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Marlena told Johnny to make his movie. Philip seethed with jealousy. Chad and Abigail discussed Gwen's secret. Victor negotiated with Trask for Justin and Xander's release. Steve stole E.J.'s phone. Jake confronted Carmine, and Carmine shot Abe. Marlena gave in to the devil. Devil Marlena urged Paulina to tell the truth about Lani. Julie was unable to see Doug. John did not hear Doug's voice on the recording of his therapy session. Gabi asked Ciara to talk to Victor about Gabi Chic. Rafe arrested Jake. The devil revealed himself to John.
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Victor negotiated Justin and Xander's release, Carmine shot Abe, and the devil revealed himself to John
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John tries to talk Marlena out of supporting Johnny's movie John tries to talk Marlena out of supporting Johnny's movie

Monday, October 18, 2021

by Mike

Xander was in the midst of a workout when Justin started complaining, to no one in particular, about being stuck in a holding cell with Jack LaLanne. "Oh, mate -- if you're already talking to yourself, you're gonna crack up completely when you get to Statesville," Xander warned. "Good to know I have something to look forward to," Justin grumbled. As the conversation continued, Xander surprised Justin with hints that Gwen hadn't really met Snyder while working as a prostitute. Xander was only willing to add that Gwen's true secret could drive Jack away -- and Justin agreed not to say anything about the matter to anyone else for the sake of that relationship.

Gwen begged for silence while Bonnie was in the process of complaining, to no one in particular, about having just been moved to a new holding cell yet again. Realizing for the first time that someone else was in the holding cell, Bonnie instinctively began trying to claim the role of the alpha inmate -- then paused after recognizing Gwen as Jack's daughter. Bonnie probed for details about Gwen's arrest -- and learned, in the process, that Justin had also been arrested. Bonnie felt responsible for Justin's fall from grace -- and Gwen understood, feeling just as responsible for Xander's predicament. Bonnie ultimately decided that Justin would figure out a way to fix everything.

Victor summoned Trask to the Kiriakis mansion for a chat about Justin and Xander -- but not Bonnie and Gwen, who were on their own. Trask admitted to being willing to make a deal with Victor, who had already figured out what the district attorney would want in exchange for Xander and Justin's freedom.

At the Horton house, Kayla joined Steve and Jack in the living room and reported that Julie had been given a sedative and was finally asleep. Jack, Steve, and Kayla all agreed that Julie's earlier agitation was understandable, since the doctors at Bayview were inexplicably still refusing to allow Doug to have any visitors.

Steve, Kayla, and Jack eventually started discussing what was going on with Gwen, Justin, Xander, and Bonnie. Jack fretted that Belle was still out of town with Shawn and was therefore unable to help. Steve rushed off after receiving a text message from Victor -- and, seconds later, Kayla rushed off after receiving a phone call from someone at Bayview.

At the police station, Trask visited Bonnie and Gwen -- and advised them to get used to life behind bars. Trask then visited Justin and Xander -- and hinted that they might be released soon, thanks to their uncle.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor requested Steve's services as a private investigator -- with Kristen as the subject of the investigation.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, John tried to talk Marlena out of supporting Johnny's movie but was ignored. John turned to Johnny for help, prompting the aspiring filmmaker to offer Marlena an out. "Johnny, let me give you some advice -- when somebody gives you exactly what you take it and run with it," Marlena responded. "Okay -- well, then, thanks...I guess..." Johnny agreed. "We will have front-row seats to the premiere?" Marlena challenged Johnny, who confirmed the suspicion with a laugh and a nod as John silently stewed. Johnny thanked Marlena with a hug and a kiss on the cheek then handed over a copy of the script for review. "Don't stint on the special effects!" Marlena called out as Johnny rushed off.

Once the coast was clear, John demanded to know why Marlena was okay with the idea of Johnny making a movie about their experience with demonic possession. "If the kid wants to make a bizarre movie, let him make it about something else -- maybe a talking dog!" John argued. "If you insist on believing in talking dogs, I may have to put you in Bayview," Marlena countered. "Is that supposed to be a joke?" John snapped. "I'm trying to end the conversation!" Marlena reasoned.

John listened in disbelief as Marlena admitted to having selfish reasons for wanting Johnny to make the movie. "For the last 25 years, people have waited until I'm almost out of the room to start whispering and joking about what happened to me -- because they want me to hear it. [And] the people who love me act like it never actually happened, [which is even more] upsetting to me [because] I don't like being handled -- I don't like that one of the most devastating parts of my life is treated like some dirty little secret. [So], I don't want to hide [it anymore] -- I want to put a light on it [and] let people know that I am not ashamed of it," Marlena elaborated as John repeatedly interrupted to challenge the claims. John maintained that it was reckless of Marlena to allow Johnny to make the movie. "I was the one who was possessed," Marlena stressed. "And you still would be if it weren't for me!" John countered.

Marlena turned away from John with a groan. "Maybe I'm being a little overprotective here, but I almost lost you, Doc -- to him -- [and] I don't have any desire to relive that," John explained. "You seem to have some unresolved issues about that period of time...[but] the devil was in me, [so] it really is my decision -- and you can move heaven and earth if you want to try to do that, but nothing will change my mind," Marlena responded.

