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The Forresters and Logans united to celebrate Thorne and Brooke's wedding, and Ridge and Stephanie put their grievances aside for the day. Taylor became late for her flight when she found herself locked in Ridge's office with Morgan.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 15, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, January 15, 2001

Before her wedding, Brooke tries to call Stephanie in hopes of changing her mind but the Forrester matriarch won't reconsider. Meanwhile, Taylor blasts Ridge for refusing to be Thorne's best man and asks how he would feel if Thorne were refusing to attend their wedding. Ridge remains adamant and reminds her that he's always been against this wedding. Upset, Taylor grabs the kids and rushes out, leaving a somber Ridge behind. Bridget takes her turn talking with Stephanie about attending the wedding and points out that Stephanie's decision to skip the wedding is making her feel guilty about attending. Stephanie tries to explain her thinking but Bridget claims that she's making her choose between her and her mother. Stephanie's not impressed and refuses to change her mind. Bridget runs to her mother with a report on her failed effort with Stephanie. Brooke cheers her daughter and urges her to truth that this will be a wonderful day. Kimberly explains to Thorne that she's attending his wedding to help with closure for her and assures him that she supports his decision to marry Brooke. At the chapel, Thorne tells the minister that he will have no best man. However, as he prepares for the big event, Thorne is surprised when Ridge appears and jokes that he told him "no" because he wanted to make him nervous and offers to be his Best Man. Thorne is thrilled. Meanwhile, in another room, Brooke, wearing a pure white, form-fitting dress, is shocked when Stephanie appears.

Tuesday, January 16, 2001

Beth thanks Eric for accepting the marriage of her daughter and Thorne. He apologizes that no one else from the family will be there. Stephanie surprises Brooke by entering her dressing room before the wedding. Admitting that she changed her mind but still has no plans to forgive Brooke for what she did to her, Stephanie announces that she is there for the children and the Forrester family, thanks to Bridget. Amazed by what has happened, Brooke hugs her future mother-in-law. Bridget and Stephen interrupt and are pleased to find the two women together. Ridge admits to Thorne that he finally realized that it's Thorne's life and he shouldn't interfere. Smiling as he realizes the truth, Thorne guesses correctly that Taylor "chewed his butt off" and forced him to change his mind. After chatting with Amber about their plans to marry again, Rick approaches Kimberly and asks if she's okay attending Thorne's wedding. She assures him that she's fine but suggests he check on her after the ceremony. As the wedding begins, Thorne and Ridge take their place. Thorne worries when Stephen enters without Brooke at his arm. Everyone is rocked as Brooke enters the chapel with Stephanie walking her down the aisle. Teary- eyed, Thorne thanks his mother and then takes Brooke to face the minister.

Wednesday, January 17, 2001

Sally, Clarke and Darla were at Spectra Fashions when they noticed the announcement in the paper for Thorne and Brooke's wedding. Sally was outraged that this wedding was actually taking place. She called it a mockery of Macy's memory. Both Clarke and Darla tried to get Sally to calm down. A livid Sally called Forrester Creations to get a hold of Stephanie to see what she was doing to stop this wedding. Sally was told that Stephanie could not be reached because she was attending the wedding of her son, Thorne to Brooke Logan. Sally was shocked and appalled that Stephanie would even attend this wedding. Then she deduced that the only way Stephanie would be there was if she planned to stop the wedding. Darla told Sally that Stephanie may have decided to accept this marriage for the sake of maintaining the family unit but Sally didn't believe that. She reminded Darla and Clarke that there has been an ongoing rivalry between the Forresters and Logan families for decades, going back to the time when Eric was involved with Brooke's mother. Clarke and Darla did their best to convince Sally to let this vendetta against Brooke and Thorne go, because it would be what Macy wanted.

The wedding ceremony got underway when the minister asked if there was anyone there who saw just cause for this marriage not to take place. All eyes were on Stephanie, but she failed to utter a word. Before exchanging vows, Brooke's father made a brief speech about Brooke and Thorne and then read a passage from the Bible. Then, Beth came up to light the unity candle and Stephanie joined her on behalf of the Forrester family. The minister then instructed the couple to read the vows they had written for one another. Thorne began by saying that he has loved Brooke since the moment he first met her, first as a friend and now as a life long partner. He slipped the ring on Brooke's finger as she cried tears of joy. Then Brooke spoke to Thorne about how life is taking them on a journey together that they have both never been on before. She thanked their family and friends who helped them get to where they were today. Then she vowed that they would always be together and always be in love.

The minister pronounced Brooke and Thorne husband and wife and the two kissed passionately. Thorne turned to give his best man, Ridge a hug and Brooke did the same with Bridget. The happy couple walked down the aisle as husband and wife. Brooke smiled and thought to herself that this was the happiest day of her life. As white rose petals fell from the sky and landed on Thorne, Brooke and all their guests, Brooke credited her new husband with uniting the Forresters and the Logans and making them one big happy family.

Thursday, January 18, 2001

Thorne woke up in a wedding bliss next to Brooke and woke her with a red Rose bushed gently against her face. They recapped their wedding day with emphasis on the fact that both Ridge and Stephanie had attended the ceremony. Brooke was elated that the Logans and the Forresters were all brought together for the wedding.

