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Jennifer Horton Deveraux
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Actor History
Maren Stephenson
1976 to 1977
Jennifer Peterson
1977 to 1978
1985 to December 15, 1995; October 6, 2000 to September 21, 2006 [contract]; June 10, 2010 to July 9, 2010; November 12, 2010 to Present
Stephanie Cameron
1995 to 1998
Alexa Vega
1994; flashbacks; voiceover only


Born in 1976

Aged to a teenager in 1985

Presumed dead in 1998 (she was faking it as part of a plot to expose Peter Blake)


Co-owner/editor/reporter of The Spectator

Former director of Communication for Salem U Hospital

Former publicist for Abe's mayoral campaign

Former public relations officer at Salem U Hospital

Former reporter

Former talk show host

Former waitress (in Ireland)

Former jail guard (with Hope's credentials)

Former knife thrower's assistant

Former talk show host

Former TV reporter

Former newspaper columnist


The Horton house in Salem- #545

Formerly in London, England (2006 - November 2010)

Formerly in a home in Salem (2000 - 2006)

Formerly in Ireland

Formerly in South Africa

Formerly the Deveraux house - 1552 Copperlantern Drive, Salem (on and off between 1992 - 1998)

Formerly various locations in Salem including the Horton house (545 Sycamore Street, Salem ) and an apartment above Alice's Restaurant, among others (1985 - 1992)

Formerly boarding school (1978 - 1985)

Formerly in the (Bill) Horton house, 1552 Copperlantern Drive, Salem(1976 - 1978)

* This house was once owned by Bill Horton and given to Jack and Jennifer after Abby was born. Bo and Hope Brady later moved in after the Deveraux family left Salem.

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Lawrence Alamain (Married 1990; annulled circa 1991)

Jack Deveraux (Married Jul 2, 1991; divorced circa 1993)

Peter Blake (Married Nov 11, 1995; separated in 1996 and officially divorced shortly afterwards)

Frankie Brady (Married 2006; deemed invalid shortly afterward)

Jack Deveraux (Married May 29, 2003; divorced May 17, 2011)


Bill Horton (father)

Laura Spencer (mother)

Mike Horton (brother)

Lucas Roberts (paternal half-brother)

Tom Horton, Sr. (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Alice Grayson (paternal grandmother; deceased)

James Spencer (maternal grandfather)

Carrie Spencer (maternal grandmother; deceased)

Sid Grayson (paternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Abigail Grayson (paternal great-grandmother; deceased)

Tommy Horton, Jr. (paternal uncle)

Addie Horton (paternal aunt; deceased)

Michael "Mickey" Horton I (paternal uncle; deceased)

Marie Horton (paternal aunt)

Sandy Horton (paternal cousin)

Julie Olson (paternal cousin)

Steven Olson (paternal cousin)

Hope Williams (paternal cousin)

Melissa Horton (paternal cousin; via adoption)

Sarah Horton (paternal cousin; via adoption)

Jessica Blake (paternal cousin)

Jeremy Horton (nephew)

Will Horton (paternal half-nephew; deceased)

Alice Caroline Horton (paternal half-niece)

Arianna Grace Horton (paternal grandniece)

David Banning (paternal first cousin, once removed)

Spencer Olson (paternal first cousin, once removed)

Shawn-Douglas Brady (paternal first cousin, once removed)

Zack Brady (paternal first cousin, once removed; deceased)

Ciara Brady (paternal first cousin, once removed)

Nick Fallon (paternal first cousin, once removed)

Nathan Fallon (paternal first cousin, once removed)

Scott Banning (paternal first cousin, twice removed)

Eli Grant (paternal first cousin, twice removed)

Claire Brady (paternal first cousin, twice removed)


Abigail Johanna Deveraux (daughter; with Jack)

Jack Patrick Deveraux Jr. (son; with Jack)

Thomas Deveraux (grandson; via Abigail)

Flings & Affairs

Glenn Gallagher (dated)

Frankie Brady (dated/engaged)

Alan Brand (dated)

Emilio Ramírez (dated/engaged; deceased)

Travis Malloy (dated)

