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Ivy Forrester
Actor History
Ashleigh Brewer

Has her own jewelry design business in Australia

Designed jewelry for Forrester Creations


Presumably Sydney, Australia

The Forrester Mansion (369 Willow Hill Road, Beverly Hills, CA, 90210)

Formerly the Forrester Guest House, (369 Willow Hill Road, Beverly Hills, CA, 90210)

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Liam Cooper Spencer [Married: 2015; annulled: 2015]


John Forrester (father)

Claire Forrester (mother)

Jessica Forrester (half-sister)

Eric Forrester, Sr. (uncle)

Thorne Forrester (cousin)

Kristen Forrester (cousin)

Felicia Forrester (cousin)

Angela Forrester (cousin; deceased)

Eric "Rick" Forrester, Jr. (cousin)

Bridget Forrester (cousin)

Alexandria "Aly" Forrester (first cousin, once removed; deceased)

Dominick Damiano (first cousin, once removed)

Zende Forrester Dominguez (first cousin, once removed; via adoption)

Eric Forrester III (first cousin, once removed; deceased)

Nicole Marone (first cousin, once removed; deceased)

Logan Knight (first cousin, once removed)

Elizabeth Forrester (first cousin, once removed)


None known

Flings & Affairs

Liam Cooper Spencer

Wyatt Fuller Spencer

Thomas Forrester (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Broke into Quinn Artisan Jewelers to confront Quinn Fuller [2014]

Broke into Rick Forrester's desk with a paper clip [2015]

Blackmailed Thomas Forrester into supporting her as the new face of Forrester [2015]

Blackmailed Steffy Forrester into supporting her as the new face of Forrester [2015]

Kissed Thomas Forrester despite relationship with Wyatt Fuller Spencer [2015]

Kissed Liam Spencer despite relationship with Wyatt Fuller Spencer [2015]

Slapped Quinn Fuller [2017]

Health and Vitals

Fell off a bridge into Paris' River Seine after being pushed by Quinn Fuller [2014]

Electrocuted after a scuffle with Steffy Forrester [2015]

Knocked unconscious after scuffle with Steffy Forrester [2015]

Suffered a concussion after falling down the stairs [2015]

Brief Character History

Ivy Forrester is the daughter of John Forrester, brother to Eric Forrester, a founding member of fashion design house Forrester Creations. Ivy visited Los Angeles from her native Australia and gave up her own jewelry designing business when Eric asked her to replace volatile outgoing designer Quinn Fuller, who, among other things, had tried to kill Liam Spencer to clear the way for her son, Wyatt Spencer, with Hope Logan. Ivy inadvertently filmed Hope accepting a rare diamond from Wyatt despite being engaged to Liam; when Liam walked out on Hope, Ivy encouraged him to take Hope up on her offer to marry him in Paris and accompanied Liam there for moral support.

While trying to snap a photo of Liam and Hope's Parisian reunion, Ivy fell off a bridge into the River Seine. Ivy felt bad that her rescue by Liam cost him his chance to marry Hope; after returning home and discovering that Hope had married Wyatt, Ivy and her friend/cousin Aly Forrester ran interference with Wyatt so Liam could tell Hope what happened. When Ivy learned that Quinn had pushed her into the river to keep Liam and Hope apart, Ivy broke into Quinn's jewelry business and fired up Quinn's welding equipment, warning Quinn not to mess with her again.

Ivy's surprise Australian-themed party for Liam ended with a kiss; Ivy introduced her new beau to her visiting father, John. Excited that her first jewelry line would receive a high-profile launch in Amsterdam, Ivy invited Liam along, though Hope and Wyatt would be on hand as well. A Dutch publicist encouraged Ivy to model her own jewelry, which put Ivy up against fellow model Hope. During a romantic boat ride, Ivy and Liam professed their love for each other.

Ivy attracted the ire of tyrannical Forrester CEO Rick Forrester when she spied the married man kissing his mistress, Maya Avant. Ivy feared for her job when Rick threatened her, but reported Rick's misdeeds to Liam. Ivy continued suffering Rick's mistreatment at Forrester and was uneasy when Liam suggested amassing enough stock to force Rick out, which would require the cooperation of Liam's ex-wife, Steffy Forrester. Ivy caught Steffy, who wanted Liam back, trying to seduce Liam in a bikini, and demanded that Steffy back off.

Ivy vowed to go to her father for help when Rick made Aly and Ivy wait on him and Maya; Ivy then broke into Rick's office with a paper clip, her search yielding nothing incriminating. Ivy had further difficulty when Rick rehired the exiled Quinn to work alongside her. The cavalry finally came when Ridge approved Liam's takeover plot; Ivy was relieved that Ridge had commanded Steffy not to make reuniting with Liam a condition of her cooperation.

