Brooke Logan
Actor History
March 23, 1987 to October 6, 2014
; January 22, 2015 to present
1987 (temporary recast)
Sandra Ferguson
1997 (temporary recast)
Brooke was a college student in 1987
Unspecified position at Forrester Creations
Former co-vice president of Forrester Creations
Occasional model at Forrester Creations
Former president of Forrester Creations
Former executive at Forrester Originals
Former CEO of Logan Designs
Former CEO and majority stockholder of Forrester Creations
Creator of the Forrester men's line and the Brooke's Bedroom line
Started Forrester International
Creator of the BeLieF formula
Former chemist working in Research and Development at Forrester Creations
Former caterer
Majored in chemistry in college
Resides At
The Logan Mansion (200 N. Beston Place, Los Angeles, CA)
Temporarily lived and worked in Milan, Italy
Formerly the Forrester Mansion (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)
Formerly an apartment in Los Angeles, CA
Formerly a condo in Los Angeles, CA with Eric Forrester
Formerly the Logan home in Sherman Oaks, CA
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Eric Forrester, Sr. [Married: 1991; divorced: 1992; first time]
Ridge Forrester, Sr.[Married: 1994; declared invalid: 1995; first time]
Grant Chambers [Married: 1997; declared invalid: 1997]
Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 1998; annulled: 1998; second time]
Thorne Forrester [Married: 2001; annulled: 2001]
Whipple Jones III [Married: 2002; annulled: 2002]
Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 2003; annulled, technically invalid: 2004; third time]
Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 2004; declared invalid: 2005; fourth time]
Eric Forrester, Sr. [Married: 2005; annulled/not consummated: 2005; second time]
Dominick "Nick" Marone [Married: 2006; divorced: 2007]
Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 2009; declared invalid: 2009; fifth time]
Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 2009; divorced: 2011; sixth time]
Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 2012; not legalized: 2012; seventh time]
Stephen Logan, Sr. (father)
Elizabeth Henderson Logan (mother; deceased)
Stephen "Storm" Logan, Jr. (brother; deceased)
Donna Logan (sister)
Katie Logan (sister)
Helen Logan (grandmother; deceased)
Marcus Walton Forrester (nephew)
William Logan Spencer (nephew)
Eric Forrester III (grandson; deceased)
Nicole Marone (granddaughter; deceased)
Logan Knight (grandson)
Unnamed child (miscarriage; with Ridge)
Eric "Rick" Forrester, Jr. (son, with Eric)
Bridget Forrester (daughter, with Eric)
unnamed child (miscarriage; with Ridge)
Hope Logan (daughter, with Deacon)
Ridge "R.J." Forrester, Jr. (son, with Ridge)
Jack Hamilton Marone (biological son, with Nick)
unnamed child (miscarriage; with Bill Spencer, Jr.)
Flings & Affairs
Dave Reed (broken engagement)
Ridge Forrester
Connor Davis
James Warwick (broken engagement)
Pierce Peterson (dated)
Victor Newman (kissed to make Ridge jealous)
Thorne Forrester
Deacon Sharpe
Nick Marone
Dante Damiano (dated)
Oliver Jones (mistaken identity sex)
William "Bill" Spencer, Jr.
Crimes Committed

Kept Ridge's love letter from Caroline on Thorne and Caroline's wedding day [1987]

Knowingly cheated on Eric with Ridge [1991]

Slept with Ridge thinking Eric was going back to Stephanie [1991]

Slapped Stephanie Forrester [1993]

Withheld the knowledge that Taylor was alive from Ridge [1995]

Arrested for child abduction and violation of custody agreement [1996]

Changed the time of her wedding to prevent Taylor from telling Ridge about Thomas' paternity [1998]

Got pregnant during a prolonged affair with Deacon Sharpe, her daughter's husband [2001]

Dumped spaghetti sauce on Tricia Quick [2002]

Tried to strangle Stephanie Forrester with a feather boa [2003]

Technically cheated on Ridge with Nick just after Ridge was presumed dead [2003]

Slapped Amber Moore [2005]

Pulled Stephanie's breathing tube from ventilator and dared her to die [2005]

Fired a shot at Stephanie using the gun Stephanie gave her to shoot herself [2005]

Slapped Taylor Hayes [2008, 2010, 2012]

Slapped Katie Logan [2008, 2013]

Brawled with Taylor in a pond [2010]

Unintentionally cheated on Ridge by mistaking Oliver Jones for Ridge [2010]

Kept Liam Cooper's refusal to annul Steffy's marriage a secret from Hope [2012]

Lied to Ridge about texting Deacon [2012]

Kissed sister Katie's husband, Bill Spencer, thinking Katie wanted a divorce [2012]

Obstructed justice by hiding Bill Spencer's drunk driving accident from the police [2013]

Made love to Bill Spencer, again thinking Katie wanted a divorce [2013]

Slapped Bill Spencer [2013]

Switched legal papers Bill used to dupe Katie with a pile of leaves [2013]

Slapped Ridge Forrester [2013]

Blackmailed Katie Logan into returning control of Spencer Publications to Bill Spencer [2014]

