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Gina Roma
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Actor History
1982 to January 22, 2010) [recurring]; September 3, 2013 to September 4, 2013; guest
Other Names

Gina Romalotti; birth name


Restaurant manager at the Genoa City Athletic Club


Former owner of Gina's Italian Restaurant, was destroyed by fire


Former con artist


Los Angeles, CA

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Clint Radison [Married: 1989; divorced: unknown date] (deceased)


Unknown Name Romalotti (mother; deceased)

Bryan Romalotti a.k.a. Rex Sterling (father; deceased)

Danny Romalotti (brother)

Daniel Romalotti Jr. (legal nephew)



Flings & Affairs

Jack Abbott

Neil Fenmore (deceased)

Clint Radison (deceased)

Brock Reynolds

John Abbott (deceased)

Crimes Committed

Con artist with her parents; served five years in prison

Brief Character History

Gina's parents were "con artists" when she was growing up, and all did time for their crimes. Brother Danny, not wanting to be a part of it, ran away from home as a teenager and ended up in Genoa City working as a waiter at Jonas's Restaurant with Paul Williams. Gina, (with shortened last name Roma), came to Genoa City after getting out of prison, wanting Danny's help to "go straight." For a long time Danny didn't trust her, but he got her a job singing at Jonas' Restaurant. Danny began his career as a teenage rock star doing concerts in Genoa City. He was often joined by sister Gina, and friends Tracy Abbott, Lauren Fenmore, and Amy Lewis, who sang with him when he performed on stage. When Jonas decided to move on, Gina bought the restaurant and renamed it Gina's Italian Restaurant.

Lauren Fenmore's divorced father Neil, began to show an interest in Gina. They dated and fell in love. But Lauren's long lost mother Joanna Manning returned to GC, and Lauren wanted them back together. So she broke up Gina and Neil by exposing that Gina was an ex-con. Gina vowed to get even with Lauren.

In 1987, Danny and Gina's father turned up in Genoa City, a homeless drifter just out of prison. He was molded and renamed by Jill Foster Abbott as "Rex Sterling" to con Kay Chancellor. But Rex and Kay fell in love, and he became a "good guy" after all. (Danny, Gina and Rex ended up becoming very close until Rex's untimely death by gunshot years later, as he surprised Esther's boyfriend Norman burglarizing their safe.)

In 1989, Rex's former cellmate, Clint Radison, showed up in town. Clint discovered Gina was Rex's daughter and started wooing her, and got her to marry him. But Clint was working on a new scam. He found a woman named Marge Catrooke who worked at a diner that was a dead ringer for Kay. Clint and his cohorts trained Marge to pass for Kay, then held captive Kay and her "ditsy" maid Esther. Meanwhile Marge posing as Kay drove Rex away, and he filed for divorce. Clint was now free to liquidate Kay's assets. But Kay's son Brock made a surprise return from his missions in India. Brock, with the help of Mitchell Sherman, discovered the ruse, and rescued Kay and Esther, who was pregnant by a one-night stand with Tiny the Plumber. Marge got to know Kay and also tried to help her to get away. Clint and his cohorts went to prison, but Marge was released as an innocent dupe, thanks to Katherine's intervention. Kay and Rex were reunited and re-married. After Clint was sentenced to prison, Gina turned to Brock. They became very close, but Brock was off on another of his missions to save the world before long.

That same year, Danny was attacked by a mugger and received major kidney damage. He needed a transplant to survive. Gina, Paul, Phyllis and Christine were all ruled out as possible donors, and things were looking bleak. In a last ditch effort to prove to Christine that he was a changed man and worthy of being reinstated as a lawyer after his prison term had been served, Michael Baldwin came to the rescue and donated the needed kidney. After Danny's recovery, Chris made her decision between Danny and Paul, and chose Paul. Danny took Daniel, and went "on the road." Only Gina kept in contact with him, receiving photos of Daniel now and then which she refused to share with Phyllis, whom she still considers the devil!

Gina continued to own and run Gina's for many years, Genoa City's gathering spot, renowned for it's excellent Italian food, entertainment and dance floor. She was always there to greet and seat the guests, sing a song now and then, listen to customer's woes or pass on a message, give a newcomer a room upstairs, give a new singer a break, and conveniently overhear conversations which kept her in the know of all of Genoa City's residents. She continues to be a good friend to most of them, especially Katherine Chancellor, with whom she opens her restaurant each Thanksgiving with free food for the homeless. Singers to grace the Gina's stage have included Danny, Lauren Fenmore, Callie Rogers, Ryan McNeil, and John Abbott. John used to join Gina in song now and then, and Gina was frequently seen at the Abbott mansion for family get-togethers and on John's arm at Genoa City events.

While attending the 2003 Arts Council Gala with John, Gina received a call that her restaurant was on fire. They rushed to the scene and witnessed the place fully engulfed in flames by arson. John took the distraught Gina home to the Abbott mansion before it was even extinguished and she is living there still. Gina lost not only her restaurant, she lost her home which was upstairs and everything she had, but her whole life - which indeed the restaurant was. Gina's had a long history in Genoa City. Originally named Pierre's, it was owned by Pierre Roulland who entertained his customers with his singing. After Pierre's murder during a robbery of the restaurant, it was sold by his widow Sally to Leslie Brooks, and became the elegant Allegro. A retired concert pianist, Leslie entertained playing a baby grand. After Leslie moved on, it was sold to Jonas (who never used his last name) and became more of a dark bistro.

Gina's brother Danny returned to Genoa City lending moral support to help Gina get her life back together. The Athletic Club offered Gina the manager position of their elegant restaurant, and she accepted. She decided against spending the insurance money to rebuild Gina's Restaurant. She lost her occasional boyfriend John Abbott to the wily gold digger Gloria Fisher. Brother Danny went back on tour, leaving Daniel Jr. with his mother Phyllis. John Abbott has since died.

Gina is seen occasionally at the Athletic Club. In November 2008, Danny returned to Genoa City from his home in Malibu to attend the funeral of their step-mother Katherine Chancellor (who was not really dead, it was her doppelganger, Marge). He mentioned that it was like a reunion tour to be there with Gina, Paul, Nina, and his son Daniel. He mentioned that Christine was in Europe and could not attend. Among the bequests in Kay's will, Danny and Gina received one-half of one percent of the huge estate in cash.

Meanwhile, Gina's ex-husband Clint got out of prison and came back to Genoa City again plotting to get some of the Chancellor fortune. Gina recognized him in a bar and warned Amber that he was trouble. Clint had again kidnapped the real Katherine and when caught ended up taking Kevin Fisher hostage. Kevin flipped out thinking his father Terrible Tom had returned from the dead after Clint locked him in a closet. Clint was able to coerce Kevin into robbing a bank for him, but ended up dying of a heart attack in his jubilance over Kevin's big score.

Gina was last mentioned when the Athletic Club had a gas explosion, as being in the kitchen, but that she got out okay. It was assumed that she still worked there, though was never seen.

In September 2013, Gina was a guest at the celebration of life for Katherine Chancellor following her death. It was mentioned that Gina lived in Los Angeles, CA.

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