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Owen Knight
Actor History
Formerly an executive at Jackie M
Former model at Jackie M
Formerly Jackie's assistant at Jackie M
Formerly a designer at Forrester Creations
Formerly Donna Logan's assistant at Forrester Creations
Formerly a private detective
Formerly a paralegal
Formerly a restaurant worker
Resides At
A New York apartment next door to Bridget Forrester
Formerly a house with Bridget Forrester
Formerly the Marone Mansion
Formerly a penthouse loft with Jackie Marone
Formerly a friend's beach house
Formerly San Diego, California
Marital Status
Past Marriages

Jackie Marone [Married: 2009; presumably divorced: year unknown]
Casper Knight (identical twin brother)
Logan Knight (with Bridget Forrester)
Flings & Affairs
Donna Logan (kissed; not consummated)
Bridget Forrester (one-night stand)
Crimes Committed

Arrested on suspicion of poisoning Eric Forrester [2008]

Stole a police car to rescue Donna Logan from Pam Douglas [2008]

Health and Vitals
None known
Brief Character History

Owen Knight was a private investigator hired by Marcus Walton to find Marcus' biological mother, Donna Logan. Owen came to Los Angeles to collect a hefty payment from Marcus, which Donna covered. Felicia Forrester, who didn't approve of Donna being involved with her father, Eric Forrester, saw a spark between Donna and Owen and offered Owen $200,000 to seduce Donna away from Eric. Owen, who had just become Donna's personal assistant at Forrester Creations, found himself tempted, but ultimately refused Felicia, noting how close Donna and Eric were. Owen became a suspect after Eric had a heart attack and fell into a coma after drinking from a bottle of gin Owen had given him.

Owen fell for Donna, who held Eric's power of attorney, and told Donna about Felicia's scheme, suggesting Donna assert her rights at Forrester. Owen kissed Donna, but Donna wouldn't stray from Eric. The Forresters felt Owen and Donna had tried to kill Eric, but when the police found the poison in Donna's bureau, Owen confessed to keep Donna out of jail. When Owen convinced Marcus that the real culprit was still out there, Marcus and his girlfriend, Steffy Forrester, bailed Owen out of prison. Owen saw Eric's police report and deduced that Pam Douglas, Eric's ex-sister-in-law, had poisoned Eric with one of her lemon bars. Owen stole a police car and raced to the Big Bear cabin, where Pam held Donna at gunpoint and doused her in honey to provoke a bear attack. Owen rescued Donna, and they almost made love, but stopped short.

Donna was further drawn to Owen when it seemed Eric would never wake up, but Eric recovered and saw Owen kissing Donna. Eric gave Owen a job at Forrester and installed a hidden camera in Owen's office to catch Owen and Donna together. Eric's son, Thorne Forrester, hired Owen and Donna lookalikes to get frisky for the camera and make Eric think Donna was cheating. But Owen found out and ratted Thorne out to Eric. Donna reunited with Eric, and later tried to set Owen up with Eric's daughter, Bridget Forrester. Owen and Bridget flirted, but Bridget was still getting over Nick Marone. Owen designed a line of surf wear for Forrester, but was fired when Rick Forrester became president, so Bridget introduced Owen to Jackie Marone, who ran rival fashion house Jackie M. Jackie was attracted to Owen, and offered him a job.

Owen was interested in Bridget, but got physical with a jealous Jackie, who threatened to fire Owen if he didn't keep sleeping with her. Owen saw Jackie as a fantasy woman, while he thought of Bridget as someone he could settle down with. Bridget almost made love to Owen, but couldn't go through with it because of her lingering feelings for Nick. After Bridget went back to Nick, Owen and Jackie explored their own relationship further. Nick felt Owen was out to use Jackie, but Owen proposed when his relationship with Jackie deepened. Owen, Jackie, Nick, and Bridget all ended up at the same resort in Hawaii, and Nick was furious when he witnessed Owen and Jackie's wedding ceremony.