John sighed as Marlena retreated to the master bedroom to read the script. A short time later, Kayla arrived and informed John that Marlena had instructed the doctors at Bayview that Doug was not allowed to have any visitors for the time being. Kayla wanted to question Marlena about the matter, but John denied the request. John explained to Kayla that Marlena had been acting strange recently and was in desperate need of rest.

Meanwhile, in the master bedroom, the demonic presence started speaking through the white noise machine again, urging Marlena to read the script and remember what it was like for them to be working as a team. Marlena tried to ignore the demonic presence but eventually started remembering every detail of their previous reign of terror. The white noise machine suddenly started overheating, and Marlena turned away as sparks flew out of the device. Marlena watched with glowing yellow eyes as the lights started flickering and various items started flying around the bedroom with the help of a seemingly otherworldly gust of wind. "Finally, we are one!" Marlena declared as the demonic presence before cackling excitedly.

John suspects that Marlena is possessed John suspects that Marlena is possessed

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

At Basic Black, Brady was surprised to see Chloe in the office when he returned from a meeting. Chloe admitted that she had returned to work after she had talked to Philip. Brady asked Chloe if she had forgiven Philip again. "I moved out," Chloe said. Brady noticed Chloe's suitcase in the corner. "I'm sorry," Brady said. Brady explained that he was frustrated by Philip, and he believed Chloe had done the right thing.

"I did what I thought was right," Chloe said. "You did. You broke up with him," Brady said. Chloe corrected Brady, and she explained that she had asked Philip for space. Chloe reminded Brady that she had only moved into the mansion on a temporary basis because of her gunshot wound.

"We did not break up. I'm not ready for that," Chloe said. Confused, Brady asked, "Even though he flips out every single time he sees us together?" Chloe explained that she had told Philip that if he could control his jealousy, she and Philip could have a future together. "Look at our history. I fell in love with Philip in high school, and I'm not ready to give up on him," Chloe said.

"No matter what, I just want you to be happy. If you want to give this another try with Philip again, then I hope he can give you everything that you want," Brady said. When Chloe noted that she did not know where to live, Brady invited Chloe to live with him. With a groan, Chloe reminded Brady that Philip had already punched Brady.

"I'm suggesting you move in with my dad and Marlena," Brady clarified. "I really think that you and I should just keep our own separate residences. I'm just going to get a room at the Salem Inn," Chloe said. With a nod yes, Brady agreed.

Outside the pub, Kate spotted Philip on a bench. "If you're like this, it's about Chloe," Kate said. Kate noted that Philip had been moping about Chloe off and on since high school. Annoyed, Philip started to leave, but Kate stopped him. "What did Chloe do now that's so bad?" Kate asked.

"She moved out," Philip said. "Are you just saying that because you know that's what I want to hear?" Kate asked. Kate asked if Victor had helped Chloe to the car. "Why don't you let me wallow in my self-pity all alone?" Philip asked. Kate urged Philip to accept that things were over with Chloe with dignity. Philip argued that he did not want advice from a woman who had faked blindness and amnesia.

"That was different," Kate said. Kate told Philip that she felt bad for him, but she did not want to watch Chloe continue to hurt Philip. "It's not that she hurts me. It's the other way around. I hurt her," Philip said. Kate was confused. Philip explained that he could not help but lose his temper around Chloe because of Brady.

Inside the pub, Lucas showed Roman the contract that Johnny had given him for the movie. Roman told Lucas that he had pulled his financing from the movie because he was worried about Marlena. Lucas informed Roman that Marlena had approved the movie rights. "I wonder how John feels about that?" Roman asked.

When Kate and Philip walked into the pub, Kate gasped when she saw Lucas. "Your brother is in distress. He needs family, and I need a drink," Kate said. Roman went to the bar. Kate explained to Lucas that Chloe was mad at Philip. Lucas suggested that Kate should leave Philip alone. "That was my idea!" Philip said. Kate suggested that they have a family dinner instead.

After Kate and Philip joined Lucas at the table, Lucas noted that a cooling off period for Chloe and Philip was fine. Kate argued that the relationship was over. "I never said that. I said that she moved out," Philip corrected. "Because you were blowing up about Brady, right?" Lucas asked. Kate interjected to note that Philip had punched Brady. Lucas advised Philip to steer clear of Brady and give Chloe space.

"Give Chloe the heave-ho! Don't you understand? You're free of her now," Kate said. "I don't want to be," Philip countered. Roman returned with menus, but Philip noted that he wanted to go home. Kate worried aloud that Philip should not be alone. "I think [Philip] has had enough motherly advice for one night," Lucas countered. Lucas offered to walk with Philip, and they left.

Kate stayed behind, and she asked Roman what was wrong. "It's not like you to act like I'm not even in the room," Roman said. "I don't do that," Kate objected. "You just did! And you've been doing it for a while. And you don't have to, all right? I get the message. Apparently, you're not interested in me the same way that I'm interested in you," Roman said. Roman said he hoped that he and Kate could remain friends, but he worried she did not agree.

"You were right about me and Jake," Kate admitted. Kate explained that she had been awkward around Roman because she had been worried that he would tell her "I told you so" about Jake. Roman chuckled. "You are a complicated woman," Roman said. Roman told Kate that he was sorry he had been right about Jake and that he thought Jake had been an idiot to dump Kate.

