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Colin Atkinson
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Actor History

Former partner in a Fenmore Boutiques

Con man

Former mob boss


Awaiting extradition in Switzerland

Marital Status

Married to Jill Abbott Fenmore [Re-married: Feb 5, 2014; separated 2019; divorcing]

Past Marriages

Genevieve Atkinson [Married: unknown date; divorced: Sep 2011]

Jill Abbott Fenmore [Married: Feb 3, 2011; invalid]




Ethan Atkinson a.k.a. Cane Ashby (twin son)

Caleb Atkinson (twin son; deceased)

Samantha Atkinson (daughter; deceased)

Charlie Ashby (twin grandson, son of Ethan)

Matilda "Mattie" Ashby (twin granddaughter, daughter of Ethan)

Sam Ashby (grandson by Cane with Juliet Helton)

Flings & Affairs

Jill Abbott Fenmore [2011-2019](lovers)

Crimes Committed

Went to prison for tax evasion

Arrested for attempted kidnapping of babies, Charlie and Matilda Ashby; was given diplomatic immunity and released

Suspicion of money laundering, drug trafficking, murder and attempted murder; was deported and imprisoned in Barwick Prison, Australia; released 16 months later (Dec 2010)

Partner in diamond heist during the Delia Project benefit; yet to be discovered [Feb 2014]

Aided and abetted Jill in committing eighteen million dollar insurance fraud (Jul 2014)

Blackmailed Devon Hamilton [Nov 2014, Feb 2015]

Scammed Devon Hamilton out of two and a half billion dollars; used the money to launder cash from other scams, then returned it to Devon [2019]

Health and Vitals

Fractured wrist suffered in a plane crash [Feb 2015]

Brief Character History

Genevieve was sweet and innocent when she married Australian, Colin Atkinson. But when Genevieve discovered that Colin was a mob boss, she became cold and distant. Their twin sons, Cane and Caleb were an accident, and while Colin adored them, Genevieve barely paid them any attention. But when their daughter, Samantha was born, Genevieve became the doting mother, determined to keep them away from the mob influence which Colin was instilling in their sons.

Thirty-one-year-old Ethan Cane Ashby showed up in Genoa City from Australia in January 2007, claiming to be Phillip Chancellor III, the son of Jill Abbott and Katherine Chancellor's deceased husband, Phillip II. Young Phillip had died in a car accident at the age of 19. When Phillip's coffin was exhumed, the body found inside was Phillip's, and a DNA test proved that Cane was indeed Jill's son. Jill and Cane bonded, and Katherine Chancellor treated him as a grandson. Cane fell in love with and married Lily Winters, and together they had twins Charlie and Matilda.

It was eventually disclosed that Cane was not Phillip, but Phillip was alive and living in Australia, and had sent his friend Cane the blood sample to pass the DNA test. Phillip returned to Genoa City to explain that he had faked his death and had run away to Australia where he owned a bar. Feeling guilty about the way he had abandoned his family, Phillip had sent Cane, who needed a family, to take his place. Cane told Lily, that the “cattle mafia” in Australia had stolen his friend’s herd one by one, bankrupting him. Cane had become a marked man when he identified the rustlers to the authorities, which is why he had to leave Australia.

In mid-October 2010, one of the Australian cattle rustlers, Blake Joseph, had turned up in Genoa City looking for Cane. Blake threatened Cane that if he turned him in to the police, Blake would expose the fact that Cane had been one of the cattle rustlers, but had turned on the gang to save himself. Blake offered to leave Cane and his family alone for five million dollars, which he was sure that Katherine and Jill could provide. Then Cane was invited to dinner by Jill, to meet a new man in her life who was also Australian. Cane was shocked when the man turned out to be his own father, Colin Atkinson, freshly released from prison. When the two men were alone, Colin said that he would forgive Cane for 'ratting him out' as the mob boss and sending him to prison, if Cane would come back and take his rightful place in the family organized crime business in Australia. Colin reminded Cane that he came from a wealthy family, not poor and parentless as he claimed, then showed him a photo of his younger sister Samantha. Cane reminded Colin that he had ruined her life and that she had been murdered because of him. Colin threatened Cane that he would use Cane’s secrets to persuade him to return, saying that Katherine Chancellor should know that Cane was embezzling money to pay off Blake, and Jill that he was Colin’s son. Cane refused and told him to stay away from Jill and his family. But like Blake had ingratiated himself to Lily, Colin got close to Jill and they became lovers that same evening.

