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Edmund convinced Alex that he truly loved her. David told Edmund that Dimitri had died. An intoxicated Leo told Greenlee that he loved her. Leo denied Becca's accusations about his involvement with Erica refused David's marriage proposal. Adam and Stuart both decided to go fishing.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 24, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, July 24, 2000

Becca was outraged by the web page that had been devoted to her virginity. Ryan scampered over to her side to see what had elicited such a violent reaction from his friend. Ryan was amazed that so many people had logged on and made wagers about when and where Becca would lose her virginity. Scott arrived at the loft and saw Becca's furor --- she was angrily mashing her fists against an expensive flat-screen monitor. Scott started to apologize for the web page, but Becca and Ryan were too focused on the web site to hear what he was saying. Ryan had to skip out to go to a business meeting, but Scott said that he'd stick around and help Becca. After Ryan left, Becca sat down at the computer and continued poking about the web site. She found a detailed account of her daily routine --- and every date she'd gone on with Leo. Becca threw her hands into the air and asked if it was possible that Leo had betrayed her. Scott bowed his head in silence and again appeared ready to tell Becca that he was the person responsible for the web site. Becca's tirade continued and again she heard nothing of what Scott was saying. Becca sighed deeply and said that she was so embarrassed by the Internet site that she was left with only one course of action --- leaving Pine Valley and returning to Pigeon Hollow. Scott tells Becca she's not leaving, "not now, not ever." People would miss her, it's Leo who should be run out of town. "What would I do without you, Scott? Thank you for not being anything like Leo", Becca says, hugging Scott.

In the bar area of The Valley Inn, Tad told Liza all about the last minute cancellation of the rock star's "incredible dream." Behind a shade, Barry squinted his eyes and tried his best to hear every word of what Tad and Liza were saying. Liza told Tad that she's always liked Ryan, but feared that his "dot com" venture might not make it in the long run. Barry leaned over a bit too far and tumbled to the ground. In doing so, he knocked over a waiter. Barry smiled broadly and crawled over to Tad and Liza's table. There, Barry laughed nervously, claiming that he had some papers for Tad and Liza to sign. Since Tad has always thought that Barry is a bit off, he wasn't troubled by the attorney's claim that he hadn't seen Tad and Liza from his position behind the shade. Liza politely told Barry that she and Tad were going to be conducting a business meeting, but noted that this was one meeting with which they did not need his help. Barry nodded slightly and started walking away. He nearly knocked over yet another waiter, but thankfully the waiter managed to move out of the way in time. Ryan arrived a few moments later and pulled up a chair between Chandler Enterprises' new co-CEOs. Coolly, Ryan presented a proposal and projection for his Internet venture. Tad and Liza were both impressed and wasted no time in telling Ryan that they would give him the $11,000,000 he needed. Ryan was a bit surprised at how fast they'd given him an answer and headed off to phone the bank. As Ryan raced off, Liza and Tad both commented on how much Ryan reminded them of themselves "back in the old days." The pair toasted their deal, a move that raised Gillian's hopes to unfortunate highs. Gillian and Eugenia had been entering the room while they had their glasses raised and inferred that they'd heard news about Jake. From the doorway, Ryan motioned secretively to Eugenia. The duchess nodded her head and walked out into the hallway. Ryan bent down and whispered something into Eugenia's ear. When Eugenia returned to the room, she pulled Gillian aside and asked that she help find a special vintage wine in the wine cellar. Gillian looked curiously at her grandmother, but agreed to honor her request. Gillian walked down to the cellar area, but there was no sign of the wine specialist who was supposed to be there to help her. Suddenly, the door closed behind her. She turned around and saw Ryan standing before her. Ryan told Gillian that he wanted nothing more than to hold her, but both knew that they couldn't succumb to their desire.

Marilyn dropped by the trailer to see how Stuart was doing. The young woman felt that Stuart hasn't been himself of late. Stuart tried to convince Marilyn that he was okay, but he was unable to lie about the way he was really feeling. Stuart told Marilyn of the visions he'd had every time he heard "Annie Oakley's" voice. He explained that he saw a vision of himself being hit by a car and then thumping his head against a rock. Marilyn's face lit up and she told Stuart that he must have finally figured out how he'd lost his memory. Stuart shook his head and told Marilyn that Esther had said that he'd lost his memory as the result of tumbling off the roof of the trailer. If he had been hit be a car, that meant that Esther was lying. Stuart asked Marilyn if she still had Adam's phone number. Marilyn swallowed hard and said that she'd lost the number. Stuart forced a smile and said that he was going to back into the restaurant and help Esther and Judd clean up. As soon as he left, Marilyn picked up the phone and dialed frantically.

