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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 13, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, September 13, 2010

At the Lakeview, Janet entered Dusty's room with a big meal. Dusty, however, said he needed love, not food. Janet insisted upon taking care of him after what Blackthorn's goons had done to him. She ordered Dusty back into bed, but he dragged her in with him.

As they made out, Dusty grimaced from a pain in his cracked ribs, and Janet wondered why she hadn't seen the truth in Blackie, Ralph, or Rocco. Dusty reasoned that she saw the good in people, and she shouldn't change that. He said he needed her more than ever, and he felt that she needed him, too. "More than ever," she uttered. They kissed again, but another pain hit Dusty. Janet felt a pain, too, and announced that she'd just had a contraction.

At home, Jack grinned, saying he was glad to wake up to Carly's smile that morning. As they made out, Jack guessed that the kids were wondering why their parents weren't downstairs. Moving in for another kiss, Carly assured him that the kids weren't wondering at all.

Downstairs, Sage attempted to carry a romantic breakfast tray to Carly and Jack's room, but Parker said their parents were being "plenty romantic" on their own. Sage wished their parents would get married again, but Parker reasoned that things were good as they were. In his view, marriage usually started trouble for Carly and Jack.

When Carly and Jack arrived downstairs, they found the breakfast tray and their wedding album, which Sage had left on the coffee table. Parker left the house, and Carly noted that Sage wasn't very subtle. Jack, however, figured that Sage was onto something.

Carly stammered, and Jack reasoned that things had changed for them after what had happened at the castle. He felt that instead of falling back into their old patterns, they'd worked as a team. "Without you, I'm incomplete," he told her. Carly felt the same way about Jack, but she worried that they might be setting themselves up to fail again.

Jack asserted that they wouldn't fail. He figured that they'd make mistakes, but they had to stop focusing on the negative and start appreciating what was right about them. "The first time I kissed you, I knew you were my future," he uttered. He felt that instead of questioning it, they needed to stick to it. "It's you and me forever, Carly. Say it," Jack urged. She hesitated, but repeated him. He kissed her and decided to make it official.

Jack sat Carly down and professed his love for her. He figured they'd have a rough road with the baby on the way, but nothing was standing in their path. He got down on one knee, but a phone call from Janet about her contractions interrupted him. Janet said that Jack wasn't required at the hospital, but he insisted upon meeting her. Once the call ended, he told a disappointed Carly that he should be with Janet. "And I should be with you, so let's go," Carly decided.

At the hospital, Dusty introduced Janet to John, the man who'd practically raised him. Janet left to meet her doctor, and John assumed that Dusty was about to become a father. Dusty said he'd explain things over coffee later.

In Janet's hospital room, the doctor marveled at how large the baby was. He diagnosed Janet with Braxton Hicks, and Dusty stared intently at the ultrasound. After the appointment, Dusty and Janet encountered Jack and Carly. Janet showed them a sonogram and apologized for the false alarm. Carly and Jack left, and Dusty grew distracted as he stared at the sonogram.

At the farm, Faith noted that Liberty was nervous after reading a letter. Liberty revealed that she'd been accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology, but she couldn't leave Janet alone to raise the baby. Parker arrived, and Faith announced Liberty's decision to reject a spot at F.I.T. Liberty explained her reason to Parker and ordered Faith to keep quiet about the letter.

Faith offered to model her new bikini by the pond for Parker, but he said he needed to talk to Liberty about something personal. Faith rolled her eyes as Parker and Liberty left for Al's Diner, where Liberty explained that she might go to F.I.T. once Janet was more stable. Parker announced that he wasn't going to college, either. He had another plan, and as he whispered it into Liberty's ear, Faith scowled at them from outside the window.

Just after Faith arrived home, Dusty and Janet entered. Dusty promised to get some rest right after he had lunch with John, who was leaving town soon. Dusty left, and Janet asked Faith if Liberty were around. Faith let the information about F.I.T. "accidentally" slip out on purpose, but begged Janet not to tell Liberty where she'd heard it. Faith stated that she'd told Liberty that Janet wouldn't want Liberty to sacrifice her future for Janet. Just then, Liberty and Parker entered. Janet roared Liberty's name and asked what Liberty thought she was doing.

As they discussed the F.I.T. acceptance, Liberty explained that she wasn't giving up her dreams; she was merely postponing them. Janet politely sent Parker and Faith out of the room, and Liberty insisted that she wanted to help her mother and bond with her new baby brother. She said it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. "So is college," Janet countered.

Janet reasoned that Liberty had been given the gift of time, and Janet wouldn't let her waste a moment of it. Liberty, however, still worried about leaving her mother. Janet assured her daughter that she had plenty of support in Oakdale. Janet asked Liberty to give serious consideration to accepting the scholarship and going to New York.