Health and Vitals
Almost raped by unknown assailants [1987]
Miscarried Ridge Forrester's baby [1989]
Collapsed while pregnant and almost injected with an unknown substance by Sheila Carter [1992]
Knocked unconscious after being pushed into a pool by Ridge [1993]
Suffered amnesia due to brief reactive psychosis [1996]
(Presumably) miscarried Ridge's baby [1998]
Punched, choked, and terrorized by Stephanie Forrester [1999]
Injured in a car accident with Macy Alexander [2000]
Knocked unconscious when Kimberly Fairchild dropped a heavy photographer's light on her [2000]
Fell from the Eiffel Tower [2001]
Shot in an altercation with Sheila Carter [2002]
Brawled with Sheila during Ridge's kidnapping [2003]
Fell while on Nick's boat during pregnancy [2003]
Suffered panic attacks [2004, 2012]
Unintentionally raped by Ridge Forrester [2006]
Choked and held at gunpoint by Stephanie Forrester [2007]
Raped by Andy Johnson [2007]
Donated bone marrow to baby Jack Marone [2007]
Nearly drowned and starved in the aftermath of plane crash [2011]
Suffered minor injuries when her car was hit by a drunken Bill Spencer [2013]
Began experiencing symptoms of menopause [2013]
Miscarried Bill Spencer's baby [2013]
Slapped and knocked to the floor by Quinn Fuller [2015]
Fell and hit her head on a table while drunk [2015]
Brief Character History

Brooke Logan is the daughter of Stephen and Beth Logan, raised in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley with her sisters, Donna and Katie Logan, and their brother, Storm Logan. Stephen had abandoned the family many years earlier, so Brooke worked alongside Beth as a caterer while studying chemistry in college. In the premiere episode, Brooke was almost raped. Policeman Dave Reed investigated, and soon Brooke and Dave began dating. Brooke met Caroline Spencer, who was engaged to wealthy playboy Ridge Forrester. Brooke was intrigued by the upper-class life, and fell for Ridge while catering a Forrester party, causing Brooke to break off her engagement with Dave.

Caroline and Brooke became friends, although when Ridge wrote Caroline a letter apologizing for his pre-wedding fling, Brooke intercepted the letter. Ridge started dating Brooke, while Caroline reluctantly moved on with Ridge's brother, Thorne Forrester. Brooke lost Caroline as a friend when Brooke confessed to hiding Ridge's letter. Meanwhile, Ridge asked Brooke to move in with him, though she initially turned him down. Brooke was insecure about Ridge's lingering feelings for Caroline, but overjoyed when Ridge proposed. However, when Brooke miscarried Ridge's baby, the wedding was postponed.

Caroline wanted Ridge back, and eventually divorced Thorne. Brooke was shocked when Ridge announced his engagement to Caroline. Ridge's father, Eric Forrester, who after 30 years was ready to divorce his wife, Stephanie Forrester, took a shine to Brooke. Eric had been involved with Beth, but Stephanie had manipulated a reunion between Beth and Stephen and sent them to Paris. So Eric pursued Brooke, and soon Brooke was carrying Eric's child. But Brooke flew to Paris for an abortion when she mistakenly believed Eric was returning to Stephanie. Eric followed Brooke and proposed to her, though Stephanie did her best to stall her divorce from Eric.

Caroline was stricken with leukemia soon after marrying Ridge, and confided in Brooke. Caroline wanted her illness to remain secret, asking Brooke and doctor Taylor Hayes to watch over Ridge once Caroline was gone. Brooke agonized before finally telling Ridge about Caroline's condition, and Caroline soon passed away. Eric moved Brooke into a posh condo. Stephanie continued to put roadblocks in Eric's way, but Brooke and Eric were married just in time to give their son a name: Eric Forrester, Jr. (Rick).

Unbeknownst to Eric, Brooke pined for Ridge during their marriage, even as Ridge dated Taylor. Brooke was hired as a chemist at Forrester Creations to invent a formula that would make their couture wrinkle-free. Brooke worked with Ridge and created the BeLieF formula. Brooke and Ridge got carried away celebrating and made love on the lab floor, not knowing that Stephanie's hidden cameras were capturing every moment. Brooke and Ridge made love again when they saw a letter forged by Stephanie declaring that Eric wanted Stephanie back. Brooke asked Eric for a divorce and agreed to live with Eric two more months, during which time Brooke behaved like a brat to turn Eric off.

The day of Ridge's wedding to Taylor, Brooke discovered she was pregnant, unsure of whether Ridge or Eric was the father. Brooke annoyed Taylor by continually making her presence known to Ridge. Brooke told Ridge she still loved him, but Ridge rejected her, and Brooke stormed off to the Big Bear cabin, where she went into labor. Ridge found Brooke and delivered her baby with Taylor as a midwife via telephone. Brooke named the baby Bridget after herself and Ridge. Eric's new paramour, Sheila Carter, tampered with the paternity test, which named Ridge as Bridget's father. Brooke hired Sheila as her children's nanny and visited Ridge with Bridget as frequently as possible.

Brooke pressured Ridge to leave Taylor. Ridge didn't, so Brooke dated attorney Connor Davis to annoy Ridge. Meanwhile, the Forresters realized they hadn't signed a contract with Brooke over the development of BeLieF, and Ridge was asked to sweet-talk Brooke into signing over control of the formula. When Brooke learned of Ridge's deception, Brooke took Connor's advice and demanded 51% of Forrester in exchange for relinquishing her rights to BeLieF. Stephanie and Brooke smacked each other in the meeting. But Brooke now had controlling interest in the company, and installed Sheila as her liaison. Brooke delighted in kicking longtime enemy Stephanie out of her office.

Brooke used her new power to create a successful Forrester men's line. Ridge got close to Brooke to convince her to return control of Forrester. Ridge accidentally knocked Brooke unconscious when he playfully pushed Brooke into the Forrester pool. Brooke recovered and lobbied for Ridge to go overseas with her to start up an international branch of Forrester, but Thorne took Ridge's place. Ridge found himself a widower again when Taylor was presumed dead in a plane crash. Brooke began dating James Warwick. James and Brooke were engaged, but Ridge confronted Brooke and popped the question himself. Brooke and Ridge were married in a lavish ceremony on the beach.