When Ivy learned she was about to be deported, she followed Quinn's advice and asked Liam to marry her. But Ivy was stunned when Liam announced that his feelings for Steffy were resurfacing; Liam would marry Ivy in name only if they continued on as if they were dating. Ivy knew she could edge Steffy out by keeping quiet over the eventual news of her dual citizenship, but Ivy went to Liam and gave him his freedom anyway, hopeful they'd work things out.

Ivy became increasingly concerned when Aly, who had a history of mental illness stemming from the violent death of her mother in childhood, began disrupting business meetings; when Aly declared the company's new designs filth and loudly opposed transgender model Maya, Ivy discovered a "hate board" Aly filled with blacked-out photos of Steffy and Maya. Ivy searched for Aly and found her in a confrontation with Steffy on the side of the road; Ivy filmed the scuffle and was convinced she'd captured Steffy bludgeoning Aly to death with a tire iron.

Though Steffy claimed Aly's death was an accident, Ivy was convinced Steffy was a murderer; further incensed that Liam dumped her for Steffy at Aly's memorial, Ivy threatened to take her video to the police if Steffy didn't make Ivy the New Face of Forrester. Ivy also embarked on a relationship with Wyatt, bonding with him over constantly coming in second with the family. Ivy caught Wyatt trying to delete the incriminating video at Steffy's behest, but sweet-talked Wyatt out of it.

Ivy finally deleted the video herself when she realized she'd really been angry about not seeing Aly's signals for help. Ivy lost her job at Forrester but had Eric intervene, humiliated when Steffy forced Ivy to model lingerie. After Liam brokered a truce between Ivy and Steffy, Ivy settled into coupledom with Wyatt but was also attracted to Steffy's brother Thomas Forrester; Ivy kissed Thomas repeatedly despite her protestations. Ivy promised the angry Steffy she'd tell Wyatt herself, but by the time she did, Steffy had already ratted her out. Ivy confronted Steffy and ended up falling into a live electrical panel. Ivy filed a restraining order against Steffy, then fell and hit her head arguing with her. In light of facing her mortality, Ivy kissed Liam and told him she wanted him back.

After spending the holidays with her father in Cancún, Mexico, Ivy was stopped from accepting Wyatt's proposal by Quinn, who had overheard Ivy declaring her love to Liam. Cut loose from Wyatt, Ivy packed for Australia but suffered a concussion falling down the stairs while bickering with Steffy. Ivy loved it when Liam escorted her onto her plane, but worried when Liam hit his head in the lavatory before takeoff and had to fly to Sydney with her. Later, not having heard from Liam for weeks, Ivy called Quinn, telling her former co-worker about Liam's head injury and enduring Quinn's tongue-lashing for causing Wyatt heartache. Then, Ivy paid a visit to town, surprised when Steffy said Liam had gone missing.

Several months later, Ivy returned to Los Angeles hoping to be rehired at Forrester; Ivy approached Quinn, approving of Quinn's new relationship with her Uncle Eric. Ivy hesitantly agreed to undergo a makeover at Quinn's behest which included temporarily dropping her Australian accent; when Ivy realized Quinn had dressed her like Steffy, Ivy admitted she still had feelings for Liam and followed Quinn's advice to pursue him, boldly planting a kiss on her ex. When Eric and Quinn got married, Ivy was the only guest, as the rest of her family had staged a boycott in protest of the union. Later, after Eric was hospitalized following a brain hemorrhage, Ivy, at Quinn's request, kept Eric's former sister-in-law, Pamela Douglas, and her boyfriend, Charlie Webber, from visiting a convalescing Eric at home.

Ivy helped Quinn, whom Eric had named as interim CEO of Forrester, during a fashion show that highlighted their jewelry. Ivy became friendly with Wyatt, and, at Thanksgiving, apologized for her poor treatment of him ahead of their breakup; Ivy was delighted when Wyatt forgave her. After Steffy and Liam reunited, Ivy suggested they marry in Australia in a double wedding with Ridge and Brooke, but Ivy became unnerved to learn Ridge and Quinn had been flirting. Ivy slapped Quinn when she caught her kissing Ridge and was determined to inform Eric but ultimately let Ridge talk her out of it.

Ivy helped Steffy plan her wedding and played tour guide for everyone in her native Australia, arranging for Steffy to zip line into her ceremony and having Aboriginal musicians play at Steffy and Liam's beach reception. Ivy also modeled alongside Steffy in front of the iconic Sydney Opera House. Ivy supported Quinn when Brooke caught Quinn kissing Ridge and called off her wedding to him, but Ivy scratched her head when Brooke's sister, Katie Logan, who knew about Ridge and Quinn, blackmailed her way into a job with Ivy and Quinn even though Katie had no experience designing jewelry; Ivy tried to be diplomatic about Katie's lackluster ideas. Later, Ivy joined her fellow Forrester employees in modeling for a calendar featuring the design house's new swimwear line.

Ivy continued working on Forrester's jewelry collection and attended several meetings; Ivy was last seen when Ridge and Brooke finally did succeed in remarrying.

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Who's Who in Los Angeles

B&B Actor biographies
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