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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 14, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, June 14, 1999

Chris takes Katie to his house and up to his room. She sits on his bed and he puts on some music. He asks her if she would like something to eat or drink? She says that she doesn't want anything. He says that if she doesn't want anything to eat or drink, what does she want. He sit on the bed beside her. She says that he knows what she wants. He leans in and kisses her. They kiss and kiss and lay back together on his bed. Finally, he pops up and says that they don't have to rush, his parents won't be home for several hours and they can take their time. He tells her that Eddie (the munster, he calls him) may have passed up the chance to be with her, but his brain cells are just fine.

At the hospital, Jack almost runs into Ben. Ben sees that he is not his chipper self and questions him about it. Jack tells him that this is the day that he and Julia were to be married. Ben asks him if he would like to go somewhere and talk about it. Jack says that he just wants to be alone. After Jack leaves, Ben takes off his doctors coat and tells the desk nurse that he will be gone for a bit. Bob walks by and asks him if everything is OK. Ben says that he just has to run an errand. The desk nurse tells Bob that he has a phone call. The phone call is his credit card company telling him that there was a charge made to his card to the tidy sum of $600. Bob says, "Chris", he tells the card company that the problem is on his end and he will take care of it.

Julia and Holden are sitting at a table at Java discussing the baby situation. She has come back to Oakdale to help look for the baby. Holden tells her that she doesn't need to be involved. She says that she wants to help. Reid is watching them from across the room. He moves closer to hear what they are talking about. Holden tells Julia about finding out that Denise is Hope's mother. He tells her that things are going fine now, but when they start adoption proceedings, he thinks things will get hairy. Julia assures Holden that David loved his baby and she thinks that he has put her someplace safe and someone loving is taking care of her. Reid comes over to the table and questions Julia about being in Oakdale. He asks her if he could talk to her in private and he apologizes to Holden for interrupting. Reid and Julia walk away from the table and he tells her that he had trusted her to stay with Melinda. She tells him that Melinda is OK, she is in Oakdale. He tells her that he can't believe that she brought her back to Oakdale, he is trying to protect her from the stalker. Julia says to him that the stalker didn't follow him to Oakdale. He turns the table on her and starts to play head games with her. He tells her that he knows that she only came back to Oakdale to see Jack. She tells him that is not why she is there, she only came back to help Holden and Lily look for their little girl. He tells her that she is lying, he knows that this is the date that she was supposed to marry Jack. He tells her that she knows what she has to do. He orders her to go tell Holden that she has to leave. She goes over to Holden and tells him that she has to go and if there is anything she can help with to call her at her hotel. She and Reid leave and he takes her to the church where she and Jack were to be married. She asks him if she could have some time alone? He leaves her and she starts to daydream about how the church would have been decorated. She is walking down the isle and Jack is standing there all handsome and smiling from ear to ear. Julia says her vows first. I, Julia, take you, Jack and on and on. Then it is Jack's turn. He says, "I, Jack Snyder, take you, Carly, OOPS, I mean Julia, I meant Julia!!" She backs away from him and starts to cry. She comes out of her daydream and Reid is standing there. He hugs her and tells her that it was not her fault. Jack had issues from his life before her. She says, Carly. Reid goes to the back of the church to get her purse so she can get a tissue and he hears Jack's voice. Jack and Ben have come in and are talking about their bad luck with women. Reid gets Julia to leave and he rushes her out the side door.

Reid and Julia go back to the hospital and they are arguing about Julia going back to work. She wants to go back to work and he wants her to go away with him. He talks about that little island that they had talked about. Jack walks in and Julia sees him. She says under her breath, "Jack!" Reid turns and looks at Jack.

Lily has taken Hope to Denise's house for a visit. Denise comments how cute she looks and she is wearing the dress that she had bought for her. Lily tells her that she wants Hope to know the woman that gave her life. She gives Hope to Denise and Denise hugs her tight and says that she feels so good. Denise and Lily get into a discussion about if Denise was the mother who was caring for Hope, would she make the right decisions about raising Hope. Lily tells her that parents all over the world can only do what they can do. She would probably make mistakes, but Lily says that she will make mistakes also. Denise tells Lily that she has been reading books so she can learn more about taking care of Hope. Lily finally says that she should be going and leave Denise and Hope alone for their visit. Denise asks Lily if she would like to stay? She thinks that the three of them could have a nice time together. Lily says that she would love that. Denise feeds Hope and she is holding her. She tells Lily that she can't believe how good that Hope is being. Lily says that she is just going easy on her because she is new at this. Denise tells Lily that she sees how good Lily has been for Hope and how Hope grabs her finger and holds on tight. She says that Lily is the one that has always been there for Hope and she can tell that Hope loves her very much. Lily tells Denise that she is glad that they have kept the courts and lawyers out of this matter. It has made Hope a much happier baby. Denise says that she will always be thankful to Lily and Holden and she will always be thankful to Lily for tearing up that paper that she signed to give up her parental rights. She says that Hope only has one mama and she gives Hope back to Lily. Denise says that Jessica told her that the matter will go to court and that if she and Holden want to adopt her little girl, she will not fight them. Denise drops her head and starts to cry.

