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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 6, 2004 on GH
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Monday, September 6, 2004

Due to the Labor Day holiday, today's episode was preempted. Regular programming will resume tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

The Quartermaines gathered together at Felicia's request. They bickered over the inheritance. Felicia told them that Edward looked happy and that would have pleased Lila. Heather spiked Edward's orange juice. Felicia went on to tell the family that there were many people who deserved the inheritance. Edward clutched his heart and passed out. Felicia called an ambulance while the others believed that Edward was faking. The ambulance wheeled Edward away while Heather accused everyone of almost letting Edward die. Felicia informed them that she would let everyone back into the competition. At the hospital, Edward woke up to find Tracy there. She informed him about Felicia's decision and this caused a spike in his blood pressure. Felicia told the family that they were obviously hazardous to Edward's health and that they had to stay away from him or they would be eliminated again. Heather went in to visit Edward. She told Edward that she would be there to protect him from his family. She called them "vultures."

Lois met Alcazar at the pier. She asked him if he had killed Mary, after informing him that she had died of a mistake in her medication and not of her gunshot wound. Alcazar denied having had anything to do with Mary's death. He left and went to the police station wanting to know if the cops had a suspect.

Brook, Lucas, Dillon and Georgie met at L&B. Brook told them she had made Sage's poem into a song. She sang it for them. Simon listened. He approved of the song and told Brook that with a little tuning of the song and of her image, she would be a star. Lois came in and Simon told her the news about Brook. He told her that Brook was the real deal and that with her they would have a platinum hit on their hands. He left and then the teens explained to Lois that it was not Brook who had written the song, but rather Sage. She in turn explained to them that Alcazar had the rights to the song. She met with Alcazar at the pier again to apologize to him and to ask him for the song. Brook felt guilty about leaving the others to pursue her own career. They all encouraged her.

Ric met Alexis at the courthouse. He told her about going after Justus due to his affair with Faith and that obvious conflict of interest. The judge told Justus that he was to find another attorney to represent Faith. He asked Alexis. She recognized that he was in love with Faith and agreed to take the case, much to Ric's chagrin. Justus told Faith the news and she was not happy. He encouraged her that Alexis would represent her well and just might get her off.

Lucky questioned Liz about what happened the night Mary died. She told him the truth about Emily having been left alone with the medication tray.

Nikolas advised Emily to tell the police the truth about what happened with Mary. Jason showed up and Nikolas left them alone to speak. He told her not to say anything without a lawyer. Outside, Nikolas told Lucky that Jason was in there with Emily. Lucky went in and Jason left. Lucky asked Emily to tell him what happened. Meanwhile, Jason informed Nikolas that it was not a good idea for Emily to tell the police anything. He informed him that the police just wanted to close the case and that they were looking for a suspect to pin it on. Since Emily had motive, opportunity and means, she would be the likely candidate. She had threatened Mary several times and this made her look guilty. The cops were setting Emily up. Jason left and Nikolas went in to Emily. Emily had refused to say anything to Lucky so he let her go, warning her not leave the state. Emily and Nikolas went to Kelly's. He told Emily everything Jason had said, and that he believed that Emily would incriminate herself to protect Nikolas. He knew she was innocent. Emily admitted to Nikolas that she was responsible for Mary's death.

Jason went to Liz and questioned her about what had happened the night Mary died. After telling him she had told Lucky the whole story, he warned her not to speak to anyone else. Jason told her that Emily looked guilty.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

When they meet on the Docks, Lois demands to know if Lorenzo killed Mary Bishop. When Lorenzo evades her questions, Lois asks directly if Lorenzo is capable of ordering someone killed and Lorenzo replies: "Absolutely!" Lorenzo admits that, while he is NOT sorry to learn that the woman who murdered his niece is dead, Lorenzo was NOT responsible for the girl's death. Although Lois apologizes for accusing Lorenzo, Lorenzo advises Lois to believe whatever she wants, then walks away!