Cane saw things coming to a head and confessed to Lily that Blake was sent from Australia to blackmail him about his past, and that Cane had been part of an organized crime family involved in illegal activities. Cane explained that when the organization had caused the death of his sister Samantha it made him decide to turn on them, and then he met Phillip Chancellor who gave him the opportunity to escape to Genoa City and start over. Lily did not take it well and kicked Cane out.

Colin ordered Blake to go home to Brisbane, but asked him for one last favor before he left; to keep Cane from interrupting his wedding to Jill. Before Blake left for the church, he got a text message from someone called “Rippley” tipping him that Colin was not to be trusted and was setting him up.

As Jill and Colin said their vows, Cane walked up the steps of the church, followed by Blake. Lily walked out the front door and saw them fighting. Blake turned the gun on Lily to stop Cane, but Cane jumped Blake to protect his family. The gun went off shooting Cane in the chest, and Blake fell down the steps, breaking his neck and dying as he landed. Lily slipped on the ice, and the twin’s carriage went careening down the steps, but Neil arrived in time to catch it and save the twins. Cane lay on the steps bleeding as Jill and Colin walked out of the church married. Lily and Jill cradled Cane’s body and begged him to hold on as Neil called 9-1-1. Colin looked dazed as he watched his son dying. Lily told Cane she forgave him and loved him, and Cane breathed his last breath telling Lily that he loved her. The paramedics arrived, but they could not revive Cane.

Neil took a sobbing Lily into the church to talk. Jill and Colin went home to the Chancellor estate covered in blood, and told Kay, Murphy, and Billy that Cane was dead. Billy went to console Lily, and promised her that he would write an article on Cane’s heroism. While Kay and Jill hugged and commiserated about their loss, Colin went to the morgue to identify the body. Colin apologized to his son, saying that because of himself, both his son and his daughter had been gunned down in the street. Colin promised Cane that his children would be spared from his destructive life.

Cane's funeral was held on his and Lily's beloved Valentine's Day. Phillip, Kay, and Jill made touching speeches, and mourners placed a rose on his coffin as they left. Lily kept seeing and talking with Cane at his funeral, then again at home where she made peace with him, making sure that he knew that she still loved him despite all the lies. While everyone else thought that Lily was going crazy, Traci understood and had a conversation with Lily about coping with the loss of someone you love. Cane continued to haunt Lily, but began to creep her out rather than the peace that his presence had originally given her.

Increasingly concerned about her visions of her dead husband Cane, and after she began finding mementoes he seemed to be leaving for her, Lily consulted a psychiatrist and a psychic. Cane showed himself to Lily at his grave. He told her that he was not alive, but although he didn't understand it himself, he knew that he would be with Lily forever. Lily was able to touch and feel Cane, but he fled when he heard Colin and Jill approach. Lily began going to the cemetery more often to see Cane. Later when Cane showed up at Lily's apartment, Colin could not see him, yet Lily and the twins could. Cane told Lily, that he couldn't explain it.

The next day, Colin met Cane in the park calling Cane "Caleb", who was Cane's evil twin, and Colin admitted that he had planned the gunning down of Cane on the church steps. They discussed their plan to convince everyone that Lily was insane, so that they could return to Australia with the twins. The next time Cane and Lily met, Cane got amorous with Lily, and she pushed him away. Lily decided she needed to start living in reality to be there for her kids, and checked herself into Fairview sanitarium.

Meanwhile "Caleb" met with his mother, Genevieve, who reminded him that she was in charge, as she recalled witnessing Caleb shoot at Cane years ago, but Samantha had been killed instead. Genevieve revealed that Caleb, after drugging Cane, had taken his place and showed up at the church. But Colin had arranged for Cane to be gunned down, not realizing that Caleb was the one who was killed on the church steps. Genevieve had found Cane, and he let everyone believe that Cane was dead, and began working with Genevieve plotting to have Colin be arrested for kidnapping the twins to finally get some justice for Samantha.

