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Alex and Dimitri reunited and made love. Edmund realized that Alex had slept with Dimitri. Gillian stowed away on Adrian and Ryan's flight and was almost tossed overboard. Becca ended her relationship with Leo after he helped Greenlee destroy Ryan's apartment. Stuart returned to Pine Valley.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 28, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, August 28, 2000

Gillian went to Ryan's apartment and told him that she was going with him to Chechnya. Ryan told her that it was already planned and that it was not "a luxury tour with five-star hotels and in-flight movies." Gillian insisted that she could handle it. Ryan told her that they would be arriving in a battle zone, and it would be too dangerous for her. Gillian said that she could help him and Adrian because Jake probably would not listen to them, since he hadn't listened to Tad or Adrian's contact before.

Gillian said that Jake would probably listen to her because she was still his -- she hesitated at the word she was trying to say, and Ryan finished her sentence -- wife. Ryan assured her that they would get Jake back, even if they had to tie him up. She told Ryan that she was afraid that if he left her then, she would lose him forever. Ryan promised that he would never leave his "princess." Gillian asked him how he could make such a promise, and he returned her answer with a kiss.

At Sounds of Salsa, the swing contest was underway. Mateo had called Becca and Leo to the dance floor. Greenlee was pulling Leo off the dance floor with Becca still holding on to him. Mateo called their names again and asked Hayley if they had stage fright. Hayley answered Mateo and said that it looked like Leo had too many partners. Becca told Leo to deal with Greenlee, and she would ask Hayley and Mateo to call up the next couple. She told them that everything was fine, and Leo just needed a couple extra minutes.

The next couple began their dance. Bianca went to Becca and wanted to know what was up with Greenlee, and Becca replied with a disgusted look, "What is always up with Greenlee?" Bianca offered to go over to Leo and get him away from Greenlee, but Becca said "no" because she wanted to see how Leo would handle it. Greenlee was begging Leo and said that she really needed his help. He told her to call 9-1-1.

Greenlee said that she had never been in that deep. Leo told her to cut the melodrama, and she replied that she'd really messed up big time. Leo told her that she'd messed up with him and Becca for the last time, and he was sick of her screwups. Greenlee told Leo that it was not about him and Becca then Leo reassured her that it was always about Greenlee. Greenlee said she was scared and had nobody else to turn to. Leo said that her lips were quivering and her eyes were pouting, and he almost believed her, but it wasn't as convincing as her "Opal" impression.

Leo said to excuse him because he had some jitterbugging to do then walked away from Greenlee. He went back to Becca, and she asked him if he was ready to swing; he replied that he was going to destroy the dance floor. Greenlee's cell phone was ringing, and she said that she hoped it wasn't Wade. It was her grandmother calling about her grandfather. She told her grandmother that she would meet her grandfather at the hospital then ran out the door. Leo and Becca got their turn to dance, and the crowd cheered.

Back at David's office, Dixie was on the phone, talking to Tad and asking him what he wanted to do that night. Dixie started to chuckle and told Tad that what he was suggesting was illegal in three states. She told Tad to stop talking that way because it was making her blush, and she wouldn't do it on an empty stomach. David was at the door, listening to her and Tad on the phone. Dixie told Tad that a late-night dinner at SOS would be grand.

David cleared his throat at the door to let Dixie know he was there. Dixie told Tad she loved him and hung up the phone. Dixie remarked to David that he had been in surgery a long time, and she hoped the patient looked better than he did.

Dixie told David that he looked exhausted and that he should go home. He remarked that he couldn't because he had to stay and monitor the patient throughout the night. David told Dixie to go home and enjoy her date because one of them should have a life. She asked him if there was anything she could do before she left. David said "no" then said there was one thing but not to worry about it.

Dixie got David to tell her what he wanted her to do, and he said that his shoulders were killing him. She started to massage his shoulders and told him not to get used to it, pointing out that it was not in her job description. David was moaning and enjoying every second of his massage. He said that he would triple her salary, and she asked him to put it writing.

Dixie asked how David lived with all that tension. David told her that if he relaxed, he would lose. That was the story of his life, and Dixie called that a horrible life. David said it had worked so far, and Dixie asked him if it really had. He grabbed her hand and asked her if she had any suggestions. Just then, his beeper went off, and he left. He looked at Dixie and said, "Thanks."

Dixie returned to her desk, and Alex walked in looking for David. Dixie told Alex that David had gone to check on a patient. Alex had the bottle of pills that had been found on Wildwind property and told Dixie that it was the same medication he had given his patient in Palo Alto. She wanted to know what it was doing at Wildwind. Alex said that she would wait for David and went into his office. Dixie entered and told Alex that she was sure David would be able to explain how the pills had gotten to Wildwind. Alex wanted to know if he could explain the rest.

Dixie asked what Alex meant, and Alex replied that Dimitri was everywhere. He could be David's case study. She thought she had seen him at the airport, but she knew she hadn't, and his medication had shown up on the property -- and Dimitri was dead. She also commented that she was going to marry Dimitri's brother and that she really felt Dimitri there. Alex told Dixie that she thought she had accepted his death, but Dimitri haunted her. Alex wanted to know why it was happening and didn't know what to do.