On the porch with Parker, Faith brooded because he'd confided something in Liberty, but not her. Liberty charged outside and accused Faith of telling Janet about the acceptance letter to get rid of the so-called competition for Parker. Faith called it ridiculous, but Parker believed Liberty's theory. He left, and Liberty warned Faith that dishonesty would drive Parker away.

Over coffee at Java, Dusty asked John how far along the baby in the sonogram looked. John figured that it looked big enough to be born, and he asked what Dusty was implying. Dusty admitted that he'd had the feeling all along that it was his baby, but he'd accepted that it was Jack's based upon the due date. Seeing the size of the child in the sonogram, Dusty wondered if the due date was wrong. John considered that it might be wishful thinking on Dusty's part.

Dusty pretended not to be disappointed as John and he said their goodbyes. Dusty left, and John put Dusty's coffee cup in his briefcase. He took the cup to Memorial and asked a staff member to run a DNA analysis for a paternity test.

Dusty went to the farm, where Janet sadly told him about Liberty's indecision regarding the F.I.T. spot. Though Janet wanted Liberty to live out her dreams, Janet feared losing Liberty, who'd always be her baby. Dusty said that parents raised their kids to leave them, and it was a challenge. The baby kicked, and Dusty remarked that Liberty wasn't the only one beginning a new life. "We are, as well, and I'm not going anywhere," he said.

When Carly and Jack arrived home, Carly was anxious to finish the conversation they'd been having before Janet called. Carly figured that he'd been about to ask a very important question; however, Jack replied that he might have been mistaken about asking it. He reasoned that there was no way they should be making plans for the future at that time.

Jack stammered to explain his worry that his responsibilities as an infant's father would make things tough on his relationship with Carly and on the kids that they already had. A confused Carly stated that he'd known about those challenges when he'd been about to propose an hour earlier. She reminded him that he'd stood there and vowed to get through anything with her. "Well, did you mean it?" she demanded to know.

As Jack muddled through his confused emotions, Carly noted that during the hospital trip, she'd become secure, but he'd filled himself with doubts. She repeated the things he'd said to ease her fears, and he melted, saying that the words sounded so much better when uttered from her lips. Jack tried to flirt with her, but she elbowed him and said, "Are you gonna ask me the question or not?" Jack pretended that he'd forgotten what he'd meant to ask, but then he recalled that he'd wanted to know if she'd marry him. "Well, will you?" he asked.

Carly stated that she was thinking about it, but he wondered what there was to think about after she'd begged him to ask. Carly grew serious and stated that she'd love the baby because it would be his, but it would also be Janet's. While she could handle it, he had to give her a lot of slack in doing so. They decided that whatever life threw at them, they'd face it together. "So? Are you gonna ask me?" Carly again wondered.

Jack knelt down and sat her on his knee. He told her that she was his sun, his moon, his stars, and his universe. Without her, he was nothing, He wondered if she'd do him the honor of marrying him one more time. Carly tearfully agreed to marry him one last time, and they kissed.

Jack guessed that he had to get a new engagement ring, but Carly said she'd held onto the last one. Parker and Sage entered, but before their parents could say anything, Sage blurted out, "We know!" Parker and she had heard Jack proposing through an open window.

Parker asked if his parents were sure about their decision, and Jack vowed that they would be together forever that time. Carly promised that they wouldn't blow it that time around, and she suggested that she and Jack get married the following day. The family agreed, and they all hugged.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

At the farm, Jack began his wedding day by thanking Dusty for donating all the champagne for the reception. Janet urged Dusty to get dressed for the wedding, so he left, and she and Jack had a good talk about the baby they would soon share. Jack said he hoped the baby would delay his appearance until after the honeymoon at a cabin on a lake that Carly had selected, but he made Janet promise to get the number from Carly and to call him if she went into labor before the honeymooners returned. Janet assured Jack that he had nothing to worry about.

Carly's wedding day began with breakfast in bed, courtesy of her sister Gwen. After breakfast, Gwen said she had a surprise and asked Carly to close her eyes. Gwen ran out and returned with Rosanna in tow. An overjoyed Carly jumped up to hug her other sister, and they began to catch up on each other's life. The two women went downstairs where Gwen was arranging flowers, and Carly asked her sisters to be her bridesmaids.

Janet appeared at the door with a gift for Jack and Carly, along with her sincere best wishes. She also told Carly that Jack had insisted that she have the phone number of the cabin where Carly and Jack would be spending their honeymoon, "just in case." Carly gave her that information reluctantly, and the two women also exchanged a few barbs. The incident with Janet upset Carly, however, so she took out the compass that Jack had given her years ago that had always led the two of them back to one another. She asked her sisters for some time alone, so Rosanna and Gwen went upstairs to get dressed. Carly thought for a moment and then grabbed her keys and took off.