After bidding Jill a passionate farewell telling her he was leaving town on business, Colin managed to convince Neil to allow him and Jill to take the twins for the night, but instead he took them to the McMillan estate where a plane was to pick up him, "Caleb", and the twins to leave for Australia. Jill got suspicious and followed him to the estate. Meanwhile Neil found the note that Cane had left for Lily the night of his "death" which admitted that Colin was his father and that he had a twin named Caleb. Neil called Jill and explained, and she told him where she was and that Colin had the twins on an airstrip. Stalling for time while Neil called the police, Jill confronted Colin. Cane walked up, and Jill pretended to faint at the sight of him. Jill listened to them talk of their plan, then accused Colin of using her, before she ran off into the woods.

Colin was lured into the mansion by music that he recognized, where he found Samantha's urn on the mantel and a chalk outline on the floor covered in photos of her. Colin called out, and Genevieve appeared telling him that she was there for revenge and justice. She shoved him during their argument, and Colin fell over the balcony. Jill arrived and tried to rescue Colin who was holding on to the edge by his hands. As Genevieve told Jill that she was Colin's wife, Colin lost his grip and fell. The police and an ambulance arrived, and they took Colin to the hospital.

Lily arrived with Daniel, and Neil held her back as Cane jumped the pilot before he could take off with the twins in the plane. The pilot dropped his cigarette which ignited leaking gasoline, but Cane subdued the pilot and drove the stroller into the woods just in time. Cane convinced Lily that he was her husband with things that only he would know. Finally Lily believed him, but feeling betrayed she refused to forgive him. Colin was quickly freed when he was given diplomatic immunity, but both he and Cane were continually rebuffed by Jill, Katherine, and Lily as they told him to get out of their lives. Lily then had a restraining order served against Colin. Cane went back to work bartending at Jimmy's Bar. After repeated efforts by Cane to get Lily to forgive him, Lily told Cane that she was filing for divorce.

Months went by with Colin doing his best to woo Jill back, and Genevieve her best to stop it from happening. Finally Colin told Genevieve that he was filing for divorce, and she reacted violently, smashing everything in sight at her mansion. After Colin told Jill about the impending divorce, she succumbed to his advances. Genevieve found out and in turn succumbed to Jack's. The two pairs of lovers and former lovers continually crossed paths, always with the women seething at each other. Then Jack chose Genevieve as the new Jabot Cosmetics director of marketing. Meanwhile Katherine chose Jill for the same position. When the two met at the office for their first day, there were fireworks between them. Jack and Katherine compromised and made them co-directors sharing an office. Colin dropped by while Genevieve was out, so Jill and Colin christened the office by having sex on Genevieve's desk.

After Jill arranged for Genevieve to go on a month long business trip in Jill's place, Genevieve locked Colin in her wine cellar. Trapped alone without even his cell phone to call for help, Colin found an electrical panel and managed to set off the alarm. The alarm company called Gloria since she was their last contact as the realtor. Gloria found Colin, but she let the door slam behind her, locking herself inside with Colin; and being underground, her cell phone got no service. Colin and Gloria found a secret room that appeared to have been a speakeasy. Then after Gloria passed out drunk sampling the wine, Colin found a vault containing a book that listed all his bank accounts. Later a note was slipped though the door that said that Genevieve had trapped him there while she was emptying out his bank accounts.

Paul discovered that Colin had not used his airline ticket. Cane guessed that Genevieve had trapped Colin in the wine cellar, he took Jill there, and they let Colin and Gloria out. As Colin checked his drained bank accounts, Cane met with Ronan about getting evidence against Colin to get him sent back to prison. Cane went back to the cellar, found the vault and blew it open, finding the bank records which he turned over to Ronan. Ronan turned Colin's books over to the FBI to try to decipher their code. Meanwhile Colin discovered that Genevieve had been transferring money from his secret bank accounts. Jill asked Colin to move back in with her at the Chancellor estate. The first call on the FBI wiretap of Colin's phone, overheard him putting a hit on Genevieve and Gloria. Colin arranged for the women to be at Genevieve's mansion later in the day, but they were not there when Lily arrived. Cane rescued Lily just as the mansion exploded.

Ronan and Chance met them outside. Chance had been reassigned by the state department to work with Ronan on the case due to Colin's drug trade in the Middle East. Cane admitted that he had been working with them too, attempting to get Colin put back into prison. Meanwhile Jill, after overhearing Colin's suspicious phone call and being warned by Cane, coaxed Colin to bed and handcuffed him, then called the police. Hard as it was to admit to herself that Colin was a conman who continually lied to her, Jill told Colin that she loved him but realized that helping to trap him for the police was the right thing to do. Ronan arrived at Colin's suite and arrested Colin for money laundering, drug trafficking, and suspicion of murder. Colin's diplomatic immunity no longer got him off since they had discovered that his ambassadorship was phony. Genevieve turned over Colin's books, and Colin was deported. Lily called Cane her hero, and they reunited. Colin was incarcerated in Barwick Prison in Australia.

