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Jordan kidnapped Claire and Harrison. Summer concluded that Claire had taken Harrison, while Kyle struggled to give Claire the benefit of the doubt. Adam and Chelsea learned that Connor was being treated for trauma. Christine opted to take on an important case instead of joining Danny on tour.
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Jordan kidnapped Claire and Harrison. Adam and Chelsea learned that Connor was being treated for trauma. Christine chose a case over joining Danny on tour.
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Jordan kidnaps Harrison and Claire

Jordan kidnaps Harrison and Claire

Monday, April 15, 2024

Daniel and Phyllis caught up on the latest developments when they met for dinner at Society. Daniel recalled having told Lily that while Chancellor-Winters owned OmegaSphere, he believed it would be fair to return control of Princess Louisa and other games he had designed and developed. Daniel added that he had informed Lily of his plans to file a lawsuit to reclaim the games he'd developed. Phyllis replied, "Wow, Daniel, good for you. You stood your ground. You didn't waffle." Daniel warned that some fallout from the proceedings might affect Phyllis, possibly even leading to her being fired. Phyllis, unconcerned, said she could get a job anywhere.

Phyllis told Daniel she might quit in solidarity and perhaps even convince Daniel's team to walk out because OmegaSphere belonged to him. Daniel chuckled and said, "You're already cooking something up, aren't you? What kind of opportunities are you talking about?" Phyllis changed the subject and asked Daniel if he might create another company if he won his lawsuit. Daniel explained that he was taking things one day at a time. Phyllis told Daniel he should not have to pay a price for saving his family. Daniel bristled when Phyllis added that he and Lily had not shared a great love story like he and Heather had.

Daniel begged his mom to talk about something else, and he inquired about Phyllis' friendship with Danny. Phyllis explained that after determining that the timing was not right, she and Danny had taken a step back and had agreed not to pursue their romance. Daniel agreed to drop the subject, even though he acknowledged that the breakup was hurting his mother. Phyllis reminded Daniel that she had predicted his reunion with Heather without ever seeking applause. Daniel replied, "You were right; I was wrong. Let's have dessert." Phyllis said, "And I just want to bring up for the last time -- Danny and Bug, they're together. He made his choice. It's like the most ridiculous choice, but he made it nonetheless, right?" Phyllis declared that the setback would not slow her down.

At Daniel's apartment, Danny informed Christine that they would have the place to themselves for the evening because Daniel and Lucy were out. Danny kissed Christine's hand and said, "And tomorrow is the big day." Danny excitedly announced that he had created an itinerary for his upcoming tour. Christine interrupted Danny and cried that she hated the thought of letting him down. Christine said, "I got a call from an old colleague who told me about this huge case where the accused is specifically asking me to represent them." Christine told Danny that she felt compelled to help a friend who was in a bind. Danny was disappointed to learn that the trial could last for months.

Christine consoled Danny by reminding him that what they shared was a once-in-a-lifetime relationship. Christine cried that she was torn, adding that it felt right to be with Danny. Danny noted that Christine's case would not last forever, nor would his tour. Christine admitted that she felt like it might be their last best chance to be together, so she was struggling to walk away. Danny replied, "Don't make any decisions right now. Just think about it, sleep on it, okay? And we'll decide tomorrow morning, all right?" Christine began sobbing. Danny held Christine in his arms and said they should focus on enjoying every second of what might be their last night together for a while.

After Danny and Christine made love on the sofa, they both noted how happy they were. Christine wondered aloud why she could not just enjoy Danny and let everything else go. Danny held Christine tight and said she had to make a decision, assuring her that "Cricket and Danny were meant to be," no matter what she decided to do. Christine, teary, clung to Danny as she contemplated her dilemma.

At Victor and Nikki's anniversary party, Victor approached Nick at the jazz lounge bar and asked him if he had heard an update about Jordan. Nick replied that Victor's security guards had not seen Jordan all evening. Nick said that perhaps Jordan had left on a train. Victor replied, "I don't believe that for a minute." As Claire exited the Athletic Club, she paused and waited for Larry, a security guard posted outside, to signal that the area was safe. After Claire walked away, Jordan, disguised as a bearded gentleman sporting a tweed cap and thick eyeglasses, watched from behind a tall bush.

Back inside the jazz lounge, Jack asked Nikki how she was doing. Nikki replied, "I'm holding up." Jack acknowledged that even an alcohol-free party could be difficult for someone in recovery. Nikki admitted that though the party was alcohol-free, she was not. Nikki explained that she had convinced herself that she could moderate her drinking until after the party, explaining that she lived in fear that Jordan would show up and try something.

Near tears, Nikki explained that she had become tired of looking behind her shoulder, waiting for something terrible to happen, so she had planned the party in hopes of luring Jordan out of hiding. Nikki expressed disappointment that the plan did not seem to be working out. Jack replied that it was a bad plan. Nikki noted that in the midst of everything, something amazing had happened.

Nikki told Jack that she had successfully fought every urge to drink, knowing that she was surrounded by family and friends who all supported her. Nikki credited Jack especially, explaining that she had fought hard so she would not let him down. Jack replied, "More importantly, you didn't want to let yourself down." Nikki cried that for the first time, she felt like she could beat her addiction because she felt free and no longer dependent on alcohol.

Victor joined Nikki and Jack and asked them if everything was all right. Nikki said everything was more than all right because it had been a wonderful evening. Jack said he was proud of Nikki for facing down her urge to drink, and he praised Victor for hosting an alcohol-free party. Victor boasted that he was proud of his wife.

Across the room, Adam apologized to Sally when he became preoccupied with checking his phone, hoping he might hear word about Connor. Adam acknowledged that he was engaging in wishful thinking. Sally said that perhaps no news was actually a good thing because it indicated that Connor's therapy was working. Sally, noticing Nikki and Victor dancing and gazing lovingly at each other, asked Adam how she could make things easier for him. Sally said, "Look at them. After all the drama and conflict Victor creates, to see the depth of love he still has for Nikki after all these years is really inspiring." Adam replied, "Well, the Newmans do love hard and profoundly." After Adam kissed Sally, she invited him to go upstairs.

In Sally's suite, Adam asked Sally where she saw herself in 40 years. Sally claimed that Adam was angling to determine if he might still be with her. Adam replied, "Well?" Sally said she hoped Adam would be. Adam declared that they could easily live 40, 50, or even 60 years together, adding that he never wanted their relationship to end. Adam began kissing Sally on the shoulder. Sally pulled down her dress, turned to face Adam, and kissed him passionately on the lips as she unbuttoned his shirt.

