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Liza dropped the charges against Adam so that he would drop the charges against Tad. Liza seduced Adam to gain his confidence. Jack revealed that Alex's medical files had never been sealed. Amanda started to talk to an imaginary Trevor.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 27, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, March27, 2000

It was easy to see that Gillian was upset with the way she'd hollered at Ryan because she paced back and forth in Myrtle's living room rattling off in Hungarian. Though she had an amused smile on her face, Myrtle really wanted to comfort the princess. Gillian told Myrtle that she felt horribly for accusing Ryan of working against her. Myrtle offered a simple way to fix her pangs of guilt: call Ryan and offer an apology. Gillian nodded her head and placed a call to the loft. Scott informed her that Ryan was working late at WRCW and Gillian decided that it might not be a bad idea to issue her apology in person.

At WRCW, a very distant Ryan zoned out while Greenlee talked up some ideas she had for Ryan's online venture. Greenlee asked Ryan why he was so down, but she wasn't expecting to hear Gillian's name in the explanation. She plopped down in a chair and listened to Ryan tell her of his latest fall out with his former wife. When Ryan concluded, Greenlee said that she thinks Gillian is lashing out at him because she feels guilty that Jake left her. Ryan nodded slightly. He grumbled that all of his encounters with Gillian end sour. Greenlee chattered on and on about what the "ultimate" internet site would offer. In the end, she came up with only one concept, "virtual wish fulfillment." In Greenlee's mind, the site would offer everything from the ability to purchase clothing to booking a date with a celebrity. The pair chuckled over the latter idea unaware that Gillian was listening from just outside the office. She tried to lean in for a closer hear, but she knocked over a stack of videotapes in the process. Gillian quickly high-tailed it out of the corridor just moments before Ryan opened the office door to see what was going on. Greenlee convinced Ryan to return to the office and work on his idea. Greenlee and Ryan fooled around with the mini-basketball. As they goofed around, their eyes locked. To Greenlee's chagrin, there would be no kiss. Ryan's eyes lit up as he announced that he had the perfect name for his site, "" Greenlee brushed off her disappointment and immediately praised Ryan's idea. Ryan grabbed hold of Greenlee and gave her a big hug.

Back at the boarding house, Myrtle received a phone call from Rae. There was good news on the search for Dr. Prendergast's desk. She said that she'd managed to track it down to a small, upstate New York town called Port Charles. Myrtle wished her daughter the best and urged her not to doubt herself or her search. Gillian returned and glumly told Myrtle that Ryan had headed home before she'd gotten to the studio. Myrtle advised Gillian to find Ryan in the morning and offer her apology then. Gillian shook her head and said that it might be better to forgo the apology and let Ryan get on with his life. With that, Gillian picked up a box of her belongings and headed home.

Tad mused that Adam was "crying like a little girl," but Adam forced a frown and ordered Tad to back off. Tad joked that if Adam really was crying, it might force him to re-evaluate his belief that Adam has "something other than raw sewerage" flowing through his veins. Adam turned on the radio Junior had sent for him to drown out Tad's blathering. Tad snatched the radio away and tuned out Adam's classical music for something a bit more up-tempo. They struggled for the radio until a guard appeared cell-side and ordered them to behave. He also warned them that the radio --- contraband in prison --- would be confiscated if it caused any more problems. Tad ultimately came up with a more civil way to decide who got to pick the radio station. He suggested that they play a game of chess to determine the winner. Adam smiled devilishly and accepted the challenge. Tad watched in amusement as Adam tried to cheat his way through the game. For one reason or another, Adam got careless and Tad captured his queen. Tad made a cryptic remark about how he's saved more than one Adam's "queens," a reference to Liza, Gloria, and Dixie. Adam became furious with Tad's apparent fascination with the women in his life. He tossed the chessboard across the cell and stormed away. Jack entered the cell area with a special delivery for Adam: divorce papers. Adam ordered Jack to leave, saying that he wouldn't sign the papers. Jack warned Adam that refusal to sign the papers would only hurt him. Liza, he said, had more than enough reason to file for divorce. He also said that Adam risked losing all rights to Colby by fighting the divorce. Adam gritted his teeth and told Jack to leave. After the attorney left, Tad asked Adam if he could envision Jack and Liza becoming a couple. According to Tad, it was a natural pairing - both were "tall, blonde, and mammals." Once again Adam offered a deal to his cellmate. He told Tad that he wouldn't testify against him in court if he convinced Liza not to testify against him. Tad smiled coldly and refused to accept the deal. Adam couldn't believe that Tad wanted to spend time in jail. Tad grinned and said that he'd gladly spend time in jail if it meant that Adam was closer to being locked up for good.