On the deserted island, Greenlee blasted Leo for not having tied up the boat. Leo quickly countered that it was Greenlee's foolish attempts to land Ryan as a lover that had gotten them both to the island in the first place. Fortunately, Leo had a cellular phone and used the phone to place a call to the marina. The only problem was that the island was out of the phone's service area and there was no dial tone. Greenlee grabbed the phone and, in a fit of rage, threw the phone into the water. In what can be best described as a mild panic attack, Greenlee began questioning how she would survive overnight on an island without food or shelter. Suddenly, a loud screeching sounded from the woods. Leo grabbed a large stick to fend off anything that might come at them, but Greenlee snatched it away and gave Leo orders to swim to shore and find help. Leo refused to do any such thing. Instead, he said that he was going to wander off in search of food. Only a matter of a few minutes later, Leo returned with a fish he said he'd caught. He plopped the bloated creature in Greenlee's hands and instructed her to gut and clean it. Greenlee froze in horror and told Leo that she would do no such thing. Greenlee thought about it for a while and realized that there was no way Leo could have caught the fish; it must have washed up on the beach. Greenlee tossed the fish into the water and told Leo that there was no way that they could have eaten the fish because it might have been diseased. The pair started a fire using matches that Greenlee had in her purse and some wood that littered the beach. Leo ventured of yet again, this time he returned with something edible --- berries he'd spotted on the other side of the island. He and Greenlee sat beside the fire and chowed down on the berries. Greenlee finally appeared at peace and thanked Leo for helping her. Greenlee continued smiling, unaware that Leo's face had turned a shade similar to the berries they were eating. At first Greenlee thought that Leo was faking, but soon she realized that Leo really was choking. Greenlee performed a weak version of the Heimlich Maneuver, but thankfully it helped dislodged the berries that were stuck in Leo's throat. Leo was trembling and he claimed to be very cold. Greenlee helped him over to the fire and wrapped her shawl around him. She knew that things were serious when Leo started fidgeting wildly and chattering about the ant party that was taking place in his pants. Leo then buried his head in Greenlee's lap and told her that he's in love with her.

Adam grumbled about Arlene's inattentiveness to the customers whose glasses were empty. Hayley happened upon the pair as they discussed the need for some help. Adam was not pleased with his daughter's appearance, nor was he thrilled that Arlene welcomed Hayley aboard with open arms. Brooke and Eliot wandered into the bar with looks of horror on their faces. Brooke explained that she wanted to check out what her former husband was doing. Adam passed by the table and asked Brooke if she was "slumming." He then hurriedly went on his way. Barry arrived and pulled Adam aside. He told Adam that he'd overheard a business conversation between Tad and Liza. Barry knew nothing more than the fact that Liza and Tad planned to invest in an Internet company and that they mentioned the name Ryan several times. Adam was livid with Barry's incompetence, but he had enough pieces to figure out what was going on. Back over at Eliot and Brooke's table, Eliot told Brooke that her level of concern for Adam made it sound like she still cared about him. Brooke, who had said that Adam had only bought the bar to keep his loved ones away and punish himself for Stuart's death, claimed that it was more "morbid curiosity" than anything else. She went on to say that she had forgiven Adam for all the terrible things he'd done to her and her loved ones. Eliot's face lit up and he said that he was relieved to hear that Brooke was so capable of forgiveness. Brooke cocked her head to the side and asked Eliot if there was something that he wanted to tell her. Before he could say anything, Arlene swished up to the table and asked the couple for the drink order. Brooke ordered white wine and Eliot opted for seltzer with a twist of lime. Arlene cracked a smile and commented that Eliot's drink was the drink of choice for those in Alcoholic Anonymous. After Arlene wandered away, Eliot informed Brooke that he was not in AA, but said that he'd given up drinking long ago because nothing good comes out of it.

Gillian returned upstairs and thanked Eugenia for helping arrange some time alone with Ryan. Ryan entered a few minutes later and Tad couldn't help but notice that Ryan entered so soon after Gillian. Adam entered through the back door and pulled up a seat at the bar. Liza wandered over and asked Adam if Arlene had drank his bar dry. Adam puckered his lips and said that he was there on business. Liza nodded her head and returned to her table. Once there, she put her hand on Tad's thigh and gently massaged it. Adam saw what Liza was doing and quickly walked out of the bar.