Ridge and Stephanie joked to one another about why they attended Brooke and Thorne's wedding, but then Stephanie admitted she did it for the children. Thorne arrived and thanked Ridge and Stephanie for attending their wedding.

Morgan quietly roamed into Ridge's office. She looked at his photo of Taylor and the children. Brooke walked in and startled Morgan. Brooke told her she was sorry that she had lost her baby. Morgan assumed because of what happened that Ridge and Stephanie wanted her fired from Forrester. Brooke told her that she owns 51% of the company and that she is not firing her. Brooke told Morgan she is needed because she is a valuable asset to the company and that she had just produced one of the most successful collections at Forrester. Taylor walked in and, after discovering Morgan there, Taylor exploded with anger and told her to leave now. Brooke tried to calm Taylor and explained that she needs Morgan as a designer. When Morgan left the room, Taylor tried to convince Brooke of how dangerous and unstable Morgan is. Morgan stood outside the office and eavesdropped on the conversation. When Brooke left the office, Morgan went back in the office to confront Taylor and slammed the door behind her.

Friday, January 19, 2001

Rick told Amber that he was uncomfortable with her being around Deacon. Amber reassured him that she could take care of herself and that the baby needed her. Rick said that he was glad that Deacon was allowing Amber to spend time with the baby but wished that he could see Little Eric as well. Amber reminded Rick that they needed to continue having faith that Deacon wouldn't hold out much longer and soon Little Eric would be home. Rick told Amber to be careful around Deacon and not to let her guard down.

Carmen complained to Deacon about having to care for Little Eric. She went on and on about having to feed him, bathe him and change his diapers. She told Deacon that she was sick of having the kid around and wanted things to go back to the way they were before he came along. She missed going out and having a good time. Deacon told Carmen that if she didn't like it, she could leave. He could handle his kid by himself. Carmen asked Deacon why he just didn't take the million dollars so that they could start having fun again. Then Carmen suggested that it was because of Amber. When Deacon didn't deny it, Carmen got angry and told Deacon that she would be watching him and Amber.

Ridge and the kids as well as Catherine, the nanny, continued to prepare for their trip to St. Thomas. Catherine wondered where Taylor was and Ridge explained that she was stopping by Forrester Creations to pick up some papers from Brooke. Ridge told Catherine to get the kids and their things while he got the car. They planned to head for the airport with the intention of Taylor meeting them there.

Over at Forrester Creations, Morgan confronted Taylor and berated her for badmouthing her to Brooke and trying to get her fired. Taylor explained to Morgan that she was not badmouthing her but that she didn't approve of Morgan continuing to work at Forrester. Morgan asked Taylor how she could be so cold and heartless. She reminded Taylor that her job was the only thing she had left, while Taylor had everything. Taylor accused Morgan of only wanting to stay on at Forrester because of her obsession with Ridge, which Morgan denied. Then Morgan admitted that she loved Ridge. Taylor sarcastically commended her for finally admitting her feelings for Ridge and suggested that it was him that she wanted all along. Morgan told Taylor that what she had wanted more than anything was her baby and Taylor was responsible for taking that from her. Taylor apologized for the loss of an innocent child and said that she had never wanted anything bad to happen to the baby. She then suggested that Morgan see a psychiatrist to help her deal with the loss of her child. Taylor wrote down the name of someone she knew and handed it to Morgan. Morgan tore the paper up in little pieces, stuffed it in her mouth and angrily spit it out in Taylor's face. Taylor was horrified by Morgan's behavior. Then Morgan screamed at Taylor to get away from her right now.

Amber arrived to visit with Little Eric. Deacon started coming on to her right away. Amber told Deacon that in no uncertain terms would she ever sleep with him. Deacon offered her a new deal. He claimed he would give her back the baby in exchange for one kiss, and the million dollars, of course. At first Amber was skeptical, but Deacon managed to convince her by saying that she knew it was only a matter of time before he got fed up with playing daddy and decided to take the money. Amber agreed to the kiss and told Deacon that she wanted to hurry up and get it over with. He pulled her into a passionate kiss without the knowledge that Carmen had just walked into the apartment. After the kiss, Amber demanded the baby so she could be on her way. Deacon told Amber that she could do better than that and he pulled her in for another long, passionate kiss. All this time Carmen stood in the doorway watching with a look of jealousy and hatred in her eyes.

Ridge wondered what was taking so long for Taylor to arrive. He, Catherine and the kids sat in the plane anxiously waiting to take off. The pilot came in and asked Ridge several times if he was ready to leave but Ridge continued to stall since Taylor had not yet arrived. Taylor rushed in the door, out of breath and told Ridge that she was ready. Ridge began to question her on where she had been and why she was late. Taylor quickly changed the subject saying that she was anxious to get to St. Thomas and enjoy her trip with her husband and kids. Over at Forrester, Morgan was crouched in a dark corner of Ridge's office, staring at a picture of Taylor and her three kids. Morgan bitterly stated that Taylor had everything, while she had nothing, absolutely nothing.

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