Janet was amazed that Trevor had returned home. Amanda smiled broadly and flashed the necklace that her father had given to her. Not only had Trevor given Amanda the necklace, but he'd also given her a message to pass along to her mother. Trevor had said that he loves them both dearly and that one day soon they'll all be together again. Janet asked Amanda when she'd seen her father. Amanda chirped that her father had walked her home from school. Janet thought it was a bit odd that Trevor would take such a risk by being out in broad daylight, but Amanda assured her that he was in no danger. "Nobody can see him but me," Amanda replied. Janet and Arlene exchanged worried and stunned glances. Janet asked Arlene if she could put some water on the stove for tea. Arlene nodded her head and quickly filed out of the room. Janet sat down next to her daughter on the sofa. Janet told Amanda that she misses Trevor very much. In fact, she confessed that sometimes she misses Trevor so much that she can almost hear his voice. Arlene listened quietly from the other room. There was something else that greatly troubled Janet. The necklace that Trevor had supposedly given Amanda was one that they had all seen in the display case of a nearby merchant. With no money to purchase the piece of jewelry, Janet couldn't help but wonder if her daughter had stolen the necklace. Amanda denied that she'd shoplifted and adamantly refused to return the necklace to the store. Arlene returned to the room with tea and some cocoa for Amanda. Amanda took the mug and headed out to sit on the porch. Janet told Arlene that she believes Amanda needs to see a psychiatrist. Arlene spoke out against the idea, arguing that Amanda would be further alienated if it was implied that she was losing her mind. Arlene wrapped her arms around Janet and pledged to help her and Amanda through their ordeal. "Let me earn my keep," she said softly. Arlene left the room with a smile on her face. Mirror Janet, meanwhile, confronted Janet. The reflection told Janet that Arlene was right --- nothing good could come of forcing Amanda to see a shrink. Mirror Janet said that Amanda would be taken away from Janet if there was even any inkling that Amanda was losing her grip on reality. "I'd take that mirror out of the kid's room," Mirror Janet cracked. Outside, Amanda looked up into the air and carried on a make-believe conversation with her father. "I love you too, daddy," she cooed.

At Chandler Mansion, Leo asked Liza why she needed his help. Liza offered Leo some brandy as she told him that she needed his help with something "highly, highly confidential." Leo gulped down the brandy unaware that a smile had formed on his hostess' face. Liza told Leo that it was very risky for him to gulp down a drink from a stranger. Leo's face paled as Liza hinted that she may have spiked his drink. Liza refused to answer Leo when he asked whether or not the drink had been tainted. Finally, Liza admitted that the drink was clean, but she said that she wanted Leo to know what it felt like to be taken advantage of. Liza told Leo that she knew Adam must have blackmailed him into being part of the seduction scheme. Leo still refused to admit that he and Adam had dealings. Leo wondered if Liza was going to fire him from his job at WRCW if he failed to cooperate with her. Actually, it was just the opposite. She explained that she could not fire Leo if she wanted his help. Liza asked Leo to carefully weigh who he wanted to help --- Adam, who was in jail, or her. "You're drowning pal," she smiled. "And I am the only person that can get you back to shore." Leo remained eerily quiet. Liza figured that Adam must have some sort of proof of Leo's impropriety. Otherwise, Leo would probably never have agreed to get involved in Adam's plot. She surmised that Adam had the proof in his safe. She left the room for several minutes before returning with Palmer's business planner. Leo's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets; he didn't think that Liza had access to Adam's safe. One of the conditions for returning the planner was that Leo had to spill all the details about Adam's plot. Sure enough, Leo cracked and poured out all of the gory details. He explained that he had hired Paolo after Adam had enlisted his help in getting even with Marian. After the confession, though, Leo warned Liza that he'd deny ever saying anything to her. "It's your word against mine," Leo snarled. That wasn't quite the case. Liza spun around and pointed to the video camera mounted on the wall. Leo was stunned to say the least. He was fearful of what would happen to him, but Liza said that it was Adam who was in danger. "What until you see what I have planned for him," Liza said evilly.

Tuesday, March28, 2000

On a plane bound for Pine Valley, Hayley and Mateo romantically recalled their passionate moments in Jamaica. Apparently, they'd "made love in all eight" of the Eight Rivers. Mateo sexily remarked that he wanted to honeymoon in Minnesota --- The Land of A Thousand Lakes. The vacation had to be cut short by one day because Hayley had to do some editing and voiceovers for the shoot. To her dismay, it also meant that she was potentially one day closer to running into her mother. Mateo was hopeful that Arlene had left town, but if she hadn't he said that he'd get rid of her as quickly as possible.