Colin Murphy (dated; deceased)

Brandon Walker (dated)

Patrick Lockhart (mild flirtation)

Daniel Jonas (dated/lovers)

Liam Frasier (dated)

Eric Brady (he kissed her when he was drunk, drunk one-night-stand; dated)

Crimes and Misdeeds

Used Hope's credentials to get a job at a prison where Jack was being held (1997)

Helped Jack run from the law when he was officially a fugitive (circa 1997 through 1998)

Gave a falce name (Ms. Spencer) when volunteering in the prison infirmary to investigate the prison (February 2011)

Withheld information from the police regarding the whereabouts of her Bo and Hope Brady while they were eluding the police (January 2011)

Broke into the prison infirmary (February 2011)

Stole Dr. Ben Walters keys (February 2011)

Conspiracy to cover up a crime- withheld information about the events on the night Brady assaulted E.J. and destroyed evidence by wiping down the clinic to remove any fingerprints (June 2011)

Stole Carly Manning's hotel key and broke into her hotel room (July 2011)

Arrested for ballot tampering (false charges) (March 2012)

Arrested for the murder of Nicole's unborn baby (false charges) (October 2012)

Stole pills/drug abuse (2016)

Health and Vitals

Emergency surgery to replace her heart after having it stolen by organ trafficers (February 2011)

Appendectimy (December 2012)

Opoid addiction (Summer 2016)

Brief Character History

Jennifer Rose Horton was born during a snowstorm in 1976. Ironically, the turbulent weather was a sign of trouble to come. By 1979, her mother Laura's mental state had rapidly deteriorated. Because of her condition, Laura unintentionally placed little Jennifer in danger by putting her on a bus alone. Jennifer was found unharmed, but soon after, Laura was committed to a sanitarium where she would spend the next seventeen years of her life in a catatonic state, leaving Jennifer to grow up without her mother. The rest of the Horton family rallied around Bill and helped him raise Jennifer, who eventually ended up in boarding school.

In 1985, Jennifer returned to Salem as a teenager in deep trouble. In addition to running away from boarding school, she had become rebellious and a compulsive liar, and was being stalked by a rapist. Fortunately, her big brother, Mike, came to her rescue, and Jennifer began to slowly straighten out.

By the following year, Jennifer had given up on her runaway lifestyle and moved back in with her grandparents, Tom and Alice Horton. During the summer of 1986, she also began a non-intimate romance with a high school classmate, Glenn Gallagher. Jennifer inadvertently exposed Glenn's plan to uncover his coach's drug dealing and trailed Glenn to the park only to find the coach holding a gun to Glenn's head. She then enlisted the help of classmate Frankie Brady, who helped her save Glenn.

Months later, while on a class trip, Jennifer and Frankie realized they had feelings for one another. Jennifer quickly broke things off with Glenn, who had been pressuring her to have sex, and turned to Frankie. Together, they foiled a robbery attempt and helped bust a prostitution ring, among other adventures.

In 1987, Jennifer's father, Bill, returned to Salem. Filled with guilt that he was absent when Jennifer needed him in the past, Bill became strict and tried to run her life. Jennifer rebelled by becoming engaged to Frankie. However, she quickly broke it off when she learned of her mother and grandmothers' mental problems. She feared she'd develop the same conditions and pass them on to her own children. Once she faced her fears, Jennifer and Frankie reunited, but Eve Donovan, who had a crush on Frankie, spilled the beans about an affair he had while separated from Jennifer. Ultimately, that caused them to break up again and, but the end of 1988, Frankie had left Salem.

Despite lingering feelings for Frankie, Jennifer eventually fell for Emilio Ramírez. However, a short time later, he too wound up fleeing Salem. She moved on with her life and, in 1989, befriended Sally, a pregnant homeless girl who got herself arrested so she wouldn't have her baby on the streets. But the officials wouldn't let Sally keep her baby once it was born. Jack Deveraux pretended to be Jennifer's husband, and they offered the child, Hannah, a foster home. Jack was quick to fall in love with Jennifer, but Emilio soon returned and caused problems for the would-be couple.

