Donna Logan Barber
Actor History
Carrie Mitchum
March 30, 1987 to 1991 [contract]; 1994, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2004 [guest]
Mary Sheldon (temporary replacement)
Spring 1991
July 20, 2006 to November 2015 [contract]; November 2015-present [recurring]
Other Names
"Savannah" (nude modeling name)
Jamie Kensington (name used while undercover at Spencer Publications)
Co-receptionist at Forrester Creations (shares duties with Pamela Douglas)
Former vice president of Forrester Creations
Former co-host of The Catwalk
Former lead model for Forrester Creations
Former "Face of Brooke's Bedroom"
Former publishing intern at Spencer Publications
Former model for Tommy Bayland's agency
Former waitress at Griffey's Diner
Resides At
Los Angeles, California
Formerly Nick Marone's boat, the The Shady Marlin
Formerly at the Los Angeles home of Justin Barber
Formerly the Forrester Mansion
Formerly San Francisco, CA
Formerly in an apartment with Mark Mallory
Formerly Sherman Oaks, CA
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Eric Forrester [Married: 2008; divorced: 2010] Justin Barber [Married: 2011; divorced: 2011]
Stephen Logan Sr. (father)
Elizabeth Henderson Logan (mother; deceased)
Stephen "Storm" Logan Jr. (brother; deceased)
Brooke Logan (sister)
Katie Logan (sister)
Helen Logan (grandmother; deceased)
Eric "Rick" Forrester Jr. (nephew)
Bridget Forrester (niece)
Hope Logan (niece)
R.J. Forrester Jr. (nephew)
Jack Hamilton Marone (biological nephew)
Rosie Forrester (granddaughter)
Logan Knight (grand-nephew)
Eric Forrester III (grand-nephew; stillborn)
Nicole Marone (grand-niece; stillborn)
Marcus Walton Forrester (son)
Flings & Affairs
Mark Mallory
Rocco Carner
Nick Preston
Thorne Forrester(dated: 1991; broken engagement: 2007)
Ridge Forrester (flirtation)
Eric Forrester (lovers while Eric was still married to Stephanie)
Owen Knight (kissed; never lovers)
Dominick "Nick" Marone
Crimes Committed

Worked with Jackie Marone to split up Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester [2007]

Accidentally left Brooke Logan's children unattended [2007]

Schemed to marry Thorne Forrester to get revenge on Stephanie Forrester [2008]

Accused of shooting Stephanie Forrester [2007]

Accused of poisoning Eric Forrester [2008]

Kissed Owen Knight while husband Eric Forrester lay in a coma [2008]

Health and Vitals

Locked in a tanning booth by Pam Douglas, who also turned Donna's teeth and hair green [2008]
Held at gunpoint and doused in honey by Pam Douglas to provoke bear attack [2008]
Brief Character History

Donna Logan is the daughter of Stephen Logan and Beth Henderson Logan. Donna was raised in Sherman Oaks, California alongside her brother, Storm Logan, and her sisters, Brooke and Katie Logan. Katie was suffering from acne and low self-esteem, so Donna fixed Katie up with Rocco Carner. Donna was living with Mark Mallory, who treated Donna poorly and was jealous of Donna's friendship with Rocco, especially when Donna and Rocco began working together at Griffey's Diner. Rocco continued dating Katie although he'd fallen in love with Donna, and one night Katie spied Rocco and Donna kissing. Donna felt horrible and later focused her attentions on getting away from Mark, who raged when Donna thought she might be pregnant. When Donna confronted Mark to break up with him, Donna caught Mark in bed with another woman and moved out.

Donna aspired to more lucrative work than waitressing, and applied to a modeling agency run by Tommy Bayland. Tommy sent Donna on legitimate assignments at first, but then told Donna she could make more money modeling lingerie. Rocco saved Donna from what turned out to be a prostitution assignment. But, hoping she could make more money, Donna agreed to pose nude on the condition her photos would only be seen in European magazines. Although Rocco wanted to propose to Donna (and accidentally put an engagement ring in Katie's coat, thinking it was Donna's), Donna began seeing Nick Preston, who oversaw Donna's nude layouts as "Savannah" in his magazine.

When Nick's boss at Spencer Publications, Bill Spencer, Sr., saw Donna's photos, he rushed them into Spencer's American magazines, infuriating Nick. Bill was smitten with Donna, who vowed revenge. Under the name Jamie Kensington, Donna applied for an internship with Bill, who only recognized Donna as "Savannah". Donna's plan was for Nick and Rocco to photograph Bill nude and sneak it into a beefcake magazine. But Bill unexpectedly gave "Jamie" a legitimate writing opportunity, so Donna was angry when Nick and Rocco had Bill's photo published anyway. After Bill invited "Jamie" on a European vacation, Donna confessed, returned an expensive necklace Bill had given her, and left Spencer. Donna's new life included a friendship with Macy Alexander and a romance with Thorne Forrester. Neither Donna nor Macy knew they were both dating Thorne. When the truth came out, Thorne chose Macy, and Donna moved to San Francisco, only occasionally appearing for weddings and other Logan family events.

