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Anthony Zacchara
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Actor History
Bruce Weitz

Died May 22, 2012 after being shot by Johnny Zacchara


Mob Boss


66 Harbor View Road (Quartermaine Mansion)

Formerly Johnny's penthouse

Formerly Pentonville Prison

Formerly Shadybrook Psychiatric Hospital

Formerly Greystone Manor (120 Shoreline Road, Port Charles, New York 16543)

Formerly the Zacchara Estate, Crimson Pointe, New York (a small town off of the Hudson River)

Marital Status

Married to Tracy Quartermaine [engaged: Jan 3, 2012; married: Jan 23, 2012]

Past Marriages

Domenica (divorced)

Maria (deceased)


Rudy Zacchara (Brother) [Previously known as Ray]


Claudia Zacchara (daughter, with Dominica)

Johnny Zacchara (grandson, via Claudia)

Flings & Affairs


Crimes Committed

Ordered the murder of innocent women, children and family members of his enemies [prior to coming to PC]

Attempted to murder his young son, Johnny, by shooting him [prior to coming to Port Charles]

Murdered his wife, Maria [prior to coming to Port Charles]

Ran crime syndicate for decades [prior to coming to Port Charles]

Killed two of his associates in order to attend the Black and White Ball [Oct 2007]

Had Lulu Spencer kidnapped and taken to his compound [Oct 2007]

Ordered a hit on Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan [Nov 2007]

Stabbed a guest at the Black and White ball to death [Nov 2007]

Stabbed Ric Lansing at the Black and White ball [Nov 2007]

Held Nadine Crowell against her will at the Black and White ball [Nov 2007]

Detained Maxie Jones and terrorized Damian Spinelli at the Black and White ball [Nov 2007]

Twice attempted to strangle Nikolas Cassadine at the Black and White ball [Nov 2007]

Left Luke Spencer to die after Luke's heart attack at the Black and White ball [Nov 2007]

Shot Leyla Mir at the Black and White ball [Nov 2007]

Abducted Kate Howard at gunpoint at the Black and White ball [Nov 2007]

Shot Sonny at the Black and White Ball [Nov 2007]

Held Jason and Elizabeth Webber at gunpoint during the Black and White Ball [Nov 2007]

Ordered his men to tamper with his daughter Claudia's car, causing her to crash [Apr 2008]

Blackmailed Lulu into dating Johnny [May 2008]

Had a Corinthos shipment blown up in the harbor [May 2008]

Made threats to the lives of Kate, Lulu, Alexis Davis, and her daughter Kristina [Jun 2008]

Withheld evidence in Michael Corinthos' shooting [Jul 2008]

Shot Kate during her wedding to Sonny [Nov 2008]

Attempted to smother Claudia to death [Feb 2009]

Put Claudia on a warehouse rooftop and strapped a bomb to her [Feb 2009]

Ordered Joey Limbo to kill his enemies [Nov 2009]

Arranged for the murder of Brandon and framed Abby Haver [April 2011]

Shot the hit woman he hired to kill Brandon and placed her dead body in the office of Sonny Corinthos [May 2011]

Assisted Lisa Niles in taking hostages inside of General Hospital [June 2011]

Operated a prescription drug ring [July 2011]

Killed Siobhan McKenna when she learned of his involvement with the drug ring [Aug 2011]

Shot Detective Dante Falconeri while he was inside of Sonny's warehouse [Sep 2011]

Blackmailed Tracy Quartermaine into marriage [Jan 2012]

Blackmailed Maxie Jones into planning his wedding to Tracy Quartermaine [Jan 2012]

Kidnapped Tracy Quartermaine and held her hostage until their wedding [Jan 2012]

Arrested as an accessory in the deaths of Lisa Niles and Officer Briggs, charges later dropped [Mar 2012]

Health and Vitals

Descended into madness [prior to coming to Port Charles]

Jumped from the parapet of Wyndemere and broke his back [Nov 2007]

Shot during his jump [Nov 2007]

Stabbed in the stomach by Lisa Niles [Oct 14, 2011]

Held at gunpoint by Sonny Corinthos [Feb 23, 2012]

Involved in a car accident and forced another car off the road after the tires were shot out of his car [Feb 24, 2012]

Brief Character History

Anthony Zacchara was the head of a crime syndicate out of New York. He built a ruthless reputation by ordering the murders of innocent family members of his enemies. He has two children. Claudia, his eldest child, is the result of Anthony's marriage to Domenica. It broke her heart when he ended things to marry a younger woman named Maria. Johnny, his son, is the product of his marriage to Maria.

