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Georgianna "Georgie" Jones
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Actor History
Alana and Marina Norwood
March 7, 1995 to 1995
Ryan and Caitlin Cohen
March 7, 1995 to 1995
Caroline and Elizabeth van Heil
Breck Bruns
1997 to 2002

Born March 7, 1995

Birthday revised to March 7, 1988, when she was aged to 13 in 2002

Strangled to death by the Text-Message Killer [December 17, 2007]


Waitress at Kelly's Diner

Student at PCU

Candy-striper at General Hospital


1020 North Yale, Port Charles, New York

Formerly room above Kelly's with Dillon

Marital Status

Single at the time of her death

Past Marriages

Dillon Quartermaine (2006; divorced)


Frisco Jones (father)

Felicia Cummings (mother)

Malcolm Scorpio (adoptive father)

Andrew Jones, Sr. (paternal grandfather)

Cindy Jones (paternal grandmother)

Peter Cummings (maternal grandfather)

Bertha Ramirez (maternal grandmother)

Mariah Cummings (great-grandmother)

Maria Ramirez (maternal great-grandmother)

Mariah Maximiliana Jones (sister)

Robert Scorpio (adoptive paternal uncle)

Anthony Jones (uncle; deceased)

Barbara Jean Jones (cousin; deceased)

Lucas Jones (cousin; via adoption)

Robin Scorpio (adoptive paternal first cousin)

Emma Grace Scorpio Drake (adoptive paternal second cousin)



Flings & Affairs

Lucas Jones (kissed)

Dillon Quartermaine (dating/lovers)

Guy Tucker (dated)

Travis/"Tom" (fake boyfriend)

Diego Alcazar (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Skipped school to watch movies with Dillon [May 2003]

Ran away with Dillon on Kyle Ratcliffe's stolen motorcycle [Jul 2003]

Attended an illegal auction; was present while Luke was auctioning off the Dead-Man's Hand [Oct 31, 2003]

Accused of making a false report to the police about finding a dead body (not guilty) [Apr 22, 2004]

Helped Skye hold Tracy 'hostage' at the Haunted Star [Apr 28, 2005]

Involved or indirectly involved in many of Luke Spencer's money-making plots [2005]

Health and Vitals

Suffered a near fatal fall and had surgery [Jun 2005]

Strangled to death by the Text-Message Killer [Dec 17, 2007]

Brief Character History

Georgie Jones was conceived when her father returned to Port Charles while Maxie was waiting for a heart donor. She was born in 1994 under a table at Luke's Club on opening night. She was kidnapped as an infant by Ryan Collins. She bounced back and forth with her sister between her grandmother's in Texas and Port Charles as a child. While their mother was constantly away, Maxie took care of her and tried to protect her when Felicia wanted back in their lives. When Mac and Felicia announce their engagement, Maxie and Georgie are excited about finally becoming a family with Mac. But they don't stay a family when Felicia runs off on another adventure and Mac decides to move the girls to Texas to live with their grandmother. When Felicia returns, she wants her girls back but Maxie won't let her near them. Georgie tells her mother that she thought her mom had forgotten that she loved her kids and left them. But since Georgie is younger, she is quicker to forgive her mother's constant absences. When Mac sues Felicia for divorce, he also sues her for custody of the girls. Eventually, he drops the custody suit. In an attempt to make up for lost time with her kids, Felicia takes them to Colorado for awhile. Mac joins them for a little while and the girls hope this means that Mac and Felicia will get back together again. But the pair finalizes their divorce in October 2000. Georgie adjusts quickly to the divorce, but her sister doesn't. When Felicia and Mac make a last attempt to reconcile, they share a kiss and the girls see this. Georgie asks if they're getting back together, but they say no. Mac moves out for good and the girls comfort their mother. Then the trio head to Texas for awhile.

When the girls return from Texas in the fall of 2002, they trade summer stories with their cousin Lucas. Their mother is now dating Roy DiLucca, who works for the newest mobster in town, Luiz Alcazar. Georgie isn't happy about this, but Maxie is alright with it. To make a point to Roy, Alcazar kidnaps Maxie and Georgie. Felicia rescues them but taking their place. After Felicia returns home to them, she stays with them constantly to protect them. Neither Georgie nor Maxie is happy about this. Georgie is especially cold to Roy since he's the reason that all of them are in danger.