Emilio and Jennifer reunited, but she soon found herself torn between Emilio and Jack. Later, Emilio pulled away from Jennifer for a short time when the gang he once belonged to threatened her. However, once the threat was gone, Emilio proposed. Jennifer was still torn between the two men, but, when Jack hid his feelings for her, she became engaged to Emilio.

Desperate to keep Jennifer from marrying Emilio, Jack kidnapped her on her wedding day. When Jennifer escaped, she fell off a cliff and was knocked unconscious. Jack picked that moment to finally pour his heart out to her. Later, Jack became insecure about his feelings for Jennifer and pushed her away. She briefly returned to Emilio. However, during the summer of 1990, while on the "Cruise of Deception," Jack saved Jennifer's life, and they made love for the first time.

Later that year, Lawrence Alamain arrived in town and caused problems for Jennifer. She realized that Lawrence thought she was Katerina, the heiress to the Von Leuschner fortune, due to a confusion going back to when the real heiress, Carly Manning, and Jennifer were teenagers and had switched dates. However, he was not going to let Katerina/Jennifer go and, after a hurried wedding, Lawrence raped her shortly before Jack arrived to rescue Jennifer. Once freed, Jack and Jennifer became engaged, but he called off the wedding because he felt alienated from her. In reality, Jennifer was still unable to handle intimacy and was too ashamed to tell Jack that Lawrence had raped her. Jack then married Eve to help her get her hands on her ten million dollar inheritance.

To take back control of her life, Jennifer pressed rape charges against Lawrence. Kimberly Brady and Jack were able to record him confessing, and Lawrence was then sent to jail. Afterwards, Eve reluctantly granted Jack a divorce despite the fact that Jack had obtained all her money. He and Jennifer were married in 1991 in a Wild West-themed wedding. However, while they were on their honeymoon in Hollywood, a conman named Hawk swindled them out of Jack's newfound fortune. He was caught, but the couple remained penniless.

Jennifer learned she was pregnant in 1992, but Jack wasn't overjoyed because he thought he was suffering a relapse of Hodgkin's disease. However, he wasn't. Jennifer went to New York to do a TV show with Calliope Jones. Jennifer gave birth later that year to a daughter, Abigail Johanna.

The following year, Abigail was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. Jennifer teamed up with Austin Reed to find the environmental cause of Abigail's illness. It was soon revealed that Jack was the one who had allowed the toxic waste dumping years before and was responsible for Abigail's illness. Overwhelmed with guilt, he left Salem -- and Jennifer -- behind.

Although it took Jennifer some time to move on from the heartbreak Jack bestowed upon her, she eventually began dating Stefano DiMera's foster son, Peter Blake, in 1994. However, she didn't know Peter was involved with drug trafficking at the time. Laura, who recovered from of her catatonic state in 1993, saw Peter with a lowlife by the name of Leo, and Peter schemed to make it appear as if Laura was having a mental relapse. Jennifer was deeply upset by the thought of losing her mother again, and Laura was finally checked into the Meadows, a new age center for counseling.

When Laura returned to Salem, Jennifer began trying to find a man named Clarke, who her mom had met at the Meadows and had feelings for. But Jennifer's investigation wasn't easy, as everyone at the center used pseudonyms. Around the same time, Jack also returned to Salem, but kept a low profile. He spied on his ex-wife and Peter, who he immediately disliked. However, when Jennifer finally found "Clarke," she was shocked because Clarke was actually Jack, who had been seeking treatment at the Meadows as well. Jennifer was devastated and went through with her marriage to Peter. They wed in Aremid in 1995. Jack tried continuously to prove that Peter was devious, to no avail.

A year later, Jennifer and Peter separated when she found out that he had lied to her. Soon afterwards, Jack caught Peter with a syringe meant for Jennifer, so that he could drug her and then take her and Abigail out of the country. Jack ended up shooting Peter, and it looked like Peter had died, but he hadn't. Stefano took Peter to a secret location to have him nursed back to health, as well as keep him out of jail. Stefano then switched Peter's body with the dead body of an old associate wearing a Peter mask. The ruse worked, and everyone thought Peter was, in fact, dead.

