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January 4 to 8, 2021
Charlie drugged Ava and planned to commit her to a psychiatric hospital. Allie was unnerved by Charlie. Kate confided to Jennifer that she was ashamed of the age difference between her and Jake. Kate and Jake decided to keep dating. Gwen admitted that she had lied about seeing Jake kiss Abigail, and Abigail fired her. Gwen blackmailed Chad to convince Abigail to let her stay. Angelo told Steve and John about Charlie. Tripp told Allie about Steve's DNA theory. Marlena stopped Claire before she slept with Charlie. Rafe rescued Ava, but she was delusional. Chloe asked Brady to help Philip. Xander discovered that Philip was laundering mob money. Dr. Raynor stole the Carver twins.
January 11 to 15, 2021
Brady agreed to help Philip with the mob if Philip agreed to stay away from Chloe. Steve told Tripp about Charlie. Tripp reunited with Ava, but she was delusional. Allie confronted Charlie, but he denied he was her rapist. Ava told Nicole about Charlie's confession to her. Shawn told Claire that Charlie had kidnapped Ava. Gwen convinced Abigail that she had slept with Chad. Bonnie told Eli about the kidnapper, and, from the sketch, Valerie was able to identify the kidnapper as Dr. Raynor. Ivan picked up the twins from Dr. Raynor. Kate advised Chad to tell Abigail about his night with Gwen, but he was too late. Tripp stole Charlie's toothbrush for a DNA test. Charlie made bail. Xander dissolved Philip's shell company, which endangered Philip's life.
January 18 to 22, 2021
Charlie told Tripp about his childhood. Over Brady's objection, Philip accepted Chloe's offer to stay with her. Eli questioned Xander about the twins' kidnapping. Shin hired Jake as CEO, and Kate agreed to coach him. Gabi returned to Salem with a business proposal for Jake. Kate saw Gabi kiss Jake, but he swore he wanted to be with Kate. Maggie was hostile toward Bonnie. Rolf told Chad that Gwen had drugged Abigail and why. Gwen told Jack and Jennifer that Jack was her father. Chad told Abigail that Gwen had drugged her and claimed to be Jack's daughter. Ben convinced Allie to talk to Marlena about hypnosis. Charlie asked Claire to believe him.
January 25 to 29, 2021
Xander called Dr. Raynor to help flush her out into the open. Julie had stress-related heart problems. Lani visited Kristen in prison. Sarah told Maggie about Philip's troubles. Brady begged Chloe not to shelter Philip from the mob, but Chloe refused. A hitman shot Brady. A frantic Kristen took Tony hostage so that she could get to Brady in the hospital. Gabi gave Jake her proposal for Gabi Chic. Philip asked Ava to call off Angelo's hitman. John stopped Kristen from shooting Chloe, and Marlena talked Kristen into surrendering to the police. Xander told Victor about Philip. Abigail asked Chad to tell the police that Gwen had drugged her. Gwen befriended Charlie. Allie underwent hypnosis and remembered her rape. Claire and Ben bonded over Ciara. Ciara begged her captor, Rhodes, to let her go. Tripp advised Charlie to tell the truth. Allie apologized to Tripp. Shawn arrested Charlie.
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February 1 to 5, 2021
Jake rejected Gabi's business proposal, but he agreed to give Gabi back her company. Eric agreed to stay in Africa another three months. Rafe attempted to cheer up a devastated Nicole. The paternity test confirmed that Jack was Gwen's father, but he swore he had never known about her. Laura admitted that she had paid off Gwen's mother to keep Gwen a secret. Abigail told Gwen the truth, but she did not tell Gwen that Laura had been the one to keep the secret. Eli and Lani captured Raynor, and she provided information that pointed to Vivian. Ivan delivered the twins to Vivian as a gift, but he lied about their origin. Philip kissed Chloe, and he asked her if she was hung up on Brady. Brady and Kristen fought about her escape attempt. Ciara faked an illness in order to escape captivity, but Rhodes stopped her. Susan told Ben that Ciara was alive. Eli and Lani confronted Ivan, and he trapped them in a room.
February 8 to 12, 2021
Gabi made a deal with Xander for Gabi Chic. Jake asked Kate to work with him at DiMera. Victor cleared things with the Vitali family, and he asked Philip to stay. Xander quit Titan. Jack told Gwen about Laura. Gwen accidentally killed Laura during an argument, and Jack convinced her to tell the police the truth. Chad asked Abigail to move back into the mansion. Chloe offered to be Brady's nurse when he left the hospital. Kristen asked Susan to switch places. Eli and Lani rescued their babies from Vivian. Vivian acted as if she did not recognize anyone in Salem. Kate exposed Vivian's scam when she told Vivan about her relationship with Jake. Steve surprised Kayla with a wedding. Ciara and Ben shared a dream that they were Romeo and Juliet. A free Charlie threatened Ava. Rafe asked Ava for help, and Nicole suggested that Ava move in with Rafe. Ciara stole Rhodes's phone and called Ben.
