Nikolas asked her how she is so certain of that. Laura couldn't answer but she told him that they would find out.
Laura and Lesley Lu wen to visit Liz at her art studio. Laura asked her if she was spending time with Lucky and she responded that Lucky acts as though she doesn't exist. She said that she was beginning to think that there was no hope for them and that she should just do what he says and leaves him alone. Laura begged Liz not to give up on Lucky because she may be their last hope in reuniting with Lucky.
Lucky came to Liz's studio and apologized for trying to push her together with Nikolas. He continued to look at her with great affection as they talked.

Friday, June 16, 2000

Lucky told Liz that he gets mad when his parents tell him how to feel, so he has no right to tell her how she should feel about Nikolas. Liz told him that she understands that he has been through a lot this past year and she still loves him. She also told him she meant her vows to him and he needs to stop thinking and feel instead. She asked Lucky what she did to lose his trust and faith in her, and Lucky replied that he does trust her. He told her that he believes her when she says she loves him. She is like a light to him that is so warm and comforting, but when he gets close to her, he slams into some invisible force. Liz asked him if there was a wall between them now, and he kissed her. As they were kissing, a frantic Nikolas burst into Liz's studio. Nikolas shared the news concerning Stefan's disappearance and/or murder and Luke's arrest. Luke began asking some questions concerning the circumstance of his father's arrest and Nikolas got irate. Nikolas screamed at Lucky for defending Luke and pointed out that Luke had threatened Stefan in front of Lucky that Friday. Lucky left to go to the police station in search of some answers and Nikolas turned his anger on Liz. He yelled that he was sick and tired of hearing about what Lucky needs. The man he has known as a father is missing and/or dead and no one seems to care.
Mac was upset that Luke was able to escape from custody, but was happy that Luke's escape further implicates him in Stefan's murder. Mac asked Felicia if she knew about Luke's plans and she told him no. Mac then asked Felicia to promise him that she would inform him if Luke contacted her, and she did not have a chance to respond because they were interrupted. A worried Laura defended Luke vigorously and told Mac that they were still not sure that Stefan was murdered, so he should not use his badge to get revenge. Mac in return, asked Laura why Luke would escape from jail if he weren't guilty.
Roy took Luke to the safe house where he has been hiding in order to buy Luke time to come up with a plan. Luke asked Roy for a couple of fake ID's and enough money to escape to Switzerland. Roy then took Felicia to see Luke, who was happy to see her. Felicia told Luke that she suspects that Mac is setting him up to get revenge and she has to go tell him the truth about their alibi for Friday night. Luke refused Felicia's help and told her to stay out of it. Besides, he added, he wants her to have time to get her kids back and work out her feelings.
Taggert came upon Carly and Sonny, who took Michael out for some ices, and told Sonny that the Commissioner instructed him to bring him in for questioning. Carly immediately came to Sonny's defense, but Sonny told her that he would be fine and that she should go home with Michael till he gets back. When Sonny and Taggert left, an apologetic AJ suddenly appeared. He told her that he was concerned about her and had thought about her everyday. Carly accused AJ of attempting to kill her and the baby, and she also asked him if he was happy with the result. A provoked AJ replied that it is just a matter of time till he gets Michael from Sonny and Carly. A scared Carly told AJ that she would do anything it takes to keep him away from Michael. She said that she wished she had listened to Sonny when he warned her to stay away from AJ because he was dangerous. She thought he was harmless, but obviously she confused harmless with spineless. She then added that AJ belongs at the bottom of a river.
At the police station, Mac accused Sonny of helping Luke escape, and Sonny explained that he had not seen Luke in weeks, nor did he even know that Luke was arrested. After listening to Sonny, Mac realized that Sonny had no idea of what was going on, so he let him leave. Mac concluded that one of his officers must have accepted a bribe form Luke and that he will figure out who it is.
When Sonny returned, Carly told him what happened at the docks when he left and asked him to kill AJ. Sonny replied that the damage it would do to Michael is not worth it. He was not willing for Michael to hurt Michael that way. He does want Michael to look at them and think of them as his father's murderers. Carly did not appear appeased by the answer but let it go.
As Stefan was getting a massage, Nikolas was grieving and reminiscing about their last couple of times together arguing. An upset Lucky ran into Helena at the docks and told her she should be the one getting investigated for this crime. She called out his name and told him to " always remember to protect your queen", and the zombie Lucky reappeared. Nikolas hid in the shadows as he witnessed the whole scene.

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