General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 11, 2014 on GH

Jason emerged from stasis. Levi and his accomplice kidnapped Maxie and Lulu. Mac was shot. Nikolas invited Britt to spend the night at Wyndemere. Lucas made a confession to Brad. Milo asked Epiphany out on a date.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 11, 2014 on GH
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Emma talked to Robin by way of a webcam. Patrick entered the room, and Emma offered for him to say hello to Robin. Just then, his phone rang, and he left the room to take the call from Sam.

Emma asked Robin if Patrick and Robin were still getting divorced and wondered if they'd ever be together again. Robin confirmed the divorce but promised that she would see Emma again. She told Emma that, although Patrick and Robin could no longer be married, they would always be Emma's family. Just then, Victor entered Robin's lab, so Robin cut the call short.

Patrick told Sam that he was sorry they hadn't found any answers about Nina at the clinic. She vowed to prove that Nina had eavesdropped on Sam's conversation with Silas and then told the reporters about it. Just then, there was a knock on Sam's door, and she said goodbye to Patrick. She was surprised to open the door to Silas.

Silas said that he was at Sam's to discuss what Molly had told him the night before. He enlightened a confused Sam that Molly had remembered her conversation with Rafe from right before the accident. She'd remembered Rafe saying that someone had told him to run Patrick's car off the road. They wondered who could possibly want to hurt Patrick, Sabrina, Emma, and an unborn baby. Silas revealed that Molly had asked that question, but they'd crashed before Rafe had been able to answer. Sam wanted to tell Patrick.

Silas was sure that someone had already told Patrick, but Sam confessed that Patrick had been out of town with her the night before. She explained that she'd needed his "medical expertise" while out "sleuthing." Sam left to call Patrick while Silas stared at a picture of Sam, Jason, and Danny on the mantel.

Patrick returned and asked Emma if she was ready for camp, but Emma was crying and looking at a picture of her, Robin, and Patrick. She wondered why he and Robin had "stopped loving each other." Patrick explained that adults sometimes got angry with each other, but neither he nor Robin was angry with Emma.

Emma told Patrick that she'd missed him the day before and wondered where he'd been. He answered that he'd been helping Sam with "adult stuff." He apologized for not being there and for the divorce. He insisted that Emma would always be number one in his and Robin's lives. As he was about to leave to take Emma to camp, his phone rang.

A few minutes later, Silas was on the phone with Nina when Sam returned. When Silas hung up, Sam informed him that Patrick was dropping by after he dropped Emma off at camp. Silas needed to go to the hospital but asked Sam to tell him if she found anything out. Silas wondered who Rafe had gotten himself mixed up with. Sam suggested that whoever had put Rafe up to running Patrick's car off the road had offered Rafe enough money to pay off his drug dealer. Silas chastised himself for not seeing that Rafe had been in trouble.

There was a knock on Sam's door, and she let Patrick in. A few minutes later, she and Silas had explained everything to Patrick. He wondered who would want to hurt him and why Rafe had been chosen to make the hit. Silas apologized for not keeping a better eye on Rafe, but Patrick knew that "he didn't kill my son any more than I killed your nephew." Silas told Sam to keep him updated, and he left.

Sam tried to comfort Patrick, but he was skeptical that anything was going to be all right. She hugged Patrick and assured him that Anna would find out what had happened. Patrick reminded her that she'd been the one to find out about Silas' car and Rafe. She credited the police report. Patrick pleadingly asked her to find out who had put Rafe up to running Patrick's car off the road.

Victor wondered why Patrick hadn't said hello to Robin on the webcam. She explained that he'd gotten a call. "Probably from his divorce attorney. Thanks for that," she added. Victor told her that she was just diverting blame and that she shouldn't have told Patrick anything in the first place. He wanted her to focus on Jason, or he'd "arrange another mishap." He called Gabriel "collateral damage."

Victor continued that Robin needed a breakthrough soon, but she revealed that she'd had one the night before. He accused her of bluffing, but she explained that she'd stayed up working all night after seeing Patrick. She wanted to get the job over with before she "lost everything." Victor wanted to try the new protocol, but Robin objected. She told him that, since Jason was "too far gone" and she'd been so unsuccessful at reviving him, she wanted to try the new drug on Helena or Stavros.

Victor told Robin that Jason was there in order to be the guinea pig, so the drug would be experimented on him first. She pleaded with Victor for one more day to adjust the formula, but he refused. Two guards held Robin back as Victor held a syringe filled with the drug. "If Jason dies, it's on you," he told her as he walked toward Jason with the syringe.

A man named Paul, a photographer, entered the police station with ice on his head, complaining of a robbery at his house. He told Nathan that someone had knocked him out and stolen an Aztec necklace, which was apparently worth "a ridiculous amount of money." Nathan knew that Felicia was the only one who could have a piece like that, and he wondered how Paul had obtained the necklace. He explained that Felicia had traded it to Paul in exchange for his camera, which had contained pictures of a fight between Lucy and Bobbie from the Nurses Ball.

Paul was angry that Felicia had obviously sent someone to get the necklace. Nathan replied that Felicia wouldn't do that, but "I know someone who would." He wondered if Paul could identify the attacker and showed the man a picture of Levi from the wedding announcement in the newspaper. Paul admitted that he'd been hit from behind, so he had no idea. Nathan gave Paul his card and advised him to call if he remembered anything else. Nathan left to question Levi.

Levi entered the Haunted Star, holding the Aztec necklace. "What are you doing?" Felicia asked when she saw him. He stuffed the necklace in his pocket and told her that he'd been practicing his vows. She wondered why he wasn't ready for the wedding. He answered that he'd been meditating on the deck. He advised Felicia that time should be made for meditating every day, and he admired her earrings.

Dante and Lulu entered, and Lulu apologized for their lateness. Felicia told them that it had given her and Mac, who was with Maxie, some extra alone time with their daughter. Felicia suspected that Mac was "coming around" to the marriage. She wondered if Dante would help Levi get ready for the wedding. Dante looked suspiciously at Levi and reluctantly agreed. They walked off to get ready.

When Dante and Levi got to Levi's room, Dante reiterated that he didn't like Levi. Levi agreed and forgave Dante for his feelings. Levi wanted Dante to "take your negativity and go." Before he left, Dante warned Levi that if he did anything to hurt Maxie, "I'll give you so much negativity, there won't be anything left of you to bury in the outback." Levi closed and locked the door and admired the Aztec necklace that he took from his pocket.

Lulu asked Felicia if it was okay for her to go see Maxie. Felicia was sure that Mac was done talking, and Lulu left. Just then, Nathan appeared in the doorway. Felicia demanded to know why Nathan was there because she believed that seeing him would upset Maxie. Nathan insisted that he wasn't there to bother Maxie, only to speak with Levi. He inquired if she'd told Levi about trading her necklace to the photographer. She answered that she'd told Levi a few hours before, and Nathan ran off to find Levi.

Mac told Maxie that she needed to know something about Nathan. He informed Maxie that Nathan had admitted to having romantic feelings for Maxie but that Nathan hadn't wanted Maxie to know. She demanded to know why he was telling her. Mac explained that he wanted Maxie to know the truth about Nathan just in case it made any difference in her decision to marry Levi. He just wanted her to be happy and have no regrets. He liked Nathan and thought that Maxie did too.

Maxie broached the subject of Nathan calling Immigration, but Mac still believed that Nathan hadn't done it. He accused her of going out of her way to be angry at Nathan for things he hadn't done. Mac thought that Nathan was a good guy and that he wouldn't lie. Maxie responded that she was about to marry Levi, so Nathan would be out of her life for good. However, Mac offered to "take care of everything" if Maxie had second thoughts.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Lulu entered. Mac asked for another minute with Maxie, but Maxie insisted that she and Mac were done with their conversation. Maxie made sure that Mac would walk her down the aisle. "Of course," he said, and he left. Maxie updated Lulu on her conversation with Mac, and that he'd wanted to know if Nathan's feelings had changed her mind. Lulu wondered the same thing.

