Maya Avant
Actor History
Karla Mosley
January 22, 2013 to present [contract]
Lead model at Forrester Creations
Former spokesmodel for Forrester Creations' HFTF line
Starred in the web series Room 8
Formerly helped out at Dayzee's Coffee House in exchange for rent
Resides At
The Forrester Guest House (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)
Formerly an apartment above Dayzee's, Los Angeles, CA
Marital Status
Past Marriages
None known
Unnamed daughter (deceased; died in car accident with adoptive family)
Flings & Affairs
Jesse Graves
Rick Forrester
Carter Walton
Oliver Jones (kissed)
Crimes Committed
  • Did jail time following a wrongful conviction of an unknown crime [released in 2013]
  • Slept with and entered into an affair with the married Rick Forrester [2014]
Health and Vitals
None known
Brief Character History

Maya Avant was an aspiring actress/singer from the Midwest who, years ago, came to Los Angeles to pursue a career in show business. Maya had a daughter she gave up for adoption when she was convicted for a crime she didn't commit. Dayzee Leigh, who worked with the less fortunate on Skid Row (and lived there herself), worked to help place Maya's baby with a good family.

In 2013, Maya was released from prison and tracked down Dayzee, demanding her baby back. Dayzee, who had become part of the prestigious Forrester fashion dynasty by marrying Marcus Walton Forrester, tried to stall Maya, who became increasingly insistent. Dayzee did some digging and was forced to tell Maya that her daughter, along with her daughter's adoptive family, died in a car wreck. Maya was stunned, but seemed to find peace when she visited her daughter's extended family, realizing that Dayzee had done right by her baby.

Offered the chance to sing open mic at Dayzee's coffee house, Maya attracted the attention of Marcus' cousin, Rick Forrester, who was volunteering at Dayzee's. Maya mistook Rick for one of the waiters, even giving Rick a hefty tip thinking he was less fortunate. Maya enjoyed getting to know Rick, who helped her move into the apartment above Dayzee's and slept on her couch when he locked his keys in his car. Maya witnessed an argument between Rick and his socialite girlfriend, Caroline Spencer, and could see Rick was unhappy.

Rick took Maya window shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, where they shared their first kiss. Maya thrilled as she tried on fancy dresses at a Forrester Creations boutique. But when a sales clerk outed Rick as a Forrester, Maya felt played, and she stormed out. Later, Maya accepted a date with Marcus' adoptive brother, Carter Walton, who took her to a dinner party at the Forrester mansion. Maya was uncomfortable when Rick entered with jealous Caroline, who made sure Maya saw Rick kissing her. Carter asked Maya out again, but Maya, who had come to forgive Rick for his deception, gently turned Carter down.

Maya faced opposition in her attraction to Rick through Dayzee, who warned Maya to stay away, and Caroline, who snarkily made sure to get Maya's name wrong in conversation. Still, Maya and Rick seemed to grow closer. Maya thought she was getting a shot at the big time when she received a call offering her a movie role, but when Maya got to the studio, she soon realized she was being asked to do porn, unaware that Caroline had set the whole thing up to make Maya look bad in Rick's eyes. Rick joked with Maya about her brush with "success", then offered Maya a legitimate position as a spokesmodel for Forrester's Hope for the Future line. Caroline was furious and taunted the inexperienced Maya, but Rick hired a professional model to be Maya's guide. Later, Caroline made points with Rick by arranging a fundraiser fashion show for her cancer foundation, in which Rick, Carter, and Marcus, along with Thomas Forrester and Oliver Jones, modeled sleepwear on the runway.

Maya could tell that Rick was still interested in her, but he wasn't breaking things off with Caroline, either. Maya finally told Rick that he needed to choose; Rick chose Maya, but reported that Caroline was ignoring his attempts to break up with her. One day, Maya walked into the office at Forrester to find Caroline's uncle, publishing magnate Bill Spencer. Bill had dug into Maya's past and found out that Maya was not to come within 500 feet of Jesse Graves, the father of her deceased baby, or Maya could be sent back to jail. Bill promised to arrange it if Maya didn't stay away from Rick. Maya stood up to Bill and unashamedly admitted her past with Jesse, a bad boy who carried guns and committed a crime that Maya was also sent to jail for.