Parker went into the living room as he was tying his tie and conversed with Will. He was nervous about his parents' remarriage, but Will suggested that there was something else that was bugging his brother. Parker admitted he was struggling with telling Jack something he probably didn't want to hear, but he hoped his dad was so preoccupied with the wedding that he wouldn't overreact too badly. Parker was about to tell Will his secret when Faith rang the doorbell. He answered the door, and the girl handed him a lovely bouquet of flowers for Carly. Parker tried to brush her off, but Faith asked to go in. She was really bummed that she had gotten into trouble with Liberty for telling Janet that the Fashion Institute had accepted her daughter, but Liberty was reluctant to leave her mother. Parker scolded Faith, too, and he shut the door.

Parker left for the farm and asked his dad for a minute of his time. Jack agreed readily, but then his phone rang, and it was the minister who needed some last minute information. Jack ran to find the details, and Will walked in. When Jack returned, Parker was about to speak to Jack, but another call interrupted them. This time the caller was Sage, who needed a ride home, so Jack had to go get her. Will pressed Parker for his big news, so Parker began by expressing his feelings about not going to college.

Janet went to Dusty's room at the Lakeview and complained that she had snapped back at Carly on her wedding day, and she felt rotten about it. Dusty laughed and reminded Janet that she was going to have to learn how to get along with Carly. The two of them decided to decorate the honeymoon cabin, so they drove there and began putting up decorations and candles. Janet climbed part way up a ladder, but that caused Dusty to overreact and demand that she get down. He explained that his late wife, Jennifer, had gone into labor immediately after falling from a ladder.

Dusty then climbed the ladder himself, but he cried out and tumbled off. Janet got him up and reminded him that was dumb for someone who already had cracked ribs. Dusty insisted that they leave in order to get to the wedding in time, but Janet just looked at him with a strange expression on her face. Then she took a deep breath and said, "I think I'm in labor." She was sure what was happening when her water broke in a few seconds.

In the Lakeview lobby, Craig stopped Lily, who coldly said she was "in a bit of a rush." Craig asked her for forgiveness, but Lily responded by asking, "For what part?" Then she went through a litany of his most recent offenses, to which Craig replied, "All of the above." He was also surprised to hear of Jack and Carly's imminent wedding, but Lily warned him not to even think about showing up because no one wanted him there.

In Old Town, Holden ran into Molly and realized she was back for her cousin's wedding. Holden apologized again for how their relationship had ended, but Molly did not care to discuss it. They realized that they were the best man and maid of honor in the wedding, so they would be together a good part of the day. They clasped hands, as Lily hid behind a nearby pillar and watched. Finally Lily couldn't take it any more, so she joined them. Holden said goodbye to Molly, as Lily made a big point of telling Holden in front of Molly that their children wanted them to all go "together as a family" to the ceremony.

Gwen and Rosanna were stunned that they could not find Carly in the house, just as Jack arrived with Sage. Jack realized that Carly wasn't there, so he sent his daughter upstairs to get dressed and asked where his bride was. Rosanna and Gwen fudged their answer, and that further confused Jack.

Carly was at the pond with her compass, and she flashed back to the scene in the old boathouse years ago when Jack had given the compass to her, promising that it would always guide her back to him. She held the compass, but it slipped from her grasp and fell into the water. Carly immediately got on her knees and plunged her arm into the pond, but all she felt was mud. "Oh, no!" she cried, as Jack walked up behind her. He helped Carly up, as she sobbed, and then he promised that she no longer needed the compass because her "true north" was by her side forever. He also assured her that if they believed in themselves and each other, they would always be able to find their way home. He urged her to enjoy their wedding because it was the last one they would ever have, and they kissed.

Rosanna did some last minute shopping in Old Town and literally bumped into Gabriel. He recognized her, and they talked and realized that they would both be a Carly's wedding in a short time. Meanwhile, Holden gave Lily a ride home from Old Town, and they found Faith there. The girl said she was not going to the wedding because "nobody" wanted her there. She was cranky because Parker and Liberty were annoyed with her, and Lily called her daughter selfish. Holden talked to Faith and finally got her in a better mood, and she agreed to go.

In Java, Craig saw Gabriel, so he thanked the young man for clueing him in on what Lucinda was up to financially. Gabriel asked how much his father had lost, and Craig answered, "In the neighborhood of everything." Gabriel mentioned Jack and Carly's wedding, and Craig was surprised that the boy was attending. He tried to latch on to his son and suggested that he go with him, but Gabriel said that was not a good idea, and he walked out.

Jack and Carly arrived at the farm, and Rosanna, Gwen, and Molly had her dress ready for her along with a rose from each of them for her to carry down the aisle. Jack got dressed, as well, and Holden, Parker, and Will were waiting for him outside. Jack happily declared that it was a "day on new beginnings."