At Adam's place, Eliot goes to the bar to pay the bill and overhears Arlene getting a phone call from Marilyn in Nevada. How did you get this number, Arlene asks. From a maid at the the house, says Marilyn. Marilyn is very concerned about Stuart, ever since Arlene left he's been having flashbacks of being hit by a car. There was no car accident and he wasn't run over by a car, and certainly not by me, Arlene declares. She tells Marilyn not to push Stuart and not to call her again, Arlene will call her. When she hangs up the phone, Eliot asks who she knows that was hit by a car. "No one, and mind your own business," she replies sharply.

Tuesday, July 25, 2000

While Tina slept soundly on the sofa, Adrian slipped into her condo and waited for her to awake. Tina woke slowly, but upon seeing the figure on the foot of the sofa asked, "Are you real?" Adrian flashed a smile and assured Tina that he was the real deal. Still wondering if she was dreaming, Tina reached out and gently felt Adrian's arm. When she finally realized that Adrian really had returned home, Tina wrapped her arms around Adrian and squeezed him tightly. Adrian briefed Tina on his undercover mission in Chechnya. He had managed to locate Jake's medical helicopter; it had landed intact in the middle of a war zone. The good news was that there were no bodies and the helicopter appeared to have had "a controlled landing." However, since there was no sign of the chopper's crew, there were still many uncertainties. It was possible that the team had been captured --- or they may have been holed away somewhere fearing for their safety. Tina reached beneath her pillow and grabbed a Bible. Tina softly told Adrian that she'd been sleeping with the Bible under her pillow since he'd left. Adrian surprised Tina by telling her that her condo was his first stop since returning to Pine Valley; he hadn't even gone to the Martins to give them the news. Tina knew that Adrian should tell Jake's family about his findings, but she asked if he could stick around a little while and relax. Tina gave Adrian a neck and shoulder massage. Adrian drifted off to sleep and, after covering him with a blanket, Tina knelt beside him and gently kissed his hands.

Just across the courtyard, Mateo bumped into Hayley and presented her with a special anniversary gift. Hayley scratched her head and muttered that she and Mateo weren't celebrating an anniversary --- they'd only been married about a month. "39 days," Mateo grinned. He handed his wife a box containing 39 red roses, one for each day they'd been married.

Arlene summoned Reverend Freeman to Adam's Place to finish the discussion they'd had the night before. Eliot again asked Arlene about the admission he'd heard her make: She had hit someone with her car. Arlene fervently denied that she'd gotten into any accidents and said that the call he'd overheard was someone's idea of a prank. Eliot cocked his head to the side and asked Arlene why she'd called him if the call was a joke. Arlene explained that she didn't want him to get the wrong idea about what he thought he'd overheard. Adam strolled by and asked Eliot if he was offering "door to door salvation." The new bar owner cracked a smile and told Eliot that he'd have to leave because the bar wasn't open for business yet. He did, however, invite Eliot to return later --- minus his priest garb. After Adam filed away, Eliot again asked Arlene if there was something troubling her. He told Arlene that taking someone's life in an automobile accident was something that would haunt her forever. Arlene angrily told the reverend to take his "self-righteousness" and leave. Eliot agreed to leave, but said that he was the last person who could be accused of self-righteousness. As Eliot was leaving, Hayley and Mateo wandered into the bar. When asked why Eliot had been there, Arlene claimed that Eliot had been trying to convert her. Hayley and Mateo explained that they'd dropped by to offer their assistance with taking inventory. Adam again returned and reminded Hayley that he didn't need her help. Arlene, however, felt otherwise and told the newlyweds that they could get to work. She was in the process of revealing that Adam's stint as barkeep was only temporary and that he had big plans to get back on top. Adam quickly silenced his wife and waited until Mateo and Hayley left the bar area before berating her for nearly spilling the beans. Arlene noted that she could be more careful if she knew exactly what Adam was up to. Adam told Arlene that his plans were none of her business. Later, Hayley and Mateo returned and surprised Arlene with how fast they'd taken inventory. In passing, Hayley asked her mother what she'd meant when she said that Adam had a plan to get back on top. Arlene shrugged and said that Hayley had misunderstood what she said. Arlene claimed that she was referring to the fact that Adam would make the bar a profitable venture. Arlene left to phone in the liquor order. While she was gone, Hayley told Mateo that she was sure that something fishy was going on. Why else, she asked, would Arlene have so quickly distanced herself from earlier claims that Adam had secret plans?

