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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 31, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, March 31, 1997

by Sage

Kit and some of her flunkies decide it's payback time for "Princess" Lily. Kit wants to get back at Lily for spoiling her deal with the D.A. One of the flunkies fakes a stomache ailment to distract the guard...the guard leads the faking flunkie to the infirmary. Kit pulls a homemade knife on Lily and starts to cut, when Molly jumps in and pulls Kit off of Lily. The guard comes back and takes Kit to Maximum Security. Lily tells Molly that she doesn't know how she'll ever repay her.

Emily is out at the Snyder Pond taking pictures. Holden sneeks up on her and Emily jumps out of her skin. Emily tells Holden that she is the new editor and publisher of the City Times and she wants to do a story on Lily to help her get out of jail. Holden asks to see her camera. Emily gives it to him and Holden exposes the film. Emily is mad. Holden tells her that enough story hungry vultures are hovering around the place and she needs to leave. He grabs her arm. Emily freaks out drops her stuff and runs away from him. Holden is confused. He asks Emily what has happened to her to make her react like that and tells her that he'd never hurt her. Emily tells him that she knows that he'd never hurt her, but Diego did. Holden asks how he hurt her. Emily looks ashamed and Holden figures out for himself that Diego raped her. Holden tells her that it wasn't her fault. Emily gets a grip on herself and asks him to help her clean up the mess. She has some pictures from the "infamous wedding." She tells Holden that she payed a pretty penny for them. Holden asks to see them. He gets an idea and leaves. Emily takes one last look around and then she leaves. Holden is in front of the church seaching for something. He searches in the trees, finally he finds what he's looking for.....a bullet is lodged in the Church's marker. Holden goes to Lily with the news. She's excited then she realizes that without the gun....they can't prove that the bullet in the Church marker is hers. She won't be able to get out like they'd hoped.

Mark, Connor and Ben are in a diner talking about the Mark & Ben's good ol' days. David is in the background listening in on their conversation. David pays the waitress to page a "Mr. Jennings." Mark reacts but only slightly. Just as I thought, David says to himself. Emily comes in and tells David that she wants an exculsive with him. She then tells him that she is the new owner of the City Times. David tells Emily that he'll see what he can do and leaves, he tells her that he has to catch a flight. Emily goes and tells Connor and Mark that she is the proud new owner of the City Times and she asks them if they have any news worthy stories for her. They tell her that they are getting married. Mark leaves the ladies to talk and goes up to the counter at the diner and asks the waitress if a "Mr. Jennings" ever came for the phone call. She tells him "No." Later, a sad David carrying a bouquet of flowers is at a cemetery talking to "Annie" his dead girlfriend. He tells her he's kept his promise and never misses coming to see her on their anniversary. He tells her that he has good news this time, he's found Mark Jennings. He tells her the next time he talks to her, he'll have brought Mark Jennings in and she can finally rest in peace.

Kirk and Lucinda talk in Lucinda's office. They discuss Sam and her whereabouts. Kirk tells Lucinda that she called last night, he wasn't home, but she left a message. Lucinda asks for the gun, she said Sam called so now, she wants the gun. Lucinda tells him that Sam is coming in on a flight today. Kirk says lets go to the airport, we'll be a welcoming committee. They head off to the airport. At the Airport Kirk tells Lucinda that he's put the gun in a locker and he'll give her the key as soon as he sees Sam. There she is, Lucinda tells Kirk, she slipped right past us. Where, Kirk wants to know. The blond over there by the ticket counter, Lucinda says. Give me the key Lucinda shouts. Kirks runs over to the blond and doesn't give Lucy the key. It's not Sam. Kirk is mad and realizes that Lucinda set him up. Lucinda appologizes to the girl and whispers that her money is in an envelope in her hotel room. Kirk tells Lucinda he's tired of her games. She tells him that if he had one decent bone in his body he'd give her the gun. Lucinda tells Kirk that Sam probably didn't get her messages, but when she does...she'll put in a good word for him. Kirk tells Lucinda that he never wants to see Lucinda's face again, then he leaves. Lucinda goes to see Lily at jail. She takes Lily a picture of Luke. Lucinda tells Lily that she's working on recovering the gun. Meanwhile, a finger pushes a the play button on an answering machine, it's Lucinda voice telling Sam that she's desperate and must hear from her. Lily's life depends on it. The camera focuses on a matchbook cover from Hotel Alexadria, in Monte Carlo.