By all accounts, Maria was the love of Anthony's life. Unfortunately, at some point Anthony began going mad. By the time Johnny was a young boy, Anthony began to resent the attention Maria showered on their son. In a moment of jealous rage, Anthony shot at Johnny but Maria stepped in front of her son and was fatally shot. Trevor Lansing, Anthony's attorney, quickly helped to cover up the murder. As the years passed, Trevor slowly began running the Zacchara empire as Anthony's mental state continued to deteriorate. Wisely, Trevor kept the state of Anthony's condition a closely guarded secret. To the world, Anthony was an eccentric who lived in seclusion on his private compound where he ran things. That story began unraveling when Trevor set his sights on Port Charles. By this time Johnny was a grown man, eager to escape the control of his unstable father. Between Johnny's acts of rebellion and Anthony's increasingly violent behavior, Trevor began losing control.

On October 19, 2007, Sonny Corinthos arrived at Anthony's office for a meeting to discuss mob business. Anthony babbled about his garden before he pulled out a gun, loaded a bullet into one chamber, aimed at Sonny, and pulled the trigger. The chamber had been empty. He gave the gun to Sonny and told him it was his turn. Sonny refused to play which enraged Anthony.

Anthony vowed kill Sonny's son while Sonny watched. He quickly regained his demeanor and began to talk about the impending change in the weather. Sonny knew he was dealing with a madman.

Anthony soon discovered that Johnny was dating Lulu Spencer and ordered one of his goons to learn everything he could about her. One night, Anthony managed to slip past his handlers and headed to Wyndemere, where Nikolas Cassadine was hosting a Black and White Ball to celebrate his engagement to Emily Quartermaine. Anthony intended to find Lulu and kill her because he felt threatened by the blossoming friendship between her and Johnny.

He confronted Trevor's son Ric Lansing and stabbed him with a sword. Patrick had to perform emergency surgery on Ric using makeshift instruments, but Ric survived. Later, Anthony abducted Nadine Crowell, because he thought she was Lulu. He has also detained Maxie Jones and chased after Damian Spinelli. Soon thereafter he tried to choke Nikolas Cassadine with a phone cord, but was scared off by Johnny. Anthony next stumbled upon Lulu's father Luke Spencer and threatened to harm her. Luke attempted to knife Anthony but had a heart attack. Anthony left him to die, but Logan Hayes and his father and Scott Baldwin arrived to assist Luke.

When Anthony met Leyla Mir, he believed her to be his dead wife Maria. He told her he would kill either Patrick or Robin, whom he believed to be Prince Charming and Cinderella, but that "Maria" could choose which one would die. He told her that, if she didn't choose, he'd kill them both. Leyla reluctantly chose Patrick but through herself in front of him. She was hit in the back but survived.

Nikolas, who was suffering from a brain condition, went into a rage, prompting Jason to tie him to a chair in the ballroom for his own protection. Anthony found him and attempted to strangle him again. Nikolas was spared, however, when Lucky Spencer and Sam McCall arrived. Anthony bolted and slipped away once again. Emily later returned to the ballroom to find an unconscious Nikolas. When he came to, he discovered Emily's body with a thick rope still wrapped around her throat. She was dead. It was revealed later that Emily was the victim, not of Anthony, but of the "text message killer."

Anthony confronted Johnny and Lulu. He resolved that Johnny could "have the girl 'til sun-up, but then she has to die" and left them. Next Anthony was shot at by Jerry Jacks, whom he pursued but abducted Kate Howard who was in the room Jerry went into. He held her at gunpoint. Sonny came to rescue Kate and Anthony shot him in the shoulder. Sonny and Kate got away.