David was at the emergency room with Woodruff when Greenlee ran in. Greenlee hugged her grandfather and asked him what had happened. He replied that he was fine. David told Greenlee that her grandfather had suffered an angina attack; they had taken an EKG and given him some oxygen; and all he needed was some rest. Greenlee wanted to know if he could go home, and David told her that as soon as her grandmother was done with the paperwork, he could leave. Woodruff started to get out of the wheelchair, and David said to stay seated because he had to fill his prescription for nitroglycerin tablets.

David told Woodruff that the next time he felt any pain, he was to take the nitroglycerine pills. Greenlee told her grandfather that he'd really scared her, and she was worried about him. Woodruff told her that she hadn't needed to go to the hospital because it was no place for a beautiful woman like her. Greenlee told him that she wouldn't know what to do if she lost him. Greenlee suggested that he take a vacation because he was always talking about taking a cruise. Woodruff said that he would miss his granddaughter too much. She was worried about him, and he was worried about her.

Woodruff said that Greenlee looked troubled and told her to take care of herself because that would be the best medicine for him. David returned with the pills and told Woodruff that he could leave. Greenlee offered to take him home, and he insisted that her grandmother could take care of him because all he wanted to do was sleep. David wheeled him out, and Greenlee kissed him on the cheek and told her grandfather that she would see him the following day.

After her grandparents left, Wade showed up and surprised Greenlee. She wanted to know what he was doing there and if he'd had anything to do with her grandfather's illness. Wade said that he was concerned about her grandfather and was willing to postpone his business and golf until Woodruff was up to par. Greenlee told him that her grandfather would never play golf with a monster. Wade assured her that he was a legitimate businessman, and she was his client and was proof for anyone who was asking. Wade asked Greenlee if she wanted out, and if she did, she just had to pay him his three million plus interest, plus prepayment penalty. Greenlee said the money was all tied up in Incredible Dreams.

Wade said that settled it, and he looked forward to teeing off with her and her grandfather when her grandfather recovered. As Wade walked away, he tried to kiss Greenlee goodbye, but she backed away. After he left, she wondered what she was going to do. She scratched her head and said that she had to tell Ryan then left.

Ryan and Gillian were still at his apartment, talking, and he assured her that she was his life, and nothing would stop him from returning home to her. Gillian said that she wished she could believe it. She told Ryan that anything could happen while he was in Chechnya. There were land minds and snipers, and something could happen to him. Gillian told Ryan that she could not just sit there and do nothing. Ryan told her to be safe, help the Martins, help her grandmother, and to keep the "home fries" burning.

Gillian told Ryan that she loved him too much to lose him, and Ryan told her that he loved her too much to die. He assured her that he would get Jake home so that they could tell him about them then they could live their lives together. Ryan told Gillian that she would have to trust him. He asked her again if she trusted him, and she replied with a kiss. Adrian walked in and said that the car was packed up, and the pilot was waiting at the airstrip for them.

Ryan asked Gillian if she was going to be okay. She didn't reply but just looked at him. Adrian got a call on his cell phone and told Gillian goodbye. He said that he would meet Ryan in the car. Gillian told Adrian to be safe as he walked out the door. Ryan told Gillian that he loved her, and she said that she loved him also. As they hugged goodbye, Greenlee walked in. They did not see her, so she backed out the door.

As Ryan walked toward the door, he told Gillian to say goodbye to him there. She said that she would not say "goodbye." Ryan told her that she would be with him the whole time, in his thoughts. They kissed and hugged, and she walked away. Ryan closed the door, and he left. Greenlee emerged from the shadows and went into the apartment, hysterical and talking to herself. She finally realized that Ryan was not over Gillian at all, like he'd made her believe. She fell to her knees, and all she could say was, "Damn you, Ryan."

Dixie was talking to Alex while waiting for David to return. Alex guessed that Dixie thought she was crazy. Dixie said that she did not think that. Alex then said that maybe the medication was a sign, and there had to be a rational explanation. Dixie said that there was an explanation and that Alex was not crazy. Alex asked if Dixie knew something and said if she did to tell Alex.

Dixie told Alex that the medication was Dimitri's. Alex then said that Dimitri was dead. Dixie looked at the door, and David was standing there. David walked in and took one look at Alex and said that she looked upset. Alex showed David the bottle of pills and wanted to know where they were from. David made up an excuse for the pills. He told Alex that he was wondering what had happened to those pills. He said that when the Stanford patient had been doing so well from the treatments, he'd rushed over to Wildwind to tell her because he'd been so excited, but he hadn't been able to find her.

David told Alex that he had to have dropped them out of his pocket when he'd been touring the grounds, waiting for her. Alex asked David why he'd never said anything about the pills being missing, and he said that he hadn't thought it was that important. He felt the important part was the patient's breakthrough, and he'd told her that immediately when she had gone to the office. He assured Alex that he would warn her the next time he stopped over. Alex then asked David why Dixie had said the medication was Dimitri's. David said that Dixie meant well but got carried away sometimes.