A mere sixteen months later, Genevieve received a call from Colin saying that he was now free and living it up somewhere thanks to her.

Nearly two years since Colin had left Genoa City, Jill received a call from an antique dealer who told her that the music box she had inherited from Katherine Chancellor had been one of a set owned by a famous person. Jill was excited as she walked out the front door with the music box, but was chloroformed and dragged away. She later woke up handcuffed to a bed, hearing the music box playing, and recognized her captor as he entered the door. A text was sent from Jill's phone to let everyone know that she had gone out of town.

Weeks later, Jill returned home with Colin and the news that they had remarried. Cane, Lily, Jack, Devon, and Esther had been gathered at the estate with concern that Jill was not responding to messages about her son Billy being in the hospital. They were shocked with the marriage news, and as his son Cane said, "bringing that bastard back into their lives". Although Jill and Colin gushed with claims that they were still in love, viewers saw flashbacks to Colin being the one who kidnapped Jill and had coerced her into marrying him so that he could stay in the country legally, complete with a prenup giving him 50% of everything Jill owned if they divorced. Being practically broke anyway having to finance the estate, Jill went for it to get her freedom. Later after everyone had left Cane accused his father of using Jill once again for some nefarious reason, and punched him in the gut for kidnapping his children years ago. Colin protested that he was legally free from prison, and a changed man thanks to the love of Jill. After seeing her son and consulting an attorney, Jill returned with the news that she was about to annul their marriage and have him deported. Colin told Jill to go ahead, but that without him she would never find the secret to the music box, which Katherine had confided in him as being very valuable.

Jill and Colin attended the Delia Project Valentine's Day benefit. When Lily unveiled the antique snow queen doll which was to be auctioned, the case was empty. But Lily spotted a stranger, Richard Womack, heading for the door with it under his coat. When she grabbed for the doll, it broke, and diamonds showered onto the floor. Womack pulled a gun, and held everyone hostage. Devon triggered a silent alarm, and Paul and the police arrived outside the locked ballroom. Womack made Lily pick up the diamonds from the floor and made Abby collect the cell phones, but Kevin kept his and called Paul so the police could hear what was going on.

Paul phoned Womack, who said no hostages would be released until he got a plane out of town. Jack made Womack a deal to call his private jet if he would let Chelsea go, who had been cut by flying glass. Then Neil, Tyler, Devon, and Cane staged an argument to get the drop on Womack. Tyler knocked out Womack's accomplice with a champagne bottle, whose gun flew across the floor. Paul shut off the ballroom lights just as they scrambled for the gun, but Colin had caught it under his foot. Paul bargained with Womack to let Billy and Victoria go, and the lights would be turned on. Afterward, when Jack's plane was ready, Womack let everyone go but Lily. Cane begged to replace Lily, Lily hit Womack's arm, the gun went off, and Cane was shot. Colin jumped out from where he had been hiding, his gun on Womack, while Lily and Cane escaped. Colin admonished Womack that he had botched their heist, and in trying to shoot Colin's son their partnership was over. Womack was killed as he and Colin struggled over the gun, and Colin pocketed a diamond as the police came in.

Afterward, Jill was impressed with Colin, but still was not ready to trust him. In exchange for a kiss, Colin revealed that Katherine had stuck a note in the music box for Jill to find, but Colin had removed it. Colin gave Jill the note which contained the name Rachel Berenson. Going through boxes in the attic and from the national archives, they were able to piece together that Katherine's father Walter Shepard had been an Army intelligence officer in WWII. They found an old photo, stamped "Piccadilly Photo, London," of a woman with "Rachael" written on the back, and a fond mention in his journal of "R" who translated messages from the enemy.

Colin reminded Jill that they once had a fantastic bond and made real fireworks at one time with their sex life. Jill admitted that she was scared to love him, because she could not trust him.

Colin accused Victor of setting up Cane to take the fall if Victor's drug scheme with Bonaventure were ever discovered. But Cane gave Victor the information that had led him to Bonaventure, hoping it would expose who had set them both up.