Adolescence is not easy for Georgie. She's constantly in the shadow of her sister and her problems. She's also not happy that her good grades and tendency to study a lot means that boys don't notice her. She has a crush on Lucas and repeatedly tries to get him to notice her. But he's interested in Maxie and always tells Georgie that he only sees her as a friend. She's hurt each time, but bravely tries to cover it up. Georgie isn't happy when Maxie uses Lucas to go to a party to meet another guy. In an attempt to help Maxie, she tells Lucas that Maxie was only using him. But this only makes Maxie mad at her. Maxie eventually forgives Georgie, but when Maxie plans a party at home, she doesn't want Georgie around. So Georgie invents a guy, saying she met him on the Internet and that she's inviting him as her date. Maxie and Lucas don't believe her, so she goes to Kelly's to sulk. She panics when Lucas and Maxie show up later and ends up kissing the first guy she can find around her age. The guy turns out to be a new arrival to town: Dillon Quartermaine. After a suspicious Lucas and Maxie leave, Georgie explains to Dillon her reason for kissing him. She invites him to the party and they have a good time together. A romance between them begins to blossom, but not without some obstacles along the way.

Dillon gets Georgie out of school a few days later with a forged note. They go back to her house to watch movies, but Mac arrives home unexpectedly. Dillon is able to fast talk their way out of trouble. They start hanging out more and Dillon is obviously smitten. But Georgie is still hung up on Lucas. She convinces Dillon to practice kissing with her so she's ready when Lucas finally kisses her. Frustrated by Georgie's crush on Lucas, he tries to convince her that he isn't worth her effort. But Georgie doesn't listen. She ends up sharing a kiss with Lucas when he's upset at Maxie for going to Kyle's party and sleeping with Kyle. She's happy until Lucas tells her that the kiss was a mistake.

Georgie's hopes are raised again when Lucas asks her to the prom. She shakes off Dillon's warning that Lucas' first choice was Maxie and makes plans to sleep with Lucas after the prom. She tells Maxie about her plans and Maxie gets Dillon to help her stop Georgie from making a mistake. Maxie lures Lucas up to the room Georgie rented and kisses him just as Dillon brings Georgie up to catch them. Devastated, Georgie runs off. Dillon tries to comfort her, but she tells him to take a hike. Her hopes for Lucas are finally crushed when he tells her that although Dillon set it up for her to see him kissing Maxie, Lucas still only sees Georgie as a friend. Dillon tries to apologize, but she yells at him for ruining her life.

Georgie is at the police station arguing with Mac about the room she rented with his credit card when Dillon is brought in for mowing down parking meters with AJ's car. She tries to talk to him, but he blows her off. Mac then orders Georgie to stay away from Dillon. But by now, Georgie is starting to grow closer to Dillon. She tends to his wounds when he gets into a fight with Kyle and they share a kiss no long after. Dillon is nervous about it until she confesses to him that it meant a lot to her.

Under Mac's order, she gets a job as a waitress at Kelly's. After Mac catches them there together, he takes Dillon home and warns each of them to stay away from each other. Dillon decides he's had enough of Port Charles and his wacky family and wants to run away with Georgie. It takes a little persuasion but she finally agrees. But not before leaving a note for Mac with Maxie. They take off on Kyle's motorcycle that Dillon stole and check into a motel later that night. After talking all night with Dillon and thinking about the situation some more, Georgie tells him that she has to go back to Port Charles. But before they can go anywhere, Mac busts in and hauls Dillon off to jail. Pissed, Georgie yells at Maxie for betraying her and vows to keep seeing Dillon no matter what.

Dillon gets roped into working for Lorenzo Alcazar and gets knocked out on the job. Georgie takes him to the hospital and urges him to tell Mac about Alcazar. He does, but Mac only tells him to stay away from Georgie. But the mob life won't leave them alone. Dillon witnesses a shoot out, runs with a briefcase full of cash, hides out for the night in Georgie's room, and then winds up at Faith's hotel room with his shirt undone. After Dillon leaves the cash in her room, Georgie takes it to Courtney who promises to deliver it to Faith. But Georgie ends up running to Faith with the money when Courtney gets ambushed by Alcazar's men. When Georgie sees Dillon in Faith's room with his shirt undone, she jumps to the wrong conclusion. But Dillon assures her that nothing happened. While kissing and making up, they're interrupted by Maxie barging in on a drug high. While Georgie questions and argues with Maxie, Dillon takes off to find Kyle and the drugs that Maxie took. When Maxie threatens to tell Mac that Georgie had sex with Dillon in her room if she says anything about the drugs, Georgie lies that she really did have sex with Dillon.