Back at the Snyder Pond a discolored hand holding a gun is sticking up among some rocks and dried grass. (Shouldn't Emily and Holden smelled something while they were out there? (Hmmm....)

Tuesday, April 1, 1997

by Nicolas Stroman

Barbara came storming into John's place as he was packing his things to leave Lucinda's pool house. Barbara yelled that Lucinda had finally gone too far. Barbara was mad at Lucy's decision to close EAS. She thought that it was a deliberate attempt to hurt Paul. John said he was sorry, but he knew how Lucy could be. He also felt sorry for Lucy going through all of the stuff with Lily. Barbara then made a reference to the night that Lucy had caught them in their bathing suits and wondered if Lucy closed EAS because she was jealous of their relationship. To test this and to defy Lucy in their own little way, the kissed passionately. Barbara and John broke their kiss long enough for Barbara to help him with his stuff. He wanted her to throw some "junk" out that was in a box. She refused when she was that the box was filled with various awards and trophies. Barbara said that his children and grand-children would love these items as souvenirs. John picked up one item, a track trophy, and thought about those days. Through his reminiscing, he realized that maybe someone would enjoy the things. He said he would take them to Margo's for the kids. Next, they were going to go through the coats, but when Barbara approached the closet, John stopped her, yelling out "NO!." After a little struggle, Barbara got past John to the closet. It was full of exercise equipment and sports gear. Even with John's protest, Barbara continued to snoop around in there. She found a shoebox. John tried to wrench it away from her, but she opened and saw the contents. (We didn't see what was inside or get any indication!) Barbara told him that it was very sweet what he had in it and that if she would have known, then he could've kissed her a long time ago. John swore her to secrecy and Barbara said she would tell no one if John was that embarrassed about it. They left soon after as John was supposed to visit Margo.

Emily went to the City Times for her first day of work. She let herself into Lucinda's office and saw a picture of Diego on the bulletin board with an accompanying story. Soon, a man who worked there came in to ask Emily what she was doing there. He wanted her out of the office, pronto. She annouced that she was the new owner and publisher of the paper and that she wanted those pics of Diego taken down immediately. He started to protest and Emily fired him. When the man questioned Emily some more about why she was in Lucy's office, Emily asked him what his position was there. He introduced himself as Marlo, the managing editor. To kill his skepticism, Emily put in a call to Lucinda. Marlo talked to Lucinda and she confirmed that Emily was the boss now. Emily asked him to take the articles down for her again and then told him to get his stuff and leave the building. After he left, a young man entered. He introduced himself as Jimmy, the chief copy boy. Jimmy welcomed Emily to the paper and wanted to know if he could do anything for her. She told him to take a memo for all of the staff to confirm her entrance at the paper. Later, Emily held her first staff meeting to introduce herself and talk about her plans for the paper. She wanted everyone to know that she was boss and wouldn't take "no" for an answer. Afterwards, Jimmy praised her and Emily asked him to go out and get lunch for two from Alfredo's. Susan came by to see Emily, saying that she had gotten a message from the publisher of the City Times. Emily confirmed that the message was from her. Susan was stunned to hear this news and wanted to know what Lucinda had on her for her to get this position. Emily wanted Susan to stop focusing on how she got the job from Lucinda, and to just be happy for her good fortune. Emily swore that she had the upper-hand in the deal and that Lucinda would not renig. Susan still worried about Em's future though, but Emily insisted that she was happier than she had ever been. Susan and Emily finished their lunch and Susan congratulated Emily on her good fortune. Jimmy came in when Susan left and showed Emily the headline for the next day's paper. Emily nixed it, saying that a meeting was too boring for front page. Enter Randy Selkirk. (the same reporter evesdropping on Hal and Holden) He had a bombshell in the murder case. Randy welcomed Emily to the paper, but Emily hesitated. She remembered what he had done to her during Paul Ryan and Brock Lombard's trials years ago. He had trashed her name all over the paper. He thought that she was going to fire him so he started for the door, but Emily stopped him. She knew that she needed him for a good story. Then he told her about the second bullet that had been found at the church. "They found it?!", Emily exclaimed. Randy seemed a little thrown by her response, but Emily ignored her faux pas telling Randy to get a story worked up for the front page about the murder investigation. Soon, he came back with a mock front page for Emily to see and she was ecstatic. She said that it would have the people of Oakdale shocked and the papers would be flying off the shelves.

