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Holy hold our breaths, Bope Fans! We've been cliffhung until Monday and can exhale then while basking in the big reunion. In the meantime, let's discuss all the deliciousness DAYS delivered in this week's Bopeylicious Two Scoops!

Megan, can you handle this? Harris, can you handle this? DAYS fans, can you handle this? I don't think we can handle this! Buckle your seat belt, it's time for takeoff -- "BOPE" have reunited!

Okay. Well. They saw each other, and that's a start! It's already been Bopeylicious because of Peter and Kristian's chemistry that's just as fresh today as it was 40 years ago. Though, really, I can't wait until Monday. Patience is not my virtue, and Friday's Cliffhanger has just become the John to my Stefano. Alas, we must wait. Drats. Someone please get this Two Scooper a Limoncello to steady his nerves, thankyouverymuch.

In the meantime, let's discuss all the deliciousness DAYS delivered last week in an attempt to distract ourselves as we wait. Impatiently, but excitedly wait. Just a warning, though! My "Bope"-loving brain is like a dog off his leash -- like a drugged E.J. on a copy machine -- so this week's column will be a little random and spread out all over the place. So. Ready. Set? Bope...

First, you guys! Bo and Hope finally saw each other. Everyone channel your inner Lizzos and scream, "It's about damn time!" The buildup has been amazing and fantastically crafted, acted, and delivered by Team DAYS, but I cannot wait until Monday. Seriously, this show is on fire right now, and "Bope" brought the heat.

Kristian Alfonso captured the moment Hope saw Bo absolutely beautifully. We're right there with you, Fancy Face! Keep breathing. We got you.

I cheered when I saw Eileen Davidson had returned as Thomas Banks! She is the best. I love that lady. Then Mr. Banks started talking about his itchy trigger fingers, and I was gone. Like, Oh. My. God. Complete cracking up. Billy Flynn and Abigail Klein showed how great actors they are. I can't believe they kept a straight face. I surely didn't. Well done, you three!

I loved Megan and Andrew's banter. Miranda Wilson continues to shine, and I'm a lot captivated with Colton Little. Like, we get to keep Andrew in Salem after all of this, right, Team DAYS? Pretty please with three prisms on top? He needs to be one of the leaders of the next generation.

Also, we get to keep Megan, too, right? I'm eager to watch the DiMera gents shake if she tries to take over DiMera Enterprises. There's little trust between the Sisters DiMera at the moment, but a legit Megan-Kristen team up would be terrifying (and immensely entertaining).

I love how much Steve and Kayla love Bo. Even under extreme circumstances, they both believe the real Bo is under the surface, and they will fight to get him back. Sorry, John. You may have some bestie competition for Steve's affections.

Extra cheers to Sweetness! I was there for her tough love toward Bo. Her story about Caroline placing him in her little arms as a newborn and that bond -- that love -- that was formed that day on was a hit to the feels. She loves you, Bo Brady. Get over it. And Mary Beth Evans, we're not worthy!

John's hand on Roman's shoulder gave me the feels, too.

In fact, Josh Taylor is an unsung hero of this storyline. Roman's grief is palatable. He's just heartbreaking to watch. His being is a hollow mix of loss and shellshock. And to learn Kate was alive and now she's dead again, was just leveling. I hope this guy gets a win soon.

I'm glad that Bo recognized he was a bastard for wasting perfectly good wine. He might be the most self-aware brainwashed Salemite ever. Heck. Even mind altered, he's certainly more self-aware than some of his kin, amIright, Alex?

I was giddy when Hope showed a picture of Shane to the Greek popo. The only thing missing from this storyline has been cameos from Charles Shaughnessy and Patsy Pease. Still, though, that's like complaining about lukewarm towels rather than warm ones, as this storyline has been hot as hell. The incorporation of Shane and Kimberly has been great. Even unseen, they still feel like an integral part of the tale.

From Salem to Greece and everywhere in between, snaps to the set design and construction crew for creating fun and fresh backgrounds!

Brady gets my Two Scoops Spirit Animal Award for stating, "I don't care, Kristen." It's like we're one brain, Mr. Black. Agreed. Shut it down, Special K.

Kayla and Stephanie's reunion was filled with, well, sweetness. I totally misted up. Cheers to happy reunions!

"I'm an independent contractor." You tell them, Thomas Banks.

Shut up, Kostas. Has anyone other than him described thee Bo Brady as a "pretty average-looking guy." Not a one, Kostas. Not a one. Bo looks like Peter Reckell, and you're just jealous.

I lost it again when Megan added to her bonding wish-list, "...drinking a little toilet wine together."

True story. I can't keep succulents alive. I really, really try, too. So, the fact that Bo and others can move that super rare orchid around -- in a box, no less -- is amazing. Like, damn. That is one hearty flower.

Thomas stating, "That's just mean, mean, mean," was great! The Banks Quads keep it consistent. Still, though, those real itchy fingers -- ha!

