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Monday, May 7, 2012

In Victor's office, Sharon kissed Victor on the lips. Victor ended the kiss, stepped back, and sighed. Sharon pressed her hand to her chest as if to catch her breath. Victor stepped close to Sharon, held her head with his hands, and kissed her on the lips. A knock at the door interrupted the couple. Victor promised to make the intruder leave. When Victor opened the door, Nikki slid through the partially opened door. Neither Nikki nor Sharon seemed to notice that each was wearing a similar-style red dress.

Nikki mentioned Nick's plan to marry Phyllis. Victor quickly noted that Sharon had already broken the news about Nick and Phyllis' engagement. Nikki turned to Sharon and said, "Sharon, I am so sorry. I am sure this has come as quite a blow." Sharon claimed that Nick's engagement didn't affect her life.

Nikki informed Victor that the marriage would take place regardless of anyone's opinion of the union. Nikki turned to Sharon and suggested she move on, since Nick had committed himself to Phyllis. Nikki also advised Victor that Nick would do as he pleased no matter what Victor said to his son. Victor glared at Nikki.

Before Nikki left Victor office, she said, "Well, I will let you two get back to your business." Sharon rolled her eyes. Victor scowled. After Nikki left, Victor sighed. He asked Sharon if they should forget about what had happened before Nikki arrived. Sharon replied, "I kissed you, and I don't regret it." Victor said he was glad Sharon didn't resent having kissed him, but he suggested that perhaps they should forget it and just move on.

Victor recalled that he and Sharon had both benefited from their brief, platonic marriage when he was in jail. Sharon recalled that Nick, Victoria, and Nikki had protested the marriage even though the union had been arranged to serve a particular purpose. Sharon said she realized that critics would rip her apart no matter what she did, so she had decided to do exactly what she wanted. Sharon said, "I kissed you; I didn't propose marriage. This is none of anyone's business."

Victor told Sharon that he didn't want her to get hurt. Sharon explained that she no longer wanted to be with someone who wanted to be her rescuer or someone who claimed to be the only person who truly knew her. Victor's eyes lit up when Sharon said, "I like being with you, and I don't want to waste time worrying about what they think." Victor sighed and replied, "What do we do now?" Sharon suggested that they have a drink together and talk about how to proceed.

Jack, relaxing at home, received a phone call from Nikki who was letting him know that she planned to stop by to talk. Just after the call ended, Ashley arrived. Jack was surprised to see Ashley, but she explained that her business meeting in New York had ended early. After Ashley's phone rang, she glanced at the screen before tossing the phone onto the coffee table. Jack picked up the ringing phone and saw Tucker's photo and number displayed on the screen. Jack asked Ashley if she seemed glum because she was dodging Tucker. Ashley changed the subject and asked about Kyle.

Jack informed Ashley that Kyle was living with and working for Victor. Jack cried that he was paying the price for his inconsistent devotion to Kyle throughout the boy's childhood. Ashley cited Jack's relationship with Nikki for Kyle's resentment of his father. Jack once again pressed Ashley to tell him why she and Tucker were having problems. Ashley explained that unbeknownst to her, Tucker had known Genevieve for many years. Jack couldn't believe that Genevieve had never said a word to him about her prior association with Tucker. Ashley said that Tucker also had never admitted that Emily was his therapist, and he had continued with his pursuit of Beauty of Nature even after Ashley said she'd begged him not to.

Ashley, frustrated, admitted to Jack that she wasn't up to facing Tucker. Ashley said she planned to spend the night at the pool house and talk to Tucker the following day, in hopes that she wouldn't say something regrettable. Jack told Ashley that he'd been involved in both sides of relationships harmed by lies of omission. Jack added that he hoped Tucker would learn his lesson soon.

Jack told Ashley that Nikki was on her way over. Jack added that he and Nikki had agreed to be friends only. Ashley, concerned, reminded Jack that Kyle regarded Nikki as the person who'd taken his mother away. Ashley told Jack that it would take time to mend his relationship with Kyle and that an association with Nikki would hot help the situation. Ashley abruptly left when Nikki arrived.

Jack mentioned to Nikki that Tucker was a constant source of surprises -- the latest regarding Genevieve. Nikki asked Jack how he was doing. Jack explained that loved ones had forced him to reflect on his life and consider either changing for the better or facing the consequences. Jack cried that it wasn't "pretty either way." Jack expressed concern that he'd toyed with Nikki's emotions just as Victor had. Nikki reminded Jack that she had been part of every decision they'd made regarding their relationship, including their trip to Las Vegas.

Jack, torn about his on-again, off-again romance with Nikki, cried, "We should do whatever we want to do -- the world be damned." Nikki reminded Jack that his only concern should be Kyle. Jack explained that he'd have to become a real father to Kyle or risk losing his son forever. Nikki said that despite the reasons she was involved, Kyle still saw her as the person who'd taken his mother away. Tears welled in Nikki's eyes. She cried, "We can't see each other anymore." After Jack kissed Nikki, she left.

At Jimmy's Bar, Eden walked up to Kyle and said, "Shouldn't you be drinking beer at the Newman ranch?" Kyle chuckled and quipped, "You just want to see my ascot." Kyle joined Eden at a table, and she asked about his decision to work for Victor. Kyle refused to discuss Victor or Jack. Kyle ordered drinks for himself and Eden after she told him she wasn't romantically involved with anyone else.

Kyle chose a song on the jukebox that Eden disliked, and she lightheartedly berated him. After teasing each other about "being cool," Kyle rose from his seat and planted a kiss on Eden's lips. He said afterward, "That wasn't cool. That was hot!" Kyle offered to sneak Eden into a back door at the Newman ranch. Eden seemed flattered that Kyle would take a risk to be with her.