"You make it very hard for me to pretend you're not there," Kate said. Roman started to walk away, but Kate stopped him. "After this thing with Jake, I feel like I'm just, you know, gun-shy about getting hurt," Kate said. Roman sat back down. Kate explained that she liked the way that Roman listened to her and understood her.

"And the way you put up with what I have to say, and the way you are funny and make me laugh. I'm afraid that I'm going to you know, with you, for all the wrong reasons. And that's not fair to you," Kate said. Kate confessed that she was attracted to Roman, but she did not want to hurt him.

Roman offered to continue to give Kate space until she was ready to date again. Kate nodded in agreement. "You take all the time you need to get back to where you were. It'll be worth the wait," Roman said.

In the square, Johnny met up with Chanel as she locked up the bakery. Chanel told Johnny that she had heard that E.J. had decided to invest in the movie. Johnny wanted to give Allie her contract, but Chanel noted that Allie had refused to take a role unless Marlena approved. Johnny confirmed that Marlena had eagerly approved the movie.

"Almost like it was something she wanted to happen," Johnny said. Suspicious, Chanel asked Johnny if he had misread what Marlena had said. "No, she was fine with it," Johnny confirmed. "I guess she's put the whole thing behind her," Chanel said. Johnny shrugged. Johnny admitted that Marlena had seemed happy, but John had told Johnny about Marlena's nightmare.

"You sure you didn't just guilt her into saying yes?" Chanel asked. Johnny explained that he had been ready to cancel the project, but Marlena had practically talked him into making the movie. "I don't ever want to hurt her, but it's almost like she insisted that I go ahead with it. Even got a little short with my grandpa John when he disagreed," Johnny said. Johnny added that Marlena was never short with anyone, particularly John.

"I wonder what's gotten into her?" Johnny wondered aloud. Unnerved, Johnny said that it had felt like Marlena had wanted Johnny to leave before John could intervene. "But you're still going ahead with the movie?" Chanel asked. With a shrug, Johnny said the story was about Marlena, not John. "[John] went through it, too. So, I'm sure he thinks it's his story, too," Chanel said. Chanel warned Johnny that his movie could be a bad idea.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," Johnny joked. Johnny noted that John was not as open-minded about new ideas as Marlena. "I think [Marlena] is going to make [John] see that he is worried about nothing," Johnny said. Chanel nodded, but she looked worried. Johnny continued to ramble, as if he were trying to convince himself that everything was fine.

"I don't get why [John] is so against the idea. This was years ago, right? It's not like [Marlena] is possessed by the devil today," Johnny said. After Johnny and Chanel grabbed a coffee, Johnny told Chanel about E.J.'s role in the movie. "Have you thought about how Allie feels about the way your dad treated your mom?" Chanel asked. Chanel noted that Johnny's whole cast had a sordid history.

"I hope to channel the cast's personal animosity toward each other into dramatic tension. Which is a film term for 'I'll do whatever it takes to get the money'," Johnny said. With a shrug, Chanel reminded Johnny that Bette Davis and Joan Collins had made a great movie together.

Tripp went over to Nicole's apartment to spend the evening with Allie. Allie confessed that she had not had time to cook. "Let's get takeout," Tripp suggested. When Tripp went to grab the menus, he saw Allie's film contract. Allie explained that she would not sign the contract until Marlena approved of the movie. Tripp flipped through the menus, then passed them along to Allie.

"Isn't this Henry's blanket that he won't sleep without?" Tripp noted. Allie said she had taken Henry's blanket to sew it, but she did not know if she could fix it. Tripp offered to do the work. "The Boy Scout that I am came prepared," Tripp said. Tripp fished a sewing kit out of his jacket, and he went to work. Allie talked about how much her life had changed and that she liked it. With a smile, Allie said that after watching Tripp sew, she felt domestic enough to cook.

"You know, going to bed is about as domestic as it gets," Tripp said with a grin. Allie smiled at Tripp as she started on dinner. When Johnny and Chanel arrived, Johnny told Allie the news about Marlena's decision. "So, you finally wore her down?" Allie asked. Johnny noted that Marlena was excited about the idea, but John was still unhappy. With a scowl, Johnny commented on Tripp's sewing.

Without taking his eyes off of Henry's blanket, Tripp noted that he had learned sewing in medical school. Johnny asked Tripp if he wanted to help sew costumes for the film. "I'm super busy at the hospital. Saving lives," Tripp said. Allie gave her signed contract to Johnny. "Let the filming begin!" Johnny proclaimed. Allie commented that it felt weird that the movie was happening. "My whole life I've spent vowing never to become my mother, and now I'm going to be playing her in a movie," Allie said.

After Johnny and Chanel left, Tripp showed Allie the finished blanket. "Wow, his initials. Tripp, it's beautiful," Allie said. "I didn't want there to be any doubt about who this belongs to," Tripp said. "You are amazing," Allie whispered. Allie kissed Tripp.

On Chanel and Johnny's way home through the square, Johnny admitted that he was relieved that things were falling into place. Johnny asked Chanel if she had made a decision about being in the movie. "I've decided I'd like to play Celeste," Chanel said. When Johnny asked why, Chanel explained that she liked that Celeste could see what everyone else had not seen. "She knew before anyone else that evil had come to Salem," Chanel said.