Margo sat in the bathroom spraying and smelling different types of perfume. Tom came in and wondered what she was doing and she said that she was looking for the right scent. Tom asked what she meant and touched her on the shoulder. With that, she snapped out of it. She said she had no idea what she was doing. Margo told Tom that she had stopped by the drugstore for her medicine and while she waited, she went to get some perfume. After all, Tom hadn't liked the kind that she had worn before the plane crashed. Tom apologized for this, but wondered if she had gone a little overboard on her purchase of the various types. He also told her that she was perfect the way she was. Margo explained that she just wanted to be sexy for him. Tom wanted some action right then, but Margo immediately said she was too busy right then and left. Tom looked confused and concerned as she left the room.

Hal looked over some pictures from the wedding and remembered what he had seen Margo doing at the church the night before. Flashbacks showed Margo pointing her fingers like a gun and acting crazy. Holden came in at that moment to tell Hal that he had found something that would help solve the Santana case. A reporter eavesdropped as Holden told Hal that he found a bullet lodged in the church sign. Hal said that it proved nothing because of the lack of a gun and the tape. Holden still wanted him to send someone to check it out though. Holden then told Hal that he should investigate Ryder since he was there when Holden was knocked on the head at WOAK. Holden knew that Ryder was at the wedding too. Hal agreed to question Ryder again just to see if he saw anything suspicious. The reporter listened to this whole conversation and took off. Hal told Ramirez to go with Holden to the church so that they could retrieve the bullet. Later, Hal went to see Margo and wondered how she was doing after her outing at the church. Margo had no idea what Hal was talking about and told him she had only been to the drugstore last night. Hal insisted that he saw her out in the storm, but Margo thought he just needed some rest from the case. Tom came into the conversation and confirmed his wife's whereabouts. Hal apologized to Margo, but told Tom there was a major problem after she left. Tom told Hal that he must have been mistaken about seeing Margo and that he resented his accusation. (Wake up Tom!) Tom knew that Margo wouldn't lie about her whereabouts and she certainly wouldn't harm Hal. John stopped by in the middle of their exchange, but this didn't deter Hal's questions. He thought that Margo possibly wasn't aware of what she was doing at the time. Meanwhile, Margo worked diligently upstairs cleaning the bathroom. Hal left the Hughes house telling Tom to watch out for Margo closely. Tom admitted to John that Margo was probably in big trouble. He believed Hal, but didn't want to admit it to him. Tom told John about the strange perfume incident too. John suggested that they stop the medication she was on to see if she acted any differently. In the bathroom, Margo tthrew another couple of pills down and started smelling the perfumes again. Suddenly she cried out "What am I doing this for?." She packed all of the samples in a bag and headed out of the bathroom. Tom went upstairs to get Margo and to his surprise, she was gone.

Holden came home to the farm to see Emma and to tell her about the bullet he had found. Emma thought this was great news, but Holden told her about how Hal had shot him down. She told that he needed to slow down and get some rest. Without rest, he would not be strong enough to fight for Lily. Holden didn't want to hear this, saying that he needed Lily out of that jail soon. And just as he declared that no one was about to sneak up on him again, a mysterious person walked up in the distance. Holden relaxed outside of the farm and flashbacked to earlier in the day when he told Lily about finding the bullet. Emma interrupted him. Holden told her that he was sick of seeing Lily trapped in that prison. Emma wanted him to stop torturing himself and to realize that there were others that could handle it. Emma thought that the best thing to do would be to tell Lily the real reason he had come back to Oakdale... because he loves her. Holden said it wasn't the right time, but Emma insisted that Lily felt the same way. Holden asked how she knew and Emma told him that she could tell in her eyes and voice when Lily mentioned his name. Even after this reassurance, Holden still declared that he would keep silent until after she is out of prison. Holden said goodbye to Emma again. He was headed back in town. As he was leaving, the mysterious figure appeared again. Only this time, he had a face to go with the legs.