Later, in Kyle's bedroom at the Newman ranch, Kyle pulled Eden onto his bed. Eden worried that either the dog or the maid would alert others to their presence in the home. Kyle calmly said, "We're just here hanging out." Kyle kissed Eden, and the couple groped each other. Kyle paused, asked Eden if she wished to proceed, and explained that he had protection. Eden said she had protection, too. Eden locked the door before she returned to Kyle's bed to make love with him.

At Crimson Lights, Neil ran into Harmony. He told her he'd stopped for a dose of caffeine after working late. Neil asked Harmony to sit down and join him. Harmony said, "Why would I do that, and why would you ask me?" Neil, whispering, replied, "Because I don't want you to go."

Harmony warned Neil that spending time together was a bad idea. She added, "If you want to kill a plant, you stop watering it. This is just more water." Neil suggested that their relationship just might return to normal if they sat down and had a chat. Harmony stepped out to take a call.

Sofia arrived at the coffeehouse with Moses. Sofia explained to Neil that Moses was being a night owl because he missed his father. Neil took Moses in his arms. Sofia speculated that Moses preferred to have his father home instead of being out and about. Harmony initially paused near the patio entrance to the main room when she returned and spotted Neil with Moses and Sofia. Harmony approached the family and said that Sofia likely fell in love with her adorable son several times daily. Sofia implied double meaning to her response when she replied, "What can I say? I am a sucker, and when I fall, I fall hard."

Harmony explained that she'd been summoned by a friend in need of support. Before Harmony left, she told the Winterses that they were lucky to be a close-knit family. Sofia seemed hurt when Neil focused his eyes on Harmony as she walked away. Later, Sofia noticed that Neil seemed distracted. Sofia told Neil that she'd noticed the look in his eyes when Harmony walked away. Fighting back tears, Sofia asked Neil if he had feelings for Harmony, and she begged him to be honest with his response. Neil paused before admitting that he did. Sofia sobbed softly.

Tucker sought solace at Gloworm's bar after Ashley didn't answer his phone calls. Tucker ordered the bartender to "keep the drinks coming" after he checked his phone and discovered that he had no missed calls from his wife. Harmony stopped by the club after helping her friend. Tucker, inebriated, approached Harmony. Tucker told Harmony that Ashley was in New York and had been ignoring his calls.

Slurring his words, Tucker told Harmony that he'd made changes in his life to be the person others expected him to be, but it didn't seem to matter because the universe didn't care. Tucker admitted to Harmony that he missed his wife. Harmony suggested that Tucker had had enough to drink. Harmony explained that she'd just helped a recovering addict on the verge of using a crack pipe. Tucker commended Harmony's noble efforts. Harmony insisted on driving Tucker home. Harmony supported an unsteady Tucker as they walked out of Gloworm. She said, "Like old times, huh?"

After Harmony helped Tucker into his condo, he checked his phone and cried that Ashley still hadn't phoned him or even sent him a text message stating that he "should get lost." Harmony replied, "She's in New York. She's probably asleep, Mick." Harmony advised Tucker to sober up before phoning Ashley. Tucker insisted that he loved Ashley, but he admitted he wasn't comfortable with having to disclose details of his past or report every single move he made.

Harmony told Tucker that a spouse expected honesty. Tucker cried that honesty didn't assure a lasting relationship. Harmony served Tucker some water and assured him that his outlook would improve the following day. Tucker noted Harmony's sad expression and said, "Oh, Candy Cane, I don't like to see you so sad."

Tucker embraced Harmony and began kissing her. She tried to break away and said, "Come on, Mick, you're drunk." Tucker groped Harmony, and she stopped resisting his advances. Tucker made love to Harmony in his and Ashley's bed. Ashley returned home unexpectedly. Harmony gasped when she saw Ashley. Tucker, shocked, said, "Oh, God!" Ashley glared at the couple in her bed.

Nick quickly rushed Phyllis to the hospital after she told him she was spotting. Nick assured Phyllis that everything would be all right. Phyllis said, "We'll get through it. We have to be realistic because maybe I was never pregnant at all." Phyllis apologized for dragging Nick into her emotional crisis. Nick tried to calm Phyllis and said that she was claiming her pregnancy was over because she was scared. Nick begged Phyllis to trust him, and he assured her that everything would be fine. Tears welled in Phyllis' eyes.

Phyllis, convinced that she was no longer pregnant, warned Nick that they'd have to face the news the doctor would soon deliver. Nick said that no matter what, they would be all right. When the doctor entered the room, Phyllis asked, "Am I losing the baby?" The doctor reminded Phyllis that spotting during the first trimester wasn't uncommon. The doctor reported that Phyllis' tests results indicated that her pregnancy was progressing normally. Nick smiled. Phyllis seemed somewhat relieved.

The doctor announced that he'd ordered an ultrasound, so Phyllis could hear the baby's heartbeat and be assured that she was indeed pregnant. Phyllis and Nick beamed with joy when the doctor explained that the fetus was currently the size of a blueberry. After the doctor left, Nick joyfully announced, "It's a blueberry!" Phyllis, elated, added, "It's a healthy blueberry!" The couple kissed.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nikki walked into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and was glad to see Kay was already there. Nikki admitted that she'd been feeling down, and Kay sympathized with Nikki about her relationship with Jack falling apart because of Kyle's interference. Kay realized that Nikki was not over Victor. Nikki wished that she could find a way to get over her feelings for Victor, but she just wasn't wise enough for that. Kay didn't know how to advise Nikki anymore because they'd been over her feelings for Victor time and time again. Kay declared that Victor would never change. Nikki believed Kay, but she explained that she was unable to resist Victor.

