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Mary Williams
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Actor History
1980 to May 10, 2004 [recurring]

Mentioned as deceased by Paul and Nikki in conversation March, 2014



Volunteer at Sacred Heart Catholic Church


1420 Maple prior to death

Marital Status

Single at time of death

Past Marriages

Carl Williams (declared legally dead by Mary, and marriage was legally ended in 1998)


Parents never mentioned


Steven Williams (son; with Carl)

Father Todd Williams (son; with Carl)

Paul Williams (son; with Carl)

Patty Williams (daughter; with Carl)

Miscarriage with Carl [1980]

Heather Stevens (granddaughter; by Paul with April)

Ricardo Carl "Ricky" Williams (deceased grandson; son of Paul with Isabella)

Dylan McAvoy (grandson; son of Paul with Nikki Newman)

Flings & Affairs

Charlie Ockell (engagement broken 1998)

Health and Vitals

Miscarriage caused when breaking up a fight between her sons Steve and Paul; Paul saved her life by donating their rare blood type [1980]

Blood type AB-

Crimes Committed

Caught breaking and entering into Michael Baldwin's office with Lynne Bassett; charges were dropped

Brief Character History

We first met Paul Williams in his late teens, when he and best friend Danny Romalotti were waiters at Jonas's Restaurant. It wasn't until two years later that we met the Williams family. Paul lived at home with his parents, Mary and Police Detective Carl Williams, his younger sister Patty who was still in high school, and his older brother Steve who was a reporter for the Genoa City Chronicle. Another older then-unseen brother, Todd, was praised highly by his devoutly Catholic parents for joining the priesthood. Good Catholics that they were, Mary and Carl were surprised with a very late in life pregnancy, but she miscarried due to her getting in between Paul and Steve fighting. Large family dinners were held often, complete with Mary's specialty-and Paul's favorite-spare ribs and sauerkraut. Mary was known to be a good cook, and was forever whipping up something for a church bake sale or delivering food to her kids, even after they were grown and moved out of the house.

Mary's number one job was always that of a mother, fretting over her family like a mother hen. They were proud of Steve and she and Carl approved when Steve fell in love with fellow reporter, Peggy Brooks, daughter of wealthy owner of the Genoa City Chronicle, Stuart Brooks. So when they left together for Washington, D.C., they were at least secure in the knowledge that he would be fine. Their daughter Patty and son Paul were another story, however.

Patty became involved with wealthy playboy Jack Abbott when still in her teens. As Mary predicted, he gave her nothing but grief and heartache. They were married, she became pregnant, lost the baby due to Jack's infidelities, and she shot him three times for it; all in the same year. Patty was cleared, and left Genoa City in disgrace, heading for Steve's in Washington, DC.

They were left with son Paul who was rebellious, promiscuous, and didn't want to go to college. He went from getting it on with Nikki Reed and giving her a venereal disease to having a fling with April Stevens who got pregnant, and Paul turned his back on April until the baby was in danger of dying. They married, the baby survived, but parental responsibility proved too much for Paul and they divorced. Much to Carl and Mary's horror, Paul then joined the New World Commune with Nikki. Eventually, both realized that the cult was a farce but they were being held against their will by cult leader Rebecca. Carl managed to track them down and rescued them. Peggy Brooks joined forces with Steve Williams to write an expose about the cult and even infiltrated it, which nearly cost Peggy her life.

In an effort to help him mature, Carl got Paul on the police force assisting with his cases. When Nikki was abducted by Rick Daros, Victor Newman came to Paul and Carl, who rescued her. Paul and fellow officer, Andy Richards, worked under cover infiltrating the mob and were instrumental in helping the police bring down the mob boss known as Mr. Anthony.

In 1982, mobster Tony DiSalvo, swore revenge against Carl Williams for his efforts to smash their syndicate and his being arrested. Tony made it look as if Carl was accepting bribes from the mob. While Carl was on suspension from the police force, Paul worked behind the scenes to clear Carl's name. Paul eventually infiltrated the mob. Paul also became involved with a young woman named Pam, who had played a role in framing his father, but Paul was actually in love with Cindy Lake, a vulnerable, young prostitute who assisted him in learning about the mob's illicit activities. Paul was forced into hiding by the mob. To lure Paul out, they kidnapped his mother, Mary. Fortunately, Paul and Carl rescued Mary and the mob was put behind bars--with the exception of Tony DiSalvo. The charges against Carl were dropped. Nikki agreed to marry DiSalvo, the mobster who had possession of the steamy flick that Alison had created, when he promised to destroy the tape. Paul and Andy rescued Nikki before the wedding ceremony could take place. DiSalvo was so angry that he tried to shoot Paul, but Cindy shielded Paul's body, took the bullet instead, and died. Before DiSalvo could fire another shot, Jazz Jackson, a friend of Paul's, shot and killed the mobster. Paul and Andy left the force to become Private Detectives, with Jazz "the mobster with a heart of gold" as their operative. Their secretary Amy Lewis, was the daughter of the police captain and a singer on the side.