Brady carried Chloe's bags through the square on their way to the Salem Inn. As Brady and Chloe walked into the hotel, Lucas and Philip rounded the corner. Philip was mid-sentence about how the walk had made him feel better, when he spotted Chloe enter the hotel.

Marlena stood in her penthouse bedroom as the wind whipped around her. Flashes of Marlena's past as the devil ran through Marlena's mind. The white noise machine flickered with sparks. After Marlena ducked to dodge flying debris, she rose back to her feet, and her eyes were yellow. "Finally! We are one!" devil Marlena cried out. John knocked on the bedroom door. After a moment, John went into the room. Marlena was reading in bed with sunglasses on.

"I was so engrossed in the script, I guess I didn't hear you," Marlena said. John asked about the sunglasses. Marlena said the glare had bothered her. "Really?" John said. Marlena talked about how much she liked the script. "The last time you started wearing sunglasses inside was when you were possessed," John said. John noted that the devil had used the glasses to hide himself from John. Marlena smirked.

"So, you think that I'm wearing sunglasses because I'm possessed by the devil?" Marlena asked. "Well, Doc, you've got to admit you've been acting kind of strange lately. One day, this stupid movie here is giving you nightmares. The next day, you do this 180 and you're all for it," John said. Marlena noted that there was nothing strange about having changed her mind. Marlena said she wanted to put the past behind them.

"I think it's a great way to end all the suggestions and innuendos that are going around. That's why I said that Johnny could go ahead. Not because I'm possessed by the devil," Marlena said. John asked Marlena to take off her glasses and prove him wrong. Marlena scoffed. "You are being ridiculous," Marlena said. When John asked Marlena why she had refused, Marlena told John that he had insulted her.

"I tell you that my eyes are feeling sensitive, and you tell me that I'm possessed by the devil. Do you know how hurtful that is?" Marlena asked. "It's happened before. You can put your glasses right back on. I just want to take a good look at your eyes," John said. Reluctantly, Marlena took off her glasses. Marlena's eyes were normal.

"Are you satisfied?" Marlena asked. "Relieved. Sorry," John said. John climbed onto the bed. Marlena noted that the power of suggestion from the movie had upset John. "It wasn't that. It wasn't even your glasses. It's that for a while now, you haven't seemed like yourself," John said. John added that Kayla had agreed with him.

"It seems that [Kayla] just found out that you were the one that extended Doug's order that he can't have any visitors. Not even Julie. Why the hell did you do that?" John asked. Marlena confirmed that she had extended the restrictions. "That treatment of Doug is between my patient and myself," Marlena said. "Doug is practically like family. Kayla says that Julie is desperate to see him," John pleaded.

"Doug is a danger to himself and others," Marlena stressed. When John suggested that it was overblown, Marlena yelled that Doug had hit Julie, and she had feared for Julie's life. John argued that Doug would be restrained and supervised during the visit. "Kayla is not in charge of Doug's case! I am!" Marlena protested. Frustrated, Marlena argued that Kayla should talk to her and not John. John apologized.

"You're Doug's doctor, I know you want to do what is best for him," John said. Marlena put her glasses back on, and she announced that she wanted to finish the script. "I'm just getting to the good part!" Marlena said with a grin. John announced that he would make dinner.

After John left the room, devil Marlena took off her glasses. Marlena's eyes were yellow again. "Little does [John] know, I am so powerful, I can change my appearance. But it does seem that John is still so suspicious. And that could become a problem," devil Marlena growled.

Kayla helps Steve figure out where Kristen is hiding Kayla helps Steve figure out where Kristen is hiding

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail informed Chad that Gwen had not only been arrested for soliciting a judge but was also claiming to have once worked as a prostitute. Abigail remained convinced that Gwen had made up that story to prevent Jack from finding out about something that was unforgivable. Determined to uncover the truth for Jack's sake, Abigail decided to ask Kayla for access to Snyder's medical records -- specifically, the ones that pertained to Gwen.

At the police station, Justin and Bonnie managed to secure some time alone with each other, thanks to the fact that they still had an attorney-client relationship for the time being. "You gotta do whatever it takes to get out, do you understand me? You tell Trask that you will turn dime on me as long as she drops the charges against you!" Bonnie advised Justin, who rejected the idea -- and revealed that Victor was already in the process of fixing everything for all of them.

Jack was granted access to the holding cells after flashing a press badge -- and seized the opportunity to check on Gwen. "It's bad enough that I've messed up Xander's life -- but now Justin's, too..." Gwen fretted. "You didn't put a gun to Xander's head. [And Justin] was planning to marry Bonnie Lockhart -- that's a rock-solid insanity defense if there ever was one," Jack argued.

Before leaving the holding cells, Jack also checked on Xander, who was horrified to learn that Gwen was planning to admit to having been Snyder's true partner in crime. Jack explained that Gwen simply wanted to get Xander off the hook. Xander insisted that Jack couldn't let Gwen do that -- especially since Victor was already in the process of getting everything resolved.

Bonnie rejoined Gwen in their holding cell and excitedly reported that Victor was working on fixing everything for all of them.