Even though Jack was sentenced to life in prison for Peter's death, Jennifer vowed her eternal love for him. When Jack broke out of jail, Jennifer helped him evade police. Soon after, their entire family went on the run. They ended up joining a circus where Jack, Jennifer, and Abby all took jobs and formed a relationship with the owner. However, Peter found them and turned Jack in to the police. In an attempt to free Jack and prove Peter was alive, Jennifer faked her death. A guilt-ridden Peter revealed himself and was sent to prison, and Jack was freed. After reuniting, Jack, Jennifer, and Abby ventured to Africa to visit Bill.

While in Africa, Jennifer and Jack experienced some problems with their relationship, especially when Jennifer fell for a young doctor named Colin Murphy. As it turned out, Colin was Shawn Brady's nephew. However, soon afterwards, she fled to Ireland with Abby, where she ended up getting herself into more trouble. Bo Brady was there to rescue her, and she returned to Salem with him in 2000.

Jack soon followed her, and the two moved in together so they could look after Abigail. Jennifer initially pushed Jack away, and concentrated on relationships with Brandon and later Colin. However, she and Jack couldn't resist the connection that had always been between them. They were remarried in 2003, much to Abby's delight.

Jack and Jennifer began to enjoy their married life as well as their hosting duties of In the House, a talk show that was one of Bill's wedding gifts to them. However, tragedy soon destroyed their newfound happiness. Jennifer was dealt the harshest blow of her life when the Salem Stalker beat Jack with a brick in an alley behind Salem Place. After all of the doctors confirmed Jack would never regain consciousness, Jennifer made the painstaking choice of taking him off life support and donating his organs.

Abby was unable to forgive her mother until Jennifer realized she was pregnant, but, tragedy struck again. Jennifer learned that her baby would have serious mental and physical deformities, and Lexie advised her to terminate. Desperate to hold on to the last part of Jack she would ever have, Jennifer refused to terminate her pregnancy. With the help of her new tenant and friend, Patrick Lockhart, Jennifer began looking forward to a new life with Abby and the baby.

When she was nearly full term, Jennifer got a message on her computer, supposedly from Jack. Despite her fragile pregnancy, she began to search for him and wound up on a plane headed to Melaswen Island with Patrick. Unfortunately, the plane crashed and they ended up lost in the jungle, where Jennifer went into labor. With Patrick's help, she gave birth on September 3, 2004. In honor of Jack and out of gratitude to her friend, she named her new son Jack Patrick Deveraux, Jr.

Shortly after the baby's birth, Jennifer was thrilled to discover Jack was alive. Andre DiMera had held him captive on the island along with other of her friends and family who were supposed to have been victims of the Salem Stalker. She and Jack immediately began planning a future with their children, but when they tried to sail to Salem, Jack was presumed dead on the return voyage. Jennifer tried to move on with her life, but found it difficult because Abby could not forgive Jennifer for Jack's death.

Sometime later, Jennifer and Abby were ecstatic when Jack turned up in Salem alive. Jack was also thrilled to be home with his wife and children, but he began to feel sick. He went in to Lexie, and she advised him he only had a short period of time to live. Although Lexie and later Marlena tried to convince him to tell Jennifer, he was determined to enjoy the time he had left with his family without having them concentrate on his illness. He was also determined to find a man to replace him in Jennifer's life and sought out her old flame, Frankie.

Coincidently, Frankie had never stopped loving Jennifer and agreed to look after her once Jack was gone. Shortly afterwards Jack faked his death in a car accident, which left everyone in Salem to mourn for him yet again. In reality, he left town to die so his family didn't have to watch him deteriorate. Jennifer and Abby were again devastated and "buried" Jack for a third time.

Eventually, Jennifer did rekindle her romance with Frankie, and they even married. However, on their wedding day, Jack returned, which made her marriage to Frankie invalid. Although still sick, Jack had reunited with his amnesic brother, Steve, whom everyone also believed was dead, and together they returned to Salem, where Jack hoped Steve would get his memory back and reunite with his wife, Kayla. Everyone was stunned by the double resurrections and began trying to help Jack. Ironically, it was Frankie who found a cure for Jack's rare illness. Although grateful to Frankie, Jennifer was in love with Jack and broke things off with Frankie. Frankie understood, but was heartbroken and left Salem shortly afterwards.