Downstairs in the jazz lounge, Nick spotted Phyllis taking a seat at the bar. Nick demanded to know how Phyllis had gotten past security guards, explaining that anyone not on the guest list was not permitted to enter, no matter what. Phyllis, dismissing Nick's concern, said that someone had recognized her and allowed her to enter. Phyllis noted that she obviously had not been invited to the party. Nick replied, "Summer didn't tell you that it was my parents' 40th anniversary?" Phyllis said Summer had not, and she marveled that Nikki and Victor had been together 40 years.

Kyle returned home with Harrison. Harrison asked his dad if Nikki and Victor had liked his present. Kyle assured his son that his great-grandparents had loved his gift, adding that Nikki had put it in a place of honor. Kyle, noting that Traci and Ashley had gone to bed, instructed Harrison to go upstairs, put on his pajamas, and brush his teeth. Harrison felt his coat pocket and realized his lucky charm was missing. Becoming distressed, Harrison cried that he would not be able to sleep without his charm, which he had named Lucky-Bun.

Even after Kyle and Harrison searched outside, Harrison's charm was nowhere to be found. Kyle, remembering that Harrison had played with the charm at the party, offered to phone Summer and ask her to find the charm and deliver it to the house. Kyle phoned Summer, but she could not locate the charm anywhere. Kyle hung up when his doorbell rang.

When Kyle opened the door, he saw Claire standing before him, holding the bunny charm. Kyle proclaimed that Claire was a hero, explaining that Harrison would be relieved. Claire noted that lucky charms, like a friend and a protector, were important. Claire recalled that when she had been a child, Jordan, always in control, had taken away her lucky charm. Claire admitted that she had lied when she had earlier related the story in front of Harrison.

Claire told Kyle that her lucky charm, a pretty stone, had been snatched away because Jordan had insisted that Jordan, not a charm, was the only thing that could be counted on. Kyle said he did not know how Claire had survived Jordan. Claire explained that her whole life had revolved around Jordan's needs, her grudges, and her desire for vengeance. Claire admitted that because she had lived in fear, she had gone along with Jordan. Kyle assured Claire that she had a new life with family and friends who supported her. Claire seemed giddy when she acknowledged her newfound freedom to make choices on her own.

Harrison came downstairs and was overjoyed to see his lucky charm. Harrison hugged Claire and repeatedly thanked her. Claire told Harrison that four-leaf clovers and pennies found on the street also brought good luck. Harrison laughed when Claire explained that elephants, considered lucky charms in India, would be difficult to fit into his pocket. Before Harrison went upstairs, he requested that Claire read him a book in his bedroom. After Claire and Harrison went upstairs, Kyle phoned Summer and told her that Claire had found the bunny and delivered it to Harrison. Summer was not pleased when Kyle told her that Claire was with Harrison upstairs, reading him a story.

In Harrison's bedroom, Claire told Harrison that the book he had chosen was one of her favorites. Harrison told Claire he would be back after visiting the bathroom. Claire sighed and gazed about Harrison's delightful bedroom, which was filled with toys and stuffed animals. Suddenly, Jordan, having ditched her gentleman's costume in favor of black clothing and a baseball cap, attacked. Jordan pressed a cloth saturated with a sedative over Claire's nose and mouth. Claire was unable to scream for help and quickly passed out. As Claire lay unconscious, Jordan glanced toward the bathroom, where Harrison was.

After Summer talked to Kyle, she noticed Phyllis and Nick at the bar and joined them. Phyllis said she had told Nick that Summer had not mentioned the party in order to save Phyllis the embarrassment of not being invited. Summer explained that it was kind of a Newman thing, so she had not felt like she should invite her mother. Nick added that Summer had probably worried that Phyllis would attempt to crash the party. Phyllis, insisting that she was doing better, whispered that things were about to "bust wide open for her" at Chancellor-Winters. Summer cautioned her mom to be careful. Phyllis claimed that she was always careful. Nick and Summer exchanged nervous glances.

Michael and Lauren told Victor and Nikki that they were leaving. Michael congratulated Victor, and warm hugs were exchanged. Nick approached his parents after talking to Larry and said that the guards would stay until all guests had departed. Victor replied, "No sign of Jordan?" Nick said, "None." Victor thanked Nick for helping with the party. After Nick left, Nikki told Victor she had been wrong about Jordan being unable to resist making an appearance. Victor vowed to catch Jordan.

At the Abbott home, Kyle, on the phone with emergency services, frantically explained that he needed assistance right away. Jack and Diane entered and asked Kyle what was wrong. Kyle cried, "It's Claire. I think she's taken Harrison." Diane, horrified, gasped, "What?"

Summer blames Kyle for Harrison's disappearance

Summer blames Kyle for Harrison's disappearance

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

At the Abbott mansion, a frantic Kyle hung up the phone. He babbled to Jack and Diane about how Claire had stopped by to drop off Harrison's lucky charm, and the boy had wanted her to read him a bedtime story. Kyle added that he'd called the police, and Jack told him to slow down and explain what had happened. Summer suddenly burst in and referenced Kyle's message about Harrison going missing. Kyle informed her that he'd looked all over house, but "they" were both gone. He revealed that Claire had taken Harrison.

Summer headed upstairs to look for her son. "Dammit, why did I trust her with him?" Kyle lamented. Jack asked if Kyle had tried calling Claire, and Kyle reported that his calls had gone to voicemail. Summer returned and reported that Harrison's bed was made and that his favorite things were still there. Summer angrily faced Kyle. "How could you let this happen? How could you let that psychopath take our son?" she spat.

Jack indicated that his security team was working with the police to comb the grounds. Diane offered a despondent Summer some water, but Summer whimpered that she just wanted her son back. Summer wailed that Harrison thought he was a big kid, but he was sweet and innocent. She continued that he thought everyone in the world was good, but there were bad people out there who did bad things, even if they seemed harmless -- like Claire.

Diane pondered why Claire would want to take Harrison, and Summer testily questioned why Claire had poisoned Summer's dad and grandparents. Jack reminded Summer that it had been Jordan's plan, and Summer demanded to know why everyone gave Claire a pass when Claire had gone along with everything Jordan had done. Diane wondered if they should be prepared for a ransom request. Summer reasoned that Claire didn't need money because she was a Newman who could be set for life.

Traci entered the room and asked why the police were there. Jack explained that Harrison had gone missing while Claire had been reading him a book. Traci protested that she'd been there all night and hadn't seen or heard anything out of the ordinary. Kyle suggested that they have the police review the security footage. Summer asked how long Kyle had chatted with Claire and if they'd been drinking.