Kayla and Steve met up at Julie's Place for dinner, each eager to share news with the other. Kayla revealed that Marlena was the person who was preventing Doug from receiving visitors at Bayview -- news that surprised Steve, since it wasn't like Marlena to be so cruel. Steve revealed that Victor needed the services of a private investigator because Trask was willing to drop the charges against Justin and Xander in exchange for Kristen's head on a silver platter -- news that didn't surprise Kayla, since Trask and Victor both hated Kristen. Steve planned to accept Victor's assignment then refuse to hand Kristen over to Trask unless the charges against Bonnie and Gwen were also dropped, but Kayla was concerned that the plan could backfire in one way or another.

Nicole eventually entered the restaurant with E.J., who had insisted on another dinner date to make up for the fact that the previous one had been a fiasco. Steve saw E.J. and Nicole's arrival as an opportunity to try to figure out where Kristen was hiding -- and Kayla ultimately decided to help. Nicole and E.J. were in the process of discussing their recent kiss when Kayla approached, pretending to be drunk -- and Steve followed, pretending to be trying to keep things under control. Kayla "accidentally" spilled wine on E.J., who rushed off to the bathroom in the hope of preventing a very expensive suit from being ruined. Once the coast was clear, Kayla and Steve dropped their act and explained everything to Nicole, who ultimately decided to seize the opportunity to get revenge against Kristen.

When E.J. emerged from the bathroom, Kayla and Steve apologized then rushed out of the restaurant -- and celebrated the fact that the distraction had given them enough time to copy all of E.J.'s cell phone data to a memory card.

Devil Marlena toys with Paulina Devil Marlena toys with Paulina

Thursday, October 21, 2021

In Gabi's bedroom, Jake peeked down the hallway to make sure he was alone, then he pulled a gun out from underneath the mattress. Jake pretended to aim the gun at the wall. "You better watch your back, Philip. There is no way in hell I let you steal Gabi's company away from her," Jake whispered. Fresh out of the shower, Gabi entered the room.

"What are you doing?" Gabi asked. Jake shoved the gun back under the mattress, and he complimented Gabi's beauty. "We need to hit [Philip] before he knows what happened," Gabi said. Jake told Gabi that he would do anything to make her happy. Gabi grinned, and the two made love.

After Ben and Ciara made love in their apartment, Ben told Ciara that he was glad he had changed his mind about starting a family. "Because it is awesome," Ben joked. Ben asked Ciara if she thought they had made a baby. With a laugh, Ciara noted that it was hard to tell without a gust of wind blowing through the room.

"There may not even be a baby," Ciara said. "Then we're going to have to keep trying," Ben said. Ben suggested they try again in the shower. Afterward, Ben and Ciara went to the pub for breakfast. Jake and Gabi ran into them out front. While Gabi and Ciara went inside to get a table, Jake and Ben remained outside to chat privately.

"What's going on?" Ben asked. "There's a situation," Jake said. Jake lifted his shirt to show Ben that a gun was tucked in his waistband. "What the hell are you doing with that?" Ben asked. "Someone is trying to hurt Gabi, and I got to stop it," Jake confided. Jake told Ben about Philip's blackmail. Jake swore he had not killed anyone.

"I thought I was done with this life, and now, here it is in my face, being used to hurt Gabi," Jake muttered. "I can relate, brother. Trying to escape the man I was. Nothing easy about it," Ben said. With a shrug, Jake said he did not know what to do. "You are doing the wrong thing. Even for all the right reasons, nothing good can come of it," Ben advised.

"Gabi built her company up from nothing, and then Philip Kiriakis, that silver spoon son of a bitch who has been handed everything in his life, is gonna try and take it away. No, I'm not going to let it happen," Jake said. Ben asked Jake if he intended to kill Philip. With a shake of his head, Jake said he had never killed anyone, and he did not want to start. Jake explained that the gun was to intimidate Carmine, the real killer. Jake explained he had set up a meeting with Carmine to convince him that keeping quiet was in both of their interests.

"What if [Carmine] doesn't keep his mouth shut?" Ben asked. Jake said he hoped the gun "might show him a little reason." Carmine texted Jake. "I'll come with you," Ben offered. Jake said no. "This guy is dangerous. You need somebody to watch your back," Ben said. Jake argued that Ben and Ciara had been through enough. "I'm not letting you anywhere near this," Jake stressed. Jake asked Ben to cover for him with Gabi.

Inside the pub, Ciara sighed over her cup of coffee. "I'm definitely going to miss this," Ciara said. Confused, Gabi asked why. Ciara explained that she and Ben were trying to get pregnant. "That is great. Is that what you wanted to talk to me about?" Gabi asked. Ciara explained that Victor had hired her to work at Titan. "Lucky you," Gabi said. "I will be if I can work at Gabi Chic. It is one of Titan's most profitable and fastest growing divisions. And you, Gabriela DiMera, are a rock star, and there is no one I would rather be working for," Ciara said.

"That's very flattering, but it's not going to happen," Gabi said. Surprised, Ciara asked why. "Your Uncle Philip fired me," Gabi said. "What? He can do that?" Ciara asked. With a smirk, Gabi said that Philip wanted to steal her company. Ciara argued that Gabi was the brand. "Philip is too stupid and greedy to get that. He actually thinks I can be replaced," Gabi said.