In 2006, Donna returned to Los Angeles and was confused that Brooke had married Nick Marone, since Brooke had always been in love with Ridge Forrester. Donna interfered in Brooke and Nick's marriage to free Brooke for Ridge, but, when it didn't work, Donna asked Brooke for permission to pursue Ridge herself. Meanwhile, Brooke gave Donna another crack at modeling by making her the "Face of Forrester" for the racy Brooke's Bedroom line. Brooke became jealous of the time Donna and Ridge spent together. Later, Donna was disappointed when Ridge and Brooke reunited.

Donna witnessed Nick and Ridge's mothers, Jackie Marone and Stephanie Forrester, respectively, arguing on a balcony. When Jackie fell over, Donna assumed Stephanie had pushed Jackie. Donna told Nick, who retaliated by forcing Eric Forrester to sell Forrester Creations to Nick in order to keep Stephanie out of jail. Nick appointed Donna the new lead model at Forrester. Soon, Donna became friends with Jackie and worked with Jackie to split Ridge and Brooke, hoping Brooke would go back to Nick. Donna knew that Ridge didn't approve of his daughter, Phoebe Forrester, seeing Brooke's son, Rick Forrester, and arranged for Ridge to find Rick and Phoebe together during a business trip to Australia. Ridge's violent reaction almost made Donna's plan a success.

Through a series of crossed wires, Donna left Brooke's younger children, Hope and R.J., unattended, thinking Brooke had come home. After Child Protective Services got involved, Stephanie helped Ridge take Hope and R.J. away from Brooke. Donna plotted revenge on Stephanie by seducing Stephanie's son, Thorne, who was still grieving his late wife, Darla Einstein. Donna got Thorne to the altar in her plan to hurt Stephanie, but Katie overheard Donna admitting she didn't love Thorne. Katie told Thorne the truth, and the wedding was called off. Donna and Thorne parted friends, and soon Donna moved on with Thorne's father, Eric. Jackie, who had designs on Eric herself, was jealous and pushed Donna into a bathtub.

After Donna had a hand in the return of Forrester Creations -- which Nick approved if Eric promised to divorce Stephanie -- it was all-out war between Stephanie and Donna. Stephanie and her children, Thorne and Felicia, locked Donna in the Forrester steam room to prevent Donna from appearing in a fashion show. After the show, Stephanie was shot. Donna was accused, but the culprit was Donna's brother, Storm. Stephanie promised to keep Storm out of jail if Donna left Eric. Donna tried to break up with Eric by saying she was a sex addict, but Eric saw through the lie, and together, Eric and Donna pretended to end things to fool Stephanie. When a suspicious Stephanie barged in, Eric hid naked on Donna's ledge and was photographed by paparazzi. Stephanie finally relented, and Storm went free.

But Stephanie's sister, Pam Douglas, who suffered from bipolar disorder and paranoia, wanted to make up for not stopping their father's abuse in childhood, so Pam tormented Donna in a series of practical jokes, locking Donna in a tanning booth and turning Donna's teeth and hair green. Pam became menacing as she pulled a gun on Donna and intimidated Donna with her giant Doberman, "Tiny". Donna thought she accidentally killed "Tiny" by throwing the dog one of Pam's lemon bars, but "Tiny" actually died of a heart ailment, though Donna's connection to the death intensified Pam's hatred of Donna.

Eric married Donna, though their bliss was marred when Storm committed suicide to donate his heart to Katie, whom he'd accidentally shot. At Storm's memorial service, Donna met Marcus Walton, the long-lost son she had given up for adoption. Donna was afraid to tell Eric because she didn't want to touch off a scandal at Forrester, but Eric took the news in stride. When Marcus' private investigator, Owen Knight, came to town, Felicia offered Owen $200,000 to seduce Donna away from Eric. But Owen, who had become Donna's personal assistant, didn't bite. Later, Eric had a heart attack while in bed with Donna and fell into a coma. The Forresters accused Donna, who retaliated by taking control of the company and publicly firing Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia.

As Eric lay comatose, Owen kissed Donna. Donna was intrigued, but stayed true to Eric. When the police found poison in Donna's bureau, Owen realized that Donna was being framed. Pam attacked Donna and held her at gunpoint at the Big Bear cabin as Eric's family found out that Pam had been off her bipolar medication and was dangerous. Pam had poisoned Eric, only meaning to weaken him to make him sexually undesirable to Donna. Pam then doused Donna with honey and sicced a bear on her, but Owen came to Donna's rescue, and Pam got away. Donna and Owen kissed again, which Stephanie witnessed.