While on their honeymoon, Brooke and Ridge met Prince Omar, who offered the hospitality of his Moroccan palace. But Omar simply wanted to show Taylor, who had survived and recovered from amnesia at the palace, that Ridge had moved on with Brooke. Later, at home, Ridge was blinded in an accident at the lab and aided by a British hospital volunteer. Brooke thanked the volunteer, who then took off a disguise and revealed herself as Taylor. Brooke tried to keep Taylor's existence from Ridge. But after Taylor appeared on Ridge's doorstep, a judge declared Brooke's marriage to Ridge invalid. Brooke was relieved when Ridge divorced Taylor and wanted to remarry Brooke.

Once Sheila's criminal past was revealed, Sheila held Brooke and the Forresters at gunpoint. Brooke stood between Stephanie and the gun, saying that Sheila would have to shoot Brooke first. After Sheila was paroled, Sheila wanted to renew her friendship with Brooke, who forcefully rejected Sheila out of respect for the Forresters. Soon, a letter turned up suggesting that Brooke had fixed Bridget's paternity test. A second test revealed that Eric was really Bridget's father. When Ridge wasn't convinced of Brooke's innocence, Brooke gave in to Stephanie's badgering and left for Paris, then disappeared. Stephanie and Eric sought custody of Rick and Bridget while Ridge searched for Brooke.

Ridge found Brooke wandering around Barbados with no memory, clutching two dolls she thought were Rick and Bridget. Ridge got Brooke home, where she was diagnosed with "brief reactive psychosis." When Stephanie wouldn't relinquish custody, Brooke took her kids and ran. Stephanie had Brooke arrested. But Stephanie was slowly losing her mind thanks to Sheila's mercury poisoning and found herself in the hospital. Brooke rallied at Stephanie's bedside and helped rouse Stephanie from her catatonic state.

Brooke and Ridge befriended Grant Chambers, a new designer at Forrester. After Ridge spied a kiss between Grant and Brooke, Ridge proposed to Taylor during a fashion show. Brooke rebelled by marrying Grant, although their marriage was invalid because the sea captain who performed the ceremony was a fraud. Brooke put Grant in a position of power at Forrester, and, one night, Grant was shot. Grant accused Ridge, but before Ridge's sentencing, Grant revealed to Ridge that preteen Rick had pulled the trigger. Brooke was horrified because she hadn't fully noticed the descent into heavy metal and violent video games that had caused angry Rick to break from reality. Rick had no memory of the shooting, and Ridge took the blame to protect the boy.

While Ridge was in jail, Taylor discovered she was pregnant with Ridge's child. Thorne, who was in love with Taylor, worked with Brooke to convince Taylor to lie and say her baby was Thorne's instead. Brooke announced that she was pregnant as well. On Brooke's wedding day, Brooke changed the time of the ceremony to prevent Taylor from telling Ridge the truth. During Ridge and Brooke's honeymoon, Brooke reported that she'd had a miscarriage. Taylor had her baby and introduced the child to Ridge, who was disgusted with both Taylor and Brooke for their parts in the deception. Ridge asked Brooke for an annulment and returned to Taylor.

Brooke was incensed when the underaged Rick took an interest in his babysitter, Amber Moore. Brooke tried to buy Amber off, but by then Amber was pregnant with Rick's child. Meanwhile, Brooke stepped up her pursuit of Ridge, working with Pierce Peterson, who had a yen for Taylor. Brooke tried to make Ridge jealous by dating Pierce and Genoa City's Victor Newman right in front of him, but it didn't work, so Brooke created the sexy Brooke's Bedroom line and turned the Forrester showroom into a boudoir, modeling the showstopper lingerie herself. Stephanie confronted Brooke and they tussled on a bed while live television cameras were rolling.

The Forresters were outraged when Brooke started seeing Thorne. Stephanie had a stroke and terrorized Brooke by punching her, choking her, and threatening her with a fire poker. Thorne married his ex-wife, Macy Alexander, to keep Stephanie from having another stroke, but Thorne couldn't forget Brooke, who met with Macy to expedite Thorne's divorce. Macy drove off, but Brooke jumped in the car with her. Macy deliberately drove recklessly to scare Brooke and hit a tanker. Thorne rescued Brooke, but before he could get to Macy, Macy's car exploded. At Macy's funeral, Macy's family exposed Brooke's continuing relationship with Thorne, and Stephanie had a second stroke.

Brooke and Thorne were married, but Ridge tricked Brooke into admitting she'd always love Ridge, with Thorne in earshot. Thorne got an annulment, and Brooke resumed her pursuit of Ridge. Soon, Brooke got a call that her father, Stephen, was dying, so Brooke moved to Paris to be with him. Brooke didn't know that Massimo Marone, Ridge's secret long-lost father, had offered Stephen five million dollars to help him get Brooke out of Ridge's life. Brooke went on a blind date and fell from the Eiffel Tower, prompting Ridge to rush to her side. Brooke's mother, Beth, exposed Massimo's scheme, and Brooke turned her back on Stephen.

Brooke was concerned when Deacon Sharpe married her daughter, Bridget, to mess with the Forrester family. When Brooke unexpectedly connected with Deacon, they began a prolonged affair, during which Brooke got pregnant. Stephanie exposed Brooke's pregnancy at a press conference, where Whip Jones claimed he was the father. Brooke accepted Whip's proposal to keep Bridget from learning the truth, but the marriage was a failure, and later, Bridget overheard Brooke and Deacon discussing their affair on a baby monitor. Bridget confronted Brooke, but Brooke went into labor. Stephanie helped Bridget deliver Brooke's baby. Afterwards, Bridget shunned Brooke, but Stephanie helped Brooke turn over a new leaf, and Bridget suggested naming the baby Hope.