Despite Bill's threats, Maya went to a club with Rick and was frustrated when Caroline tagged along. Maya ran into Jesse, who had cleaned up his act after his release from jail and wanted to reunite with Maya and their daughter. Maya had the difficult task of having to tell Jesse their daughter had died. She wished him well and hit the dance floor with Rick, unaware that Bill's assistant, Alison, had snapped a photo of Maya and Jesse in conversation. Maya was horrified when Alison showed up on her doorstep with the photo, which Alison promised would be delivered to the district attorney if Maya went near Rick again. Starting to feel the noose tightening, Maya admitted to Carter that Bill was blackmailing her, but unwillingly told Rick that she didn't see a future with him.

Maya shrugged off Caroline's threat to fire her from Forrester, then put on a brave face when Caroline tried to embarrass her by making her wear prison-themed designs in a photo shoot set in a mock jail cell. Maya finally told Rick how Bill was blackmailing her and why, sure that Caroline was involved, but Caroline was actually innocent. Rick firmly told Caroline it was over and began a relationship with Maya.

Maya received a call from Rafael, a producer who had received Maya's headshot and wanted Maya to audition for Room 8, a new web series. Maya was surprised to discover that she'd be reading with Carter, the show's leading man, but was thrilled when she was cast opposite him. Maya and Carter began portraying "Scarlett"and "Lance", roommates who were leisurely heading toward a sweet romance, so Maya was baffled when the scripts started including fantasy sequences complete with corny dialogue. It was tame enough, but when Rafael showed a sneak peek at Rick's Fourth of July party, the footage had been edited to appear much more erotic. Rick realized Maya was only acting, but still wasn't thrilled to see her making out with Carter.

Maya bit her tongue when her scenes with Carter got even sexier, but the racy material had Carter hot and bothered enough that he suggested Rick would never have to know if they slept together for real. Maya admitted Carter was attractive, but stayed true to Rick. Finally, a scene that was supposed to show "Scarlett" and "Lance" bonding over guinea pigs changed to a full-on lovemaking scene on a waterbed. Maya froze up, causing Rafael to walk off the set and argue with someone. Maya recognized the voice and found that Caroline had been pulling Rafael's strings, manipulating the whole show to make Rick jealous enough to dump Maya. Rick arrived to inquire about using Forrester fashions on Room 8 just as an escaped guinea pig scared Caroline, who jumped on the waterbed and got soaked when her heels punctured the mattress. Rick admitted that Caroline's antics were a test that he and Maya passed, and they reaffirmed their love. Rafael made things up to Maya and Carter by having them shoot the series as it was originally written.

Maya was upset when Rick missed the premiere screening of Room 8 because he and Caroline had to handle a crisis at Forrester. Carter suggested they celebrate with a bottle of wine at Maya's place. Maya had too much and fell into a passionate kiss with Carter; Maya stopped things there, and Carter slept on the couch. Maya had to model for the rebranded HFTF fashion show, though she was preoccupied with telling Rick the truth. After the show, Maya went to Rick, who had already heard about Carter spending the night from Caroline. Maya insisted she and Carter had only kissed, but Rick needed time to think. The next morning, Maya found a half-naked Caroline at Rick's place. Maya felt Caroline would always be an issue in her and Rick's relationship, so Maya broke up with Rick and resigned from Forrester, telling Rick that he and Caroline made the better pair.

Maya got a shoulder to cry on in the form of Carter, who had her read his idea for a Room 8 script with him; she didn't realize it was actually his unique way of proposing to her. Maya, who still thought of Rick, was stunned, but accepted Carter's ring, which Rick saw when he came by to see her. Maya held her ground that she and Carter made more sense, then made love to Carter in celebration of the engagement.