Lily arrived with a gift she said was not only a wedding gift but also an "I'm sorry" present. She apologized to Carly for not listening to her about Craig. Carly forgave her, and they began to get the bride ready to walk down the aisle. Lily walked out and joined the men, followed by Carly and her attendants. Rosanna happened to look back down the path, and she suddenly excused herself and ran back. She caught Craig attempting a hasty exit, and she asked him "what the hell" he was doing there. Craig answered that he needed "closure," and Rosanna begged him not to ruin Carly's day. Gabriel and Liberty walked up the path, and Gabriel spotted his father and Rosanna. "Oh, no," he muttered, "that's not good."

Faith and Parker joined the group, as Jack asked Carly if she was ready to do it for the final time. Carly wondered where Janet and Dusty were, and then she confessed that she had been "a bit snippy" with Janet earlier. Rosanna joined them with the news that Craig was on the premises, and that upset the bride. Jack said to let him stay, so the happy couple watched their guests climb the hill towards the site of the ceremony. Craig, however, slipped around behind them and stood above them on the hill.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

At Jack and Carly's outdoor wedding, the music began, but Jack wanted to delay for a few moments because Tom and Margo, along with Dusty and Janet, were still not there. The happy couple tried to kiss, but none of the women would allow Carly to mess up her makeup. Tom and Margo arrived and took their seats, joined shortly by Craig, who was depressed that the woman with whom he was "entangled" was marrying someone else.

Sage walked down the path first, followed by Gwen; Rosanna, who spotted Craig and glowered at him; and then Holden and Molly. In the audience, Liberty worried about her mother, so she called Janet's cell phone but only got her voicemail. Parker proudly walked with his mother, and then he handed her over to Jack. The minister asked for objections, but no one spoke, so he began reciting the covenants. Carly agreed to all of them, ending by saying, "He's mine; I'm his: that's that."

Jack repeated his covenants, and he also concluded with the line Carly had added, changing it to "She's mine; I'm hers; that's that." The witnesses all agreed to help the couple stay on the right track, and Molly did a reading. Carly then spoke from her heart to Jack, her soul mate and best friend, and Jack returned the favor, thanking Carly for helping him fight the demons that had overtaken him after his brother's death. The two exchanged rings, and the minister pronounced them husband and wife. Jack and Carly kissed.

As soon as everyone had a drink, Holden proposed a toast and spoke of Hal Munson and Brad Snyder, both wonderful men who were gone, but probably the two most influential men in Jack's life. He lifted his glass and proposed life-long happiness to the newlyweds. People mingled, and Tom and Margo sought out Jack to wish him well. Margo casually asked Jack if Parker had talked to him earlier that day, and Jack answered that he had. When Jack stopped speaking, however, Margo smiled mysteriously and walked away, leaving the groom confused.

Molly then lifted her glass and spoke about the impossibility of fighting destiny, and she proposed another toast. Carly thanked everyone, especially her cousin and two sisters. Jack walked up and was still concerned that Dusty and Janet were not there, but just then, Craig walked forward and demanded everyone's attention. He said he, too, would like to make a toast, but Rosanna interrupted him, and Margo helped out by suggesting it was time for the new couple's first dance. Craig would not be put off, however, and he simply said to Jack and Carly, "You belong together," and he wished them every happiness.

Rosanna approached Craig and complimented him for "taking the high road." She asked him what had made him do it, and he said he could name one thing, and that was "Rosanna." Craig confessed that he wanted her to like him again, even if it was just a little. Rosanna said that Craig had just moved up from "detestable" to "barely tolerable." Craig mumbled, "It's a start."

Jack and Carly began their first dance, so Faith went to Holden and asked him to dance with her mother. He warned the girl to keep her hands off the champagne, and then he asked Lily to dance. Faith went to find Parker, but he was being secretive talking with Liberty, and he brushed off Faith.

Craig spoke with Gabriel and vowed he was going to "turn over a new leaf. " Gabriel was impressed, but he still turned down another offer at going into business with his father. The young man said he had decided to go home to Montega to work for a contractor, thanks to some of Sierra's contacts. Craig got upset, and Rosanna walked up and asked why he was yelling at a poor boy. "He's my son," blurted out Craig, and a shocked Rosanna apologized for stepping in. Gabriel turned and left, as Craig appeared unsettled.

Parker and Liberty were still talking about his plans for the future when the bride and groom walked by and overheard. Jack asked what the boy had been hinting at all day, as Tom and Margo joined the group. Parker went silent, so Margo spoke up and urged him to just tell his folks that he had decided to join the police force. Jack and Carly were speechless, but when Jack found his voice, he said that he needed more information. Margo jumped in and said she had been counseling the boy for several weeks, but Jack was not pleased. Carly was much more at ease with the decision, and reminded her new husband that it was what their son wanted. Parker added that he wanted, like Jack and Hal, to make a scary world a little bit better place. Jack and Carly hugged their boy.