Felicia carried a heavy flower arrangement down the steps. Dante rushed in and helped her. He informed her that Levi was fine getting ready on his own. Felicia told him about Nathan rushing in to confront Levi about something. Mac entered, and Felicia told him about Nathan as well. Confused, she informed them that Nathan had asked about her Aztec necklace.

Nathan knocked on Levi's door. "What will it take to get rid of you?" Levi wondered, exasperated. Nathan demanded to know where Levi had been an hour before. He claimed to have been getting ready for the wedding. Nathan accused Levi of stealing the necklace, but Levi denied it. "You won't mind me looking around then," Nathan said, opening drawers.

Nathan picked up a pile of Levi's clothes, and the necklace fell to the floor. Levi insisted that he didn't know how the necklace had gotten there. He then proceeded to accuse Nathan of planting the necklace to frame Levi. He wondered if Nathan was going to arrest him. Nathan answered that he'd just found a necklace stolen from an assaulted man and said, "Yes." Levi wished Nathan hadn't found the necklace. He pulled out a gun and pointed it at Nathan.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

On the Haunted Star, Lulu was in Maxie's cabin to help the bride get ready for the wedding. Maxie confided that Mac had revealed that Nathan had romantic feelings for Maxie, hoping that it would change Maxie's mind about marrying Levi. Lulu wondered if Maxie could honestly say that it hadn't, so Maxie quickly denied having feelings for Nathan. Lulu wasn't satisfied because Maxie hadn't looked Lulu in the eye.

Maxie claimed that she had been distracted because she had a lot on her mind with her wedding, but Lulu argued that looking away was Maxie's tell when Maxie lied. Maxie tried to deflect, but Lulu demanded an answer. Determined to prove Lulu wrong, Maxie looked Lulu in the eye as Maxie assured her friend that she did not have feelings for "Levi." "Satisfied?" Maxie asked. Lulu admitted that she would have been if Maxie hadn't just told her that Maxie didn't have feelings for the man that Maxie intended to marry.

Startled, Maxie claimed that it had been a slip of the tongue, but Lulu suggested that it had been a Freudian slip. Maxie vehemently denied it because she loved Levi. She reminded Lulu that Levi had been the one to help Lulu forgive herself for being an "awful" person, but Lulu argued that Maxie had never been awful because Maxie had not acted out of malice by lying about Georgie. Lulu gently reminded Maxie that gratitude and love were two different things, but Maxie was adamant that she loved Levi and wanted to marry him. Maxie made it clear that Lulu wasn't obligated to stay if Lulu couldn't support Maxie, so Lulu let it drop.

In the ship's main room, Mac was pleased when Dante and Felicia revealed that Nathan had arrived because Mac assumed that Nathan wanted to talk to Maxie before the wedding. Felicia quickly clarified that Nathan had asked her a lot of questions about her Aztec jewels then had left to talk to Levi. Mac became suspicious because Levi had showed an interest in Aztec heritage, but Felicia resented Mac's suggestion that Aztec history was anything less than fascinating.

Felicia reminded Mac that Levi was about to become a part of their family, so she would be concerned if Levi hadn't shown an interest in her family's Aztec heritage. Dante decided to change the subject by offering to fetch Levi, since the wedding ceremony was expected to start soon. However, he only took a few steps when Lucy arrived like a whirlwind.

After greeting everyone, Lucy asked where the happy couple was because she was eager to officiate the wedding. Mac explained that Maxie was finishing getting ready with Lulu's help, so Felicia added that Dante had been about to fetch Levi. Lucy smiled because it would give the guest she had seen on the gangplank time to arrive, but Mac and Felicia frowned because all the guests had arrived.

Moments later, Agent Jeffrey Scribner walked in. Lucy smiled until Agent Scribner revealed that he was with Immigration and there to make certain that the wedding wasn't a fraud. Felicia and Lucy rushed to assure the agent that Maxie and Levi were marrying for love, so Mac added that Levi was Maxie's true love. Agent Scribner made it clear that he would determine that for himself prompting Felicia to excuse herself to fetch the bride.

Moments later, Felicia entered her daughter's cabin then smiled when she saw how beautiful Maxie looked. Felicia fussed over Maxie for a few minutes then let her daughter know that everyone was ready, including Agent Scribner, who had arrived unexpectedly. Maxie bristled because she resented everyone questioning her feelings for Levi, but Lulu assured Maxie that there wasn't anything to worry about because Maxie only had feelings for Levi.

In Levi's cabin, Nathan decided to place Levi under arrest for stealing the Aztec necklace that Nathan had found hidden in a pile of Levi's clothing. Levi turned the tables on Nathan by drawing a gun then pointing it at Nathan. Levi ordered Nathan to hand over the necklace, but Nathan refused. Levi smiled with malice as he made it clear that he wouldn't hesitate to hurt Nathan. Nathan noticed that Levi's Australian accent had vanished, confirming Nathan's suspicion that Levi was not who he had claimed to be.

Nathan realized that Levi had never cared about Maxie, but Levi was unfazed by the accusation as he coldly demanded that Nathan turn over the priceless necklace. Nathan started to hand the necklace over but at the last moment used the move to his advantage by knocking Levi backwards. The gun quickly fell out of Levi's hand as the two men traded violent punches. Eventually, Levi gained the upper hand when he managed to throw Nathan off the bed then pounced before Nathan could get up.

Later, Levi entered the main room but stopped short when he saw Agent Scribner. Agent Scribner informed Levi that he was there to make certain that Levi and Maxie weren't attempting to defraud the government. Dante noticed that Levi had been alone, so he asked where Nathan was. Levi admitted that Nathan had stopped by to ask him questions about Felicia's Aztec jewels but then had left. Dante's eyes narrowed as he wondered why Nathan had been asking about the Aztec jewels.

Dante knew Levi was lying when Levi claimed to have no idea then added that Nathan had been out of sorts. Dante knew better because Nathan was the steadier of the two partners, so Levi admitted that Nathan had stopped by to give Levi a hard time about marrying Maxie, but Levi had made his feelings for Maxie clear and then had asked Nathan to leave. Levi was spared from further questions when Lucy called Levi over to make sure his suit was perfect. Lucy checked Levi's tie then brushed lint off his tuxedo jacket but stopped when she noticed a drop of blood on his collar.

Levi smiled awkwardly as he blamed the drop of blood on a cut from shaving, but Dante remained suspicious as he watched Levi closely. Moments later, Felicia returned to announce that Maxie would be along shortly. Lulu suggested that they all take their places, so Levi joined Lucy at the altar. Felicia took the opportunity to welcome Levi to the family, while Mac warned Levi not to hurt Maxie.

Meanwhile, Nathan was bound and bloody on the floor of Levi's cabin as Maxie approached the door. Memories of meeting Nathan and the special moments they had shared since they had met flooded her mind until she straightened her shoulders then knocked on the door. Maxie explained that she wanted to talk to Levi about their relationship, but she soon realized that he had to be waiting in the main room to marry her since he hadn't opened the door. Inside, Nathan slowly regained consciousness as he heard Maxie, but she had walked away before he could call out to her.

In the main room, Felicia hugged Levi as she reminded him that they were about to become family, so what was theirs would soon be Levi's. "I'm counting on it," Levi muttered to himself as he returned Felicia's warm hug.

A short time later, the wedding began. Mac walked Maxie to the altar, where she took Levi's hand. Lucy began the ceremony as everyone watched, but Dante remained concerned about Nathan, so he quietly excused himself by explaining to Lulu that he had make a call to the police station.