Jill eventually succumbed to Colin's charms, and she invited him into her bed again. Afterward, viewers saw Colin on the phone promising someone that he would get them the money for Bonaventure. Jill contacted Chance for help, and he discovered that the Rachael in the photo was not Rachael Berenson, but a Rachael Carlisle. After another romp in the bedroom, Colin and Jill were over the moon in love again. Afterward, Colin met a man in the park, and told him that he was sorry Womack had ruined their last deal, and that this deal was off, that he cared too much for Jill to milk her for her fortune to pay off his debt. The man warned Colin that they were not patient and threatened him.

Jill conned Colin into going into the attic, then locked him inside unless he signed a document giving her a divorce and laying no claim to her money. Colin refused to sign and tried to convince Jill that he loved her. Jill told him what she had overheard. Cane showed up at the Chancellor estate looking for Colin and found Colin's wallet in the desk drawer. Inside Cane found a Bonaventure business card, and confronted Colin, accusing him of setting up him and Victor. Colin admitted that he had led Cane to Bonaventure, but knew nothing about the illegal drugs. While locked in the attic, Colin found a journal of Katherine's. He claimed to Jill that it and some sheet music held the secret of the music box, and convinced her to free him. Later when Jill discovered his deceit, they fought and Jill threw a pillow at Colin. It hit the chandelier, and Katherine's favorite necklace fell to the floor with a note from Katherine requesting that Jill wear the necklace on her journey to find out what's really important. Colin declared that the music box had meant nothing. An appraisal confirmed the value of the necklace at eighteen million dollars and Colin claimed it was communal property. Jill vowed to never sell it as it was part of her legacy, that she would never take it off, and they went upstairs to make love.

Colin called the guy to whom he owed money, money that he said he had used to "to spread thru Bonaventure", and told the guy it would be repaid soon. Then he called a thug and told him to steal the necklace. The necklace disappeared before Jill had a chance to insure it, but it turned up on granddaughter Matty's neck, and was returned to Jill.

Next, Colin drugged Jill and left her lying on the couch, and the door unlocked so his "thief" could steal Jill's necklace. The guy arrived, removed the necklace from Jill's neck, but was interrupted by Lily as he was leaving. Lily smashed a vase over the thief's head, causing him to drop the necklace and flee. Colin returned to find Lily hovering over an awakened Jill, who was skeptical of Colin's claimed innocence. Jill told Colin that she was not stupid and knew he had arranged for someone to steal her necklace. Colin admitted that he owned money from funding Bonaventure, and had to pay up or else. Jill assured him that she would help him find a way out of it, then shocked him by handing him the necklace, and going to bed. The next morning Colin said that he could not use it, that she and Katherine's necklace were more important than his predicament. Happy to hear it, Jill admitted that the necklace he held was a copy, so good that a thief would not know, and to go ahead and let them have it. When the necklaces got mixed up, Jill assured him that she could tell them apart by its cosmic connection to her, and gave him the fake one. Colin gave it to his associate to settle his debt, and Jill collected eighteen million dollars from the insurance claim, which they agreed to split fifty/fifty. Lauren and Esther were both skeptical when they heard about it after the fact, but Lauren asked Jill to fund a new Fenmore Boutique with part of it. Lauren was not happy when Colin wanted to be a partner in it, but Cane and Jill talked her into it.

After enjoying lunch with Jill, Colin was approached by his associate, Kurtz, who dropped the necklace in Colin's glass, telling him that he knew it was a fake, and Colin had twenty-four hours to pay up, or Kurtz would go to Jill. Colin and Jill left town instead.

Jill and Colin returned from the Caribbean to a letter from Katherine, written before her death. It jokingly said that one year had passed so she must be genuinely dead this time. Katherine said that she hoped that Jill had stopped cursing her over the music box, and had found the necklace and would wear it well and think of her. Katherine requested that they throw a one year anniversary party, and gave detailed instructions. While Jill and Esther left the room to set the plans in motion, Kurtz appeared with a gun aimed at Colin. Colin convinced him that he would get no money if Colin were dead, and threatened Kurtz if he touched Jill. Kurtz said he had a way to pay off Colin's entire debt if Colin would use Jill's business as a money-laundering operation. Cane overheard them talking, and offered to help Colin keep on the straight and narrow.