Anthony then abducted Elizabeth from the ballroom and forced her onto a ledge outside. Jason found them there and was forced to drop his gun. Anthony forced them both to stand on the ledge and said one would be forced to jump off. Liz jumped backwards and kicked Anthony, which allowed Jason to pull out his gun. Anthony then jumped off the ledge and Jason shot him in the chest/shoulder. Miraculously, Anthony survived the fall and the shooting, but was back was broken. He was rushed to General Hospital, where he was stabilized. However, Anthony was paralyzed from the neck down.

In January of 2008, Anthony, now residing at the Shadybrook psychiatric hospital, claimed that he felt movement in his foot. However, no one believed him, writing it off as the ranting of a crazy man. He warned his son not to trust Trevor, and suggested that Johnny take him out. Soon thereafter, Anthony's daughter Claudia arrived in Port Charles and decides to take over the business because she didn't trust Trevor. Anthony routinely berated Claudia, calling her a tramp and a slut. Though he'd been her abuser all of her life, he got a restraining order to keep her away from him.

Ric visited Anthony and offered to help him, for a price. He explained that he could help get Anthony acquitted and, in return, Anthony would have to help him destroy Trevor. Anthony agreed and revealed to Ric that he had regained use of his legs, though he was still unable to walk. Anthony hired Logan to be his assistant, basically to wheel him around in his wheelchair. Anthony wondered aloud why Logan would take a lowly position, and Logan replied that he planned to work his way up in the organization. Anthony ordered his minions to get rid of Claudia, and they arranged for her car to crash. But Jason pulled her from the wreckage, saving her life. When Anthony heard the news, he ordered a hit on both Claudia and Jason.

At Anthony's competency hearing, the judge stated that there was no evidence that Anthony was still a threat to himself or others and ordered him released from Shadybrook. Anthony went around town, trying to convince his victims that he was apologetic. He soon realized that Claudia had been behind the hit that had resulted in Sonny's eldest son Michael getting shot in the head and put into a coma. He confronted his daughter and told her he also knew that she had slept with Sonny.

Later, two of Anthony's men kidnapped Lulu and brought her to the mansion. He blackmailed Lulu into dating Johnny by threatening to turn Luke in for money-laundering and suggested that Luke probably wouldn't make it for long in prison because of his heart. Lulu shared the truth with Johnny and they pretended to have a romantic relationship. Soon, however, they began to fall in love.

Claudia told Johnny that she'd hatched a plan to make Sonny think that it had been Anthony who'd arranged for the hit on him that had injured Michael. Johnny argued that they should wash their hands of the incident because, since the shooter Ian Devlin had been killed by Jason, she and Johnny were the only ones to know the truth. But Jerry also knew what had happened.

On Memorial Day, Jason informed Anthony and his minions that Sonny had retired and that Jason had taken over the organization. Anthony had agreed to a truce between the two families when Sonny was running the show. But, now that Jason was in charge, Trevor suggested using Elizabeth's son against Jason. Ric quickly interjected that Liz's son was Lucky Spencer's not Jason's. Instead, to test Jason, they arranged to have a ship making a delivery to Sonny's warehouse blown up. In retaliation, the Zacchara mansion was torched. Johnny tried to convince Anthony not to start a mob war, but Anthony vowed revenge. Regardless, a truce was declared.

Anthony took a room at the Metro Court Hotel while Johnny and Claudia decided to share a penthouse. Anthony wanted them to move back home once the mansion was rebuilt. Johnny refused to consider it, but Claudia promised that they would move back. She then told Johnny that Anthony would not be alive by the time the mansion was ready.

Anthony began to threaten Kate, Lulu, as well as Jerry's wife D.A. Alexis Davis and her daughter Kristina. Jerry went to Anthony and, in front of Trevor, Ric, and Claudia, put a revolver to Johnny's head. He explained that if Alexis or Kristina were to get "as much as a hangnail," Johnny would die. He took Johnny hostage. As Claudia begged her father not to have Jerry killed because it would result in Johnny's death, she admitted to Anthony that she had been behind the hit on Sonny that got Michael shot instead.

It was revealed at this time that, as a girl, Claudia had allowed Trevor to seduce her in order to expose him and get Anthony to get rid of him. Anthony had never believed that it wasn't Claudia who had put the moves on Trevor, and that is why he'd sent her to live in Sicily with his brother Rudy.