Liza showed Leo's candid camera admission of guilt to Marian, who immediately wanted to show the tape to Stuart. "Thank God [Paolo] never touched me," Marian sighed, tears welling in her eyes. Liza urged her mother to use restraint and not show Stuart the tape. Marian was stunned that Liza wanted to delay giving Adam his just desserts. Liza smiled evilly and told Marian that she wanted to ensure that Adam's payback was "long and painful." Marian grinned along with her daughter and asked her what she had in mind. Liza shrugged slightly and explained that she hadn't completely decided how to enact her revenge --- but she promised that she'd have a plan soon. Jack dropped by the mansion to break what he thought was bad news about Adam's refusal to sign the divorce papers. To his surprise, Liza appeared carefree and relatively unconcerned about the divorce papers. Liza told her attorney that she'd had "second thoughts" about the quickie divorce. She assured Jack that she still wanted to divorce Adam, but now she wanted to make sure that she stuck it to Adam before the marriage was legally dissolved. Jack liked the idea and offered to be a part of the payback scheme. Liza asked Jack if he could help her get Adam out of jail. Marian's eyes bulged slightly. Jack said that Adam would have to apologize for his outbursts in court in order to get the contempt charges dropped. Beyond that, Liza would have to agree to drop the charges against him. It wasn't completely on the up and up, but Jack suggested that Liza inform the District Attorney that she and Adam had had conjugal relations after her insemination. That, he explained, would show that there was a willing attempt by both parties to conceive a child the naturally. Marian chirped that it was unfair for Liza to have to admit to such a horrible thing. Liza flashed her mother a glance, but offered no reply. Liza also needed Tad out of jail and she knew that she would have to somehow convince Adam to drop fraud charges against Tad.

In his cell at the jailhouse, Tad was issuing Scott orders on how to tape a special "in jail" edition of his talk show. Adam questioned why Tad would want his viewers to see him locked up. Tad explained that it wasn't him that they were going to be focusing on for Adam was the topic of the show. Adam was furious with Tad for filming him in jail and called for a guard to stop the videotaping. No one showed up to help him. Adam reached out to grab the camera, but every time Scott pulled safely away. Adam conked Tad over the head and continued clamoring for the camera. Tad wasn't about to back down, but this time Adam rammed his head into the bars. Tad tumbled to the ground where Adam jumped atop him and actually bit his ankle! Tad wriggled free and continued pandering to the camera. Adam raised one of his hands and Tad quickly covered his face. With Tad's eyes covered, Adam gave Tad a kick to the groin. Tad doubled over in pain and Adam hooted and hollered over subduing his cellmate. Derek and a police officer finally made their way to the cell and demanded to know what was going on. Derek ordered Scott to have over the tape he'd made. Tad tried to blame everything on Adam, but Adam clutched his chest and gasped that he was having a heart attack. Derek helped Adam to the infirmary just seconds before Dixie showed up. Dixie flashed a glimmer of concern for her former husband, although Tad was certain that Adam was faking. Dixie pleaded with Tad to accept Adam's deal so that he could get out of jail. Tad said that he couldn't accept the deal because he had to make Adam pay for what he'd done to his family. Dixie reminded Tad that he had a wife and children who needed him. Tad didn't argue the point, but he said that avenging his family's pain was much more important. Dixie was furious and blasted Tad's stubbornness. She then went one step further and implied that Tad was only trying to win points with one person: Liza. Tad denied the claim, but Dixie didn't listen to him. Needless to say, she was not at all pleased to turn around and see Liza standing before her.

At The Valley Inn, Leo plopped a $20 bill and two $5 bills on the table. He looked thoughtfully at the money, desperately trying to figure out how much of a tip he should leave for his bill. David strolled into the restaurant and once again took pleasure in seeing his little brother struggle. He suggested that Leo leave a $7 tip, but Leo angrily snapped that he was a "big tipper" and stormed away. In the lobby, Leo bumped into Paolo and was shocked to learn that the man had arranged another date with Erica. Leo shook his head, but wished his friend well. Back inside, David sat down with Joe to discuss the Andrassy Foundation. Joe informed David that the hospital's board members were not pleased with the direction of the foundation. David didn't like the idea of being singled out for the foundation's failures. Joe quickly informed David that he'd be meeting with Alex later to discuss the problems. Erica breezed into the dining area and told Joe how nice it was to see him. Erica completely ignored David except to accept his offer to meet up after lunch. Erica continued on to her table where she greeted her luncheon date, Paolo, with a traditional "two-cheek" kiss. David turned out Joe's speech and focused solely on Erica and Paolo. In fact, David interrupted Joe to ask him if he knew the man dining with Erica. Joe said that he had no idea and continued warning the cardiologist that the Andrassy Foundations' future at Pine Valley Hospital was in jeopardy. Edmund and Alex entered, but they walked past David and Joe without so much as a hello. Once seated, Edmund told Alex that Jack was petitioning the Welsh hospital for her medical records. Alex told Edmund that she hopes he can make some headway because she just... Edmund stopped her mid-sentence. He told her not to utter her familiar "I just want to get on with my life" mantra. Alex was offended by Edmund's comment and an additional comment that Alex was unable to get along with David didn't make her feel any better. To prove Edmund wrong, Alex rose from her seat and stomped across the room to David and Joe's table. Erica and Paolo, meanwhile, continued chatting happily. Though Erica enjoyed sharing a laugh with her new friend, she knew that they were really there to discuss business. Paolo mentioned some ideas to Erica, but she turned up her nose at the idea of having to relocate from Pine Valley. Paolo brought up the idea of going to a family-owned island in the tropics, but Erica took his remark as a real estate tip. Paolo caught sight of Leo in the lobby and quickly made up an excuse about needing to take a call on his cell phone to sneak away from the table. In the lobby, Paolo asked Leo what he needed to say or do in order to get Erica to melt. Paolo shrugged and muttered that Erica had once married a count. Perhaps tossing a title around, he said, would win Erica's heart. Seated with her colleagues, Alex pledged that her differences with David were a thing of the past. Joe took her word and said that the board would be anxious to hear that things were going to get better. Alex extended her hand to David, but David one-upped her and gave her an embrace. In the background, Edmund chuckled to himself. Alex returned to her table and scolded Edmund for getting her to go along with her reverse psychology. Edmund admitted that he'd grumbled about Alex's relationship with David as an attempt to make her do the right thing. Jack appeared by the side of the table with bad news about his attempt to secure Alex's medical records. Every time he contacted someone, he informed them, he was given the runaround --- and in Welsh no less! Joe had to head back to the hospital, but Dixie quickly filled his seat. Dixie's mouth dropped when she saw Erica and Paolo dining at a nearby table. She recognized Paolo's face, but was unable to place where she knew him. David didn't really want to talk about his failed relationship with Erica. He looked at Dixie and told her that no one could be a closely knit as her and Tad. Dixie bowed her head and said nothing.

