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Oliver Jones
Actor History
Former photographer at Forrester Creations
Former music supervisor for Forrester Creations media
Formerly a DJ at Insomnia
Resides At
A beach house in Malibu, CA (owned by Taylor Hayes)
Formerly a beach house owned by Owen Knight
Marital Status
Past Marriages
None (assumed)
Agnes Jones (sister)
Whipple Jones, Jr. (uncle)
Joy Jones (aunt)
Whipple "Whip" Jones, III (cousin)
None (assumed)
Flings & Affairs
Hope Logan (dated; not consummated)
Steffy Forrester (kissed)
Ambrosia "Amber" Moore
Maya Avant (kissed)
Aly Forrester (dated; not consummated)
Crimes Committed

Had sex with a masked Brooke Logan, thinking she was her daughter Hope Logan [2010]

Worked with Amber to break up Liam Cooper and Hope Logan [2010-2011]

Kissed Maya Avant while she was engaged to Carter Walton [2014]

Health and Vitals
Punched by Ridge Forrester [2010]
Thrown from a horse at Medieval Times [2014]
Brief Character History

Oliver Jones was the cousin of Whipple Jones III, and the brother of Agnes Jones (AKA Sandy Sommers). Oliver had been a source of strength when Agnes was raped years ago, and he came to Los Angeles to reconnect with his sister. While working as a DJ at the Insomnia Cafe, Oliver, on separate occasions, met Hope Logan and her adversary, Steffy Forrester. Oliver and Hope hit it off, and began dating. But Steffy had her eye on Oliver as well; Steffy teased Oliver in sexy lingerie, and they kissed, but Oliver had fallen in love with Hope.

One night, Oliver accidentally videotaped Bridget Forrester and Owen Knight cheating on their respective spouses. Steffy was on an anti-Logan crusade, and, since Bridget was Brooke Logan's daughter, Steffy tried to sweet-talk Oliver into giving her the video so she could hurt Brooke. Oliver talked Steffy out of the scheme and uncovered Steffy's vulnerable side, but stayed true to Hope.

Oliver used his music connections to have Daddy Yankee perform at Hope's graduation party, where guests wore identical costumes and masks. Hope had told Oliver she would let him know when she was ready to let him take her virginity, so, hearing Hope whisper "I'm ready," Oliver made love to her on the terrace. Oliver was horrified when he discovered he had instead made love to Hope's mother, Brooke, and that Brooke thought she was making love to her husband, Ridge Forrester. Steffy tried to blackmail Oliver into dating her when she found out; after a video about Oliver and Brooke's "mask boink"ť went public, Oliver was humiliated. Hope couldn't get the image of Oliver and her mother out of her head, and dumped Oliver. Ridge let Oliver keep his newfound job at Forrester, but punched Oliver to even the score.

As Oliver pined for Hope, Amber Moore, who was working at rival fashion house Jackie M, cozied up to him. Oliver was creating a promotional video featuring Forrester designs; Amber figured out Oliver's iPad password and sent the designs to Jackie M. Oliver was again allowed to keep his job, but when Amber was fired and needed a place to stay, a forgiving Oliver put Amber up. Oliver and Amber got drunk one night and had sex, and soon Amber discovered she was pregnant. But Amber was determined to name additional bedmate Liam Cooper as the father; as Hope was now seeing Liam, Oliver worked with Amber to break them up. Liam's father, the powerful Bill Spencer, Jr., also put pressure on Oliver to lure Hope away from Liam.

Hope and Liam went through a dizzying array of breakups and makeups, trying to decide between their love and what was best for the baby. Oliver made sure to be there for Hope, even asking Hope to marry him. But when Amber gave birth to an African-American child (Marcus Walton had also been Amber's "friend with benefits"), Liam raced to the Big Bear cabin and exposed Oliver's part in Amber's scheme.

Afterwards, Oliver was only occasionally seen doing photo shoots or working Forrester events. Much later, as Hope lamented repeatedly losing Liam to Steffy, Oliver admitted he still had feelings for Hope and showed her an ankle tattoo he'd gotten of the Chinese symbol necklace he once gave her (which had figured into his "mistaken identity sex" with Brooke). Oliver moved in to a beach house with Steffy's brother, Thomas Forrester. Asked to take part in a fundraising fashion show, Oliver modeled sleepwear to benefit the Caroline Spencer Cancer Foundation. Later, Oliver was hired to do a photo shoot at Jabot Cosmetics in Genoa City, Wisconsin, where he captured images of Summer Newman and caught up with old friend Tyler Michaelson.

At a Fourth of July party thrown by Hope's brother, Rick Forrester, Oliver got friendly with new Forrester model Theresa. Later, Oliver called Genoa City to tell Summer she should come to L.A. for some meetings that would advance her career. While waiting for a stuck elevator, Oliver struck up a conversation with Maya Avant, the spokesmodel for Hope's clothing line; Oliver gushed about Maya's attributes and kissed her though she was engaged to Carter Walton.

After years as Forrester's photographer, Ridge felt that Oliver's slant was too youthful and fired him. Oliver was reinstated when his colleagues took up for him, but Oliver began to feel that his job would never be secure because he wasn't a Forrester. Oliver took an interest in young Aly Forrester, telling Maya he would "put up" with Aly if it meant holding on to his job. But Oliver developed real feelings for Aly, so when he learned that Maya had a recording of him saying he was dating Aly for job security, Oliver came clean to Aly, who ran off. Oliver tracked Aly to Medieval Times, where they sometimes joined friends Pam Douglas and Charlie Webber to watch Renaissance-era reenactments. Oliver snuck backstage and replaced a tardy performer on horseback, clumsily jousting with another "knight"ť to prove his devotion to Aly.

Oliver became Aly's support system as she revealed how psychiatrist Taylor Hayes was responsible for killing her mother, Darla Einstein, when Aly was a child. When Aly's father, Thorne Forrester, visited to announce he had resumed a relationship with Taylor, Aly freaked, but Oliver convinced Aly to hear Taylor's apology. Thorne and Taylor told Oliver they owed him when Aly relented and gave their relationship her blessing.

Oliver's job again came under fire when Rick became CEO and made Oliver photograph his mistress, lead model Maya, without pay. Oliver feared Rick's retaliation when Aly, Ridge, and other Forrester employees asked him to help boot Rick out of the CEO seat. Oliver cautiously went along when Rick offered apologies and reassurances. Maya's kid sister, Nicole Avant, came to town wanting to model, but Oliver kept his mouth shut when Nicole didn't display a talent for it.

Oliver was alarmed when Aly seemed to regress and berated him for supposedly staring at a scantily-clad Steffy during a photo shoot. While overseas on assignment in Milan, the emotionally unstable Aly died following a confrontation with Steffy. Oliver was last seen at Aly's memorial; months later, Oliver was said to have taken leave from Forrester and that his position as photographer was up for grabs.

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