The Roberts Family Tree
Kate Roberts

m. Curtis Reed (until 1993; dissolved by his death; see Reed)
c. Austin Reed
   m. Samantha Brady (1996 to 1997; annulled; see Evans and Brady)
   m. Carrie Brady (1997 to 1999; divorced; see Brady)
   m. Carrie Brady (2006 to present; see Brady)
  c. Unnamed Baby Reed
c. Billie Reed
   m. Bo Brady (1995; invalid; see Kiriakis)
   m. Bo Brady (1997 to 1998; divorced; see Kiriakis)
  c. Chelsea Brady (born 1998)

a. Bill Horton (see Horton)
c. Lucas Horton
   a. Samantha Brady (see Evans and Brady)
  c. Will Horton (born 1995)
  a. Gabi Hernandez (one-night stand, see Hernandez )
  c. Arianna Grace Horton (Born May 21, 2013)
   m. Nicole Walker (1999 to 2002; divorced; later invalid; see Walker and Mendez)
   m. Carrie Brady (2006; annulled) (see Fredericks and Brady)
   m. Samantha Brady (May 2007 to November 2007) (see Evans and Brady)
  c. Allie Horton (born October 23, 2007)
   m. Chloe Lane (March 17, 2009 to October 16, 2009; annulled)

m. Roman Brady (2004 - 2005; divorced; see Brady) (Years prior to their marriage, Stefano used Kate's eggs, Roman's sperm, and Marlena's uterus to bear twins.)
c. Rex Brady
c. Cassie Brady

m. Victor Kiriakis (invalid; see Kiriakis)
c. Philip Kiriakis (Although biologically Kate's son, Philip was carried by Vivian Alamain.)
   m. Belle Black (Married: January 3, 2005; Divorced: June 29, 2007)
   o. Mimi Lockhart (via in vitro; with Mimi and an egg switch. The baby was then carried by a surrogate.)
  c. Tyler Kiriakis
   m. Melanie Jonas (Married: February 14,2010; Divorced: April 2011)

m. Stefano DiMera (Married: September 24, 2009; Divorced: November 27, 2012) see DiMera)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape
o. Other

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