Arlene salsa danced around the living room of the Dillon house until the phone rang. She fielded a call from a man named Frank at Vanity Day magazine, who wanted to do an interview with Hayley. Arlene was going to tell him that Hayley wasn't due home for another day, but then she realized that this was a chance to thrust herself into the spotlight. She told the reporter to show up at the house within an hour so that he could conduct the interview. When the reporter and photographer arrived at the door, Arlene was sipping vodka and daydreaming that she was the host of "Wave." She let the two men into the house and wasted no time in trashing her daughter. Arlene stated that Hayley was living with her for a little while until her wedding day. She grumbled that she wasn't please that Hayley was marrying Mateo --- again. She dropped veiled hints about Raquel and the son Mateo never knew he had. If that wasn't enough, Arlene also told the reporter that she was surprised that Hayley hadn't fallen off the wagon during the ordeal. She quickly placed her hand to her mouth and begged the reporter not to mention Hayley's alcoholism in his article. "It's a disease," she said softly. Arlene pleaded with the photographer to take some pictures of her for the article. She mused that they could do a "Guess which one's the mother" feature. While Arlene was primping and posing, Hayley and Mateo returned home. Arlene froze in her tracks upon seeing her daughter. Mateo quickly moved to get rid of the reporter after he started asking questions about his past. Hayley stormed over to Arlene and the pair engaged in a shouting match. Amanda returned home from school and asked the women why they were yelling at one another. Arlene quickly concocted a story that she had been talking to a reporter about her father. Hayley rolled her eyes as she heard her mother tell Amanda that she'd told the reporters that Trevor was a good man and that he'd be home very soon. Amanda headed to the kitchen for a snack. Mateo returned inside and lashed out at Arlene. He demanded that she leave town, but Arlene refused to budge. She claimed that Janet and Amanda needed her too much. Mateo nodded his head affirmatively and announced that if Arlene was saying, Hayley was going. He and Hayley headed upstairs, packed her bags, and walked towards the front door. Arlene asked her daughter to reconsider, but Hayley was determined to leave. Outside, Hayley silently hoped that Janet and Amanda could handle "that woman."

Back in the cellblock, Liza told Adam that she had a plan to get back at Adam. Tad didn't like the idea of letting Adam go free from jail, but he agreed to trust Liza's judgment. Adam was led back to the cell after being examined by a medic. Liza told Adam that she could not allow him to stay locked up because it meant that Colby no longer had a father figure in her life. She informed Adam that she would not cooperate with the District Attorney. But to gain his freedom, Adam was forced to promise that he would not press charges against Tad. In fact, Liza told Adam that he had to go on the record saying that he was the one who'd signed his money away --- not Stuart. Adam was reluctantly to agree, but in the end he saw no other way to win back his freedom. Derek was summoned to the cell and Adam informed him that he was ready to issue an apology for his antics in court. Derek smiled slightly and told Adam that an apology alone was not going to get him out of jail. Adam grinned smarmily and told Derek that all the charges against him were going to be dropped. "What are you people up to?" Derek said in disbelief. After a moment of thought, he realized that it was better that Adam and Tad were out of his hair. Derek led Adam off to issue an apology to the judge. Liza, meanwhile, told Tad that the terms of her revenge plot had to be kept secret --- even from Dixie.

Wednesday, March29, 2000

Ryan and Greenlee were at the Valley Inn restaurant excitedly discussing their new project - Ryan had to leave for a meeting with his supposed financial backer, Midori. Greenlee's grandfather joined her and heard her enthusiasm for the project. Millicent overheard and questioned Greenlee about what was going on. Greenlee eventually confessed that Ryan is the one involved with this business venture, to Millicent's disapproval. Greenlee insisted that Ryan must never know it's really her family money that's funding his project. When Ryan returned he had good news - his proposal has been accepted and he has to fly immediately to New York City, with Greenlee. An ecstatic Greenlee said goodbye to her grandparents and the couple took off.