I love all these Chelsea mentions. Keep 'em comin'. Keep 'em comin'!

Even a casual chitchat between John and Brady is welcomed. Drake Hogestyn and Eric Martsolf have such a charming father and son chemistry. The only thing missing is the equally charming Christopher Sean as Paul!

Chad and Stephanie's chat about their fathers was fun and fascinating. Her papa being a hero who taught her how to pick locks. His dangerous dad being a mastermind criminal. It was great watching them bond over more than grief. Legit. I liked it! More, please.

Am I the only one who was disappointed we didn't get to watch Megan and Kristen swapping Stefano stories? I want this to happen. Or, like, a living room (or jail cell) full of DiMera siblings sharing their connections with their Papa Phoenix. Maybe they could give Stefan a lesson or two.

AND Marlena mic drops the week! When Alex conveyed it was a huge honor to meet her, she Han Solo-ed with, "I know." Epic, Doc. Just epic.


I don't think Eric and Nicole's long showers were very Earth Day friendly, but they were so steamy, I don't mind that they didn't leave hot water for anyone else in Salem. Well. Maybe a little steamed. I did get a new organic loofah I was looking forward to trying out, but I digress.

Chemistry is certainly not the problem for Eric and Nicole. They have that to spare. It's just when they open their mouths to do more than kiss, dumb things happen. Words are their greatest enemy. Can "Ericole" rebound yet again? Will a possible miracle baby force their hand? I mean, that writing seems like it's on the shower wall.

I loved Tony and Anna's chats with E.J. and Nicole, respectively. Count Anthony certainly won with wisdom, but both were entertaining. I mean, sure, the truth should be the gold standard, Ms. Anna, but in the soap world, her advice was, well, still bad, but good for drama, so a wash, really.

The moral of this story: E.J. is not going to like this when he inevitably finds out via baby bump or Sloan. This time, I don't blame him. He's been his version of open with Nicole. He's even trying! That's big for him. So, nope. This isn't going to end well.

Watching Eric and Paulina squabble was uncomfortable. Abe really needs to have another chat with him. Also, the guiltier Sloan looks, the more innocent I'm sure she is.

Do we think Talia had anything to do with Jake or Stefan? Maybe as co-doctor with Rolfie. I still think the connection is via Sloan's brother. She recently broke up with someone in New York. She's now trying to get close to Chanel and destroy her. This seems like a soapy plot to impress her ex into giving her another chance. Or she's working with him. Either way, the lady is not all right upstairs, and I kind of love trying to figure out this twist.

Boy. Isn't Wendy going to feel silly when she finally pays attention to all of Johnny's messages. You'd think as an IT maven, she'd be all over her device, even when avoiding Jo-Ro. Or perhaps Tripp would have gotten a few messages like, "I know you requested time off, but we're inundated with Salemites hallucinating after eating laced biscuits. Can you work today!?" This is big news in a small city. They look silly because they haven't heard it.

Also, it's kind of clear Wendy wants Tripp. If she thinks she and Johnny were casual enough that she could date other people, she shouldn't be that bent out of shape that he's making plans with others then. Okay. He proposed to his ex that she's insecure about, but there were hallucinogens involved, sooo. There's that. Any way you eat the biscuit, it just all looks like Wendy likes attention more than Johnny, and Tripp more than both. We'll see.

Li was certainly a contender for the "Two Scoops Spirit Animal Award" when he told Johnny, "I'm not in the mood for your drama." That was hilarious. Those two have a weird "friendship," for lack of a better word, but it's amusing, nonetheless. It's like they met at a convention for Golden Boys and stayed connected on the Privileged-In app.

DAYS crafted such a beautiful relationship between Kayla and Tripp. She's his biggest inspiration for becoming a doctor. Because of that, I hate this "your mom" stuff he states when speaking with Joey (or Steph). C'mon, Tripp! You're literally the other "Dr. Johnson!" You're basically "Sir Sweetness." Own it. You're Kayla's kid just as much as the other two. Simply say, "Mom!"

Good on Li for "facing reality." He knows it will never happen again with Yo Gabba Gabs. I'm glad he finally got it. He let go. Though his final "Hell no" to his soon-to-be ex-wife was wonderful. Well played, Li.

If you ever need proof that Stefan loves Gabi, look no further than Melinda. Her mind wasn't fully functional, and he still said "no" to her advances. "Altered state of mind" is usually his jam. I guess that's character growth, right? Ugh. It still hurt when she called him a good man, though. #TeamAbby #NeverForget

So, yep. Now "Stabi" is back together and back at the mansion. Again, ugh. Couldn't they have gone to the old Alamain estate and started to plot their takedown of E.J. and Nicole from there? The DiMeras are rich and powerful. The Alamains are royalty with their own nation. Come on, Stefan. Explore that side. Methinks there might be a few resources there to help with your sibling squabble. Maybe Lord Sebastian is on the DE board or could -- I don't know -- buy Salem!