Kyle replied that he'd imbibed half a glass of whiskey, and Claire had consumed water. Summer assumed that Claire had needed to stay sober while she'd gotten him drunk as part of her plan to take Harrison. Summer proposed that they check Kyle's drink for poison, and she theorized that Claire had taken Harrison's lucky charm to have an excuse to show up at the Abbott house and get Harrison alone. Summer contemplated how long Claire had been planning the kidnapping.

Summer excoriated Kyle for wanting Claire to be Harrison's nanny, and she snapped that she couldn't be there while Claire was getting farther away with their son. Jack appealed to Summer to stay, but she insisted on getting her own answers, since she couldn't trust Kyle. Summer stormed out. Traci told Kyle not to pay attention to Summer's accusations, since they all knew he wouldn't do anything to put Harrison in harm's way.

Kyle wondered if he'd misread Claire, but Diane pointed out that the Newmans had welcomed her into their family. Kyle countered that Summer had wanted nothing to do with Claire, and he struggled with the possibility that Claire had been playing him all along. Jack thought they had to consider all the possibilities. Kyle recalled Claire's story about how she'd dropped off Harrison's lucky charm because as a kid, she'd had her own good luck charm that Jordan had taken from her.

Kyle recounted that Claire had talked about how happy she was to be free of Jordan's lies and to rebuild her life as a Newman, and her detailed story had seemed to stir up painful memories. Traci knowingly stated that it was the tiny details that made a story sound very real, and Kyle asked if his aunt was saying Claire had been lying to win him over. Traci swore she wasn't implying anything, but she was suggesting they consider it. Kyle regretted that he'd been so gullible.

Jack promised that they would find Harrison, and he hugged Kyle. Diane headed toward the stairs, and Traci scolded that Kyle needed her. Diane asserted that there was an emotionally unstable person upstairs, and Traci was aghast that Diane was suggesting Ashley had done something to harm Harrison. Diane repeated that they had to look at all the possibilities.

Kyle provided the police with Harrison's photo. Diane reported that Ashley was sound asleep, and she admitted that she'd been wrong. Diane thought Traci couldn't blame her for worrying, given how Ashley had been acting. Traci swore that she didn't blame any of them, but she knew Ashley would never harm an innocent child. Diane bemoaned that whoever had Harrison might.

A police officer revealed that a delivery truck had arrived at the mansion late, and Traci realized it had been their regular floral delivery. The officer shared that the truck had been parked by the back entrance for about ten minutes before it had left, but they'd been unable to see the driver. After checking the back of the house, Diane announced that the flowers had been left in a pile outside the door, like someone had tossed them there. Traci exclaimed that it was unusual. Kyle realized there was more going on.

Diane couldn't imagine why a flower delivery person would kidnap Harrison. Kyle surmised that the truck had been a cover, and someone might have targeted Harrison and found Claire by accident. Kyle grappled with whether his instincts had been that bad to leave his son alone with someone who would take him. Jack shared that the police were reaching out to the truck driver. Kyle fretted that someone who had risked everything to kidnap a child for money might freak out if they thought they'd get caught. Jack urged Kyle to stay calm.

At the tack house, Victoria hurried downstairs in response to incessant rapping at the front door, and she was surprised to see Summer there. Summer asked if Claire was there with Harrison, and Victoria shared that Claire had gone to the Abbott mansion to drop off Harrison's good luck charm. Summer announced that Claire had taken Harrison, and they were both missing. Summer yelled Claire's name. Victoria was sure there had been a misunderstanding, and she attempted to call Claire. The call went to voicemail, and Victoria left a message. Summer raced out, and Victoria followed her.

Victoria and Summer arrived at the Newman ranch. Summer recapped how Claire had shown up at the Abbott mansion, and she claimed that Claire had taken Harrison. Victor asked how Summer knew that, and Victoria huffed that it was a leap to blame Claire. Summer cited Claire's history, and she reasoned that Kyle would have heard if someone else had been in the house. Summer contended that she'd been right not to trust Claire, but Nikki concluded that Jordan had been behind it.

Summer argued that Jordan had left town, but Claire had been alone with Harrison at the Abbott house. Summer groused that Claire had been fixated on the boy since she'd met him, but Victoria reasoned that Harrison had been the first cousin Claire had met. Summer accused Claire of stealing Harrison's good luck charm to use as an excuse to get into the Abbott house, knowing everyone would be distracted by the anniversary celebration. Victoria was adamant that Claire would never kidnap a child.

Nikki insisted that Jordan had known about the party, but Summer demanded that they stop giving Claire an out. Summer ranted that the Newmans had let Claire into their lives and home, and Claire had tricked them all again. Victor called Jack and offered to send his head of security over to help find their grandson. Victor indicated that emotions were running high, with Summer blaming Claire. Victor asked what Jack thought. Jack replied that neither he nor Kyle wanted to blame Claire, but they had no other explanation that made sense.

Cole joined the Newmans at the ranch, and he was convinced that Claire would never run off with Jordan willingly. Summer raged that she was sick of them blindly trusting Claire, and she was furious at Kyle for leaving Harrison alone with Claire. Cole asked what Claire's motive had been. Victoria defended that Claire had been focused on overcoming the psychological and emotional abuse she'd suffered at Jordan's hand, and Claire had tried to draw close to her true family -- including Summer. Victoria added that Claire had been trying hard to be Summer's friend, and Summer supposed it had been to get closer to Harrison.

Summer questioned why Claire was obsessed with working with children, and she speculated that Claire had stolen a kid to have a do-over of the childhood she'd never had or to punish another kid the way she'd been punished. Victoria sympathized that Summer was terrified, but Summer's theories didn't make sense. Summer snapped that psychopaths didn't make sense, and she reiterated that the Newmans were blind with Claire, enabling and coddling her after she'd tried to kill them. Summer guessed that they'd forgotten all about Claire's misdeeds because they felt bad that she'd felt abandoned, and they were desperate to accept her back into the family.

Summer bellowed that Victor wanted them to be a big, happy family, but they were blinded by their feelings, and her son was the one paying the price. Summer stressed that she'd learned everything she knew about family from them, and she wondered if any of them cared about Harrison or if they were too busy defending Claire. Victor ordered Summer to look at him, and he reminded her that no one was more careful than he was about people who entered their circle. Victor swore that he would never do anything to hurt his family, and Harrison was part of it.