At the Newman Enterprises office, Victor accepted Sharon's invitation to have a drink, but he asked her to be alone with him. Victor wanted to take Sharon to the ranch. Later, when Sharon and Victor arrived at the ranch, Sharon was surprised that the room was prepared for a romantic night. Victor said he'd done it for Sharon. Victor explained that it was the kind of world he'd wanted to share with Sharon when he was in prison.

Sharon wondered how Victor had done all the preparation when she'd been the one to ask him out. Victor said he'd arranged everything with a call, including for Faith to be cared for. Victor said that Sharon had all the time in the world to spend with him. Victor gave Sharon a silk scarf as a gift, then offered her a glass of champagne. Victor explained that it was a very rare vintage and extremely special. Sharon loved it, and they toasted to enjoying the special occasion.

Abby and Devon sat on the couch in front of the television to watch music videos from his competitors. Abby handed him a big bowl of popcorn. Devon admired Abby's recipe and said he was having fun. When Abby asked about Roxy, Devon mentioned that she had gone out of town on business. Abby was ready to begin playing the music videos, and Devon noted how grateful he was to Tucker for the surgery that had restored Devon's hearing.

At the mansion, Cane and Lily delivered a shopping bag filled with goodbye gifts for Jill. Cane said he had included photos of the twins for Jill and treats for Philip that he couldn't find in Sydney. Jill asked Cane and Lily to visit Sydney while she was there with Philip. Cane and Lily said they'd like that, especially since they could show the kids where Cane had been raised. Cane kissed Jill on the cheek and said that he loved her. Jill asked them to care for the twins while she was away.

Neil confessed to Sofia that he had feelings for Harmony. Neil apologized and said he hadn't acted on his feelings except for one kiss. Sofia was crushed. Neil explained that he was grateful that Sofia had broached the subject of their relationship, and he wanted to be honest with Sofia. Neil reminded Sofia that their marriage had been based on creating a family home for Moses. Neil said they'd never been in love.

Sofia informed Neil that she had been in love with Neil since before they made Moses. Neil was completely unaware. Sofia couldn't understand how Neil could say that, because they'd slept together as a couple, raised Moses together, and were in each other's lives each day. Sofia asked if Neil had meant any of the words of their marriage vows, and he assured Sofia that he'd never cheated on her. Sofia ran out.

Mrs. Martinez said goodbye to Jack before leaving the house for the evening. Jack assumed that Ashley was still in the pool house, but Ashley was actually at her apartment. Ashley opened the door to the master bedroom and saw Tucker in bed with Harmony. Tucker apologized and called for Ashley to stay and let him explain, but Ashley ran away. Harmony was filled with regret, hating herself for what she'd done with Tucker. As Harmony was near tears, Tucker dressed quickly and went after his wife.

Ashley arrived at Abby's and was distraught over what had happened with Tucker. Devon realized something was wrong and left the house. Ashley said that Abby had been right about Tucker all along. Ashley explained that she'd returned from New York and was spending the night at Jack's, but then she had gone to the apartment to see Tucker. When she got there, Ashley had found Tucker in bed with Harmony.

Abby was stunned, especially because Harmony was Devon's mother. Abby said Ashley had done the right thing by walking out on Tucker. Ashley felt that Tucker had betrayed her. Abby said that Tucker was a rat. Ashley apologized to Abby for having trusted Tucker when Abby had always been suspicious of him. Abby said that Devon would be devastated when he heard what his father had done. Ashley had no idea what she would do next.

Tucker burst into Jack's house, looking for Ashley. Jack told Tucker that he had a lot of nerve showing up. Tucker assumed that Jack knew that Ashley had found him in bed with Harmony. Jack asked Tucker to explain himself. Tucker told Jack that Ashley had shown up unexpectedly and then had run out.

Jack said all he knew was that Ashley had been upset about Tucker's play for Beauty of Nature and his past with Genevieve. Tucker admitted that he had gotten drunk and wound up in bed with Harmony. Tucker was guilt-ridden, but Jack didn't want to hear about Tucker. Jack said that he was disgusted with Tucker for cheating on Ashley.

Devon passed Sofia as she ran out of the coffeehouse. When Devon asked Neil why Sofia was so upset, Neil admitted that he didn't love Sofia the way a husband should love his wife. Devon sensed that Neil was uncomfortable, but Neil wanted to confide in his son. Neil explained that he and Sofia had only gotten married for Moses' sake, but then Neil had developed feelings for another woman. Neil told Devon that he'd just told Sofia the truth about his feelings, and that was why she was upset.

Lily and Cane appeared, and Devon asked them to stay for coffee. After Lily and Cane left, Neil thanked Devon for not mentioning anything about Sofia to them. Neil said he had to tell Devon something important, before he heard it from anyone else. Devon's jaw dropped when Neil revealed that the woman he cared for was Harmony.

Back home with Moses, Sofia received a call from Tucker. Tucker was very upset and said he was looking for Ashley. Sofia asked what was going on, and Tucker admitted that Ashley had discovered Tucker in bed with Harmony. Sofia was stunned. Tucker explained that he'd made a horrible mistake and wrecked his marriage. Later, alone with Moses, Sofia was hopeful that Neil would come to his senses and remain loyal to them.

Harmony walked into the A.A. meeting and said she needed to testify. Harmony said that she'd done something horrible, even though she hadn't been high or drunk. Nikki and Kay listened as Harmony said she'd succumbed to her need for something by hooking up with a past lover, a married man. Harmony revealed that the man's wife had walked in on them, and Harmony felt responsible for the pain in the woman's eyes. Harmony wished she'd gone to a meeting instead of doing the damage she'd done. After she left, Nikki and Kay discussed what Harmony had said. Nikki agreed that she needed to put her past to rest.