Erica showed up in David's hotel room in a huff. She blasted David for continually putting his work before her needs. David reminded Erica that, as a doctor, he wasn't a typical "9 to 5 guy." Erica bit her lower lip for a moment, but it failed to keep her from continuing her tirade. Erica told David that a friend had made her see that she was being too demanding with David. Now, though, she wasn't so sure because it seemed like David was completely uncommitted to their relationship. Erica told David that she'd stopped by his office the previous night and overheard him having a "very intense phone conversation." In the conversation, Erica said that she'd heard David tell a third party to "meet... at Wildwind [and to] find a place where no one" could see them. David fell into a stunned silence, unable to respond to what Erica had said. Erica said that she was relieved that David didn't try to deny what she'd said. David finally offered a response, telling Erica that she'd overheard a private conversation. David angrily asked Erica why she doesn't trust him. Erica stated that she does trust David, but that he continually does things that aren't on the up-and-up. "What more do I have to do [to earn your trust]?" David snapped. "Marry you?" Erica flashed a look of disgust at the doctor and stormed out of the room.

Edmund stopped by the mausoleum to visit Dimitri's vault. Edmund told his brother that he would never give up his effort to bring him home. Outside, Dixie looked around for signs of Dimitri; she was there to deliver medication and words of advice to David's patient. Dixie opened the door and stumbled upon Edmund. Edmund turned and asked Dixie why she was there. Dixie fumbled an excuse about being concerned about Edmund and wanting to be there for him just in case he needed someone to talk to. Edmund thanked Dixie for her concern and took her up on her advice to get some sleep. After Edmund headed off to the main house, Dimitri staggered into the crypt. Dixie quickly handed Dimitri a vial of pills and some bottled water. Time passed and the medicine started to have the desired effects on Dimitri's condition. Dixie told Dimitri that she still feels that he needs to stop hiding from Alex. Dixie reminded Dimitri that he had vowed to love Alex "in sickness and in health." Dimitri nodded his head and said that Alex had already seen him through health, sickness and death. "What is left when honor is lost," Dimitri said reciting his family's motto. Dixie sighed heavily and told Dimitri that if she were Alex, she would never forgive Edmund or Dimitri for what they're doing.

At The Valley Inn, a tearful Alex had breakfast with Brooke to ask if she had heard from Edmund. Brooke shrugged and said that she hadn't expected to hear from Edmund. Alex was a but surprised because Edmund had told her that he was leaving town on Tempo business. Brooke quickly figured out what was going on and went along with the lie Edmund had laid. To everyone's surprise, Edmund walked into the bar. Alex rose to her feet and flashed a look of concern at Edmund. Before they could do any catch up, Alex was paged away by the hospital. Alex headed to the phone, leaving Brooke the opportunity to scold Edmund for not having given her a heads up about his lie. She asked Edmund if he could tell her what he was up to. She said that Alex was worried that he was once again probing into her past. Edmund swore that that was not the case, but he refused to say exactly what he was doing. Brooke asked Edmund if he and Alex were having relationship troubles. With his back facing outward, Edmund was unaware that Alex was returning to the room. Edmund told Brooke that he doubted that things between he and Alex would ever be the same again. Brooke quickly walked over to Alex and told her that they could reschedule their breakfast for another time. Brooke quickly filed away so that Alex and Edmund could speak privately. Alex told Edmund that she had a feeling that things between them were souring for some time. Now, she said fighting back tears, she was certain that there was trouble. "You've stopped loving me, haven't you?" she asked sadly.

Wednesday, July 26, 2000

In the corridor just outside the bar at The Valley Inn, Joe and Gillian asked Tad if they had heard any news from Adrian. Tad shook his head, but asked that everyone continue to think positive thoughts. Joe stepped away to check in with the hospital. Gillian asked Tad if there was anything that she could do to help Joe and Ruth. A serious look on his face, Tad asked Gillian to continue to pray for Jake's safe return. In an about face, Tad asked Gillian of she'd seen Ryan. He mentioned that he thought he saw her and Ryan chatting the day before. Gillian, who initially denied having seen Ryan recently, struggled to find the right words to admit that she and Ryan had "bumped" into each other and discussed the business deal he was planning with Chandler Enterprises. Tad nodded and headed off to work. Joe returned to Gillian's side and told Gillian to "have faith" that Jake would return safely.