Jennifer and Jack left Salem in 2006. While working to rebuild their family, both of them got job offers to work for the Spectator's London office. Seeing it as a new start, complete with dream job, they left for London with baby Jack.

In June 2010, Jennifer returned home from London when she learned Alice had fallen ill. She was devastated by her grandmother's deteriorating health and worked feverishly on a scrapbook she had once promised Alice. With the help of her family, Jennifer finished the album.

In November 2010, Jennifer returned to Salem to help settle Alice's estate. She was without Jack, who was on an Australian "Walkabout", and did not have any contact with Jennifer or their children.

While home, Jennifer reached out to her incarcerated cousin, Hope Brady, to help her through a tough time. Hope began filtering information to Jennifer about a scandal Hope had uncovered. Jennifer assumed an alias and got a job at the prison to help with the investigation. Jennifer learned that the prison had been killing inmates and trafficking their organs. But, Jennifer was trapped by one of the inmates involved in the scheme. To keep Jennifer quiet, the inmate strapped Jennifer down and took out Jennifer's heart. Luckily, Carly, Bo, and Hope figured out the scheme and were able to send Daniel Jonas in time to operate on Jennifer and put her heart back in. Jennifer made a full recovery and stayed in Salem to be close to her family and friends.

Jennifer took a job heading up the PR department at Salem U Hospital. While working there, Jennifer began casually dating Daniel. Both knowing that they had come fresh of divorces, they wanted to take things slow. But Daniel soon found himself very happy with Jennifer and wanted to move things along. Jennifer returned his feelings and the two began happily dating.

One night while Jennifer and Daniel were away for the weekend at a spa, Melanie called Daniel and asked him for the code to the free clinic outside of town. Worried that she was in some kind of danger, Daniel and Jennifer rushed to the clinic. There, they found Melanie trying to save a badly beaten E.J. Daniel jumped in and started performing surgery to stop the internal bleeding. Jennifer went to get Carly to help with the surgery. Once E.J. was stable, Daniel took him to Salem U Hospital. To protect everyone involved (including Brady, who was the one who beat E.J.) Daniel told Lexie that he had found E.J. on the pier and, alone, performed all surgeries to stabilize E.J.

To make up for the spa weekend that they had to cut short, Daniel invited Jennifer to go to San Francisco with him. Jennifer abruptly said no and broke up with him. Daniel had no idea that Jennifer was intentionally pushing him away because Jennifer learned that Carly had feelings for Daniel and was taking pills. Jennifer thought that if she gave up Daniel, Carly would stop abusing the drugs. Eventually, Jennifer came clean with Daniel about Carly's feelings, but did not tell him about the pills. Daniel went to talk to Carly to tell her that there was no chance that the two of them would be anything more than friends.

When a picture of a passed-out Carly surrounded by pills showed up online, Daniel went to find her. Daniel found Jennifer at Carly's hotel room. Jennifer confessed that she had known about the pills all along. Daniel was furious with Jennifer for keeping Carly's addiction a secret. While Daniel and Jennifer were arguing, Carly slipped out the bathroom window. Daniel, Jennifer, and Melanie began looking for her.

Their search was not successful. However, Quinn Hudson found Carly in an alley and helped her realize that she needed to return to the people who loved her and enter rehab. Jennifer was thrilled when Carly came home safe. Happy that her friend was on her way to being healthy again, Jennifer turned her attention back towards Daniel.

The two grew close. On the night of the Horton Square dedication, Daniel asked Jennifer to move in with him. Before she could answer, Jack fell from the balcony above, into the cake that was sitting next to Jennifer. Shocked, Jennifer had a decision to make - Jack or Daniel. All three of them agreed to an arrangement where Jennifer would date both men until she made up her mind. But, the experiment left Jennifer more confused than ever. Eventually, both Jack and Daniel told Jennifer that they couldn't date her. Daniel took some time away from Salem to gather himself. Jack stayed in town, but wasn't ready for a relationship with Jennifer.