Georgie and Dillon try to have a private romantic date at the Speakeasy when it's closed. But Maxie, Kyle, and friends crash their private party. Then some of Alcazar's men enter intent on torching the place. Dillon tries to impress the men by saying he works for Alcazar when Alcazar himself shows up and tells the men to leave. Georgie is impressed with Dillon's heroism. Georgie's impressed when Dillon decides to work for Ned at ELQ instead of continuing to pursue a career with Alcazar. She drops by on his first day to wish him luck and bring him cookies. But Georgie grows concerned when Dillon continues to express admiration for Alcazar's way of life and business strategies. She doesn't like it when Alcazar gives them money to go out before Dillon can get paid by ELQ.

Along with waitressing at Kelly's, Mac made Georgie and Maxie volunteer as candy-stripers at the hospital. Georgie teases Dillon about his romantic side after he gets Maxie and Georgie to help him give the newly-married Zander and his recovering bride Emily a make-shift gondola ride and a private Venetian honeymoon suite as a wedding present. Georgie and Dillon protect a hospitalized and temporarily blind Elizabeth when Faith comes calling. But Faith takes Dillon away at gunpoint and tries to force him to give her an alibi for Elizabeth's hit and run accident. She threatens to hurt Georgie if he doesn't comply. Reluctantly, he does. Georgie arrives with the cops at Faith's hideout and finds Dillon, once again, in a compromising position with Faith. Georgie tries to insist it can't be what it looks like, but she's not happy when Dillon won't contradict Faith's claim that they were together when Elizabeth was hit. When she asks Dillon why, he won't tell her. So she goes to Mac and tells him that Dillon was with her on the night in question. Panicked, Dillon takes Georgie to a remote barn to hide out from Faith. In the process of explaining things, Dillon confesses that he loves Georgie and she tells him the same. Not long after Dillon goes to get supplies, the barn owner comes in and threatens Georgie. Dillon agrees to work for Alcazar if Alcazar will help him get Faith to back off. Dillon returns to the barn in time and manages to convince the owner that Georgie is a fugitive and that Dillon is there to apprehend her. Then Faith shows up and torments them a little before revealing that the charges against her were dropped.

When Georgie realizes that spending time with Dillon is affecting her school work, Dillon says they should try to spend less time together. But it isn't long before they're constantly all over each other again. They decide they want to have sex and make plans to make it a perfect evening. Georgie rents a room and gets Maxie to help her get dressed up. But the night is filled with disasters, including Mac showing up for a heart to heart. Afterwards, Georgie decides they should wait. But after they nearly do it on the desk in Ned's office at ELQ, they draft a contract to wait six months before having sex and they both sign it. When AJ comes in, yells at Dillon and then makes a snide comment about Georgie, Dillon punches him and AJ fires Dillon.

Georgie and Dillon's involvement with Alcazar continues when they rescue him (and Carly) after he's nearly killed. They promise not to tell anyone what they saw. Georgie leaves while Dillon stays and talks with Lorenzo. Faith shows up and Lorenzo tells her to take Dillon home. Later, Faith comes on to Dillon and kisses him, which Georgie witnesses. Dillon tries to explain to Georgie that Lorenzo made Faith take him home and that nothing happened. He tells her that he loves only her.

When Alcazar's niece Sage came into town, he hired Dillon to be her babysitter. Dillon was forced to take Sage out of the country for her safety where Sage ended up getting Dillon thrown in prison. Georgie teamed up with Dillon's mother Tracy to stop Dillon from working for Alcazar. Tracy agreed to force Dillon to quit his job if Georgie broke up with Dillon. Of course Georgie was devastated, but happy that Dillon was safe. A heartbroken Dillon expressed his sadness by losing his virginity to Sage. Georgie walked in on them and they broke up for good. To make Dillon jealous, Georgie created a fake boyfriend and pretended she was in love with another guy. Dillon was upset but he continued to see Sage. Dillon, Sage, Georgie, and her fake boyfriend, Tom all got caught in the Port Charles Hotel fire where Georgie told Dillon the truth about her lies. They decided they still loved each other and they got back together.

Ned asked Dillon to work at L&B and assigned him to direct a video with an up and coming young talent named Ashley B. Dillon of course had his own ideas about what he wanted the video to look like, but Ashley insisted on putting her two cents in. Georgie did a good job of acting as the mediator. While working at L&B, Dillon began to hear a mysterious young woman singing with a beautiful voice. He told Georgie about the voice and they decided they wanted to use this girl to prove to Ned that Dillon had the ability to find talented people for the company. When they confronted Lynn, they found out she had run away from her overbearing stage mother and had no desire to capitalize on her talent. When Lynn's mother sent a private detective to find her daughter and bring her home, Dillon ended up escaping from him with Lynn. While hiding out with her, he found out she was actually his niece, Brooke Lynn. Dillon encouraged Brooke to come out of hiding and reconcile with her parents. Soon after, Dillon and Georgie encouraged Brooke to pursue her talents at L&B. Sage was also determined to have a recording career, and Georgie was upset to see her working closely with Dillon.