Bob arrives at home and finds Katie and Chris snuggled up on Chris' bed. Katie jumps up and leaves. Bob asks Chris if he has lost his credit card. Chris says that he hasn't and takes it out of his pocket and shows it to Bob. Bob questions him about the $600 charge and Chris says that Katie was feeling down and he took her out for a nice lunch. Bob asks him if there were any prices on the menu? Chris says that they were having such a nice time that he just lost track of what they had ordered. Bob says that Chris is taking advantage of him again and he thought that he was going to get his life back on track. Chris blows up at Bob and says that he screwed up again. Bob tells him that the credit card has been canceled and he will be responsible for paying the $600. Chris says that he can't do that, he is going to school full time and doesn't have any money. Bob tells him that is for him to figure out. He is eighteen and wants to be an adult, it is time he is acting like an adult.

Tuesday, June 15, 1999

Alec is throwing a big party to launch his new magazine. Eddie and Georgia are there and Eddie wants to leave. They are on their first date and Eddie did not have this in mind to do the first time that they went out as a couple. Alec comes by to see how they are doing and Eddie asks him how long do they have to stay. Alec tells them that they can leave anytime, but he wants them to autograph a couple magazines that are going to be sold for charity. Georgia turns to Eddie and says, "He wants our autograph." Alec walks over to Camille and she tells him that the celebration in going well, but they will do something bigger later. She thanks him for sponsoring the Breast Cancer Foundation Luncheon. He takes her over to a wall that has like 4 or 5 TV's and says, "Stick with me and I'll make you a star." She leaves to get ready for her debut. Alec walks over to Margo and says that she should arrest herself. She looks so fabulous in that dress it must be a crime. Molly is in the hall talking with someone on the phone. This person tells her something about Alec. She hangs up and barges into the room where Alec is and tries to interview him. She tells him that she has done her homework. He waltzes her back out into the hall. He tells her that he can make "In Your Face" a national show if she will stop her exposť of him. She doesn't believe him, so he gets on the phone and calls his general manager and tells him to find out about buying the syndication rights to "In Your Face." When he hangs up, she still doesn't believe him. He tells her that if she doesn't drop her exposť by the end of the party, he will give her an exclusive interview. He goes back to the party and Andy comes in and asks if she got her interview. She says that if she doesn't get the interview, she may just get the job of a lifetime. Back at the party Alec introduces Camille as the magazines first model. The paparazzi is busy taking pictures of them. Margo gets everyone's attention and makes a toast to Alec. She tells everyone how much Alec has done for Oakdale. How he has made the Oasis a better place and the economy is better. After she is done, Hal comes over to talk to Margo. Margo brings up the lack of work that has been coming her way. Hal tells her that with everything going on he thought that a few less cases would be better for her. Alec hears them talking and comes over and interrupts them and Hal walks away. Alec tells Margo how thankful he is that she is there with him and that he expected her to stand by him and hold his hand. He didn't expect her to make a speech about him. He says to her that after everyone leaves tonight, he has a proposition that he wants to make to her. Later, after the party is winding down and people are leaving, Alec comes over to Margo and asks if she would go to work for him and be his voice in the community?

Tom is visiting Emily at the Mental Hospital. She comes in and tells Tom that she has seen the nurse that is taking care of Rita somewhere before. She can't place her but she knows her from somewhere. Lisa brings the baby in for a visit with Emily. Emily is still muttering about the nurse and knowing her. Lisa says to Tom, "Is this part of the crazy act?" Tom tells her that Emily thinks that she has met the nurse that is standing on the other side of the room. Lisa looks at her and says that she is wearing a wig and not a very good one, but the bangs help hide her face. Emily starts to think again. Emily's doctor comes in and tells Emily that he needs to see her now. Emily says that she has just started a visit with her son. He says that she has to come with him now. He tells the orderly to take Ms. Stewart to the evaluation room. Emily freaks out and says that she can't be in the evaluation room, she can't breath in there. It reminds her of the cell where David had her trapped. All the way out the door, she is yelling at the top of her lungs. After she is gone, Lisa looks at Tom and says that she doesn't know if she is faking or not. Later, after her evaluation is over, they take Emily back to her room and she starts to think about the nurse again. All the sudden it comes to her, the nurse is the person that gave her check-ups while David had her locked up. She says, "She works for David!"