After Lulu accidentally killed Anthony's "monkey" Logan, Johnny helped her cover her involvement up and took the blame. Anthony tried to get the police to believe Jason had killed Logan. Anthony had Maxie brought to his suite to browbeat her into confessing that Lulu had been responsible for Logan's death. She reiterated that it had been Johnny before Anthony threatened to kill both Maxie and Lulu if he were to find out that she had lied to him.

Lulu and Johnny went on the run together. Anthony had all of Johnny's belongings moved back to the newly-renovated mansion, which infuriating Claudia. Scott discovered where Johnny and Lulu had been and had them brought back to Port Charles. Anthony again threatened to harm Kristina, but Alexis told him that Sonny and Jerry would not let anything happen to her. At Johnny's trial, Scott introduced evidence that Logan had been an undercover police detective who had worked to gather evidence against the Zacchara family. Ric, who represented Johnny, suggested that he plea bargain because Johnny would get the death penalty. Anthony taunted Scott by uttering Serena, the name of Scott's daughter, and reciting her street address in Paris. He also told Trevor that, if Johnny is found guilty, Ric would die. Claudia lied on the stand and Johnny was acquitted.

Jason left the Zacchara home after telling Anthony that he would retaliate if the Zaccharas violated their truce, Anthony stood up and smashed a glass against the wall, revealing that he could walk. During Sonny's wedding to Kate on Sept. 29, Anthony shot Kate on the altar with a rifle. Kate was rushed to General Hospital but survived.

Later, Ric found Anthony standing in his study and figured that Anthony had shot Kate. Anthony explained that he'd used a Russian bullet fired from a Russian rifle so that everyone will think that Sonny and Jason's rival, Karpov had done it. Since Sonny and Jason were at odds, Anthony reasoned, Jason would refuse to retaliate, and Sonny would come to Anthony for help. He could convince Sonny to take Jason out and resume his role as head of the organization. Then Anthony would whack Sonny. As Anthony has been unable to walk, much less to climb stairs, he wouldn't be suspected.

Anthony visited Sonny in the hospital chapel and offered him a deal: so that Sonny could drive the Russian mob out of Port Charles, Anthony would allow Sonny to run the Zacchara organization--if he married Claudia. At first, Sonny refused. But he decided that marrying Claudia was simply a business venture and asked her to marry him, and she accepted. Sonny told Kate that he was doing it because she would be better off without him. On November 25, 2008, Sonny and Claudia wed.

Claudia began to realize that Anthony was able to walk and likely was the one who shot Kate. She confronted him, but he threatened to tell Sonny that Claudia had been behind the hit that put Michael into a coma.

At a hospital benefit to build a brain trauma wing that Michael's mother Carly Jacks organized, Edward and Tracy Quartermaine, Michael's relatives, made a scene as Anthony entered the boardroom. They declared that another mobster would not be tolerated at an affair dedicated to the victim of mob violence. Carly allowed him to stay, stating that she'd take his money for a good cause. However, a deadly biotoxin had had made its way into the ventilation system, and they were trapped in the room together. They learned that they would each be taken out of the building, one by one.

As Claudia began to pass out, she tried to tell Sonny something but was unable to before she was removed from the room. Anthony assumed Claudia was trying to tell Sonny that it had been Anthony who'd shot Kate. Anthony was rescued next. After he was decontaminated, Anthony went to visit an unconscious Claudia, recovering in a hospital room. He attempted to snuff out her life with a pillow but Trevor caught him, surprised to see that Anthony could stand. He realized that it had been Anthony to shoot Kate. They began to struggle but Claudia had awakened and rang for the nurse. As Nadine arrived, Trevor left to find Sonny.

Sonny, having been told by Trevor of Anthony's deception, confronted the old man and prepared to shoot him. But Jason intervened and told Sonny that he needed Anthony alive to keep Spinelli out of prison. Anthony escaped as Sonny knocked Jason out. Sonny caught up with Anthony in the chapel, which Sonny thought was apropos, since Anthony had shot Kate in a church. Jason arrived and there was a standoff. Sonny knocked Anthony out with the butt of his revolver to appease Jason.