During a black out in the Quartermaine mansion, Georgie confronted Sage for going after Dillon and locked her in an abandoned Quartermaine freezer. Sage turned up dead, and Georgie was the number one suspect. Luckily, it soon came out that resident maniac Mary Bishop was actually responsible for Sage's murder, and Georgie was no longer a scrutinized for the crime. While Dillon and Georgie were both disturbed by Sage's death, they were able to move on with their relationship. After Michael Corinthos was kidnapped and presumed dead, both Georgie and Dillon were devastated. The event was another that made them realize that life is all too unpredictable, and they decided to finally consummate their relationship. Georgie and Dillon made love, and Georgie was thrilled to lose her virginity to the love of her life. Once Georgie realized that Dillon would be leaving for film school after graduation, she quickly became insecure that she'd lose him forever. Dillon also did not want to be far away from Georgie, and decided to attend school at Port Charles University instead.

The unthinkable happened when Georgie suffered a near fatal fall, and doctors explained that she could provide her sister Maxie, who had also been hospitalized, with a new heart. Dillon was terrified at the thought of losing Georgie, and was ecstatic when both she and her sister recovered. Georgie and Dillon soon helped Maxie cover up her involvement with undercover cop Jesse Beaudry, who was apparently framed for a crime he did not commit. Dillon had especially been there to console Georgie's parents who were extremely worried about Maxie's disappearance. Maxie returned safely and both she and Dillon prepared to start college in the fall.

Jesse warned Maxie to stay away from the Pizza Shack one night where he had a sting going down. That night, Maxie drank from a drugged drink and passed out. While Jesse tended to Maxie and questioned the kids, Brook Lynn stumbled back after having disappeared. Brook Lynn was taken to GH where it was determined she was drugged, but fortunately there were no signs of sexual assault. The person responsible for drugging Brook Lynn ended up sending her nude pictures of her that he'd taken. Soon after, Maxie received a call from the stalker who whispered that she owed him. Jesse investigated the case, and soon Dillon became the #1 suspect. Georgie stood by Dillon throughout, while some of his friends wondered if Dillon was in fact the person that had been drugging them.

Eventually Brook Lynn found nude pictures of herself in Diego's camera case and realized that he was the campus stalker. Diego secretly slipped a roofie into Brook Lynn's soda and took her to the Quartermaines' cellar, where he revealed how he had been exacting revenge for Sage's unhappy life and untimely death. When Lorenzo walked in on a tense encounter between his son and Brook, Diego confessed to being the campus stalker but tried to justify his actions to his appalled father. Lorenzo ordered Diego to turn himself in to the police. After being arrested, Diego managed to escape custody and Dillon was terrified when he took Georgie hostage. In the end though, Georgie convinced Diego to turn himself back into the police. Dillon, Maxie, Jesse and Brook Lynn decided to testify in court against Diego, but Georgie stubbornly continued to stand by him. At one point in their relationship, Dillon believed that Georgie's adoptive cousin Lucas was hitting on her. In order to ease Dillon's concerns, Lucas admitted to him that he was gay. Dillon and Georgie helped Lucas come to terms with his sexuality, and encouraged him to protect himself after he fell victim to a gay basher.

Soon after, a virus came to Port Charles and Dillon succumbed to the illness. While on his deathbed, Dillon and Georgie decided to get married. Their parents reluctantly agreed, and the young couple was married in the midst of the hospital quarantine. Things didn't look good for Dillon, but his love for Georgie lead to his miraculous recovery After they were married, Tracy cut off all family money for Dillon and the two were forced to move into Kelly's and work at the diner to make ends meet. Soon after, Diego was released from prison after he snitched on a fellow inmate's murder plot. Unbeknownst to Diego the inmate had ties to town thug, Manny Ruiz, and Manny made it his mission to get back at him. Diego did his best to steer clear of Manny's thugs, and Georgie remained a source of support. Unbeknownst to Dillon, Georgie and Diego had even maintained a correspondence while he was in prison.

