Macy Alexander Sharpe
Actor History
1989 to 2000; August 1 and 2, 2001; December 2002 to October 2003
Taken off of life support on October 29, 2003, after complications following massive head trauma
Resides At
Los Angeles with Deacon Sharpe, at the time of her death
Marital Status
Married to Deacon Sharpe, at the time of her death
Past Marriages
Thorne Forrester (1990 to 1993; divorced)
Thorne Forrester (1995 to 1996; divorced)
Grant Chambers (1998; dissolved by his death)
Thorne Forrester (2000 to 2002; divorced)
Lorenzo Barelli (2003; invalid)
Deacon Sharpe (2003; dissolved by her death)
Adam Alexander (father)
Sally Spectra (mother)
Kimberly Fairchild (paternal half-sister)
Clarke Garrison Jr. (maternal half-brother)
Flings & Affairs
Mick Savage
Jake MacClaine
Anthony Armando
Crimes Committed

Committed adultery with Jake MacClaine

Was an alcoholic who frequently drove while under the influence

Brief Character History

Macy first met Thorne on the Queen Mary, where the Spectras and the Forresters were having a fashion showdown. Sally Spectra, Macy's mother, had been trying to arrange for Macy to end up with Ridge, but it was Thorne who walked into the room and caught Macy coming out of the shower. It was some time before they ran into each other again at the Bikini Bar, each nursing their own broken heart -- Thorne for his soon-to-be-ex-wife Caroline, and Macy for Mick Savage, a photographer who had run out on her. They spent the night together at Big Bear, but neither intended for it to be more until they co-hosted a benefit together and discovered they both loved singing.

After dating her for some time, Thorne proposed to Macy, but there was one big problem -- Macy had not told Thorne that she was Sally's daughter because -- as Sally was very willing to point out to her -- the Forresters could never have accepted the truth. Macy accepted Thorne's proposal, but while telling her mother, Sally revealed that Eye on Fashion had a picture of Clarke and Sally's wedding, which included Macy. When Thorne, who had found out from his family about Macy, confronted her, she admitted who she was and returned the ring. Macy was heartbroken to have lost Thorne, but within a few weeks, Thorne's first wife, Caroline, died, and Thorne, with Sally's help, returned to Macy, begging for another shot.

Their wedding plans didn't go as smoothly as they wanted. While Macy's family supported them, only Thorne's sister Felicia was willing to be part of their wedding. Macy and Thorne decided to have a church ceremony, and they were pleasantly surprised when Thorne's entire family showed up. Unfortunately, the Forresters could not truly accept Macy as Thorne's wife, and Macy and Thorne were constantly arguing over what her mother was up to. This led to them separating.

After waiting in vain for Thorne to make the first move with her -- he was waiting for the same thing -- Macy got involved with tennis pro Jake MacClaine, who had just broken up with Felicia. Thorne finally approached her and asked her to return to him, but by then it had been too long, and Macy opted to stay with Jake. It wasn't long before she regretted her decision and went home to Thorne, who welcomed her back with open arms. Their happiness didn't last long, because they couldn't stop the fighting, and Thorne soon fell for Karen, the long-lost twin sister of his first love, Caroline.

During her relationship with Jake, Macy was accused of stealing the BeLieF formula from Forrester Creations. Jake eventually confessed to the crime, spurring him and his sister to leave town. Macy and Thorne again reunited, only this time Anthony Armando came between them . . . that, and Macy's drinking. When model Ivana was found dead, Thorne was accused of the crime, but it turned out it was Anthony. When Macy and Thorne began singing together again, they once again renewed their relationship.

The couple hit a bump in the road when Macy was diagnosed with throat cancer; however, it wasn't long before the two married yet again. When Thorne got himself involved with Claudia Cortéz, a Forrester employee who was in the country illegally, it was the last straw, and Macy and Thorne's already tenuous relationship broke. Macy threw herself into trying to get over Thorne, and while she was trying to do that, she became friends with Grant Chambers, a new designer at Spectra. Almost before they knew it, she and Grant were in love, and planning a wedding.

For the first time in her life, there was no stress in Macy's relationship. Without needing to worry that the Forresters would disapprove of her or that Thorne would disapprove of her mother, Macy and Grant could simply enjoy their time together. The two were blissfully in love, and planning a family and a future. When Macy was having trouble getting pregnant, they decided to go to the doctor for tests, and while there, Macy and Grant were treated to a shock -- Grant had cancer, and he didn't have long to live. Macy was devastated to learn that she had found the love of her life but would soon lose him.

Macy stayed by his side for the remaining time he had left, but when Grant died, she turned back to the bottle. Thorne, who had given up on his quest for Ridge's wife Taylor, was there to help pull her out, and the two were soon back together, planning a wedding and a future. Unfortunately, Thorne's former sister-in-law Brooke had set her sights on Thorne, and Brooke worked behind the scenes until she got between Thorne and Macy, and the two broke up. Macy thought it was over until she got a call from Thorne, and assuming he and Brooke were finished, Macy married Thorne in Amsterdam.

Around this same time, Macy's long-lost father showed back up in the picture, and had his teenage daughter, Kimberly, with him. Macy grew close to her father and her half-sister. Romantically, it wasn't long before Macy realized that Thorne had married her on the rebound and had no intention of stopping his relationship with Brooke Logan. She began to drink more heavily, which was not helped by Brooke's constant "helpful hints" about how she and Thorne would be together. Macy finally went up to Big Bear to say goodbye to her marriage to Thorne and was ready to sign the divorce papers when Brooke showed up demanding that Macy let Thorne go so she could have him. Furious, Macy took off in the car, with Brooke tagging along so she could force her to sign the papers. After a horrible car accident, Macy was presumed dead, devastating her mother, half-sister, and half-brother.

Amazingly enough, it turned out that Macy was alive and well. Adam had rescued her from the car accident, and taken her to Italy with him, where she was living under the name Lena, and in love with Lorenzo Barelli. Thorne noticed her when she was singing in a small Italian café, and when her mother, Sally, had a heart attack, she returned to Los Angeles with Lorenzo, who soon became her husband. Thorne wasted no time in telling her that since she had never signed the divorce papers, they were still legally married, and after Macy realized she could never love Lorenzo the way she loved Thorne, Lorenzo left town and Macy and Thorne reunited.

Unfortunately, at a time when he thought they were broken up, Thorne had indulged in a one-night stand with Macy's best friend, Darla. Around the same time Macy was having an emergency hysterectomy, Darla was discovering she was pregnant with Thorne's child. Although the plan was initially for Macy and Thorne to adopt the child without Macy knowing Thorne was the father, once the truth came out, Macy could no longer be part of Thorne's life and asked him for a divorce.

This time Macy found comfort in Deacon Sharpe, a new friend and recovering alcoholic. What started as friendship soon turned more romantic, especially once Macy began helping Deacon pursue custody of his son, Eric, and his daughter, Hope. In part, Macy helped Deacon because by him winning, Brooke Logan would suffer, and Macy had never forgiven Brooke for manipulating her way into Macy and Thorne's marriage then tossing Thorne aside because he wasn't Ridge. Deacon and Macy married and began raising Eric, whom Deacon had won custody of, together, and things were finally back on track.

When Oscar "Oz" Marone opened a new nightclub in town, Macy agreed to perform on opening night, but men who had it in for Oz tampered with the chandelier, which fell, severely injuring Macy. Although Macy hung on in the hospital in a coma for a few days, she never woke up, and her mother had to make the devastating choice to take her off life support. When Thorne and Darla's daughter was born a few weeks later, she was named Alexandria in honor of Macy.

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