Maya Avant
Actor History
Karla Mosley
January 22, 2013 to present
Other Names
born Myron Avant
Lead model at Forrester Creations
Former spokesmodel for Forrester Creations' HFTF line
Starred in the web series Room 8
Formerly helped out at Dayzee's Coffeehouse in exchange for rent
Resides At
The Logan Mansion (200 N. Beston Place, Los Angeles, CA)
Formerly the Forrester Mansion (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)
Formerly a condo once belonging to Steffy Forrester, Los Angeles, CA
Formerly the Forrester Guesthouse (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)
Formerly an apartment above Dayzee's Coffee House, Los Angeles, CA
Formerly Evanston, Illinois
Marital Status
Married to Rick Forrester as of August 12, 2015
Past Marriages
None known
Julius Avant (father)
Vivienne Avant (mother)
Nicole Avant (sister)
Carleen (aunt)
Shirl (great-aunt)
Myron Avant (grandfather)
Sasha Thompson (half-sister)
Elizabeth Forrester (adoptive daughter; biological mother is Nicole Avant)
Flings & Affairs
Jesse Graves
Rick Forrester
Carter Walton (broken engagement)
Oliver Jones (kissed)
Crimes Committed

Did jail time following a wrongful conviction of an unknown crime [released in 2013]

Slept with and entered into an affair with the married Rick Forrester [2014]

Health and Vitals
Underwent gender reassignment surgery and continues taking estrogen
Brief Character History

Maya Avant is an aspiring actress/singer from Evanston, Illinois, who, years earlier, had gone to Los Angeles to pursue a career in show business. Maya had a daughter she gave up for adoption when she was convicted for a crime she didn't commit. Dayzee Leigh, who worked with the less fortunate on Skid Row (and lived there herself), helped place Maya's baby with a good family. After Maya was released from prison, she demanded that Dayzee get her baby back. Maya was horrified to learn that her adopted daughter died in a car wreck, but seemed to find peace when she visited the girl's extended family.

Singing open mic at Dayzee's coffee house, Maya met Rick Forrester, mistaking him for one of the waiters. Maya could tell Rick was unhappy with his socialite girlfriend, Caroline Spencer. Maya thrilled when Rick took her to try on dresses at the upscale Forrester boutique in Beverly Hills, but felt played and stormed out after discovering that the supposedly poor Rick was a rich Forrester. Maya accepted a date with Carter Walton, who took her to a dinner party at the Forrester mansion; Maya was uncomfortable seeing Rick with Caroline, who purposely made romantic displays in front of Maya.

Despite Dayzee warning Maya to stay away from Rick, and Caroline constantly getting Maya's name wrong, Maya and Rick grew closer. Maya thought she won a movie role, but it was actually a porn scene Caroline had arranged to make Maya look bad. Maya was happy but insecure when Rick countered by offering her a modeling gig at Forrester. Maya sensed Rick was interested, though he wasn't breaking things off with Caroline; Maya finally told Rick he had to choose between them.

Maya's happiness about Rick choosing her was short-lived: Caroline's uncle, publishing magnate Bill Spencer, had photographed Maya's run-in with her ex-boyfriend (and babydaddy) Jesse Graves, whom she had gone to jail for; Maya uncomfortably informed Jesse that their child had died. Bill knew Maya was not to come within 500 feet of Jesse, and threatened to go to the police if Maya didn't stay away from Rick. Maya forced herself to break up with Rick, then thought better of it and told Rick about Bill's blackmail. Having endured Caroline's attempt at embarrassment which included Maya modeling prison-themed garments on a mock jail set, Maya watched as Rick lured Bill to the studio and locked Bill in the cell to teach him a lesson.

Maya won a role in the web series Room 8 and found herself starring opposite Carter. Maya was uncomfortable when her "Scarlett" and Carter's "Lance" had to perform increasingly sexy scenes. When Carter told Maya he wanted to make love for real and that Rick would never have to know, Maya stayed true to Rick. But Maya soon discovered that Caroline knew the producer and was changing the show's content to make Rick jealous. Maya and Rick affirmed their love, and Maya and Carter were allowed to reshoot episodes with the original scripts.