Tensions were high between the threesome, especially after Jesse Beaudry, Maxie's boyfriend was killed by a bullet meant for Diego. Diego also moved in next door to Dillon and Georgie, making Dillon all the more determined to keep him away from Georgie. Lulu Spencer got on to the fact that Georgie and Diego kept in touch while he was in prison. Lulu got Diego to help her: they'd break Georgie and Dillon up, and then comfort the heartbroken couple. Soon after, Lulu lied to Dillon about seeing Diego and Georgie having sex in the boathouse. Already jealous, Dillon quickly believed Lulu and took her side when Georgie stated that Lulu was lying. Dillon soon made love with Lulu in the boathouse, and the two formed a semi-relationship...while Dillon was still married to Georgie. Meanwhile, Georgie was devastated, but found comfort in her old friend, Diego. While everything seemed to be working out, the truth was nothing was working out. Dillon and Georgie were still in love, but both were too hurt and angry to admit it. Which meant that: Dillon went on sleeping with Lulu, and Georgie went on dating Diego. Finally, Dillon overheard Lulu confessing how she had lied to Tracey. Hurt and regretful, Dillon went in search of Georgie and begged her to take him back. Georgie was unsure, but she finally agreed that they should slowly try again. The two divorced, but began dating again...just as Lulu found out she was carrying Dillon's child. Georgie was hurt, but she decided to be supportive of her former friend, and often lent an ear to Lulu. Lulu chose to abort the baby, causing Dillon a lot of pain. In fact, Dillon changed dramatically...he ended up becoming 'the perfect Q', much to Georgie and Lulu's dismay. Meanwhile, Maxie confessed to Georgie that she was carrying Lucky's child. Georgie didn't judge her sister, but instead tried to make Maxie see that Lucky didn't love Maxie. Maxie ignored her sister, and went on with her plan to try to win Lucky's heart through their unborn baby. Later, it would be revealed that Maxie faked her pregnancy and the miscarriage that followed. Georgie was furious with her sister but understood that Maxie continued to act out as she did because she was struggling with their parents abandoning them.

Georgie decided to focus on her studies and quickly became a favorite of one of her professors. Maxie worried that the professor was taking advantage of his young student. Georgie was flattered by Pete's attention and Maxie's certainty that he was interested in Georgie as more than a student but nothing ever became of the relationship. Pete was older and Georgie was focused on her goals.

After her sister and cousin were held hostages in the Metro-Court during a robbery that went badly, Georgie decided that she wanted to spend her junior year of college abroad. Initially Mac was reluctant to agree but Georgie convinced him that it's what she really wanted to do. She began planning her trip with Damian Spinelli, a geeky college student who had a huge crush on Lulu. Lulu only saw Spinelli as a quirky friend but Georgie saw more in the young man. While Spinelli pined for Lulu, Georgie's feelings for Spinelli grew. Unfortunately, a serial killer was stalking the women of Port Charles, claiming the lives of Leticia and Emily Quartermaine and making an attempt on Carly Corinthos Jacks. When the Text Message Killer attacked, Maxie, Georgie walked into the Scorpio home just in time to save her sister. More and more, Georgie grew suspicious of Cooper Barrett. She found his behavior odd and there were several inconsistencies about his stories. She decided to share her suspicions with Spinelli who did some digging. Spinelli hacked into government records and discovered that while Cooper served in Iraq, a woman on his base had been strangled.

Tragically, that night, Georgie became the next victim of the Text Message Killer. She was strangled to death in the park. Her body was discovered a short while later by Damian Spinelli.

Georgie's ghost paid Maxie a brief visit in 2013. Maxie had agreed to carry Lulu's child but suffered a miscarriage. Soon after, Maxie learned she was pregnant with her own child fathered by Spinelli. Since Spinelli and Lulu were unaware of the miscarriage and the new pregnancy, Maxie planned to give her baby to Lulu and her husband. However, as the pregnancy progressed Maxie bonded with the daughter was carrying and struggled with her decision. Georgie could not tell Maxie what to do but reminded her that she would always be there for her sister. Georgie's ghost checked in on Spinelli as well before she left and quietly instructed him to be happy and to find a way to forgive Maxie once the truth about the baby was revealed. Spinelli did not respond but seemed to sense that she was there.

When Maxie experienced complications during her labor and teetered on the brink of death, Georgie's ghost appeared and encouraged Maxie to fight for her life. Georgie continued to watch over her sister and returned to counsel her again after the truth about Maxie's daughter was revealed but Maxie was banned from having any contact with her child. Maxie planned to swallow a lethal dose of pills and Georgie's spirit begged her to reconsider. When Georgie felt she had been unsuccessful in changing Maxie's mind, she guided Robin to Maxie's location so she could talk Maxie out of ending her life.

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