Victor admitted that he'd been suspicious about Claire, and he thought the fact that he'd accepted Claire should give Summer assurance that Claire hadn't kidnapped Harrison. Summer glared defiantly at him, but she acknowledged that her grandparents loved Harrison. Victoria pointed out that the lad had been her stepson before he'd been Summer's. Victoria pointed out that both Harrison and Claire were in danger.

Summer barked that they'd let Claire into the family, and Claire had Harrison, so it was on all of them to do what it took to find Claire. Summer begged them to appeal to Claire's empathy for children to get her to return Harrison home and then make sure Claire never had the opportunity to hurt a child again -- or Summer would never forgive any of them. Summer stalked out.

Nikki maintained that Jordan had been behind the incident, but she thought Summer hadn't wanted to hear it because it was too terrifying to imagine. Nikki referred to the timing, noting that they'd expected the party to draw Jordan out. Victoria contemplated how Jordan could have planned to kidnap Claire and Harrison when there had been no way of knowing that Claire would go to the Abbott house. Nikki figured that Jordan had simply pivoted when she'd realized she hadn't been able to infiltrate the party, so she'd found another way to get to them. Cole confirmed that it sounded like something his aunt would do.

Victoria guessed that Claire had been Jordan's target, but Harrison had ended up being collateral damage. Nikki reluctantly considered the possibility that Summer was right, and Claire had done it because Jordan had been able to draw her back in. Victoria and Cole were appalled at the insinuation that Claire had been part of Jordan's plan. Nikki clarified that she didn't want to believe it, but she doubted Jordan would have been able to pull it off without Claire.

Victoria swore that Claire would never take Harrison, and it was just another one of Jordan's twisted revenge plots. Cole figured that their minds were racing because of the shock, and they were looking for some logic. Victor remarked that there was no logic where Jordan was concerned.

Later, Jack relayed that the floral delivery service hadn't been able to get in touch with the driver, and the truck had been abandoned on the roadside outside town. Kyle believed it proved the truck had been hijacked by someone who'd had a plan. Traci imagined that the person had been tracking their deliveries, and they might still be watching the house. Diane shuddered at the thought of Harrison being scared and alone, and she clung to Jack.

Summer returned, and Kyle told her about the delivery truck. Summer asked how Claire had gotten there earlier, and Kyle assumed Claire had taken a rideshare. Summer pointed out that Claire could have taken the delivery truck and parked it out back to make a quick escape with Harrison. Kyle explained that the truck had only been there for ten minutes, and Claire had been there a lot longer, so the kidnapper had driven onto the property.

Summer argued that Claire still could have been involved, and she mentioned that Nikki suspected Jordan had been behind it. Summer added that Claire had been Jordan's loyal accomplice before, and they had to face the possibility that the duo was back at it again. Summer recommended that the police check Claire's calls and messages and be on the lookout for all three people. Kyle's phone pinged, and he announced that it was a message from Claire. "I have Harrison. You can keep him safe by helping my aunt. She knows the Newmans will never let her go free, except you and Summer. Details to follow," he read aloud.

Victor answered a call from Jack, who provided an update about the text message from Claire. Nikki apologized for upsetting Victoria, who insisted that Claire had been happy to be part of the family at the party. Cole recalled watching Claire listening to the toasts, and he'd seen how much it had meant for her to be there. Victor revealed that Claire had Harrison, and there were some demands involving Jordan that they were expected to follow.

Victoria took the phone from Victor and asked Jack if he'd heard Claire's voice. Jack reported that Claire had sent a text message, and Victoria argued that Jordan might have Claire's phone. Victoria asserted that Jordan was trying to manipulate them all again and that Jordan had taken Claire hostage, too. Victor told Jack that he was on his way over to figure things out together, and he instructed his family to stay there. "I'm going to get that woman once and for all. Had enough of this nonsense!" he growled as he headed out.

Victoria considered whether there had been signs in Claire that Victoria hadn't seen. Victoria refused to believe Claire would hurt Harrison, but she wondered if Jordan really had gotten to Claire. Cole begged Victoria not to go down that road, since Jordan made people question their instincts. He insisted that they knew Claire's heart. Victoria agreed, but she groaned that it meant the worst could be true, and Claire could be Jordan's victim again. Cole held Victoria close while Nikki hovered near the bar.

Meanwhile, Summer begged Kyle to call Claire and demand she return Harrison. Kyle noted that Jordan might be threatening Claire or that Jordan was using Claire's phone without Claire's knowledge. Summer blasted him for not accepting that he'd been wrong about Claire, and she angrily asked why he continued to defend her. "Because I can't stand knowing that my son is alone and terrified with two lunatics! That I put my son in danger by trusting the wrong person!" Kyle blurted out.

Kyle regretted that Harrison had trusted Claire and called her his friend, and Kyle had let it happen. Kyle pleaded with Summer to consider that if Claire hadn't kidnapped Harrison, then the boy had an ally to look out for him and make sure he got home safely. Summer hissed that it was wishful thinking, and the truth was that their son needed them. Jack reasoned that the text message told them that with or without Claire, Jordan was willing to negotiate. Traci encouraged everyone to look at it as a positive sign.

Traci was glad to hear Victor was on the way, since he knew Jordan and what they were dealing with. Meanwhile, Kyle assured Summer that Harrison was his world, and he would die for his son. Kyle mused that the day he'd found out Harrison was his son, his life had changed in the best way possible, and he was lucky to have Harrison. Kyle added that Harrison was lucky to have Summer as his mom, and he vowed to move heaven and earth to get their son through it.

Kyle promised that whatever the demands were, they'd meet them with no questions asked to get Harrison home. "You damn well better," Summer sniped. She added that it had happened because Kyle had made the choice to trust Claire, and if anything happened to their son, it was on Kyle.

In a motel room, Jordan set down the phone and smiled down at Harrison. He whined that he didn't know her, and he wanted his mom and dad. Jordan sweetly told him that his parents didn't want him anymore. "I'm your Aunt Jordan, and I'm going to take care of you from now on," she declared.

The Newmans and Abbotts continue to worry about Harrison

The Newmans and Abbotts continue to worry about Harrison

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

At the Abbott mansion, Traci and Diane slept in the living room. Jack answered the door to Nikki. Slurring her words, Nikki told Jack that she needed to get her "mind off everything" and was heading to the office. Jack asked if Nikki had been drinking.

Nikki denied that she was drunk and said that she had just been up all night, worried about Harrison. Jack told Nikki that there had been no update. Nikki said that the situation was all her fault because she had "let Jordan live." Jack told Nikki to stop blaming herself and to stop lying to him about drinking. Diane and Traci awoke and wondered if something had happened.