Nearby, David tried to call Erica, and was becoming exasperated. Vanessa glided up, taunting him about being toyed with by Erica. David angrily told his mother to back off, and Palmer came to the rescue by reminding Vanessa she had a phone call to make. As David let off steam about Erica to Palmer, Palmer reminded him that Erica is a fascinating woman. "She needs constant attention," David replied. "She's so childish!" Palmer told David he once had a woman in his life like that - Daisy. "You have to let her know who's boss," he advised David.

Meanwhile, Erica was entertaining Paolo at her house. As he oozed the charm and flattery, Erica was fascinated by the attention. As she went for ice, he surreptitiously moved her phone off the hook. He told her his family owned an isolated, very exclusive island in the Mediterranean. "You belong there, not in Pine Valley," Paolo insisted, adding that Erica should be in an exclusive setting, with people adoring her and catering to her every whim. At that moment, the doorbell rang and Erica was astonished to see an angry David on her doorstep. She haughtily told him that it wasn't a convenient time for him to be there. As David fumed, Paolo called out, "Erica, is there a problem?" David brushed by Erica and into the house, and she introduced the two, then abruptly told David they were in the middle of something. "You should call next time before you come over," she told him. David left, not at all happy with the situation. Then she pleaded a headache and gave Paolo her card with her private phone numbers, and suggested he send her some pictures of his family's island.

At Tad and Dixie's house, Adrian brought Junior and Jamie back from an outing. After the boys went for a snack, Dixie told Adrian how concerned she was about Tad being in jail, and blamed Liza for Tad's dedication to his vendetta against Adam. She asked Adrian to talk to Tad. Adrian didn't think that would help but agreed to visit Tad in jail. When Dixie phoned the jail to get the OK for a visit, she was astonished to learn that Tad had been released a couple of hours ago!

A triumphant Adam returned home with Liza. But Liza reminded him that she still hasn't forgiven him and planned to go ahead with the divorce. But Adam was optimistic and saw a glimmer of hope for his marriage. But as soon as he bounded upstairs for a shower and change of clothes, Liza ran outside the front door to check on her plan with Tad. After assuring him it will only take 10 minutes, she and Tad went inside the house to set the scene. After a few minutes, to make sure Adam was in position to overhear them, they started their charade. Tad loudly accused Liza of dropping the charges against Adam because she still loves him. Liza retorted that she is concerned only for Colby's sake. As Adam listened, he became more and more confident, grinning at Liza's responses. Tad accused Liza of being in love with Adam; Liza offered feeble denials. "You're addicted to the man," Tad yelled. "Biologically, he raped you!" At that, Adam couldn't stay hidden a moment longer and burst out, "That's not true!" Liza and Tad pretended to be surprised at his appearance - "How long have you been listening?" As Tad kept up the act of haranguing Liza about her feeling for Adam, Liza eventually told him to leave their house. Adam was overjoyed! His next thoughts were of business - concern about WRCW and his South American enterprises. As Adam went to make his phone calls, Liza ran outside to talk to Tad, and they rejoiced that Adam had fallen for their act "hook, line and sinker!" Tad, though, was concerned that maybe Liza was a little too convincing as she argued with him.

After making her phone call, Vanessa rejoined Palmer at their table, and began comparing David with her other son, the perfect Leo. She hinted that Leo should be given more responsibility at Cortlandt Electronics, so that he could take over the helm. Palmer asked, "And where would I be then?" Vanessa assured him she only meant that Leo could work beside Palmer, but after all, she reminded him, no one lives forever and provisions have to be made for loved ones! Palmer asked why she has this obsession with death, and making wills. "It's spooky, your preoccupation with death!" Vanessa feigned hurt feelings and flounced off to her room. David then came back and sat down, looking glum and angry after his visit to Erica. "She's entertaining a new friend," he scowled. "I've had it. I'm through with her!"

But in Erica's fanciful daydreaming, the scenario was quite different. As she turned off the lights, she imagined herself with Paolo - then David came bursting through the door and threw Paolo out of the house! Then, turning to Erica, he grabbed her into his arms and kissed her passionately. The dream evaporated, but Erica gave a confident smile and murmured, "David will be back!"

Tad returned home and explained the delay by telling Dixie that he'd stopped by WRCW and had gone for a walk. Dixie and the boys went to make banana splits in celebration, leaving a skeptical Adrian with his brother. "You decided not to go after Adam legally, because Liza talked you into it?" Adrian queried in disbelief. Tad explained he would tell Dixie about it later, but not now. "You lied to Jake, and now you're lying to Dixie," Adrian snarled. "You're way out of line on this one, slick!"