At the Port Charles Police Department, Nikolas assures Emily that she will be fine if she tells the truth to the police. However, Jason suddenly arrives and warns Emily NOT to say anything! As Nikolas tries to convince Jason that Emily needs to cooperate with the police, Lucky arrives at the Hospital and quizzes Liz about Mary's death. Liz admits to Lucky that Liz asked Emily to watch the medicine cart for Liz while Liz went to check with one of the doctors about something. At the same time, Nikolas is stunned when Emily admits that Jason is at the police station at Emily's request because Emily believes that she NEEDS Jason's help! Nikolas leaves, while Jason speaks alone with Emily. As Jason advises Emily to stay mum, no matter how safe Emily believes she would be in giving a statement to the police, Lucky arrives at the PCPD and informs Nikolas that Lucky just spoke to Liz about events the night of Mary's death. At the same time, Jason continues to warn Emily NOT to speak to anyone without an attorney. Emily and Jason are interrupted by Lucky's arrival. After Jason leaves, Lucky pleads with Emily to tell him everything she knows about the night of Mary's death. Meanwhile, Nikolas tries to convince Jason to HELP Emily by staying away from his sister's current legal problems, but Jason argues that, since Emily DID call Jason for help, Nikolas needs to be aware that Emily BELIEVES that there IS something for Emily to be worried about! Jason warns Nikolas that the police brought Emily in without a lawyer BECAUSE they were setting Emily up -- and Nikolas is playing right into their hands! Although Nikolas continues to argue that Emily should cooperate with the police, Jason remains adamant that Emily's only hope is to remain mum. When Nikolas returns to the interrogation room, Lucky informs Nikolas that Emily refused to speak to Lucky. After Lucky leaves, Nikolas again tries to convince Emily that she should steer clear of any 'help' from Jason and, instead, cooperate with the police!

Later, when Lorenzo arrives at the Port Charles Police Department, Lucky is shocked to learn that Lorenzo can prove that he was in Caracas, Venezuela, burying his niece, when Mary Bishop died at the Hospital. At the same time, Jason arrives at the Hospital and quizzes Liz about the time that Emily spent alone with the medication cart. Liz admits to Jason that she told Lucky about Emily being alone with the cart and is surprised when Jason begs Liz NOT to mention those events to anyone else. Meanwhile, at the Port Charles Police Department, Nikolas is surprised when Emily declares that she believes that she NEEDS Jason's help because Emily COULD be guilty of causing Mary's death!

At L&B, Brook confides to Dillon, Lucas, and Georgie that she believes they all misjudged Sage. Brook suggests that they turn Sage's poem into a song. After Brook Lynn sings the song that Brook composed, using Sage's poem, Simon arrives and declares that Brook Lynn and the song will soon be a national hit. When Lois arrives, Lois is thrilled by Simon's plans to market Brook Lynn as a solo act, but Brook is less than enthused by Simon's plan. However, Lois rushes ahead and agrees to Simon's plan without consulting her daughter about anything. After Simon leaves, Lois is shocked when she learns that the lyrics of the song came from Sage's poem -- and that Lorenzo would own the rights to Sage's lyrics! After Lois leaves, Brook Lynn confides to her friends that she is reluctant to perform as a solo act, but the other teens urge Brook to take advantage of the opportunity that Simon is offering. Later, Lois meets Lorenzo on the Docks again and tries to apologize. Then Lois informs Lorenzo that she is about to ask him something that he will probably hate.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Felicia explains to Alice, Tracy, Ned, Monica, Alan and Edward that Lila had hoped that the competition for Lila's estate would bring out the best in the Quartermaine family but, instead, the competition has produced the opposite effect and the family has exposed their worst traits. As Felicia talks, Heather slips away to the side board and adds a mysterious powder to a glass of orange juice, then returns to the group and hands the glass to Edward. At the same time, Tracy blasts Edward for fooling around with Heather so soon after Lila's death. As Tracy leaps to the conclusion that Edward is the only one left to receive Lila's estate, Alice argues that Lila would have WANTED Edward to have Lila's fortune. As they all argue, Edward grows increasingly ill until Edward finally keels over. As Heather insists that something is seriously wrong with Edward, Alan refuses to do anything because he believes that Edward is faking. Felicia becomes angry at the family's failure to respond to Edward's crisis and calls an ambulance herself. Later, as Edward is rushed away by the paramedics, Felicia blasts Edward's family for their callous disregard for Edward's obvious medical emergency. Although Alan reminds everyone that his father has a history of faking heart attacks at opportune times, Felicia declares that she is wiping the slate clean and will give all of them ONE last chance to prove that they CAN be as selfless as Lila believed they COULD be! Edward is surprised when he awakens later in the Hospital room with Tracy beside him! When Tracy informs Edward that Felicia wiped the slate clean and they will all have one more chance to win Lila's fortune, Edward becomes agitated and calls for Felicia, who immediately removes Tracy from the room and declares to the others that anyone who hovers around Edward in his weakened condition will be immediately disqualified in the quest for Lila's fortune. Heather reminds everyone that, since Heather is NOT a Quartermaine, Heather will be free to stay beside Edward. After Heather goes back into Edward's room, Ned warns Felicia that Felicia has just turned Edward over to a veteran schemer. However, Felicia assures Ned that Felicia has ALL of the bases covered, including Heather's base! At the same time, Heather assures Edward that she will NOT be leaving his side any time soon and Edward welcomes Heather's attention.