Sonny and Jason heard a massive explosion, and Sonny left an unconscious Anthony to go investigate. Jason handcuffed Anthony to a hospital bed, though he intended to return for him. Trevor came along and, as the fire approached, Anthony begged for help. Trevor laughed that the predicament could happen to a better man.

After the hospital nearly burned to the ground, Jason looked for Anthony or evidence that he had perished, but could find neither. Weeks later, Anthony was revealed to have made his way to Florida and was making plans to leave the country. But he became irate when he discovered that his offshore accounts had been frozen. He knew that Claudia had been the only one to know of those accounts.

He returned to Port Charles and kidnapped his daughter and held her for ransom. He demanded millions of dollars, threatening to kill Claudia. Next, Anthony took Claudia to a warehouse and strapped her to a chair armed with a bomb. Sonny arrived with cash in two gym bags. Anthony made Sonny choose between nabbing him or saving Claudia. Sonny rushed to the roof to save his wife, while Anthony escaped. Jason was waiting by Anthony's car and held him at gunpoint. Anthony toyed with Jason, stating that he'd get off scot-free. At that moment, Jason received a call from Sonny, asking him to talk him through defusing the bomb. Anthony tried to confuse Jason by yelling out different colors until Jason knocked him out.

At the PCPD, Anthony asked to talk to Johnny who agreed. Anthony told his son that he hadn't told Sonny about Claudia's role in Michael's shooting because of Johnny's involvement. Anthony was sentenced to Pentonville Prison. Jason visited him, demanding information that could prove Claudia's guilt, but Anthony refused to cooperate.

In prison, Anthony was still able to order recently-released ex-con Joey Limbo to do his bidding. He ordered hits on his enemies but Sonny's newest soldier Dominic Pirelli prevented Joey from succeeding. Unaware that Olivia Falconeri was Dominic's mother and that Dominic was really undercover agent Dante Falconeri, Anthony summoned Olivia to see him in prison because she had started dating Johnny. He threatened to kill her, but she stood up to him and he backed off. When Johnny saw her name on the visitor's list, he went ballistic and threatened to kill Anthony himself. Anthony was proud that his son was turning out to be just like him.

In November 2009, after Sonny learned the truth about Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting, he berated and threatened her in front of the crowd attending her birthday party. Desperate, Claudia kidnapped a very pregnant Carly and drove away with her. Carly went into labor and, thinking it was her best chance, grabbed the steering wheel and crashed the car. She made her way to a cabin where Claudia helped her give birth to baby Josslyn. But Claudia had lost her grip on reality and attempted to steal the baby. Michael, who had come out of his coma some time before, killed Claudia by hitting her with an ax handle.

Upon hearing the news of Claudia's death, Anthony seemed to show genuine remorse and vowed revenge on the responsible party. Johnny, who wanted to avenge his sister's death, came to prison to enlist his father in his vendetta against Sonny.

In May of 2010, Michael was sentenced to Pentonville. Jason came to see Anthony with a proposal. Johnny would be untouchable as long as Michael was protected in prison. Anthony agreed to keep Michael under his protection. The deal was rendered meaningless when Jason joined Michael in prison and Anthony's protection was no longer necessary.

Anthony was pleased Johnny showed an interest in the family business after Claudia's death and Johnny assured his father he was slowly making inroads to destroy the Corinthos organization. Johnny explained that he and Michael had bonded and he planned to recruit Michael to work for the Zacchara family when the time was right. Anthony was intrigued by Johnny's plan but he thought Johnny could use some assistance to speed along the process. From prison, Anthony arranged the murder of a man that had dated Michael's girlfriend Abby. The man's name was Brandon. Anthony hired a woman that looked like Michael's girlfriend Abby to carry out the hit.

Anthony was released from prison in April of 2011 and he moved in to Johnny's penthouse. Johnny was surprised when he arrived home and found his father and questioned Anthony's release. Anthony remained vague on the details but he ensured his son he had not escaped and that justice had been served. Anthony enjoyed the visits Jason Morgan and Lisa Niles paid to Johnny and he inquired about what his son had in the works with each of them. Johnny ordered Anthony to stay out of his business and Anthony pretended to agree and swore he would focus on his orchids until the time came when Johnny needed him.