Eric helped Brooke with Hope. One night, Brooke walked into Eric's living room and found Eric and Taylor being held at gunpoint by an escaped Sheila. When Sheila aimed at Brooke, Taylor lunged for the gun and was shot. Eric and Brooke jumped Sheila, but Brooke was also shot in the struggle. While Brooke recovered, Taylor died in Ridge's arms in the hospital. Brooke consoled Ridge, but when grief counselor Tricia Quick told Brooke to stay away, Brooke dumped spaghetti sauce on Tricia. Ridge was floored learning about Brooke's affair, but more so learning that Massimo was his father. Ridge and ex-sister Bridget kissed, and Brooke accused Bridget of trying to pay her back for Deacon.

Brooke dated Ridge's new half-brother, Nick Marone, but after Ridge bought Spectra Fashions and gave it to Brooke as Logan Designs, Ridge and Brooke remarried in the jungles of South America. Brooke panicked when Sheila kidnapped Ridge to extort money from Massimo. Brooke hid in the trunk of Sheila's car and found Nick with Ridge at the kidnap site. Brooke and Massimo stormed Sheila, but in the ensuing melee, Ridge fell into a furnace. Brooke and Nick grieved together and ended up making love. Brooke was overjoyed when Ridge turned up alive, but horrified not knowing if Ridge or Nick had fathered her new baby. Brooke annulled her marriage to Ridge when a botched paternity test named Nick as the father.

During Brooke's wedding to Nick, Ridge burst in with the erroneous news that Nick had been cheating, setting off a chain of events that resulted in Nick and Massimo being arrested by the FBI for shady business dealings. A second paternity test revealed Ridge as the father of Brooke's baby, which she named Ridge Jr. (R.J.), and Ridge and Brooke remarried, with Brooke stepping in as a mother to Ridge's older kids, Thomas, Steffy, and Phoebe.

Brooke got caught in the middle of a power struggle between Ridge and Thorne at Forrester Creations. Meanwhile, Amber, who wanted revenge on Ridge for breaking up her relationship with Thomas, showed Brooke a misleading photo of Ridge and Bridget, playing on their former feelings. Amber also trapped Ridge and Bridget in a mineshaft rigged with hidden cameras, hoping they would kiss. Instead, Ridge and Bridget almost froze to death, after which Brooke smacked Amber. Ridge disappeared, and later Brooke received a voice mail from Ridge saying he was leaving her. It turned out that Morgan DeWitt, who had previously terrorized Ridge and Taylor, saw an opportunity when Ridge fell and lost his memory. Amber found Ridge with Morgan in Venice, Italy, and alerted Brooke to Ridge's whereabouts. Brooke helped Ridge regain his memory.

Brooke was concerned when Ridge was gone all night. Ridge came home and told Brooke there was a wax dummy in Taylor's coffin: Taylor was alive. Ridge and Taylor explained that Omar had spirited Taylor away from the hospital and healed her in his palace. Brooke was relieved when Ridge stayed with her, even as a judge maintained Ridge was still legally married to Taylor. Stephanie had a heart attack and begged Ridge to reunite with Taylor as her dying wish, so Ridge and Taylor renewed their vows. But Brooke suspected Stephanie had faked the attack, and even yanked the tube out of Stephanie's ventilator, daring Stephanie to die. Ridge stayed married to Taylor, even after Stephanie was exposed and the family turned their backs on her. So Brooke turned her attentions toward Nick, even though by then Nick was already married to Bridget.

Bridget saw a close moment between Brooke and Nick, so Bridget lied that she had aborted Nick's baby. Stephanie gave Brooke a gun as a gift and told her to shoot herself. Brooke shot at Stephanie instead, but missed. Brooke dated Dante Damiano to prove to Bridget she wasn't interested in Nick. But Stephanie saw Brooke with Nick and planned to tell Bridget. Tired of Stephanie's interference, Eric divorced Stephanie and married Brooke to make her unavailable to Nick. Stephanie, who had found out she was the sole owner of Forrester, fired Eric for knowing about it, and also terminated Brooke. Ridge and Brooke considered forming their own company, upsetting Taylor. Eric and Brooke annulled their unconsummated marriage, and Brooke encouraged Nick to stay with Bridget and raise Bridget's baby.

Ridge's marriage to Taylor imploded after Taylor admitted she'd kissed Hector Ramirez, and had slept with James many years before. Ridge called Taylor a hypocrite for always judging Brooke while hiding her own secret. Ridge was still in love with Brooke, but Brooke wanted to be with Nick, who was now free. When Ridge pressed the issue, Brooke blurted out that she wasn't going to let another man abandon her like her father did. So Brooke was stunned when Ridge brought Stephen back from Paris to mend fences with Brooke. Having taken antianxiety pills to deal with the stress, Brooke was out of it and unable to consent to making love when Ridge came on to her. Ridge was horrified to realize he had unintentionally raped Brooke.

Brooke stayed with Nick. But when Ridge had a heart attack, Brooke was amazed to find Stephanie trying to reunite her with Ridge. Stephanie even gifted Brooke with 50% of Forrester Creations. Stephen wangled Taylor's 2% share out of her and gave it to Brooke, who again had controlling interest. At Nick's urging, Brooke fired Ridge and Stephanie, but later relented. At a fashion show, Ridge kissed Brooke on the runway to get at Nick. Stephanie found nude photos Brooke had taken for the Bedroom line and had them blown up on a billboard at the site of Nick and Brooke's wedding to turn Nick off from Brooke. But the ploy failed, and Nick married Brooke anyway.