Lily suggested that Holden dance with Molly, and he agreed but asked Lily if that was all right with her. Molly accepted Holden's invitation, and they talked about how they liked being back on the friendship level of their relationship. Rosanna drifted back to Craig and asked if he was thinking about the one that got away. Craig misunderstood and thought that she meant Carly, but Rosanna corrected him and said she had been referring to Gabriel. She asked cautiously if he minded a bit of advice from her, and she said of his son, "Let him go." She reminded Craig that he always got in trouble for holding on with a death grip to people, money, and power.

Parker talked with Faith about his being a cop, but then Sage collected them to wave goodbye as Jack and Carly left for their honeymoon. As they got to their car, Carly paused a moment to throw her bouquet, and her sister Rosanna caught it. Everyone threw rose petals as "CarJack" drove away.

Tom told Will and Gwen that Casey had loved visiting them in Carbondale, and Will let it slip that Casey and Alison were moving there so that Casey could go to law school. Tom and Margo were stunned, but Tom soon calmed down and reminded his wife that they had to let the kids figure out things for themselves. Margo got teary-eyed at the thought of her son's moving away.

At the farm, Molly changed into her traveling clothes in preparation for her long flight home to California. She wished Holden and Lily good luck and took off for the airport. Meanwhile, Will and Gwen said goodbye to Parker, and Will pointed out that Faith was sitting alone on a bench looking thoughtful. Parker joined her and said that some good had happened because of her telling Janet about Liberty's acceptance to the Fashion Institute of Technology. Liberty had decided to take the opportunity and was leaving later that night. Parker declared that he and Faith were friends again, and he kissed her on the cheek.

Craig sat on some stone steps and told Gabriel that he was happy that the boy had such a good opportunity in Montega. He also suggested that Gabriel hang out with his sister, Lucy, and Gabriel said they were already texting. They had a moment of closeness, and Gabriel called Craig "Dad" just before he walked away. Rosanna walked up and said, "Nice work," to Craig, who thanked her for her good advice. Rosanna said she was thinking of hanging around Oakdale for a while, as long as Craig understood that they were not starting up again.

Liberty left a message for her mom, unaware that Janet had begun her labor in Jack and Carly's honeymoon cabin. Janet was experiencing heavy-duty contractions, and she yelled at Dusty to call Jack. Dusty knew the wedding was in full swing, so he talked her out of that solution. Then he realized that they had no cell phone reception in that location, even though Janet next asked him to call a taxi. When that was not an option, Dusty offered to drive them to the hospital himself, in spite of the pain of his injured ribs. Dusty, obviously in great discomfort, hobbled to the car but soon realized that the wheels were mired in mud and only spinning. He returned to the house to tell Janet that the car was stuck in the mud.

Janet said the baby was on his way, so she began pacing while Dusty boiled water. Janet asked if he could boil her up an epidural, as well, as the pain got overwhelming. She began crying out and shrieking, just as Jack and Carly pulled up in front of the cabin. Jack worried that the car out there stuck in the mud looked a lot like Dusty's, but he decided that was unlikely. Jack swept Carly up in his arms in preparation for carrying her across the threshold, when a horrendous wail greeted them at the door. They tore open the door to see Dusty helping Janet do advanced labor breathing.

Jack yelled to Dusty, asking why he hadn't taken Janet to the hospital, and Dusty said his car was stuck and there was no way to call. Carly recognized that Janet was in the throes of hard labor, so she ordered Jack to carry the woman to the bed and to get some towels. Suddenly Carly felt queasy herself, and she wondered what had made her tummy lurch.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Janet screamed that she was not going to deliver her baby in a cabin, but Jack insisted that they could not make it to the hospital in time. Carly's sudden nausea distracted Jack, so Dusty actually delivered the baby boy. The baby, after a frightening moment of silence, began to cry heartily, and Dusty handed Janet her new son. Carly urged Jack to go meet his baby, as Janet commented that the baby seemed large to be several weeks early. She hoped that was a good sign that his lungs were fully developed.

Carly asked Dusty if he was okay, but he ignored the question and was in obvious pain. He reminded Jack that there was no way to summon an ambulance out there, so he named Jack the designated driver to Memorial. Jack apologized to Carly for the cancellation of their honeymoon, and the five of them trouped out to Jack's car to head to the hospital.

At Memorial, everyone headed for pediatrics except for Carly, who went off on her own. The admitting nurse mentioned that Dusty appeared to need medical attention, as well, but he refused help and said he would wait for Janet and the baby to be examined. Jack went to look for Carly, as John Dixon walked by and spotted Dusty, still in distress, out in the hall. John had a file in his hand, and he was beaming with pleasure. He told Dusty that he had something he wanted Dusty to see, and he handed the file to Dusty, explaining that he had run a DNA test on his own on Dusty. John advised Dusty to buy him a cigar at the first opportunity.

Jack found Carly down the hall, and she told him that she felt woozy and was about to pass out. It frightened her, so Jack suggested they have a doctor check her out, so they could think about a honeymoon. They walked down the corridor just in time to pass John Dixon and Dusty, and they overheard John tell Dusty that he was definitively the father of Janet's baby.