Ric runs into Alexis at the Court House and mentions that Justus will NOT be able to represent Faith because Justus clearly has a conflict of interest where Faith is concerned, since attorney and client have been bed buddies. Ric uses the opportunity to direct the conversation toward a discussion of passionate affairs between colleagues, then smugly observes that he obviously will NOT have to worry about Alexis taking Faith's case off of Justus's hands because Alexis is afraid that she might lose to Ric in court! Later, Justus is surprised when the judge agrees with Ric and rules that Justus DOES have too much of a conflict of interest to be representing Faith. Justus then goes to Alexis and pleads with Alexis to represent Faith. Alexis reminds Justus that, since Alexis was once married to Jax, Ric could also argue that Alexis had too much of a conflict of interest to be defending Faith against the charge of shooting Jax. Justus argues that Ric would never bring that issue up because Ric would be eager to have another chance to prove that he COULD win a case while opposing Alexis in court. Justus argues that Faith only wants a chance to start a new life and that Alexis is Faith's last hope. Ric is obviously elated when Alexis finds Ric and announces that she is taking Faith's case. Ric smugly accuses Alexis of taking Faith's case just to get next to Ric again! When Alexis predicts that she will win Faith's freedom easily so long as Ric is prosecuting the case, Ric warns Alexis that, as soon as Faith is free, Sonny will probably order Faith murdered! At the same time, Faith is devastated when Justus informs her that Alexis will be representing Faith in court. When Faith confides that she is wary of being represented by Alexis, Justus points out that, as Jax's ex-wife, Alexis is their best chance of casting reasonable doubt on Jax's accusations against Faith.

Thursday, September 9, 2004

Lois meets up with Alcazar on the docks. She tells him that Brook wrote a song using the poem that Sage wrote for Dillon and asks him for the rights to the poem to use as a song to launch as a potential hit single for Brook. Alcazar accuses Lois of using the tragedy of his niece's death to help launch her daughter's career and accuses her of never wanting to help Sage become a star but used her to get Brook to sing. Lois denies using Sage to get Brook to sing and that she had every intention of helping Sage become a singing star. Alcazar refuses to give his permission and takes off. Lois shows up at the record studio where Simon and Ned are with the teens. Ned is not pleased that Alcazar is again connected in any way to the record label and especially tied in anyway to Lois. Lois explained to Ned that Sage wrote a poem that Brook turned into a wonderful song that could be a big hit for their daughter. Lois tells Simon and Ned that she pushed too hard and Alcazar got upset with her and took off. Brook tells Ned that she needs to sing the song again anyway and asks him to listen to it before making a decision about it. Ned listens as Brook sings the song. Ned likes it a lot. Alcazar shows up and hears Brook sing the song based on Sage's poem. He starts to cry and is deeply affected by the song. Brook tells him that she won't record the song if he doesn't want her to or feels it insults Sage's memory in anyway. Alcazar tells her the poem was written by Sage for Dillon and that Dillon owns the poem and that they have his blessing about making it a record. Lois suggests to Ned that he handle the business end of getting the song recorded by meeting with Simon himself to reach an agreement. Brook admits to Lois that she was wrong about Lorenzo Alcazar being heartless after seeing him cry. Lois tells her that even tough guys have hearts. Later Lois goes over to see Alcazar at his apartment. He tells her to go away from inside the apartment. Lois threatens to call the police if he doesn't let her in since she worries about what he is doing to himself. Alcazar opens the door to her and asks her why she is there. She tells him she came to thank him for letting them use the poem as a song and to see how he was doing. She notices the place is a mess from Alcazar throwing things around the apartment in anger. Alcazar tells her he has no one left to care about anymore. He warns her to leave before he does something she may regret. She refuses to leave him alone. Alcazar grabs her and kisses her passionately. He warns her to leave if she doesn't want them to go any further. Lois kisses him back just as passionately. They start to tear their clothes off each other right in the living room. Brook and Dillon talk at the studio. Brook is torn about whether she wants to be a music star or not. Dillon tells her that the real world is full of conflicts like that and she needs to get use to it.