"It doesn't seem like the brightest business decision to me," Ciara said. Gabi asked Ciara if she could talk to Victor. "Victor is the only person that Philip is gonna listen to. And if he doesn't start listening to reason very soon, he is going to live to regret it," Gabi said. When Ben joined the table, Gabi asked about Jake. Ben fibbed and said that Jake had needed to "take care of something."

At Paulina's apartment she and Abe discussed wedding plans. Abe noted that the hardest part was over. "What's that?" Paulina asked. "I proposed to the most vibrant, engaging, charming woman I have ever, ever known. Nothing else really matters," Abe said. "I want my wedding to be as perfect as my groom," Paulina said with a grin. Paulina announced that the bakery would provide the cake. Abe noted that Marlena could act as the officiant.

Paulina thought about her confession to Marlena that Lani was her daughter. Paulina joked that it felt weird for a therapist to perform their ceremony. "There is a lot more to Marlena than meets the eye," Abe assured Paulina. Abe told Paulina that he had given his word to let Marlena perform the ceremony if he should ever marry again.

"So, you don't want me to break my word, do you?" Abe asked. "This really means a lot to you, doesn't it?" Paulina asked. When Abe said yes, Paulina agreed. Abe suggested that they go over to the penthouse and talk to Marlena.

In the penthouse, devil Marlena texted Ben with words of encouragement. "I may be overstepping, but I was wondering how the procreation is going," devil Marlena texted. Devil Marlena whispered that Ben's child was important to her plan. "Doc, who are you talking to?" John asked as he walked into the room. Devil Marlena changed Malena's eyes back to normal.

"I could have sworn I heard a man's voice," John said. Marlena explained that she had been talking to a colleague on speaker phone. "Any more questions?" Marlena asked. John appeared taken aback by Marlena's gruffness. "You got up early this morning," John said. "You know what they say. No rest for the wicked," Marlena joked. There was a knock at the front door.

"Julie! How are you?" John asked. Julie walked past him into the penthouse. "Not good! And I'm afraid I won't be any better until I get your permission to see my husband," Julie said to Marlena. Marlena told Julie that she was sorry Julie was upset. "I don't care how sorry you are, Marlena! I want to see Doug now. I want to see him today!" Julie yelled. Marlena argued that Doug was still dangerous.

"I still want to see my husband!" Julie countered. Marlena argued that Julie's presence might aggravate Doug. "It's also possible that you are wrong," Julie said. Julie added that she knew Doug better than Marlena. Marlena still refused. John appealed to Marlena for one supervised visit.

"I've been doing this for many years. I think I know what's best for my patient. Unless you think that you do," Marlena barked. John backed down. "What gave you the right to play God with people's lives?" Julie cried out in frustration. Marlena softened. When Marlena recounted an unlikely scenario of Doug attacking Julie during the visit, Julie shook her head no.

"That's ridiculous! You're treating him like he is just a patient, and he is your friend! Where is your heart, Marlena?" Julie asked. "Somebody has got to be objective," Marlena said. "Are you sure that you are?" Julie shot back. Julie asked Marlena if she would do the same if the person was John. Marlena argued that if John had attempted to kill her, she hoped someone with "a rational mind" would intervene.

"Oh, bull! You'd be mad as hell! You know you would," Julie said. Marlena stressed that she had Doug and Julie's best interest at heart. "If there is any change, I'll be sure to let you know," Marlena said. Julie narrowed her eyes in disbelief. "I feel sick that I ever let you talk me into signing those commitment papers," Julie muttered. As Julie stormed out, she yelled, "This isn't over!" Julie rushed past Abe and Paulina, who had been in the hallway.

"What was that all about?" Abe asked as he and Paulina entered the penthouse. John explained that Julie was frustrated that she could not visit Doug at Bayview. "And I had to tell her that Doug is a danger to himself and others," Marlena added. With a chuckle, Paulina said that other than when Doug had squeezed her butt, Doug had seemed harmless.

When John asked why Abe was there, Abe announced his engagement to Paulina. John enthusiastically congratulated Abe and Paulina. Marlena halfheartedly congratulated them. When Abe asked Marlena if she would officiate the wedding, Marlena said that she needed to tell Abe something first. Paulina's eyes went wide.

"What dark secrets are you keeping from me?" Abe joked. "It's about Paulina. I got thinking about Tamara, and how I couldn't possibly officiate over a wedding involving you and your sister's ex-boyfriend and baby daddy without knowing how she feels about it," Marlena said. Paulina chuckled with relief. Paulina assured Marlena that she had spoken to Tamara, and Tamara had given her blessing.

"I'd like to hear that from her. And then I'd be thrilled to marry you," Marlena said. Abe thanked Marlena. John invited Abe and Paulina to celebrate with a round of drinks, but Abe explained that he and Paulina needed to work on wedding plans. Paulina asked John to go with Abe to pick up his suit for the wedding. "I think I'd like to stay here and chat with Marlena about what we had in mind for the ceremony," Paulina said.

After John and Abe left, Paulina noted that it had seemed like Marlena intended to tell Abe about Lani. "The thought did cross my mind," Marlena said with a chuckle. Furious, Paulina reminded Marlena that she had promised that their conversation about Lani had been protected by doctor-patient confidentiality. "It is. That's why I didn't say anything to Abe," Marlena said.