Moments later, Dante stood outside Levi's cabin. Nathan called out when he heard his partner.

At Sam's penthouse, Patrick asked for Sam's help to find out who had targeted his family by having Rafe drive Patrick's car off the road. Sam readily agreed because she was also eager for answers. She pointed out that several families had been impacted by the tragedy and that the person responsible for putting Rafe behind the wheel of the car had ultimately played a role in Rafe's death. Patrick was deeply appreciative of everything Sam had done for him, so he thanked her for helping him find more answers about the crash.

Sam insisted it was the least she could do because Patrick had helped her a lot through the years, including when Danny had been diagnosed with cancer. She credited Patrick with helping get her through the nightmare, but Patrick felt that she had given him far too much credit. Sam reminded Patrick that he had also helped her move on from losing Jason by encouraging her to date Silas. However, Patrick questioned if his advice had hurt her more than it had helped

Sam assured Patrick that she didn't have any regrets about her relationship with Silas; she hated that things hadn't worked out but conceded that it had been good while it had lasted. Patrick was curious how she had been holding up since the breakup, so Sam admitted that it had been difficult because she had loved Silas enough to take off her wedding ring. Patrick and Sam continued to talk about what it had been like for each of them to move on from losing their spouses.

Sam admitted that she had never fully gotten closure because Jason's body had never been recovered. Patrick was surprised when she confided that a part of her had felt as if she'd betrayed Jason by giving up on him. Patrick appreciated that it had been difficult for Sam to let go because Jason and Sam had gone through a lot together and had fought hard to be together. Sam smiled wistfully as she confided that Jason hadn't liked her in the beginning, but he had always made her feel safe.

Patrick carefully asked if Sam thought that Jason might fight the odds and return to her, so Sam shook her head. "Not anymore," Sam admitted. She explained that she had made herself let go of Jason so she and Danny could move forward. Patrick reached for Sam then hugged her when he saw her expression cloud with sadness.

Later, Sam thanked Patrick for indulging her by listening to her talk about Jason. She realized that it was a sensitive topic because Patrick had never liked Jason. Patrick assured Sam that it was fine, so Sam admitted that Jason and Robin had shared a special bond. Patrick tensed as he quietly conceded that Robin would give her life for Jason. Sam immediately apologized for mentioning Robin because she knew that Patrick and Robin had been going through a rocky period in their marriage.

Sam was saddened when Patrick confessed that his marriage was over, so he rushed to assure her that he had made peace with his decision. Moments later, Patrick announced that he had to leave to pick up Emma, so Sam walked Patrick to the door. She promised to get to work on the investigation to find out who had orchestrated Patrick's crash, so Patrick invited Sam to call if she needed any help. After Patrick left, Sam glanced at a framed photograph of her and Jason with their son.

At the Crichton-Clark facility, two of Victor's henchmen held Robin in a firm grip as Victor approached the cryogenic chamber to inject Jason with Robin's latest drug protocol. Robin begged Victor not to use the drug on Jason because it was too potent, but Victor ignored her pleas because he refused to risk Helena and Stavros' lives by injecting either of his relatives with the experimental drug. Robin watched helplessly as Victor opened the pod then injected the drug into Jason's arm.

Initially, Robin was encouraged until the alarms on the monitors began to beep erratically. She fought to break free, but the henchmen kept her tightly restrained. Desperate, she begged Victor to let her help Jason, so Victor nodded to the henchmen to release her. Robin immediately grabbed the defibrillator to try to start Jason's heart. After several minutes, Victor decided that Jason was past saving, so he ordered the henchmen to turn off the machines. Distraught, Robin implored Victor to let her keep working on Jason, but Victor refused.

Victor marched over to the pod to drop the lid shut. As Victor reached for the lid, Jason's hand suddenly shot up to stop Victor from closing the lid. Startled, Victor and Robin stared at Jason's hand as it slowly lowered. Robin ran to the cryogenic chamber to quickly examine Jason. Victor was pleased when she confirmed that it appeared that Jason was emerging from stasis.

Later, Robin quietly urged Jason to rest. She promised that he would get better then vowed to take him home to Sam and Danny. Robin continued to offer Jason words of encouragement until Victor demanded to know if Jason would make a full recovery. Robin confessed that she didn't know because she would have to continue to monitor Jason's progress, but she was hopeful because Jason's vital signs had steadily improved. Victor was pleased, so he decided that Robin's services were no longer needed.

Robin was shocked when Victor's henchmen suddenly grabbed her to drag her out of the lab. She quickly reminded Victor that he still needed her because Jason had received the only vial of the drug protocol, but Victor was confident that his team of doctors could replicate the drug protocol from Robin's notes. She was stunned when Victor explained that he intended to tap into Jason's potential because Jason had been extremely gifted in a highly specialized field. Robin argued that Victor had promised that she could return Jason to Sam and Danny, but Victor clarified that he had only agreed to allow Robin to save Jason's life. Victor smugly pointed out that he had kept his promise because Jason was alive.

Robin was furious that Victor had double-crossed her, but Victor was unapologetic. The henchmen started to take Robin away, so she yelled out to Jason, begging her friend not to listen to Victor. "When are you going to learn? Never trust a Cassadine," Victor said with a smirk. After Robin's shouting faded, Victor turned his attention to Jason to let Jason know that it was time to "rise and shine" because Jason's new life awaited. Moments later, Jason's hands appeared from the depths of the pod as he reached for the sides to pull himself up.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

At Kelly's, Olivia left a voicemail message for Lulu, explaining that she had received Lulu's message about Lulu's decision to begin hormone treatments the following day. Olivia was overjoyed at the prospect of a new grandchild, so she reminded Lulu to let her know if Lulu needed anything. Olivia smiled as she ended the call, but it quickly faded when Sonny walked up. Sonny turned on the charm as greeted Olivia then asked if they could talk. Olivia reluctantly agreed, so Sonny confessed that he was happy that Olivia and Ned were dating.

Sonny conceded that he and Ned had rarely seen eye-to-eye on things, but Sonny acknowledged that Ned was a better man than some. Olivia quickly interjected that she had lied. She revealed that she had kissed Ned at the hospital to make Sonny jealous because she had hoped that it would make her feel better. Sonny was curious if it had, but Olivia shook her head as she admitted that she still cared about him. Surprised, Sonny wondered if that meant that there was still hope for him and Olivia.

Olivia explained that she and Sonny would never have worked as a couple because they each wanted different things out of life. Olivia confessed that their relationship had been doomed from the start because she wouldn't have been able to continue to turn a blind eye to the things that Sonny did. She admitted that she was glad that they had ended before they had grown to hate each other, so Sonny promised Olivia that he had never meant to hurt her. Olivia's expression clouded with sadness as she suggested that it was time for both her and Sonny to move on. However, she asked that Sonny not do it with Ava

Sonny assured Olivia that she need not worry about that, so Olivia suggested that he find someone who understood him and could be a part of his world. Sonny regretted that he hadn't done right by Olivia in the beginning because his family had always been his first priority. Olivia confessed that she loved that about Sonny, but she couldn't deal with the violence that had always surrounded him. However, she was hopeful that she and Sonny could be friends again one day because he would always hold a special place in her heart. After a brief hug, Olivia wished Sonny well then added that he needed to find someone who could take the good with the bad and appreciate Sonny for who he was.

At Carly's house, Carly was asleep on the sofa, dreaming about her encounter with Sonny when he had kissed her in front of the hospital. She woke up with a start as Lucas entered the living room. Lucas assumed he had startled his sister, so he quickly apologized for giving her a fright. Carly assured him that she was fine prompting Lucas to smile knowingly as he accused her of having a naughty dream. Carly immediately denied it, but Lucas didn't believe her because he recognized the signs of a steamy dream.