Dixie told David to "stop it." Dixie then told David to tell Alex the truth about Dimitri. David then told Alex that the medication was Dimitri's, or rather it would have been if Dimitri had lived. David told Alex that he'd planned to treat Dimitri with the medication, but by the time he'd gotten to Seaview, Dimitri had already disappeared. David told Alex that he didn't want to upset her, but he had confided in Dixie and had expected her to hold that confidence.

Alex left the room, upset, and said that she could not handle it. Dixie tried to follow her, but David pulled her back into his office. Dixie and David started to argue. Dixie told David that Alex had a right to know. David asked her what would happen then and asked if Dixie thought they would live happily ever after. Dixie said that they could and questioned how he would know what happiness was. She accused him of making selfish decisions.

Dixie asked David to, for once in his life, do the right thing. Dixie said that Alex, Edmund, and Dimitri had a right to make their own informed decisions and implored David not to steal from their lives. David called Dixie "naïve." Dixie told David that every time she had hope for him, he acted like that. David told her that maybe she was expecting too much from him. Dixie told David that he was a miserable control freak and wanted everyone to be like him.

The phone rang, and it was Dimitri. He was at the hunting lodge and told David that he was not feeling good. He'd lost the medication that David had given him. David told Dimitri to go to the hospital, and Dimitri refused. David said that he would go to Dimitri.

As David left, his beeper went off, and he had to take care of a patient. Dixie told David that she would call Dimitri and tell him that David would be late. After David left the office, Alex returned and wanted to know what Dixie was hiding. Dixie told Alex to go to the hunting lodge.

At Sounds of Salsa, Hayley and Mateo announced the winners of the swing contest. Becca and Leo won first place. He picked her up and swung her over his shoulders. Greenlee arrived and ordered a double vodka -- no fruit, no rocks. The bartender asked her if she'd had a rough day, and she replied by saying that her grandfather's life was about to be trashed, and she had just been played for a "sucker" in love. She said that it was just another day in the life and to "hit her again" with another drink.

Hayley then told everyone that the winning couple, Becca and Leo, would celebrate the victory dance. Becca told Leo that she knew he could do it. Leo said that she was right; it was not about the technique, it was about the passion. He told Becca to get used to it, and she asked him if he meant dancing. Leo said no, what he meant was looking into her eyes. Leo then asked Becca to go someplace private.

Just then, there was a loud roar from the bar, and Greenlee was standing on the bar, holding a glass of vodka and telling everyone to join her in a toast from the big loser to the lucky couple. She drank what was left in her glass then fell off the bar into Mateo's and another man's arms. Leo walked over to her and called her name. She stood up and asked for another drink. Mateo said she was cut off from drinks and could only get water and coffee then sat her in a chair.

Leo took Becca by the arm, said that he didn't know what was wrong with Greenlee, and asked Becca if it would be okay if he spent a few minutes with Greenlee. Becca told him to go ahead. Leo then told Becca that he'd meant what he'd said about being alone with her. He had to settle down Greenlee and find someone to take her home then the rest of the night would be theirs. Becca told Leo that he was a good friend, and she hoped Greenlee appreciated it.

Hayley was talking to Mateo and telling him that Greenlee reminded her of herself and the time when liquor had been the answer to all her problems. Hayley hoped that Greenlee would wise up sooner than Hayley had. Hayley and Mateo wanted to know why Leo was with Greenlee because they remembered the time they had both been on Hayley's show and Greenlee had been beating up on Leo. Leo tried to sober Greenlee up with coffee and asked her what had gotten her like that.

Greenlee told Leo to leave her alone, and she tried to leave. Leo told her that she was not driving anywhere. Leo told her to sit down, and she replied by saying that it was better than swimming with the sharks. Leo asked her if it was about the deal she'd made with Wade, and he said that he'd warned her about him.

Greenlee wanted to know why Leo had never warned her about Ryan. She told him that he had been leading her on for months, cheating on her with Gillian, sweet-talking her, and he had her taking care of his precious company while he and Gillian were probably laughing about her. She told Leo that she'd put everything on the line for Ryan, and he didn't even know what she had done. Leo told her to forget about Ryan, and she said that she was not going to let Ryan forget about her.

Greenlee stormed out of the Sounds of Salsa. Hayley and Mateo told everyone to have a good time and enjoy the food. Leo told Becca that he'd forgotten about an errand that he had to do for Erica and told her that he would be back soon. Becca offered to go with him, and Leo told her to stay there and enjoy the food. He would be back. Becca knew that he was going to see Greenlee.

Greenlee went to Ryan's place, hoping to find him there, but he had already left for the business trip he'd told her he was going on. She was so upset that she broke the glass outside his place that had the axe. Greenlee said that she was going to give him a goodbye that he would never forget. She had the axe in her hand.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Adrian were on the plane, buckling up for the trip, and Ryan was unaware that Gillian was a stowaway on the plane, hiding behind some boxes.