Maya was upset when Rick's problems at Forrester caused him to miss the premiere of Room 8; Maya kissed Carter, who respectfully slept on Maya's couch. But Maya dumped Rick when he retaliated by sleeping with Caroline, then moved on with Carter. When Maya read Carter's idea for a Room 8 script, it was really Carter's unique way of proposing; Maya accepted and made love to Carter, though she continually thought of Rick and put off Carter's requests for a wedding date.

Maya seemed happy with Carter at the Forrester's big Thanksgiving dinner, where Maya watched Rick and Caroline marry in an impromptu ceremony and even made peace with Caroline. However, while waiting for a stuck elevator at Forrester, Maya received a kiss from house photographer Oliver Jones, which she secretly enjoyed. Maya later learned that Oliver was interested in young Aly Forrester, presumably because Aly's Forrester name would provide job security. Maya secretly recorded one of their conversations on that subject, which Carter reminded Maya was illegal.

Maya became jealous of Caroline, feeling Caroline was living the life Maya was supposed to have with Rick, so Maya cornered Rick in the Forrester steam room and told him she wanted him back. Maya then played Rick the recording of Oliver discussing Aly to keep Aly from replacing her as the spokesmodel for the Hope for the Future line. Maya didn't let the grass grow under her feet after a disgusted Carter broke off their engagement, though Rick didn't respond to Maya's repeated overtures.

Noticing that Caroline was working closely with Ridge Forrester, who had fallen out of a helicopter in the Middle East and sustained slight brain damage, Maya planted seeds of doubt in the mind of Ridge's fiancée, Katie Logan, then stopped Ridge's promotion to CEO by announcing that she had seen Caroline kissing Ridge. Maya was there to pick up the pieces when Rick left Caroline; later, though Rick's father, Eric Forrester, threatened to demote new CEO Rick if Rick didn't return to Caroline, Maya embarked on a secret affair with Rick and let him move her into a fancy penthouse.

After Rick tricked Eric into signing an iron-clad document that would keep Rick in power for a year, Maya was brought to the Forrester mansion, thrilled to see that Rick had removed a beloved portrait of deceased Forrester matriarch Stephanie Forrester and replaced it with one of Maya. It bothered Maya when Carter rightly observed that Rick had not professed his love for her; when Maya pressed the issue, she got the answer she wanted. Maya's relationship faced opposition from Rick's mother, Brooke Logan, and Bill, who swore he'd make Maya's prison past stick if she didn't move out and let Caroline reconcile with her husband.

Maya reveled in her power at Forrester, standing by Rick as he ran roughshod over his employees and giggling when Rick got Aly to bring them ice cream by falsely promising to look at Aly's shoe designs. But Maya had misgivings when Rick made Aly rub Maya's feet, and especially when Rick shot at Ridge and Caroline after catching them kissing. Maya tended to co-sign Rick's bad behavior, but applauded him when he offered his embittered staff apologies and reassurances.

Maya resisted when her younger sister, Nicole Avant, arrived from Illinois, though Maya was surprised to learn that Nicole had deposited money into Maya's bank by hacking into Maya's account while she was in jail. Maya found Nicole's college claims suspicious and through Carter's investigation learned that Nicole had dropped out; Maya was further stunned when Nicole reported finding Maya's birth certificate because it stated that Maya had been born Myron Avant -- Maya was transgender. Maya confessed to Nicole that she had come to Los Angeles for her transition and explained that the baby she'd given up for adoption was that of a troublemaking boyfriend (presumably Jesse Graves); Maya had had no biological ties to the girl and became her legal guardian before going to jail, making it necessary for Dayzee to arrange her adoption.

