The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 29, 1997 on B&B

Maggie tried to reunite with James, but he pushed her away. Amber found a singing gig at Insomnia. Taylor threatened to disclose the paternity of her baby at Brooke's wedding unless Brooke showed Taylor proof of Brooke's pregnancy. Brooke moved her wedding date up an hour and agreed to meet Taylor at the same time, so that Taylor would not be at the wedding on time.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 29, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, December 29, 1997

James is reading the letter Mike forged when he asks the doctor if he knows where Sheila's rehabilitation center is. The doctor doesn't know the name of the center since it was not approved by the hospital. The doc does note that Sheila was anxious to get rehabilitated. Sheila picked the rehab center herself. James didn't realize Sheila felt she wanted time alone and away from James. It seems odd.

At the Psycho house, Maggie welcomes Sheila to her worst nightmare! Maggie informs Sheila that she brought her here because she wants her life back with James and the baby. Maggie promises Sheila that she is not going anywhere until she gets her life back.

Ridge is elated with Brooke's news. The child must have been conceived in Italy, the night he proposed to Brooke. Stephanie doesn't buy Brooke's sudden revelation. Home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate. Besides, Steph says until you are absolutely sure and have been to the doctor, you shouldn't make such a huge announcement. Stephanie thinks something is going on.

Taylor regroups after Brooke's bombshell. Like the Queen, she doesn't think Brooke is telling the truth. The timing is too strange. Taylor says the only reason Brooke said she is pregnant is to stop her from telling Ridge that she is pregnant with his child.

Mike ties Sheila's hands to the bedposts. Maggie relishes the fact that she now holds all the cards. Sheila demands to know where they have taken her. Maggie only hints that it is everybody's worst nightmare.

Stephanie asks Eric if he believes Brooke. Eric doesn't say but does say if Brooke is pregnant, try not to upset her. Outside, Ridge asks a suspicious Taylor why Brooke would make something like this up since you are no longer a threat to Brooke. Ridge wants to work out their differences for the baby's sake. He wants to two cousins to grow up together. Taylor asks if Ridge is happy with the news. All Ridge wants is a healthy child.

Back inside, Taylor asks Brooke if she is really pregnant. You wouldn't believe me no matter what I say, Brooke responds. Taylor wants Brooke to show her proof that she is pregnant otherwise she is going to tell Ridge the truth about her pregnancy. Taylor gives Brooke until her wedding day to come up with proof. Taylor says it is her life goal for Brooke not to marry Ridge and she guarantees Brooke that she will not marry him!

Mike tells Sheila she is here to get her off her addiction to James. Sheila believes Maggie has sunk to an all time low and tells her that James wouldn't leave me for you. Maggie has Sheila gagged and calls James in front of Sheila. Maggie invites herself over to James' house for dinner to spend time with he and the baby. After talking to James, Maggie vows that James and the baby are hers!

Tuesday, December 30, 1997

After Macy gets through singing at her café, she runs into Amber. Amber tells Macy if she doesn't find work soon, she will be leaving town. Amber praises Macy's singing and admits she has always dreamed of singing like her. Later, Macy fills in Grant and Sally about Amber's story and asks what would it hurt if she let Amber sing just one song?

Mike's brother tells Sheila she is only being tied to the bed temporarily until Maggie gets her life with James back on track and Sheila realizes that James is no good for her. Sheila wants to know where she is at and notes that wherever it is, the place is vaguely familiar.

Maggie arrives at James' with her pot of stew for dinner. James has changed his mind and doesn't think it is a good idea for Maggie to be there. Maggie just wants to see the baby for a minute. James agrees and lets her in. Maggie asks James how he feels about the their relationship. James admits he is very confused. One thing Maggie is sure of is her attraction to James has not died. She slips off her coat and starts kissing James. James backs off. Maggie tells James one day he will thank her for trying to get Margaret out of Sheila's life. James acknowledges he and Maggie feel differently about Sheila. After James rebuffs her advances, Maggie leaves but vows that James will be hers.

Amber asks Katie if she has heard from her sister regarding the babysitting job. Katie hasn't heard a word since Brooke is busy getting ready for her wedding. Katie suggest Amber try Brooke again, but it will have to wait until after Brooke's honeymoon. Amber can't wait that long. She moved to LA in hopes of becoming a rock star and no one has even heard her sing. Macy overhears Amber and suggests maybe her luck is about to change.