Ridge flirted with Brooke's sister, Donna, to make Brooke jealous. Later, Donna spied Ridge and Brooke kissing and told Nick, who had a one-night stand with Bridget. When Bridget turned up pregnant, Brooke pushed Nick overboard from his boat and ran back to Ridge. After Nick's mother, Jackie Marone, went over a balcony railing during an argument with Stephanie, Nick told the Forresters that the only way to keep Stephanie out of jail was to give him control of Forrester. Eric, Ridge, and Brooke started a new company, Forrester Originals, and Ridge proposed to Brooke at their first press conference.

Tensions rose as Brooke's son, Rick, started dating Ridge's daughter, Phoebe. On a business trip to Australia, Ridge punched Rick after finding him with Phoebe, causing Brooke to leave Ridge. Brooke was jealous when Ridge dated Genoa City transplant Ashley Abbott. But when Shane McGrath, who had been bothering Phoebe, turned up dead, Nick was arrested while Ridge took a mysterious business trip. Brooke overheard Stephanie's phone call to Ridge and got Stephanie to confess the truth: Shane had shot himself in front of Ridge, but, because of Ridge's prior record after taking the rap for Rick regarding Grant's shooting, Ridge disposed of Shane's body, and Stephanie helped Ridge frame Nick. Stephanie choked Brooke with a phone cord and held Brooke at gunpoint to keep her from going to the police.

Brooke convinced Stephanie to come clean, and Ridge went to jail. Taylor worked with Rick to help him remember shooting Grant, since Rick's recollection was the only thing that could free Ridge. For Phoebe's sake, Rick testified that he had shot Grant, but never actually remembered pulling the trigger. Later, Brooke accidentally left Hope and R.J. alone all night after Brooke fell asleep in her car. Child Protective Services were brought in when Hope and R.J. later set fire to the living room while Brooke's back was turned. When Ridge moved for custody, a despondent Brooke confided in Andy Johnson, who she'd met at a restaurant. Stephanie encouraged Andy to pursue Brooke and even told Andy where to find Brooke's spare key. But Andy had been stalking Brooke, and before long, Andy got into the house and raped Brooke.

Ridge returned custody of the children to Brooke, which aided in her recovery. But Brooke was experiencing flashbacks and nightmares, so when Brooke was scheduled to model the slinky lingerie of the Brooke's Bedroom line, Brooke had a meltdown on the runway, causing her to seek counseling. Stephanie was horrified that she had played a part in Brooke's rape and begged Brooke's forgiveness, but Brooke raged at Stephanie and threw her out.

Taylor and Nick had married and wanted a child, but Taylor had fertility issues, so Taylor was implanted with a donor egg. Taylor had a healthy child, whom she named Jack, after her father, but Taylor wanted to know the identity of her egg donor. Bridget, who had overseen the in vitro process, was forced to admit there had been a mix-up in the lab and that Brooke was Jack's biological mother. Brooke had trouble denying her connection to baby Jack, infuriating Taylor, who had her own trouble bonding with the child. Taylor started drinking heavily upon learning that Nick still loved Brooke. Nick filed for custody, and Brooke endangered her relationship with Ridge by helping Nick.

When Taylor started seeing Rick, Brooke threatened to ruin Taylor's chances at custody. Ultimately, Nick and Taylor were awarded joint custody, but Taylor still couldn't bond with Jack, so Taylor asked Brooke to raise the baby instead. Brooke and Ridge's relationship was threatened by Rick's increasing hostility toward Ridge. Rick fought with Ridge on the roof at Forrester and was paralyzed in a fall. Brooke doubted Ridge's innocence and let herself be manipulated by Rick, who wanted Ridge out of his mother's life. Rick made a move on Steffy to annoy Ridge, but, when Phoebe found out, she went off on Rick for getting involved with her, her mother, and her sister. Phoebe attacked Rick in his car, causing him to lose control, and Phoebe died in Ridge's arms. The Forresters wanted to ship Rick to Forrester International, but Brooke couldn't bear to send her son away.

Brooke and Ridge remarried on the beach where they'd had their first wedding, but the newlyweds battled over Rick's romance with Steffy. Brooke didn't realize that Rick had only seduced Steffy as revenge on Ridge; Rick felt Ridge's constant waffling between Brooke and Taylor had given Rick an unstable home life as a child. Ridge clued in and put a stop to Steffy's relationship with Rick. Soon after, Ridge and Brooke discovered a clerical error in their marriage certificate that invalidated their union. Taylor gave Ridge an antianxiety pill to relax, but Ridge secretly took more and made love to Taylor under their influence. Ridge gravitated back to Taylor, while Steffy and Thomas intercepted and faked text messages between Ridge and Brooke to make sure that Taylor's wedding to Ridge took place. Brooke found out and stopped the wedding by riding in on her horse.

Ridge admitted he loved both Brooke and Taylor, but wanted them to resolve their own conflicts before he chose between them. Brooke and Taylor tried "family counseling" with James, but the massages, foam bats, and mud baths all ended in disaster. When Ridge later reminded Brooke and Taylor how much they had helped each other over the years, the ex-wives hugged and apologized to each other. Ridge then remarried Brooke and made peace with Rick.

When Bill Spencer, Jr. took control of Forrester, Bill installed his new wife, Brooke's sister Katie Logan, as Forrester's CEO. Katie offered the power positions to the Forrester men, but, when they refused, Katie made Brooke president and Donna vice president. Ridge was furious, but Brooke helped Ridge and Eric with their plan to create the ugly Dare line in an attempt to sabotage Bill. Eventually, Steffy set up a seduction to trick Bill into signing control to her, after which she distributed the stock among Ridge, Eric, Stephanie, and even Taylor, edging the Logans out. Brooke offered to buy Taylor's 25%, but the ensuing argument ended with them fighting in a pond at Forrester.