Jack let Traci and Diane know that there had not been any new developments from the police or from Victor's investigators. Nikki asked Jack if they could speak alone, and they went out to the terrace. Ashley walked down the stairs, and Traci asked how Ashley was feeling.

Diane asked Ashley how much of the night before she could remember. Diane told Ashley that things had been "intense" and that Ashley had lashed out in anger. Traci confirmed that Ashley had lashed out at the whole family. Ashley said that she couldn't remember anything from the night before. Ashley admitted that she was scared and told Traci that she wanted to get help "right now." Traci said that they had been waiting for a call from one of the doctors that Sharon had recommended.

Kyle walked into the living room and asked if there had "been any word." Traci lied to Ashley, saying that Harrison was sick and that Summer had taken him to the doctor. Diane and Kyle walked toward the kitchen, and Diane told Kyle that Harrison would "be okay."

On the terrace, Nikki confessed that she had not been able to "resist the urge" to drink when she had found out that Jordan had kidnapped Harrison. Jack asked if there was more vodka somewhere that they should get rid of, but Nikki said that she was resourceful enough to get vodka regardless. Nikki told Jack that she had gone for a drive to clear her head, but she had passed an all-night bar and pulled in. Nikki said that she had stopped after a couple drinks and had been able to get herself to the Abbotts'. Nikki said that the neon bar sign had felt like "salvation," and she wondered why she kept "doing this" to her family. Jack said that he was incredibly proud of her and relieved that Nikki had relied on him.

Jack told Nikki to let Victor know where she was, so he didn't worry. Nikki texted Victor then told Jack that her "whole family is in turmoil again." Jack said that Nikki needed to stop putting so much pressure on herself. Nikki said that the situation was her fault because she had tried to "lure" Jordan out at the anniversary party. Jack told Nikki that she was not responsible for Jordan -- or Claire's -- behavior. Jack assured Nikki that he and Victor would find the people responsible for the kidnapping and have them punished.

At the tack house, Victoria looked out the doorway, hoping to see a sign of Claire and Harrison. Victoria told Cole that the waiting was "torture." Victoria asked if she had "missed something" with Claire, and she wondered if Claire had fooled them all. Cole admitted that he had been thinking the same thing. Victoria asked, "Is it possible that she is the one who took Harrison?"

Victoria asked Cole if it was possible that Nick's hesitation and Adam's "warnings" about Claire had been right. Cole admitted that if they looked at it "from the outside," Claire did look guilty. Victoria said that Claire had worked so hard to get past what Jordan had done that there was no explanation for why Claire would help Jordan. Cole agreed that the situation didn't make sense, but he pointed out that Claire had grown up with only Jordan's point of view on life.

Cole said that if Claire's upbringing had been anything like his was with Eve as his mother, Claire had cultivated deep urges to "keep the peace" with Jordan. Victoria remembered that during the party, Claire had said that it had been the best night of her life. Cole said that he felt and saw that Claire didn't want to "be part of that darkness anymore." Victoria said that she never wanted to believe anything more than that Claire was innocent.

Cole encouraged Victoria to eat, but she couldn't. Victoria asked Cole if he remembered denying that Claire was their daughter when they had first met her. Cole said that he did remember, but he reminded Victoria that they had both been poisoned. Victoria started to blame herself and wondered if their disbelief of Claire in the beginning had left a deep wound in Claire. Cole told Victoria that as soon as they had received the DNA results, they had both embraced her. Victoria questioned if that had been "too late."

Cole told Victoria that he had a lot of questions about things, too, but that Claire was their "miraculous, resilient daughter." Victoria continued to question if things had been their fault. Cole told Victoria that she needed to eat to keep up her strength for Claire.

Victoria continued checking her phone. Victoria asked Cole why there had been no sign of Jordan. Cole replied that Jordan was a genius who was good at "being evil." Victoria asked why Jordan would drag Harrison and the Abbotts into things. Cole responded that it was because Summer was a Newman, but there was also no reason to apply logic when talking about Jordan. Victoria said that she needed to believe in Claire's innocence, but if Claire was innocent, then Claire was also in danger.

At Crimson Lights, Summer told Phyllis and Nick that Harrison had been kidnapped. Nearing hysterics, Summer said that she hadn't been able to sleep. Summer recounted that all she could do had been to wait on "more instructions from that psychopath Claire." Summer told her parents that Claire had texted once to say that Summer and Kyle needed to help Jordan escape if they wanted to see Harrison. Phyllis was visibly confused, and she asked, "Who's Jordan?"

Summer told Phyllis that she hadn't known about Jordan and Claire until recently. Phyllis asked Nick why he had not informed Phyllis that Jordan had poisoned his family and stabbed him. Nick asked what Claire could "possibly gain" from taking Harrison. Nick said that Victoria had to be "devastated" about the turn of events. Summer scowled at her father and said that her aunt "refuses to believe that Claire did this." Summer told Nick that the rest of the family blamed everything on Jordan, but Summer believed there was "no way" that Claire was innocent in the kidnapping.

Summer answered a call from Kyle, who wanted to know how Summer was doing. Summer immediately said that Kyle had let her son get kidnapped, and she hung up. Nick told Summer that she was being too hard on Kyle. Phyllis disagreed and said that Kyle had left their son with a maniac, so the situation was "on him."

Summer started crying, and Nick tried to console her. Nick said that Summer needed to be strong, and Summer said that was why she couldn't just "sit there" and do nothing while Harrison was "out there" somewhere. Summer unraveled, worrying about Harrison being scared and not knowing where he was. Phyllis told her daughter to stop letting bad ideas get into her head. Summer ran off as her parents begged her to stay and calm down. Nick vowed to Phyllis that Jordan would pay -- "this time for good."

Phyllis told Nick that she wanted to "be positive" but that she also wanted to "take those bitches out." Phyllis said that she wanted to "hold" Summer until Harrison was back "safe and sound." Nick responded that they needed to find Harrison and "bring him home."

After Summer hung up on Kyle, Diane told Kyle that the kidnapping had not been his fault. Kyle said that he needed to make some calls, and he and Diane went upstairs. Traci got off the phone with a doctor and told Ashley that her appointment was set. Traci asked Ashley if she wanted Traci to go with her to the appointment. Ashley confirmed that she needed Traci to go and that she was terrified. Traci left to get ready.

