The Young and the Restless, All My Children star Eva LaRue tests positive for COVID-19

Posted Wednesday, January 06, 2021 12:18:13 PM
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Daytime veteran Eva LaRue (Celeste Rosales, The Young and the Restless; ex-Maria Santos, All My Children) reveals that she and her daughter, Kaya, are currently recovering from coronavirus.

The number of people testing positive for COVID-19 in the Los Angeles area continues to rise, and two people closely connected to the daytime community will be included in the latest figures: Eva LaRue (Celeste Rosales, The Young and the Restless; ex-Maria Santos, All My Children) and her daughter, Kaya (whom she shares with late soap star John Callahan [ex-Edmund Grey, AMC]), currently have the virus.

"Kaya and I got exposed to COVID last week. We thought we had dodged a bullet, and sure enough, yesterday, on New Year's Eve, we both tested positive," the actress shared during a conversation with her former AMC co-star, Jacob Young (ex-JR Chandler; ex-Rick Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful), on his new podcast, Real Conversations. "Oddly enough, I really feel like we've been so sick of being scared to death of the invisible monster under the bed for the last year -- always wondering, always looking over your shoulder, all of us. And I feel, oddly enough, like, all right, bring it on. Let's just do it. We're gonna like, head into it and we're gonna charge it, and damn it, I'm kind of like, 'Bring it on already!'"

LaRue, who recently made a virtual appearance on Y&R, shares that she is turning to integrative medicine to help her fight the disease.

"The problem is, nobody knows which one they are: Are they the one that's going to survive it? Are they the one that's going to succumb to it? Are they the one that's going to have the residual aftereffects of it? Nobody really knows until you're there and you're heading into it. So, all we can do is pray for the best," she says of her recovery strategy. "But, there is no way I'm not going to take it on with every bit of new technology or new medical [treatments out there]. I'm going in guns a' blazing! I've got this amazing integrative doctor who I've been working with for a long time, and I know a lot of people are like, 'No, we only do Western medicine,' and that's fine, I love Western medicine... but integrated medicine and Western medicine have to go hand in hand, in my opinion. Because, I just feel like, [we need to] open our minds to what is new and what is out there."

Subsequently, LaRue is receiving IV treatments that she hopes will diminish any long-term effects of the virus.

"I know to a lot of people it sounds like a screwball thing, but... [my doctor] swears that not a single one of his COVID patients that has come to him in the last year has had [negative aftereffects from the disease]," she reports. "They've all survived, and not a single one of them has had any residual long aftereffects or side effects or problems after having used this particular IV treatment."

To hear more about LaRue's COVID diagnosis and the way she's going about treatment, click here.

Eva LaRue rose to soap opera fame playing All My Children doctor Maria Santos, a role she held from 1993 to 1997, and from 2002 to 2005. She made a brief appearance in 2010 for AMC's 40th anniversary and reprised the role again in 2011 when the show wrapped up its run on ABC. She joined the cast of Y&R for a story arc in 2019 and won a Daytime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Guest Performer category for her work on the show.

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