Harmony returned to the mansion and traded barbs with Jill. When Kay appeared, Jill left the room. Kay assumed that Harmony had had a rough night. Harmony wanted to go to sleep, but Kay wanted to know if Harmony had been with Neil. Harmony assured Kay it had not been Neil. Kay realized suddenly that Harmony had been with her son, Tucker. Kay said that Harmony's actions had been extremely destructive, and Kay wanted Harmony to leave the mansion.

Tucker arrived at Abby's and wanted to speak with Ashley. Abby said that Ashley had left. Tucker said that he'd made a horrible, drunken mistake, and he couldn't forgive himself. Tucker reminded Abby that he had forgiven her when she made a drunken mistake. Tucker asked Abby how he could fix things. Abby said that Tucker's actions had devastated Ashley, and he could not get Ashley back.

Ashley arrived at Jack's, and he told her about Tucker's visit. Jack tried to comfort Ashley and gave her a stiff drink. Ashley said she'd decided to go home to Tucker to fight for their marriage. Jack told Ashley that she was not an idiot to believe in Tucker, that he'd been the idiot to cheat on her. Jack said that Tucker had never deserved Ashley.

Nikki went to the ranch and assumed the romantic set-up in the living room was for her, that Kay had called Victor to say Nikki was on her way there. Victor told Nikki that she needed to leave. Nikki was shocked that Victor was entertaining another woman. When Sharon entered the room and said hello to Nikki, Nikki was mortified and demanded to know why Sharon was there.

Victor defended his decision to be with Sharon. Nikki assumed that Sharon had been lashing out at her by being with Victor. Victor told Nikki to run back to Jack. Sharon was ready to leave, and Victor said he'd had a great time. Sharon kissed him goodbye.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

While walking through the park, Cane ran into Genevieve. She thanked Cane for what he'd done with the SEC agents. Cane said he'd had nothing to share with the SEC agents about her finances. Genevieve was aware that Cane had found evidence to use against Colin when the government had approached him, so she appreciated that he hadn't volunteered to do the same to her. Cane was concerned about his mother's future, especially in light of her relationship with Jack being over. Cane advised Genevieve to sell Beauty of Nature and get a new start. When Cane said goodbye, Genevieve kissed him on the cheek and thanked him again.

Ricky thanked Paul for meeting him on his birthday. Paul said that he was concerned about his son. Ricky explained that he needed his father's help because he had nobody else to turn to. Ricky showed Paul a note from Isabella, his mother, which indicated how insane she still was. Ricky was afraid that he'd inherited his mother's insanity.

Ricky admitted that he'd hurt people, but he claimed he was going to find help to overcome his issues and start over. Ricky mentioned that he had crossed swords with Phyllis, and he wanted to know how to avoid ticking her off. Ricky asked Paul to tell him about Phyllis' background, especially the Phyllis-Daniel history. Paul realized that Ricky wanted him to dig up dirt on Phyllis. Paul declared that he wanted nothing to do with Ricky's latest scheme. Paul walked out, and Ricky was furious.

At the Newman ranch, Kyle and Eden sneaked downstairs from his room. When Bonnie, the maid, approached to speak with Kyle, Eden hid out of sight. Later, Kyle and Eden were at the coffeehouse, and Kyle said Eden's language skills turned him on. On the patio, Chloe took Delia for her visit with Billy. Chloe mentioned that Delia was wearing a party dress because she had a party later in the day. Chloe warned Billy to make sure that Chloe stayed clean.

As Billy was leaving, he saw Kyle at the counter and picked up that his nephew was still on a date from the night before. Kyle told Billy he wasn't serious about women. Eden overheard Kyle, and after Billy left, Eden told Kyle that she'd been burned by a "friends with benefits" relationship and she wasn't interested in Kyle.

Avery went to the penthouse, and Phyllis said she had news to share. Phyllis showed her sister the engagement ring. Avery was stunned to learn that Phyllis was also pregnant. Avery congratulated Phyllis and assumed that Nick was ecstatic about the news. Avery's phone rang, and she said she had to leave. Phyllis asked Avery to keep her pregnancy secret for the time being. After Avery left, Phyllis called Daniel and got his voicemail. Phyllis told Daniel to return the call.

In the D.A.'s office, Walsh informed Lauren and Michael that he wasn't satisfied with the plea arrangement for Lauren. Walsh wanted Lauren to do prison time, and he had witnesses to back up his case. Jill appeared, and Walsh said that Jill could be a witness against Lauren. Jill refused to testify against her sister. Lauren wondered why Walsh was out to get her, and Michael declared that Walsh blamed Michael for being unable to make a case against Nikki in Diane's murder.

Avery arrived to help Michael with Lauren's case. Lauren was against dealing with Avery, but Michael defended her. Avery said that she wanted to make amends for having freed Daisy. Lauren reluctantly agreed to let Avery try to get Walsh to change his position. Jill was ready to cancel her trip to Sydney so she could be there for Lauren, but Lauren told Jill she needed to be with Philip. Lauren and Jill shared a teary goodbye.

In Walsh's office, Avery convinced the D.A. that Lauren had been Daisy's victim, and if the state worked with Daisy to punish Lauren, they'd be compounding the original crime against Lauren. Avery also reminded Walsh that he needed to worry about his reelection. Walsh was stubborn, but accepted Avery's offer when she added community service to Lauren's punishment. Lauren was overjoyed and thanked Avery. Michael enthusiastically hugged Avery.