Macy gives Amber one shot at singing. Amber doesn't fail to impress. She wows that crowd with a stunning voice and receives an ovation.

Mike reminds Sheila that she is not in danger. Hasn't he always come through for her? Sheila being here is because of her obsession with James. Mike is only trying to bring Sheila back to reality. Sheila asks Mike to come close to her and kiss her. Mike kisses her and Sheila asks him to untie her and make love to her. Mike starts to untie her but stops. Mike wants to make sure that Sheila is not under James' spell.

Wednesday, December 31, 1997

Ridge and Brooke are decorating their house in preparation for their wedding. Brooke feels great with no feeling of morning sickness. Eric stops by and brings Rick a tux and Bridget a gown he designed for the, especially for the wedding.

Taylor feels Brooke is lying about her pregnancy since the minute Taylor was going to open up to Ridge about her pregnancy, Brooke announces she is pregnant. Thorne reminds Taylor that Ridge and Brooke have been sleeping together, at least in Italy. Even if Brooke is lying, so what? The reason Taylor gave Ridge up was she thought Ridge would be happiest with Brooke. Now, that Taylor thinks that Brooke is lying, Taylor doesn't think Ridge should be married to a woman who has to lie to get him.

Brooke's parents arrive for the wedding along with Storm who congratulates Ridge. Ridge tells everyone he and Brooke are not going on a honeymoon since they were just in Italy. Brooke gets a call from Taylor who demands to see her at once, no excuses. Ridge also leaves to finish some work at the office.

Brooke stops by Taylor's house and demands Taylor stop trying to ruin her wedding. Taylor tells Brooke she only told Ridge she was pregnant to stop her from telling Ridge the truth. Brooke doesn't want to even justify Taylor's accusation with an answer.

At his office Ridge runs across the magazine cover from last year's fashion show in which he proposed to Taylor. Ridge remembers the times he and Taylor shared and wonders how they got to this point they are at now.

Taylor and Brooke continue to face off. Taylor wants proof that Brooke is pregnant---and a home pregnancy want do it. A medical lab test is what Taylor demands Brooke get for hard core evidence. Otherwise, when the minister asks during the ceremony if there is anyone who objects, Taylor is going to stand up and announce she objects because she is carrying Ridge's child. It looks like Brooke's hold on Ridge is finally over, unless Brooke can prove otherwise.

Thursday, January 1, 1997

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Friday, January 2, 1997

Ridge wakes up and remembers it is his wedding day.

Taylor has just awakened when Thorne comes in. Are you thinking about the wedding? he asks. Taylor doesn't believe there is going to be a wedding. "If Brooke were really pregnant, she would be over here waving the test results in my face, just like she did that big engagement ring."

"I can't believe I let her come between Ridge and me," she tells Thorne. "I know this is hard for you to hear, but it has to be said. This is Ridge's baby and we belong together. After today, we will be together."

Brooke doesn't look too happy, considering it is her wedding day. She is remembering what Taylor said to her when she threatened to interrupt her wedding. Beth comes in and sees her daughter in a melancholy mood. "I knew it! Something is bothering you. Tell me what is wrong."

"Taylor, who else?" Brooke tells her. "She is trying to stop my wedding. It is all so unfair. She had her chances with Ridge. Now she wants him back."

Beth is confused. Isn't she carrying Throne's baby? Brook acknowledges that Taylor is married, but she neglects to tell her by whom. Beth tries to reassure her daughter. "Ridge isn't going to give up the love of his life to marry a woman who is carrying his brother's child. You have nothing to worry about."

At Insomnia, Macy and Grant are taking a coffee break when Amber arrives. She looks like she has lost her last friend. So you are really leaving? Macy asks. Amber thanks Macy for giving her the highlight of her career, but she shouldn't have put all her hopes on making it big. She was really counting on that job with Brooke!

When Stephanie enters the room, Ridge is staring out the window. "Thinking of Taylor?" she asks.

"Mother, in case you have forgotten, I am getting married today."

"But you are thinking of the woman you should be marrying," Stephanie insists. "What did she tell you?"

Ridge tells her that it didn't make much sense. She asked a lot of questions, but he couldn't figure out what she was getting at. Maybe she was wondering if Thorne was marrying her out of obligation rather than love. "She started to tell me why they weren't married, but we were interrupted," he adds.

