David Siegel
Actor History
Allen Miller
1968 to 1972
Died in 1972
Cause of Death
Died after suffering two heart attacks
Former Occupation
Former Residence
Siegel Home
Marital Status at Death
Married to Eileen Riley
Past Marriages
Timmy Siegel (son; with Eileen; died in 1976)
Julie Siegel
Flings & Affairs
Crimes Committed
  • None
Brief Character History

David lived in Llanview with his wife and children. At first he worked as a private lawyer and then for a short while he was the DA. In the first years of their marriage Dave and Eileen had some problems because of their different religious, but they were able to fix it and had a very good marriage. When his daughter Julie decided to move in with her boyfriend, Jack, Dave was very upset with her. But with the help of his wife they both learned to accept that fact. He was very friendly with Nurse Karen Martin and when she came to him for help, he handled her divorce from Dr. Larry Wolek. He also defended Larry's brother, Vince, when he was involved in some drug deals without his knowledge.

His son Timmy looked up to his father and went to law school to become an attorney like Dave. Dave was really happy to see his only son follow in his footsteps. He was pretty happy when Julie decided to marry Dr. Mark Toland and walked her down the aisle, but he was disappointed to see what turned out from this union. In 1972, he also defended Steve Burke (His brother in law's widow's husband) when he was accused of murdering his crazy secretary, Marcy Wade. He was able to save him from death row when his brother in law (Joe Riley) turned out to alive after all and sent him the evidence that proved Steve didn't murder Marcy. One day he came home from work he went up the stairs and suddenly had a heart attack. He was rushed to the hospital and there the family was told that he died from another massive heart attack. He left his wife to raise their two grown up children alone.

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