February 15 to 19, 2021
Ben heard Ciara's voice on a call. Claire dumped Charlie, and Ben intervened when Charlie grew violent. Lucas threatened to kill Charlie. Nicole convinced Rafe to invite Ava to live with him. Vivian went to prison. Susan agreed to switch places with Kristen. Xander and Sarah proposed to one another. The Hortons buried Laura. After Xander quit Titan, Gabi pitched her company to Philip. Kate urged Philip to accept Gabi's offer. Abigail and Gwen fought in the cemetery. Vincent committed suicide. Orpheus asked Rhodes to work for him and continue to hold Ciara. Shawn and Ben searched Rhodes's last address. Evan killed Rhodes but kept Ciara captive. Gwen apologized to Laura's grave. When Belle told Claire that Charlie would not go to prison without a confession, Claire called him. Abigail asked Gabi to help her get revenge against Gwen.
February 22 to 26, 2021
Claire recorded her conversation with Charlie, but he discovered the recording and deleted it. Kristen and Susan switched places at the prison. Tripp accepted Allie's apology, and he spent time with Henry. Brady grumbled about Philip after Chloe told him that Philip had kissed her. Kristen disguised herself as Susan and bit her tongue as she watched Chloe nurse Brady. Philip made a deal with Gabi. Kate agreed to work with Jake at DiMera. Maggie went to Las Vegas to care for Summer. Xander agreed to marry Sarah in the mansion, at Maggie's request. Ben and Ciara shared another dream. Evan protested Orpheus' plan to ransom Ciara. Clyde was suspicious of Orpheus. John, Allie, Ava, and Belle each threatened to kill Charlie. Charlie told Nicole he would kill Tripp before he would let Tripp near Henry. Someone murdered Charlie. John told Marlena that he had suffered a rage blackout, and she took him to the hospital for tests. Rafe found Sami at the scene of Charlie's death. Lani was worried about "Kristen's" mental health. "Susan" refused to help Ben and Claire with a psychic reading. Ava admitted to Tripp that she was glad that Charlie was dead.
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MARCH 2021
March 1 to 5, 2021
"Susan" continued to antagonize Chloe. Jack promised Gwen he would not abandon her. Jack and Chad argued about Abigail. Lani's Aunt Paulina arrived in Salem. Abigail asked Jack to choose between her and Gwen. Gabi agreed to help Abigail if Abigail broke up Jake and Kate. "Susan" encouraged Philip to pursue Chloe. Kayla convinced Steve to be nicer to Bonnie because Justin deserved to be happy. A suspicious Bonnie saw Abigail and Gabi with a laundry basket. Gabi and Abigail stashed an unconscious Gwen in the DiMera wine cellar, and Anna found her there. Belle agreed to be Sami's lawyer. Rafe told Belle that Sami's prints were all over the murder weapon. Clyde stabbed Orpheus and called the last number on his phone. Clyde told Ben that Christian had Ciara. Jake and Kate stole Gabi's storefront in the square.
March 8 to 12, 2021
Sami had gunshot residue on her clothes, so Belle quit as her lawyer. Ava met Henry. Gabi stopped Abigail from injecting Gwen then let Gwen go. Abigail told Chad that getting revenge was worth going to prison. Gabi agreed to give up on Jake. Paulina made a play for the Basic Black storefront. Theo returned for a visit. Paulina mistakenly believed she was Jules's godmother. Christian took Claire hostage at Ben's apartment. Christian shot Shawn. Ciara accidentally caused a gas leak. Xander asked Jack to be his best man, and Bonnie offered to serve as Sarah's maid of honor. "Susan" pretended to befriend Chloe to gauge Chloe's interest in Brady. Sarah saw Kristen out of her disguise, and Kristen knocked Sarah out to keep her secret. Ben rescued Ciara from the wreckage of her cage. Rex returned to Salem.
March 15 to 19, 2021
Kristen held Sarah captive then used a Sarah mask to break things off with Xander. Sarah found a syringe in the wine cellar, and she attempted to plunge the needle into Kristen when she returned. Sami told Lucas that she had shot an already dead Charlie and had lied to protect Allie. Allie confessed to Claire that she felt responsible for Sami's arrest, but she refused to answer when Claire asked if Allie had shot Charlie. The police identified Kate's gun as the murder weapon. Ciara woke up after surgery with no memory of her life past the motorcycle accident when she had met Ben. Kate heard Jake say Gabi's name in his sleep. Ava admitted to Tripp that she had been running the crime family, but she had cut ties and lost her money. Gabi moved back into the DiMera mansion. Jack asked Gwen to let him give Abigail the same chance to drop her vendetta as he had given Gwen, and Gwen agreed. Chad begged Abigail to give up on revenge, and she agreed.
March 22 to 26, 2021
Allie confessed that she had confronted Charlie but that he had taken the gun from her. Kristen injected Rolf's serum into Sarah, and she shipped Sarah off to the DiMera island. Xander struggled with rejection. Sami falsely confessed that she had murdered Charlie, and she was unable to later recant her confession. Abigail asked Gabi to help plot against Gwen, but Gabi refused. Jake and Chad bonded over Kate. Roman made a play for Kate, and she told him that she was committed to Jake. Jack updated Jennifer on the kidnapping situation with Abigail. Valerie corrected Paulina's mistaken belief that she was Jules's godmother. Jake encouraged Ben to fight for Ciara. Ciara had no memory of her relationship with Ben even after he showed her evidence of their love story. Paulina's daughter Chanel arrived in town and caused trouble. The Grant twins had their christening, and Paulina offered to pay for the twins' college. Nicole asked Ava if she had killed Charlie.
