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HAYWARD Family Tree
Charles Hayward (deceased)

m. Vanessa Bennett (deceased) (see Bennett)
    c. David Hayward
        a. Krystal Carey
            c. Arabella Carey (deceased)
            Marissa's fraternal twin
                m. Paul Cramer (deceased) (annulled)
                m. Adam Chandler Jr. (invalid)
                    c. Adam Chandler III
                m. Adam Chandler Jr. (divorced)
                m. Adam Chandler Jr. (Married: March 23, 2006)
            c. Marissa Tasker
            Arabella's fraternal twin
            Given up for adoption at birth
                m. Adam Chandler Jr.
        m. Anna Devane (married 2002; divorced)
            c. Leora Devane Hayward (deceased (born and died in 2003)
        m. Krystal Carey [Married: Mar 3, 2009; Divorced: Dec 18, 2009] (see Hayward)
        m. Greenlee Smythe [Married: Feb 25, 2010] (see Greenlee)

Leo du Pres and Trey Kenyon/Ben Shepard are also Vanessa's children, but are listed on the Bennett family tree.

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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