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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 29, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, May 29, 2000

Due to golf coverage, today's episode of As The World Turns was pre-empted. Today's show will be be broadcast in its entirely tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 30, 2000

Kim and John share memories of Andy at the church as they prepare for his memorial service. Denise arrives with Ben, which irritates John.

Chris tries to persuade Emily to accompany him to the service. He tells her that baby Daniel is part of the family and that in the interest of keeping peace, she should pay her respects to Andy.

Holden brings "Lily," who is really Rose, breakfast in bed. He asks her why she is not wearing her wedding ring, and "Lily" frantically searches her luggage for it. She puts it on and Holden once again implores her to tell him exactly what happened in Atlantic City, but "Lily" is not talking. Furthermore, she begs off going to the memorial service, and Holden prepares to go alone.

"Lily" calls the Atlantic City Police Department to see if there is further news of Simon and the real Lily, but there is nothing new.

"Rose," who is really Lily, awakens in the boxcar but she is burning up with fever. Simon tries to sponge her with cold water and tells her he thinks they are quite far north, perhaps even in Canada. "Rose" urges him to go back to Atlantic City and retrieve the diamond she claims to have hidden in a fuse box in the hotel. No way, says Simon; he is not leaving until she is well enough to go with him.

Katie, Tom, Lisa and Casey arrive at the church. Casey has brought the camera Andy gave him and he and Katie talk about how Katie once borrowed his camera at the apartment complex where Chris and Molly and Andy all lived. They do not realize that Molly is overhearing the conversation.

Molly continues to bait Katie and make her uncomfortable. Holden arrives and pays hurried respects to Kim and then leaves to go back to "Lily." Kim asks Denise to please speak at the service. She is steadfast in her belief that her son is still alive.

An army officer arrives at the Hughes' home asking for Kim and Denise. The sitter directs him to the church.

Tom explains Margo's absence to Kim (Lyla has taken a turn for the worse), and Nancy and Bob arrive. Susan Stewart, Andy's AA sponsor, comforts John. Camille appears and does likewise.

Barbara, Hal and Adam arrive and everyone is flabbergasted to see Chris walk in with Emily and baby Daniel.

"Lily" goes to Cal's place and finds a crumpled up family genealogy in the wastebasket. She hides it in her jeans when Holden suddenly barges in. He wants to know why "Lily" is so cool to him and why is she not herself?

Back at the church, Tom harangues Chris about bringing Emily to a Hughes' gathering but Chris explains how he is trying to turn her around. Lisa, however, takes Emily on and unloads both barrels; Emily takes the baby and leaves.

Denise begins a moving tribute to Andy as the memorial service gets underway. Suddenly, down the center aisle of the church, comes the Army officer pushing a wheel chair. Everyone in the church is stunned to see Andy, obviously alive, in the chair!

Back in the boxcar, "Rose" passes out and begins to hallucinate. Simon realizes that she is really Lily when she calls out for Holden.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2000

by Meredith Thompson

Ben and Denise exchange looks when Kim embraces Andy at the memorial service. After discovering that Rose is really Lily, he asks her where the diamond is, but she's still delirious. An impetuous Holden carries Rose up to the bedroom. Andy promises explanations for his astonished family but wants to see Denise first.

Simon improvises a tonic for a skeptical Lily. Rose wins a reprieve when Holden agrees to her suggestions to let her change clothes and take a bath. Andy explains to his family that he wanted to surprise them by showing up rather than them hearing it over the phone. Molly watches as Katie slips out to break the story. A frantic Rose worries how to turn Holden off without him realizing something is wrong.

After Lily's fever breaks, she demands Simon tells her who was shooting at them in Atlantic City. Holden is surprised to find "Lily" is now ticklish. When the doorbell rings, Rose is relieved, but he refuses to answer it. A negliglee-clad Rose insists on answering it and greets Katie warmly. Katie revels in telling her and Holden how Andy showed up at his own memorial service. Katie is nonplussed when "Lily" hugs her and thanks her for coming over.

Lily and Simon stonewall each other, with Lily refusing to tell Simon where the diamond is and Simon refusing to divulge the identity of the shooter. Andy reveals he has damage to his spinal cord and can't move his legs, but insists he's grateful to be alive. Bob volunteers Ben's neurological services to see if the damage can be repaired.

Lily gloats to Simon that the diamond is in the hands of its rightful owner--Rose--and hopes she's living in the lap of luxury after selling it. Holden is reluctant to leave, but Rose approves of him going to do a story on Andy. Holden then questions her sudden change in attitude towards Katie. Andy tells Chris he's forgiven him and asks Denise if she's ready to go home.

Holden accepts Rose's explanation that after Atlantic City, she realized what was really important--her family. Ignoring Simon's warnings, Lily leaves the boxcar, determined to find her way home.