Just as Anthony had planned, Michael's girlfriend Abby was charged with Brandon's murder. Anthony spoke with Michael and thanked him for killing his power-hungry daughter Claudia and offered to repay Michael by making the charges against Abby disappear. Michael took Anthony up on the offer and he expressed his gratitude. Anthony believed Michael was on the brink of aligning himself with the Zacchara organization.

Sonny and Jason were concerned over Michael's trust in the Zaccharas and Anthony decided to push the Sonny a little more. Anthony killed the hit woman he hired and placed her dead body in Sonny's office chair. He also tried to further entice Michael into joining the Zacchara organization by offering Abby a position working for his attorney.

While Johnny and Anthony waited for Michael to make a decision regarding his employment, Anthony amused himself by plotting with Lisa Niles. She had recently escaped incarceration in a mental institution after she attempted to kill Robin Scorpio. Lisa turned to Johnny for help and he arranged for Lisa to leave Port Charles but Anthony convinced Lisa to stay and seek the revenge she deserved. He aided Lisa in carrying out her plan of taking a few Port Charles residents hostage at the hospital.

Eventually Michael decided to spend his summer working for ELQ instead of the Zacchara organization but Anthony had other ways to get under Sonny's skin. Anthony showed Sonny he could get to him through the people he cared about and had a few brief exchanges with Sonny's new wife Brenda Barrett and her son Alec as well as Sonny's daughter Kristina. Johnny warned his father to keep the women and children out of the mob war he was starting but Anthony claimed he was only keeping things interesting by rattling Sonny's new bride.

Anthony also targeted another woman in Port Charles, but one not involved with Sonny. Anthony set his sights on destroying ELQ and then purchasing it so he could use the company to launder money. He approached Tracy Quartermaine and inquired about buying shares of ELQ. She refused his offer and made it clear she wanted nothing to do with him. Anthony started to surprise Tracy in various locations like the spa in order to change her mind but to no avail. She refused all his friendly advances with sharp responses which Anthony interpreted as flirtation. He did not expect Tracy to sell him any shares and he had a different plan for acquiring ELQ in the works.

While Anthony waited for the pieces of his ELQ takeover to fall into place he focused on the prescription drug ring he was overseeing. Jackal P.I., otherwise known as Damian Spinelli, accused Anthony of using baked goods to smuggle drugs. Anthony loved the accusation and decided to use a bakery as a front. He knew Lucky Spencer was working undercover investigating the drugs and he pushed Lucky's dealer J.T. to hook Lucky back on drugs. Lucky's wife Siobhan overheard a conversation that linked Anthony to the drugs. Anthony confronted Siobhan and killed her.

Anthony's plan for ELQ involved enticing Skye Quartermaine to return to Port Charles. Anthony provided the right incentive for Skye in the way of money and revenge against Tracy and she joined forces with Anthony. She shared her proof that years ago Tracy had used dirty money from her brief marriage to mobster Gino Soleito to revitalize ELQ.

Anthony used the information Skye had provided to blackmail Tracy into marriage. He proposed to Tracy while they were trapped in an elevator, and although she turned down the proposal, Anthony announced their engagement publically. He arranged for Maxie Jones to plan the wedding as he moved forward with his plans to marry Tracy.

Tracy stalled in committing herself to Anthony so he moved things along by kidnapping her and holding her hostage on a boat until they were married. Anthony found Tracy's repeated protests endearing and nicknamed her his "Venus" and assured her she would enjoy their marriage. Maxie and Luke Spencer were the attendants at the wedding and a former prison mate of Anthony's officiated the ceremony.

Shortly after Anthony's wedding to Tracy, his relationship with Johnny changed. Sonny had discovered that Anthony was not Johnny's father but instead his grandfather and he shared the news with Johnny. Anthony tried to claim that Sonny was lying but Johnny had a birth certificate that named Claudia as his mother and deceased mob boss Gino Soleito as his father. Anthony confessed that he had needed leverage several years ago against Gino and he had used Claudia after Anthony learned that Gino had an interest in underage girls. Johnny accused Anthony of prostituting his daughter for business but Anthony swore it had been Claudia's decision to take things with Gino beyond flirtation. Johnny remained disgusted by Anthony's actions and cut Anthony out of his life.

