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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 26, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Carly cleaned up after Molly's bridal shower, which had ended abruptly after Lily's hasty departure. Jack rang the doorbell, and he was surprised that the festivities were already over. Carly explained that Lily's leaving had caused Faith to call Holden, who had found her mother at Craig's hotel room. Carly said that Lily couldn't stand the thought of Holden's marrying Molly, and she could surely relate to that feeling after watching Jack marry Janet. She also asked Jack to get rid of an open bottle of champagne on her kitchen counter.

The pair talked about putting their passion on hold until they had their lives straightened out. Carly called Jack "Dudley Do-Right," and he began to kiss her. Carly stopped him and brought up the fact that Jack was remodeling a cabin so that Janet could be close to him with the baby. She said that when Jack returned to her bed, Carly wanted it to be forever. Jack tried to assure her that she was first in his heart, and he invited her to go for a walk in the Snyder woods with him.

Parker and Faith kissed in the woods, and Faith undid the top of her dress as they lay together. Suddenly she stopped him to get a condom out of her purse. Parker asked if she had "done it" before, and Faith lied and said, "Tons of times." Parker, however, knew the girl was not being truthful, so they talked about how a girl's first time to have sex should be special. Faith said that was why she was choosing Parker at that moment, there in the woods. Parker was reluctant, so Faith kissed him and said she knew he wanted her.

Carly and Jack walked through the woods and spotted Faith and Parker kissing. Carly wanted to rush out and stop them, but Jack held her back. They heard Parker say that what they were doing was wrong, and he asked Faith to zip up her dress. She did so, and the teens talked about how messed up their parents were. Jack and Carly broke in then and greeted the kids.

Carly offered to walk Faith back to the farm, and she tried to draw Faith out into a conversation. She offered advice, but Faith reminded her that the affair between her and Holden had almost broken up her parents' marriage. Carly concluded that things usually turned out the way they were supposed to, and that talking and waiting and getting to know someone led to a better conclusion. True love was worth waiting for.

Jack took Parker home, and the boy explained that he didn't know how he had ended up kissing Faith. He still had feelings for Liberty, but she was involved with Gabriel and plans for college, so perhaps he should spend more time with Faith instead. The two guys cleaned up the rest of the party mess, and then Carly returned home and thanked them. She told Jack that Faith had gotten her thinking, and she granted him only one kiss.

Bob dropped in at WOAK to get Kim to go to dinner, but she was involved in putting together a segment about Barbara's disappearance. Kim had a feeling that something terrible had happened to her niece. Bob was not nearly as concerned, and he put his foot in his mouth when he referred to Barbara as "a woman of that age." Then Kim asked Bob if he had spoken to Chris about Reid's taking over as Chief of Staff at Memorial when Bob retired. Bob promised to talk to their son, but he assured Kim that Chris had absolutely no interest in the job for himself.

At Memorial, Dr. Oliver approached a nurse who had paged him about a patient in pain. He said to her, "Which one are you?" and after the young woman gave her name, Oliver asked if she was "the idiot who paged me" for the patient who was sleeping peacefully. The nurse ran off in tears, as Luke walked up and witnessed the debacle. Luke announced that he was there to work on Reid's people skills, but Reid argued that he "got on with people" all the time.

Chris interrupted them and asked for a briefing on one of his patients, but Dr. Oliver was curt and uninformative. Chris explained that was not the way they did things at Memorial, but Dr. Oliver corrected him by adding, "At least until I'm chief of staff." Chris was stunned and walked away, as Luke chided Reid for how he had informed Chris about Bob's offer. Reid had not taken into account feelings and family politics, so Luke urged him to be more sensitive. He invited Reid to his place, and with a grin, asked him to "bring the stethoscope."

Chris immediately went to the television station and asked Kim if his father was on drugs. He explained that Bob had plenty of choices from whom to recruit the new chief of staff, but he had never put up a notice or done any advertising. Chris called Reid Oliver a "pompous jackass with the personality of a rabid porcupine." Kim reminded her son that he wasn't even going to be in Oakdale much longer, so she didn't see why it mattered to him who held the position. Chris then admitted that he was not leaving town after all, and Kim was delighted.

Since Katie had answered none of Chris's recent messages, he went to her house and knocked on the door. She opened it, and Chris was relieved to see her and gave her a big hug. Katie said her conversation with Henry had not gone well, and unfortunately he still hated her -- and Vienna was gone. Katie cried that she was losing everyone she cared about, but Chris assured her that she was not losing him. He said he was willing to wait for her to meet him halfway. He left Katie's place, as she got the baby up and talked to him about Chris.