Jack and Nikki returned from the terrace. Jack asked Ashley how she was doing. Nikki asked if everything was all right with Ashley, but Ashley asked if she needed to be worried about Nikki, since she was at the Abbott house so early. Jack told both women not to worry about anything. Ashley left to get some breakfast. Nikki asked Jack why Ashley had seemed "unsteady." Jack brushed it off and said that Ashley was still dealing with her emotions over Tucker.

Jack said that he didn't want to talk about Ashley's situation, and Nikki said that she needed to get to the office, anyway. Jack offered to drive Nikki, since she hadn't been able to "resist the bar" the last time she'd driven. Nikki said that she would call Lauren, and they would work at the ranch instead. Jack told Nikki to call if she needed anything. Kyle ran down the stairs and told Jack that he had just received another text from Claire.

Kyle told Jack that Claire had demanded "safe passage for Jordan out of the country." Claire had said that Kyle should ask Victor about his last offer. Kyle wondered why Claire had only been trying to negotiate for Jordan's safety. Jack said that they were dealing with "one -- maybe two -- deranged women."

Traci and Ashley got ready to leave for the doctor's appointment. Ashley said that she was scared, and Traci said that going to the doctor was "the first step in getting better...and finding some peace." Traci told Ashley that she was proud of Ashley. Ashley said that Traci probably "shouldn't be" proud, since Ashley had said terrible things -- that she couldn't remember -- the previous evening. Traci said that she didn't "care about any of that."

At the Newman ranch, Lauren had been waiting for Nikki. Lauren said that Michael had filled her in on the kidnapping and that Nikki had to be exhausted. Nikki confessed that she had had two drinks in the morning, but she had "managed to stop." Lauren told Nikki that she knew how unbearable living in fear could be because of Lauren's own experiences with Sheila. Lauren suggested they "put work on hold" so Nikki could go to an A.A. meeting. Nikki hesitated because, on the way to A.A., she would pass two bars and a liquor store. Lauren offered to go with Nikki.

Jack and Kyle arrived at the Newman ranch and told Victor about the text from Claire. Victor told Kyle and Jack that Claire was referring to his offer to help Jordan move to the south of France with a new identity. Jack said that Victor's offer had apparently enticed Jordan. Victor asked if the text had asked for anything for Claire. When Kyle responded that there had been "no mention" of Claire, Victor said, "That means that Claire wasn't involved in any of this."

Kyle agreed with Victor. Victor said that they needed to "stand by the deal" he had made. Kyle told Victor that the offer was to give Harrison back only after Jordan was safely away. Victor told Kyle to text back and say that Victor's deal would stand -- as long as Harrison was given back safely.

At the Abbott house, Summer walked up to Harrison's room. Summer hugged her son's stuffed toy fox and cried.

Lily vows to stop playing nice

Lily vows to stop playing nice

Thursday, April 18, 2024

At the Athletic Club, Chelsea and Billy were at the bar. Chelsea said that she would need to cancel her plans with Billy because Connor's therapist had scheduled a meeting to discuss Connor's treatment. Billy suggested that Chelsea ask the therapist when she would be able to talk to her son. Chelsea said that she was worried about the call because she wouldn't be doing it alone. Adam approached and asked if Chelsea was ready to hear what the "so-called doctors" had to say.

Billy told Adam that the doctors taking care of Connor were respected and accredited doctors. Chelsea agreed with Billy, but Adam insisted that the doctors didn't know Connor. Billy left to go back to the office. Chelsea said that Adam had to promise to "drop the attitude" before the call.

Adam and Chelsea went to Adam's apartment. Chelsea said that she was nervous about the call, and she reminded Adam that he had promised "to hear the doctor out." Adam dialed in to the video chat. Chelsea asked the doctor why no other doctors were joining her on the call. The doctor replied that she had been "working in tandem" with Connor's OCD and trauma therapists. Adam asked why Connor would need a trauma therapist.

Dr. Hammond said that Connor was doing well with activities and diet. Adam pushed the doctor to tell them more about "Connor's trauma." Dr. Hammond told Adam and Chelsea that it appeared that Connor had two medical conditions at the same time -- OCD and trauma. The doctor continued, saying Connor's OCD might have been a response to a traumatic incident. Chelsea and Adam were clearly confused, and Adam asked what "instances" the doctor was referring to. Dr. Hammond said that Connor "carries an overwhelming sense of guilt" that things that had happened between Adam and Chelsea were Connor's fault. Connor was questioning why he had even been born.

Adam asked the doctor if her team believed that Adam and Chelsea had caused all of Connor's trauma. The doctor said no. Chelsea asked what trauma the doctor was even talking about. Dr. Hammond said that she wasn't sure yet, but the team needed to address both of Connor's issues. The doctor advised Chelsea and Adam to stop trying to "find blame." Chelsea and Adam asked what they could do for Connor. As Dr. Hammond updated Adam and Chelsea, Connor sat outside on a bench, journaling.

Dr. Hammond asked Chelsea and Adam to "trust the process" because it had been successful for other people before. Adam inquired how Connor was supposed to get through processing the trauma without his parents "by his side."

Chelsea and Adam looked defeated after ending the video conference with the doctor. Adam continued to question the doctors' competence. As her eyes grew teary, Chelsea asked if Connor's condition was all her fault. Adam insisted that the "OCD was inside of [Connor], and it was going to come out at some point," regardless of Chelsea's issues. Chelsea continued to cry and blamed herself. Adam started to blame himself, reminding Chelsea that Connor had thought Adam had been dead. Chelsea said, "It started with me!" Adam and Chelsea agreed that after all Connor had been through in his young life, it was "no wonder he's so traumatized."

Chelsea told Adam that there was nothing for them to do for Connor yet. Adam asked, "What if this treatment leads him to hate us?" Chelsea said that wouldn't happen, and even if it did, they would work through it. Adam asked what they would do if Connor always blamed them for everything. Chelsea, growing angry, asked Adam if he was wanting Connor to "push everything down." Chelsea said that she and Adam could not make Connor's issues about themselves.

At the facility, Connor clicked his pen and counted.

Chelsea declared to Adam that their son would be coming home to them. Adam asked what would happen if Connor grew up and said that he wanted nothing to do with his parents. Chelsea told Adam that he was being irrational.

Outside Society, Phyllis was on the phone with Summer, urging Summer to calm down. Phyllis asked Summer if she had told Daniel about Harrison's disappearance. Phyllis said that she wouldn't tell Daniel or do "something crazy." Through the window, Phyllis watched as Danny and Daniel grabbed a table for lunch.

