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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 15, 2007 on GH
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Emily's worry for Nikolas increases when she learns of his plans to throw a black and white charity gala. Both Emily and Alexis suggest Nikolas postpone his plans, but he insists his rage episodes are under control. Meanwhile, Jax explains his theory that Nikolas might have killed Leticia to Carly. Jax confronts Nikolas, saying he knows he stabbed Jerry, but Nikolas adamantly denies doing so. Carly later pushes Nikolas toward a violent episode when she accuses him of murdering Leticia.

Johnny admits to Jason that he keeps returning to Port Charles because of Lulu. Trevor warns Sonny that he's making a big mistake by trying to use Johnny as a bargaining chip with Zacchara. Though Sonny still believes Johnny is the key to getting at Zacchara, he orders Jason to let him go. Later, Trevor hears Zacchara raging at his son and cautions Johnny that disobeying his father could cause innocent people to die.

Tracy tries to convince Luke that Lulu's desire to give Logan another chance has absolutely nothing to do with the deal she made with Scott. Lulu tells Luke that she believes Logan can be forgiven, but Luke warns his daughter against comparing her situation to his past with Laura.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A raging Nikolas holds a letter opener on Carly, saying it's time she paid for what she did to him. Carly talks Nikolas down, just as Max bursts in to subdue him. Nikolas is horrified over what he's done and has no recollection of threatening Carly. Later, Nikolas confesses what happened to Emily, and promises to do whatever is necessary to stop the rage episodes before he hurts someone he loves. Meanwhile, Jax and Carly clash over the risks she's taking.

After learning that Johnny is heading back to Port Charles, a stressed-out Trevor has Diane warn Sonny not to lay a hand on the young man. Johnny encounters Lulu on the road, and they bond over their less-than-conventional fathers. They later make a hasty retreat when he sees his handlers coming to take him home. Sonny orders Spinelli to track down Zacchara's location, and Sonny and Kate's romantic evening is derailed. Kate asks Sonny not to press for a meeting with Zacchara.

Tracy and Luke speculate that Lulu is drawn to Logan because of Luke's own history with Laura, and wonder what they can do about it. Fed up with Sonny's arrogance, Diane encounters Max, who's heartbroken over Carly, at the Metro Court bar and both have plenty to drink.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sonny tells Milo that he needs a report from Spinelli on Zacchara. He wants Milo to make sure it's in English. They walk into his office where Max has his head down on the table. Sonny asks him what happened last night, and Max says he's there to confess. Carly barges in and tells Max that she and Jax had a fight and it's all his fault. Max pleads for forgiveness. As Carly yells at Max, Diane walks in and realizes that Max has no idea what Carly is referring to. Carly is yelling at Max for his involvement with Nikolas and telling Jax what Carly was up to. Max thinks Carly knows about his passion for Diane. She decides to step up and defend Max to Carly. Sonny stops everything, though, and tells Diane not to push Carly's buttons. He sends Max and Diane out when Max tells him that Nikolas attacked Carly. Sonny asks Carly if what Max said was true. She tells him she was handling the situation and everything was fine. Sonny asks if Nikolas had a letter opener. She says yes. He asks if Nikolas threatened her, and she also says yes. Sonny tells her that Max was wrong. He should have killed Nikolas. She tells him that having guards around her constantly violates her privacy. Sonny stops her and tells her that he thinks he knows what is really going on. She's having marital problems with Jax and she's spiraling out of control. Carly starts talking about the difficult summer they had. Jax walked out right after they got married to go find Jerry. It put a strain on their relationship. She doesn't want to fight with Jax. She's not lying to him, but she's not telling him everything, either. Sonny tells her that she should go back to the island with the boys. He tells her Jax could go with her, too. She tells him to turn things around. If Trevor was trying to protect Kate and wanted to send her away, how would he feel? He points out that Kate isn't the mother of Trevor's kids, so the comparison isn't the same. She doesn't want Max following her anymore, so Sonny tells her he will assign Max to guard Kate. Carly doesn't like that either and tells Sonny that Max can continue to guard her but he has to respect her privacy.

