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Are you glad Bo and Hope are back together? Do you think there's more in store for them? If so, what type of Salem will they return to?

I remember when Bo died. I remember how cruddy it felt as a viewer to get Bo back from going off to get Caroline treatment just to see him come back and die in Hope's arms. I get that it was all to set Hope officially free. But still, it hurt a ton.

And in the purely viewer's world -- where backstage and real-life happenings don't matter -- Bo and Hope should be together. And now they are! Sure, Bo is in a coma, and Hope is probably going to whisk him off to whatever Coma Busters, Inc., Sami took E.J. to in Italy. But we've got them back together. As the band Starship sang, "nothing's going to stop us now."

As much as I enjoyed the Bope reunion, it was all the other Bradys that got to me! Kayla hugging Hope in the hospital made me tear up. Ciara and Stephanie had a nice moment. Roman having Kayla, Andrew, and Steve around when he found out Kate was alive was wonderful. And Ciara and Shawn will never not make me smile. In a way, Bo was the Brady-est of the Bradys. People rallied around him. They still do.

And what will become of those people? I hope Kayla, Andrew, Steve, and Roman will set off to find Kate. You know, for as glamorous as Kate is, she's never above doing work. Be it waiting tables or chopping fish, she'll roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty. Of course, I can't see images of her chopping fish without thinking about Vivian. Could our lovely Auntie Viv have captured Kate again? Is Alamania within walking distance of Greece? It has to be!

Ciara's probably going to sail off again with baby Bo, Ben, and little Addie Marie. (Wild guess that Ciara's next baby will be a girl.) So that leaves us with Shawn to deal with the fallout of the shot. Up until now, I didn't know the "D" in "Shawn-D" stood for "don't shoot!!!!"

I can't have been the only one whose hand slapped their forehead when Shawn shot Bo. Oh, Sailor Man. That was a rough move. However, one can make the argument that if Shawn hadn't shot Bo, then Bo wouldn't have gone into surgery, and the team wouldn't have happened to find the brain chip. Without that, we wouldn't know if Megan could have controlled Bo again.

Still, the scene where Shawn broke down over shooting Bo was a great scene for Brandon Beemer. Shawn's usually the calm one trying to bring those around him back into logic land. This time, Shawn was the one who was lost, and I imagine he'll bring that back to Salem with him.

Back on the Salem farm, the DAYS writers did a fantastic job of weaving the events of biscuit night into the Chanel/Sloan feud and all the way to the DiMera board room storyline. It's good stuff!

For starters, we knew Talia was behind the poisoning. But we found out this week it's because she's dating Sloan's brother, Colin, who is an absolute prince and certainly not a devious jerkface. But that means that Sloan is still everyone's top suspect.

Melinda questioned (threatened?) Sloan about that night enough for Eric to lie and say he was with Sloan all night. We know he wasn't because he and Nicole were making a bun of their own (just a hunch). But Sloan can't ever let that secret out now because it would collapse her own alibi.

That leaves E.J. overhearing Nicole saying he can't know about something as the only real thread to pull about the biscuit night romp. And considering he's promoted Nicole to Gabi's babysitter, I don't know that he'd risk losing her. Gabi and Stefan are solid as can be. E.J. needs a Lady Macbeth if he's going to keep this play going.

Loose Ends

I did say that the ball was in Wendy's court. I didn't think that her move would be to fly halfway across the country to have cotton candy with Tripp. But come on, Wendy. Wake up and smell the travel miles. That's not something you do because you're mad at Johnny. That's something you do if you're really into Tripp.

And I wish she'd just admit that and let Johnny off the hook. I haven't been his biggest fan, but she didn't even pretend to care that his proposal was out of left field -- or that Channel's acceptance was, either! Nah. It feels like she was looking for an excuse, and this was it.

After Chloe dealing with Philip, Brady, and Stefan -- I'm not opposed to Chloe having a lighthearted storyline. And Xander is lighthearted! I genuinely enjoy their scenes. I look forward to them being roommates. Plus, after the heavy Gwen and Sarah drama, it's kind of nice to see Xander have something else to do. Nadia and Paul are playing Chloe and Xander completely platonic. While that may evolve into something else down the line, I really appreciate the break this gives both characters.

Eric and Brady had a wonderful scene where Eric gave Brady some very true advice -- Xander isn't the problem. Eric admitted that he was a bit neglectful and self-absorbed in his previous marriage to Nicole. And that made Brady realize that, yeah, Kristen and Rachel have been horrible to Chloe, and he hasn't done a whole ton about it. Yes, Brady. Yes, Eric. Awareness! It looks good on both of you!

Extra Scoops

Okay, so that green screen was hella bonkers. But can we give a standing ovation to Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso playing every piece of this Bope reunion? From Hope's determination to break him, to Bo's hopeful "Fancy Face," to all the dream reunions, these two delivered. I can't wait for the real reunion down the line when Bo wakes up from his coma.

I try to give characters more than a screen before I judge them but, nope. No, Colin. That there is a bad dude. He feels like the lovechild of Trent Robbins and Nick Fallon. He's, at best, emotionally abusive to Talia. But I suspect there's more. There are only two reasons Talia would give up her career in medicine to take up a life of crime for this creep. She's either severely mentally ill, or he's been grooming her from the stance of an abuser for quite some time.

That isn't to get Talia completely off the hook. She has a strong sister who would help her in a second. But Talia seems to be deep in this abuse. I need Talia to have a few more scenes with Gabi and learn about how strong women can pick themselves up after abuse and heal. And in the meantime, I need Colin to take a walk down by the Salem River.

Ciara (about Chelsea): "She wanted to come. But her obstetrician told her to stay in bed."

Chelsea is pregnant!? That's so exciting. I have so many questions. Is Max the father? Did Kate know? Can we see her again soon?


I like how Marlena wears suits like she could be part of an early 90s boy band.

With Chloe out at DiMera Enterprises and Nicole taking this new PI/consultant role, there seem to be a ton of openings at Basic Black.

With all the masks and reinventions in Salem, I kind of think Hope should be a little more careful putting her gun down so fast.

Was Kayla wearing a jeans jacket with a hospital gown? I swear, those jackets are a closet staple. What can't they do?

Chad's spouting a lot of "spend all my lifetimes with you" for someone who is still wearing his wedding ring.

Abe barging into the police station, demanding an arrest, seemed very odd. Abe spent years as the police commissioner complaining about mayors who did just that. It would make more sense for him to offer to look at some of the evidence from a cop's perspective to help the investigation along.

I'm really enjoying the music over the end credits lately.

Look, people can reinvent themselves at any stage in life. Still, it was a little strange to see a nearly 70-year-old man screaming about becoming the man he's meant to be.

Roman wanted Andrew to take him back to Statesville so he could "what da hell" Megan in person. Marlena told him to take a nap instead. I do like Mar's advice. I wish people would prescribe more naps for me.

Steve tried to pick a lock with a spoon. When that didn't work, he dug out a tunnel with the spoon. Because of course he did.

In reference to Sloan, Brady asked Eric, "Doesn't everyone hate her?" Eric got a truckload of credit for not retorting with, "Didn't you propose to Kristen DiMera?"

DAYS has such a good history with guys named Colin. I'm sure I'm overreacting.

-- Laurisa

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