Bob and Kim were eating dinner at Al's when Chris found them. He told his father that he was staying in town, and Bob then asked if that decision had anything to do with Katie. Chris could only say that he liked Katie, but he was not building his life around her. Then he told his dad that he wanted to be chief of staff when Bob retired. Bob said he had already offered that job to Dr. Oliver, so all he could do was to submit both names and let the hospital board decide.

Luke and Reid began role-playing at Lily's house. Luke played a nurse, and Reid played himself, a caustic curmudgeon. Reid responded rudely to the first few scenarios, and then he began flirting with the "nurse." Reid failed all of Luke's scenes, and he finally announced that he was not "all warm and fuzzy, like Noah." They returned to the hospital, and Luke spotted the nurse whom Reid had insulted earlier in the day. He told Reid to make pleasantries with her, and the doctor started out nicely with her, but eventually he ended up sending her off in tears again.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

At Fairwinds, Paul told Hallie an interactive story about a monster, much to the amusement of Will, Gwen, and Emily. Then Paul took a call from Margo and learned that Barbara had used her credit card recently in Oakdale. Will wanted to go to the police station right away, so he and Gwen picked up Hallie to take her to spend some time with Alison. Paul was convinced that his mother was fine if she had been shopping, but he realized by Emily's expression that she preferred that Barbara stay away.

Emily reminded Paul that his mother despised her, and she admitted that she wouldn't try to talk Barbara out of relocating. It made Paul angry when Emily called his mother "toxic," and he declared that he was going to the police station, as well, to be with his brother when the police found Barbara.

Katie pounded on Henry's door, demanding that he open it. Henry shouted for her to go away, but he eventually opened the door. He looked as if he had been on a bender for three days, and Katie was shocked. She announced that she had received an email from Vienna, and she wanted to read it to Henry. She then read an apology from Vienna for her lies, and a declaration that she still loved and always would love Henry. Henry grabbed the email and wanted to take it immediately to the police in case there was a clue as to Vienna's whereabouts. Henry was fearful that Vienna had caused Barbara to disappear, and Katie couldn't stop him. She did follow him out, however.

At the Oakdale Police station, Margo showed Will a sales slip signed by a woman who had used Barbara Ryan's credit card. Will said it looked like his mother's signature, but he wasn't positive. Henry and Katie ran in, and Margo had Henry also check the writing on the sales slip. He thought it looked like Barbara's writing, down to the special little flourish she always used. The sale had been at "Schotzie's of Salsburg," a lingerie shop in Old Town, one of Barbara's favorite shops, according to Henry. Henry then offered to show a picture of Barbara on his cell phone to the sales clerk to see if she could identify the customer, but Margo said the police would handle it.

Paul walked in the station and heard Henry explaining that he had specific knowledge of Barbara's lingerie that a cop wouldn't have, but when he mentioned what kind of thong she preferred, both Paul and Will groaned and made faces. Paul told Margo that he and Henry might actually be able to learn more than an intimidating man in a uniform. With great reluctance, Margo gave them some strict rules of conduct but did allow their fishing expedition. Katie tried to go with Henry, but he stopped her and told her he didn't want her "tagging along."

Margo asked Katie why Henry was so short with her, and Katie said he could not forgive her for keeping Vienna's lie. Katie felt awful at how she had treated Henry, but then she began sobbing that she had hoped that Vienna and Henry's happiness would be like turning back time to when she and Brad were that happy. Katie said she couldn't keep going in such pain, and she continued to weep. Margo held her, and when Katie got herself under control, she announced she was going home to Jacob for comfort.

Paul and Henry headed to the lingerie shop and showed Schotzie, the owner, a photo of Barbara. Schotzie said in her business she didn't pay much attention to her customers' faces, and Henry got pushy. Paul had to back his brother off and apologize for him. Henry began hyperventilating, but Schotzie had no paper bags, only plastic. She gave him one to use, but it didn't help, so Paul hustled Henry out and straight to the hospital.