Daniel went to see Daisy and said he'd been thinking about their situation with Lucy. Daniel told Daisy that he wanted to marry her and make a home for Lucy. Daisy assumed that Avery or Phyllis had put Daniel up to it. Daniel claimed that he respected Daisy as a good mother. Daniel said he wanted to have a real marriage with Daisy. She didn't believe him and asked him to leave. Before he departed, Daniel kissed Daisy passionately. Daisy responded and they moved to the bed.

Later, after Daniel and Daisy had made love, Daniel apologized for having mistreated her. Daisy was all for starting over. Daniel said he had to leave for a while, but wanted to see Lucy first. Daisy woke Lucy from her nap, and as Daniel held the baby, his true feelings showed. When Daisy said that was how it should be, Daniel acted like he agreed with her. Daisy wanted to start making plans for their future. Daniel said that he'd be back in an hour. Daisy hugged Daniel before he left.

Billy went to see Phyllis at the penthouse. When Billy noticed a pregnancy magazine, Phyllis confirmed that she was having a baby again. Billy was surprised, but pleased for Phyllis. When Billy mentioned that Ricky had filed for unemployment, Phyllis suggested that they let Ricky drift out of their lives. At Jimmy's, Eden ran into Ricky and realized that he was very upset. Ricky explained that he'd faked a letter from his mother as part of a scam, but it hadn't worked. Ricky angrily told Eden that he was determined to take Phyllis down.

Phyllis was happy to see Daniel at the door. Phyllis told her son that she had news, then told him of her engagement to Nick and her being pregnant. Daniel was surprised but happy for her news. Daniel mentioned that he had just seen Lucy, and he had news, too. Daniel explained that he had asked Daisy to marry him.

Genevieve was still in the park when Jill approached and reminded Genevieve she'd asked Genevieve to stay away from Cane. Genevieve told Jill that her relationship with Cane was none of Jill's business. Genevieve criticized Jill for the way she'd raised Billy. Jill slapped Genevieve in the face for that comment. Genevieve warned Jill that she'd made a big mistake. Jill said that she wasn't afraid of Genevieve. They continued trading insults, then Jill reached for a pile of dirt and flung it at Genevieve. Soon they were both throwing mud at each other.

Billy and Cane entered the park and pulled Genevieve and Jill out of the mud. Cane took Genevieve away, while Billy took care of Jill. Billy looked over and saw that Delia was playing in the mud. Chloe arrived to take Delia to the party. When she saw her daughter covered in mud, Chloe freaked out. Billy was sorry, but Chloe told him that she had a change of clothes in the car for Delia.

Jill admitted that Genevieve had been right about the fact that Jill hadn't been a great mother to Billy. Billy defended Jill from Genevieve's criticism and said that he knew that Jill loved him. Billy urged her to hug him, muddy clothes and all.

At the coffeehouse, Genevieve looked awful after the mud fight, but tried to maintain her dignity. Cane was amused and suggested that his mother try to stay out of trouble. After he left, Genevieve received a call from Colin and learned that her ex-husband had been released from prison, thanks to Genevieve. Colin told Genevieve that he was somewhere very lovely, but he wouldn't say where.

At Crimson Lights, Paul said hello to Avery. Paul asked Avery a few questions about Ricky, since she'd work with him. Paul wanted to know what kind of man Ricky had become. Avery said that Ricky was smart, but Paul really wondered about Ricky's ethics. Avery reluctantly admitted that in her opinion, Ricky was amoral.

At Gloworm, Lauren and Michael toasted to his success in getting her charges reduced. Daisy walked into the restaurant with the stroller. Michael confronted Daisy and asked her to leave. Daisy said she didn't want to fight with them anymore. Daisy even wanted to register at Fenmore's. Lauren asked what for, and Daisy responded that it was for her wedding.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

In Gloworm, Daisy told Michael and Lauren that she had just gotten engaged to Daniel and showed them both her ring. The Baldwins laughed at the sight and said that they didn't believe her. Daisy told Lauren that she would be returning to Fenmore's to register because she wanted wedding gifts from the boutique. Daisy claimed that she wanted to make peace with Lauren and Michael.

After Daisy walked away, Kevin approached and wondered why Lauren and Michael had been speaking with Daisy. Lauren said she didn't believe Daisy was really engaged to Daniel. Kevin was stunned, and Michael felt that Daisy was still trying to provoke Lauren. Kevin wondered if Daniel might be marrying Daisy to protect Lucy. Kevin called Daniel and left a message for him to call back right away. Later, Kevin confronted Daniel at Jimmy's and asked if he was really marrying Daisy. Kevin texted Lauren and Michael that it was true that Daniel was engaged to Daisy.

Nick waited for Phyllis in Crimson Lights, then called her cell phone to find out why she was late for lunch. At the penthouse, Daniel told Phyllis that for Lucy's sake, he was going to marry Daisy. Phyllis objected, but Daniel refused to listen to her; his mind was made up. Phyllis asked Daniel to reconsider his decision, but Daniel felt there was no solution to the problem. He had to protect Lucy, and marrying Daisy seemed to be the only sure way to do that.

Daniel explained to his mother that he needed to live in the apartment with Daisy to make sure that Lucy was safe. Phyllis said the custody case could be reopened in a few months, but Daniel didn't want to trust the courts any longer. Daniel said he finally understood what Phyllis had been trying to teach him about the love a parent had for their child. Phyllis begged Daniel not to go through with the wedding. Daniel said he had to leave.