"My feelings for you haven't changed," professed Edmund after hearing Alex question whether or not he still loved her. Alex shook her head in disbelief and asked that Edmund, the only person who hasn't been lying to her, be truthful. "Something's changed," Alex declared. Whatever Edmund was trying to hide couldn't be more painful than the truth, she continued. Edmund told Alex that he wished he could tell her what was going on. Alex bowed her head and started sobbing. She blamed herself for her troubles, saying that falling in love with the brother of her late husband was "a mistake." Edmund rose from his chair and announced that Alex deserves an explanation --- and he intends to give her one. After Edmund left, Gillian wandered by the table and found Alex crying openly. Gillian asked Alex what was wrong, but Alex quickly wiped her eyes and insisted that she was fine. "I don't want to talk about," Alex said just moments before blurting out that she'd made a mistake by falling in love with Edmund. Gillian assured Alex that Dimitri would have been happy for her and Edmund. Alex angrily countered that neither Gillian nor anyone else could know what Dimitri would have wanted. Alex rose from her chair and proclaimed that it was time to "undo" the terrible mistake she'd made.

For one reason or another, Adam agreed to let Hayley and Mateo help out at the bar. Arlene walked up to Hayley and asked her if being around liquor made her feel tempted to drink. Hayley looked up at her mother and announced that she's never felt less tempted to take a drink. Arlene continued on her way and Mateo quickly raced over to his wife's side. He asked her if she'd managed to dig up any more dirt on Adam's big plan. Hayley shook her head. Mateo, meanwhile, noticed that Adam was scanning the sports section --- something he'd never done before. Hayley, however, noticed something else --- a distant look on her father's face. Adam stared off into space, unable to shake loose the image of Liza rubbing Tad's leg. Barry Shire entered the bar and plopped down before his past and present boss. Barry informed Adam that Tad and Liza had plans to build a new headquarters for the company. Adam wrinkled his brow and asked what Pine Valley would do with two Chandler buildings. Barry swallowed hard and revealed that the Chandler name was being phased out in favor a new name --- Colmar. Adam was stunned that the board had approved a move that would cost the company millions of dollars. Adam told Barry that he was going to skip town for a few days in order to put the next stage of his revenge plot into motion. Barry wanted to be clued into the details, but Adam told him that it would better if he didn't know what he was up to. Hayley wandered over to the table after Barry left and asked her father if he and Barry were once again in cahoots. Adam denied the claim, saying that Barry had tried to rope him into some new business venture. With a broad smile, Adam told Hayley that his one and only interest was his bar. Hayley tried to stir feelings in her father for his former business. She asked him how it felt to have his bitter enemy, Tad, running Chandler Enterprises. Adam shrugged and said that he no longer cared about Tad, Liza or Chandler Enterprises. Hayley suggested that Adam see a grief counselor to help himself deal with Stuart's death. Adam told his daughter that seeing a specialist was out of the question. He decided that it might be better therapy to go off on his own for a few days. Hayley's eyes lit up and she urged her father to take some time for himself. Arlene swaggered over and asked the pair what they were talking about. Hayley explained that Adam had decided to go off on a vacation. Arlene drooled at the idea of hitting the beaches of a tropical locale. Adam looked her in the eye and explained that he wanted to go by himself --- alone. Arlene argued that, as his wife, she was entitled to go everywhere with him. Adam grabbed Arlene and hauled her away to another table far across the bar. Mateo joined Hayley and bet her $20 that Adam wouldn't be able to convince Arlene to stay behind. Hayley puckered her lips and told Mateo that she'd take his bet. Across the room, Adam explained that he needed Arlene to stay home and man the bar while he went off to plot against Tad. Arlene was opposed to the idea until Adam told her that she could buy "something expensive" to make up for having to stay in Pine Valley. Arlene nodded her head and wished her husband well. Later after Adam left, Hayley was amazed to learn that Arlene had agreed to man the bar. Arlene cooed over the possibility that she and Hayley could use the time to bond. Hayley forced a smile and, through gritted teeth, said that she was hoping they could do just that. Thinking that he was going to win the bet, Mateo wandered up to his wife with a smile on his face. He was stunned when Hayley told him that it was time for him to pay up.