Dimitri was at the hunting lodge, waiting on David. He heard the door open and turned around. Alex was at the door. Alex looked at Dimitri, and Dimitri looked at her.

Tuesday, August 29, 2000

After completing his work in the recovery room, David returned to his office and found Dixie hovered near his desk. He asked if Dixie had phoned Dimitri to inform him that David would be by with his medication. Dixie mumbled a positive reply but refused to use any words to respond to David's question. David hurried to gather his belongings so that he could head over to the hunting lodge. Dixie waited until David was almost out the door before calling out and saying that she didn't feel well.

David immediately turned around and headed toward Dixie. He took her arm and carefully felt for her pulse. He looked down at Dixie and informed her that her pulse was normal. That, coupled with an unusual look on Dixie's face, prompted David to conclude that Dixie was not really sick. David asked Dixie if she'd told Alex about Dimitri. Dixie looked him square in the eye and swore that she hadn't told Alex that Dimitri was still alive. After a pause, she admitted that she'd sent Alex to the hunting lodge, hoping that she and Dimitri would finally meet.

David was furious with Dixie and lectured her for going against Dimitri's wishes. Dixie argued that David wasn't being noble by honoring Dimitri's request; he was merely being a "control freak." David tried to storm past Dixie, but she blocked his way. David sighed deeply and told Dixie that she was acting very much like a control freak by taking matters into her own hands and by barring him from going to see Dimitri. "Let me tell you something, sweetheart," he snapped, "you're a hell of a lot worse than I am."

Dixie lashed out at David, accusing him of not wanting to do what was best for everyone involved. She said that it had been breaking her heart to see Alex thinking that she'd lost her mind and to know that Dimitri wanted nothing more than to reunite with his wife. Dixie continued, saying that David had no idea what it was like for two people to be in love. Breathing heavily, David suddenly reached out and pulled Dixie in for a kiss. The kiss lasted for nearly a minute before David pulled away. Dixie was stunned into silence.

David tried to explain his actions, saying that he'd had to kiss Dixie to get her to "shut up." Dixie stumbled backward; she still hadn't made a sound. Dixie grabbed her purse and fumbled her way out of the office. When the phone on her desk started ringing, Dixie picked up the headset and slammed it down against the receiver several times. David wandered out of the office after Dixie, but upon seeing him, Dixie ran away. David returned to his office and sat quietly behind his desk, and the image of kissing Dixie played over and over in his mind.

The door to Ryan's loft was unlocked. When Leo quietly wandered inside, he found the apartment dark and eerily quiet. Sensing that someone might be inside, Leo called out once he reached the kitchen area. From out of nowhere, Greenlee stormed toward him with the axe held above her head. Leo had only a split second to duck out of the way. Greenlee's axe landed on a fruit bowl, shattering it into dozens of pieces.

Leo somehow managed to wrangle the axe away from Greenlee and flip on the lights. Greenlee realized that she'd nearly taken Leo's head off, but she offered no apology. Instead, she exclaimed that she wanted to "kill [Ryan] for what he's done" to her. Greenlee flopped face-first on the sofa and tearfully told Leo that Ryan had duped her. She explained that while she'd believed that she and Ryan had been getting closer, he'd been romancing Gillian.

Leo flashed a wicked grin and told Greenlee that he was going to help her get back at Ryan -- though he talked her out of her thoughts of decapitation. Leo handed Greenlee the axe and urged her to take out her anger on Ryan's belongings. The idea seemed foreign to Greenlee. She held the axe at arm's length and reluctantly walked toward Ryan's desk. Teeth gritted, Greenlee raised the axe above her head and slammed it down heavily on the desk.

A look of glee and relief swept over the young woman's face. She continued smashing and trashing as Leo hooted and hollered nearby. Leo was so involved in his celebration and occasional smashing that he didn't noticed that Greenlee's laughter had turned into sobbing. When Leo finally did notice that Greenlee was crying, he walked over to her and tried to comfort her. "I'm all alone now," she sniffled. Leo shook his head and told Greenlee that she wasn't alone. "I'll be here for you," he said in a soft, soothing voice, "I'll always be here for you."

Tad showed up at Sounds of Salsa for a prearranged meeting with Dixie. Dixie hadn't shown up yet, so Tad bellied up to the bar to see how Tina was doing. Tina tried to make conversation, but it was apparent that she was not in the best spirits. Tad don't have to pry too deeply before Tina revealed that Adrian was en route to Chechnya. Tad was troubled by the news, but it wasn't really a surprise. Tad was also concerned that Opal might not be handling the news well.

Before calling to check on his mom, Tad first phoned Dixie to see why she was running late. Dixie did not answer her cell phone. A few seconds later, Dixie scurried into the club and into her husband's arms. Dixie immediately kissed Tad. Tad sensed that something was wrong and asked if everything was okay. Dixie shook her head unconvincingly and again gave Tad a passionate kiss.