Brooke and Ridge were thrown into further conflict when Brooke's daughter, Hope, began interning at Forrester. Steffy resented Hope, and Ridge and Brooke had differing opinions about their daughters. But Steffy especially resented Brooke, viewing Brooke as the reason her family wasn't together. At Hope's graduation party, where everyone wore identical clothes and masks, a randy Brooke lured Ridge out to the terrace for a quickie. Brooke blanched when she learned she had mistakenly made love to Hope's boyfriend, Oliver Jones. Steffy found out and said she'd go public if Brooke didn't leave Forrester. Brooke defused Steffy's bomb by explaining herself to a surprisingly forgiving Ridge, who forced Steffy to create a tribute video to Brooke as punishment.

Steffy's grudgingly sincere attempt at the tribute was sabotaged by Spencer Publications to expose Brooke's encounter with Oliver. Hope was heartbroken, and Stephanie double-slapped Brooke for hurting another daughter. During a separate argument, Stephanie fell, and Brooke initially thought Stephanie was faking another medical condition. But Brooke accompanied Stephanie to the hospital and learned that Stephanie had Stage IV lung cancer. Brooke begged Stephanie to tell the family and seek treatment, but Stephanie was resigned and wanted to enjoy her remaining time instead. Brooke found herself on a roller coaster with Stephanie as Stephanie checked off her bucket list.

Stephanie lost her mother's scarf and traced it to a homeless woman, Dayzee Leigh. Brooke found Dayzee holding a broken bottle on Stephanie and scared Dayzee off. Brooke lost track of Stephanie when Stephanie went after Dayzee, leaving Brooke to wander the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Brooke met Anthony, a homeless man who figured out Brooke was describing Dayzee and told Brooke where to look. Brooke was relieved when Dayzee convinced Stephanie to go in for treatment, and was even more surprised when Stephanie admitted to Brooke that she loved her. Brooke joined Stephanie in her quest to help the homeless, serving food to those in need at a soup kitchen.

Thomas wanted to resurrect the men's line and asked for Brooke's help. Taylor didn't want Brooke anywhere near her son. When Thomas feared his collection wasn't getting attention, he kissed Brooke as a publicity stunt. Ridge was upset, and told Taylor he'd return to her if anything inappropriate happened between Thomas and Brooke. An infatuated Thomas kissed Brooke while she was sleeping. Brooke scolded Thomas but got in trouble with Ridge for keeping the kiss a secret. Later, Brooke and Thomas were lost at sea in a plane crash, and Thomas saved Brooke from drowning. Brooke and Thomas washed up on a deserted island where there was nothing to eat. Half-starved, Brooke found some berries and shared them with Thomas, but the fruit produced hallucinations, and when Brooke and Thomas woke up, they couldn't be sure they didn't have sex.

After Brooke and Thomas were rescued, Thomas confessed that he and Brooke did indeed have sex. Brooke couldn't completely deny it and was filled with self-loathing, so she gave Ridge a divorce and permission to be with Taylor. On Ridge and Taylor's wedding day, Stephanie admitted she had convinced Thomas to lie about having sex with Brooke in exchange for Stephanie's 25% share in Forrester. Ridge left Taylor at the altar and reconciled with Brooke, who made Stephanie "pay" by forcing Stephanie to sing to Brooke in public.

Brooke and Taylor continued butting heads over their children's love lives: Thomas was interested in Caroline Spencer, the niece of Ridge's departed wife, whom Brooke brought to town to lure Rick away from Amber, and both Hope and Steffy were interested in Bill's son, Liam Cooper. When Liam proposed to Hope, Brooke planned a huge wedding for them in Puglia, Italy, where Ridge popped the question to Brooke in an olive garden. With the full support of Stephanie, Brooke married Ridge for the seventh time, but, when Brooke lied about texting Deacon, who had interrupted Hope's wedding, Ridge wouldn't file the marriage license, and Brooke came home from her honeymoon alone.

When Stephanie's cancer returned and became terminal, she cast Brooke as the matriarch of the Forrester family. Brooke was at Stephanie's side during her final moments; the longtime "frenemies" admitted that they brought out the best and worst in each other, and apologized for hurting each other over the years. Stephanie died in Brooke's arms, and Brooke was distraught over having lost both Ridge and Stephanie in such a short time.

Brooke tried to help Katie, who, after learning how Bill had hired Deacon to stop Hope's wedding, nearly died in childbirth and slid into postpartum depression. Brooke didn't know that Katie thought her heart was going to give out, and hoped Brooke would replace her in Bill's life. While Brooke and Bill were searching for the missing Katie, they kissed, but came home to find a recuperated Katie ready to be Bill's wife again. Taylor found out about the kiss and reported it to Katie, who got Brooke to promise it wouldn't happen again. To prove herself, Brooke worked to repair Katie's deteriorating marriage to Bill.

Brooke was against Eric dating Taylor, but for Hope marrying Liam; Brooke threw her daughter a surprise wedding that was foiled when Steffy arrived announcing she was carrying Liam's baby. With Thomas gaining influence with Eric at Forrester, Bill suggested countering it by rebooting her Brooke's Bedroom lingerie line. Despite initially feeling she was too old to model again, Brooke interrupted Thomas' sales presentation with a mini-showing that convinced Eric to green-light the reboot. Taylor told Katie about Bill and Brooke's flirty, champagne-fueled celebration; en route to try to explain things to Katie, Bill drunkenly swerved into Brooke's car. Brooke took Bill home to protect him from the police, but when Katie arrived and misunderstood seeing Bill in Brooke's bed, Katie took off her wedding ring and demanded a divorce. Brooke and Bill gave in to their attraction and made love, but their afterglow was interrupted by the news that Katie had suffered another incident with her heart.