At Jimmy's, Eden was horrified by Ricky's threats to hurt Phyllis. Ricky said that he was entitled to hate Phyllis for the way she'd treated him. Eden was afraid of Ricky and wondered if he knew what he was saying. Ricky laughed and pretended that he was just kidding about killing Phyllis. Eden didn't think it was funny and she asked Ricky to move out of the apartment immediately.

Ricky demanded a reason for his eviction, and Eden said she had a friend from California who needed a place to stay. Eden added that she preferred a female roommate. Ricky couldn't believe that Eden wanted him out by the end of the day, but Eden said she did. Ricky reluctantly agreed, but he was angry.

Ricky went to see Daisy and said that he needed a friend. Ricky told Daisy that since Eden had thrown him out of the apartment, he needed to crash on Daisy's couch. Daisy conceded that she owed Ricky for helping her get custody of Lucy, but Daisy couldn't let Ricky stay because Daniel had proposed to her. Ricky laughed and suggested that Daisy was being scammed. Ricky pointed out that Daniel hated Daisy. Still in the afterglow of having made love with Daniel, Daisy said that Daniel cared about her. Ricky warned her that Daniel would be angling for a way to get sole custody of Lucy.

Speaking with Paul at the coffeehouse, Avery reiterated her comment that Ricky was amoral. Paul was not surprised and admitted that he'd tangled with Ricky. Paul said that Ricky was a user and seemed to be out to get Phyllis. Paul believed that Ricky would do anything to get ahead. Paul asked for Avery's help and asked why she'd hired him as a research assistant.

Avery explained that Ricky's résumé had been impressive, and she hadn't even needed a recommendation before she gave him a position. Avery thought Ricky had been an invaluable asset to her because he could read jurors. Paul was surprised when Avery revealed that Ricky's ex-girlfriend, someone he'd dated for over a year, had killed herself when they broke up. Paul assumed Ricky had been devastated by the incident, but Avery said that Ricky had simply thrown himself into work.

Paul confessed to Avery that he'd been a lousy father to Ricky. Avery knew about Isabella being mentally ill. Paul said that Isabella's parents had raised Ricky. Paul was curious about Ricky's dead girlfriend, so Avery showed Paul a newspaper article online. Paul felt bad that Ricky had gone through that ordeal without Paul's support. Paul commented that the girl had been lovely. Avery and Ricky looked at the girlfriend's MyFace page, and Paul said he'd investigate the person who had posted so many tributes to the girl. Paul hoped that she might tell him more about Ricky.

Eden found Michael and Lauren at Gloworm and told them about the incident with Ricky at Jimmy's. Eden thought that Ricky was demented, and she explained that she'd asked him to move out. Michael had concerns about Ricky's demeanor, too, and told Eden not to return to the apartment until Michael made sure that Ricky had moved out. Lauren and Michael told Eden that Daniel had plans for Daisy. At Jimmy's, Kevin found Daniel and asked why he was marrying Daisy. Daniel assumed that Kevin was going to try to talk him out of it, but Kevin understood marrying a woman for the wrong reason. Daniel asked Kevin to do him a favor.

Lauren urged Michael to make up with Phyllis because she'd need his friendship. Daniel returned to Daisy's apartment and wondered why Ricky was there. Ricky congratulated Daniel on the wedding. Daniel warned Daisy not to trust Ricky. Daniel asked Daisy to elope immediately. Daisy said that she had imagined a big wedding with all the trimmings, but Daniel said that he'd already made arrangements for a fast wedding, assuming Daisy wanted that.

Daniel said that Kevin was waiting in the car, and there was a justice of the peace on standby. Daisy agreed and went to change. Daniel knelt beside Lucy's playpen and gazed at his daughter. At the justice of the peace's office, Daisy and Daniel exchanged vows. They both said, "I do," and were declared husband and wife. After the ceremony, instead of kissing Daisy, Daniel took Lucy in his arms and kissed his daughter.

Nick went to see Phyllis, and she told him about Daniel's plan to marry Daisy. Phyllis was dumbfounded and didn't know what to do. Phyllis said her son's life was crumbling before her eyes, and she had to stop the wedding. Nick offered to speak with Daniel for Phyllis, but suggested that Phyllis would ultimately have to respect Daniel's decision to look after his child.

Michael went to see Phyllis and told them that Lauren had been given probation rather than jail time. Michael asked Phyllis if they could kiss and make up, and she obliged. Michael informed Phyllis that Ricky was out to get her. Phyllis was more concerned about Daniel marrying Daisy. Nick felt that Daisy was determined to torment all of them.

Michael was relieved that he and Phyllis were friends again. Phyllis and Nick broke the news to Michael about their getting married and having a baby. Michael thought it was a miracle baby. Phyllis allowed Michael to tell Lauren, but nobody else. Michael told then not to worry about Daniel too much.

Eden was worried about Daniel hooking up with Daisy. Lauren thought it was a dangerous development, and she was afraid for Daniel. Michael returned to Gloworm and said everything was fine with him and Phyllis again. Eden was concerned about Ricky's anger issues. Michael said that they all needed to have each other's backs.

Ricky was drinking at Jimmy's as he researched Phyllis' marriage to Danny Romalotti. At the penthouse, Nick said that he knew that Phyllis was still upset about Daniel, but he hoped that she would calm down. Phyllis said she knew she could count on Nick, but she needed to reach someone else. Phyllis called Danny and asked him for his help with Daniel. Phyllis asked Danny to help her stop the wedding.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Jack met Sarge for a physical therapy session, and he admitted that he had to make up for a lot of lost time. Sarge counseled that motivation was a key factor, and Jack thought therapy would be a great distraction from his personal life. Jack vowed to focus on setting goals and making progress. Sarge told Jack that he was doing a good job in his session.