Carly tensed when Lucas assured her that she need not be ashamed unless she hadn't been dreaming about Franco, so she quickly changed the subject by asking Lucas about Felix and Brad. She admitted that she was concerned because Felix was her friend whom she didn't want to see get hurt. Carly was relieved when Lucas assured her that he didn't have any plans to break Felix's heart because she assumed that it meant that Lucas would not be getting back with Brad. Lucas pointed out that he hadn't said that, so Carly argued that he couldn't be with both men.

"What if I could?" Lucas asked. Shocked, Carly wondered if he were suggesting having a "ménage a trois" with Felix and Brad. Lucas grinned as he reminded her that it was okay to say "three-way," but Carly flatly refused. Lucas was surprised by Carly's embarrassment because she'd had a reputation of being wild in her younger days. Carly conceded that she had once slept with a stranger she had picked up in a bar while she had been dating a married man but she was adamant that she had never been intimate with two men at the same time.

Lucas explained that the idea of dating two men was appealing because he had recently been hurt and wasn't ready to jump into another relationship. He added that both Felix and Brad were consenting adults and had seemed fine with the idea, so Carly relaxed because she was a firm believer that people should do what they wanted. However, she asked Lucas to promise her three things: she didn't want to hear the details, she expected Lucas to be safe, and under no circumstances was he to do anything under her roof. Lucas grinned as he readily agreed.

Later, Carly stared at her book, Don't Die Wondering, as her thoughts drifted back to her encounter with Sonny at the hospital when he had told her that their kiss had felt wrong, which had always meant right for them. She glanced down when her phone chimed as a text message was received. It was from Franco confessing that he was glad that they only had eyes for each other because he was not interested in sharing her with anyone.

At the hospital, Franco burst into the locker room, asking where the towels were. Felix was surprised when he saw Franco covered in a rainbow of paint colors, so Franco explained that the psychiatric ward had sent some patients to him for art therapy. According to Franco, one of the patients hadn't reacted well to painting still life, so Liesl had sent Franco to the locker room to rinse off. Felix cringed because Franco was on a first name basis with "Dr. O." Franco defended Liesl because she had given him a job, but Felix warned Franco to be careful because Liesl might try to steal a kidney.

Franco changed the subject by unbuttoning his shirt as he playfully asked if Felix would be interested in giving him a sponge bath, but Felix was not amused. He pointed Franco to the towels, so Franco pretended to be disappointed because he had appreciated how Felix had handled a loofah during Franco's recovery in the hospital. After Franco ducked behind a corner to grab a towel, a freshly showered Brad walked up.

Felix and Brad exchanged awkward greetings before Brad quickly excused himself to finish getting ready for his shift. Franco had watched the exchange, so he waited until Brad had left before asking Felix about the encounter. Felix assured Franco that it hadn't been a big deal. Felix conceded that he and Brad had dated briefly, but it hadn't ended well.

Franco admitted that he was concerned because Felix had been spending time with Carly's brother, Lucas. Felix claimed that he and Lucas were just friends, but Franco knew it wasn't true because he had seen Felix and Lucas cuddling on the couch, watching back-to-back episodes of The Golden Girls. Felix insisted that he had slept on the sofa that night, but Franco warned Felix not to sneak around on Lucas.

Resigned, Felix filled Franco in about Lucas and Brad's history then told him about Lucas' proposition. Felix confessed that there had been a moment after the shock had worn off that it hadn't seemed out of the realm of possibility. "Oh, a three-way," Franco realized with a wide grin. "Up top," Franco invited as he held his hand up for Felix to slap. Felix ignored the invitation as he clarified that nothing had happened.

Franco promised he had an open mind, but Felix doubted that Franco had ever been involved in a ménage a trois. Franco admitted that he had never slept with two men, but in the city at a loft, he had met a girl named Ally who'd had a redheaded friend. Franco explained that it had been the mid 90s, so he couldn't remember the redhead's name, but he had convinced both women to help him wind down. Felix lifted his chin as he informed Franco that he was old-fashioned, so Franco wondered how that had been working for Felix.

Felix wondered if Franco would be okay sharing Carly with another man, so Franco conceded that it would destroy them if the other ever touched another person. However, Franco thought that it might do Felix some good to step outside of his comfort zone. Felix admitted that it no longer mattered because the moment had passed.

At the nurses' station, Britt noticed that a nurse had set down a file with Lulu's name on it. She waited until the nurse had left before carefully picking up the file to read it. However, she was forced to quickly put it back when Nikolas called out to her as he approached the desk. Britt smiled then asked how Spencer was doing. Nikolas assured her that Spencer was still grounded and being closely watched by both Alfred and the chauffer, Ross. After they chatted about Spencer for a few minutes, Britt invited Nikolas to grab a bite to eat in the cafeteria.

Nikolas declined because he had plans for lunch. As if on cue, Elizabeth walked up to ask if Nikolas was ready. Nikolas surprised both ladies by inviting Britt to join him and Elizabeth for lunch at Kelly's. Elizabeth pretended that it was fine, but Britt declined. However, Britt eagerly accepted when Nikolas offered to take her for coffee the following week to thank her for everything she had done during Spencer's disappearance.

Later, Britt left her mother a voicemail message demanding to know why Liesl hadn't kept Elizabeth loaded down with shifts as promised. After Britt ended the call, Brad asked why she was in a bad mood. Britt quickly filled him in about Nikolas and Elizabeth's date. Brad conceded that it had been a tough break that Britt hadn't been the one to find Spencer, but he thought it had to count for something that she had been by Nikolas' side throughout the ordeal.

Britt admitted that Nikolas had initiated a conversation with her, which hadn't happened in months. She also revealed that Nikolas had invited her to join him and Elizabeth for lunch, but Britt had declined because three was a crowd. Brad disagreed then opened up about Lucas' proposition to Brad and Felix. Britt was impressed that Brad had gone from not having any men to having two, so Brad revealed that despite being attracted to Felix, he shared a deeper connection with Lucas.

Brad admitted that the ménage a trois had been a means to ensure that Lucas and Felix did not end up together and leave him out in the cold. Brad pointed out that his options had been limited because Lucas didn't have a son that Brad could kidnap, but Britt argued that it hadn't done her any good either. Britt assured Brad that she supported whatever he decided, in part because she realized that she was to blame for Brad losing Lucas.

Brad insisted on owning his role in things because he had helped Britt steal Lulu's embryos and had helped Britt cover up the truth about the pregnancy. He suggested that if he wasn't ready to give up on Lucas then she shouldn't give up on Nikolas, but Britt made it clear that she refused to have a threesome with Nikolas and Elizabeth. Brad smiled as she assured her that it wouldn't be necessary, but she should keep fighting for Nikolas.

Later, Felix and Brad bumped into each other at the elevator. Felix tried to cut the tension by jokingly suggesting that they stop meeting like that. Moments later, the tension returned when the elevator doors opened. Lucas greeted both men then asked if they were both free for the evening.

At Kelly's, Nikolas and Elizabeth talked about Spencer. Nikolas admitted that if there was any justice in the world then Spencer would wind up with a child as spirited as Spencer. He couldn't believe that Spencer had been relaxing and having a good time at Carly's house while Nikolas had been alone at home, worried sick about his son. Elizabeth gently reminded Nikolas that he hadn't been alone because Britt had been at his side the entire tie.

Elizabeth questioned Nikolas about his feelings for Britt, so he confessed that things had been easier lately because Britt appeared to have made an effort to be a better person by getting Elizabeth's job back, organizing a search party to look for Spencer, and volunteering at Lila's Kids day camp. Elizabeth was curious if Nikolas wanted to work things out with Britt, so Nikolas admitted that Britt's past would always be between them regardless of how much Britt changed.

