Tim Siegel
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Actor History
Tom Berenger
1975 to 76
William Cox
1970 to 71
Bill Fowler

Ex-law student

Resides At

His mother's house (Before his death)

Marital Status at Death

Married (Jenny Wolek)

Past Marriages



Dave Siegel (father; deceased)

Eileen Riley (mother)

Julie Toland (sister; twin)

Joe Riley (uncle; deceased)

Tom Dennison (uncle)

Megan Craig Riley (cousin; deceased)

Mari Lynn Dennison (cousin)

Kevin Buchanan Jr. (biological cousin)

Joey Buchanan (biological cousin)

Duke Buchanan (biological first cousin once removed; deceased)

Kevin Buchanan Jr. (biological first cousin once removed; deceased)

Zane Buchanan (biological first cousin twice removed)



Flings & Affairs

Cathy Craig

Crimes Committed


Brief Character History

Tim arrived in Llanview for his Uncle Joe's wedding, which he took part in. He was a law student and went back to college.

Tim arrived in town once again when his uncle was presumed dead, and this time he stayed a little longer to help his grieving family. His sister Julie tried to fix him up with her best friend Cathy Craig, who was healing after rehab. Tim helped Cathy and they dated for a while until he returned to law school. Tim also helped Julie when her marriage was on the rocks, but he was there only at the beginning when things were normal more or less.

Tim returned again to Llanview and revealed that he had dropped out of law school. His mother was very upset because she wanted him to become a lawyer like his late father. He met Nurse Jenny Wolek at Llanview Hospital and it was love at first sight. He was surprised to find out that Jenny was about to take her final vows as a nun. Both families were against the young couple: Tim's mom blamed Jenny for being the reason Tim was not going back to law school and the Woleks wanted Jenny to take her vows and become a nun. Jenny decided to keep her promise to the sisterhood and go to San Carlos to help the people there after the earthquake and that would be her last job as a nun and then she'd be able to marry Tim. Timmy wasn't happy about seeing her go and waited for her to come back.

While Jenny was away, another woman Nurse Sheilah Rafferty decided to try her charms on Tim, but he stayed faithful to his beloved Jenny.

Jenny returned from San Carlos suffering from malaria. Tim promised her that as soon as she'd recovered they'd get married. Eileen saw that they really were in love and she accepted Jenny as her son's fiancée. When Jenny recovered Tim wanted to get married, but Eileen was able to convince him to postpone the wedding till June 1976. Jenny felt that something bad would happen and wanted the wedding to be earlier than June. Her cousin Vinnie didn't approve of this decision and went to the hospital to talk to her. He met Tim there and they began to argue. Vince blamed him for being the reason Jenny didn't take her vows and they shouted at each other. While arguing, Tim suddenly tripped and fell down the stairs.

Tim was suffering from serious injuries and was in ICU. After Dr. Larry Wolek saw him, he told his cousin Jenny and Tim's family that there was nothing he could do to help and that Tim was dying. Jenny decided to marry him that evening. On April 5th, 1976, with Tim's mom Eileen and Jenny's cousin Larry as witnesses, they were married. The next morning Timmy died in his new wife's arms.

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