Meanwhile, after Adam told Liza that he will need to go to South America to sort out some business problems, Liza expressed concerns for his safety - possible kidnapping, or a plane crash. "I'm thinking about the future," she said demurely. "And I'm thinking about Colby, and providing for her future in case anything should happen to you. It might be a good idea to give me power of attorney." Adam happily took this as a sign that Liza was worried about him. "This isn't all about Colby," he said. "It's about her father - the man you love!" Liza denied that, saying it was ridiculous. "In spite of all your denials, you're still in love with me!" And he drew a passive Liza into a long tender kiss.

Thursday, March30, 2000

Ryan and Greenlee are dancing to slow jazz at a club in New York. As he looks at Greenlee, he sees Gillian instead. He's snapped back to reality suddenly and Greenlee, who picked up on the rush of affection (for Gillian), asks if he's okay. He tells her that everything is great but doesn't sound convinced. They sit at a table and Ryan talks about how he started the day in PV with a bowl of cereal and now he's in NY with his own company. Greenlee gushes with encouragement and praise which Ryan listens to endlessly. The waiter tells Ryan he has a phone call and he goes to take it. Greenlee, still at the table, is approached by a woman who knows her. A former schoolmate, Adair, who obviously has no love for our Greenlee asking what cold wind blew her into town. They share some venom-laden pleasantries until Adair breaks up the chatter and asks about Greenlee's escort. Greenlee, in threatened mode, tells her they work together in PV. After expressing her amazement that Greenlee works, Adair listens to Greenlee's account of her career and it's relationship to Ryan. When queried, she tell Adair that they are just friends. So, says Adair, she won't mind her "borrowing" Ryan for the night then. Adair explains that she is bored and, hence, Ryan is it. Greenlee, grabbing Adair's hand, tells her not to even think about it.

David, at a restaurant, rejects another wine, blaming the waiter, and opts for Irish whisky neat. Gillian enters the restaurant causing David to flashback to his earlier conversation with Dixie. Gillian is seated at a table and asks the waiter to leave the extra place setting so she won't feel so alone. David, suddenly at her elbow, says she doesn't have to dine alone.

Tad and Adrian are arguing about Tad's continued involvement with Liza. Adrian is concerned that he's not being honest with Dixie and Tad doesn't agree. He goes to leave when Dixie stops him. She ordered pizza. He says he'll go pick it up, Adrian says he will, Tad says no, he's blocking Adrian in. Tad wins but Adrian says he'll be waiting for him. Dixie will to; she's missed him.

Liza and Adam are kissing. He doesn't seem to notice that she's trying not to scream. She tries to stop the action, telling Adam she can't do it, but he insists she can. She loves him! She stops him again, saying it's too soon, she's not prepared. He's not either - but he's thrilled. He insists she's disappointed in herself for denying her feelings. She pulls away and gets a drink while Adam tells her Tad was right. She's not over Adam. They still love each other and he's dreamed of them being together. It's inevitable. Steeled by the drink, she sets her resolve more kissing ensues.

Gillian asks David why she'd want to have dinner with him. If she lets him sit, he'll explain. No. He says he never meant for her to get hurt. She says of course; that's why he gave her information that would ruin Jake's life. His argument was with Adam and she stumbled into the crossfire. No, she says, he put her there. Okay, he allowed his anger to get the best of him but he never meant to hurt her. She doesn't want to be bitter and lonely, he says. He believes she can forgive him. Without batting an eye Gillian stops the waiter and says David is harassing her and ask that he be taken to his table or escorted out.

Greenlee makes it clear to Adair - bat an eye at Ryan and you're dead. Adair, attitude adjusted, says she didn't realize Green's had a "thing" for Ryan. Greenlee says to consider herself warned. Ryan returns and Adair quickly excuses herself. It was Midori on the phone and he wants to see Ryan right away. He's giving Ryan his hotel key and they have a meeting first thing in the morning. Does she mind spending a night with him in NYC? Greenlee smiles broadly and chirps, "No!"

Gillian, perusing the menu with David watching her over his shoulder and making dinner suggestions, asks him why he isn't with Erica. He says Erica is otherwise occupied. He says he felt sorry for Gillian looking forlorn and alone. She turns on him at that and says it's because of him that she's alone. David says it's Adam's fault but she says Adam didn't put her in the middle of this horrible situation. She tells him he's a liar, that it's because he can't stand to see anybody happy and in love and it kills him that everyone isn't as wretched as he is. She returns to perusing the menu.

Dixie and Adrian, waiting for Tad to return with the pizza, chat. She's glad he could stay for pizza. They talk a bit about his love life (or lack thereof) and she teases him about Tina. He's not ready to settle down. She says that could change. She and Tad are happy. Relationships are like a big adventure, she says. She and Tad had plenty of ups and downs but the big picture is great. Adrian tells her he thinks she and Tad are great. She says well, Tad wasn't always this way; she's proud of him, he's come a long way. And she's starving! Where is he?