Nikolas confessed that a part of him would always question if Britt was scheming behind his back, but Elizabeth wasn't satisfied because she wanted to know if Nikolas would feel different if Britt had really changed. Nikolas warned Elizabeth that what if was a dangerous game to play because he could just as easily ask what might have happened if he and Elizabeth had ended up together when she had told him how she felt. Elizabeth admitted that it hadn't been her proudest moment when she had poured her heart out to Nikolas right before his engagement party.

Nikolas realized that it had been a symptom of his and Elizabeth's age-old issue of poor timing, so he understood why Elizabeth had decided to break the cycle by choosing Ric. He immediately apologized for mentioning Ric because he knew that Elizabeth was still mourning Ric's passing. However, Nikolas was grateful that she had set him straight because it had allowed them to preserve their friendship. Elizabeth agreed that she and Nikolas were good friends, but she insisted that things were not that simple for them.

Elizabeth revealed that she had told Nikolas that she had wanted off "the ride" because she had been afraid. Elizabeth started to explain why she had chosen Ric but stopped when she saw Britt enter the diner. Britt smiled brightly as she grabbed a chair to join them at the table. "Let's make this a threesome," Britt said as Elizabeth and Nikolas exchanged glances.

On the Haunted Star, Dante entered Levi's cabin. He was stunned when he saw Nathan beaten and bound on the floor, so he immediately tried to help his friend and partner. Nathan quickly filled Dante in on what he had discovered about Levi and the altercation then staggered to his feet to ask for a gun. Dante handed one to Nathan but insisted on calling the police station. Nathan argued that they had to stop the wedding before it was too late then left.

In the main room of the ship, Lucy officiated Maxie and Levi's wedding, while Mac, Felicia, Lulu, and Agent Scribner looked on. Everything went smoothly until Lucy asked if Maxie would take Levi as her husband. Maxie began to fidget as she recalled the special moments that she had shared with Nathan. Swamped by doubts, Maxie hesitated to say, "I do," which delighted Mac because he was hopeful that Maxie would make his day by not marrying Levi.

Lucy tried to salvage the situation by assuring Maxie that it was normal for a bride to be nervous, so she offered to repeat the question. However, repeating the question made things worse because Maxie confessed that she wasn't certain that she could go through with the wedding. Levi quickly pulled Maxie aside to remind her that he could be deported and sent to jail if they didn't get married. Maxie remained uncertain, so Levi switched tactics by promising to make Maxie the happiest woman in the world once they were married.

Maxie nodded then resumed her place in front of Lucy. Lucy quickly continued the wedding ceremony until Nathan suddenly barged in with his gun drawn. Maxie's annoyance turned to concern when she saw Nathan's bloody face, so Nathan revealed that Levi had attacked him because Nathan had discovered that Levi was a con man who was after Felicia's Aztec jewels. Nathan informed Levi that Levi was under arrest, but Levi pulled out his own gun then grabbed Maxie.

Maxie's shock turned to disbelief then anger when Levi threatened to shoot her if Nathan didn't drop the gun. Nathan refused, so Levi ordered Felicia to hand over the earrings. Felicia quickly complied, but Maxie was furious because Maxie realized that Nathan had been right about Levi. Maxie begged Nathan to shoot Levi, but Levi explained that Nathan wouldn't risk hurting her. Meanwhile, Dante hid out of sight as he looked for an opening to get a jump on Levi.

Moments later, Dante made his move, but things took an unexpected turn when Agent Scribner suddenly drew a weapon then grabbed Lulu as a hostage. Dante and Nathan immediately realized that Levi and Scribner were in cahoots.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Outside Kelly's, Sonny sat at a table, sipping coffee, as he thought about his encounter with Carly when he had told her that it was time for her to wake up and had kissed her. He pushed the memory aside when he saw Milo about to enter the diner, so he called out to his old friend. Sonny and Milo exchanged warm greetings before Sonny invited Milo to take a seat. Sonny was eager to hear how Milo had been, so Milo confessed that things hadn't been great because his dreams of opening a fitness spa had fallen through.

Milo revealed he had been reduced to sleeping on his brother's sofa after Milo had lost his apartment. He also admitted that he had been working two jobs just to keep his head above water, so Sonny offered Milo a job with the Corinthos organization. Milo declined because he wasn't really cut out for that kind of work nor was he ready to give up on his dreams. Sonny offered Milo some words of encouragement because he was confident that Milo would eventually succeed.

Milo thanked Sonny then confessed that as bad as things had been professionally, Milo's love life was ten times worse. Sonny refused to believe Milo because Milo was a great guy who likely had his pick of ladies. Milo smiled politely then explained that there was someone special. Sonny worried that Milo might still harbor feelings for Lulu, so he reminded Milo that Lulu was a married woman. Milo assured Sonny that he hadn't been referring to Lulu because Milo had realized that Lulu was not the one for him.

Milo explained that he was concerned about his father, Maximus Giambetti, because his father was old school and might not approve of Milo's choice. Sonny warned Milo not to let anyone get between Milo and what made him happy, but Milo insisted that it was more complicated than that. Sonny assured Milo that he knew what complicated was, so Milo confessed that he had heard about Sonny's breakup with Olivia and Ava's pregnancy. Sonny confided that it was far more complicated than that but didn't elaborate because he was determined to help Milo.

Sonny urged Milo to talk to the young lady to find out how she felt because Milo might discover that Maximus' approval might not matter. Milo agreed to think about it, but he was curious if the advice had ever worked for Sonny. Sonny seemed surprised by the question but was spared from having to respond when Milo received a text message. Milo revealed that one of his jobs was delivering pizza, so he had to leave because Carly thankfully ordered a pizza pie every day. Intrigued, Sonny asked Milo to wait because Sonny had a proposition for him.

At Carly's house, Carly thought about her kiss with Sonny in front of the hospital. She suddenly glanced at her phone when she received a text message. It was from Franco confessing that he was glad that they only had eyes for each other because he would not want to share her with anyone. Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Olivia.

Olivia noticed that Carly seemed disappointed, so she asked if Carly had been expecting someone else. Carly ignored the question but made it clear that she did not want to argue with Olivia about Sonny because Carly refused to evict her ex-husband. Olivia confessed that she was there to apologize because she realized that it had been wrong of her to expect Carly to toss Sonny out of the hotel. Olivia regretted her public outburst in the restaurant, so she promised to handle her problems with Sonny during her own time. Carly graciously accepted the apology because she had been in similar shoes a time or two.

Olivia admitted that things were better between her and Sonny because Sonny and Olivia had talked and worked things out. Surprised, Carly asked if Sonny and Olivia had gotten back together, so Olivia quickly clarified that she and Sonny were over for good, but they had cleared the air. "Good to know," Carly replied sounding almost relieved. Olivia noticed, so Olivia wondered when Carly intended to stop lying to herself about Carly's feelings for Sonny.

Carly immediately became defensive as she denied having romantic feelings for Sonny, but Olivia didn't believe her. Carly insisted she was dating Franco, but Olivia wasn't satisfied. Olivia reminded Carly of all the horrible things that Franco had done to Carly's loved ones then suggested that Carly had been drawn to Franco because he had been Carly's last link to Jason. Furious, Carly ordered Olivia to leave. "Truth hurts, honey," Olivia said as she left.

Moments later, Carly received a text message from Lucas letting his sister know that he would not be spending the night at home.

At the hospital, Liesl listened to Britt's voicemail message complaining that Liesl hadn't kept Elizabeth bogged down with shifts as promised. Liesl spotted Nina, so she quickly ended the call then approached her niece to introduce herself as Nina's "Tante Liesl." Liesl translated it to English as Aunt Liesl in case "Magda," hadn't taught Nina their "mother tongue." Nina admitted that she knew exactly who Liesl was then added that that Nina was an American, which meant that Nina's mother tongue was English. Liesl scoffed because English wasn't anyone's mother tongue, including the English, since Germanic was the origin of the English language.