"I need to know that I can trust you. If I can't, you and I, we have a big problem," Paulina said. Marlena countered that Paulina's problem was not with her. "You are going to have to tell Abe the truth and Lani the truth," Marlena said. "I thought a shrink was supposed to listen to people. Not tell them what to do," Paulina argued. Marlena said she was speaking as Abe's friend.

"What is love really? It's honesty and being willing to tell the truth," Marlena said. "I swore to take this secret to my grave. And if I don't, it would put Abe into his. I might finally have my daughter, but Abe would lose the apple of his eye. Now, can I break the heart of the best man I have ever known?" Paulina asked. Marlena argued that Paulina could not marry Abe with the lie between them.

"It's not like a bolt of lightning is just going to come in through the chapel window and strike me dead," Paulina said. "Are you sure?" Marlena said with a smirk. Marlena advised Paulina to tell Abe and Lani the truth. "And if you don't? God have mercy on your soul," Marlena said. After Paulina left, devil Marlena sat on the couch and laughed. Devil Marlena noted that once Paulina told the truth, "all hell will break loose."

At breakfast, Lani laughed as she watched Eli sit on the couch and eat the last slice of key lime pie. When Lani noted that Eli would need to ask Chanel to bake him another pie, Eli joked, "Then I wouldn't be able to sit around here half-naked." Lani took Eli's plate so that she could sit on his lap and feed him. After Eli and Lani made love on the couch, Lani told Eli that she was pleased they had time for one another. Talk turned to Abe and Paulina.

"It was really nice celebrating [the engagement] with them. Those two are crazy in love," Lani said. "Or just plain crazy. What was Paulina talking about that you should call her Mama," Eli countered. Lani laughed awkwardly. "You set her straight, and I don't think it is going to happen again," Eli said. "Auntie P can't overstep," Lani agreed.

After Eli and Lani dressed for work, Julie banged on the front door. Eli asked about Doug. "Marlena won't let me see him," Julie said. "Marlena is his doctor," Eli noted. Frustrated, Julie said she knew that Doug was not a danger. "Doug needs me. If this keeps up, I swear I'm going to turn out to be the danger to others. Especially one very tall, blonde psychiatrist," Julie said. Eli suggested that he go with Julie to supervise the visit.

"That is so kind, but it won't help. Marlena's order, it bans all visitors. Not just me," Julie said. "Lucky for us, my badge will get us by doctor's orders," Eli said. Relieved, Julie thanked Eli for his help. "We're not going to take no for an answer," Eli said.

In the square, Abe bought John a cup of coffee, and they sat in the café and talked. "Does Doc seem like she's herself to you?" John asked. John explained that Marlena had done some things that were out of character. With a sigh, John told Abe that Johnny's new version of his movie was solely about Marlena's possession, and Marlena had approved.

"I don't get it. We had all agreed that that chapter of Marlena's life, of all of our lives, was best left in the past. That was the position Marlena took," Abe said. With a nod, John said that Marlena had changed her mind. John added that Marlena had worn dark sunglasses when she had read the script. Abe furrowed his brow.

"Remember those days, don't you, Abraham? Marlena was always going around and trying to hide her eyes from everybody," John said. "You don't think Marlena is possessed again, do you?" Abe asked. John looked around to see if anyone was listening. "I don't think that she is possessed. I just think that she is in trouble, and she needs my help. But I don't know how to help her," John said. Abe asked John when he had noticed a change in Marlena.

"It was right after the first session with Doug," John said. Abe reasoned aloud that Doug's collapse could have shaken up Marlena. With a nod, John told Abe that Marlena did not remember the first therapy session with Doug clearly. John explained that Marlena had listened to her recording of the session, and she had learned that Doug had threatened to kill Julie. "That's a really big thing to forget," Abe noted. John grumbled that Marlena never lost her cool, and Marlena's story about the therapy session did not add up.

"You think there's something she hadn't told you?" Abe asked. "I'm pretty sure that there is something on Doug's session tape that could tell me a hell of a lot," John said. Abe reminded John that it was unethical to listen to the recording. John argued that if he did not listen to the recording, he might not know what was wrong with his wife.

In the park, Jake met up with Carmine. "I hear you're thinking of testifying that I'm the one that killed Jed Zenetti. We both know that's a lie," Jake said. "My word against yours, Jakey," Carmine said. Jake argued that it was in both their interests if Carmine kept his mouth shut. "Don't you worry about what is in my best interest," Carmine said. As Carmine turned to leave, Jake asked how much Philip had paid him for his testimony.

"I got nothing to say to you," Carmine said. "I'll match whatever Philip is paying you, and I'll throw a little something extra on top," Jake said. Carmine declined the offer. Jake pulled out his gun. "You lie about me, you'll lose your life. That work for you?" Jake asked. Carmine laughed.

"There is no way that you would shoot me, and we both know it," Carmine said. Carmine easily maneuvered the gun away from Jake, and Carmine pointed it at him. "See what I mean? You couldn't do what needed to be done. Just like you couldn't with Jed Zenetti. Luckily, I got no problem doing what needs to be done," Carmine said.

"What the hell is going on here?" Abe asked as he walked into the clearing. Carmine swung the gun around to point it at Abe. "No!" Jake cried out. Jake lunged forward to push the gun away as it fired. Abe clutched a bloody wound on his chest.