Chris talked with Tom and told him that he had spoken to their dad about being the new chief of staff at Memorial. Tom was pleased until Chris said that Bob had offered the job to Reid Oliver, whom Chris called "an ass." He also revealed that Bob wanted the board of directors of the hospital to make the decision. Tom advised his brother to "earn the job," but Chris said he wanted the job for the right reasons, and then added that he wanted it a little bit because of Katie. Tom had not realized that his brother and Katie were that close, and Chris admitted that they weren't because Katie was still grieving for Brad and feeling overwhelmed. Tom advised Chris to take things very slowly.

Back on duty at the hospital, Chris saw Paul lead in a very distressed Henry. He put Henry in an exam room and gave him a paper bag to breathe into. As Henry began to calm down, Chris admitted that he was in on the lie about Vienna's pregnancy, and Henry's breathing got much worse. Henry whipped off the brown bag and declared he was mad at Chris and requested another doctor. Paul peeked in the door, and Henry shouted that Chris had been part of Vienna and Katie's plot to keep him away from Barbara. Henry called Chris "Benedict Arnold" and asked Paul to go to a nurse and find him a new medic. Chris said Henry didn't need a doctor because he was fine. Then Chris went outside the room and called Katie and told her about Henry's attack.

Will and Gwen sat in Java and talked about Emily's reaction to the fact that Barbara might still be in town. Gwen said she had a strange feeling that Emily and Paul might be in collusion about Barbara's disappearance, but Will had no thoughts about that. They got a call from Paul and went to Memorial where they learned about Henry' anxiety attack. Since Alison still had Hallie at the movies, Will suggested that he and Gwen go back to Barbara's hotel room to see if they had overlooked any clues. Chris dismissed Henry, and Katie walked in to offer Henry a ride home. Henry refused, but he did go after her and admit that some day in the very distant future, he might be able to forgive her.

Back at Fairwinds, Emily cuddled Eliza and answered her phone. The call was from Schotzie at the lingerie shop. She said that a recent customer had dropped a bracelet in the shop, and she suggested that Paul look at it and see if it might have been his mother's. Then, at least he would know that his mother was all right fairly recently. Emily thanked the woman, packed up the baby, and headed for Old Town. She examined the bracelet but did not recognize it as one of Barbara's.

Emily asked to take the bracelet home for Paul to see, and Schotzie agreed. Before heading for home, however, Emily sat on a bench in Old Town and talked to a sleepy Eliza about her awful grandmother. They looked at the bracelet, as her phone rang. Emily talked to Paul, but she neglected to mention the bracelet. She was in no hurry to go home, so she and Eliza sat there for a while longer.

Paul next received a call from Schotzie, who wanted to know if he had recognized the bracelet that Emily had to show him. Paul was puzzled because Emily had made no mention of a bracelet when he had just talked with her.

Eventually Emily got up and dumped the bracelet into a discarded popcorn box in the trash barrel. Then she stuffed paper into the container so that the box was well hidden, but as she turned around, Paul was standing there asking what she was doing.

Margo went home and learned from Tom that Chris was going after his father's job after Bob retired. Tom said much of Chris's reasoning had to do with his feelings for Katie, however. Margo declared that things "couldn't be worse." She explained that Katie had suffered a meltdown at the station that day, and a serious relationship was the last thing her sister needed. Tom thought Chris was already in love with Katie and was, in fact, "a goner." Margo was not at all sure that Katie would ever recover enough to fall in love again.

Margo reminded Tom that Chris had several unsuccessful relationships with Molly; her daughter, Abigail; Emily; Alison; Alison; Alison. Margo was just looking out for her sister, but Tom accused her of not being fair to Chris. They argued until Tom compared Katie and Chris to the two of them, soul mates and definite "happily ever-afters." Margo laughed, but she threatened Tom about what she would do to him if his brother broke her sister's heart.

Will and Gwen arrived at Barbara's room in the Lakeview, and they opened the door. They were unaware that just moments before, a woman wearing high heels had used a key and also entered the room.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In the storeroom, Barbara awoke, startled by her strange surroundings. Chuckles the Clown was no longer talking, so Barbara mused aloud how sick she was of eating nothing but candy and, even more important, of being alone. She urged Chuckles to speak again, but he had slumped over so Barbara raised his head, and Chuckles had turned into James Stenbeck. He grinned at her and said, "Hello, Barbara. Miss me?"

Barbara leapt to her feet as James agreed that she could still call him Chuckles if she so chose. She tried to get her nightmare to go away, but James reminded her how much more interesting her life had been when he was around. They talked, and James claimed that he was there to "woo" her, since he was the only one who really loved her. Barbara ordered James to leave her hallucination immediately, but he declared that it was their fate to be together forever. Then he grabbed Barbara and gave her a long kiss until she shoved him backwards as hard as she could. "That's my girl," Stenbeck said with a grin.