Jack was stunned as he took the report and read the findings. Dusty was ecstatic, and after Jack thought about the turn of events, he decided that the result was best for everyone concerned. He suggested that Dusty be the one to tell Janet, so Dusty dashed off to her room. The new mother was overjoyed that Dusty was the baby's father, and she shed happy tears. Carly wanted to leave, but Jack insisted that she be examined, as well, and a nurse steered them to a Dr. Monroe. Carly insisted on going in alone, however, so Jack waited impatiently outside.

Jack waited a very long time for Carly to reappear, so a nurse explained that the doctor was running some tests. Liberty arrived at the hospital to meet her new brother, and she saw Jack waiting. She was very caring and sympathetic with Jack on the loss she knew he was feeling. In Janet's room, Teri took Johnny to visit, but she, Johnny, and Dusty all left when Liberty took Jack into the room to talk with Janet. Jack and Janet had a heartrending conversation about their past and what the future might hold. After Jack left, Janet kicked out Liberty so the girl could make her plane to New York. Then Janet began to cry for happiness that all her dreams had materialized.

Carly finally returned to Jack, and he asked what the doctor had said. She told him to sit down before she told him, so they went to an empty part of the waiting room. Carly began hemming and hawing and not really saying anything, until Jack yelled, "Tell me!" Carly smiled and said, "We're going to have a baby!" Jack swept Carly into his arms and kissed her.

Holden and Lily had a nice moment at her house, but John Dixon interrupted them and rather bluntly asked Lily to forgive her mother. He said that Lucinda only knew one way to go after what she wanted, and that included Lily's love. It was in the woman's nature to start a fight, John said, and he doubted that it was reasonable to expect Lucinda to change the way she always got what she wanted. Lily argued that her mother needed to learn how to accomplish her goals without "leaving behind a body count." John had to return to the hospital, and as he turned to leave, he asked Holden if he could "fix" the problem between Lily and Lucinda.

Lily admitted that John was probably right, but Holden surprised her by saying how proud he was of her for sticking to her guns with her mother. He asked what she was going to do regarding Lucinda, and Lily said she had always caved in to her and would probably do so again. Holden held her hand and suggested that she put her will to the test and stand up to her mom.

At Java, Lucinda had a conversation with Luke, who told his grandmother that he had learned when Reid died that life was short and there was no time to waste by holding back and nursing grudges. He urged her to go to Lily's and make peace. Lucinda claimed she would not be welcome there, but Luke responded, "Who cares?" Noah walked in, as Luke finally convinced Lucinda to go see Lily.

Noah spoke with Luke, and they talked about Reid and how brave he was to the end. Noah told his friend that he could take comfort in the fact that all the recipients of Reid's organs were doing well, and suggested that Luke concentrate on all the patients who would benefit from the new neurosurgery wing at the hospital. Then Noah revealed that he wasn't going to Los Angeles, after all, but he was resuming his job there at the coffee shop. "Don't you dare do this for me," scolded Luke, but Noah said he was only paying back what Luke had done for him when he'd lost his sight. Luke grabbed Noah and headed for the door, shouting at the barista to hire someone else in Noah's place.

Luke took Noah to the apartment they had shared at one time, and he presented him with a new state-of-the-art camera and urged him to go to L.A. and make his movie. He said that Lily and Holden had sent on ahead all sorts of film and recording equipment because they all believed in him. Noah said he would take the gifts only if Luke promised to visit him soon. He told Luke that he "got it" as far as what Luke had shared with Reid, and he agreed that Luke needed to honor that. Then he said he loved Luke and recommended that Luke stay in Oakdale for a while to grieve for Reid and heal. Luke agreed, and Noah said he would be waiting for Luke in California, and the boys kissed goodbye.

After work, John Dixon went to the Lakeview Bar and saw Lucinda there. He ordered champagne in honor of his new status as "adopted grandfather." He shared the news about Janet and Dusty's baby with Lucinda, and he told her that he had visited Lily and put in a strong pitch for reconciliation. Then John mentioned that an institution in Amsterdam had offered him a short-term teaching gig, and he invited Lucinda to accompany him. Lucinda immediately declared that she couldn't leave her Oakdale obligations, but John said they could pick tulips and wear wooden shoes and have a fine old time. Then Lucinda's phone rang, and she received an invitation to Lily's house, which she immediately accepted.

At Lily's, Holden prepared to leave so that he would not be there when Lucinda arrived. He gave Lily another pep talk and urged her to stand up to her mother again. Lily asked Holden to stay, so Holden smiled and promised to stay as long as she needed him. They were about to kiss when Lucinda barged in and began to take control. Lily stopped her and announced that she had given up trying to pretend that her mother didn't exist. She said she would always love Lucinda, but she was not willing to forgive her yet. Lily declared that her mother had hurt her, and Lucinda's behavior had been inexcusable. She said she wanted a "time out," and she did not want to see her mother for a while.