Danny told Daniel that the concert schedule had been pushed out as Danny waited for Christine to decide if she was going to go on the tour. Phyllis approached and said that "Cricket is waffling yet again." Phyllis invited herself to sit down and taunted Danny about "the bug" backing out. Daniel said that Phyllis did not know the whole story and that Christine was deciding whether she needed to take a case. Phyllis said that she would bet "an order of empanadas" that Christine would choose her career over Danny.

Changing the subject, Danny said that he "still can't believe" that Lily had fired Daniel. Phyllis agreed that the decision didn't seem like something Lily would do. Phyllis sarcastically said that they should ask Christine what she thought. Danny rolled his eyes and checked his phone. Phyllis asked if "the queen bug" was summoning Danny. Danny left. Daniel reminded Phyllis that she had said that she had accepted that Danny and Christine were together.

Phyllis said that she had moved on but that Christine would hurt Danny. Phyllis told Daniel that she had had a lot going on. Daniel said that he was sorry if Phyllis' job was "at risk" at Chancellor-Winters because of what had happened between Daniel and Lily.

At the Athletic Club, Danny approached Christine at the bar. Danny gave Christine a concert T-shirt for her to wear to his shows. Danny begged Christine to attend the tour and said that he would serenade her every night. Christine told Danny that he made her "feel adored," but she could not walk away from the client who needed her. Danny expressed his disappointment and said that Christine's client was lucky to have her.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily told Nate and Devon that Daniel was going to sue the company to maintain control of the games under OmegaSphere. Lily said that the legal team had said that the contract was ironclad, but she guessed that Daniel's attorney -- Heather -- would try to find a "loophole." Nate asked Lily if there was any chance the situation would stay out of the news. Nate suggested it might not be "worth really going to war" with Daniel.

Lily asked Nate why he would think fighting the lawsuit wasn't worth it. Nate responded that Daniel had built the "flagship game," and Daniel had already lost his job. Lily said that she had not punished Daniel but had fired him for the sake of "company unity and morale." Nate said that he was not defending Daniel, but Lily needed to think about how things could play out if it looked like she had fired Daniel for breaking up with her. Billy walked in and agreed that the situation caused Lily to "look petty." Lily scoffed at their concern and asked how she had "become the bad guy."

Billy said that he had a "professional concern, not personal judgment" about the situation. Nate concurred and asked if it "would be so terrible" to let Daniel have back what he had "brought to the table." Lilly argued that Daniel had contributed an idea and artwork, while Chancellor-Winters had provided a team of coders and designers, office space, and funds. Nate said that OmegaSphere would be just fine without Daniel's game. Lily, growing exasperated, said that that was not true because there were no other games being developed. Billy said that losing business might still be better than allowing the media to paint Lily as "scorned and vindictive." Lily angrily asked Devon to chime in.

Devon reluctantly agreed with Lily. Billy asked if Devon would have still agreed with Lily if Billy hadn't been the one "arguing the point." Devon asked if Billy was "implying" that Devon's business choices were based on contradicting Billy. Billy grew increasingly exasperated and said that he was angry because the Winters family shouldn't have been discussing such an important matter without him. Nate suggested that everyone work together to make a decision going forward. Lily said that they needed to go to the board and let them decide whether to give in to Daniel's demands.

Devon and Nate expressed that they were unsure taking the situation to the board was the best idea. Billy said that he agreed with Lily about taking it to the board. Billy left, and Nate apologized for allowing Billy to overhear their conversation. After Nate left, Lily asked Devon to "be honest" and tell her if he would have sided with her if Billy hadn't been there.

Devon affirmed that he would have taken Lily's side regardless. Devon said that Lily, Billy, and Nate all had valid points. Devon said that they needed to stop things from "getting ugly." Lily said that they were past that point. Devon replied that Daniel had a case because Lily had fired Daniel "without cause." Lily said that there had been plenty of cause. Lily claimed that she had been "gracious" about the situation, and she was "tired of playing nice."

At the coffeehouse, Billy asked Chelsea if she wanted to talk about the meeting with the doctor. Chelsea recounted that Connor had been given two diagnoses. Chelsea said that Adam was afraid Connor would resent his parents for putting him in treatment. Chelsea asked what would happen if Connor decided he was better off without his parents.

Nate and Chance entered Society, and Phyllis assumed they knew about Daniel's lawsuit. Daniel said that they "should be worried about the lawsuit" because Heather had said that the case was solid. Phyllis advised her son to "go after everything" he could get. Phyllis told Daniel that she had other "inside information" about issues at Chancellor-Winters, and he was lucky to have gotten out when he had. Phyllis wondered what Nate and Chance were talking about, and Daniel sarcastically suggested they get a little closer to eavesdrop.

Phyllis asked why Daniel would care if Phyllis exploited a conflict at Chancellor-Winters. Daniel said that he didn't understand why Phyllis would want to be "entangled in an already contentious situation." Phyllis stood and strutted over to Nate and Chance. Phyllis told Nate and Chance that she was shocked that Daniel and Heather had been fired. Nate said that it wasn't Phyllis' business what they thought. Chance said that it was "above [his] paygrade." Phyllis replied that she would ask Billy what he thought about the situation.

At his apartment, Adam called Sharon and asked her to help him before he made "things worse."

The Newmans and Abbotts join forces to locate Harrison

The Newmans and Abbotts join forces to locate Harrison

Friday, April 19, 2024

At Adam's apartment, Sharon knocked on the door, and Adam let her in. Adam told Sharon that Connor was supposed to be getting help from "these people" and that Adam had never felt so helpless. Sharon asked if there had been an update from the facility. Adam confirmed that there had been an update -- and it had not been good.

Adam recounted the "cookie cutter diagnosis" that he and Chelsea had been given. Sharon tried to assure Adam that Connor's team saw Connor as the "wonderful young man that he is." Adam told Sharon that Connor had been diagnosed with trauma and that Adam had been responsible for it.

Sharon told Adam that she didn't believe the doctors were blaming Adam. Adam explained that the doctors were saying Connor's OCD had been pushed "front and center" because of the trauma Connor had faced in his young life. Sharon said that she understood what it felt like when a parent's mistakes impacted their children, but Adam could not "take this all on" himself. Adam shared that Connor had been blaming himself for things that had happened in their family and that Connor was questioning if he "ever should have been born."

Adam said that he could not breathe when he thought of Connor's issues. Sharon insisted that Connor's OCD was to blame for the bad thoughts Connor had been having. Adam said that he understood Connor's issues because Adam had his own demons.