Then James turned serious and began talking about all the things Barbara had to be ashamed about, such as hating Rose D'Angelo so much that her son Will had poisoned Rose just before her wedding to Paul. James was very angry that Will was scarred for life by that event and his subsequent incarceration. Barbara cried that she would not allow James to control her anymore, and she called him "pure evil." Then James began taunting her about Henry, his "lightweight son," and suddenly Henry appeared in the hallucination. He warned "Pop" to leave Barbara alone, but James humiliated Henry and told him to get out.

Henry said that "Daddy dearest" was wrong, and he swore that he had married Vienna because he thought she was pregnant. James belittled him further, as Henry regretted his mistakes. Finally Barbara began to doubt Henry, and he vanished. James next attacked her other sons, and Paul appeared. He told his mother that he was only half-heartedly looking for her in Oakdale because Emily would be much happier if they didn't find her. Paul vanished, but Barbara took heart that at least her younger son, Will, loved and respected her. James reminded her that it was ironic that Will had actually killed someone and been locked up, so he was more like James's son than the others.

Will appeared and told his mother that he had a wife and child counting on him, so that left him very little time to take on Barbara's dramas. Will disappeared, and Barbara began clutching her head. James needled her about how her sons didn't care about her because she had done so much damage. Barbara shouted that she didn't need anyone any longer because she was a survivor. She grabbed Chuckles and shook him, and he was, once again, just a doll. "I won!" yelled Barbara.

Paul picked the popcorn box from the trash can and found the jeweled bracelet inside, right where Emily had stashed it. He said it was his mother's bracelet and asked Emily why she had discarded it. Emily didn't answer, but instead walked away with Eliza. They all returned to Fairwinds, where Emily apologized for her impulsiveness. She said that watching Eliza play with the bracelet reminded her of all the times that Barbara had tried to drive a wedge between her and Paul. Paul shouted that his mother was part of their family whether Emily liked it or not.

Emily called Barbara "a monster" and repeated that the woman had never wanted her and Paul to be happy. Paul promised his wife that Barbara would not hurt her, but Emily was certain that his mother was "holed up in some swanky hotel drinking expensive champagne" and manipulating her sons.

At Memorial, Henry took the first step in forgiving Katie for perpetuating Vienna's lies. Katie was hopeful and said she wished she knew where to begin making it up to Henry. She had no clue where to look for Barbara, and Henry was still worried that Vienna had engineered his lover's disappearance. Katie really thought her former friend was not involved, and she reasoned that if Barbara was really in Oakdale and had used her credit card, then that meant she was hiding from them. Katie thought it might be possible to lure Barbara out if someone she couldn't resist implored her to, and that person was Henry.

Gwen and Will, unaware that anyone was in Barbara's hotel room, were just about to open the door to search for clues when Will's phone rang. The caller was Henry, who told Will that Katie had just thought of a pretty good idea. She wanted Henry to go on television and make an appeal to Barbara to contact them. Will said he had plenty of pictures of his mother on his cell phone, and he promised to take them to WOAK immediately. Gwen said she wanted to go, as well, so they left for the television station. After they left, a woman walked out of Barbara's room, and the maid addressed her as "Ms. Ryan."

At WOAK, a tech uploaded Will's photos as Will and Gwen asked if Henry knew what he wanted to say. Katie began the program interruption and introduced Henry, a.k.a. "Geneva Swift," who had an important announcement. Henry spoke directly to Barbara; he told her that he loved her and wanted her back. He went on to say how he had not followed his heart, and wished she would return. Henry promised to move heaven and earth to find her. Katie gave a contact number and signed off. Henry removed his wedding ring, and Katie remarked that he obviously really loved Barbara. The producer ran in and announced that someone had spotted a woman matching Barbara's description in Old Town, so Katie and Henry took off.

Will left the station and went to Fairwinds, where he walked in on Paul and Emily's argument. He overheard Paul scolding Emily for keeping evidence from him and Will. Paul explained how Schotzie had called about the bracelet, and he verified that the jewelry was his mother's. He also said that Emily had thrown it away in Old Town, but when Will got angry, Paul defended his wife and told Will to "back off." Will told them that Henry had gone on television and made an appeal for Barbara to return. Paul thought a while and then said if he didn't know that James Stenbeck was dead, he would think his father was involved.