"How convenient!" muses Stephanie. "I believe she hasn't married your brother because she is still in love with you. Please, Ridge, don't make the same mistake you made with Caroline."

Ridge reminds her that Caroline was never pregnant with Thorne's child. "Anyway, today is not about Taylor. It is about Brooke and me and our love. If you can't accept that, then stay out of the way."

"You are too stressed out," Beth tells Brooke. "I wish you would go away somewhere and relax. I know you don't want to take a honeymoon, but you have to take care of yourself. A few days alone is exactly what you and Ridge need."

"You may be right," Brooke says with a thoughtful look on her face. Suddenly she cheers up. "That is the answer. We will go on a honeymoon. We will go back to where he proposed to me. I will surprise him with it."

She tells her mother that there is a three o'clock flight to Milan. They can make it if they move the wedding up to one o'clock instead to two. She gives her mother her address book for making the reservations for the flight and for the hotel. When Beth offers to call all the guests, Brooke stops her. "Call only our side of the family and the minister. I will let the Forresters know myself." Her mother leaves and she looks satisfied with herself.

"Sorry, Taylor," she says as she picks up the phone.

Brooke calls Taylor's house. She tells Taylor that she is doing what she demanded. She is going to the doctor for a blood test. She will meet Taylor at the Café Russe at one o'clock. It has to be this way so she can rush home and get ready for her wedding. Taylor assures her that she will be there on time and waiting for her.

Beth tells Katie that Brooke has changed her mind and is going on a honeymoon after all. She is going to need help with the kids, but Katie says she can't help her, she has a job. She then remembers that Brooke was impressed with a young girl she met at Insomnia. She thinks she will do nicely if she hasn't gone home already. She was running out of money. She gives the phone number to Beth.

"You thought Brooke was going to hire you?" Grant asks. Amber tells him that she was so sure of it, yet she hasn't heard anything since. It was like fate, she tells them. She should have known better. You don't survive in Los Angeles by believing in fantasy and fate. That is kid stuff. If she keeps believing in that stuff, this town will chew her up and spit her out.

Macy tells her to save her money and give it another shot in a few weeks. The pay phone begins to ring. Amber looks at it, but says no way is she getting her hopes up. She then rushes over to answer it.

Amber is disappointed when it isn't Brooke. She is rude to the person on the other end of the line, telling that person that they have the wrong number. Beth tells her that she got the number from her daughter. Amber asks who she wanted to speak to and Beth tells her that she was calling Amber about a job.

Amber's eyes open wide. Just a minute she says, then she yells for "Amber."

While Macy and Grant look on with amused looks, Amber again speaks to Beth, this time in a sweet voice. Beth says that her daughter is going out of town and leaving the children with her. But she can't handle them alone. Are you still available?

Sure, Amber tells her. I'll be there in half an hour. She rushes over to the table and gives Grant and Macy a hug. "I can stay!"

"Mother," Ridge says, "I know you are worried about me, but you don't have to be. I am going to be part of a family I love."

Stephanie tells him that she knows Brooke is up to something. Why would she tell everyone she was pregnant just at the time Taylor was about to tell him something. Ridge tells her that she should show more compassion to Brooke instead of jumping on her all the time. He wants them to get along; he knows they can't be friends, but they will be family. He wants this to be the happiest day of Brooke's life and nothing or no one will spoil it.

Taylor tells Thorne what Brooke had to say. He says she must really be pregnant if she is willing to go to the doctor. Taylor thinks she will probably try to pass off some fake test results, but she is a doctor and can't be fooled. She is ready to go, even though it is early. Thorne prepares to drive her.

Ridge answers the phone. It is Brooke. She tells him that he has less time to be a free man. She has moved wedding up to one o'clock. Why, he wonders. She tells him that she will explain later. Just hurry. Ridge gives the message to Stephanie and leaves to get his shower.

Back at Brooke's place, she hangs up the phone, saying: I have to do it this way. You have given me no other choice, Taylor. I won't let you spoil this for me.

"Why would she change the time?" Stephanie asks herself. "What are you up to Brooke? Why go to all that trouble?" Thinking about it, she comes up with the answer. "You aren't going to tell Taylor, are you Brooke? You don't want her at your wedding. Well, we will see about that." She goes to the phone and dials Taylor's number.

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