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Franklin Quentin Hubbard
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Actor History
Z Wright
1980s [recurring]
Durrant Murphy, Jr.
Alimi Ballard
1993 to 1996 [contract; on Loving/The City]
December 12, 2007 to February 2008 [recurring]; March 2008 to September 23, 2011

Born on October 27, 1983

Was said to be 5 years old when his father was murdered in 1988

Revealed that he was 25 years old in 2008


Physician; doctor at Pine Valley Hospital

Volunteer at the Brooke English House (homeless shelter)

Served as a medic in the United States Army during the Iraq War

Former intern at Pine Valley Hospital

Former film student

Resides At

Apartment 2G in an unknown building with Randi

Formerly 1421 Plumtree Road, Apartment 5F [Also mentioned as 718 Valley Road]

Formerly Iraq

Formerly The Fargate Boarding House, 140 Calvert Street

Formerly California (for film school)

Formerly an apartment in New York City

Formerly a home in Corinth, Pennsylvania with Angie and Charles

Formerly San Francisco, California with Angie

Formerly the Grant home with Angie and Jesse

Marital Status

Married to Randi Morgan (Married: Mar 24, 2009)

Past Marriages



Jesse Hubbard (father)

Angela Baxter (mother)

Les Baxter (maternal grandfather; deceased)

Pat Baxter (maternal grandmother)

Lionel Hubbard (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Ellie Grant Hubbard (paternal grandmother; deceased) Cassandra Foster (adoptive sister)

Natalia Hubbard (paternal half-sister)

Eugene Hubbard (half-uncle)

Franklin Grant (great-uncle)

Flora Baxter (maternal great-aunt, lives in New York)

Carl Blair Jr. (first cousin once removed)

Jacob Foster (distant cousin)


William (given up for adoption; with Mia)

Unborn child (with Randi; deceased)

Flings & Affairs

Briana Hawkins

Mia Saunders (lovers)

Simone Torres

Colby Chandler (kissed)

Randi Morgan (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Blackmail; extorted money from Cooper Alden

Videotaped Simone Torres's brother dying of a drug overdose without stepping in to try to save him

Arrested for a DUI; sentenced to probation, community service, and had his license revoked [Sept 22, 2008]

Assault; beat up an intern at Pine Valley Hospital who was looking at pornographic footage of Randi on the Internet. [Jan 13, 2009]

At her request, altered the results of Amanda's paternity test to show that J.R. was the baby's father [Feb 2009]

Arrested for attacking James Beardsley; charges were dropped [Dec 15, 2009]

Negligence; did not relay a message about a patient's need for surgery to Angie, resulting in the patient's death [Feb 2010]

Health and Vitals

Hospitalized after ingesting toxins from a wild plant (tannis root) [Jan to Feb 2008]

Suffered severe injuries to his hands during an explosion in Iraq [May 2009]

Suffered minor contusions following a car accident [Oct 6, 2009]

Brief Character History

All My Children:

Frankie Hubbard was born into turmoil. His mother, Angie, thought that Jesse, Frankie's father, didn't love her, so she put Frankie up for adoption. When Jesse found her, he found out about the baby, and told her that he loved her and always had. They decided to get Frankie back, so they kidnapped him from his adoptive parents. In the end, they were able to obtain custody of him. Then, Jesse was killed in the line of duty. Frankie and his mother stayed in Pine Valley for a few years, but then moved to California to start a new life.


Frankie and his mother, Angie, moved to Corinth, Pennsylvania, a town near their old hometown of Pine Valley. They were unable to go back to Pine Valley because of too many memories of his dead father, Jesse. When he arrived in Corinth, he met and fell in love with Briana Hawkins. His mother fell in love with Charles Harrison and got married. Then, it was revealed that Charles was Bree's father. Bree thought that it was too weird and broke things off with Frankie. They got back together, but then Frankie, Angie, Jacob, and some other Corinthians moved to New York.