Tad pulled away from his wife and asked that she tell him what was bothering her. Dixie tried to sidestep the issue, but ultimately she admitted that something "pretty big" had gone down. Dixie revealed that Dimitri was still alive, news that Tad took surprisingly well. He immediately wrapped his arms around her and told her that he knew why she'd been so stressed out. Dixie buried her head in her husband's chest, hiding the look of pain and shame on her face.

Some five miles in the air, Adrian showed Ryan a map with key landmarks for their rescue operation. Gillian listened silently from inside a large crate. She remained that way until Adrian handed Ryan a handgun. Ryan detected her audible gasp on the other side of the aircraft. Ryan wanted to move in to investigate the source of the noise, but Adrian insisted that he was hearing things. The pilot informed Adrian that the plane's load was too heavy. To lessen the amount of fuel being consumed, the pilot suggested they dump some cargo.

One by one, Ryan and Adrian tossed crates out of the hatch. When it was time to move the crate that Gillian had hidden herself in, Ryan and Adrian noticed that the crate was much heavier than they'd remembered it being. As the crate inched closer to the hatch, Gillian jumped to her feet and begged not to be thrown overboard. Ryan and Adrian were shocked to see Gillian. Ryan immediately demanded an explanation for Gillian's decision to stow away aboard the plane. "I didn't have a choice," Gillian replied.

Ryan ordered Adrian to have the pilot turn around. However, it was too late to turn around; the plane didn't have enough fuel to make it back to Pine Valley. Gillian insisted that she hadn't gotten aboard the plane to be sent back home. She and Ryan bickered back and forth about her ultimate fate. They failed to reach an agreement. Adrian reached for the bedrolls -- basically military sleeping bags. There were only two bedrolls, so Adrian decided that he'd sleep under some blankets.

Gillian stubbornly snatched the blanket away from Adrian and stated that he could use the bedroll. They all lay down to catch a few winks. As the plane ascended, the air got colder -- much colder. Gillian's teeth chattered a bit, and Ryan moved in to share his bedroll with her. Gillian thought it might be a signal that Ryan had decided to let her tag along with him. Ryan quickly dispelled that notion, saying that as soon as they landed, he was taking her to a Red Cross station for transport back to Pine Valley.

Alex and Dimitri stood motionless, silently staring at each other from across the hunting lodge. After what seemed like an eternity, Alex shook her head and turned her back to the man she saw standing before her. Something -- perhaps the need to know if she was seeing things -- drew her deeper into the lodge. Her arm extended, Alex slowly walked toward Dimitri, who still had not made a move. Alex looked down at the ground just as her hand rested upon Dimitri's chest. Feeling that there was someone in front of her, Alex slowly looked back up into her husband's eyes.

"Are you real?" Alex asked softly. "You are so beautiful," Dimitri replied. Surprisingly, Dimitri asked Alex to turn around and leave and to continue believing that he was dead. Alex shook her head and said that she could not do that. Overjoyed, Alex smiled broadly. Dimitri, however, burst into tears and pleaded with Alex to leave.

Alex wrapped her arms around Dimitri and tried her best to comfort him. Dimitri confessed that he'd longed to be in Alex's arms for a long, long time. Alex wanted to know why he hadn't gone to her sooner. Dimitri explained that he hadn't wanted to put her through the pain of "another death." The pair kissed before heading to the couch and making love.

Afterwards, Alex told Dimitri that she'd felt that he'd been close to her many times. "I have a lot of questions," Alex whispered. Dimitri put his finger to her mouth and told her to stay silent. "Tonight," he said, "there's just the two of us."

Wednesday, August 30, 2000

At the loft, morning revealed the trashed apartment as Leo went to a sleeping Greenlee with his old family recipe for a hangover cure. Greenlee was repulsed by the smell, and he had to coax her into swallowing some. Leo told her if she could keep it down 15 minutes, she would be okay. After she swallowed it, he distracted her by reciting Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky." Greenlee was so amazed at the nonsense rhyme that she completely forgot about the noxious mixture she had swallowed. The cure worked, and when she said she had to get to her grandfather, Leo told her that he was all right after his brief hospital stay, Leo had already called to check on him.

At the shelter, Elliot was trying to reassure the abused Ricky that he would not have to go home with his father. Jack, as the shelter's attorney, showed up and told them that bureaucracy was slow, but there might be a way to allow Ricky to stay away from his dad. "Hank the Tank," as he was called, was currently under suspension from the police force for using excessive force, Jack said. Social services would investigate, but it could take time, he added. Someone could petition for temporary custody until the abuse matter was resolved. Eliot immediately volunteered but pointed out he would be transferred soon.

Edmund arrived back at Wildwind from his trip to Washington, DC, and Brooke was awaiting him for their meeting. She asked where Alex was, and Edmund said she was neither in her room nor at the hospital, and he was puzzled where she could be. They went over Edmund's notes from his political interviews then Edmund stifled a yawn, saying, "I'm bushed." Brooke quipped, "And Gored," and they both laughed. Brooke got up to leave and asked about wedding plans. "Whatever Alex wants," Edmund said as he walked Brooke out to her car.