When it came out that Katie hadn't been taking her anti-rejection medication, Taylor began sniffing around and suspected Brooke of sleeping with Bill. Brooke stayed away as Katie took Bill back, but discovered that the menopause symptoms she began experiencing were accompanied by pregnancy! Brooke decided to have the baby, trying to convince Eric to leave Taylor and resume their long-ago marriage so that no one would learn Bill was the father. Eric gently refused and persuaded Brooke to tell Bill and Katie the truth, but she fainted before she could. Brooke discovered she had miscarried and was determined to keep it a secret, but Taylor, who was furious to learn about Brooke coming on to Eric, snooped through Brooke's medical files and exposed Brooke during her birthday party. Katie went ballistic, throwing Bill out and disowning Brooke.

Brooke slapped Katie when she used her divorce proceedings to take control of Spencer Publications, but later saw it as a sign of forgiveness when Katie asked Brooke to babysit her son, Will. Katie set up cameras to spy on Brooke and Bill, who had a few charged moments, but never crossed the line. Traveling to Monte Carlo to promote Brooke's Bedroom, Brooke was surprised by Bill, who had discovered the cameras and decided to be with Brooke. Still feeling guilty, Brooke ran off, but Bill chased her through Monte Carlo; after returning home, Bill and Brooke made things official by moving in together. Brooke also helped Bill adjust to Wyatt Fuller, another of his long-lost sons.

Bill told Brooke he wanted to marry her as soon as his divorce from Katie became final, then took her mountain climbing in Aspen. But, after Bill nearly fell from a cliff, he decided to go back to Katie, who signed papers meant to return control of Spencer Publications and joint custody of Will. Bill came back bragging that he had duped Katie: now Bill could have his company, his son, and Brooke. Horrified, Brooke switched Bill's document with leaves from Aspen, a gesture which was not lost on Katie.

Brooke, who had promised Katie she wouldn't take Bill back, was shocked when Ridge came home, wanting to reconcile after a year in Paris. Brooke slapped Ridge for dumping her on their honeymoon, then told him about Bill. Ridge pulled away because of what Brooke had done to her sister; Bill attributed Ridge's hesitation to photos of Ridge at a gay pride parade, but Brooke wouldn't believe Bill's claim that Ridge was gay. Ridge hesitantly proposed, but, at the wedding, Katie, who had spent time with Ridge and fallen in love with him, fainted on purpose to stop the ceremony. Brooke laughed at the idea of Katie wanting Ridge, but Ridge admitted that he wanted a life with Katie instead. Distraught, Brooke pushed Bill away and hit the bottle, calling out to Stephanie that she was right about her being the "slut from the Valley."

Brooke soon recanted, taking Bill back and letting him move in. When Bill was upset to learn that Spencer Publications was faltering under Katie's leadership, Brooke went to Karen, but failed to convince her to reinstate Bill as CEO. Brooke revealed to Katie that she had kept the papers Bill tricked her into signing, and used them to force Katie to step down. Brooke happily accepted Bill's proposal, but had to break up a fistfight that Ridge started with Bill over Bill's potential influence on R.J. Bill took Brooke to the United Arab Emirates, where they toured Dubai and Abu Dhabi before having their wedding on the beach; however, Ridge showed up with a photo of Bill in bed with his ex-girlfriend, Quinn Fuller, whom Bill had slept with the day of Brooke's wedding to Ridge. Before Brooke could react, Ridge dragged her away and into a helicopter, which suddenly banked over the Persian Gulf, forcing Brooke to watch helplessly as Ridge, who wasn't wearing a seat belt, plunged into the ocean.

Joined by Katie, Eric, and Thorne, Bill and Brooke organized a search team to find Ridge. Just as the team gave up hope of locating him, Brooke spotted Ridge wandering on the beach. Brooke declared Ridge her best friend, and the family threw a big welcome home party for him, but Ridge's memory was impaired by the concussion he suffered during the fall. Brooke could see how much Katie loved Ridge, and appeared to accept her sister's relationship with her long-time love.

Once home in Los Angeles, Brooke and Bill discussed attempting another wedding. But when Bill became insistent and planned a ceremony on Los Angeles' Catalina Island, Brooke began to wonder what the rush was. Brooke's former lover, Deacon Sharpe, who had returned to town, warned Brooke not to marry Bill; though Bill blew Ridge off when he accused him of arranging for the helicopter to dump him out, Brooke was shocked when Ridge produced evidence of Bill's involvement and sent Bill away.

Deacon let Brooke know that he wanted a second chance with her, despite the fact that Brooke was slowly being worn down by Bill's constant efforts at a reconciliation. Brooke finally gave in and agreed to marry Bill on his yacht in Monte Carlo, where Hope had just married Wyatt. At a party for the newlyweds, Brooke welcomed Wyatt into the family; however, Deacon took Brooke aside and informed her that he had learned Ridge was no longer able to draw as a result of the helicopter accident. Brooke went to Ridge, who reluctantly admitted it was true, and once again told Bill she couldn't be with him because of his destructive behavior.

Brooke found herself bonding with Deacon regarding Hope, but didn't know what to say when Deacon proposed. Before she could answer, Bill arrived with news that Ridge's drawing ability had returned and issued a proposal of his own. Brooke chose not to marry either man, taking a step back and confiding in Eric that she finally understood what Stephanie had tried to tell her about her obsessions with men and being the center of attention. Later, when she saw how Bill and Katie had reconnected as a result of Bill saving toddler Will from choking on a coin, Brooke accepted a position at the Forrester office in Milan to give her sister the opportunity to explore a reconciliation with Bill, and herself the opportunity to get her head on straight.