Dixie returned to David's office and told him that she'd bumped into Edmund. She assured David that, against her better judgment, she went along with the lie he'd started. David insisted that they had to honor Dimitri's wishes, no matter how absurd they seemed. From out of nowhere, David announced that he was thinking of asking Erica to marry him. Dixie was noticeably shocked. She asked David if he was proposing to Erica in an attempt to show Erica that he was committed to her. David claimed that he was proposing because he felt it was time to do so. Calling herself "a casual observer," Dixie told David that it wasn't her place to judge. She insisted that her hesitancy to give her blessing had nothing to do with a dislike of David's bride-to-be. Suddenly, Edmund burst into the office and demanded to know where Dimitri had gone. David tried to insist that he had no idea where Dimitri was hiding, but Edmund didn't believe him. Edmund claimed that David's ego was too big to let a patient run off and die. Dixie looked over to David and told him that she thought it was time to tell Edmund the truth. David flashed a look of rage in Dixie's direction, but ultimately he agreed that it was time to come clean. David looked Edmund in the eye and sadly told him that Dimitri had died earlier in the day. Dixie's face fell. Dixie gasped that what David was doing was unfair. David walked over to Dixie and again flashed her an enraged look. He told Edmund that Dimitri had flown off to spend his final days at a hospice in the islands. Edmund wanted to retrieve Dimitri's body, but David informed him that the locals had already cremated Dimitri's body. "This isn't right!" Dixie exclaimed. Edmund turned and stormed out of the office. David immediately tore into Dixie for nearly breaking the vow they'd made to Dimitri. Dixie argued that it might do Dimitri good to see Alex. That way he could either experience a miraculous recovery or die in peace. David continued to insist that what he was doing was right. Dixie asked David what Erica would do when she finds out what he's been up to. David shrugged and muttered that Erica shouldn't have to find out about Dimitri. Dixie shook her head and warned David that his marriage to Erica would never come to fruition if David continued lying.

Alex returned to the hunting lodge and started packing up her belongings. She stopped momentarily to look longingly at a photograph of Edmund and the kids. Concerned for Alex, Gillian showed up at the lodge and attempted to console her friend. Alex stunned Gillian by announcing that she'd decided to leave Pine Valley. She assured Gillian that she'd always have a special place in her heart, but said remaining in The States was not in the cards. Gillian tried to talk Alex out of leaving, but Alex cut her off and asked that she leave the lodge. Gillian nodded obediently and headed on her way. Alex finished packing her bags and with a final look over her shoulder, walked out the front door.

Tad returned to his office at Chandler Enterprises and learned that Liza had been consulting an architect to move the company to a new building. There had already been plans to build a new headquarters on the table, but Liza had found an existing building that, with a few modifications, would serve their purposes well. Tad gave Liza the thumbs up to move forward, but he lacked her enthusiasm; he was still worried because he hadn't heard from Adrian. Liza sympathized with Tad, saying that it must be hard for him, his parents and Gillian to be left with so many questions. Tad argued that Gillian didn't seem the least bit upset and that she's been relying an awful lot on Ryan for comfort. Liza reminded Tad that Gillian and Ryan had been through a lot together and quickly dismissed his claim that something less than honorable was going on. Adrian phoned and filled Tad in on what he'd found in Chechnya. As soon as Tad got off the phone and brief Liza, he immediately got on the phone to call his parents. While Tad was talking, Liza received a phone call from a security guard informing her that Adam was on the property. The rookie guard, named Sebastian, had been given orders to call the police if Adam showed up, but he felt the need to get that order verified. Liza told the guard to give Adam a hard time --- but asked that he eventually let "the package" through. Sebastian followed orders and, when Adam tried to make his way to the elevator, asked Adam who he was there to visit. Adam said that he was there to see "Liza Chandler," but later corrected himself by using Liza's correct surname --- Colby. Sebastian pretended not to know who Adam was and asked him for his name. Adam gave his name, but learned that he wasn't listed on the guest list. Adam rolled his eyes and told the guard to check the front of the building --- he'd find his name there. Adam continued on his way towards Liza's office. In the office, Liza told Tad that he was looking very much in need of a hug. Tad rose to his feet and didn't object. He did, however, form a perplexed face when Liza latched onto him and wouldn't let go. The pair was still hugging when Adam walked into the office.