After Gwen left WOAK, she went shopping in Old Town and was gobsmacked when Iris, wearing a Barbara Ryan-style wig, approached her and said, "Hi, baby. Mama's back!" She explained that she had been near Chicago when she saw the broadcast, so she had hurried back to Oakdale because her heart went out to Will and Gwen. She treated Gwen to coffee at Java, and Iris apologized for being such a lousy mother. She blamed most of her actions on "the hooch" and said she was using "positive thinking" to improve herself. She showed Gwen some flyers with Barbara's picture that she had made through the "direction of a higher power." Iris swore she was a different person and asked for a chance to show Gwen that she was trustworthy. She said she was staying at the Wagon Wheel Motel and would find Barbara if given the chance.

Gwen went back to Fairwinds with the news that Iris was on a mission to find Barbara. She said she felt a strange need to support her mom, but Will cautioned that if Iris showed any of her old behavior, they were done with her.

Upstairs in their bedroom, Paul and Emily hugged. Emily had the need to explain how awful Barbara had been to her years before when Emily was pregnant with Jennifer, the stillborn daughter she shared with Paul. Emily had just found out she was pregnant, and Barbara arrived to attempt to talk Emily into an abortion. Paul said his mother had been a train wreck back then, mostly because of how James Stenbeck had treated her. He hoped Emily could see past all that to the good in Barbara.

Henry and Katie ran frantically around Old Town while looking for Barbara. Finally Katie told him to get a grip, but Henry swore he could smell Barbara's perfume in the air. He felt that Barbara was close by, so he talked Katie into going to his lover's room in the Lakeview. He convinced a passing maid to open the door, and although no one was there, Henry smelled Barbara's scent again, and there were signs that someone was staying there.

In the storeroom, Barbara took a two-by-four board and bashed on the door. She gave up, but then she heard someone rattle the knob and saw it turn. Iris walked in and said, "How are you, Babs?"

Thursday, July 29, 2010

In the warehouse, Barbara threatened Iris with a two-by-four board, but Iris snatched it away easily. Barbara realized that Iris was her captor, and she screamed at her to know why the woman had imprisoned her. Iris said that Barbara owed her in a big way, and it was time that she paid up. Barbara shouted that Iris had already bilked her out of tens of thousands of dollars in her baby-selling scheme, but Iris was after Barbara to tell her the passwords for all her bank accounts. Barbara called Iris "crazy" and said she knew her sons were scouring the town to find her.

Iris said she doubted that anyone was looking for Barbara because everyone thought she was dead. She handed Barbara a tablet of paper and a pen, but Barbara said she needed to contact her family first before she did Iris' bidding. Iris dictated a very short note that said who Barbara was and that she was taking "some time alone." Iris read it over but could not remember telling Barbara to write the part about how it was all a lie, and she was being held against her will. Iris was angry that Barbara had disobeyed her instructions, and she said that Henry was blissfully happy with his gorgeous new bride and had forgotten all about Barbara.

Iris took the rewritten note and walked out, locking the door behind her. A sobbing Barbara talked to Chuckles, and begged Henry to return to talk to her. When she got no response, she whacked Chuckles, who fell on the floor. Barbara attempted to send Henry a subliminal message, but she gave up on that and shouted that she had to find her own way out. She began dumping boxes of party supplies on the floor to look for something useful, and she finally found a walkie-talkie unit, but it had no batteries. She next discovered a working flashlight that contained the same size batteries as the walkie-talkie, so she transferred them into the unit.

Barbara laughed with joy and turned on the unit and began shouting for help. She said her name and asked if anyone could hear her. When Barbara got no response, she tossed the walkie-talkie at Chuckles and asked him to try. She wandered around the room, kicking at piles of party goods, until she found the user manual for the walkie-talkie. She read it and learned that the unit had nine channels, so she began shouting on one channel after another. "Please, for the love of God, somebody hear me!" she yelled.

At Fairwinds, Will was not pleased to learn that he and Gwen were stuck with Iris again, but Gwen said that at least her mom had her own room at the Wagon Wheel. Emily walked in, and Gwen complimented her on her bracelet. Will scowled and proceeded to tell his wife how Gwen had gotten Barbara's jewelry. Emily fixed herself a strong drink, and Paul joined them until Will and Gwen went upstairs to talk privately.