March 29 to April 2, 2021
A brokenhearted, drunken Xander punched Philip. Kristen ignored Susan's pleas to switch places again. Ben asked Marlena to put Ciara under hypnosis, but Ciara resisted the idea. "Kristen" asked Brady not to visit her at the prison. Kate warned Philip not to get involved with Gabi. "Susan" told Brady that Chloe had feelings for him. Theo ran into his old flame Chanel. Rafe exonerated Sami and released her from jail. Tripp told Allie that he had a confession. Jan woke from her coma and threatened to take down John if Shawn arrested her. Ava told Nicole that she had been with Charlie when he had died, and she had seen Tripp leave the scene of the crime. John told Marlena that he remembered a gunshot from the night of Charlie's murder.
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APRIL 2021
April 5 to 9, 2021
Sami met Tripp. Ava told Nicole that she'd watched Tripp leave Charlie's apartment after Charlie's murder. Ben shared a brief connection to Ciara. Ciara underwent hypnosis, and she remembered the cabin fire. Paulina pitched an overhaul of the town square to Abe. Eli and Lani decided to accept Paulina's check. Chanel asked to move in with Theo, but he turned her down. A drunken Xander hung out with Chanel. Gwen apologized to Chad. Jack attempted to broker a truce between Gwen and Abigail, but Gwen threw up on Abigail. Gwen worried that she was pregnant. Gabi told Rafe that Ava had left the house the night of Charlie's death. Ava told Rafe that she had spoken to Charlie before he'd died. Paulina secured the lease for the old Gabi Chic storefront. Sami and Lucas kissed. Tripp told Rafe that he had not entered Charlie's apartment. Belle's coat button appeared to have been found at the crime scene. Belle convinced Jan to sign an agreement not to press charges against John if Belle did not press charges against Jan. John was concerned that he had killed Charlie.
April 12 to 16, 2021
Chanel told Paulina that she had married Xander, but he had no memory of the night. Gwen learned that she was pregnant with Chad's baby, and Abigail ordered Gwen to abort her pregnancy. Kristen revealed herself to Sami, and she blackmailed Sami into helping her separate Brady from Chloe. Sami asked Lucas for help with Chloe. Chloe told Brady about her feelings, but he refused to admit if he felt anything for her. Theo confessed to Chad that he still had feelings for Ciara. Jake saw Philip and Gabi on a date. Ben attempted to inject Ciara with Rolf's memory serum, but Theo stopped him. Brady told Nicole that he would not abandon Kristen. Tripp and Allie flirted. Jan told Claire about her deal with Belle. Rafe matched a button from the crime scene to Belle's coat. John asked Marlena to hypnotize him, and he remembered Charlie's murder.
April 19 to 23, 2021
John remembered Charlie's shooting, and he believed Belle was the killer because the shooter was in her coat. Trask ordered Rafe to arrest Belle. Jan listened to the recording of John's hypnotherapy session, and she thought about how she had shot Charlie while she had worn Belle's coat. Tripp told Steve and Kayla that he had changed his last name to Johnson. Gwen decided to keep her baby. Abigail told Chad that their relationship was over if Gwen kept his child. Abe told Paulina about Xander's criminal past. Xander schemed with Chanel to get money from Paulina in exchange for a divorce. Ben apologized to Ciara, and she told him that she planned to leave Salem with Theo. Brady admitted to Chloe that he did have feelings for her, but he was committed to Kristen. Jake asked Kate to vacation with him on an island. Vivian demanded that Kristen break up Jake and Kate, or she would tell Brady the truth. Kate uncovered Kristen's disguise, and Kristen knocked Kate unconscious. Sami convinced Lucas to seduce Chloe, but he ended up telling Chloe that he had a brain tumor instead.
April 26 to 30, 2021
Gabi was unable to sleep with Philip because of her feelings for Jake. "Susan" told Jake that she had a premonition that Jake belonged with Gabi. Paulina learned about Chanel's double cross and tore up Xander's check. John told Belle that he'd seen her shoot Charlie. Belle believe that Sami had framed her for murder. Ben plotted to kidnap Ciara. Ciara said her goodbyes and left Salem. Upset about Hope, Rafe kissed Ava. Trask removed Shawn from Charlie's murder case. Jan told Trask about the recording of John's hypnotherapy. Sami convinced Lucas to continue his ruse with Chloe. Tripp cared for a sick Henry. Jack asked Gwen to move in rather than leave Salem. Kristen used a mask to impersonate Kate, and she broke up with Jake. Gabi advised Abigail to fix her marriage. Allie told Claire that she liked Tripp, and Tripp told Ben that he liked Allie. Gwen miscarried, and when she went to tell Chad, Abigail accidentally knocked her down the stairs.
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JUNE 2021

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