Melinda is on the mend and is single. Is there some Salemite you'd like to see her end up with, or should she stay single and surly and be ready to collect that super-duper favor "Stabi" owes her? Also, were you happy to see another side of Mel, or was it too little, too late?

Li is now a single Salemite, too! Would he and Mel be a good match? I did like his little banter with Sloan, but she's now going steady with Eric. He's even going to carry her law books to court cases and *gasp* there's rumor of friendship bracelets. Anyway! How about Li and Jada? Lots of options.

I should probably see if I can get worker's comp for eyestrain as they hurt from rolling them so much at Alex and his therapy session. Good grief, man. Well. At least I have faith in Marlena. If she can drive the devil out of her life, she can smite the ego out of that Me-Monster. Good luck, Doc!

Okay! Maybe Chloe mic-dropped the week. I lost it (and had to hit the ten-second rewind to watch again) when the Chlomeister went back for one more swig of beer after Xander started to leave for the hospital post being struck by a dart. Ha! Just all the "Ha-s!"

Extra Scoops

Lemme get this straight... we were cliffhung with the start of a "Bope" reunion. Eileen Davidson cameoed! A visit from Tony and Anna. A super solid week of episodes. A cast so brilliant I can't stop smiling about them with pride. AND we get Dick Van Dyke (and Louise Sorel) to look forward to!? Our DAYS cup runneth over. So, fine. You win, Team DAYS. As if I didn't adore you enough, you brought all the charm and served it on a platter with Pinot to wash it down with. Cheers to you!

In such a delightful week, there was only one major "NOT" I could find, and that was NOT being invited to have Pinot Grigio and play mah-jong with Anna and the girls. That sounds like a blast! Like, we need to witness this sometime!


"They're getting itchy." Thomas to Chad and Stephanie regarding his trigger fingers.

"I can't imagine Thomas going at it with even one person, let alone an orgy full. That is the most ridiculous alibi I can imagine." Megan to Andrew

"Well, let's not start singing Sister Sledge just yet," Kristen to Megan


And just who are "the girls" Anna plays mah-jong with!? I'd like to think Paulina and maybe someday (again?) Kate. Perhaps Calliope Jones jets into town for such occasions? I need this scoop.

Also, Calliope! She and Eugene need to come home soon. Maybe she could be design competition for Gabi's new venture -- Gabi Chic-ier.

Speaking of Salem homecomings, seeing Andrew and with all this talk of Kimberly, Shane, and even Jeannie-T, it made me miss Kassie DePaiva. Can Eve pay a visit, too? I'd love to see Andrew's response to his less-than-straightlaced sister (or sisters if Theresa joins Eve)!

I don't know what was more amazing. Tony crafting the perfect martini or E.J. gulping it. Either way, hysterical.

Damn. University Hospital is savage. They kept giving Dead Doc work!? I mean, really, what paperwork did Mar Mar have to catch up on other than to sign the Salem Standard Form 19-65 claiming an individual who was believed to be dead isn't. Then again, most of my co-workers would probably just keep piling paperwork on my desk, not realizing I'd been dead then recently resurrected. So. There's that, too.

I also don't think I'd get "We Missed You!" banners. They'd just hand me armfuls of work and tell me they're going to lunch...without me. I'll have to address this in my next session with Marlena if she can squeeze me in around Alex's emergency neediness.

I adored Tony and Anna's cut-screen chat about Pinot and the ugly/not-ugly lamp. Love. Them!

A friend was watching Tuesday's episode with me and saw Xander smirk at Chloe. The reply was, "God damn," and then they just melted. Yep. Paul Telfer smiles will do that to a person.

I pity the poor DiMera Enterprises intern who was told to clean up the copy room. Butt! I mean, but there might be some blackmail material laying around. I highly suspect that extortion would be merit points at that company.

Alex is the type that expects "Thank You" notes from mirrors for making them look better. That guy.

If B-Regard joins Black Patch, would it become Black and Bo Patch?

Can we all just agree that Marlena's inner dialogue was probably something like, "I came back from the dead for this?!" during Alex's therapy sesh.


So, friends and fellow fans, that's it for April 24! I can't believe how quickly time seems to have flown, but we're just a week away from the start of May Sweeps. How can DAYS get better!? We're on the edge of a Bopeylicious reunion and ready to fall all-in on Monday!

With that, I'm off to do facial exercises to ensure my muscles are ready for all the cheers and sobs and other emotions I'll likely be overwhelmed with during Bo and Hope's big moment next week. Are you ready, too? Grab some tissues, wine, and chocolate. That's a solid start.

In the meantime, Laurisa will be in Greece to break some plates and break all the deets on the Bope-tastic reunion. Until then, Ya mas! And, as always, thank you for reading, and "That's a fact."

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