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Thursday, June 1, 2000

by Donna Craig

Chris tells Emily Andy is alive and back in Oakdale. Emily immediately starts to feel sorry for herself. Chris try's to talk Emily out of running the story on Lisa and tells her that she is against Tom not Lisa so he try's to get Lisa to apologize for the way she acted at Andy's memorial. Chris try's to explain things to Tom and Lisa and then tries to get Lisa to apologize. Chris tell them how Emily is trying to dig up dirt on Lisa's past. Tom regrets letting Chris do this while Chris gets angry and leaves. Chris tells Emily Lisa won't apologize and warns her about running the story and how if she does this she will lose Daniel and Chris . Chris said he hopes there will be a different headline when he returns or else.

Bryant gets warned about hustling at the bar while Jen and Abigail discuss Abigail's "relationship" with Bryant. Hal returns from the memorial and tells Jen to invite Bryant over for dinner. Hal talks Jen into finding him so Abigail jumps at the chance. She finds him at the bar and she plays a game of pool for money and wins. Bryant talks the bar tender into not calling the cops for gambling and cuts him in on 10%. Jen arranges everything to be perfect. Bryant shows up at Jen's. Barb tells Bryant about playing games with Jen and Abigail. Bryant try's to talk his way out of it but it doesn't work. Bryant and Jen discuss Abigail and how Jen is uncomfortable while Bryant try's to assure her it will be ok.

Tom takes Andy home while Denise wants to stand guard with Andy's pictures...however, Ben also stays so they can discuss their relationship. Kim comes back to get Denise while Ben waits for Denise at the church. Andy arrives at home and sees Hope for the first time in months. Kim, John, and on discuss Andy's condition and Andy comes in. He realizes the paralysis may be permanent. They decide Ben wouldn't be the doctor for Andy. Lisa talks Andy into going to bed while he has to ask John to help him. Tom and Lisa discuss how hard it is to see that. John helps Andy into bed. john then try's to find Denise and Hope to say goodnight, however Denise is at the Church trying to talk things out with Ben who is less than receptive. Denise returns home and Kim fill her in on how she knows where she has been...with Ben. Kim wants Denise to continue to stay with them till Andy is ok. Denise and Hope see Andy and Andy wants her to stay with him till he falls asleep

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Friday, June 2, 2000

by Meredith Thompson

Bob shows Lisa the Intruder's cover story about her and volunteers to keep her company. Isaac tells Jake he should be worrying about his own life instead of Isaac's. Emily sees Chris packing up his things and tells him he's not quitting. Lisa explains to Bob that Emily wrote the article as revenge for Lisa's kicking her out of Andy's memorial service and refuses to believe anything in the story could bother her--it's her life.

Emily's barbs have no effect on Chris and he finishes collecting things from his desk and leaves. Bob tries to take the tabloid away but Lisa wrestles it back and sees where she's accused of being an absentee mother, which leads the two to remember when they were fighting over custody of Tom. Isaac nudges Jake to start a new life instead of reliving his old one.

Susan tells a flippant Emily she's offended by the article and tells her she wants her to move out. When Chris blurts to Tom that he's lost his "secret agent," Tom fills in a surprised Kim on Chris's real reasons for working for Emily. Emily wants a war, Chris warns. Jake decides he's tired of living in a hotel room and leaves to track down a real estate listing in the Intruder.

Lisa is horrified to see herself accused of bigamy and having 40 affairs, though she does flash back to all of the men in her life, including John. Susan tells Emily she's hurting Daniel by slandering his own grandmother and advises her to spend her new money on a house. Emily later circles the same real estate listing that Jake is interested in.

Bob reminds Lisa he's made his share of mistakes, flashing back to his affair with Susan and the pain it caused Kim when she found out. Isaac rushes in with his copy of the Intruder and congratulates Lisa--"you're my hero," he gushes. Emily shows up at the condo just as Jake is reconsidering whether he's ready for a permanent home.

Barbara and Julia use Isaac's club to set up for a party in Lisa's honor while Isaac is off trying to get Lisa to come. Julia snipes at Chris until he tells her he's quit working for Emily--I knew there was something I liked about you, she praises. Isaac invites Lisa to the club, and when she expresses reservations about being out in public, Bob teams up with Isaac to guilt-trip her until she gives in--she's still a force to be reckoned with, she vows.

When Jake and Emily both announces they're ready to make an offer on the condo, the pleased real estate agent decides to arrange an auction with the seller. A nervous Jake then leaves Molly a message, first telling her about the condo and then asking her to dinner. Nancy regales Jack and Julia with tales of how she first hated Lisa as Kim pores over the photos of Lisa that the guests have brought.

Isaac and Bob escort Lisa into the club as the guests jump out and surprise her. Lisa advises Barbara against having Emily investigated, then gives a speech warning the absentee Emily to "eat your heart out, cookie!" Bob toasts Lisa for never being boring and then they share a dance as various flashbacks of their lives play.

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