Adam said that he couldn't get past his "own guilt." Adam asked Sharon why he hadn't seen the changes in Connor sooner. Adam wondered how he would ever forgive himself. Sharon advised Adam that he needed to accept that Connor had an illness and that Adam didn't know anything about it. Sharon told Adam that he needed to accept that he was "human and fallible," and that Adam had no choice but to keep trying to help his son.

Sharon encouraged Adam to be realistic about the "limitations" of being able to understand OCD. Sharon conceded that what had happened to Connor was "scary," but she said that nothing had been Adam's fault. Sharon advised Adam to "stop dwelling" on the past and to give himself credit for doing the right thing for Connor.

Outside the tack house, Nikki took a swig from her flask. Nikki popped a breath mint right before Victoria opened the door. Nikki asked where Cole was. Victoria said that Cole had gone to check with security for updates. Victoria and Nikki both said that they had been going over their recent conversations with Claire. Nikki said that she had not thought of anything helpful, and she asked if Victoria had. Victoria said that she remembered Claire talking about how great things had been. Victoria told Nikki that there was no way Claire would "turn her back" on her new life.

Nikki said that Jordan was the one "behind all of this." Victoria worried that Claire could be in as much danger as Harrison. Nikki agreed and she asked Victoria for forgiveness for letting Jordan live. Victoria told Nikki that she had to stop blaming herself. As Nikki continued blaming herself, Victoria continued to insist that Nikki had not done anything wrong. Nikki said that the mess was Nikki's to clean up and that she needed to save Harrison and Claire.

Victoria said that she would not allow Nikki to "fix things with Jordan." Victoria told Nikki that they needed to trust Victor and the authorities to handle things. Nikki said that the issues with Jordan had become "too personal" to Nikki and that she had to stop Jordan herself. Nikki said that what Jordan truly wanted was to hurt Nikki. Nikki said that she was not asking permission to offer herself "as bait" to Jordan.

At the Newman ranch, Victor told Kyle that Michael was on his way over. Jack insisted that he be allowed to add money to what Victor had offered Jordan, since Harrison was Jack's "grandson, too." Kyle said that he needed to go update Summer. Victor asked Kyle to tell Summer that Victor would not rest until Harrison was returned. Kyle thanked Jack and Victor for helping to locate Harrison. Both grandfathers agreed, "anything for Harrison."

Jack inquired how Nikki had been. Victor replied that Nikki was checking on Victoria. Victor thanked Jack for sponsoring Nikki, and Victor commented about the "fellow" who had tried to give Nikki a drink at Society. Jack said that they didn't know if the man had anything to do with Jordan, but Victor insisted that "it was Jordan." Michael entered and told the men that the offer to Jordan was "all in place" because they had everything set up from the first time Victor had made Jordan an offer. Michael said that the difference was that they no longer had a trap ready for Jordan. Victor said that they would "set one."

Victor said that his goals were to get Harrison home safely and to put "that bitch" where she could not hurt anyone else. Jack said that they needed to make sure Jordan went to jail "this time" instead of letting her go. Victor said that Jack's inept security was the reason Jordan had been able to kidnap Harrison. As tensions escalated, Michael intervened and said that they were all on the same team -- Harrison's.

Victor yelled at his security team on the phone. Michael said that Jordan was smart enough to turn her phone off when not in use so that she couldn't be traced. Jack started unraveling, and Victor told him, "That bitch will pay."

While lying in Harrison's bed, Summer awoke from a nightmare that she couldn't find her son. Summer hugged Harrison's stuffed fox and dialed Chance. Summer told Chance that she needed his help.

In the living room, Summer was pacing when Kyle returned home. Kyle told Summer that he had received "the demands from Jordan." Summer insisted that the demands had been from Claire. Kyle told Summer about what Victor had offered Jordan previously and said that Victor would be giving her the offer again in exchange for Harrison. Summer said that they would "absolutely" not allow Jordan to escape before returning their son. Summer demanded that Kyle give her his phone so that Summer could call Claire and offer to "be their hostage" instead of Harrison.

Kyle said that Summer's offer wouldn't work because Kyle had already tried to offer himself as a hostage and had been told "not a chance." Summer asked if any messages had included video of Harrison so they could be sure Harrison was okay. Kyle said that Jordan might not be sending pictures, so she didn't "give away a clue" to their whereabouts. Kyle argued that Harrison was easier for Jordan to control than an adult would be. Summer said that if Claire was truly innocent, Claire would have tried to stop Jordan or send Kyle and Summer "some sort of signal" about Harrison. Kyle said that they could figure out Claire's part in the kidnapping when it was over.

Kyle told Summer that Victor, Jack, and Michael had been working on a plan when he had left the ranch. Kyle said that he needed to go back to the ranch, and Summer said that she wanted to go, too. As they left, Chance appeared at the front door. Summer told Kyle that she would meet him at the ranch later, and she let Chance inside. Summer started to break down, and Chance hugged her.

Kyle arrived at the ranch and asked for updates. Michael said that Jordan's cell phone was clearly off. Jack asked if Kyle had talked to Summer. Kyle reported that Summer was with Chance, but she would be over soon. Kyle said that Summer had been lashing out at him in anger, and if it helped Summer get through the situation, Kyle could accept it. Victor told Kyle that he was "a good man."

Jack told Kyle that funds were ready to be moved to Jordan. Kyle said that he couldn't thank Jack enough but that Kyle would repay Jack someday. Victor said that they needed to figure out how to lure Jordan out. Kyle argued that Jordan would spot a "trap." Jack told his son that they couldn't give Jordan everything she wanted, or they would have "no leverage."

Victor suggested that Jordan hadn't orchestrated the kidnapping by herself but that it had not been Claire who had helped Jordan. Jack, Michael, and Kyle agreed with Victor that Jordan could have other accomplices. Victor vowed to find any accomplices and make them cooperate.

Summer told Chance about the kidnapping. Chance told Summer that Harrison was Jordan's "leverage," so Jordan would not hurt Harrison. Chance speculated that Harrison's "connection" to Claire would help Harrison get through the ordeal. Summer told Chance that Jack and Victor were trying to formulate a plan. Chance said that he hoped Victor would go to the police. Summer said that Victor would give the police a "full report."

Chance said that he would call his buddies on the police department to find out more information. Summer asked Chance to accompany her to the ranch to see if Chance could "weigh in" on Jack and Victor's plans. Chance said that Victor would not be interested in hearing from Chance. Summer said that Chance still had the instincts of a cop, and he could help. Chance agreed to go.

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