Sonny stays overnight at the hotel where Carly is staying in New York. He has breakfast sent up for them when she wakes up. A knock on the door claiming it is room service after breakfast was already sent up makes Sonny suspicious. Carly answers the door to find Coleman on the other side with a file folder in his hand. She tells him to come back later. Sonny comes over and opens the door to find Coleman there. Carly grabs the folder out of Coleman's hand. Sonny hands Coleman some cash to pay for his investigative work in helping Carly possibly find her father. Coleman tells them that the guy he found lived in Florida during the time that Carly could have been conceived. Coleman is dismissed by Sonny. Carly tries to keep Sonny from finding out about John Durant, the federal prosecutor that is after the mob and who could very well be her real father. She tells him she doesn't know if she wants to keep looking for her father and worries that her biological father may not like her or want her in his life. Sonny asks her to let him read the file Coleman brought to her. She reluctantly agrees to let him read it. He reads the file and mentions another name with J.D. as the initials that isn't John Durant's name. Carly sighs with relief. Sonny tells her that according to the file the man is a sanitation worker who owns his own home with a wife and two kids and sounds like a good man. Carly tells Sonny she isn't sure she is ready to meet anyone right now. Sonny respects her decision. Carly tells him she wants to have some time alone to think about what she wants to do next. Sonny leaves for awhile. Carly gets a surprising phone call from John Durant. He apologizes for being a jerk the other night at the bar and that he would like to meet with her at the same bar to talk. Carly accepts his invitation. She heads to the bar. Sonny returns to her room and reads the New York Post front page article on John Durant. He hears a noise near the door and goes over to investigate. He waits near the side of the door and Coleman walks into the room. Sonny grabs him suddenly and throws him against the door and demands to know what he really found out about Carly's father. Carly meets Durant at the bar. He tells her that she can ask him about his background for her new novel if she wants to. She takes out her pen and notebook. She asks him about his private life. He tells her that he was married once to some woman but they have been divorced for awhile. He admits he is married to his work. Carly asks him if he was ever in love with his wife or anyone else. He tells her he has always been in love with his work more than with a woman. He does admit he was in love once a long time ago back when he lived in Florida as a young man. Carly asks him if he ever had any regrets. He tells her that his only regret was he never had any children. She tells him that since he lived in a lot of places he could have fathered a child and didn't know it. He considers her point.