As Carter happily made wedding plans, Maya longed for Rick, who had reunited with Caroline. Dayzee encouraged Maya to come clean, but, by the time she did, Rick and Caroline had already gotten engaged, and Maya kept her feelings to herself. Telling Carter that she missed representing HFTF at Forrester, Maya was thrilled when Carter convinced Rick to install her as spokeswoman again. Hope threw a Thanksgiving dinner that doubled as Rick and Caroline's engagement party, where Maya seemed to have settled in with Carter. When Rick and Caroline decided to get married in an impromptu ceremony, Maya made peace with Caroline and watched Carter officiate their wedding.

While waiting for a stuck elevator in the inner recesses of Forrester Creations, Maya and staff photographer Oliver Jones struck up a conversation. After Oliver gushed about Maya's gifts as a professional and as a person, he kissed her. Maya reminded Oliver that she was engaged to Carter, but secretly enjoyed their buss. Later, as Carter presided over the remarriage of Hope's mother, Brooke Logan, and her on-again-off-again true love, Ridge Forrester, the guests asked Maya when she and Carter were going to tie the knot themselves. Maya answered without answering by simply saying that she enjoyed being engaged to Carter.

Oliver showed an interest in young Aly Forrester, but Maya was concerned when he implied that he was only trying to secure a foothold in the Forrester family as job security. Maya secretly recorded Oliver repeating his confession and went to Carter with it, but he told her that recording someone without their consent was illegal, and that she could get herself in trouble. Carter couldn't understand Maya's growing preoccupation with Oliver and Aly, and even Hope noticed that Maya was distracted during their photo shoots. Maya suddenly admitted to Oliver that she resented the fact that Caroline was living her life, and cornered Rick in the Forrester steam room to tell him she wanted him back. Rick turned Maya down and immediately told Caroline, who was upset that Maya had moved in on her husband; Maya explained that had never really had closure with Rick, and that Carter was a rebound. But, when Maya overheard Oliver telling Aly she should replace Maya as HFTF's spokesmodel, Maya played her recording for Rick and Caroline and suggested that Oliver was using Aly.

Maya was surprised when a furious Carter confronted her, having heard from Rick how she had come on to him. Maya explained that she just had to be sure the door with Rick was closed before marrying Carter, but Carter pointed out that she had suddenly become enamored of status and prestige, accusing her of wanting to be a Forrester. After Carter broke off their engagement, Maya continued trying to get Rick's attention, to no avail.

Maya noticed that Ridge had started working very closely with Caroline after he fell out of a helicopter in the Middle East and came home slightly brain damaged. Raising an eyebrow as a result of Caroline's constant closed-door sessions with Ridge, Maya went to Ridge's fiancée, Katie Logan, and planted seeds of doubt in her mind as to what was really going on between Ridge and Caroline. One day, Maya spotted Caroline and Ridge kissing, but kept the news to herself, aside from reporting it to Carter, until a meeting in which Forrester's CEO, Eric Forrester, was about to name Ridge as his replacement. Maya exposed Ridge and Caroline's kiss, which led to Rick turning his back on his wife and Eric rescinding Ridge's promotion. Maya was there when a hurt Rick came to her for comfort, and the two made love. Rick balked when Eric offered the CEO position to him, but Maya convinced him to take it, telling him they could run Forrester together. Maya and Rick began an affair, and Rick moved Maya in with him.

Confident when Rick named her lead model of Forrester and shut down Caroline and Ridge at every turn, Maya implored Rick to end his marriage and told Carter to draw up papers to have the marriage annulled. Despite Carter's disgust with her, and his attempts to be her conscience, Maya continued to confide in Carter about the glorious life she'd lead as a Forrester and bragged to him about her accomplishments. Maya became full of herself, even mouthing off to Eric in Rick's defense, and dismissing warnings that Rick still loved Caroline. Maya credited her modeling abilities as the reason Ridge and Caroline's couture collection was a success, but Maya was stunned when Rick told her he was going back to Caroline; he had to, or Eric would remove him as CEO. Maya wasn't happy, but Rick assured her he wanted a future with her and that they would still see each other in secret.

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