Paul assured Emily that their guests did not hate her, but he agreed that it did not help Emily's cause that she was "openly thrilled" that Barbara was missing. Emily also reminded Paul that Gwen had never forgiven her for her part in switching Gwen's baby with little Johnny Montgomery when the boys were infants. Paul advised his wife to "dial back the negativity" about his mother, so Emily agreed.

Upstairs, Gwen questioned Will about why Emily would destroy evidence like the bracelet. They both decided it was because she had something to hide, and just then Hallie got up from her nap and wandered into Paul and Emily's bedroom. Gwen retrieved the girl, but she also took a long look around the room. She turned to Will and suggested that they use their little girl as the excuse to be in the room, but it was their golden opportunity to snoop around to see if Emily was hiding something. Gwen quickly went through Emily's dresser drawers and had just stepped away when Emily entered.

Emily asked "what the hell" the pair of them was doing in her room, but Gwen scooped up Hallie and took her out. Emily accused Will of going through her belongings, and they argued until Emily began tearing her clothes out of the drawers and tossing them around the room. Gwen returned, and Emily accused her of never forgiving Emily for what had happened to her baby. Paul walked in to see what the fuss was, and Emily yelled that she was being treated like a criminal in her own house. She asked Will to tell his brother that he and Gwen were looking for evidence in their room, and Will confessed.

Paul finally shouted for quiet, and Emily ran out and went downstairs. Gwen and Will followed, and both apologized for their behavior. The doorbell rang, so Paul asked for no deaths while he left the room, and he answered the door. He was amazed that a messenger was delivering a note from Barbara.

In Barbara's room at the Lakeview, Henry showed Katie a lip blot on a tissue and identified it as "Barbara's lips" and her shade of lipstick. He opened the door and asked the maid when she had last cleaned the room, and the woman revealed that she had seen "Ms. Ryan" leaving the room right after she had cleaned it. The maid was not positive that she had seen Barbara, but she said it had certainly looked like her from the back.

Henry and Katie went to the front desk and spoke with Lisa. At their request, Lisa asked the head of security to show them the surveillance tapes for the area surrounding Barbara Ryan's room. They saw a woman who looked very much like Barbara walking down the hall, and Henry was sure it was his love. Katie, however, was not as sure, and suddenly a dejected Henry declared, "That's not Barbara." He explained that the woman on the tape did not have Barbara's "youthful swish" when she walked, and Lisa agreed.

Henry sipped a martini in the hotel bar and listened to Katie advise him not to imagine the worst possible scenario for Barbara. Henry was frightened because his gut was telling him that his lover was in real trouble. Henry's phone rang, and it was Paul summoning him to Fairwinds to read a note from Barbara.

Henry and Katie hustled to Fairwinds, and Paul handed him the note. Henry could not believe that two short sentences were all that Barbara wrote, and he questioned whether someone had forced her to write those sparse words. Then Henry told Paul about the woman at the hotel they had seen on the security tape, and Gwen and Will apologized to Emily for accusing her of arranging for Barbara's disappearance. Paul and Emily went to check on Eliza, so Gwen decided to take a walk by herself, and Henry and Katie left for her house.

When they were alone, Emily asked Paul to please stop obsessing about his mother, especially since they had received a note that proved she was all right. Emily wanted her husband to focus on their little family, but Paul was beginning to blame Henry for breaking his mother's heart. They then agreed not to discuss Barbara any more that evening, and they kissed and fell on their bed.

Gwen wandered around Old Town, which was papered with flyers about Barbara Ryan's disappearance. Iris was in town, putting up more flyers and some yellow ribbons. Gwen told her mom about Barbara's note, and Iris went off on a testimonial for the power of positive thinking. Iris then knelt by a bench and began praying to the spirit of the Great Universe. Gwen was embarrassed because people were staring, but her mother kept preaching and testifying. Finally Gwen convinced Iris to get up and go with her for coffee at Java.

Iris said that she had quit drinking "cold turkey," all in one day. She expressed the hope that some day Gwen would be proud of her. Gwen mentioned that she, Will, and Hallie were heading back to Carbondale the next day, and Will walked up to join them. He suggested that they return to Fairwinds to pack, but Gwen hesitated and said she thought they should stay in Oakdale for a couple of days longer. Iris seconded that, but Will was not sure.