Colin saw Devon and Hilary, who was married to Devon's father Neil, kissing, then entering a guestroom at GCAC. Colin later went to each of them inferring that he knew about their affair, wanting a payoff to keep quiet. Devon called his bluff until Colin told Neil that he and Devon had made a business deal he wanted to tell him all about, and walked away with an easy two million dollars. Walking into Kurtz, Colin handed him the briefcase expecting his debt to be paid. But Kurtz refused it, reminding Colin that they had a new business or his wife would die. But Jill was watching through the revolving doors of the GCAC, taking a picture of Kurtz. Detective Harding burst in and arrested Kurtz who was wanted. Colin and Jill celebrated their victory at the bar, and Colin revealed his two million dollars.

Seeing that Cane and Jill both seemed to miss the corporate world, Colin encouraged them to stage a takeover of Newman-Chancellor, which had been having financial problems ever since the Bonaventure scandal. Expecting Victor would have to sell Chancellor if the warehouse district sale failed, they agreed to partner to get Chancellor back from Victor. They came up with money for the down payment, thanks to Colin blackmailing Devon again. Victor surprised Jill by putting an enormous price on it with a seemingly impossible deadline, before he would open it up to public sale. They managed to come up with the money, thanks to Devon, and the contract was signed. Jill became CEO, with Cane next in command. Colin was disappointed to find out that Devon's funding stipulated that Colin was not allowed to be any part of the company.

On Valentines Day, Lily, Cane, Jill, Colin, and Devon were flying to Chicago on a private jet provided by a real estate mogul who wanted Chancellor to move to Chicago. Devon turned it into a family trip by inviting Neil and Hilary to come along. During the flight Neil got up and poured himself a drink, turned to see astonished eyes on him, and said, "Yes I know it is alcohol," proceeded to read the bottle to them, and downed it. "Yes, I can see. I can see everything," as he glared at Devon and Hilary. Neil told everyone that the first thing he had seen was his cheating wife in bed with his son Devon, that Cane and Colin had known about their affair, and that Colin had been blackmailing Devon over it. Moments later, the jet hit turbulence and crashed. Colin came-to among the ruins of the jet, and located Jill alive and well in the snow. Everyone else was eventually found with minor cuts and bruises, except the pilot had been killed, and Hilary was pinned under some wreckage. She experienced cardiac arrest, but Neil brought her back with CPR. As they waited to be found, Colin built a fire, sent up flares, and found blankets in the jet to keep them warm. Jill decided to forgive him for the blackmail since he was doing it to buy back Chancellor for her. By the next morning with Hilary's leg injury making her weaker, Devon was chosen to hike for help. But before he could leave, Neil was discovered missing, and the map was gone as well. Eventually, a rescue helicopter hovered above.

Colin suggested Cane move on rather than fight Jill for Chancellor, Cane accused him of just wanting to step in as second in command himself.

After Hilary was divorced, she and Devon made wedding plans. Neil assured Hilary that he would not do anything to ruin her wedding, though it would be awkward for him to attend. But Neil paid Colin to throw a bachelor party, drugged Devon's drink, and after Michael and Cane left, catch Devon on video taking a sexy woman into his room. Colin paid the woman off as she assured him that nothing had happened between them. No doubt Neil intended to use the video for revenge on the woman who had broken his heart. Neil interrupted the wedding, but surprised everyone when he made an impassioned speech about forgiveness and gave them his blessing. Cane made Colin delete the video or he would tell Jill that Colin was blackmailing Katherine's grandson, but Colin had already sent Neil a copy.

Jill returned from Hong Kong and questioned Colin about the huge deposit recently made to their bank account, wondering what he had been up to. Colin claimed it was gambling winnings, but Jill didn’t believe it. Esther told Jill that Colin had been making illicit advances toward her, which Colin denied, but Esther said she had had enough and moved out of the Chancellor estate.

After Hilary went missing during her and Devon's honeymoon, Dylan was asked to investigate. Dylan found the hooker paid by Colin to falsely claim that she had slept with Devon after his bachelor party. Colin walked in on them conversing, and denied Dylan's accusation that he had something to do with Hilary's disappearance, but suggested they look at the person who had not wanted them to live happily ever after. When a ransom note was received, Colin was suspected of attempting to extort money out of Devon again.

Jill and Colin threw themselves a small anniversary party, and they staged a fight to get Lily and Cane to reconcile.

