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Milo Giambetti
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Actor History
Drew Cheetwood
March 14, 2006 to Present

Revealed to be 30 years old as of August 15, 2014

Other Names

Magic Milo (nickname earned during Connie Falconeri's bachelorette party)


Provides personal protection for Sonny Corinthos

Pizza deliveryman

Fitness director at Deception Spa

Former bodyguard for Sonny Corinthos

Personal trainer

Resides At

Johnson/Giambetti apartment, Port Charles, New York

Studio apartment 7E in Port Charles, New York

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages



Maximus "Magnus" Giambetti (father)

Max Giambetti (paternal half-brother)



Flings & Affairs

Lulu Spencer (crush/kissed)

Connie Falconeri (crush; kissed)

Sabrina Santiago (dated)

Epiphany Johnson (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Involved in various criminal activities while working for Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan

Health and Vitals

None known

Brief Character History

Milo Giambetti, the son of a notorious organized crime boss named Maximus Giambetti, followed his older brother Max Giambetti to Port Charles in March 2006 when Max made him aware of a potential job opportunity. Max was employed as a bodyguard for the coffee importer and mob boss Sonny Corinthos. Max convinced his boss to hire Milo.

Milo was a loyal soldier from the start, and he was close to his brother Max. Despite his easy, boyish ways and seeming naiveté, Milo was a ruthless killer when necessary. Sonny and Jason grew to rely heavily on the brothers, and over time, viewed each as a trusted member of the inner circle.

On October 8, 2008, Maximus paid his sons a visit. Milo referred to his father as "Magnus," and it was quickly clear that Max was the favored son. Milo bore Max no ill will, and he worked hard to please his father. It was also clear to all that Maximus was under the mistaken impression that Max was a mob boss. That belief was reinforced when Max introduced Diane Miller as his attorney rather than his girlfriend. Diane was not pleased, when Maximus took the liberty of slapping her on the her behind.

Things didn't get better when Jason entered his office and saw the trio. Max introduced Jason as his bodyguard, but Maximus was not impressed. Jason reluctantly played along, but he gave Max and Milo three days to humor their father before they had to get back to work because trouble had been brewing with the Russian mob.

Before heading home to Palermo, Maximus stopped by Sonny's to have a chat with the mob boss. Maximus had seen through the ruse, but he didn't want his sons to know. He offered Sonny some sage advice then asked him to keep his sons say. Sonny promised to do his best.

Early on in Milo's career as a bodyguard, he developed a crush on Lulu Spencer, but she only viewed him a sweet friend. Through the years, he compared all women to Lulu, and in 2013 he met nurse Sabrina Santiago. Milo was smitten. Before Milo could take Sabrina out on a proper date, Sabrina decided to pursue a relationship with someone else.

A few months later in April, Milo had a glimmer of hope that he might be able to finally sweep Lulu off of her feet. Lulu had suffered amnesia after a harrowing abduction, and she struggled to make sense of her life. Milo offered Lulu his friendship -- and his apartment -- during this time, and they shared a kiss. However, when Lulu regained her memory she returned home to her husband, Sonny's eldest son, Detective Dante Falconeri.

Milo had also developed a crush on Sonny's fiancée, Connie Falconeri. He wowed the women - and Connie - when he performed a striptease at Connie's bachelorette party, which had garnered the nickname "Magic Milo." He paid homage to the name by leading a group male nurses, doctors, and prominent citizens in a strip routine at the Nurses Ball for several years starting in 2013.

While participating in the Nurses Ball, Milo met Lucy Coe, and she offered him a position as the fitness director at her new spa. Milo resigned from Sonny's organization to take the position at the spa. He found time to perform at the Nurses Ball the following year where he developed a crush on another nurse. Milo knew that his father would not approve of his romantic choice, so he hesitated to act on his feelings until Sonny encouraged him to follow his heart. Milo asked his crush -- Epiphany Johnson -- on a date. Epiphany happily accepted because she adored Milo.

In time, Milo and Epiphany fell in love, and they moved in together. Milo periodically moonlighted helping Sonny out, while trying different careers, but Milo had returned to working for Sonny full time by 2017. When Sonny's father, Mike Corbin, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Milo confided to Sonny that Milo's mother had also battled the disease.

Milo was on hand in May 2019 when Kristina became involved with a cult. After Jason extracted Kristina from the Dawn of Day house, he took her to a safe house where Sonny waited with a psychiatrist to help deprogram her. Milo was her guard, and he spent hours keeping her entertained with boardgames. Kristina appreciated Milo's kindness.

Milo also helped Sam McCall when she infiltrated the DOD house. He posed as a potential member interested in joining the organization. Milo stalled the cult leader, while Sam slipped away to search the file room for the pledge that Kristina had offered to join the cult's upper echelon.

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