Jennifer threw herself into her work and helped Abe with his campaign for mayor. Abe was running against E.J DiMera. When the campaign appeared to get dirty, Jennifer presented Abe with a proposition - she had a reporter friend who could get Abe the debate questions ahead of time. Abe agreed to go forward with it, and Jennifer arranged for the questions to be delivered. On the day of the debate, Abe was well prepared and won the debate.

On election day, it appeared that Abe had won the election. Jennifer and Abe were thrilled. But soon allegations of ballot tampering were brought against the two. They were arrested and E.J. was declared the winner of the election. Jack bailed Jennifer out of jail. The two began working on their relationship.

Jack had been working with Marlena and a support group to recover from is PTSD. Eventually, he was able to open up to Jennifer about it. This lead to the two of them reconciling and getting engaged. Jack also took a job teaching journalism at Salem U and the two planned to stay in Salem.

Jack and Jennifer supported Abe through Lexie's terminal diagnosis and death. And, after she died, they attended a memorial/autism fundraiser. However, there was a great explosion that night in the tunnels underneath Salem. Many buildings were damaged, including the banquet hall where Lexie's benefit was being held. Abigail was trapped in the elevator.

Jennifer, Jack, and Cameron worked to get Abigail out. When they were able to pry the doors open a little, Jack went into the elevator to rescue Abigail. But, the elevator cables continued to break. Cameron and Jennifer were able to open the doors again and Jack pushed Abigail out. Then, the doors closed and the final cables broke. The elevator crashed with Jack inside. Roman reported that the EMTs pronounced Jack dead upon impact. Jennifer and Abigail traveled to London to visit J.J. and grieve for Jack as a family.

When they returned, Jennifer settled into her job at Salem U Hospital as the Director of Communications. While there, she overheard a conversation between E.J. and Justin about E.J.'s unborn child. E.J. said that Dr. Daniel Jonas was helping Nicole hide the paternity of her baby and that E.J. was ready to bring charges against Daniel. Worried that Daniel had been taken advantage of, Jennifer confronted Daniel.

But, Daniel told Jennifer to leave the situation alone. He was extremely harsh with Jennifer in attempts to keep her away from the situation that he was is. But, Jennifer didn't back down. And, Nicole used Jennifer's anger to imply that Jennifer was just simply stressed out about Jack's death and not thinking clearly. Abigail and Daniel both began to believe Nicole. Frustrated with all of the mind games, Jennifer kicked Nicole out of the Horton house.

Nicole took this opportunity to put more pressure on Daniel to make a commitment to her. She even presented him with the idea of the two of them moving to Utah together, where the custody laws were apparently more favorable to mothers than fathers. Leaving him to think about it, Nicole headed to her doctor's appointment to check on the baby.

Nicole's regular doctor was called away on an emergency so she saw a new doctor, who was scheduled to leave the country immediately after Nicole's appointment. However, the doctor could not find a heartbeat for the baby and pronounced the baby dead. She also told Nicole that she needed to induce labor within 24 hours. This doctor promises to have a nurse call Nicole to schedule the appointment. Nicole was devastated.

She wandered out into the hospital hallway to see Jennifer and Daniel together. Nicole left and went to Daniel's apartment. While there, she heard Jennifer leaving a voicemail for Daniel to meet her in the town square. Nicole went instead and confronted Jennifer. Jennifer tried to walk away, but Nicole rushed after her. Nicole followed Jennifer up the stairs and grabbed Jennifer's arm. When Jennifer jerked her arm away, Nicole fell down the stairs. When people rushed to see if Nicole was okay, Nicole immediately said that Jennifer pushed her.

Nicole was rushed to the hospital where she delivered her baby. When Dr. Davis pronounced that the baby was dead, Nicole insisted that Jennifer was the one who killed the baby. Jennifer was arrested. But, Daniel was sure that Jennifer was innocent. So, Daniel offered Nicole a deal -- drop the charges against Jennifer and he would move to Hawaii with Nicole. Nicole agreed and told the police that she misremembered the events of her fall and that her fall was an accident.

