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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of October 18, 1999 on SB
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Monday, October 18, 1999

AJ told Olivia he thinks she has something to do with Cole's disappearance, she told him he can't believe that. He says he is going to go talk to Caitlin. Caitlin told Jude that she thinks he is behind Cole's disappearance, and that if her mother can do it, anyone can. He says that he isn't and that there conversation is over, and she can find Cole without him, she says no wait and apologizes. AJ comes in the room and asks Caitlin if Cole left her any clues when they were on the phone, she says no, Jude asks if she heard any background noises, she says no.

Olivia/Uncle Tobias:
Olivia starts to cry saying he can't believe that she would have Cole not come back, Uncle Tobias puts a hand on her shoulder, and asks if he can get her a drink, she says she doesn't drink, he says oh that must be one of your battle, she says she fought hard for her battles. She says the past keeps coming back, cause of her past with Cole, and he is Caitlin's husband. She says she can't believe the two people that mean most to her in the world think she did this to Cole. Uncle Tobias says they are just upset, he says he will do whatever he can to help her, they go upstairs and Olivia says she didn't have Cole disappear. AJ believes her, he says he will talk when he gets back from London. Olivia asks Caitlin if she believes her, Caitlin says yes, she was just looking to blame someone, Olivia asks what she can do, Caitlin says she just wants to be alone. Olivia says she will be downstairs.

Annie/Mrs. Moreau:
Annie says she wants to have Olivia go of the wagon, and she told her that Olivia is rich, and they can both help each other, why Mrs. Moreau is making the potion, Annie has a fantasy that Olivia is a drunken bum and Annie has everything money and AJ. Olivia screams no, and Annie gets out of her fantasy and says this could work, Annie wants the potion. Mrs. Moreau says not yet, Annie asks if she is backing out of it? She says no I will do my half but first you have to do yours. I need a lock of Olivia's hair, and you have to use these special scissors. Annie went home and sees Olivia crying and sees a perfect opportunity to cut her hair, she went and grabs her hair and brought the scissors to her hair.

Meg follows Tess to the hospital, Tess asks Tyus about Carmen, he says she will be all right, she can go see her, he says that Maria and Ben are in there, when he leaves she says to herself that it's not Ben in there it's really Derek, Tess sees Meg and told her to be honest, were you following me? Meg says yes she is. Tess says you shouldn't even be here, Maria doesn't even care about you, Meg says then why did she show up with Ben at the opening of my store. Tess says you can leave now or are you waiting for Ben to come out, she says no she isn't and went to leave.

Ben aka Derek/Maria/Carmen:
Carmen is up and looks at Ben and says you. Maria wants to know why she is looking at Ben like that, she says she remembers that Ben and her were at her place, Maria says yes they were and her and Ben were talking. Tyus comes in and says that after a few more tests that Carmen can go home. Carmen says she doesn't remember about what. Ben is near the door and Carmen wants Ben to come hold her hand, Derek thinks back to when Carmen had her hands on his arm and she knew if was really Derek and not Ben. Maria says come on go sit with my Mom. Derek says no, that she needs to get rest and if I go over there she will be up all night talking. Maria agrees. Derek leaves and sees Tess, Tess asks what is going on, Derek says she doesn't remember anything. Tess wants to know why He went to see Meg at the opening of her store. Derek says cause he wants to make the bitch pay, that he wants revenge for her stalling his plans and him almost dying. Tess says that there main goal right now is to get him and Maria out of town so they can inherit Ben's house and money. Maria told Carmen to lay down holds her hand and Carmen says she remembers that she didn't want Maria to go on her trip and that she can't go never.

Casey told Sara that she has his feelings wrong he says he does have deep feeling for Meg, but they are like a sister, that he is very protective of her, but he was never jealous of Ben, the way he is of Sara and Jude. A customer comes in and wants something, she says she is in a hurry, Casey says it's ok and he will come by later to talk. Meg comes to the store and says she followed Tess and that Maria isn't leaving on her trip with Ben and says maybe it is a blessing.

Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Determined to steal a lock of Olivia's hair, Annie sneaks up behind her enemy with a pair of scissors. The Monsignor returns to Sunset Beach and informs Antonio that he's to remain at the mission indefinitely. Emily explains to her startled mother why she's changed her look so drastically and left her innocent, naive ways behind. Sean cautions Amy to steer clear of Annie before the perpetually troubled redhead complicates her life as well. Gabi swears to Ricardo that she'll never go near his brother again without his express permission. Later, Gabi reels when her husband reveals how he told the Archbishop about her indiscretion. Annie fails in her quest to obtain a sample of Olivia's hair for Mrs. Moreau's potion. As Ricardo slyly pushes all her guilt buttons, Gabi tearfully blames herself for setting in motion the tragic chain of events leading up to the Archbishop's death and Ricardo's stroke.

Wednesday, October 20, 1999

Thursday, October 21, 1999

Meg laughs in Tim's face when he offers her a "sincere" apology for the shenanigans he's pulled in the past. Grimly determined to repay his brother and Gabi for all the pain they've caused him, Ricardo hoists himself out of his wheelchair and tries to take his first step since the stroke. An unhappy Gabi finally decides to unburden herself to Antonio but Michael interrupts with his concern that Ricardo is endangering his recovery by pushing himself too hard. When Carmen and Maria find him sprawled on the floor, Ricardo claims he simply fell off the bed while reaching for a glass of water. Things get hot and heavy for Brad and Emily on the living room couch until Bette strolls in and chases off her daughter's panting playmate. Tess urges Derek to make Meg as miserable as he plans to make Maria and Ben. Sara's snide remarks about Tess give Tim more food for thought about his lover's questionable fidelity. Tobias engages Sean in a conversation about the two young ladies who are so obviously occupying his thoughts. Later, Sean's harsh words about his late father have an odd effect on "Uncle Tobias".

Friday, October 22, 1999

Gabi panics upon learning that Antonio has gone to see his brother. Meanwhile, Ricardo grips a heavy paperweight as Antonio begins to explain the reason for his visit. Derek snickers at the thought of reuniting Ben and his wife forever in death. Tim scurries into the closet upon hearing Tess approach. Meg confides to her mother how disturbed she's been by "Ben's" recent behavior and how certain she's become that Maria must be warned. Casey drops by the shop at closing time and makes a clumsy effort to clear the air with Sara. Tess and Derek concoct a cover story when Maria catches them together in the nanny's bedroom. Ricardo chuckles to realize that his brother is still in the dark about his vendetta. Sara is overjoyed when Casey asks her for the chance to start anew. Derek and Tess rendezvous at the grotto and fall into a passionate clinch as a stunned Tim looks on. Alone again, Ricardo tries once more to walk. Elated when he succeeds, Ricardo prepares to throw his master plan into high gear.

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