Nikki dropped by, and Jack invited her to stay to cheer him on. Nikki revealed that she had news about Sharon and Victor, and Jack guessed that they were together. Nikki wished she'd left town, so she wouldn't have stumbled upon their seduction scene. Jack hoped that Nikki would finally let go of Victor. Nikki recounted that Sharon had rejected Adam because she'd hoped to reunite with Nick, but when Nick remained with Phyllis, Victor had been too happy to oblige as Sharon's next target. Jack couldn't figure either Sharon or Victor out, but he thought they deserved one another.

After Nikki had left, Sarge pushed Jack through the rest of the session and noted that Jack had gotten wobbly since his last workout. Jack admitted that he was distracted, and Sarge urged him to put his energy into something he could control, like getting back on his feet. Sarge understood how personal problems could get in the way, and Jack scoffed at the idea that Sarge actually had a life outside his job. Sarge praised Jack for his hard work, and Jack joked that he might faint from the compliment. "Real men don't faint," Sarge quipped, and he walked off. Jack suddenly gasped and yelled for Sarge.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea mulled over Victor's offer. She asked Adam if he could really turn ten million dollars into 100 million, and he offered to steer her toward the right investments. She suggested that he leave town with her, but he didn't think that was the answer. He inquired where she'd want to be if cash weren't a factor, but she couldn't imagine having that much money. She tried to rationalize that Adam's family owed it to her, but Adam questioned whether she wanted freedom, or her life dictated to her by Victor, especially if it meant never seeing her baby again. She said that being bought off and pushed around was getting old, and she realized that she couldn't take the offer. She prepared to tell Victor the news, and Adam volunteered to accompany her.

Sharon arrived to see Victor after he'd sent her an urgent text message, and he declared that he wanted to make up for the prior evening. She pointed out that Nikki's tirade hadn't been his fault, but he suggested that they take his private jet to his favorite restaurant in Chicago. Sharon admitted that Nikki's reaction had made her rethink their relationship, and she had doubts about moving forward. Victor didn't want anyone to prevent Sharon from spending time with him.

Sharon was flattered, but she didn't see anything working out with Victor, because it would affect too many people. Sharon handed Victor the scarf he'd given her and declined his dinner invitation. He asked if she was afraid of getting flak, because he was a free man who did what he wanted, and he believed that she knew how to make choices that were good for her. He put the scarf around her neck and asked her to keep it, and he extended an open invitation for her to join him on the plane in a few hours.

Victor answered the door to Adam and Chelsea, and he invited them in. Sharon prepared to leave, and Victor said he'd be at the Athletic Club, waiting for her decision. After Sharon departed, Victor said he had the check ready, but Chelsea announced that she wouldn't accept it. He questioned her decision to give up ten million dollars, and she took Adam's arm and said she had her reasons.

Victor assumed that Adam had put Chelsea up to turning down his offer, but Chelsea declared that she made her own decisions and was tired of being bought. Victor demanded that she stay away from Victoria and John, and Adam condemned him for ordering Chelsea around. Adam asked for a minute alone with Victor, and Chelsea stepped outside. Victor theorized that Adam had encouraged Chelsea to stay to get back at Victor for pursuing Sharon. Adam said that Victor could have Sharon, but he admonished Victor for not considering how it would affect Nick, and Victor's grandchildren. Victor warned Adam not to tell him how to deal with his family, and Adam stalked out.

Daisy presented Daniel with champagne at her apartment, but he declined. She gushed that they were celebrating their marriage and their first Mother's Day with Lucy. Daniel warned her not to wake Lucy, but Daisy said their daughter would sleep through a hurricane, and she cooed that they wouldn't be interrupted on their wedding night. Daisy poured the champagne, and she toasted to becoming Mr. and Mrs. Romalotti and to the start of a long, happy union as a family. Daniel suddenly chugged his champagne, then poured another glass.

Daniel refilled their glasses again, but Daisy amorously stated that she wanted more of him. He pretended that he heard Lucy cry, and Daisy left to check. He poured all of the remaining champagne into Daisy's glass, and Daisy reported that Lucy was sleeping. Daniel urged Daisy to finish the glass, and after she downed it, she drunkenly put the glasses down and pulled him onto the couch. She murmured that Lucy had made them the real family that she herself had never had, and she passed out on his shoulder. He gently situated her on the couch and covered her with a blanket, then grabbed his keys and left.

At Jimmy's, Kyle approached Eden, and she casually greeted him. He handed her a bracelet that she had left behind in his room, and he stated that he had been hoping to run into her. She explained that she was staying away from her apartment until her creepy roommate finished moving out. Kyle offered to buy her a beer and hear her out, and she tentatively agreed.

Eden asked if Kyle had seen Jack, but he declared that he had no plans to do so. She empathized that Mother's Day would be tough for Kyle, but he said it was no different than any other day. She revealed that every year, she made a card, even though her mom had been gone for years. She nervously called her tradition stupid, but he assured her that it wasn't. Two young women giddily approached Kyle and commented that they'd thought he was a cute guy they'd attended college with, and they retreated to the bar. Kyle told Eden he'd get another round, and she was dismayed when he made a beeline for the girls.