Thursday, July 27, 2000

Becca is in her bedroom at Tad and Dixie's house when Scott comes to see her. He wants to know if she is all right and he gives her a bouquet of daisies. Becca says that she is not going to hide as though she has something to be ashamed of. She has been shopping and has bought a lot of clothes. Scott wants to take her to Sleepy Hollow Inn, to help her forget all that's happened and Leo, too. Becca says, "I'll deal with Leo in my own time and in my own way." She sniffs the daisies serenely. Scott tries to persuade Becca not to confront Leo about the website, but just cut him out of her life. Becca says she'll think about it and then call Leo's number and leaves a message asking him to come and see her right away.

Leo and Greenlee cuddle together on the beach of the deserted island. Greenlee remembers how Leo, in a feverish state, said that he loved her, and not Becca. Leo ate some bad berries that made him sick. He remembers Greenlee saving him from choking, and he thanks her. Greenlee says, "You're all I have. I'd die if anything happened to you." Suddenly, there is a strange animal sound and a net falls over Leo and Greenlee. Two young Pine Valley Girl Guides come up as Leo and Greenlee try to get out of the net. The girls tell their leader they were working on their wildlife badges and have just captured two local specimens-Tarzan and his woman, Jane. The leader frees them from the net and tells them that on the other side of the island, a ferry goes back and forth between the island and Sea City every hour. One girl tells Greenlee that she can tell that Leo and Greenlee are madly in love. Greenlee denies this. The other girl loans Leo her cell phone, which he uses. He gets Becca's message and goes to visit her. Becca opens the door wearing a slinky black negligee. She tells Leo she wants him now, pulls him into the bedroom, and kisses him.

Adam sees Liza and Tad in an embrace. Liza pretends to be startled to see Adam. Dixie comes in to see Tad and Adam makes several snide remarks. Tad leaves, and Liza tells Adam about Jake and how worried his family is. Adam is sorry, he wouldn't wish losing a brother on anyone. But after exchanging more barbs with Liza, Adam says, "So now Tad has two beautiful women to ease his pain. Do you and Dixie have some kind of a Tad Martin time share?" Adam asks Liza for money and they argue about Arlene. Adam says, "You were always trying to bring out the best in me. Arlene loves me for the monster I am. She encourages my slow and inevitable decay. That's why I love her." Liza refuses to give Adam the money and calls payroll to tell them to give $50,000 to Tad. Adam is furious, saying, "I'm the only real man you've ever been with. Tad's a soggy imitation...He'll never be able to take my place in the board room or any where else." Liza tells Adam that without Stuart, he doesn't have a soul. She gives him a generous check and tells him never to come back. Adam tells her that he's leaving town for a while. Liza fumes after he leaves, saying, "You're not in love with Arlene. I could give you something to chew on while you're away." She then calls Tad and asks him to come back to the office. He agrees, and Liza schemes on how to keep him there all night. Adam tells Barry Shire that he is going to use the money that Liza gave him to ruin the Col-Mar tower project.

David asks Erica to marry him. She lights up and apologizes to him when she sees the ring. David says, "No woman infuriates me more that you and no woman makes me feel more alive." Erica says she will marry him on one condition-that he tell her what secret concerning Alex he is keeping from her. She says that Dixie knows, and as his future wife, she should know. David tells her that he can't-patient confidentiality extends to wives and fiancées. "Not secretaries!" Erica says, "You trust Dixie more than you do me," and storms off. She goes to her house, slamming in the door. David comes in a moment later. They argue heatedly, Erica accusing David of not trusting her, David accusing Erica of being egotistical and self-centered. Bianca, Erica's daughter, walks into the room, interrupting them.

Thursday, July 28, 2000

Edmund caught Alex at the airport just as she was about to board her flight to London. Just let me go, she pleaded, but Edmund insisted that he loved her and didn't want to let her go. Alex accused him of pulling away from her, of not paying attention to her, this is the most focused he's been on her in weeks. If he doesn't truly love her, she doesn't have the strength to pull it out of him. That's not it, Edmund tells her, then finally blurts out that he was pulling away from her because Dimitri wasn't dead yet!

But just as we think Alex is finally going to learn the truth about Dimitri, Edmund covers by saying that Dimitri wasn't truly dead in his heart, that he couldn't let go. But something happened today to make him realize that Dimitri is gone and he needs to go on with his life... with Alex. She belongs there with him, Wildwind is her home now, he tells her, and she finally believes him. There will be no looking back at the past, only looking ahead to their future together, he promises.