Maya acquiesced when Nicole demanded a shot at modeling in exchange for her silence about Maya's gender identity. Maya did damage control when Carter heard the Avant sisters arguing about Maya being transgender; Maya sympathized with Carter's disillusionment over not knowing the truth about Maya's origins when they were together, but begged Carter not to go to Rick, determining she would tell Rick herself when he proposed. But Maya's secret was trickling out: Maya lied that the estrogen pills Rick found were needed to "regulate" her, and, after Carter told Ridge -- and Ridge told Rick's mother, Brooke Logan -- Brooke demanded that Maya come clean to Rick.

With Rick on one knee in front of her at the Big Bear cabin, Maya explained she had been born Myron and how she made her transition. Before Rick could process it, he learned that Bill, whose son, Wyatt Fuller, had sweet-talked the truth about Maya out of Nicole, exposed Maya in his media platforms. Maya thought Rick used the word "disgraceful" to describe her, not the scandal, and rushed off, sure that Rick had hung up on their in-transit phone call. Maya forgave Nicole's indiscretion when Nicole found Maya at her old apartment above Dayzee's, and, when Rick recreated their first meeting by dressing as a waiter, then explaining that their phone call ended because he'd been in an accident, Maya and Rick reunited.

After Ridge, his children, and Bill's other son, Liam Spencer, amassed enough Forrester stock to force Rick out of the CEO seat, Maya was surprised when Ridge acknowledged the public support she had gotten and offered to put Maya at the front of his California Freedom fashion show, leading transgender models. Maya would only agree if Ridge hired Rick back. Maya was especially nervous to work the runway in front of her parents, Julius and Vivienne Avant, who were in town from Illinois to force Nicole into coming home with them.

Maya had hope when the intolerant Julius hugged her, and when Rick proposed to her during the fashion show. But Maya found the successful showing bittersweet when Aly, who had a history of mental illness stemming back to childhood from the violent death of her mother, targeted California Freedom as filth and included Maya's blacked-out photos on her "hate board." Maya tried apologizing to Aly for how badly she and Rick had treated her, but it did little good.

The day of Maya's wedding to Rick, she overheard Julius calling the festivities a "freak show." Maya stopped the ceremony to confront Julius; when Julius admitted he couldn't accept Maya's transition or change his beliefs overnight, Maya asked him to leave, but felt validated when Vivienne stayed and expressed regret for turning her back on Maya years before. Maya and Rick married, then honeymooned in Copenhagen.

Wanting to have a Forrester-Avant baby for Rick, Maya asked Nicole if she would carry a baby for them as a surrogate. Nicole consented, but Maya faced the opposition of Julius and Vivienne, who moved to Los Angeles and tried to change Nicole's mind. Maya slipped money into her mother's purse and invited her parents to Thanksgiving at the Forresters'. Maya lent Nicole an ear when her pregnancy caused problems with her new boyfriend, Zende Forrester Dominguez; later, Maya became reacquainted with Sasha Thompson, Nicole's childhood friend. Maya spent the holidays in Hawaii with her family and Zende thanks to Rick.

Maya doted on Nicole during Nicole's pregnancy, and raised an eyebrow when she saw the chemistry between Zende and Sasha. Later, Maya felt caught in the middle when Ridge replaced her portrait at the mansion with Stephanie's; Maya tried to tell Rick she was all right with it, but packed up when Rick insisted they were moving out until Maya's portrait was reinstated. Maya, Rick, and Nicole found a new home at Brooke's, where Maya got to know Rick's visiting sister, Bridget Forrester.

Rick felt news of Ridge's hushed vasectomy reversal meant Ridge had other secrets, so Maya helped Rick search Ridge's office, supporting Rick's desire to be CEO again. When Zende dumped the pregnant Nicole and took up with Sasha, Maya laid into Zende for hurting her sister. Maya was overjoyed when Nicole presented her and Rick with a daughter; after it was revealed that Sasha was the product of a long-ago affair Julius had, Maya reluctantly placed her new baby in Julius' arms to keep the peace. Then, when Sasha announced being pregnant by Zende just as he reunited with Nicole, Maya dared Sasha to take a pregnancy test to prove her claim. After Sasha admitted faking a positive result, Maya took part in a family meeting Julius called to implore his loved ones to forgive each other for their transgressions.

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