Wednesday, April 2, 1997

by Nicolas Stroman

Lily met with a mysterious man who came to visit her. (The same guy shown at the end yesterday) His name was Jack and he told Lily he was a minister. Plus, he had a minister's collar on. He had heard about Lily's situation and wanted to help. Jack said that he was there to talk to her and hopefully get some thoughts and feelings out about the murder and her stay in jail. Lily was apprehensive, but agreed to talk with him. He asked how the murder had come about and Lily explained about how Damian had been murdered and Diego had befriended her not long after. She had found out all the horrible things he had done and truly hated him. When Jack asked her about that night though, Lily wouldn't answer. She wanted to know how he had come to know about her and who sent him. He explained that he was from Emma's church and that he was the new minister at Luther's Corners. Lily knew that he was lying when he said that Reverend Summers was still at the church because he had retired. Lily immediately accused Jack of working for David Allen. Jack swore to her that he didn't even know David and that Luther's Corners was his first parrish. He had also never worked with someone in jail. When he brought up Emma and Luke, Lily started to relax. Jack explained that he had met the two of them in church and that his heart went out for Luke. At this point, Lily really wanted to know how Luke was doing. Jack told her that he seemed fine, but quiet. Jack asked if she felt like she was missing out on her son's life, but Lily told him that it was her own fault. Jack asked Lily if she had run into any trouble in jail and she told him about Kit. There was no one that she could trust in that place, she said. Jack told her that she could trust in God and he wouldn't abandon her. Lily told him that she was even doubtful of God and thought that she was deserving of her punishment. But there was a remote possibility of another gun from "her friend" (Holden) and his investigating. Jack had to leave, but before he left, he praised her strength and asked her to remember the 23rd Psalm from the Bible. "Yea will I walk through the shadow of death. I will fear no evil, for thou art with me." Lily thanked him for coming and told him to please come back. He promised and she called for the guard so she could leave. After she left, Jack pulled off his minister's collar and smiled wickedly.

As Hal was on the phone about the case, Ryder stopped by to see Nikki for a quick second. He dropped off a microcassette tape for her to hear. Hal got off just in time to see Ryder leaving. He pulled him back in the house and went off on him. Hal warned Ryder that he was supposed to stay away from Nikki. Hal berated Ryder for his lousy judgment. Nikki screamed that it was none of Hal's business. Hal told them that he just didn't want Ryder around because of all the trouble he had been in. Nikki accused Hal of blowing up at Ryder just because of his connection to Diego. Ryder wanted to know about this also and told Hal, once again, that he didn't shoot Diego. If Hal would just give him a chance, he could see that Ryder would never hurt Nikki. Ryder said that he loved her. Hal told Ryder that he had used up all his chances long ago and that there would be no contact with Nikki from then on. Nikki yelled that it wasn't fair and said that Hal should be more concerned about Margo's involvement with the Diego murder considering she was Adam's mother. Hal told Ryder to get out and never come back. Ryder left. Hal made Nikki turn over the tape that Ryder had given her because he thought it might be the one taken from WOAK. He played it in front of her and it turned out that it was just filled with love songs and messages from Ryder. Hal apologized, but Nikki said that she would never forgive him for what he had done to her and Ryder and she stormed out. Later, she met Ryder outside of the Hughes' house and told him what had happened after he left. She loved the tape and wanted Ryder to know that he wasn't in the wrong. Nikki just couldn't live with Hal anymore and wanted Ryder to run away with her.