The City:

Frankie moved to New York to go to film school. While there, his mother and Jacob became foster parents to a white girl. Many people spoke out and made racist comments, and even vandalized Angie's clinic. Then, Jared Chase planted a bomb in the City Bar that almost killed Frankie. After that, Frankie decided to move to California for school and to be with Bree.

All My Children:

Frankie - who returned known simply as Frank - returned to Pine Valley in July 2002 fresh out of medical school. His parents' friends, Joe and Jake Martin, quickly gave him a spot as an intern at Pine Valley Hospital. Frank became close to Simone Torres, in spite of the fierce opposition of her father, who was also the hospital psychiatrist. Meanwhile, Frank began trying to track down the child he had with Mia, a child who had been given up for adoption. However, Mia's fiancé, Jake, convinced him to give up his search and let the child remain in his happy home. Soon after that, Frank and Simone's budding romance came to a screeching halt when Simone discovered that during his days as a documentary filmmaker, he had shot footage of a homeless junkie overdosing on the street. That young man was Simone's brother, and he had been comatose ever since. Even though another homeless man had gone to call for an ambulance and Frank had no medical skills at that time and was therefore unable to help in any way, Simone was disgusted with her new boyfriend and dumped him flat. Frank left Pine Valley for parts unknown.

In late 2007, a young man by the name of "Quentin" showed up in Pine Valley. Quentin, who had lived in the woods near the outskirts of town, helped Aidan Devane in the search for the missing Greenlee Smythe and Zach Slater. Quentin and Greenlee both contracted a mysterious disease and both were very close to death. When Dr. Angela Hubbard was called in to consult on the case, Quentin did everything in his power to prevent Angie from treating him. It was then revealed that Quentin wasn't the mystery man everyone believed; he was actually Franklin Quentin Hubbard, Angie's son. As Frankie lingered near death, he received a visit from his late father, Jesse. The sighting was attributed to Frankie's illness, but it was soon revealed that Jesse was very much alive. Jesse had faked his death years earlier to keep his loved ones out of harm's way.

After his recovery, Frankie finished his internship at Pine Valley Hospital. Angie later learned that Frankie had only signed on to work at the hospital so that he could find the person who had forced his father to fake his own death. Frankie and Colby Chandler were later kidnapped by the mastermind of the operation, Robert Gardner -- Tad Martin's uncle.

In mid-2008, Frankie's past as a soldier in the U.S. Army was explored in greater detail. During combat in Iraq, Frankie said that he had made an error in judgment that allowed a 15-year-old Iraqi to kill three of Frankie's fellow soldiers in a suicide attack. Despite the apparent error, Frankie was awarded a Silver Star

Frankie started to become romantically attracted to Randi Morgan, a prostitute. She pushed him away, at first, but eventually started to like Frankie as well. He encouraged her to leave the prostitution life and even tried to "buy" her from her pimp, Fletcher. Randi and Frankie were both relieved when Fletcher was killed in self defense and Randi could leave the life of a prostitute. Frankie and Randi took their relationship to the next level when they moved in to an apartment.

Frankie learned that he was being deployed back to Iraq and Randi was upset over this news. She told Frankie that, when he came back from Iraq, she wanted him to come back as her husband. At first, Frankie did not want to marry Randi but he decided that he wanted to be her husband. They set a date and were married in a small wedding in which only Jesse, Angie, Brot, Taylor, and Natalia attended.

Frankie went back to Iraq and, while he was over there, his hands were crushed and Randi was devastated. She went to see Frankie at a hospital, in Germany, and Frankie started to push her away. Brot encouraged Frankie to not let what happen to him ruin his life and to keep fighting for his marriage.

Frankie took Brot's advice and decided to meet with a surgeon after witnessing Randi's excitement about the possibility he could regain full use of his hands. He returned to Pine Valley and underwent the surgery and it was a success.