Jason hangs around the police station to keep an eye on how the investigation into Mary Bishop's murder is going and whether they have strong evidence against Emily to make her a prime suspect. He asks Justus to defend Emily. Justus doesn't know whether he can trust Jason since Faith is in danger of being killed by Jason or Sonny if she is released or if she ends up going to prison. Jason runs into Ric as he tries to leave the police station. Ric corners him and asks him what he told Emily when he was talking to her alone and why she refuses to tell the police anything after she was originally going to cooperate with them. Jason tells him that Emily doesn't have to talk to anyone. Ric tells him that he is making her look more suspicious by being around there and persuading Emily not to cooperate. Alexis tells Jason that he is making it worse for Emily by telling her not to talk to the police. Jason refuses to listen to them and tells Ric to stay away from Emily. Meanwhile, Emily tells Nikolas that she did take pills for Mary out of Liz's medicine cart and bring them into Mary. She tells him she feels bad about that since it could get Liz in trouble and worries about being responsible somehow for Mary's death. Lucky wants to talk to Emily after he questions Liz at the hospital about whether she left her medicine cart alone with Emily to watch it for her. She admits that it happened when he talked to her before but Liz goes over to Lucky later and recants her story saying that Emily was never left alone with her medicine cart. Lucky gets suspicious about her changing her story. He talks to Emily and Nikolas again at Kelly's. He asks Emily to tell him everything that happened. Emily tells him she had an argument with Mary and then left. She then tells him she ran into Nikolas by the elevators when they heard the code blue call for Mary's room and went over to see how Mary was doing when she died soon after. Lucky tells her that he saw her run out of Mary's room and that she went in to her room twice not just one time. He also tells her that Liz told him that she left the medicine cart with her to watch over while she went to get some supplies. Liz shows up at Kelly's and tells Lucky that she didn't tell him that and told him what really happened. Lucky tells them that they need to trust him not to harm Emily in anyway by handing her over to Ric. He agrees to protect Emily by covering up the fact that the medicine cart was left with Emily alone to watch over it near Mary's room. Nikolas and Lucky go into Kelly's to order some food while Emily and Liz talk outside. Emily tells Liz she doesn't feel right about lying to the police and that she and Lucky could get in trouble for covering for her. She also feels that she brought Mary's medicine into her room when she shouldn't have and should probably confess that to the police. Liz tells her she isn't a killer and that Mary was one. Lucky tells Nikolas that it is possible Emily could have killed Mary if it meant protecting him and herself since Mary did kill innocent people and was crazy. Nikolas can't deny Lucky's suspicions. Justus catches up to Jason on the docks. Jason asks Justus to defend Emily for him. Justus agrees to defend Emily as her lawyer but wants a promise from Jason in return that Faith won't be killed by him or Sonny and that she gets the chance to possibly go free and start over.

Friday, September 10, 2004

After making love, Lorenzo was nasty to Lois and told her to leave. She dressed and was visibly upset, running out the door as Ned approached. Ned punched Alcazar, sending him to the floor, and then kicked him. Ned told him that he would not be allowed to trash Lois' life. Lois went back to L&B. Brook was there. Lois admitted that Alcazar was a raging jerk, and Brook asked her mother if she had slept with the gangster. Lois admitted that she had and also stated that the danger of him had been an attraction for her. Lois wondered if she had lost her chances for love, and Brook suggested that perhaps Ned was the one for her. Later, Lois had already left when Ned arrived there. Brook let Ned know that she had always hoped that her parents would reunite. On the docks, Alcazar approached Lois and apologized.

Jason asked Justus to represent Emily, regarding the questions surrounding Mary's death. Justus wanted a promise of protection for Faith, but Jason would not agree. He asked Justus to do it for Emily and for the Quartermaines. Finally, Justus agreed.

Lucky, Liz and Nikolas hurried to the police station, believing Emily had gone there to confess. They learned, though, that Emily only told Ric that she had visited Mary once the night of Mary's death, omitting any information about the medicine cart or a second visit. Justus and Jason arrived, and Justus wanted to discuss the case further with Emily, away from the station. Ric questioned Liz and wondered if she was covering for Emily or if somebody else in the group was covering for another, maybe even his ex-wife. Later, Jason and Liz chatted outside Kelly's, and Sam noticed how close they were. Nikolas told Emily he wanted her to marry him right away.

Sonny tried to figure out if Coleman was lying to Carly about her father, just to collect a paycheck. Meanwhile, Carly was at the Irish pub speaking with Durant again. At first, they were watched by a young man at the bar, who left and ended up breaking into Carly's hotel room. Hearing somebody (Sonny), he rushed out. Carly tried to find out about past loves in Durant's life, and he wondered why her questions were so personal. She continued pretending to be a novelist trying to get background for a character. Durant mentioned one regret: never having children, and Carly suggested that, since he had traveled the world and been a bit wild in the past, perhaps he had a child somewhere. Durant still wondered about her questions and accused her of not being whom she claimed. In a huff, Carly left. When she went back to Sonny at the hotel, she allowed Sonny to believe the lie that Coleman had come up with, about another man, in Queens, being her father. She said she had met him without revealing her identity but didn't want to get any closer for now; she just wanted to go home. When the young man returned to the bar, Durant gave him Carly's beer bottle and told him to find out whatever he could about her. He later returned with DNA information linking her to Durant. He also announced that she was married to public enemy number one, Michael "Sonny" Corinthos. While Sonny was in the shower in the hotel room, Carly heard a knock at the door. When she answered, John Durant was there!

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