In the meantime, David meets with Dimitri and gives him his medication. I told Edmund that you had died in a foreign country and had been cremated, David informs him. Now it's up to Dimitri to stay out of everyone's way if he wants to keep his secret.

Erica was thrilled to see Bianca, but Bianca couldn't help but pick up on the tension between Erica and David and said she'd go back up to her room so they could finish "talking". Nonsense, Erica told her, nothing is more important to her than her daughter and her conversation with David could wait. David commented on how healthy Bianca looked and she told him that she was doing well, and still meeting occasionally with a therapist. In fact, she was very hungry after her trip, so David went to the kitchen to get them something to eat, leaving Bianca and Erica alone.

Bianca was worried about Erica because "Uncle Jack" had said that she should come home to cheer up Erica, that she was down about something. Erica explained that she just said that so she could get Bianca to visit her and get her away from Barbara. Erica told Bianca about the call she had gotten from Barbara, saying that Bianca was moody and sullen and that Erica wanted to come to Pine Valley to get away from all of Barbara's criticism and so Erica could treat her like "the treasured child that she is". David came back with the food and after they ate, Bianca claimed she was tired and headed upstairs.

Alone, Erica doesn't want to discuss David's proposal or anything about their relationship, she needs to concentrate on Bianca at the moment. She opens the door for him to leave and David accuses her of shutting him out of her personal life, just like he's been shutting her out of his professional life. After David's gone, Bianca comes downstairs and asks her mother if she's breaking up with David. Erica denies it, but Bianca isn't convinced.

Leo is stunned as Becca, dressed in a black negligee, continues to kiss him and tell him she's ready to make love with him. He can't understand what's made her change her mind, but is more than willing to go along with it. But then she starts making comments about "Victor" and the "odds", totally confusing him. Finally she tells him to close his eyes and count to five. When he opens them, Becca is holding a large copy of the picture of her on the web site. She's furious, but Leo is completely confused. She even pulls up the site on the computer and he looks through it. He apologizes that this happened to her, but denies any knowledge of it, which makes her even madder and she slaps him. Eventually, Leo thinks he's figured out what's going on, "That little weasel", he says, storming out the door.

Liza is on the phone trying to convince Marian to get Adam down to the office to see her and Tad happily working together when Tad arrives and she has to hang up quickly. What's the emergency, Tad wants to know. Liza tells him they have to go over the plans for the Colmar Tower and it may take them all night. Outside the office, Adam and Barry Shire are lurking. Adam orders Barry to get Tad and Liza out of the office so he can get a copy of the plans. When he hesitates, Adam shoves Barry into the office and Barry does manage to convince them to come back to his office to sign off on a real estate deal.

Adam takes pictures of the plans with a small camera, but has to hide out on the balcony when Tad and Liza return, annoyed with Barry because they couldn't sign off on the deal because it hadn't been reviewed yet. Going over the plans for the building again, Tad marvels at the fact that a year ago he couldn't even imagine himself being where he is today. In fact, if Stuart had lived, neither he or Liza would have taken over Chandler Enterprises like they did. Tad wonders if Stuart had lived, would Liza still be together with Adam. Liza insists that she doesn't want to be back together with Adam ever again, as Adam listens to her from the balcony. They also look at the calendar and realize that July 29th would have been Adam and Stuart's annual fishing trip.

When they leave the office to go get coffee, Adam comes in from the balcony and thinks about Stuart. In fact, he even hallucinates Stuart standing in front of him, telling him it's time to leave on their trip. When Barry shows up, Adam tells him that he's decided to go fishing for a few days. The two of them rush out as they hear Tad and Liza returning. Liza opens the door like she expects someone to be inside. Tad asks her about it, but Liza denies she was expecting anyone.

In their trailer, Esther is frying up some trout for dinner. Stuart doesn't eat his, and when Esther asks him what's wrong, he tells her he usually throws them back. Are you remembering something, Stuart, she asks. Stuart isn't sure, but looking at a calendar triggers a memory that he had something to do on July 29th. Esther heads to the diner to get some other food since Stuart didn't eat the trout. Stuart takes the calendar down, which has a picture of a man standing in a stream holding a fish, and stares at it. He hears a voice in his head telling him it's time to go fishing, and when he looks back down at the calendar, he now "sees" Adam's face on the man in the calendar. Later, after Esther is asleep, Stuart leaves a note that he's going fishing for a few days and slips out of the trailer.

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