Since Jill and Colin spent most of their time between their homes in Hong Kong and Chicago, Jill signed over the Chancellor estate to Billy, making him promise to save a room for their visits. Billy renovated the place beyond recognition for himself and for visitation times with his kids. Jill and Colin returned to find that Billy was screwing up his life again, having an affair with his brother Jack's wife Phyllis. Jill took back the mansion and had it returned to the way it looked when Katherine was alive. Colin took the opportunity to offer "information about Phyllis" to Jack for a million dollars. Jack declined the offer and told Jill, who was livid with Colin. Colin told Jack it was all a scam, there was no information to buy.

Jill returned to Genoa City in December 2016 without Colin whom she said was staying in Chicago. But by February 2017 Colin finally arrived from Australia owing money, as usual. Jill discovered that all her personal assets were gone, and she confronted Colin, gasping and yelling. Colin admitted that he had done it to get in on a big deal, and she tossed him out in the cold, yanking his bathrobe off as she shut the door. Esther called Billy, telling him that Jill was having a heart attack. Jill refused to believe it until she woke up from surgery after stints had been inserted to correct the 80-100% blockage of her heart valves. She was shocked when her doctor told her she had to change her lifestyle completely, cut back her work schedule, no stress and no alcohol. Esther and Billy assured the doctor that Jill would comply. Billy and Esther banned Colin from visiting Jill, packed up his things, and threw him out of the estate. Colin was unable to convince anyone but Cane that he was genuinely remorseful, and still loved Jill, as he scrambled to find a way to get all her money back. Jill called Colin to her hospital bed and told him they were through.

Finding out that Billy had donated all his things, Colin went to the charity's thrift store to see what he could buy back (thanks to some money Lily gave him). While there, he rediscovered the music box that Katherine had left for Jill, and bought it too. Fiddling with it again, he discovered another hidden compartment which contained a key. The safe deposit box it opened contained an envelope for Jill and a diamond and emerald ring. Colin was elated that the value of the ring enabled him to pay back Jill, and she forgave him. Feeling guilty, he dropped the letter in Jill's mailbox. Unfortunately for Colin, the letter explained that the ring was the one which Philip had bought for Jill, and Jill figured out what Colin had done and was furious. Colin returned the money and presented Jill with the ring. Eventually Jill forgave Colin, and they left together on a trip. Jill returned for 2017 Christmas alone, saying Colin was sailing off the Gold Coast.

Jill returned just after New Year’s 2019 announcing that she and Colin were taking a break, saying that fun as he was, she needed someone she could depend on.

In late 2019, Devon was suddenly notified of discrepancies in Katherine’s will. Attorney Amanda Sinclair arrived in town, shocking everyone she met by looking identical to Devon’s dead wife Hilary. Amanda claimed that Chance had hired her after he discovered that Devon’s father Tucker had paid Katherine’s attorney David Sherman to alter 2 pages of her will to leave the bulk of her estate to Devon instead of Cane Ashby. Cane denied any knowledge of it, Chance was working undercover and could not be reached, nor could Tucker. Once the original pages were authenticated, and even though the statute of limitations to contest the will had run out, Devon felt obligated to give Cane the two billion, 475 million dollars he had inherited. Devon kept his companies and assets the money had allowed him to secure. Then Chance showed up in town saying he knew nothing about the claim, and had not hired Amanda. Jill began to suspect that Colin was behind the scam, and tracked him down on the island of Kuredu, in The Maldives where he was living high. Jill accused him, he denied it. Jill was about to succumb to Colin’s charm once again when Chance burst into the hotel room ready to arrest Colin for the scam. Chance announced that Colin had already stolen the money out of Cane’s bank account. While Chance and the Feds waited on extradition, Colin managed to escape the authorities there, and called Chance to taunt him. All eyes turned to Cane, accusing him of being in on the scam. Cane assured them he was not, and vowed to track down his father Colin, bring him to justice, and clear his own name. Colin was spotted in Buenos Aires, then sent Jill a single rose from Luxemburg.

Then suddenly, all of Devon’s money was returned into an offshore account in Devon’s name. Chance explained that Colin had used it to launder other money, and had used Chancellor Industries to funnel money through as well. Chance located Colin in Switzerland, set him up, and Colin was captured. Last we heard, Colin was awaiting extradition.

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