Although Patrick and Robin both want Leyla to witness their continuing fight over Robin's maternal instincts, Leyla manages to escape. She approaches Patrick later after Robin leaves and tells him that they should not see each other again. His relationship with Robin is proof that people who work together should not be involved. She values their professional relationship too much. As she leaves, Patrick overhears Robin calling Jax for dinner. He tells Epiphany that he's signing out, and she brings up Robin and asks when he will be back. He tells her to mind her own business, but Epiphany says it's hard to stay out of other people's business when they keep bringing their problems to work. She tells him to take the afternoon off and get his problems sorted out. Patrick gets on the phone and says, "We need to talk." A short time later, Leyla and Epiphany watch as Carly comes to see Patrick. He tells her that Robin has decided she wants a baby and wants Jax to be the father.

Jax and Robin meet for dinner, and he talks about how much he and Carly love each other. Robin asks how he likes being a step-dad, and he tells her that he loves it. He says he's spoiling the boys. She tells him that she has decided to take the leap of being a mom. He offers to give her any advice that she needs. She thanks him, but says what she really wants is his DNA. Carly storms over to their table and tells Robin there's no way her husband will be fathering her child. Patrick watches from the bar.

As Alice serves Tracy and Luke breakfast, Logan barges in and asks where they are hiding Lulu. Tracy tries to kick him out, but Luke tells Logan that he is letting his daughter run her own life. Logan says that Lulu left in good terms with him. When was the last time anyone saw her? Logan leaves to continue searching for Lulu, but when Luke comes back in the room he notices that Tracy is arguing with Ghost Alan. He asks what is going on. Tracy tells him that when Lulu found out about the "bet", she took off hitchhiking and was found with Anthony Zacchara's son. Luke leaves and meets up with Sonny who is surprised to see him back. Luke cuts right to the chase and asks about the Zacchara family. Sonny tells him about Trevor Lansing being in town, also. Luke asks if Trevor is related to Ric, and he is shocked when Sonny tells him that they are father and son. Luke tells Sonny that Lulu is missing and Tracy thinks she might be with Johnny. He asks Sonny is he knows where to find the teens?

Johnny wakes up Lulu, who is sleeping in the car. She asks where they are at, and he tells her they are about 20 miles out of Port Charles. He managed to lose his handlers. She questions why he has handlers. Animals at the zoo have handlers. She asks him if he lives in a cage, but he changes the subject. She tells him that by taking her with him, he has proven to his "handlers" that she matters to him and now they will go after her. He tells her she can leave if she wants. He's thinking about going to Canada. They find a cabin and Lulu picks the lock to get in. She tells Johnny that she just needs time to think about Logan. He hurt her, but she's not perfect, either. As she talks to him, a man barges into the cabin with a gun and tells them they are trespassing. The gun goes off and Lulu has to duck when Johnny takes the man down. Lulu tells Johnny not to hurt him. He says why not. He nearly blew her head off.

When Logan asks Lucky if he has seen Lulu, Lucky asks him what he has done now. Logan tells him about the deal with Scott, and Lucky thinks Logan was involved in the deal, too. Logan tells him that this was all his father's doing, not his. Lucky should worry less about him and more about his sister. Logan leaves when Ric walks in. Ric wants to talk to Lucky about his divorce with Liz, but Lucky doesn't want to confide in him. Ric thinks it's ironic that Jason took Liz away from both of them. He apologizes for Lucky finding out about the affair the way he did, during the trial. Lucky tells him that what he did to Liz was wrong. The only person to benefit was Ric.

Alexis & Diane meet to discuss a litigation date. Diane says there's no reason for delay. Her client wants a swift divorce. Alexis asks which one, Jason or Liz? Alexis asks if she subpoena's payments would it show that Jason is paying for Liz's divorce? Diane changes the subject and mentions Lucky's affair with Sam. Alexis tells Diane that if Liz doesn't agree to split custody, she's going to bring in all of Jason's misdeeds and tell the court that Liz is endangering her children by allowing him to be around them. Diane tells her that the only child to argue over is Jake. Cameron is not legally or biologically related to Lucky. Alexis says it will be unsettling if Liz is willing to split the boys up and separate Cameron from the only father he's ever known. Diane tells Alexis that Lucky's substance abuse problems will prove that he is the real threat. The only deal Diane is willing to accept is for Liz to have sole custody and allow Lucky to have visitation every other weekend and alternating Christmases. Diane says that Lucky is a failure as a husband and she is willing to prove it in court. Alexis asks her if she realizes they are talking about real humans. Diane says yes, and she intends to make sure Liz keeps her kids.