Nina changed the subject by informing Liesl that Nina's mother's name was Madeline not Magda, so Liesl claimed that her sister had lost most of her humanity when Magda had become Madeline. Liesl admitted that she had been shocked and deeply disappointed by what her sister had done to Nina, but Nina countered that Liesl didn't have room to talk because Nina had researched Liesl on the Internet and knew about Liesl's numerous crimes.

Liesl conceded that she might not win the award for mother of the year, but she had never tried to poison her own progeny. Liesl insisted that her sister's crimes against Nina had been a depravity, but Liesl feared that the apple might not have fallen far from the tree. Nina was shocked that Liesl would accuse her of being a scheming liar like Madeline just minutes after meeting Nina for the first time, but Liesl rushed to assure Nina that it hadn't been an insult. Liesl explained that she knew that Nina had managed to skip several physical therapy sessions.

Nina argued that it wasn't any of Liesl's business, but Liesl disagreed because Liesl was in charge of the hospital, and Nina was her niece. Liesl wanted Nina to get better, so she demanded an explanation. Nina floundered for an answer until Franco walked up to take the blame. Liesl was pleasantly surprised when Franco explained that he knew Nina because Nina had been attending his art therapy classes.

Liesl assured Nina that Nina was fortunate have art therapy with Franco because he was a gifted artist. However, Liesl insisted that art therapy wasn't a replacement for physical therapy, so Liesl intended to take Nina to a session because Travis had a slot open. Franco offered to take Nina because he claimed that he had to talk to Travis about something. Liesl seemed reluctant to hand over Nina's care to Franco, but he managed to distract Liesl by promising her another painting. After Liesl left, Nina thanked Franco for his help. "That one is free," Franco warned her.

Later, Franco and Nina entered the elevator. As the doors closed, Lucas called out to request that the elevator door be held open for him, but Franco ignored Lucas. Franco confided that he didn't want to risk Lucas sharing Franco's private elevator business with Carly, prompting Nina to wonder if there was trouble at home. Franco denied it, but Nina sensed that he was lying, so she playfully tugged on his sleeve to get him to open up. She reminded Franco that she hadn't ratted him out to Carly, and he had just rescued her from Liesl's good intentions.

Franco and Nina were startled when the elevator suddenly lurched to a stop. Franco immediately began to press buttons in frustration, but he failed to get the elevator moving again. Nina offered to try, so Franco stepped aside, certain that she wouldn't have any more success than he'd had. Nina pressed the alarm then smiled with satisfaction when Liesl's voice suddenly drifted over the speaker. "Hello?" Liesl asked.

"You've got to be kidding me," Franco growled before he informed Liesl that he and Nina were stuck in the elevator. Liesl assured him that she was aware of the situation, but there was a problem.

At Carly's house, Carly set out a multitude of candles throughout the living room as her phone rang. It was Franco. Carly revealed that she had ordered a pizza and had planned a romantic evening for them, so she was eager to know when Franco would be home. Franco admitted that he had bad news then revealed that he was stuck in an elevator with Nina. "Hi, Carly," Nina called out.

Moments later, the doorbell rang, so Carly walked to the foyer as Franco explained that the part to fix the elevator was not expected to arrive until the following morning, so Carly would be alone for the evening. Carly's disappointment quickly turned to surprise when she opened the door and saw a smiling Sonny holding a box of pizza.

At the hospital, Lucas asked if Felix and Brad had plans for the evening. Felix and Brad wondered what Lucas had in mind, so Lucas flashed them a sexy smile. Brad was curious if Lucas wanted to watch The Golden Girls; "Knots Landing?" Felix suggested when Lucas didn't reply. Lucas confessed that he had been thinking more along the lines of Three's Company. Felix and Brad stammered nervously as they accepted the invitation.

Lucas explained that they couldn't go to Carly's house, so Felix revealed that his apartment wasn't an option because Sabrina was expected to return home the following morning. Brad admitted that his place wouldn't work either because Britt lived with him. Lucas suggested that they get a room at Metro Court, but Felix refused to risk Carly finding out what they were up to. Brad panicked when he realized that Lucas and Felix were about to bow out of the evening's plans, so he told both men to meet at his apartment in half an hour. Lucas was curious what Brad intended to do about Britt, but Brad assured Lucas that it wouldn't be a problem.

At Kelly's, Britt joined Nikolas and Elizabeth at their table. "Let's make this a threesome," Britt said as Nikolas and Elizabeth exchanged a long glance. "So to speak," Britt added with a big grin. Britt thanked Nikolas for inviting her then proceeded to monopolize his attention by claiming that she had unexpectedly discovered some cute pictures of Spencer on her phone. She showed Nikolas the pictures, careful to remind Nikolas of how close she was to Spencer, while excluding Elizabeth entirely from the conversation. Annoyed, Elizabeth reached for Britt's phone but accidently knocked over Britt's milkshake in the process.

Britt jumped up as the milkshake drenched her, so Nikolas reached for some napkins to hand to Britt. Britt angrily accused Elizabeth of intentionally knocking over the milkshake, but Nikolas defended Elizabeth by assuring Britt that it had been an accident. He turned to Elizabeth for confirmation, so Elizabeth sweetly replied that it had been as much of an accident as Britt finding adorable pictures of Spencer on the cell phone. Britt bristled when Nikolas conceded that Britt had been rubbing it in a bit about Spencer, so Elizabeth suggested that Britt get cleaned up before Britt became sticky and attracted fruit flies.

After Britt stomped off with a promise to return shortly, Nikolas fought back a smile as he accused Elizabeth of deliberately knocking over the milkshake. Elizabeth playfully feigned innocence then quickly sobered to request that Nikolas ditch Britt. Elizabeth explained that she wanted to continue their earlier conversation in private because she had something important to tell Nikolas. However, Liesl called to order Elizabeth back to work to cover Felix's shift.

Meanwhile, Britt received a call from Brad. He explained that he had plans with Lucas and Felix for the evening, so she couldn't spend the night at the apartment. Moments later, Britt returned to the table as Elizabeth prepared to leave. Britt pretended to be disappointed because she had hoped that she and Elizabeth could throw pies at each other. "Why throw pies when we have a kitchen full of knives?" Elizabeth asked with a smirk.

Nikolas quickly stepped in to keep things from escalating by promising Elizabeth that they would pick up their conversation later. After Elizabeth left, Britt received a text message from her mother that read, "You're welcome." Nikolas assumed that she had to leave, too, but Britt explained that Brad had asked her to stay away for the evening because Brad had plans. Britt claimed that she might have to get a room at the hotel, even though money was tight for her, because she couldn't stay with her brother, and her mother's place wasn't an option.

Nikolas invited Britt to stay at Wyndemere, but she claimed that she didn't want to intrude. Nikolas insisted, so Britt happily accepted.

At the nurses' station, Liesl approached Elizabeth to ask why Elizabeth's disposition seemed more sour than usual. Liesl was curious if she had perhaps pulled Elizabeth away from something important, but Elizabeth assured her that it could wait.

At Brad's apartment, Brad fluffed the pillows on his bed then ran to the door when he heard a knock. It was Lucas. Brad invited Lucas inside then asked where Felix was. Lucas assured Brad that Felix would arrive shortly.

At the hospital, Felix's frustration mounted as he waited for an elevator. He was relieved when the elevator doors finally opened, but he quickly tensed when he saw Milo exit. Milo smiled nervously as he stopped to greet Felix.