Alex woke up at the hunting lodge with an ecstatic smile on her face as she remembered her reunion with Dimitri. Then she realized she was alone and anxiously called, "Dimitri?" He appeared behind her, dressed in a robe. "So I didn't dream you," Alex said happily as she went into his arms. "I'd better go and finish getting dressed," Dimitri said as they held each other. "Why?" Alex asked him as she snuggled closer. "That's why," Dimitri laughingly replied and pulled away.

Alone, Alex caught sight of Edmund's engagement ring on her finger, and with a distracted look on her face, took it off and put it in her pocket. When Dimitri returned, Alex anxiously asked him about his medication and called for a refill of the medication for the "Stanford patient."

Alex and Dimitri talked about what had happened, and Alex blamed herself for Dimitri's "death" because he had been investigating her past. He expressed regret that she'd had to go through it alone but added that he knew Edmund had been with her, and Dimitri had witnessed the marriage proposal. She explained that they'd both thought he was dead and hadn't planned on falling in love. Dimitri told her that he had tried to shield her from the truth because he hadn't wanted her to go though another "death."

Dimitri went on to explain that David Hayward had been treating him and told of Edmund's knowledge of it and the fake death certificate. Alex was astounded to learn that Edmund knew Dimitri had survived Bryn Wydd and that he hadn't told her. "That was what I wanted," Dimitri said. Then he explained how, with the treatment working, Dixie had persuaded him to pursue life and happiness again. "But I never meant for us to meet again -- you were Edmund's," he said.

Bianca and Becca arrived at the Valley Inn to plan Erica's party for Bianca. As they sat at a table, the banqueting manager told Bianca, "Miss Kane said you can have anything you want." At that, Bianca's face fell, and Becca tried to cheer her up. Bianca scanned the lists of expensive desserts and hors d'oeuvres but couldn't drum up any enthusiasm. Pretty soon, the talk turned to Leo, and Becca admitted she hadn't returned any of Leo's calls since the night before when he'd left to see Greenlee. Bianca tried to convince her that Leo cared for her, but Becca knew that he also cared for Greenlee. "I'm not going to be in the game anymore," she insisted.

Meanwhile, Leo led Greenlee into the living area of the loft, where she surveyed the damage from her axe attack. The phone rang, and it was Wade. "He wants me to pay back the money with interest -- immediately -- or he wants a meeting with my grandfather," a scared Greenlee told Leo. The idea was that Wade wanted to trap her grandfather into a money-laundering scheme, she said. "I put the $3 million into the business, but I don't know how to get it back out."

Greenlee's only alternative was to go to her parents and confess everything to them. But that would mean they would not let her out of their sight after that, she moaned. Leo had another idea -- to approach Vanessa for help. "She owes me after pinning Paolo's murder on me," he said. Greenlee told him it was just a way for him to make up with his mother. "Exactly, that's it," Leo fibbed. He left to find Vanessa, with Greenlee wondering about his true motives.

Bianca had selected the necessary hors d'oeuvres and desserts for the big party but realized she'd better order caviar to keep Erica happy and went to place the order. As she left, Leo showed up and asked Becca why she hadn't been answering his calls. Becca told him she didn't want to hear his lame excuses -- ever.

Brooke arrived at the shelter and said that she could take responsibility for Ricky. "We could both sign the petition, and when Eliot leaves, I could be responsible," she told Jack. Suddenly, Ricky's father showed up and grabbed his son, demanding Ricky go home with him. Eliot immediately grabbed Hank and threw him violently against the wall, threatening him to leave the boy alone. Hank broke free and threatened to have Eliot arrested for kidnapping and assault.

Edmund, after seeing Brooke to her car, returned inside and, on seeing Eugenia, asked her if she knew where Alex was. Eugenia had no idea, but as Gillian was missing, too, thought they might be out somewhere together, doing something for the wedding.

Alex was shocked that Edmund had hidden from her that Dimitri was alive, while Dimitri emphasized that it had been his doing to hide the facts from her, not Edmund's. The plan had been for him to recover abroad, he said, but since Dixie had convinced him to stay, "It has to be your choice -- Edmund or me?" he told his wife. "What are we going to do?" an anguished Alex asked.

Then the phone rang. It was Edmund. He asked Alex what she was doing at the hunting lodge. She told him she hadn't expected him back so soon and that she would be at Wildwind immediately. "I have to see you," she said then, "I love you too," in response to Edmund, as Dimitri sadly watched.

Thursday, August 31, 2000

Brooke tried to defuse the situation between Hank Collins and Eliot. Collins asserted his parental rights and took Ricky home.

At the Valley Inn, Leo tried to apologize for leaving Becca at SOS after the dance contest. Becca pressed Leo about where he'd spent the night. Leo acknowledged that he had been with Greenlee but refused to tell Becca why Greenlee had needed him. Their conversation was interrupted when Vanessa arrived, and Becca was shocked that Leo had asked his mother to meet him. Becca decided that Leo's life was just too complicated for her and said they were finished.