Emily goes over to Liz's new house to help with moving in. Liz thanks her for finding the house for her. Emily is thankful for the distraction from Nikolas' problems, and she knew that Liz did not want to stay with her grandmother for too long. Liz agrees and says that she wants her independence. She's hoping that after the divorce, she and Lucky can make things right for the boys. Diane shows up and comments how cheerful the two women look. Liz asks how her meeting went with Alexis, and Diane tells her she will be tearing Alexis to bits. Liz will be getting everything she deserves. Meanwhile, Alexis also meets with Lucky and tells him that he needs to file for emergency guardianship for Jake. Lucky hesitates, but Alexis assures him that it is only temporary. It will show Liz is insensitive to compromise. He agrees and signs the papers.

When Alexis meets with Jax, she tells him she is worried about him and asks if he has recovered from his trip to Turkey. He says that he has. He's worried about her, though. She tells him that she and the girls moved back into the lake house, and Kristina wants him to come over for tea. Jax stuns her by blurting out that Nikolas was the one that stabbed Jerry. She asks him if he is sure. They both know how far Jerry will go. Jax tells her that evidence is piling up against Nikolas. She tells him about Nikolas throwing the glass at her. She asks him if Jerry is going to press charges, and he says he doesn't know. Jax is happy that she moved back home and away from Nikolas.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Carly shows up at the Metro Court and confronts Robin and Jax at their table. She tells Robin that there is no way that Jax is going to provide his "DNA" for her to have a baby. Robin tells Carly that this is between her and Jax and it has nothing to do with her. Carly disagrees because she is Jax's wife and she has a say in whatever he does or doesn't do. Jax disagrees with Carly about her having a say in his decision which upsets her. Jax tells her this is his decision not hers. Jax calmly thanks Robin for thinking of him when asking him to father her baby but tells her he can't accept her proposal because he wouldn't want to become attached to his child when it seems as though Robin wants to raise a baby on her own. Robin thanks him for her time and is about to leave. However, she sees Patrick leaving the bar as she is about to leave and realizes he was the one who told Carly about her dinner with Jax and what she planned to ask him and that is why Carly suddenly showed up out of the blue. Carly doesn't deny it and suggests that she ask Patrick to father her baby if she wants a baby so much. Robin tells Carly and Jax that Patrick is not part of the equation in her decision since he doesn't want to be a father. Later on at the hospital Robin confronts Patrick about his interference in her plans and how he told Carly about what she was doing. Patrick defends himself by telling her that he felt Carly had a right to know that Robin was planning on asking her husband to father a baby for her. Robin tells him he had no right to interfere and he shouldn't care that she is trying to have a baby and is asking men she knows to help her. Patrick accuses her of rushing too much to have a baby and being desperate enough to ask her married friends to be sperm donors. He asks her why she can't just look into adoption instead. Robin doesn't know how to answer that question and is momentarily speechless. Meanwhile, Carly gets upset with Jax for even considering being a sperm donor for Robin without asking her first or even considering her feelings. She points out that he knows she can't stand Robin. Carly tells him that she is concerned that they have done nothing but argue since he was rescued from the island and that they should be closer together not drifting apart. Jax listens to her rant and when she is finished he tells her calmly that he had no intention of accepting Robin's proposal that he be a sperm donor for her and that the reason was that he plans to someday have a baby with her and that she is the only woman he wants to have a child with. Carly is left speechless.