Jackie M's PR man, Whip Jones, who had a thing for Jackie, invented the racy Indulge fashion line for Jackie to model. Owen disapproved of his new wife being portrayed as a sex kitten, and liked posing as her boy toy even less. Owen saved Jackie from a live cougar that had gotten away and cornered Jackie during a photo shoot. But when Whip scheduled a television interview for Owen in Owen's hometown of San Diego, the Jackie M team was shocked to see Owen cavalierly dismiss his marriage to Jackie as a "wild ride." Jackie was heartbroken and kissed Whip. Owen returned home with his identical twin brother, Casper Knight, in tow. Casper admitted he was jealous of Owen's success and had "punked" Owen by taking his place on the show. Jackie was relieved, but when Owen found out Jackie had kissed Whip, Owen walked out.

Jackie parasailed over Owen's house with a banner to prove her devotion. Owen rescued Jackie when a flock of seagulls brought her down, and they reconciled. Even Nick finally threw his support behind Owen's marriage to Jackie. But Owen had shelved his dream of having children to be with Jackie, and Jackie wondered if Owen wouldn't be better off with a younger woman after Steffy started making eyes at him. Steffy and Owen were sailing on Nick's boat when Steffy hit her head and fell overboard. Steffy didn't necessarily mind getting mouth-to-mouth from Owen, but Owen was more interested in finding a surrogate mother so he could have a child with Jackie.

Owen came to realize he was happy with Jackie even without children, but Nick and Bridget were inspired by the surrogate idea, since Bridget had lost Nick's baby once before. Agnes Jones carried Nick and Bridget's baby, but when Agnes miscarried, Bridget turned to Owen for comfort, and they had "grief sex." Owen's friend, Oliver Jones, who was staying at Owen's beach house, accidentally videotaped Owen and Bridget making love; Steffy wanted the footage to hurt Bridget's family, but backed off. However, Bridget turned up pregnant. When Jackie caught Owen and Bridget at the hospital having a paternity test, they were forced to tell Jackie the truth. Jackie surprised Owen by forgiving him, and later, Jackie convinced Bridget to lie that Nick was the baby's father. Meanwhile, Owen was thrilled that he was finally going to become a father himself.

Agnes, who was smitten with Nick, overheard Owen and Bridget discussing the baby and ran straight to Nick with the news. Nick punched Owen and divorced Bridget. Owen, Jackie, and Bridget found themselves in an unconventional living situation when Jackie decided the three of them should raise Bridget's baby. Bridget went into labor at the Big Bear cabin, where she had been born, and Owen delivered a baby boy, whom they called Logan Knight. Owen and Bridget bonded over being new parents, while Jackie defended their living arrangements to the press. Rick flirted with Jackie to clear the way for Bridget, who had fallen in love with Owen. Rick even wore statue make-up identical to Owen's after a fashion show and tried to seduce Jackie, leading an angry Owen to chase Rick around the showroom.

Owen and Jackie remained committed, and Nick surprised them when he officiated at their vow renewal ceremony. With Jackie M business dwindling, Jackie sold her condo to Steffy, and Jackie and Owen moved in with Nick. Soon after, Jackie sent Owen on an extended trip to Hawaii with Bridget and Logan. When Owen returned, Jackie told Owen he needed to be with the mother of his child. Owen didn't like the idea of Jackie deciding his fate for him, but ultimately went to Bridget and told her he wanted to build a life with her.

After months off-screen, Owen and Bridget re-emerged and told Jackie the situation wasn't working out because Owen still loved Jackie. Since Owen and Jackie had never finalized a divorce, their marriage was still valid, and they rededicated themselves to each other. They disappeared from the canvas in 2012 and weren't mentioned for over a year until Bridget, who was now living in New York, came home for a visit and revealed that Jackie and Owen were living in the apartment next door to her, helping to raise little Logan. In 2016, Bridget revealed that Jackie went off traveling the world, presumably leaving Owen, who was enjoying bringing up the school-age Logan with Bridget despite their relationship not being romantic.

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