Meanwhile, Hayley went to Ryan's loft to check on Greenlee. Hayley expressed concern about Greenlee's drinking, but Greenlee said she was just reeling from a bad night. Leo proposed a way for Vanessa to get back in his good graces. Vanessa balked at Leo's plan to have her scam Wade by offering him Cortlandt Electronics for his money-laundering scheme until she discovered he was trying to help Greenlee. Vanessa commented that Leo had to love Greenlee, but a bitter Leo told her he was through with love.

Edmund arrived at the hunting lodge and was floored by the sight of Dimitri. Edmund questioned his brother about why he was in Pine Valley, since David had told him Dimitri had left the country and then died. Alex entered the room at that moment, and Edmund realized she had spent the night with Dimitri. A devastated Edmund then noticed that Alex had removed her engagement ring. Edmund accused Dimitri of plotting to get Alex alone to steal her from him, but Alex swore their evening had not been planned.

Dimitri asked if Edmund hated him, and Edmund said he did. Alex argued that they should be grateful that Dimitri was alive. Edmund then questioned if he should be grateful that Dimitri had slept with his fiancée, and Alex reminded him that Dimitri was her husband.

Brooke and Eliot were disappointed when Jack informed them Ricky would be staying with his father. Concerned for the teen's safety, Eliot decided to go to the Collins house, but Brooke talked him out of it. Brooke asked why Eliot was so wrapped up in Ricky's case. Eliot revealed that it reminded him of his relationship with his own father, which had caused him to be an angry and destructive young man, especially when he'd drunk. Brooke told Eliot that he was a different man, but he said that by the time he had changed, it had been too late.

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 1, 2000

David Hayward sat in his office and checked his voicemail. He listened to a message from Dixie. She planned to arrive at work late because she was waiting for Tad to take the boys home from camp. He sat back and thought about the passionate kiss they had shared. Then David picked up the phone and ordered flowers -- two dozen peace roses.

Tad arrived home with Junior after dropping Jamie off at Brooke's. Dixie sent Junior to unpack and hugged Tad amorously. They chatted briefly, and Tad picked up the Wall Street Herald. "No, No. No. God, No," he yelled.

Adam sat in the park with the same newspaper. "Behind schedule and over budget, Col-Mar Tower is tarnishing the promising partnership of Liza Colby and Tad Martin," Adam read aloud, a devilish grin on his face. He chuckled to himself. Then he reached in his pocket and pulled out the lure he'd picked up at the store in Idaho, and he thought about Stuart.

Just then, Opal and Marian entered the park, saw Adam, and began taunting him. "I don't think Stuart would recognize you," Marian said of Adam's scruffy appearance. "Terrific." Adam replied, "grooming advice from the nightmare twins."

The lure fell out of Adam's pocket, and Marian picked it up. Marian recognized the lure as one she had seen Stuart making the previous spring. Adam told her Stuart had to have made the lure when he, Junior, and Stuart had gone fishing together the year before. "I think Stuart is trying to reach out to us," Marian said. Because it meant so much to her, Adam offered Marian the lure, and she dashed off to show it to Scott.

Edmund was devastated that Alex had returned to Dimitri. "Congratulations, Dimitri," Edmund said, "you come out on top again." Edmund sadly turned to Alex and asked, "Just tell me one thing. How am I going to stop loving you?" Edmund turned and walked out. Alex ran after him. Dimitri told Alex there was nothing they could do right then. Alex asked Dimitri why Edmund had said Dimitri had ended up on top again.

Dimitri explained that Edmund had been treated badly by his stepfather, Alf, and then had lost Maria too. Alex blamed herself for falling in love with Edmund. She explained that they had both been very lonely after Dimitri had died. "We brought each other back to life," she said. Dimitri said he had heard them confess their love to one another in the Wildwind chapel. He'd felt then that they would be better off without him. "Nothing's better for me without you," Alex said. They hugged.

"This is terrible," Tad said as he continued reading the article. Everything in the article was sad but true, and he wondered where the reporter had gotten the information. Everything that could go wrong on the project had gone wrong, Tad confessed to Dixie. He thought maybe he was being punished for Stuart's death. Dixie explained that Adam, not Tad, was responsible for Stuart's death. Junior invited Tad and Dixie to go to the park for his soccer tryouts. Both of them had to go to the office. After sensing Junior's disappointment, Dixie asked Junior if he wanted her to quit her job.

Junior said no, that he would have soccer practice every afternoon and also lots of homework to occupy his time. He convinced Dixie that she should keep her job. But her offer to quit working shocked Tad. He said he didn't want David browbeating Dixie because she'd told that Dimitri was alive. Since Dimitri's secret was out, Dixie thought, things would probably go back to normal. Tad grabbed Dixie and kissed her. He told her he would love her always. Then he left the house, and she continued to get dressed, but the smile left her face.