Skye shows up at Rick's office and tells him she didn't come by to ask him about the status of Lorenzo's estate but came for a more personal reason, to ask him if he wanted to set up a play date. Ric asks her what she means by a play date. She tells him she thought that it would be nice for Molly to have a play date with her daughter, Lila Rae, even though she is a year younger than Molly. Ric thanks her for the thought but wonders why she would suggest it and thinks she has an ulterior motive for it. Skye tells him she isn't after him for anything and just thought that their daughters would enjoy playing with each other instead of being isolated so much. Ric thanks her and apologizes for being so mistrustful. Skye accepts his apology and he invites her to stay in his office and talk. Skye tells him about her own childhood and how she wants her daughter to have the love and feeling of self-worth she lacked as a child and explains that her adoptive father, Adam, may not have loved her as much as his own biological children. Ric tells her about his own childhood being tense and uncomfortable because his father and stepmother never got along. Skye tells Ric that she thinks that he and Alexis need to come to an agreement about how to treat each other around Molly because they both love her equally. Ric tells her that he can't be objective about Alexis after what they went through and that their relationship has been combative because they are both attorneys who want to win at all costs.

Diane talks to Liz at her home with Emily present there. Diane advises Liz to beware of Alexis and what she will try to get Lucky to do to win custody of the baby. Liz tells Diane that she doesn't want to prolong this custody battle for very long and all she wants is full custody of her sons and that she wants Lucky to be able to see his sons anytime he wants to. Diane tells her that Alexis is going to advise Lucky to fight for his rights and go for full custody and that she should be prepared for that. Emily thinks that Diane is being very combative and tells her so. Diane tells them that they are trying to do what is best for Liz's sons but that they can't negotiate until after Lucky files a motion and then they can work from there. A car horn beeps outside which alerts Liz that her grandmother is outside to drop off the rest of her things. She asks Emily to go out and get her things from her grandmother's car for her. Emily leaves to go do that. While she is gone, Diane tells Liz that she has one other option in this whole thing, tell the court that Lucky isn't the biological father of Jake. Liz refuses to do that since it would hurt Lucky very much and she wants Lucky to be part of her sons' lives. Emily returns with the rest of Liz's things. Diane gets a phone call from her cell phone and answers it. She gets off of the phone quickly and tells Liz and Emily that she just got news that Alexis just filed for emergency custody on Lucky's behalf a little while ago. Liz is stunned by this new turn of events. She asks Emily why Lucky would do such a thing. Diane tells her she is going to find out about it and will be right back. Emily and Liz share a glass of wine and discuss it. Emily thinks that Lucky is still hurt about the divorce and everything and that he will eventually calm down and agree to let her have full custody. Meanwhile, Nikolas orders Alfred to get rid of all the sharp objects in the house and keep them away from him. Alfred starts badgering him about postponing the ball he has planned at the estate until he gets better. Nikolas tells him that Emily wants this ball and he isn't postponing it. Lucky shows up to talk to him, so Nikolas asks Alfred to leave the room. Lucky tells him that Alexis just filed for emergency custody of Jake on his behalf but that no decision has been made by the court to whether it will be granted. He tells Nikolas that Alexis told him she expects to hear from the court soon on a decision. Lucky doesn't know what to do next or if he made the right decision. Nikolas questions whether it was a good idea to ask for emergency temporary custody of Jake knowing that it wasn't that long ago that Jake was kidnapped and what Liz went through. Lucky wants to see his sons whenever he wants to see them and resents that Liz gets to dictate when and how often he sees them. Nikolas suggests that he talk to Liz and work out some arrangement before things go too far and he can't take things back. Lucky shows up at Liz's new house to talk to her alone without the lawyers. Liz asks him why he asked for emergency temporary custody and that he is accusing her of being a bad mother. Lucky doesn't want to take Jake away from her but feels she is leaving him no choice sometimes. Alexis shows up when she finds out Lucky came to see Liz without her presence. Diane shows up also and thinks that Alexis is trying to talk to her client, Liz without her presence. The two attorneys start arguing in front of Lucky and Liz as if they aren't in the room. Liz yells at them to be quiet and stop arguing and makes it clear that she will not let anyone take her son away from her.