Donna and Owen drew closer as Eric seemed to be on death's door. But Eric recovered, and saw Donna and Owen in an embrace as well. Donna wanted to explain herself, but the Forresters wouldn't let Donna near Eric, who was convalescing at home, so Marcus snuck Donna into the mansion in a box. As Eric deliberated whether to end his marriage to Donna, Marcus opened a crate intended for Donna and was bitten by a snake. Soon after, Donna's mother, Beth, was hit by a car. Pam emerged and told Donna she would kill Donna's family, including the children, if Donna didn't leave Eric. When it turned out Pam had a mass on her brain that was making her behave violently, Donna didn't believe it, even after Pam woke up from an operation with no memory of terrorizing Donna.

Donna, Stephanie, and Eric all lived under one roof while Eric decided the fate of his marriage. Eric installed hidden cameras in Owen's office to to test Donna, so Thorne hired lookalike models to make Eric think Donna was cheating. The scheme failed, and Eric reconciled with Donna, who was freaked out by having to model the bikinis Pam had begun designing.

When Stephanie slammed the Logans in a webcast for Spencer Publications, Donna went to her old place of employ and found Bill's son, Bill Spencer, Jr. This Bill was willing to talk Stephanie down if Donna took off her clothes for him, too. Donna refused, although she and Bill formed a friendship when Bill started dating Donna's sister, Katie. Donna and Pam also developed an uneasy truce as they inadvertently ended up on The Price Is Right together, winning one of the showcases. However, Pam couldn't resist having gallons of honey dumped on Donna as Donna modeled a Forrester showstopper. Later, Donna, Brooke, and Katie were all chosen as spokesmodels for Forrester's new Royalty line.

Donna was surprised when Bill Jr.'s right-hand man turned out to be Justin Barber, Donna's old boyfriend from high school. Donna agonized over whether to tell Justin that Marcus was his son. But Donna finally confessed, and admitted that she regretted giving Marcus up for adoption. Bill Spencer, Sr. died and left behind a DVD instructing Bill Jr. to destroy Eric, Brooke, and Donna, all of whom had hurt Stephanie. Bill Jr. succeeded in taking over Forrester Creations and installed his new wife, Katie, as CEO. Katie offered the power positions to the Forrester men, but when they refused, Katie made Brooke president and Donna vice president. Donna's role at Forrester became a source of conflict between Donna and Eric, especially when Donna was made the host of the Spencer-run cable show The Catwalk. Pam wound up as Donna's co-host and embarrassed Donna by doing a "cat dance" down the runway.

Donna tried to appease Eric by going along with his ugly Dare line, which he created in an attempt to sabotage Bill. But after Eric regained control of the company, Eric still resented Donna and grew closer to Stephanie. Donna and Eric continued to clash as Eric let Stephanie move into the guest house. Donna's parents, Stephen and Beth, came to stay at the mansion as well while Beth was in the latter stages of Alzheimer's disease. Old rivals Beth and Stephanie argued near the pool, and, after Stephanie walked away, Beth, who had forgotten how to swim, fell into the water and drowned despite Donna's efforts to save her. Donna accused Stephanie of killing her mother, putting the final nail in Donna's marriage to Eric. Bill advised Donna to go for half of Eric's fortune in the divorce, while Pam had Donna removed from Forrester in an exterminator truck.

Donna's divorce from Eric gave her 12.5% of Forrester stock, which she sold to Bill. Donna began spending time with Justin and Marcus as a family, which prompted Donna to propose to Justin. Donna and Justin were married at Bill's beach house, with Justin's Genoa City cousin, Olivia Barber, in attendance. Months later, Donna and Justin took Brooke and Katie to lunch and announced their intention to divorce. Donna admitted that she and Justin had married too fast, and essentially so Marcus could finally have his parents together. Brooke asked Nick if Donna could stay on his boat. Nick agreed, and he and Donna began exploring a romance.

But Pam, who was helping Nick by stealing Forrester designs for Jackie M, also had her eye on Nick, so Pam resumed playing pranks on Donna, this time putting itching powder in Donna's nightgown. Nick was far more interested in Donna and professed his love to her. Later, Donna asked Brooke for the receptionist position at Forrester as Pam asked Stephanie for it. Donna and Pam were both hired and forced to share duties, as well as a desk, which they divided using a piece of masking tape.

With Nick's absence never explained, Donna continued sparring with Pam at Forrester. Donna also happened to spy Liam Spencer, the ex of her niece, Hope Logan, making love to Steffy Forrester, prompting Donna to discourage Hope's continuing feelings for Liam. Donna was furious when she found out that Bill had sprung Hope's father, Deacon Sharpe, from jail to sabotage Hope and Liam's wedding, but agreed to keep quiet for the sake of Katie and Bill's new baby, Will.