While in Milan, Brooke comforted Hope, who'd sought out her mother after miscarrying Wyatt's baby. When Brooke came home after a few months away, she was thrown when Bill coldly let her know he had moved on with Katie -- and upon discovering that Rick, who had been married to Caroline, had moved on with Maya Avant, Forrester's lead model. Once Maya told Brooke that Caroline had destroyed her marriage to Rick by kissing Ridge, and Rick admitted firing warning shots at Ridge and Caroline, Brooke confronted Ridge, who threatened to call the police if Rick didn't step down as CEO. Brooke blamed Ridge and declared that Rick and Caroline were to make their marriage work, to everyone's shock.

Brooke then set her sights on Ridge to teach Caroline a lesson. But, when Ridge rejected Brooke, she began drinking heavily, lamenting her single state. Katie asked Brooke to be matron of honor at her wedding to Bill; however, Brooke felt she didn't deserve it after being the cause of Katie and Bill's divorce. Ultimately, Brooke accepted, but she alarmed everyone by making drunken asides during the ceremony. Brooke also made a spectacle of herself at a restaurant, where Deacon saw her, took her home, and tried to sober her up. Brooke was surprised when Deacon kissed her despite insisting he was now with Quinn; Brooke soon opened the door to a jealous Quinn, who slapped Brooke and knocked her to the floor. Brooke was sure Deacon would leave Quinn after hearing of the altercation, but Deacon proposed to Quinn instead, prompting Brooke to forbid the wedding and tell Quinn it would never take place.

After Deacon vowed he would indeed marry Quinn, Brooke got drunk again, this time falling and hitting her head on a table. Deciding she needed help, Brooke attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, where she ran into Deacon, himself a recovering alcoholic who had fallen off the wagon. Brooke and Deacon agreed to support each other; after Katie visited with Bill, and Brooke had a hard time seeing how happy they were, Brooke grabbed the phone instead of a drink, asking Deacon for help. Brooke watched as Deacon trashed her supply of booze, then apologized for how badly she had treated him over the years. Later, Brooke struggled when Katie had a glass of wine in front of her; Brooke continued to bond with Deacon, who surprised Brooke by asking if there was still a chance for them. Brooke admitted perhaps it could be their time if Deacon wasn't engaged to Quinn.

Brooke initially rejected Quinn's invitation to her wedding, but Brooke did end up attending -- with Hope as her guest, via video call. Brooke hoped that her daughter could talk Deacon out of the marriage; when Deacon insisted he would marry Quinn despite Hope's threat to turn her back on him, Brooke left, unable to watch the ceremony.

At Forrester, Brooke agreed to Rick's request to return to the company full-time. When Ridge balked that Brooke only did it to be near him, Brooke stated she could have Ridge back "like that" and declared that his relationship with Caroline would never last. Brooke was pleased when Eric came home from an extended trip; together, they supported Rick's running of Forrester, but Brooke wasn't sure what to think of Rick's growing desire to take Maya as his wife. Soon, Ridge reported learning that Maya was transgender, so Brooke confronted Maya, who hadn't yet divulged her gender identity to Rick. Brooke insisted that Maya tell Rick about herself before he proposed later that night.

Brooke was horrified when Bill, who had also learned about Maya's transition, splashed the story all over his publications, ultimately leading Rick to crash his car. Brooke had Rick convalesce at her house, upset that Maya hadn't told Rick sooner and encouraging Rick to rethink a future with her. Hearing that Ridge tried getting Eric to invoke a "behavioral morality clause" in Rick's contract to remove him as CEO, Brooke assured Rick of her support.

After Ridge took over as CEO, Brooke was on hand to support Ridge and Caroline's California Freedom line, the showing of which was led by transgender models. Brooke assured Deacon she was still sober, then thrilled when Rick proposed to Maya on the runway, giving Brooke the opportunity to meet Maya's parents, Julius and Vivienne Avant. That night, Thorne's daughter, Aly Forrester, who'd had a history of mental problems stemming from the death of her mother, Darla Einstein, died tragically; Brooke and Eric comforted the grieving Thorne.

At Rick's wedding to Maya, Brooke politely refused a drink offered to her. Later, despite having misgivings about Ridge's relationship with Caroline, Brooke counselled Ridge, who was conflicted because Caroline wanted to start a family and he didn't; Brooke listened as Ridge admitted he'd had a vasectomy while living in Paris. Brooke also acted as confidante to various family members, even former enemy Steffy.

When word got out that Caroline was pregnant by new husband Ridge, Brooke confronted Ridge about his vasectomy, declaring he couldn't be the father of Caroline's child. Brooke dubiously accepted Ridge's explanation that he'd had the vasectomy reversed, but also wondered why Ridge had shipped Thomas back to the Forrester International office in Paris without much justification. Later, when Liam tried to fix her computer and commented on her searches for vasectomies, she admitted that Ridge had undergone the procedure but had it reversed, prompting Ridge to reprimand her.

Once Rick and Maya announced they were having a baby with Maya's sister, Nicole Avant, serving as their surrogate, Brooke was surprised when Eric asked her to move in to the Forrester mansion to be closer to their grandchild. Brooke gracefully declined, but, at Thanksgiving, she and Eric reminisced about Stephanie. Feeling lonely when it turned out Rick and R.J. wouldn't be home for Christmas and both Hope and Bridget's plans to do so fell through, Brooke prepared to spend the holiday alone until Eric invited her to the big Forrester gathering, where Brooke tearfully declared Eric her best friend.

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