At Bayview, Eli escorted Julie into the building. When Nurse Kessler denied Eli's request to visit Doug, Eli flashed his badge. "This is a police matter. I will have to insist," Eli said. Kessler called Marlena to get approval. "You don't say," devil Marlena whispered. In Marlena's office, John took Marlena's recorder out of her desk. "Forgive me, God, but I gotta get to the bottom of this," John said. John pressed play on the recorder.

Abe is rushed into surgery after being shot in the chest Abe is rushed into surgery after being shot in the chest

Friday, October 22, 2021

by Mike

Carmine blamed Jake for Abe's shooting then dropped the gun and rushed out of the park. Jake dialed 9-1-1 and reported that Abe had just been shot. Rafe soon arrived and jumped to the wrong conclusion after seeing the gun at Jake's feet. Meanwhile, Carmine bumped into Gabi while running past the Brady Pub. Gabi recognized Carmine, who continued fleeing from the area after hinting that something bad had just happened.

The demonic presence rushed over to Bayview as Marlena and again refused to allow Julie to visit Doug -- even with Eli supervising the visit as police protection. "I've thought of you as family [until now, Marlena, but] I don't think I know you anymore! [I mean], you're not behaving like a human being, [and] even as you're looking at me, your eyes are so...cold..." Julie snapped as Eli stepped aside to take a phone call from Rafe, who reported that Abe had just been shot.

Eli ended the call and shared the news then rushed off, leaving Julie alone with the demonic presence, which continued posing as Marlena -- and suggested a trip to St. Luke's to pray for Abe and Doug. "Thank you for offering... [Look], I'm sorry that I've been so harsh with you about Doug's care -- I know you're not the enemy, and I apologize for...demonizing you..." Julie declared. "Well, it's not the first time that's happened -- I guess I can get over it..." the demonic presence responded as Marlena.

"Who would do such a thing to a man like Abe?" Julie wondered. "I don't know -- there's a lot of evil in the world..." the demonic presence answered as Marlena. Julie produced a rosary, and the demonic presence recoiled as Marlena then protested that it would be best to keep that tucked away until they got to the church. Julie agreed with a shrug then rushed off -- and the demonic presence followed as Marlena, grinning wickedly.

Paulina went to the Price-Grant apartment to confess to being Lani's biological mother -- but before the secret could be revealed, Eli arrived and announced that Abe was en route to the hospital with a gunshot wound in the chest.

At the police station, Rafe tried to interrogate Jake, who refused to answer any questions without an attorney present. Rafe stormed off in frustration, leaving Jake alone in one of the conference rooms. Jake contacted Gabi, who rushed over to the police station. Gabi told Jake about the earlier encounter with Carmine -- then blamed Philip and Ava for what had happened. Jake and Gabi both hoped that Abe would survive the shooting and clear up everything.

Kayla found John in Marlena's office and snatched the recording of Doug's therapy session. Kayla started to lecture John, who explained that drastic measures had been deemed necessary as a way of figuring out why Marlena had been exhibiting such strange behavior since Doug's therapy session. John begged Kayla to listen to the recording, which had captured Marlena's parts of the session clearly but was playing only static during Doug's parts. While trying to decide whether to humor John, Kayla received a phone call about Abe's injury. Kayla shared the news with John then rushed off to prepare for Abe's arrival.

Lani, Paulina, and Eli eventually arrived with the twins and found John at the nurses' station. Paulina rushed off in search of an update on Abe's condition, and Lani followed. Eli told John about what had happened at Bayview -- then reported, after receiving a text message, that Julie was at St. Luke's with "Marlena" at that moment.

Meanwhile, Kayla examined Abe in one of the operating rooms. "There's no sound on the right -- probably a hemothorax or a pneumothorax; I'm gonna have to intubate... There is an exit wound, and he's in shock from loss of blood -- we need a massive transfusion protocol..." Kayla called out to the two nurses who were standing by to help. Paulina eventually barged into the room and demanded answers, but Lani quickly intervened.

Eli was still at the nurses' station with the twins when Lani returned with Paulina. "Do you think Abe was targeted because he's Black?" Paulina wondered. "I hope not," Eli responded.

Meanwhile, Kayla struggled to get Abe stabilized. "We're losing too much blood into his chest cavity. Start two large-bore I.V.s, type and cross four units -- I'm gonna place a chest tube..." Kayla called out to the two nurses -- just as an alarm started blaring. "We're losing him!" Kayla fretted.

The demonic presence entered St. Luke's as Marlena -- then started silently taunting God about plans to drown Julie in the baptismal font then desecrate the church again as a way of announcing to everyone that Satan had returned to Salem. John arrived and chased Julie off before the demonic presence could move forward with the plan. Once the coast was clear, John confronted the demonic presence, having figured out why Doug's therapy session had not been fully recorded -- and why Marlena had sounded terrified during it. "I know who you are, and I'm ready for you -- and I swear to God, I will battle you for my wife, and I will defeat you, just like I did the last time!" John warned the demonic presence, which smirked in response.

"Aren't you the clever one, John Black?" the demonic presence growled -- and John recoiled in horror, having apparently expected but not fully prepared for such a response. "There's nothing you can do about it -- your precious Marlena is mine now," the demonic presence declared while glaring at John with glowing yellow eyes.

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