Anthony had hope that he and Johnny would reconcile after Johnny warned him that Sonny was out for revenge. Johnny admitted that in a moment of anger, he had informed Sonny that Anthony was likely behind the shooting that had gravely injured Sonny's eldest son Dante several months ago. Sonny also suspected that Anthony was behind the most recent attempt on Dante's life, although Anthony denied any involvement.

After Anthony heard Johnny's warning that Sonny was after him, he made plans to leave Port Charles. Before Anthony had a chance to escape Sonny found him at the Quartermaine Mansion and held him at gunpoint. Tracy intervened on Anthony's behalf and sent Sonny away. Anthony knew Sonny was not pacified and he planned to leave town. As Anthony drove away someone in another vehicle shot out two of his tires. Anthony lost control of his vehicle and crashed into another car. The car Anthony hit balanced on the edge of a guardrail. A passenger from the other vehicle approached Anthony and begged him to help her retrieve the two other passengers that remained trapped inside the car. He explained that he could not help because Sonny was after him and he took off. The two people inside the car were killed when the car toppled over the edge and exploded.

Johnny took Anthony in after the accident and allowed him to hide from Sonny and the police. Anthony eventually went to the police and tried to make a statement to Dante that Sonny had shot out his tires. Dante refused to take the statement and instead arrested Anthony for his alleged involvement in the deaths of Lisa Niles and Officer Briggs. Maxie had implicated Anthony when she made her original confession to the crimes but she later rescinded her statement about Anthony's involvement and he was released. Afterwards, he moved back in to the Quartermaine Mansion and testified in court that he saw Sonny shoot out the tires of his car.

Tracy was not thrilled when Anthony moved back in with her and she continued to press him for a divorce. Each time Anthony reminded her that he would expose the truth about the mob money she had funneled into ELQ. Anthony believed he had the upper hand with Tracy until he overheard her plotting his murder with the help of Luke.

When Anthony learned that Tracy planned to kill him, he turned to Johnny for help but Johnny did not welcome him back. Instead, Johnny accused Anthony of setting him on a path of destruction. Anthony pulled a gun on Johnny and demanded help from his grandson. Johnny encouraged Anthony to shoot him and declared that it would be fair for Anthony to shoot him since he had been the one to shoot out Anthony's tires.

Anthony was shocked by Johnny's confession and even more surprised when Johnny shot Anthony in the stomach and left him lying on the floor. Anthony begged Johnny to call for help and when he refused, Anthony offered to keep the secret about the car accident. Johnny informed Anthony that he had arranged for someone else to take the fall for the accident. Anthony pleaded with Johnny to spare his life and tried to convince Johnny that he was a good man that would not cause harm to his father. His pleas did not work as Johnny reminded him one last time that Anthony was his grandfather before he shot three bullets into him and killed him.

When Tracy arrived later at the boathouse, she discovered Anthony's dead body and accused Luke of killing him. He saw Anthony's body and accused Tracy of the crime. The two argued over who had killed him until they heard the police on the premises.

Tracy and Luke moved Anthony's body to the terrace and posed him in a chair. When the police stopped by and questioned if they had heard gunshots, Luke and Tracy pretended that Anthony had fallen asleep after consuming too much alcohol. The police moved on to other parts of the estate and Luke and Tracy went inside to speak with Monica. When they returned to the terrace, Anthony's body was gone. As they wondered who had moved the body, Luke and Tracy went to the boathouse and planned to dispose of the gun they found in the boathouse. They planned to throw it into the lake but the police arrived and arrested Luke and Tracy for Anthony's disappearance. But they were later released for lack of evidence that Anthony was dead. Anthony continued to be seen onscreen haunting Johnny.

In the days that followed Anthony's death Johnny was haunted by visions of his grandfather. In the visions, Anthony taunted Johnny over the guilt he felt because he had killed a child and her father. He also claimed that Johnny would not get away with what he had done and that the cops would figure out what he had done.

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