As Daniel was closing up some loose ends at the hospital, he came across an infant t-shirt in the lost and found that he recognized as part of a set that Nicole had purchased for her baby. Wondering why it was in an exam room, Daniel looked into Nicole's last doctor's appointment and learned that Nicole had actually miscarried the baby before the altercation with Jennifer on the stairs. Daniel confronted Nicole with the information. Rafe, E.J., Jennifer, Brady, and Abigail all witnessed it. Nicole cried and admitted that she had, in fact, made the whole thing up to keep Daniel from going back to Jennifer. Daniel and Jennifer both felt sorry for Nicole and forvage her. Now that Jennifer was completely cleared of all charges, Daniel and Jennifer looked forward to spending some time together.

But, in January 2013, Chloe came back to Salem to tell Daniel that ther had been a mistake and he really was Parker's biological father. Chloe was determined to put her family back together, including getting Daniel back.

But when she learned that Daniel had happily moved on with Jennifer, Chloe set about scheming to break up Jennifer and Daniel. Chloe, staying temporarily at the Kiriakis mansion, harassed Victor until he snapped and told her to leave. She promptly proposed the idea of moving into Daniel's apartment. He agreed, but he also decided to move into a hotel while Chloe was staying there.

Chloe still set Jennifer up to catch Chloe at Daniel's apartment wearing nothing but Daniel's shirt. When that didn't work, she played a tape recording of Parker crying to get Daniel to come home from his weekend away with Jennifer. Chloe also enlisted the help of Anne, a hospital employee with a grudge against Jennifer. Together they tried to make it look like Jennifer was trying to call Child Protective Services on Chloe. When that didn't work, they plotted to visit the same club Jennifer and Daniel were attending and drug Jennifer's drink.

Nothing was successful. Daniel repeatedly told Chloe that he was with Jennifer and there was no chance for he and Chloe to reconcile. So, decided to blackmail Jennifer. Chloe had her mother, Nancy, take Parker to Brazil. Then, Chloe told Jennifer to give up Daniel, or Parker was never coming back to the country. She would go and live with Parker on the run forever.

Daniel was shocked when Jennifer broke up with him and began suspecting that Chloe had something to do with it. Daniel found Nancy's recently stamped passport in her purse. He called Rafe with the information, who made a few calls so some old FBI contacts and confirmed that Nancy and Parker had been out of the country.

Daniel confronted Chloe with the information. She tried to deny it. But, eventually she confessed to the whole scheme. She also realized that she needed to get some mental health, so she had her father pull some strings to get her into a facility. Chloe apologized to Daniel and Jennifer, said goodbye to Parker, and then left for a two-month stay in a treatment center. Daniel and Jennifer again looked forward to starting a life together.

However, shortly after Chloe left, Jennifer's seventeen year-old son J.J. returned home from London boarding school. He was a week early, and while Jennifer was happy to see him, she was suspicious of his early return. So, she called the school and learned that he had been expelled for selling drugs.

Jennifer confronted J.J. and he claimed that the drugs belonged to his roommate. Jennifer gave J.J. the benefit of the doubt and ordered him to attend summer school in Salem to make up for the lost semester.

Jennifer and J.J.'s relationship became even rockier when J.J. learned that Jennifer was still dating Daniel. J.J., still struggling with his father's death, couldn't stand to see his mother with Daniel. So, J.J. began acting out towards Daniel -- vandalizing his MP3 player and car. J.J. also started using and selling drugs. Jennifer was clueless to it all.

When J.J. told Jennifer that Daniel was trying to come between them, Jennifer told Daniel that they needed to take a break. Daniel begged Jennifer to see that J.J. is just having a difficult time but they could help him through it together. Jennifer suggested that she and Daniel date secretly, but Daniel did not want to lie to everyone. So, he and Jennifer tried to stay away from each other.

But, J.J. was still angry. Jennifer was so frustrated with him that she finally tried some tough love and told J.J. to move out of her house. She was done supporting him.

