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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 3, 2005 on GL
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Monday, October 3, 2005

Jeffrey has no choice but to break the devastating news to Cassie that Hope is not her baby, but may in fact be Michelle's. Cassie refuses to believe it, but Jeffrey forces her to see the truth. He leaves Cassie with the decision of what to do next. Cassie surprises him when she goes back into the christening party and carries on as if nothing happened.

Meanwhile, Edmund finds Michelle praying in the chapel. He hopes to get her to leave town, but Michelle wants to hold the baby one last time. Edmund has no choice but to bring her to the party. Michelle takes the baby in her arms before Cassie can do anything to stop her. Cassie's heart breaks as she watches Hope with her real mother.

Meanwhile, Marina chastises herself for following her cop instincts. She realizes she nearly drove Danny away by following the clues which led her to what seems to be the wrong conclusion about the baby.

At the christening, Sandy and Tammy are both feeling awkward. He has a ring and is waiting for the right moment to propose. Tammy is aware of it. Nervously, Tammy makes her way out to the barn to be alone, which is where Jonathan finds her. She confesses to him that Sandy is going to propose and she intends to say yes. The heat between Tammy and Jonathan is undeniable. Though she tries to fight it, they begin to kiss. Meanwhile, Sandy prepares a romantic setting, fit for a proposal.

Also at the party, Gus learns about Blake's book and the romance story between 'Marley' and 'Hammer'. But Gus plays it cool and says he refuses to read it. Meanwhile, Harley makes it clear to Mallet that she does not share the thoughts and emotions of Blake's 'fictional' heroine.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Jonathan and Tammy begin to make love, as Sandy prepares to present her with roses and an engagement ring. He heads out only to discover her in Jonathan's arms. Rocked, Sandy runs out unseen and throws himself into his work. In his haste and emotional state, he ends up getting electrocuted and is rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Josh immediately notifies Tammy, who guilty and shocked, breaks away from Jonathan and races to Sandy's side. As Cassie struggles to tell Michelle the truth about the baby, Jeffrey confronts Edmund. Edmund realizes Cassie is on the verge of telling Michelle and interrupts them. After, Cassie wants to hear Edmund's story. Jeffrey reluctantly allows it, but only so he can find Michelle and get a DNA sample and find out once and for all if she's Hope's mom. But, Michelle has already left for the airport with Danny, Marina and Robbie. There are bittersweet partings for all and Danny promises to visit his little boy as often as he can. After Michelle and Robbie go, Jeffrey arrives too late. While Michelle and Robbie fly away, Danny and Marina set off together and, despite her curiosity about why Jeffrey needed to see Michelle, Marina allows herself to believe that she and Danny at long last have a future. Meanwhile, Cassie listens to Edmund's version of the truth. He tells her that the baby isn't hers but that she also isn't Michelle's. With a mixture of truth, lies and desperation, he talks about getting the baby from the black market and tries to play on Cassie's love for Hope. When Jeffrey returns, regretfully saying that the DNA proof will have to wait, Cassie holds onto the slender thread of hope that Hope, whoever gave birth to her, will always be hers.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

A distressed Tammy tries to hang on as Sandy fights to live. At the hospital, Josh reaches out to Tammy but she can't bring herself to admit she was with Jonathan during Sandy's accident. Meanwhile, Reva advises Jonathan on his girl problems, unaware that it's Tammy she's encouraging him to pursue. Later, Reva and Josh put their tension aside as Sandy's crisis takes priority. Later, as his condition worsens, Jonathan arrives just in time to see Tammy's emotional breakdown. Harley and Gus move into the Spaulding house and get a helping hand from Mallet so that he and Gus can work their case while they move. Meanwhile, Beth, seeing the implications of Blake's book as her road to becoming Spaulding CEO, fans the flames of tension between the three of them but Harley and Gus ultimately prevail. Later, Mallet tries to smooth things over with Gus about the book while Harley and Beth vie over control of the house. Later, Gus's curiosity inspires him to read the book but he gets so agitated that he deliberately heads off on a police call without Mallet. Meanwhile, Harley and Mallet are recognized by Blake's readers as Marley and Hammer. Olivia pushes a reluctant Bill to head up Lewis Oil's new Venezuelan enterprise and sends him off to meet the associates. But later, she discovers that Reva has talked Billy into taking the same position. Olivia uses her knowledge about the Venezuelans' working style to set Billy up for disaster while Ava helps Bill make a good first impression with the new associates.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Harley confesses to Buzz that she secretly enjoys being CEO but she's less than thrilled by curious fans of Blake's book.

Bill wants to warn Billy that their new Venezuelan business partners aren't interested in partying but Olivia tells Bill to let Billy handle it. Billy asks Ava to keep the vodkas with two olives coming for his Venezuelan guests and to place one olive in his water so that he'll stay away from the good stuff. Olivia seethes as Billy takes the limelight while Bill takes a back seat. She is angry that Bill is more worried about spending time with her and Emma than becoming the king of the corporate world. Olivia asks Buzz how it feels to be happy with what he has. She switches Billy's water for alcohol. Billy realizes immediately when he takes a sip of the real thing.