Lily promised that eventually she would give Lucinda another chance, but it would take a long time. Lucinda looked at Holden, who smiled and said, "Goodbye, Lucinda." Lily also said goodbye, so Lucinda walked out the door. Holden held Lily's hands and promised to return later to read Ethan a bedtime story. Then he beckoned Lily outside, and he asked if she had noticed anything. Lily immediately smelled burning leaves, and she was reminded of the first day she and Holden had met in Lucinda's barn, a fall day permeated with the fragrance of burning leaves. Holden called her "Ma'am," as he had done that day, and the two kissed.

Lucinda returned to the Lakeview bar and asked John bluntly if his offer to accompany him to Holland was still on the table. "Of course," beamed John, so Lucinda asked what they were waiting for, and the two started towards the elevator to go to John's room. "Send up the champagne," shouted Lucinda to the bartender.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dr. Bob Hughes narrated the finale with a voiceover, beginning with how quiet life was in Memorial Hospital in the wee hours of the morning. Bob walked into his office, picked up his nameplate, and looked at it. He began talking about the people of Oakdale in a time period of 30 days hence, and he began with Lily and Holden. Holden arrived at Lily's with his fishing tackle, ready for a day at the pond with their son, Ethan. The boy was very excited, and Holden promised that he would have the lad back in time for dinner, as Lily smiled at how excited both of them were.

Bob continued his narration of how he had gotten to know many of the residents of Oakdale. Dusty held his one-month-old son and then handed him over to Janet, who was still in bed. They were living in the big brick house that Dusty had bought them, and Janet began discussing the baby's christening. Then Bob explained that sometimes people married and then divorced each other, and then married them again!

Jack and Carly snuggled in bed until Sage interrupted with a request for help finding her purple shirt. Carly got up and poured cereal for her daughter, as Jack asked how the morning sickness was. Carly said she was ready for it to stop, and she promised that as soon as she completed her first trimester, Sage could tell the whole world about the new baby. Jack kissed her, and they began doing routine things around the house, such as picking up papers and other trash. Carly also mentioned to Jack that her car had made a funny noise the day before, and she asked him to check it out. Suddenly Carly said loudly, "Jack! Do you realize what's happened to us? We're normal!"

Carly worried that they might turn "boring," but just then the doorbell rang. The callers were Janet, Dusty, and baby Lorenzo. Janet said that it was almost time for the baby's christening, and she and Dusty asked if Jack would consider being godfather to Lorenzo Dustin Donovan. Jack said he would be honored, and then he declared that he and Carly had news of their own. Carly blurted out that she was pregnant, and everyone rejoiced. Janet said things had turned out exactly as they were supposed to.

In the Lakeview, Henry pulled the covers off his bed, expecting to find Barbara still asleep, but she was gone. She greeted him shortly and beckoned him back to bed. Later that day, Barbara got dressed and was attempting to put on earrings, but Henry kept kissing her neck and distracting her. They finally got serious and talked about their dinner that evening with Paul and Emily. Henry asked if Barbara thought they should share some of their recent decisions with them, and Barbara said that Paul would be upset by one of hers, no matter when they told him.

A sleepy Paul dozed on the couch as Eliza played at his feet. Emily joined them and razzed her husband about "keeping a close eye" on their daughter. Towards evening, Paul prepared champagne for their dinner with Henry and Barbara, and Emily asked if he was really going to tell his mother that he was walking away from BRO, their business together. Paul said yes, and he told her that he had already had legal papers drawn up dissolving their partnership. He vowed he was "cutting all strings," and from then on doing only things that made him happy.

Henry and Barbara arrived, and Barbara said to Paul that she had to talk with him about something important. She handed him legal papers that dissolved their BRO partnership, and Paul smiled and said he understood more than she knew, and he immediately signed the documents. They toasted the future, and after Barbara and Henry had gone, Paul and Emily kissed on the couch and marveled at how well the evening had gone. When Henry and Barbara returned to the Lakeview, Henry called Dusty, who agreed to sell Metro back to him. Barbara was delighted to be able to dance in their own club, so to celebrate, Henry turned down the lights and started the music, and the two of them cavorted to "Last Dance."

Bob Hughes next talked about love, as Dr. John Dixon walked into the lobby of the Lakeview and made a reservation for him and his "lady friend." He said they were just back from Amsterdam, and he especially ordered fresh roses on the lady's breakfast tray every morning. He also asked for a room with a large and bubbly Jacuzzi tub. Lisa walked by and teased him about adopting a "Dutch treat" while in Holland, and just then Lucinda joined John. The two went off to their room, leaving Lisa alone.