While Frankie recovered after his surgery, Randi shared that she had not been feeling well and revealed that she was pregnant. He was overjoyed by the news but noticed Randi continually acted strangely after the District Attorney Henry North was found dead. Henry's widow Madison North started hanging around Frankie and made it clear she was interested in him but he rebuffed her advances. Frankie also realized that Randi and his father were keeping some sort of secret but his questions about it were put on hold when Randi suffered a miscarriage.

Randi struggled to deal with the loss of their child and Frankie suggested they try to get pregnant again but Randi decided it was too soon. Frankie and Randi drifted apart and Frankie spent some time with Madison. She revealed that Randi had killed her husband. When Frankie arrived home to confront his wife about the accusation he found her with a baby. She explained that she had found an abandoned baby boy at the park and that she and Frankie were meant to raise him. Natalia stopped by the apartment and stated that social services needed to be called. Randi refused and stated that if she was not allowed to keep the baby she would confess to Henry's murder and admit that Jesse had helped her cover it up. Angie convinced Randi to give up the baby and he was returned to his mother Amanda Martin.

A rift formed between Frankie and his wife after he learned about her connection with Henry North. Henry had fallen in love with her when she was a prostitute and pressured her to resume their relationship after she married Frankie. Randi met up with Henry in his hotel room in Washington D.C. with hopes of convincing him to drop his crusade of her boss Kendall Slater. Kendall was accused of the murder of Stuart Chandler. Henry tried to force himself on Randi and she hit him over the head with a bookend. She left Henry lying on the floor and called her father-in-law for help. Frankie was hurt that his wife had not turned to him for help but instead chose to keep a secret from him.

Frankie started sleeping at the casino, which was also where Madison was staying. Randi accused Frankie of having an affair and he was hurt his wife had so little faith in him. His parents encouraged him to work out his marital problems but he turned to alcohol instead. Angie and Randi saw Frankie in an intoxicated state enter an elevator with Madison and head into a hotel room with her. Frankie swore his never touched Madison and he eventually reconciled with his wife much to Madison's dismay.

Madison did not take Frankie's rejection well and she continually made threats against him and Randi. They believed she was dangerous after she hit Frankie in the hand with a statue and they decided to keep a close eye on her. Madison was present at the charity dance marathon which Frankie and Randi had entered. He worried about his wife after she attacked Taylor Thompson in the bathroom at ConFusion. Taylor said that Randi confused her with Madison and hit her in the head with her purse. Frankie found Randi cowering on the bathroom floor and realized she had hallucinated. He believed Madison was behind it.

Frankie confronted Madison on the Fusion rooftop and she threatened to jump. Jesse and Frankie talked her down and Jesse arranged for her to be taken to a psychiatric care facility. Madison appeared again shortly after and forced Frankie to dance with her. She explained she had bugged his apartment and had a tape of Randi confessing to Henry's murder. Madison said the tape would be turned over unless Frankie divorced his wife to be with her.

Randi and Frankie decided not to give in to Madison's demands and Jesse worked to prove Madison had killed her husband and tried to pin it on Randi. Madison attempted suicide by overdosing on pills but Frankie revived her at the hospital. She turned over the keys to her safety deposit box that held the tape of Randi's confession and admitted she had killed Henry. Madison's father showed up to handle her paperwork while arrangements were made for her to be transferred to Oak Haven. Frankie felt sorry for Madison after he learned her father had abused her throughout her life especially after Madison appeared to have died in a car accident.

Frankie had a second chance to help Madison when she turned to him for help. She explained that her father had faked her death in a car accident. Randi was unaware Madison's father had caused her harm and she contacted him to come get Madison. A few days later, Frankie saw Madison at a shelter for abused women and she was covered in bruises. Frankie believed Madison's story that her father had abused her but Jesse and Randi thought she was playing Frankie to get close to him. After the Hubbard family witnessed a confrontation between Madison and her father they believed her and helped her bring charges against him.

