ROBBINS Family Tree
Trent Robbins (Deceased; Died September 26, 2008)

m. Unnamed Woman (Deceased) (Marriage dissolved by her death)
    c. Max Brady (Given up for adoption)
a. Unnamed Woman* (Possibly “Jane” (Deceased))
    c. Melanie Layton (Born November 7, 1990) (Adopted)
        m. Philip Kiriakis (Married February 14, 2010 to present)
m. Nicole Walker (Married sometime prior to 1998; Dissolved by his death in 2008)

*Melanie once mentioned that her mother’s name was Jane. However, it remains unconfirmed whether or not there really was a “Jane” or if Trent was simply lying to Melanie to hide the truth that she was adopted. If Jane existed, she passed away when Melanie was an infant.

m. Married
a. Affair
r. Rape
c. Child

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