Luke goes to see Sonny at his office to find out what he knows about Johnny Zacchara. Sonny explains to him about Johnny being a loose cannon and how he picked up Lulu one time while she was hitchhiking. Luke becomes concerned about Lulu hanging out with Johnny and getting herself hurt. Sonny tells him to let him handle the Zacchara's and he will protect Lulu. Luke agrees to back off and let him handle things right now but promises to get involved if anything happens to Lulu because of Johnny. Meanwhile, Lulu is shocked and upset when Johnny points a gun at the man who owns the cabin they broke into and that he plans on killing him because the man came into his cabin and shot at Lulu because they were intruders in his home. Lulu yells at Johnny and tells him to leave the man alone since they are the ones who broke into his home. Johnny reluctantly backs off but the man starts to grab for his gun and threatens to call the cops on them. Johnny points the gun at the man again and tells him he isn't calling anyone or he will be dead. Lulu tells Johnny to back off and leave the man alone. She tells the man they are leaving right now and asks him not to call the cops on them. Johnny gives the man a wad of cash and warns him to not call the cops. The man tells them to leave right now and he will not call the cops on them right now. Lulu tells Johnny off for even thinking it is o.k. to shoot and kill someone because he thinks he is above the law because he is Anthony Zacchara's son. Johnny tells her that some people do think they are outside of the law and should do what they want to. Lulu asks him about his father and what kind of man he thinks he is. She hits a sore spot with Johnny when she asks him if his father is some kind of monster or something. They leave the cabin. Meanwhile, Jason asks Spinelli to keep looking for Johnny Zacchara and find out where he went. Kate shows up at Jason's penthouse to talk to him about her concerns for Sonny. Jason asks her to stay out of Sonny's business and let them handle things before she gets hurt. Kate tells Jason about how she is worried that Sonny is trying to find out where Anthony Zacchara lives and plans to go see him in person and that the last two men who paid Anthony a visit winded up dead. Jason tells her to try to stay out of it. Kate starts talking to him about something and stops herself as she remembers something. She starts to dismiss the memory as being irrelevant but Jason encourages her to tell him what she just remembered. Kate tells that she went to some place with Trevor one time a couple of years ago that was near a stream somewhere and that the house looked like a medieval castle set up with a big stone wall around it and how she took out her camera to take a picture of it but that Trevor firmly told her to put the camera away and not to take pictures of the place. She tells Jason that Trevor brought her inside and made her wait in one of the rooms while he paid his respects to one of his clients, whom he didn't name. She tells Jason that the man he visited may have been Anthony Zacchara. Later, Kate goes to see Sonny at his office and asks him again not to visit Anthony Zacchara. Sonny tells her that she doesn't need to worry about him and that he can take care of himself with the Zacchara family. Kate decides to tell him what she told Jason. She also tells him that Trevor went to pay his respects a couple of years ago to Anthony after his wife's death and that she thinks that Anthony's wife was shot to death. Spinelli hacks into the surveillance files of the transportation department and finds where Johnny was last seen driving and that the image he got on the surveillance satellite shows a blonde person sitting in the passenger seat. They guess that it is probably Lulu in the car with them and find out they were last seen driving up to a driveway. Jason takes off to go find Johnny and Lulu. Johnny returns to the same cabin he broke into earlier and finds Jason sitting there waiting for him. Jason demands to know where Lulu is. Johnny doesn't know where she went. Lulu ends up going to some pizza place to order a pizza to go. As she is walking away from the place with her pizza, she runs into the men who look out for Johnny's welfare. They ask her where Johnny is but she refuses to tell them where he is. They decide to kidnap her and use her as a bargaining chip to get Johnny to come back.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Johnny admits to Jason that there's a good chance his handlers grabbed Lulu. Jason lets Johnny go so he can return home before any harm comes to Lulu. Then, Jason holds Trevor as leverage when Sonny sets off on his mission. Trevor freaks when Jason tells him Sonny is heading to face Zacchara in person. Meanwhile, Sonny has a surprise in store for him when he finally comes face-to-face with Zacchara. Johnny comes through for Lulu, who's worried about him.

Carly explains to Jax that it wouldn't be easy for her to get pregnant. Jax agrees to put any baby plans on hold, but both he and Carly remain privately troubled. Logan goes too far with Carly when she calls him on what he did to Lulu.

Lucky and Liz drift further apart as they fight over the children. Robin and Patrick continue to argue about her wanting to have a baby sooner rather than later. Robin wants Patrick to butt out of her life. Later, Robin considers Lucky as a potential donor.

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