Kyle suggested that Eden and the two girls join him at Crimson Lights and then hit another bar. Eden half-heartedly told them to enjoy themselves, and the threesome left. Daniel entered and moved in to kiss Eden hello, but she pulled away and reminded him that he was about to get married. She hoped that he really didn't intend to marry Daisy, and he swore that he wasn't going to. Eden was relieved, and she pictured how his life with Daisy would be in a tiny apartment with one bed, but he didn't want to think about it. He suggested that they retreat to a private booth, where he pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Phyllis left a frantic message for Daniel to call her. Nick assured her that Daniel was smart and would think things through, but Phyllis believed that Daniel was convinced that the only way to be close to Lucy was to marry Daisy. Phyllis began to leave to find Daniel, but Nikki appeared in the doorway and asked to talk to Nick. Phyllis hurried off, and Nikki reported to Nick that she'd witnessed Sharon and Victor sharing a romantic nightcap the evening before.

Nick incredulously asked if Victor and Sharon had been on a date, and Nikki relayed that she'd believed that the soft music, candles, and champagne had been a surprise for her -- until Sharon had strutted in. Nick sympathized, and Nikki realized that he wasn't surprised. Nick disclosed that Victoria had spotted Victor and Sharon in an intimate conversation, but he was tired of worrying about Sharon, and he felt more pity for Sharon than anything else.

Daisy staggered over to answer a knock at the door. Phyllis burst in and demanded to know where Lucy was, and Daisy guessed that the tot was asleep. Phyllis asked to see Daniel, and Daisy assumed that he was in with Lucy. Daisy giggled that drinking too much had gotten in the way of their wedding night. Daisy announced that she and Daniel had just gotten married, so Phyllis was her mother-in-law.

Phyllis gasped in horror at the thought that Daniel and Daisy had eloped, but Daisy insisted that they both wanted a family for their baby. Phyllis blamed Daisy for making Daniel believe that marriage was the only way he could see Lucy. Daisy conceded that it would take time, but Daniel would realize it was what he wanted. Phyllis bellowed that Daniel didn't love or want Daisy, and he wasn't even there on their wedding night. Daisy began to wonder if the marriage was a sham, and she started to leave to find Daniel. Phyllis refused to let her drive, and she insisted that they get Lucy and search for Daniel together.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle quickly grew tired of the two ditzy girls' insipid jokes and lame stories about club-hopping. He declined their invitation to join them at a club, and he left to return to Jimmy's. Kyle, and then Daisy, entered Jimmy's and were stunned to see Daniel and Eden making out. Phyllis and Lucy followed closely behind.

Nick spotted Sharon at Crimson Lights, and she saw from his expression that he'd talked to Nikki. She expected a lecture, but Nick didn't want to get involved. Sharon insisted that she and Victor had only shared one drink, but Nick said that Victor always got what he wanted, and he hoped that she saw what was on the tracks before the train wreck happened.

Later, Sharon awkwardly greeted Adam and Chelsea at the coffeehouse. Sharon asked to speak with Adam alone, but he said that she could say whatever she needed to in front of Chelsea. Sharon wanted to explain about Victor, but Adam didn't want to know, though he thought it was messed up. Sharon began to defend herself, but he cut her off and wished her a nice evening, and he left with Chelsea.

Nick tracked down Victor at the Athletic Club gym, and Victor declared that he needed to talk to Nick. Nick assumed that it was about Sharon, and Victor wanted to explain things before the rumor mill got started. Nick vowed not to get involved, because he had enough on his plate with work, getting married, and a new baby. Victor was surprised that Nick and Phyllis were expecting.

Nick admitted that Phyllis was pregnant, but he clarified that it wasn't why they were getting married. He added that Victor didn't approve of Phyllis, which was why he hadn't shared the news earlier. Nick warned that Victor and Sharon's relationship affected more people than Victor realized, especially Nikki, but Nick surmised that Victor didn't care about what anyone else felt. After Nick left, Victor took out his aggression on the punching bag.

Nikki ran into Sharon at the Athletic Club and cattily asked if Sharon wanted Victor, or just to be Nikki. Nikki recalled the first time a starry-eyed Sharon had visited the Newman ranch, and she accused Sharon of wanting Nikki's lifestyle all along. Sharon insisted that she had loved Nick, and Nikki pointed out that Sharon had subsequently latched on to Adam and then Victor, but everyone eventually got tired of Sharon. Nikki taunted that a life with Victor would be a struggle, because Sharon might have his money, but she'd never measure up to Nikki. "You started on a pole and ended up in a bottle. Why in God's name would I want to emulate that?" Sharon confidently spat.

Nikki and Victor passed by one another in the Athletic Club foyer, and he asked if they were no longer on speaking terms. She pointed out that a month before, he had asked her to be part of his life, and he'd since moved on. He blamed their estrangement on the company Nikki kept, and she reminded him of his own affair with Genevieve. He retorted that it shouldn't matter to her who he was with, and Nikki contended that she was happy with the choice she'd made.

Over dinner at the Athletic Club, Chelsea couldn't believe that she had just turned down more cash than she would ever see in her lifetime, and she was a little freaked out by how she'd changed. Adam assured her that she wouldn't be destitute, and he said that she could build a nest egg with ten bucks instead of ten million, but it would take longer. She pondered what she should do next.

Across the room, Nikki agreed to celebrate Mother's Day with Nick and Phyllis. Sharon approached Victor at the bar, and Adam was clearly affected. Nikki snarled that Sharon had no shame, and Nick advised her to try not to care. A surprised Chelsea asked if Victor and Sharon were together, and Adam surmised that they were. Chelsea asked if he was okay, and he turned the topic to their dinner order. She suggested they go straight for dessert.

Sharon revealed that she'd stopped by to return the scarf and turn down Victor's dinner invitation, but she had instead decided that she could use some pleasant company. She admitted that she had been afraid of what people would think, but they thought it anyway. She draped the scarf around her neck and proclaimed, "Chicago, here we come!" Victor and Sharon headed out, while Adam chugged his drink and Nikki glowered.

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