Donna tried to play catty when Stephanie announced she was dying of cancer, but her seeming indifference was only a cover, as Donna was genuinely sorry to lose her former rival. Later, Katie disappeared during a bout with postpartum depression. Katie was hospitalized because she believed her donated heart was giving out, but it was Donna who brought Katie's newborn to see her, which, combined with Taylor Hayes's psychiatric help, brought Katie back from the brink.

Donna consoled Eric after Stephanie died, and so did her frenemy, Pam. Later, both Donna and Pam raised an eyebrow when it appeared that Taylor might be interested in Eric herself. Donna was disappointed when Eric did, indeed, choose Taylor. But Donna was even more disappointed in Brooke, who admitted an interest in their sister's husband, Bill. Donna rushed to the hospital when Katie went into heart failure and noticed Katie wasn't wearing her wedding ring. Donna demanded answers from Brooke, who begged Donna to keep quiet about the fact that Bill had been in a drunk driving accident and that Brooke had covered it up. Donna blasted Bill and Brooke, but when Taylor began asking questions, Donna simply told Taylor that whatever was going on was family business, and none of hers.

Donna inexplicably implied that Brooke had played a part in Katie's health scare, then, in the same conversation, cited Katie's attempt to push Brooke and Bill together during her postpartum as the reason for everything and told Brooke that she wasn't at fault. Donna got an earful when Brooke later admitted that she had slept with Bill when she thought Katie wanted a divorce, and Donna was floored to find out Brooke was pregnant. Knowing that Katie could die if she found out the truth, Donna offered Brooke support but felt uneasy when Brooke came up with a plan to have Eric claim responsibility for Bill's child. Donna arranged to have Eric meet Brooke at a replica of their honeymoon tent, which Brooke had recreated.

Donna and Eric consoled Brooke when she announced that she had miscarried Bill's baby. Later, at Brooke's birthday party, Taylor exposed Brooke's affair and pregnancy in front of all the guests! Donna railed at Taylor for her accusations, but privately, when Brooke was angry that Katie had taken control of Spencer Publications through her divorce proceedings and fired Bill, Donna told Brooke she should stop defending Bill and try apologizing to Katie instead.

Donna was shocked when Katie confided she had arranged for Bill and Brooke to babysit Will in front of cameras she had hidden around the house. Though Donna couldn't resist watching the surveillance, Katie demanded secrecy from Donna, reminding Donna that she owed Katie for having kept quiet about Brooke and Bill. Later, when Brooke traveled to Monte Carlo to represent Forrester at a fashion event, Donna made the trip as well and enjoyed herself at a yacht party she was invited to.

Continuing to feel caught between her battling sisters, Donna accompanied Katie on her business trip to New York, then, returning home, Donna tried to assure Katie that Brooke would never get serious with Bill, only to find that Brooke had accepted Bill's engagement. After Brooke booted Bill for trying to trick Katie into signing control of Spencer back to him under the guise of a fake reunion, Donna went to work trying to heal the rift between her estranged sisters and apologized for not warning Katie about Bill's affair with Brooke.

Donna couldn't help feeling that a reunion might be in the cards for her and Eric, and she kissed her ex-husband to convey that point. But Donna was shocked when Quinn Fuller, a Forrester business partner who was also interested in Eric, angrily confronted Donna and called her a slut. Donna gently shared her feeling with Eric that something was not quite right with Quinn.

Later, Ridge, who had been living in Paris after another failed marriage to Brooke, returned to L.A. for a reconciliation, and Donna was overjoyed to attend their wedding. Donna's happiness turned to horror, however, when Katie, who had a history of health problems after receiving the heart of their brother, Storm, fainted at Brooke's wedding. Donna was furious to learn that Katie had fainted on purpose to stop the ceremony since she had fallen in love with Ridge herself. Donna sternly reminded Katie that Ridge and Brooke always ended up getting back together again, despite whatever obstacles befell them. In the months that followed, Donna remained on hand to lend an ear to both her sisters, who slowly found a way to heal their relationship.

When Ridge began a relationship with Caroline Spencer, the niece of Ridge's first wife, Caroline Spencer Forrester, Donna joined Pam in this time warning Caroline that Ridge and Brooke never failed to reunite. Donna supported Brooke's pursuit of Ridge, then reminded Brooke she hadn't fallen out of love with Bill; however, at Bill's remarriage to Katie, Donna became concerned with Brooke's drinking, especially when Brooke insisted she intended on replacing the men in her life with alcohol.

Though Donna spent most of 2015 off screen, she was still said to be sharing receptionist duties at Forrester Creations with Pam, and later it was revealed Donna had gone to Dallas to spend Christmas with Stephen.

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