At Katie's, she and Henry discussed Barbara's terse note, and Henry wondered why Barbara hadn't mentioned him. He decided that she was still very angry at him, but he refused to believe that she would never forgive him. He wanted action instead of so much thinking, and he prepared to go. Katie, however, asked him to wait just a minute while she took in her mail, so Henry sat himself down on the couch to wait. He begged out loud for Barbara to return to him, and suddenly he heard Barbara's voice crying, "Somebody help me!" Henry jumped up and shouted that he could hear her, just as Katie returned.

Katie heard nothing, so she decided that Henry had finally lost it. She dragged him outside, so neither of them heard Barbara make another broadcast over Jacob's baby monitor.

Friday, July 30, 2010

At Java, Blackthorn bragged to Dusty about his baseball game date with Janet. Dusty suspected Blackthorn of running a scam; however, Blackthorn said that Dusty could concoct all the conspiracies that he wanted to, but it wouldn't make Janet go running back to him.

At the farm, Lucy arrived to see Gabriel, but he wasn't working that day. Janet invited her in for a lemonade, and as she accepted, Lucy noted that Janet seemed tired. In conversation, Janet guessed that it must be fun to visit an ex. Lucy giggled, saying that Dusty was definitely "an ex." Janet wondered if Dusty had told Lucy about his engagement to Janet. "But you're not engaged anymore," Lucy stated, and Janet scowled.

The women discussed Janet's move to the Snyder cabin, and Lucy asked how Dusty felt about it. Janet suggested that Lucy ask him when she saw him. Janet guessed that Lucy had returned to town to "reconnect" with Dusty, but Lucy claimed that she was there to see her family and meet Gabriel. "So Dusty's not on your to-do list?" Janet asked.

Just then, Blackthorn arrived, and Lucy took off. Before leaving for the game, Janet got dizzy, and Blackthorn took her to the hospital. There, they encountered Lucy again, and she offered to call Dusty or Jack. Blackthorn stated that what Janet needed was a doctor. Janet tried to convince Blackthorn to go on to the game, but he insisted upon having her evaluated.

Seeing Dusty in the Lakeview lounge later, Lucy told him about Janet and Blackthorn's hospital visit. Though concerned for Janet, Dusty accused Lucy of mentioning Blackthorn out of spite. An incensed Lucy left, saying that he'd just reminded her of the reason she'd left Oakdale.

Later, Blackthorn took Janet back to the farm and made her some tea. He told her that she was the same angel that he'd fallen in love with in high school, and his feelings hadn't changed. Janet looked surprised, but the howling whistle from the teakettle interrupted them. "Ha, perfect timing," Janet said in a trembling voice.

"Heaven," by Bryan Adams played on the radio, and Blackthorn recalled that Brad and Janet had danced to it at the prom. She seemed shocked that he'd remember that. Blackthorn had been too shy to ask her to dance back then, but he talked her into dancing to the song in Emma's kitchen. As they swayed, he suddenly kissed her. Dusty peeked into the window and left.

Janet jerked away from Blackthorn and said she hadn't been prepared for that. She stated that she was tired, and he should go. He offered to warm up her tea first, and she fell asleep while sitting at the table. When Janet awakened, Blackthorn claimed that she'd been sleeping for a couple of hours, and he hadn't wanted to leave her alone after her earlier incident. She claimed that nothing was wrong with her; she was just tired and a little annoyed.

Janet gently explained that she and Blackthorn would never be more than friends. He guessed that she was waiting for another man to treat her like garbage. He said that she was his angel, and he'd treat her that way every day and every night. "Don't go there," Janet warned. She asked him to leave, and she sighed after he walked out.

Later, Lucy arrived on Dusty's doorstep to tell him that she hadn't been trying to rile him about Janet and Blackthorn. "Maybe I was a little," she admitted and apologized. Lucy noted that Dusty had changed. Before, he'd never let a woman keep him dangling. He claimed that things with Janet were complicated. Lucy cited that the old Dusty would never go for "complicated."

Dusty guessed that Lucy never really knew him. Entering his room, she claimed that she knew him better than he knew himself. "Since you know me so well, what am I thinking right now?" he asked. With a salacious grin, she replied, "The same thing I am." The two kissed. She wound her legs around his hips, and he carried her to the bed.

While Molly and Holden were in Old Town after their wedding rehearsal, Abigail rushed up to hug them. Abigail said there was no way she'd miss her parents' wedding. After a brief reunion, Molly went to Fashions to pick up her dress for the evening. Abigail asked Holden how Lily felt about the wedding. Holden said it had been hard on Lily. He switched the topic to Molly, his destiny. Molly returned with her dress, and the three took off.