Frankie was pleased when Randi and Madison slowly developed a friendship. The women worked together at Fusion and they volunteered at a woman's shelter together as well. Randi was relieved when Madison started dating Ryan Lavery but Frankie cautioned Madison not to fall too quickly for him. He provided Madison with dating advice and offered her a place to stay when her new apartment was not ready quite yet. He did not run the offer by Randi first and she worried Madison remained interested in her husband, especially since she was frequently out of town modeling for Fusion.

Randi continued to be out of town often and Frankie often spoke to Madison even after she moved out. Angie confided in Frankie that she was pregnant and she was going blind. The medication that could treat her vision was harmful to her unborn child so she refused to take it. David Hayward had taken over the hospital as well and had severely cut Frankie's hours. David had also learned Angie had lost her vision and sought to remove her from her position as Chief of Staff at the hospital. Frankie spoke about his troubles to Madison and she shared her concerns about Ryan leaving her.

Frankie and Madison's friendship changed after they both had too much to drink at a party hosted by Caleb Cortlandt. They left the party together but were both unclear about what had transpired between them but they agreed something in their friendship had shifted. Randi suspected something more was going on between the two of them and warned Madison to stay away from her husband. Frankie reassured her everything was fine and suggested they try to have a baby although Randi said it was not the right time in her career.

Randi remained uncomfortable with the friendship between Frankie and Madison but she softened her stance after she learned that Madison was pregnant with Ryan's child. Ryan had broken up with Madison and reunited with a former love and Madison was unsure if she wanted to keep the child. Frankie and Randi helped Madison sort out her feelings and promised to support her through whatever she chose. Madison kept the baby and Randi and Frankie supported her through her pregnancy.

Frankie's marriage got back on track and he was thrilled when he became a big brother to his new sister Lucy. Both Randi and Frankie helped Angie out with Lucy as often as possible and Frankie became his mother's confidante. She shared that David had offered her an experimental treatment that could restore her vision and she was tempted to try it so she could see Lucy. He agreed to help his mother sort through the research but reminded her it was ultimately her decision but he would be there for her either way.

Frankie befriended a young woman named Maya Mercado after he treated her at the hospital. She had recently given birth but said she gave her baby up for adoption. Frankie knew his mother needed help caring for Lucy and he recommended Maya as a babysitter. Angie was immediately impressed with how quickly Maya and Lucy connected and she was hired as Lucy's live-in nanny. Jesse was uneasy about Maya after her ran a background check on her and discovered she had recently had a baby of her own. Frankie vouched for her and explained she was just a young girl looking for a fresh start. Jesse later revealed why he was hesitant to allow Maya to care for Lucy. Maya was Lucy's biological mother. Angie and Jesse's daughter was stillborn and Jesse passed off Maya's abandoned daughter as his own to spare Angie the pain of losing a child. Angie had learned the truth about her baby at the right before her eye surgery and she insisted on going ahead despite the stress of the loss of her child. She also lost Lucy because Maya decided to raise her own daughter. Jesse thought Angie should postpone the surgery and wanted Frankie to talk to Angie. He sided with his mother.

As Angie recovered after her surgery, Maya moved out with Lucy. Frankie found Maya and asked her to consider staying with his parents as long as she wanted. She was not sure what she planned to do but she assured Frankie she would not leave Pine Valley without allowing Angie and Jesse to say goodbye to Lucy.

In the middle of the loss of Angie and Jesse's daughter, the Hubbard family had reasons to celebrate. Natalia and Brot were engaged and Angie's vision was completely returned. An impromptu celebration formed at Angie and Jesse's home and Maya and Lucy stopped by. Angie asked Maya to move back in with her daughter and she agreed. The family toasted the newly engaged couple, Angie's sight, and the return of Maya and Lucy.

A few days later, Frankie and Randi joined Angie and Jesse at the Chandler mansion to welcome home Stuart Chandler. He had been presumed dead until he was revealed to be alive as part of David's experimental Project Orpheus. Angie noticed that Randi had a special glow about her and inquired if she was pregnant. Frankie was surprised and excited when his wife answered the question with maybe. They joined the toasts celebrating life in Pine Valley as a shot rang out.

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