MENDEZ Family Tree

Paul Mendez (deceased)

m. Fay Walker (divorced; see Walker)
c. Nicole Walker
m. Trent Robbins
when Nicole was in college/ not shown on screen; dissolved by his death in 2008; see Robbins)
m. Lucas Roberts (1999 to 2001; divorced/ later deemed invalid; see Roberts and Horton)
m. Victor Kiriakis (2003 to 2008; divorced/later deemed invalid; see Kiriakis)
a. EJ DiMera (see Banks)
c. Unnamed Daughter (miscarried November 24, 2008)
m. EJ DiMera (April 14, 2009 to Spring 2010; divorced; see Banks and DiMera)
m. EJ DiMera (Feb 24, 2011 to ; divorced pending see Banks and DiMera)
c. Daniel Rafael Hernandez (son; deceased; Nicole miscarried on October 5, 2012)
c. Taylor Raines

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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