Jack is at the hospital talking on his cell phone to someone. Julia is standing behind him. The elevator doors open and Carly walks out. She sees Jack and then she sees Julia. When Julia looks at her, Carly half smiles at her and Julia takes off. Jack finishes his call and Carly walks over to him. He asks her if she is hurt from the accident the other night. She says that she has a stiff neck and asks him to look at it and see if there is any bruising. He feels around on her neck and says that it looks OK, but she had better see a doctor. She says that she intends to. He makes a comment that it is good that Brad convinced her to see a doctor and she says that it was Parker. She wants to be around for a long time for him. She asks him what has brought him to the hospital? He tells her that it is just police business. She says that she thought maybe he was looking for Julia. He tells her that Julia stayed in California at her family's estate. Carly looks around and then says, "Damn it. Julia is in the hospital, I just saw her, she was standing right back there." Jack looks around and then tells Carly that he is done chasing after her. Carly tells him to snap out of it and go find her, he loves her. He says that it is over, she is on to her shrink, Reid Hamilton. Carly asks him if there is anything that she can do for him. Can she fix his car. He tells her that she has done enough, she took him to San Francisco and that is enough. She says, "What is the fun having all this money when you can't spend it on the ones you love. Carly leaves and Jack goes over to the desk nurse and asks if Julia Lindsey is working tonight? The nurse says that she is and does he want her to page Julia. He says no and Reid comes up behind Jack. Jack turns around and sees Reid. Jack makes a comment about Reid being back and Reid says that he is back all refreshed and relaxed. Reid walks on by and Jack whispers, "Patience." Then he gets an idea. Jack goes to visit Rita at the Mental Hospital. When he arrives, her nurse is giving her a shot. Jack asks the nurse what is in the medication that she just gave Ms. Renfield. The nurse wants to know who he is and he tells her that he is Jack Snyder with the Oakdale Police. She says that she can't tell him what is in the medication and she leaves. Jack asks Rita if she remembers him and she says that she does. He says that he saw at the hospital that she has on her records that Reid Hamilton is her next of kin. She says that they will be soon. Jack says to her that she isn't really crazy is she and she shakes her head "no." She tells him that they thought it would be best to put on this act. She tells him that she isn't really crazy. Out in the hall, Reid is talking with Rita's nurse and she tells him that Rita has a visitor. Reid busts into her room and tells Jack to get out. He tells him to wait for him in the dayroom, they have a few things to get straight. Jack says, "that's right" and he leaves. When Reid gets to the dayroom, he tells Jack that he doesn't give a damn about Rita. It is time that they put their cards on the table, every single one.

Dolores walks into Carly's house, she is in sunglasses and she is whispering for Carly. Carly come through and see her there. Dolores is buttering her up, telling her what a great decorator she is. Carly sees through her and tells her to stop playing games, what does she want. Dolores tells her about losing her money in a scam and she doesn't want her sons to find out. She wants Carly to give her some money so she can disappear for awhile. Carly makes her a deal, if she can talk Brad out of this sham of a marriage, so she can be available for Jack, then she will give her money and a plane ticket out of there. Brad comes walking in and Carly announces that his mother is there to see him.

Wednesday, June 16, 1999

Molly tells Andy of her plan to do an expose on Reid. Reid provokes Jack, telling the detective that Julia demonstrated to him just how much she loved him when they were in California. Margo puts Alec off about his job offer, saying she needs to ask her kids first. Emma meets Julia for dinner and insists that Jack still loves her.

A desperate Emily begs Susan to find David's Nurse Fletcher, as she's a witness who can clear her. Reid revels when Jack punches him in front of witnesses. Dolores arrives at the mansion for a heart-to-heart with her son and realizes that Brad is falling for Carly.

Tom finds Alec in his house sharing awkward conversation with the boys. Adam causes a scene when he taunts Tom with the fact he's not his son, calling him "Tom" instead of "Dad." Carly offers to get Dolores out of trouble with the IRS. When Reid presses assault charges, Hal tells Jack he's suspended and takes his badge away.

Tom reluctantly responds to Susan's summons to go to the Spring Lake facility. Adam announces to Margo he's leaving. Molly declines Andy's offer to visit New Orleans with him, instead fantasizing about Reid. Reid finds out that Emily recognizes Nurse Fletcher. When Adam wishes he had a real home, Margo agrees to drive him to Hal's.