Gus sneaks a peak at Blake's new book while on patrol. A perp attacks Gus with martial arts moves and Chinese throwing stars. Mallet comes to his rescue. Gus wants to know if Mallet took advantage of Harley in prison. Mallet is appalled by the question. Gus asks Harley if she slept with Mallet. She tells him that nothing happened but omits her passionate kiss with Mallet behind prison walls.

Tammy cries at Sandy's bedside and puts on his ring. Cassie comforts her. Father Ray says a blessing over Sandy. Sandy flatlines.

Cassie tells Jeffrey that she needs to now the truth about Hope's mother. Jeffrey plans to test DNA from Michelle's locker at the hospital. Edmund places a nurse's hairbrush in the locker. Then he asks his lawyer to fake the papers for his adoption of Hope. Mallet decides to investigate Edmund. Jeffrey tells a joyful Cassie that the baby is not Michelle's.

Dinah is hungry and tired but vows not to give in. She finds a loose panel in the wall and tries to escape. Edmund arrives and finds her missing.

Friday, October 7, 2005

Danny's invited Marina to a beautifully decorated rooftop for a night of romance. As they dance, he tells her how much he loves her, how grateful and honored he is that she stuck by him through everything. All this talk freaks out Marina. She just can't believe everything's worked out alright. She's still worried about Michelle, about whether Danny's love for her will override what he feels for Marina. She then wonders if, when Michelle and Robbie were boarding the plane, Danny had wished he was going with them. Danny admits that he did and apologizes. Marina tells him it doesn't matter; she's just happy he decided to stay with her. Danny assures Marina his feelings for Michelle only centered on the baby she lost. At that moment, Mallet arrives to speak with Marina about Edmund. Realizing that Danny has no clue about this, Mallet makes a hasty retreat, leaving Marina to confess she did some investigating about the baby Michelle lost, but now the case is closed. Danny's speechless since Marina did all of this in secret without telling him. Marina assures him that she had good intentions; she only wanted to know the truth. Danny's touched, especially because he knows how hard this must have been for her. She had to know this could have changed everything. He's touched she'd put Michelle above their relationship. Marina replies she didn't do it for Michelle, she did it for him. That baby girl could have been his and she couldn't live with herself if she kept him away from his daughter. As for Michelle, she just wanted her to go away. Danny is still touched by her admission and confesses his love for her.

At Cedars, Sandy flat lines and Tammy is escorted out of the room. Out in the waiting area, she runs into Jonathan whom she is not happy to see. As Sandy's heart starts up again, Tammy tries to get Jonathan to leave but he doesn't want her to be alone. His presence isn't comforting at all though; it's making her upset. Tammy states that she will never forgive herself for what happened and demands that he leave. Jonathan refuses and Tammy tries to convince him that she's staying with Sandy now. Her guilt over what they did starts to annoy Jonathan and he tells her she should break a rule once in a while, maybe she'll get what she wants. Tammy refuses to listen and tells him what happened between them was a mistake and Sandy suffered for it. Jonathan retorts the only mistake was denying their feelings for so long. Sandy could have gotten off the hook a lot sooner. Jonathan tries to convince her that Sandy's accident was just an accident, what they did was not. Tammy's very upset and Jonathan tells her to stay, because he knows she'll hate herself if she doesn't. He doesn't feel guilty about what happened in the barn and tells her it will happen again. Tammy tells him it won't. When she's told that she can see Sandy, Tammy tells Jonathan she intends to marry Sandy. Jonathan tells her she's crazy but then kisses her and tells her that he'll be there if she needs him. A little later, inside Sandy's room, a very emotional Tammy prays to God that if he lets Sandy recover, she will never see Jonathan again.

An angry Edmund is at the farmhouse replica desperately looking for Dinah. Unknown to him, Dinah is hiding, hoping that since he thinks she's gone, he'll leave the door unlocked when he leaves. After failing to get information on Dinah's whereabouts from Ross and Bill, Edmund gets a call from Cassie asking to speak with him. Thinking Dinah's with Cassie, Edmund rushes out. To Dinah's frustration, the door locks behind him.

Edmund rushes to the real farm, relieved Cassia has not seen Dinah. Cassie informs Edmund he is no longer Hope's father any more. Edmund infuriates Cassie by acting as if he has no clue why she's so upset. Cassie tells him that Jeffrey is running a DNA test on Hope. She wants him out of her life completely. That's why she's not pressing charges against him; she wants it all to stop right now. Edmund agrees to leave but tells her that everything he did he did for love. He reminds her that her house and her baby are a product of his love for her. The only reason she's with Jeffrey is because he has Richard's face.

At the police station, Mallet gets a file on Edmund. Though he's ready to send it back since the case is closed, he decided it couldn't hurt to look it over.

An upset Edmund returns to the farm replica with gasoline in hand. He's convinced that Dinah is out there somewhere. He is desperate to destroy any evidence of her being held captive. When he rushes out of the house for something, again with the door locking behind him, Dinah is able to run and grab his cell phone and go back into hiding before he returns. Edmund pours gasoline everywhere and then sets the place ablaze.

At the real farm, Cassie finds Jonathan skulking around the barn. She tells him that she wants to talk about Tammy - she knows what he did. Jonathan's a little surprised until it becomes apparent that she's talking about Dinah not being pregnant. She thanks him for not using that knowledge against her and not telling Tammy. She asks that he keep the news from Tammy. Suddenly, Cassie gets a call - it's Dinah!

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