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Julie Siegel
Actor History
Lee Warrick
1969 to 1974
Leonie Norton
1974 to 1976
Resides At
Marital Status
Single/Widow (Mark Toland)
Past Marriages
Mark Toland (married 1971; dissolved by his death in 1975)
David Siegel (father; deceased)
Eileen Riley (mother)
Timothy Siegel (brother; twin; deceased)
Joe Riley (uncle; deceased)
Tom Dennison (uncle)
Megan Craig Riley (cousin; deceased)
Mari Lynn Dennison (cousin)
Kevin Buchanan Jr. (biological cousin)
Joey Buchanan (biological cousin)
Duke Buchanan (biological first cousin once removed; deceased)
Kevin Buchanan Jr. (biological first cousin once removed; deceased)
Zane Buchanan (biological first cousin twice removed)
Flings & Affairs
Jack Lawson
Crimes Committed
  • None
Brief Character History

Julie came to town in 1969 for her Uncle Joe's wedding, which she took part in, and decided to stay with her parents in Llanview. She wanted a successful marriage like her parents had and decided to choose a perfect man who'd marry her. Her "Perfect Man" was ex-football player Jack Lawson, who was a couple of years older then her.

Julie and Jack began to date and soon she amazed her parents by moving in with him. Although her parents didn't approve of it, they kept living together, but Jack didn't want to get marry so soon and when he realized that Julie did he started to cheat on her with other ladies.

Julie was really hurt and broke up with him, although she still loved him. She met an intern in Llanview Hospital, Dr. Mark Toland, and decided that marriage with a doctor would be more successful. They began to date and got married. Her father, Dave, gave her away and her best friend Cathy Craig was her matron of honor.

On their honeymoon, Mark found out that Julie had a problem: she was emotionally scarred by what happened with her ex-boyfriend Jack and as a result she couldn't make love to him. At first Mark was very patient and sent her to Dr. Marcus Polk for therapy. Having her Uncle "dead", her father dead and her mother addicted to painkillers didn't help her and only made things worse for the newlyweds.

After her father's death, her brother Timmy returned to town. He and her best friend Cathy was there for Julie and helped her deal with most of her problems, but she still needed time to heal. She tried to fix them up together, but they weren't a match made in heaven and broke up to her dismay.

Therapy wasn't working as quickly as Mark had hoped and he lost his patience and began sleeping with his colleague, Dr. Dorian Cramer. When Julie found out, she felt that this whole marriage thing was very wrong for her and when Mark ran off to San Francisco right after Rachel Wilson died (He ran off because it was partly his fault). Julie returned to her mother's home.

While living with her mother, Eileen, she had having a hard time accepting that her mother was dating. She was kind of jealous because her mother was having more interesting life then her and she started making trouble for her mother and new boyfriend, Ben. She succeeded with her plan and caused them to break up.

After a while she was notified her husband Mark was shot and killed, not that their marriage was worth anything by now, but she was still a widow now.

Tragedy hit the Siegels when Timmy tripped and fell in the hospital. He married his fiancé Jenny Wolek on his death bed and the morning after that he died. Julie's mom Eileen was very depressed and so was Julie, and after the funeral the two moved to Florida.

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