Liza, getting re-dressed after apparent sex with Adam, looks miserable. She is forcing herself to act affectionate - as Tad looks in the window and curses. "This could have been so wonderful," Liza mutters under her breath. Adam is attempting to start round two when the doorbell rings. He tells Liza not to answer it but she says it's her mother and she'll use her key anyway. Tad, hearing the bell too, departs. Liza convinces Adam to hide and answers the door to Marian and Stuart, with an amaryllis for Adam. While Stuart goes to water the plant, Marian head for the living room with Liza behind her. She notices the scattered men's clothing immediately and asks Liza what's going on and tells Liza she can't fall for Adam again!!

In Midori's hotel room, Ryan makes notes on what he needs. His business plan needs to be waiting for Midori when he checks in in Tokyo and he'll line up their cash flow. Ryan agrees and gets to work. Midori tells Ryan he has a good feeling about their business and Ryan goes off to make arrangements for the paperwork needed. As soon as he leaves the room, Midori speaks honestly to Greenlee telling her whatever her motivation, she picked a winner. They are all going to make a lot of money. She tells him he is never to speak to her "out of character" again. Ryan must not know her family is bankrolling his company. Ryan returns, everything set, and Midori exits while Greenlee beams proudly at Ryan.

Dixie apologizes to Adrian for "pulling an Opal" and says he should tell her to mind her own business if she pushes him. She just wants him to be happy and have love - like she and Tad do. Where IS Tad? She's going to call his cell when she hears his car pull in. Tad arrives with cold pizzas and bad excuses. Dixie goes to heat up the pizza while Adrian reads Tad the riot act. Whatever he's doing, it ends now! Tad expounds on seeing Adam and Liza making love and how can she let him touch her? Adrian, barely controlling his anger, tells him to forget it. Tad expounds further on the evils Adam has done to his family while Adrian insists his family is strong enough to take it. They argue until Dixie calls them for pizza.

Marian is asking Liza how she could sleep with Adam. Liza says she had to get him to trust her and believe she loves him again. She assures Marian she doesn't. She was going for the power of attorney. They need to sign it in front of a notary, Marian reminds her. Liza, remembering Marian is a notary, tells her to go home with Stuart leaving her purse (with notary seal) and then "remember" it and come back. Marian is concerned but Stuart comes in and puts an end to their chat. Stuart is still sorry about accusing Adam of setting Marian up. They leave and Adam comes in to pick up where they left off.

Ryan works on his plans as Greenlee pours coffee. He wishes for a laptop and calls and arranges one. Meanwhile, Greens drifts into one of her fantasies about him. Crashing back to reality, Ryan says there's something he has to ask her that he's been avoiding. Her hopeful anticipation is shattered, however, when he offers her a partnership - in his business. She declines saying she doesn't want to mix business with friendship. He says it's not fair to her but she says she has money, she needs friends. He tells her it's an open offer and suggests she get some sleep. He's too wired. She goes to bed in a fit of frustration.

David tries to pay Gillian's dinner check but she declines, He then tries to hold her chair but she tells him to leave her alone. She came for a nice meal and can't even remember what she ate. and leaves. David wonders why he even tries to be nice.

Dixie and Tad bid Adrian a good night. Dixie kisses him and tells him she's glad he took the deal and came home. Tad tells her she and the boys always come first.. They go upstairs to "discuss" some of his "thoughts" while in stir.

Adam smiles contentedly as Liza brings Colby in. She lets Adam believe the child missed him and knows he's her daddy. She says she couldn't really picture them as a family until now. Adam always knew. Does she understand now why he did it? She says yes. He offers to cancel his trip if she's worried but she says no. Will signing the Power of Attorney help? On cue, Marian arrives. Adam talks himself into signing the POA which Marian gleefully notarizes.

Friday, March31, 2000

Edmund arrives at the hunting lodge to visit Alex and finds the room dark and Alex chasing something with a tennis racquet. A bat apparently came in through the chimney and doesn't want to leave. Edmund teases her and asks her if she invited the bat in for a Bloody Mary and then touches her hair, causing her to scream, thinking the bat's caught in her hair. Edmund leaves and returns with a net. Alex tries to backhand the bat and breaks a tray full of decanters and glasses. After a little more effort, they finally shoo the bat out the door. He calls her a chicken and she threatens him with the tennis racket. He grabs her and she ends up laughing, in his arms. But in the stable, Guy is getting a message - "Request to terminate..... Delayed. Attempt to regain trust. If attempt fails, termination may be necessary."

Alex thanks Edmund for "rescuing" her. Guy shows up and is put on "guano patrol" cleaning up the mess. The phone rings, it's Jackson, he's going to stop by to talk to them. Guy is still there when Jackson arrives. Jackson starts to tell them why he's there, but Edmund interrupts him to introduce Guy. Guy asks to use the restroom to clean up, but stands right by the doorway and eavesdrops on their conversation instead. Jackson's contact told him that the English government never ordered Alex's medical records be sealed. The question is why did the sanatorium lie and said that they were sealed. Jackson also found out that the circumstances surrounding Geoffery Ashford's death are a complete mystery. Guy returns to the room and offers to help finish cleaning up, but Edmund tells him it's OK. After Guy leaves, Edmund opens the door and looks outside to be sure he's not hanging around. As he does this, Jackson is telling Alex that her name is not connected in any way on the official records to Ashford's death. Edmund decides to send an email to Dr. Griffith at the sanatorium to ask him what's going on and uses Alex's computer to do it. Almost immediately, a computerized voice sounds an alarm, "Abort the search."