At home, Carly was finishing Molly's wedding gown when Jack arrived. Upon seeing the dress, Jack contemplated throwing him and Carly an impromptu wedding. She stared at him, and he realized that he might be pushing it a bit. He invited her to accompany him to the rehearsal dinner, and Carly expressed her concern about Lily, who'd turned to Craig for support. "And you and I both know that's not going to end well," Carly declared.

At the Lakeview, Lily arrived in Craig's hotel room with flowers for him. She called herself an idiot for wanting to flee Oakdale to escape Holden's wedding plans. To thank Craig for putting up with her tantrum, she invited him to dinner. He guessed that Holden and Molly had an event planned that evening, and Lily admitted that their rehearsal dinner would be at Metro. With imploring eyes, Lily asked if Craig could help her through one more meltdown.

In the lounge, Craig cheered Lily up over champagne. Lucinda approached the bar, but halted upon seeing Craig and Lily together. Lucinda discretely called Françoise and demanded that Craig be bankrupted before he got any "chummier" with Lily.

While still with Craig, Lily received a call from Françoise, who had bad news. She claimed that a shipment of spices had been lost on its way to the factory. Lily suggested that they just buy more spices, but François said it would be expensive. Craig told Lily that they could cover the expense, and Lily instructed François to keep production going despite the costs.

After the call, a distraught Lily wanted to discuss the matter with Carly, but Craig said that Carly didn't needed to be involved in every decision. Assuming that Carly was at the rehearsal dinner, Craig wondered if Lily were making an excuse to show up there. A genuinely worried Lily apologized for interrupting their dinner and took off to find Carly.

In his room later, Craig called Carlisle's distribution company and was shocked when no one had heard of Lily, Carly, Carlisle, or their factory. He called Lily, but when she didn't answer, he phoned the front desk to request a car to drive him to the airport.

At Metro, Jack and Carly joined Molly, Holden, and Abigail for the rehearsal dinner. Jack made a toast, and in it, he hinted to another Snyder wedding. As Abigail read a poem entitled, "Love is Shown in Many Ways," Lily entered. Carly spotted Lily near the door and sneaked over to find out what she was doing there.

Lily updated Carly on the shipment problem and said she was going to France to deal with it personally. Lily realized that Carly couldn't accompany her, and Carly insinuated that Craig might show up in France. Insisting that it had nothing to do with Craig, Lily resented Carly's suspicions about the trip.

Holden strode up to find out why Lily was there. Lily promised that she was there to discuss business with Carly, not to make a scene. Lily's demeanor concerned Holden, but Lily urged him to join his family for dinner. He relented, and she slipped out of the club.

While Lucinda was at her office, Françoise called to say that Lily was on her way to France to handle "the matter" herself. Françoise worried that Lily would discover the sham the moment she arrived. Lucinda concluded that she and Françoise had worked hard to create a volatile situation, and it was time to let it explode.

Lucinda called Holden to say that Lily had taken off to France. Lucinda pretended to be worried that Lily had gotten in over her head and could be walking into a trap. Holden, however, didn't see the danger in owning a perfume factory. The pouting Lucinda said she'd overreacted. She told him to go back to his dinner, because nothing terrible would happen to Lily. "Just forget all about it," Lucinda warily stated. After Holden ended the call, he looked troubled.

As the dinner party ended, Carly invited the women to her house and suggested that Jack and Holden hang out at the Lakeview. Molly kissed Holden and said she couldn't wait to be Mrs. Holden Snyder. After the women left, Holden said he was going to France, not the Lakeview. "This is going to be one hell of a bachelor party!" Jack beamed.

Upon briefing Jack on the earlier phone call with Lucinda, Holden figured that he could take a red eye flight to France, pick up Lily, and be back in time for his wedding. "Are you serious?" Jack asked. Holden insisted that he'd make it back in time to marry Molly.

Later, the girls' night at Carly's house wound down, and Carly went outside to warm up her car. At the same time, Jack arrived on the porch. Carly immediately noticed that Jack was behaving strangely, and he confessed that he'd taken Holden to the airport to chase down Lily in France. "How you could let him do that?" an enraged Carly asked.

In France, Lily found the location of her perfume factory, but there was no perfume factory there at all. Standing on a street lined with local shops, she wondered what "the hell" was going on. Craig approached and said he wanted to know the same thing.


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