Later that evening, John and Lucinda showed up unexpectedly at Lily's, and she was surprised that they had returned from Amsterdam. Holden had taken back Ethan, so he joined Lily at the door. John explained that Lucinda wanted Lily to see that she could live a happy life without trying to run Lily's, and she said she was going to make a life with John. She explained that the two of them were back together, and she said that Lily could do what she wanted with Worldwide because Lucinda was going to spend her time with John. After she and John left, Lily smiled and said, "Who knew John Dixon would be the answer to my prayers?"

Lily was still worried that her mother and John wouldn't work out, but Holden reminded her that they were both older and wiser, and it appeared that they really loved one another. Lily asked if loving each other was enough, and Holden said he thought so. He walked to the door and promised to call her in the morning.

John and Lucinda returned to the hotel and passed Lisa in the lobby. John reminded her that he was expecting to see those fresh roses on Lucinda's tray every morning. Lisa advised them to "Gather those rosebuds while you may," and John suggested to Lucinda that they make a pact to have "a hell of a good time" with whatever future they had left. They went into an elevator and kissed.

Bob talked about family, as in the kitchen, Margo was making coffee, and Alison arrived to wake up Casey. Tom joined them, and then Alison went up to Casey's room to get him started packing for their move to Carbondale. Margo was unhappy, and Tom comforted her as she cried because Casey was leaving home. Alison got Casey organized, and they carried down all his belongings.

Emily and Susan Stewart arrived to see them off, and Tom had some words with Casey about how much the boy had blessed his life. Margo kissed Casey goodbye, and then she sat at the table and cried. She said it felt as if she had been "punched in the gut," so Tom tried to console her. He reminded her that the two of them had made promises years before that they never had time to keep, and when Margo continued to weep, he took her hand and led her outside.

Bob mentioned "endings that came much too soon," as Luke sat on the couch at Lily's and looked at the memorial booklet honoring Reid Oliver and the new neurological unit at the hospital. Natalie sat with her big brother, and then Luke took off. Meanwhile, at Katie's house, Chris was recovering nicely as Katie played nurse and made sure he took all his medications. Chris self-prescribed some "exercise for his heart," and he waggled his eyebrows at Katie, but she squashed that idea, and they just kissed.

Katie was making a sandwich when Chris called her over to the couch again. He said he remembered that before his surgery, he had promised to marry her, but Katie stopped him right there and told him she did not hold him to anything he had said. Chris swore he had meant every word, and he got down on one knee and promised to love and care for her and Jacob if she would marry him. Katie yelled a loud, "Yes!" and Chris asked her to help him up so he could "kiss the hell" out of her. Katie sat with him on the couch, and they discussed getting a bigger place to live.

Someone rang the doorbell, and the callers were Tom and Margo. Tom wanted to see his brother, and he pointed to Margo and told Katie that her sister needed "a distraction." Margo broke into tears as she explained that Casey and Alison had left for Carbondale, but Katie said she had a heck of a distraction and told Margo that Chris had asked her to marry him. Margo got very excited, and then Katie said they had been discussing getting a bigger house. Margo laughed and said she and Tom had been talking about downsizing, and suddenly the two sisters honed in on the perfect solution.

After Tom and Margo departed, Luke appeared and was eager to tell Chris that he had dinner with a hospital board member, and Luke had strongly suggested that, when Chris recovered fully, the board should name him chief of staff. Chris was flattered, but he was not sure that was the path he wanted to go down any longer. He promised to give it serious thought, and as Luke turned to go, Katie stopped him and ran to her dresser. She pulled out Reid's stethoscope and handed it to Luke. Luke was pleased, and he suddenly asked Chris if it would be all right if he listened to Reid's heart with it. Chris did not mind, and it was obvious that hearing the heart in Chris's chest made Luke feel better.

Bob narrated that more time had passed, as he sat in his office and stared at the lighted globe of the world on his desk. Kim ran in and asked why he had not packed his things, but Bob said he had been thinking of all the patients he had taken care of over the years. He said it seemed important that he remember them, since he was retiring that day. He began putting things in a box and remembering the good times.

Susan Stewart called on Bob and told him things would not be the same around the hospital without him, especially since she was working with John Dixon again as temporary chief of staff. Kim joined them, and Susan bade them both farewell. Bob carried out the box of his belongings, and Kim waited for him to return.

A fast-forward showed Chris and Katie moved into Tom and Margo's house, and they hoped they would be happy and raise their children there. At Katie's old place, Margo had Tom hanging pictures on the wall, and they decided that not having kids around meant that they could make love any time they wanted.

Carly crawled into bed with Jack and kissed her "G-man" happily. She yelled to Sage that the girl could tell everybody about the new baby the next day.

Bob returned to Kim in his office, and he said he hadn't known how hard it would be to say goodbye. Kim said she thought there should not be goodbyes, only a "Goodnight." She went out and told Bob to take as long as he needed. In time, Bob picked up his nameplate and walked to the door. He turned out the light and looked back at the globe and said, "Goodnight," as the glowing globe turned on its axis.

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