Sitting at a table in the Valley Inn dining room, Vanessa is joined by an irate Palmer, waving a handful of pink message slips. Leo hasn't returned his calls all week, in fact he hasn't been in the office all week. Palmer calls him a "lazy, good-for-nothing goldbrick" who's forte is "Photostatting his posterior" - and he pulls out a photocopy of Leo's behind to prove it! Vanessa tries to make excuses for Leo and says that he needs a "crash course in economics" from Palmer. Take him along with you when you visit your financial planner and re-do your will, she suggests. Maybe Leo will be motivated by seeing all that Palmer has gained through his hard work. Palmer rejects the idea, "when Leo shapes up, then maybe we'll discuss a new will", he tells Vanessa.

At WRCW, Leo watches as Becca and Scott make plans to have lunch together and kiss. Leo enters the office and shuts the door behind him. He makes Becca nervous when he tells her he spent last night doing something "kinky" and has something to show her, but what he pulls out is a paper with math problems on it. She looks at them briefly, but is obviously bothered by something. "This is wrong", she tells him. How is this wrong, he asks, she's helping him with his math and he's making progress. Becca knows that, but it feels wrong for her not to tell Scott. No one else can know that "Leo DuPres, Senior VP at Cortlandt Electronics" can't do basic math, she's just covering for him, he says. She still feels like she's lying to Scott. Leo mentions that she and Scott seemed very close when they were talking earlier and wonders if anything happened between the. We did not make love, an indignant Becca blurts out, then tells him it's none of his business and storms out of the room. Leo starts to follow her, but Paolo show up demanding his $30,000, immediately. "Paolo, did anybody ever tell you that cocaine is God's way of saying you have too much money?", asks Leo. Paolo says his spending habits are none of Leo's concern and if Leo doesn't come up with the money soon, Adam's involvement in the plan will be exposed.

Later, Becca returns and apologizes for the way she acted before. She promises that she will continue to tutor him and he promises that he will behave himself in the future. She can tells that something's bothering him, but he doesn't want her to involve in his problems. He does thank her for caring, though, and then leaves the room. Leo goes to the Valley Inn and joins Vanessa, whom he begs for help. He can't tell her why he needs it, but he's in big trouble and needs $30,000 immediately. Vanessa informs him that it won't be easy, Palmer's patience with them is wearing very thin.

Adam is on a plane to South America, talking to Liza on the phone. He tells her how he hated leaving her while she was sleeping and asks how Colby is. He tells her that he loves her and Liza replies, "I love you, too, Adam", before hanging up the phone. She looks up and is startled to find Tad standing there. "I may throw up", he tells her, and accuses her of double-crossing him. Liza insists that she was just acting when she was talking to Adam, just playing her part. Tad doesn't believe her, she's obsessed with Adam, she's really got the hots for "Weenie the Wonder Weasel." Liza denies it, but Tad tells her that he came back the night before and saw everything. Liza turns the tables and accuses Tad of being the one who's addicted to Adam, it was Tad, after all, who voluntarily spent time in jail with Adam.

And does Dixie understand your obsession with Adam, she asks, has he told her the truth about what he's doing? "Dixie will understand it, as soon as she grasps the fact that I can pay him back for all the pain he has caused, all the damage he has done, all the lives he has ruined", says Tad. "And who decided, Tad, that you are Adam's judge and executioner?", she asks. Adam did, he replies, giving a list of Adam's past crimes, and "he is going to pay, one way or another!." Liza tells Tad he forgot to mention the one crime Adam committed that he hates the most, "that Adam gave Dixie a child and you didn't, and that's the one that you don't forgive him for." Tad is stunned speechless for a moment. Liza regrets the word as soon as they're spoken and tries to explain she doesn't know where they came from." "I do", Tad replies, "that was vintage Adam", and storms out the door, brushing by Marian who's arrived to see what's going on with Adam.

Liza feels terrible about what said and that she hurt Tad. It was exactly like something Adam would do. Marian wants to know what Liza plans to do to Adam. Liza muses that sometime you have to wonder if it is all worth it, "what am I going to do to Adam?" Liza goes to WRCW and apologizes to Tad for what she said. She shows him the power of attorney that she got Adam to sign and tells him that she needs him, her "best friend", to help her destroy Adam. "Will you help me?", she asks.

As Adam is winging his way to South America, thinking of his time with Liza the night before, Liza and Tad show up together outside the Chandler Enterprises boardroom. Tad tells Liza "this is it" and asks if she thinks she can go through with it. "Once we set this in motion, there's no turning back. When Adam falls, it's going to be hard, and it's going to be final.", he warns. "I'm ready", she replies. "Let's do it", says Tad.

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