On the Haunted Star, Dante and Nathan realized that Levi and Scribner were in cahoots when Scribner grabbed Lulu as a hostage. Levi ordered Dante and Nathan to drop their guns, so both men complied. Levi smiled with satisfaction as he confirmed that Scribner was his accomplice. Maxie was furious that Levi had duped her, but Levi was unmoved as he explained that marrying Maxie had been the only way to flush out Felicia's Aztec ring and earrings.

Levi demanded that Maxie hand over the valuable ring. Maxie took it off then gave it to Levi as she tearfully reminded him that she had been ready to marry Levi to keep him from being deported. Levi and Scribner took pleasure in revealing how they had fooled Maxie into believing that Nathan had reported Levi to Immigration by having Scribner answer when Maxie had called the incriminating number on Nathan's phone. Levi was eager to make his escape, so he pulled Maxie toward the door.

Maxie apologized to everyone for dragging Levi into their lives, but Levi smugly reminded Maxie that she had loved every moment with him. Nathan's temper flared when Levi bragged about enjoying Maxie's charms in bed "often and with vigor." Nathan regretted that he hadn't shot Levi when Nathan had had the chance, but Levi merely grinned as he pointed out that it was too late.

Maxie reminded Levi and Scribner that they wouldn't get far on a boat because they were on a lake. Scribner argued that it was a big lake with ample opportunity to make good on their escape, but Maxie was confident that the police would capture Levi and Scribner before they could get away.

Everyone became alarmed when they realized that Levi and Scribner intended to take Maxie and Lulu with them, so Dante reminded both men that Maxie and Lulu were mothers who had children to go home to. "Maxie doesn't," Levi gloated. Lucy offered to take Maxie and Lulu's place, but Levi argued that Maxie and Lulu were far more valuable hostages than Lucy. Dante promised that they wouldn't pursue Levi and Scribner if the men released Maxie and Lulu, so Felicia added that technically the police didn't have any reason to arrest Levi and Scribner, since Felicia had given them the priceless jewels.

Scribner appeared to waver, but Levi refused to relinquish their prisoners. Angry, Mac ordered Levi to let Maxie and Lulu go, so Levi shot Mac. Everyone screamed as Mac stumbled backwards then collapsed. Maxie was distraught, but Levi was unmoved as he pointed out that he hadn't killed Mac. As Levi and Scribner dragged Maxie and Lulu away, Nathan vowed to find Maxie and make Levi pay.

Friday, August 15, 2014

At the hospital, Franco spoke to Carly on the phone. He regretted that he couldn't spend the evening with her because he was stuck in the elevator until the replacement part to fix the elevator arrived in the morning. Carly feared that it might be some kind of psychological experiment Liesl had orchestrated, but Franco assured her that she was wrong. After he ended the call, he handed the phone to Nina.

Nina called Silas to let him know that she was stuck at the hospital in a broken elevator. She tensed when Silas rushed to get off the phone, but her tone remained sweet as she assured Silas that she would see him in the morning. The moment Nina ended the call, she began to scream in frustration as she threw the phone against the wall then pounded her hands on the wheelchair's armrests. Startled, Franco tried to get her to calm down, but Nina was furious.

Nina explained that she had intended to get pregnant with Silas' child that very night, but Franco pointed out that she could try again the following evening. Nina argued that it wasn't that simple for her. She opened up about the loss of her child and how she woke up every day, thinking about her baby. Nina felt cheated because instead of raising her child with Silas, she had spent decades in a coma. Franco confessed that he empathized because he had spent years believing that Kiki was his child, only to discover that Silas was Kiki's father.

Nina assured Franco that Ava would get what she deserved then quickly added that the universe would find a way. "Or Sonny Corinthos," Franco quietly suggested. Intrigued, Nina was curious if Sonny intended to kill Ava, but Franco shook his head. He conceded that there was trouble between Sonny and Ava, but Sonny would never make a move against a pregnant woman. Nina was stunned by the news of Ava's pregnancy, so she asked who the father was.

Nina's shock turned to disgust when Franco revealed that the baby's paternity was uncertain because Ava had slept with both Sonny and Morgan. Nina made a cryptic remark about Sonny getting around, prompting Franco to demand that she clarify herself because he was tired of her intimating that something might be going on between Sonny and Carly. Nina refused to answer him, so Franco threatened to badger her relentlessly until she did. Realizing that it was a lost battle, Nina blurted out that she had seen Sonny and Carly kiss.

At Carly's place, Carly glared at Sonny as she wrapped up a phone call with Franco, assuring Franco that she loved him. After Carly ended the call, she demanded to know what Sonny was doing there. Sonny smiled charmingly as he pointed out that he was delivering a pizza. Carly appreciated that Sonny had been expanding his legitimate businesses, but she doubted that pizza delivery was one of his new ventures. Sonny confessed that he had bumped into Milo, so he had decided to personally drop off the pizza when Milo had mentioned that the delivery was for Carly.

Carly was curious if Sonny had deliberately tried to antagonize her boyfriend by showing up. "What boyfriend?" Sonny asked as he pointed out that Franco was not there. Thunder rumbled as lightning flashed, so Carly invited Sonny inside while she fetched money to pay him for the pizza. She insisted on including a tip, but Sonny confessed that he wanted to stay because he was starving. Carly told him to go to Pozzulo's, but Sonny didn't want to run out in the rain. He assured Carly that Franco would never have to know, so Carly agreed that Sonny could stay for dinner.

Later, Sonny poured wine as Carly told him about Olivia's visit. Sonny confirmed that he and Olivia had agreed to be friends and move on, so Carly warned Sonny that he could look elsewhere because Carly was with Franco. Sonny considered that a challenge, especially when he noticed the sparkle in Carly's eye, but Carly refused to play along because she insisted that their kiss had been wrong. "Wrong is right," Sonny argued.

Carly explained that wrong was not good for them because it had always gotten them into trouble and had caused them unbearable pain. Sonny observed that she hadn't looked like she had been in pain when he had kissed her, but Carly refused to succumb to Sonny's charms because he was not a good investment romantically. Undaunted, Sonny vowed to save Carly from herself.

At the hospital, Felix was curious what Milo was doing there. He became concerned when he noticed that Milo looked green around the gills, so Milo clarified that he was not sick. However, Milo explained that he needed to talk to Felix in private. Felix admitted that he had plans for the evening, but he sensed that it was urgent, so he led Milo to a nearby examination room.

In the examination room, Milo revealed that he had feelings for someone, but he had no idea what to do about it. Milo confessed that it was all he could think about, so he had talked to Sonny, hoping to figure things out. Felix was curious if Sonny had given Milo any advice, so Milo admitted that Sonny had urged Milo to be open and honest with the person that Milo had feelings for. Felix agreed that it was a good idea until Milo explained it was the reason behind Milo's visit.

Felix was surprised when Milo revealed that the person he was interested in was a nurse at the hospital. Hope flared to life as Felix carefully questioned Milo about the person. He grew increasingly confident as Milo confessed that his old-fashioned father, Maximus Giambetti, might not approve of Milo's choice because there was an age difference, and the object of Milo's affections was African American. Felix was curious how old Milo was, so Milo answered thirty.

"Not that much of a difference," Felix muttered under his breath, assuming that Milo had been talking about him. Milo confessed that there were some other differences that might pose a problem. Milo explained that he was into fitness while the person he cared about rarely if ever went to the gym. Felix became defensive as he explained that he had been busy, but Milo seemed confused. Felix suggested that they stop talking in circles, so Milo revealed that the person he had a crush on was Epiphany Johnson.

"What?" Felix squeaked in shock. Milo's face lit up as he gushed about what an incredible woman Epiphany was. Milo loved her take-charge personality, especially when she had destroyed Mr. Marbles during the Nurses Ball to spare the audience from having to suffer through Mac's act. According to Milo, it had been a huge turn-on to watch Epiphany in action. However, Milo was afraid to approach Epiphany to ask her out because he feared that she might not be interested in him. Felix promised that Milo didn't have anything to worry about.