Reid informs Julia about Jack's arrest. Julia is distressed that Reid pressed charges and runs out to find Jack, much to Dr. Hamilton's displeasure. Carly arrives at the station, much to Jack's displeasure, and asks him for his side of the story. Tom informs Emily that Rita has "flown the coop." Julia sees Jack and Carly together at the station.

Thursday, June 17, 1999

At the OPD:
Julia came in and tried to question Jack about his fight with Reid. Carly was with him and before getting any real answers, Hal came in to talk to Jack. Afterwards, Jack exploded and throw things all over the room and kicked the table over just as Hal came back. He told Jack that he needed to keep his anger in check. Carly asked Hal if she could be alone with Jack and he left. Carly tried to comfort Jack and talked about their time at Teague's Cabin.
Jack calms down and Hal takes him to appear before the Judge for bail.

Reid and Molly:
Reid received a phone call from the mental hospital saying that Rita had escaped.
Molly cornered Reid and asked him questions about his "bed-side manner", he turned things around to make her remember David and she cried saying David never loved her. Reid, knowing that he did love Molly, tried to explain that with David's past it was no wonder that he had a tough time showing affection. Reid kisses Molly and the two end up in bed.

At Reid's house:
Julia showed up and called Reid's service to let him know that she had to get away from Oakdale and the Jack and Carly situation. She told him that she was at his house and to give her a call. Right after she hung up Rita appeared and was raving about how Julia was trying to take Reid away from her. Julia tried to tell her that she wasn't and tried to talk some sense into her. Rita got the fireplace poker and went towards Julia. Julia told Rita that she had her confused with the stalker. Rita came after Julia saying she was going to take care of her herself.

At the Lakeview Dining Room:
Lily goes in to confront Alec. She tells him that she is well aware of his plans for Worldwide and that it wasn't happening. She tells him that she is a smart cookie and knows how men like him work, including his puff piece about him in his own newspaper. Lily also informed Alec that Worldwide was her mothers company and family is number one with her. She will protect her mother and her mother's company. She stayed for dinner and then picked up the check, letting him know that the Walsh women were independent, but if he was gave them grief, he would pay.
Alec remembers Deana after seeing the reunion notice in the paper. Eddie and Georgia come in and say they are off to work. Eddie asks for a Tuesday off and tells him that he is going to his mom's reunion to find out about his dad.

Georgia and Eddie:
Georgia and Eddie were at some stadium. He was talking about his mothers high school reunion and how he wants to attend to find out more about his father. Georgia talked to him about her mother and how she thinks he should go for it.

At the Spring Lake:
Emily was talking about how Nurse Fletcher was the key to her case. She went back into her room and pulled back the blanket and there was a note saying: "I'm watching you, DS" Emily told the Doc and interns that there was blood splattered on her pillow and that David had did it all. When they searched the room they found that the blood was red paint as well as a paintbrush and poster paint under the bed. The orderlies came in and gave her a sedative after her claims proved false and they believed that Emily had written the letter and once again tried to bring false charges against someone.

Friday, June 18, 1999

Alec vetoes Eddie's plan to take the night off to go to his mother's 20th high school reunion and look for clues about his dad. Julia promises she'll walk out of Reid's life for good if Rita will just let her go. Reid breaks away from Molly as they are about to make love. Rita hits her head on a table when she and Julia struggle for the poker. A frantic Julia calls Reid and then realizes Rita is gone. When Alec gives him a lecture about his priorities, Eddie reluctantly agrees to stay at the Oasis for Alec's party. Georgia goes back later and asks Alec to reconsider.

Margo revisits the schoolyard where she shot Eddie's mother Deena and discovers Andy is going to be the official photographer for the reunion. Georgia takes responsibility for Eddie's resurgent interest in finding his father. Julia panics when the lights go out and she realizes she's locked in.

Eddie rants about Alec to Margo, and she realizes it's his father he's really mad at. Alec is determined--if he can't stop Eddie, he'll stop the reunion. Carly takes Jack back in time to when they first met in Montana and he laughs as he dances with her. Reid rescues Julia as Rita observes from the shadows.

Jack surprises Carly by remembering her comment in Montana about ice cream, presenting her with a bowl of exotic flavors to prove he's no plain vanilla guy. Their intimate moment is broken when "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" plays on the radio. Alec goes to the schoolyard and tells Eddie he can have the night off, but he should know some things before he goes to the reunion.

Jack hesitates when Carly is leaving and then gives her a chaste kiss on the forehead. Andy senses the desperation in Molly's embrace and asks her to tell him what's bothering her, otherwise they're not going any further. Julia demands some answers from Reid.



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