Mark and Connor came to see David at the police station to ask him what he was trying to pull with Mike. Mark said he had gotten a call about Mike possibly being expedited from Spain. David said that he needed Mike as a material witness and must know his whereabouts. Mark told him that Mike was looking for Pilar, but he had no idea where he was staying, etc. David wondered why Mike and Pilar had a romantic relationship, but Mark defended it saying that Pilar was all alone right now. In a show of trust, (yeah right) David called someone from the police station while in front of Mark to tell them to stop the expedition of Mike. David then took Mark and Connor into a private room to discuss other matters. Mark accused him of trying to make a name for himself with Lily's case. David denied this. He had obviously made alot of enemies, but he wanted to get to the bottom of the matter. Mark then asked if he really wanted to talk about the murder or Mark's connection to Skokie. David told him that he was just curious as to a Santana-Mark-Skokie connection, but he had found nothing. (LIE!!) David also told the couple that there could always be new evidence to turn up to prove Lily's innocence. When Connor and Mark left, Connor felt that David had maybe changed, but Mark was unconvinced. While they were outside, David called someone and thanked them for making the "fake" phone call to Mark about Mike.

Later, David went to the Mona Lisa to relax, but found that Lisa was once again by his side asking questions. She asked him if his mood was about the case or the woman from his past that he had lost. He said neither really. He was just sick of being nice to people that didn't deserve it. Lisa wanted to know what he meant, but he avoided it. David explained that all he wanted was a conviction, but Lisa reminded him that people would be happier if Lily were acquitted. After all, Diego was a horrible person who had committed heinous crimes. David knew this, but said it still didn't give Lily the right to commit murder. David also told Lisa that there were other moral crimes that were overlooked in the eyes of the law, such as betraying a woman and breaking her heart. (hint, hint) Lisa agreed with this notion, but told David that these people will eventually pay for what they have done. She left for a moment and in that instant, David pulled out a pic of Mark. (bigger hint)

Tom continued to call out Margo's name all through the house, but she gave no response. He and John realized that she wasn't in the house. Tom told John that maybe Margo left to think. John thought she was having psychotic episodes again and that it might be due to the medication. Tom doubted this and decided to drive around to find her. When Tom left, John called Dr. Michaels and told her it was an emergency. He felt that Margo was in real trouble. Meanwhile across town, Margo was at Alderman's sampling perfumes. The saleslady tried to talk to her, but Margo was unresponsive. Margo smelled a bottle, then dropped it on the floor after she was done. After about three bottles hitting the floor, the saleslady got worried and called for security. Margo heard her calling and showed the woman her police badge. The woman still wanted Margo to stop and told security to get up there right away. Emily walked in the middle of this fiasco and wondered what the commotion was. She was shocked to find Margo in her fugue state. Emily saw that Margo was dropping the perfume and tried to get her to stop. Emily told her who she was and reminded her about Tom and the boys. Margo seemed to respond as she looked at Emily in a daze. Emily wanted her to grab her hand. She tried to remind her that they were friends and that Margo had helped her once. Margo finally grasped Emily's hand. Security came and Emily gave the saleslady her credit card for all the damage. They walked out. Lynn Michaels came over to Tom's just as he was getting back from searching the neighborhood for Margo. Tom told Lynn of the incident at the church with Hal and how she had forgot things constantly lately. Lynn didn't understand how the medication would cause these things to happen unless she was taking too much. Lynn said she would arrange for immediate hospitalization. She left and told Tom and John to not to worry because they would have no way of knowing. Soon, Tom got a call from Alderman's telling him of the incident with Margo. He went down there right away and asked the saleslady what had happened. She told him about the perfume bottles being dropped, etc. Tom explained that Margo was sick. The woman gave back Margo's badge to him and told him that he wouldn't have to pay for anything as some woman had already taken care of it. Meanwhile, Emily took Margo to her office at the City-Times to relax. Emily told the unresponsive Margo that she wanted to help her because of all that Margo had done for her. Suddenly, Margo snapped and ordered Emily to lock the door. Emily did so right away. Emily wondered what was on her mind and Margo soon began touching her nose again. Margo said that she was looking for a certain smell. Emily asked if that was why she was at Alderman's. Margo explained that there was a scent the night of Diego's murder. If she could remember the smell, she would be so close to remembering who took her gun....and who shot Diego!! Emily was stunned.

Thursday, April 3, 1997

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