J.J. made it his mission to break up Daniel and Jennifer and would tell everyone how terrible Daniel was. When ranting to Kayla about how Daniel would never be the man Jack was, Kayla let it slip that Jack was no saint. J.J. pressed her for more information, but she told him to go talk to his mother. J.J. got a little more information from Adrienne, but found out the truth by going home and reading the transcript from Lawrence Alamain's trial -- Jack had raped Kayla years ago.

J.J. was furious, both with the news and the idea that everyone had kept this information from him. He ran to the town square and threw a chair through the bookstore window, destroying a display of Jack's book. He got into a physical altercation with a man trying to stop him and was arrested for assault and vandalism.

The judge ordered J.J. to move back in with Jennifer and would suspend his sentence, giving J.J. a chance to show the court that he had changed. J.J. agreed in court, but immediately left as soon as he went home, telling Jennifer that she was a liar and he didn't want to be around her. He ended up at Theresa's house one night and the two of them smoked marijuana together. Theresa suggested taking a liquid ecstasy, known as G, before they slept together. J.J. didn't want to take the drug, so Theresa took both her and J.J.'s drinks and overdosed. She passed out.

Worried that she seriously hurt herself, J.J. picked up Theresa's phone and called Daniel to come help. Knowing that being caught with an overdosed female in his company would send J.J. right to prison, Daniel ordered J.J. to leave through the backstairs and not to tell anyone that he was there. Then, Daniel tended to Theresa, arriving at the hospital with her. When he arrived, everyone assumed that he had given Theresa the drugs because the two of them were sleeping together.

A stunned and scared J.J. went back home and told Jennifer and Abigail that he was done with drugs and was home for good. Jennifer was thrilled. J.J. also apologized to Daniel for putting Daniel in the position to have to let other people think that Daniel was sleeping with Theresa. Daniel told J.J. to keep you the guise that the two of them don't get along so that no one will suspect that J.J. was with Theresa doing drugs the night she overdosed.

Theresa seemingly took steps to make herself better, including talking to Maggie about attending NA and apologizing to Jennifer. But Jennifer didn't accept her apology and warned Theresa to stay away from J.J.

The truth was that Theresa remembered everything that happened that night and was just pretending to have amnesia in order to drive a wedge between Jennifer and Daniel, thus making Jennifer's life worse. Theresa even teamed up with Anne Milbaur -- a woman who hated Jennifer at work -- to make Jennifer's life miserable.

When J.J. finally confessed to Theresa that he was the one who was with her the night that she overdosed, she laughed at him and told him that she was faking all along. J.J. was furious with her and wanted to tell everyone that it wasn't Daniel with her when she overdosed. But, Theresa showed J.J. a video she made that night of J.J. smoking weed. She threatened to send the video to the judge if J.J. didn't do exactly what she said. (J.J. was still on probation, awaiting a formal sentencing from assault and disturbing the peace charges.)

J.J. tried to turn his life around and even began dating a nice girl named Paige. Jennifer was thrilled. But then she learned that Paige's mother was Jennifer's high school rival, Eve Donovan. Going by the name Eve Larson now, Jennifer and Eve picked up right where they left off.

Eve used her divorce settlement from Jack to get some of the money from Jack's most recent book. Jennifer asked Maggie and Victor for a one-time loan to pay Eve to settle the lawsuit. Eve agreed. But, Eve still didn't want her daughter dating Jennifer's son. So, she tried to convince Paige to break up with J.J.

Jennifer was upset to learn that eventuall Paige and J.J. did break up. What she didn't know was that Eve forced J.J. to break up with Paige because Eve and J.J. had been sleeping together. Jennifer caught Eve in bed with J.J. at the Salem hotel and attacked her. Furious, she threatened to tell Paige everything and ruin Eve's relationship with her daughter unless Eve agreed to let J.J. and Paige get back together. Eve agreed.

However, eventually Paige overheard Eve and J.J. talking about their fling. She dumped J.J. and was not happy with Jennifer for keeping quiet about the affair either. Jennifer apologized to Paige and then turned her attention back toward her son.

J.J. tried many things to get Paige back, but nothing worked. Tragically, Paige was strangled by the Necktie Killer before she could ever forgive J.J. Jen turned her attention back toward supporting her son through his loss.

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