Milo appeared relieved by his friend's assurance. Felix insisted that he was happy for Milo, but Milo appeared skeptical because he noticed that Felix looked sad. Milo wanted to help Felix, but Felix assured Milo that Milo already had. Felix explained that hearing Milo talk about Epiphany had made Felix realize that Felix wanted to find someone special too. However, Felix also realized that his desperation had made him consider doing things that weren't really him.

Milo was curious what Felix had been referring to, but Felix refused to elaborate. Instead, Felix encouraged Milo to find Epiphany then tell her exactly what Milo had told him. Milo thanked his friend then insisted that any guy would be lucky to find someone like Felix because Felix was an amazing friend.

At Brad's apartment, Lucas assured Brad that Felix would be along shortly. Lucas was confident that Felix was as eager to spend time with them as they were with Felix. Brad smiled nervously then offered to fix Lucas a drink, but Lucas declined because Lucas had picked up a six-pack of beer. Brad tried to break the tension by telling a joke. "What's the difference between a straight man and a gay man?" Brad asked. "A six-pack," Brad answered with a nervous chuckle.

Brad started to explain the joke, but Lucas assured him that it wasn't necessary because Lucas had gotten the slightly offensive punch line. Brad confessed that he had spent a lot of time chasing after straight guys he couldn't have, like Michael Corinthos and Nikolas Cassadine. Curious, Lucas wondered what had happened between Brad and Michael. Brad grinned until Lucas reminded Brad that Michael was Lucas' nephew. Brad quickly shifted gears to talk about Nikolas' tattoos and how Brad had once seen a shirtless Nikolas holding a baby.

Lucas wondered whose baby Nikolas had been holding, so Brad explained that it had been Britt's. Brad immediately regretted his answer when Lucas turned away. Lucas changed the subject by asking about Britt's feelings for Nikolas. Brad admitted that Britt still carried a torch for Nikolas, so Lucas revealed that he had heard from Felix that Elizabeth might give Britt a run for her money.

Brad suddenly realized that Felix hadn't arrived, so he wondered if Felix might have gotten cold feet. Lucas conceded that Felix had been nervous, but Lucas was more concerned about Brad's feelings about their evening plans. Brad seemed sad as he reminded Lucas that they had once shared a "pretty nice" twosome in the bed that they were about to share with Felix

Lucas took the opportunity to assure Brad that he had never hated Brad when the men began to talk about their failed relationship. Lucas also revealed that he had talked to Lulu about Brad and that his cousin had been able to forgive Brad in part because she had been reunited with Rocco. Brad confessed that he was afraid that Lucas was using him to get close to Felix, but Lucas revealed that he had chosen Brad the day that Lucas had caught Brad kissing Felix in the locker room.

Moments later, Felix called to let Brad know that he would not be joining Brad and Lucas because a ménage a trois was not for Felix. Brad feigned disappointment, but Felix was certain that Lucas and Brad wanted to be with each other, not Felix. After Brad ended the call, he filled Lucas in on what Felix had said. Lucas grabbed Brad for a steamy kiss then tumbled onto the bed with him.

At the nurses' station, Epiphany was surprised when she saw Elizabeth working. She became annoyed when Elizabeth explained that Liesl had called Elizabeth in for another shift. Epiphany was curious if Liesl had taken Elizabeth away from anything important, so Elizabeth told Epiphany about lunch with Nikolas and Britt's unexpected arrival. Epiphany was shocked that Britt believed that Nikolas might take Britt back after everything that had happened, but Elizabeth explained that Britt claimed she only wanted to be friends with Nikolas.

Elizabeth and Epiphany agreed that Britt had another agenda, but Epiphany was confident that Elizabeth would find a way to stop Britt from succeeding. Elizabeth admitted that she wouldn't wish Britt on her worst enemy. Epiphany reminded her friend that Elizabeth had stated that Britt was Elizabeth's worst enemy. "Then my second worst enemy," Elizabeth amended with a grin.

Epiphany admitted that she had never liked Britt, especially when Britt had tried to sink her claws into Patrick. Elizabeth agreed that Britt had proven that Britt would do whatever it took to get what she wanted, so Epiphany questioned Elizabeth about Elizabeth's feelings for Nikolas. Epiphany was certain that Elizabeth wanted Nikolas for herself. She was pleased when Elizabeth admitted that it was true.

Elizabeth explained that she and Nikolas were finally free to explore a relationship, so Epiphany ordered Elizabeth to hightail it over to Wyndemere and fight for Nikolas. Elizabeth refused because she didn't want to look desperate by chasing after Nikolas in the middle of the night, begging Nikolas to take her. "You said a mouthful there," Epiphany muttered.

Elizabeth sensed that she and Epiphany were no longer talking about Elizabeth and Nikolas. Epiphany refused to discuss it, but Elizabeth wanted to know who had captured Epiphany's interest. Epiphany argued that it didn't matter because the person she desired would never be interested in someone like her. Eventually, Elizabeth realized that Epiphany had been referring to Milo.

Epiphany insisted that it would never work because Milo was gorgeous, young, and built, while Epiphany wasn't any of those things. Elizabeth argued that Epiphany was a strong, beautiful woman who never took flak from anyone. Elizabeth was adamant that Milo would be lucky to have someone like Epiphany, so Epiphany thanked Elizabeth for the kind words. Elizabeth assured her friend that she had meant every word, but Epiphany insisted that she had her eyes open and feet firmly planted on the ground in regard to Milo.

Later, Epiphany assured Elizabeth that Nikolas would see through Britt's charms, so she urged Elizabeth not to give up on Nikolas because Elizabeth just might land Prince Charming after all. "Back at you," Elizabeth replied with a smile as she looked up in time to see Milo approach. Epiphany immediately became concerned when she saw Milo because she feared that he might be sick. Milo shocked Epiphany by revealing that he was there to ask her out to dinner.

"Do you mean like on a date?" Epiphany asked. Milo was afraid that she thought it was a terrible idea, but Epiphany rushed to assure him that she didn't then quickly agreed to go out with him.

At Wyndemere, Britt thanked Nikolas for letting her spend the night. Britt promised that it would only be one night, but Nikolas assured her that it was fine because he knew that Brad had kicked her out for the night to spend time alone with a date. "Actually, two," Britt confided. Shocked, Nikolas wondered if Britt were suggesting that Brad was engaged in the threesome. Britt was surprised that it seemed to bother Nikolas because the Cassadines had a reputation for keeping romantic liaisons within the family.

Britt tactfully changed the subject by mentioning Elizabeth's behavior at Kelly's. Britt feigned surprise that Elizabeth would resort to childish games by intentionally knocking over the milkshake, but Nikolas warned Britt not to go there, given Britt's own history. Offended, Britt offered to leave, but Nikolas assured her that it wasn't necessary. Moments later, Spencer ran into the room to enthusiastically greet Britt with a warm hug as he asked if Britt's visit meant that Britt and Nikolas were back together.

Britt gently explained that she was there for just one night because her roommate had company. Nikolas announced that he would have Alfred ready a room for Britt then agreed to allow Spencer time to visit with Britt. After Nikolas left to fetch Alfred, Spencer questioned Britt about how things were going with Nikolas. Britt explained that it would take time then added that it hadn't helped that Elizabeth had found Spencer.

Later, Nikolas returned to parlor and saw Britt and Spencer happily roasting marshmallows for s'mores. Spencer invited Nikolas to join them, so Nikolas agreed. A short time later, Spencer excused himself. Nikolas chuckled because he knew his spirited son had had an agenda. Britt smiled as she agreed. She noticed some marshmallow had smeared near Nikolas' lip, so she gently wiped it away then kissed him.

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