Marian walked into the house, where Scott was preparing flowers to take to Stuart's grave. Marian showed him the lure and told Scott she had dreamed of Stuart the night before. Perhaps, she thought, Stuart was trying to find his way back to them. Opal was excited and talked Marian into seeing Frederick, the psychic, again. Frederick arrived at the gatehouse a short time later. Marian apologized for throwing Frederick out the last time and showed the psychic the lure. She asked if the lure was a sign that Stuart was trying to contact her. Frederick said there were "fresh emanations" from the lure, and they sat down to discuss it.

Alex thought guiltily about Sam and Maddie. She and Edmund had told the kids that Alex was going to be their stepmother. Dimitri said they would find a way to explain things to the kids and to break the news to Eugenia and Gillian. Dimitri's medicine was delivered. Bianca dropped by to ride Scorpio. "Oh, my God, I can't believe it," she said as she ran to Dimitri and threw her arms around him. Dimitri asked Bianca to keep his reappearance a secret for the time being.

Bianca invited Dimitri to her party then realized that she had already invited Alex and Edmund. Alex explained they would have to get back to her on that. Bianca told Dimitri she would lock herself in the bathroom if Dimitri didn't go to her party. She invited Dimitri to ride with her, but Alex said he wasn't strong enough. "What's wrong with you?" she asked, but Dimitri brushed her inquiries aside and said he was fine. They hugged, and Bianca left.

The flowers were delivered to David. He changed his mind about giving them to Dixie and asked the nurse to take off the card and give them to the nurses. A furious Edmund entered the office and, without a word, attacked David. David threw him off and told him to calm down. Edmund demanded to know why David had told him Dimitri was dead. Dixie entered and broke up the argument. David convinced Edmund that his argument should be with Dimitri; David had just followed his orders. Dixie said she was to blame.

Adam caught a soccer ball in the park and looked up to see Junior. An angry Junior snatched the ball and walked away, but Adam stopped him and asked Junior about camp. "Like you care," Junior snapped. He complained that Adam hadn't called or visited the whole time he had been away.

"You say you care about me, but you never want to spend any time with me or anything," he said. Junior asked Adam about the fishing trip. "No fun," Adam said. Adam explained that he'd had a much better time fishing with Junior and Stuart the year before. They reminisced about the trip and how much they both missed Stuart.

Junior asked, "Why don't you try to be more like Stuart? Why are you so mean, especially to your family?" Adam responded that he couldn't change and that Junior should think of Stuart as his father. Junior said that Adam had told him never to give up and to always try his best. "Well, then, how come you gave up on yourself?" he asked his father sadly.

Just then, Tad walked up. He told Adam that they should each do what was best for Junior. Adam smirked and said that Tad should have enough on his mind, worrying about Col-Mart Towers. Tad told Adam not to worry, asserting, "Col-Mart will be just fine." He walked away.

Dixie confessed to Edmund that she had been unable to keep Dimitri's secret. She said she was the one who'd told Alex to go to the hunting lodge, where she'd known Dimitri was hiding. Dimitri hadn't wanted anyone to know he was alive, Dixie said, but Edmund didn't buy it. He felt Dimitri had done it all on purpose and had been biding his time before he claimed Alex. Despite the fact that Dimitri had said he'd planned to go Europe, he'd actually never intended to leave Pine Valley, according to Edmund. David said that Edmund should be glad that his brother was alive. Edmund just glared at him and stormed out.

Dixie and David were left alone in the office. Dixie said, "Go ahead, say, 'I told you so.'" But Dixie also admitted that, if given the opportunity, she would have done the same thing over again -- only sooner.

At the séance, the group held hands, and Frederick asked questions about the lure. "Is this a sign of some kind?" he asked. Scott looked on skeptically. Frederick received no response from the other side. He asked Marian if she felt anything; Marian said no. Frederick instructed them to open their minds. "Stuart is trying to reach you, you must let him in," Frederick said.

Dimitri said it was a miracle that Dimitri and Alex were together again, and he was sure that Edmund would eventually understand.

David, due in surgery, prepared to leave the office. He told Dixie he would understand if she quit her job over the Dimitri incident. Dixie interrupted. She said that it was the kiss that had gotten between them, not Dimitri. It would never happen again, she said. "If it does, I will leave," she insisted. Dixie said she respected David; he said he respected her, her marriage, and her love for Tad. With that, she left and returned to her desk.

Back at the séance, Marian tried to concentrate while Scott limply held Opal's hand and looked bored. Frederick suggested that they give up for the day. He told Marian to gather some of Stuart's belongings for another try later. After Frederick and Opal left, Marian shivered and laughed out loud. She said she felt Stuart in the room. "That's the closest I've felt to him since the day we lost him," she told Scott.

Adam, alone in the park, thought about what Junior had said then walked out. Just then, Stuart walked into the park with a truck driver. The guy was reluctant to leave Stuart alone, but Stuart convinced the trucker that it was okay to go, stating, "I feel like I'm almost there." Stuart smiled.

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