Mary was constantly setting Paul up with good wholesome girls who would give her the grandchildren she so desperately wanted. This included Lynne and daughters of ladies of her church. But Paul married the fun and fiery Lauren Fenmore whom he ended up rescuing from a stalker named Sean who had kidnapped her and left her buried alive. Lauren lost their baby (which Paul didn't even know about) in the ordeal, but they were reunited. Lauren's next trick was to enter a nude photo of Paul in a contest, which ended up a magazine centerfold that made its way into the hands of one of Mary's friends. As a result, Paul decided they would not remarry, but remain friends instead.

Then Paul met Cassandra Rawlins, fell in love, and Paul proposed. Of course, Mary didn't approve of Cassandra either, but she was right this time, as Cassandra turned out to be married and Paul ended up getting arrested for her husband George's murder. But Carl helped Paul out of it, though Cassandra was later run over by a truck, and died.

Paul began working on cases with lawyer Christine Blair. They fell in love and eventually married. Mary disapproved of Christine as well, knowing her career meant more to her than having children. Mary's nagging came to a new high as she'd show up at his office continually haranguing him about Christine.

Paul's former wife, April Stevens, returned to town the battered wife of dentist Robert Lynch and brought Paul's now teenaged daughter Heather to visit Mary and Paul. After they returned home to New York City, Robert was found dead and April was accused of his murder for which she was acquitted because of self-defense. April moved back to New York with Heather, much to Paul and Mary's disappointment.

Carl disappeared and had been gone eight years before Paul and Christine convinced Mary to have him declared legally dead. Then Mary finally accepted the attentions of Charlie Ockell. They were getting along well, and Charlie asked her to marry him. Paul's current girlfriend Christine happened to be helped by a man working as a security guard at the Norfolk airport, and later when Paul showed her a photo of his missing father, she realized that the security guard was Carl. Without telling Paul, she returned to Norfolk and found that he was going by the name of Jim Bradley. Meanwhile "Jim" had just asked his girlfriend "Ruthie" to marry him when Airport Security tipped him that someone was asking about him. It turned out that Carl had been captured by some bad guys while working a police case, had been beaten unconscious, and left on the highway to die. He was found by a woman named Ruth Ann Perkins, who nursed him back to health, but he had amnesia. Always concerned that "Jim" had a family looking for him somewhere, Ruthie called the phone number Chris had left with Security. After speaking with Chris, she tested "Jim" and he responded to the name Carl. So they invited Christine to their home. Christine convinced "Jim" to return to Genoa City and visit the family he didn't even remember. Carl returned with Ruthie, and Paul was shocked to see him, but much as he tried, Paul never could connect with his father who went back to Norfolk. Mary and Charlie announced their engagement. Meanwhile "Jim" felt bad and decided he needed to give it one more try. "Jim" and Ruthie arrived in time to see Paul and Mary from the back of the church on Christmas Eve which triggered a memory of the family in church when Paul was a child that scared him so much that he fled. Running into them at a diner later brought on another memory. Paul spotted his father, and privately asked his intentions, as Mary and Charlie were about to get married. Jim said he didn't know, but later Paul witnessed Mary seeing "Jim" for the first time and fainting. When Mary came to, Carl told her about his amnesia and Ruthie. Mary was convinced that despite his love for Ruthie, her love could bring back the past, and she and Carl would be happy together again, so told Charlie the wedding was off. But try as she might, Mary could never bring back Carl's memory of them, and he later returned to Norfolk and Ruthie, and no doubt were married as planned. Charlie apparently never forgave Mary, and she was again left with her only pastime-meddling in Paul's life.

Paul and Chris agreed they both wanted children but had trouble conceiving once they finally put her career aside long enough to try. Then Mary nearly died when Chris started a law practice with Michael Baldwin, a man who had kidnapped her years earlier and Paul had ended up shooting. The practice was so successful that Chris again put having a family on hold, causing a great rift in her marriage. In a desperate attempt to escape their marriage and further her career, Chris took a case in Hong Kong, then another offer in Australia. When she returned to reconsider, she found Paul in the arms of his new client Isabella. Without a word to Paul, she accepted the case in Australia and filed for divorce. Right again, Mary!

Mary went to great lengths to try to convince Paul that the pregnant Isabella was all wrong for him and would ruin his life, and to convince Isabella to go away to a home for unwed mothers, all despite the fact that Isabella was providing Mary with the grandchild, and Paul with the child, they both had always wanted. Paul and Isabella's baby boy, Ricardo Carl Williams, was born, and they were married. Mary even begged for help from unlikely sources in Lauren, Christine, and even Michael-all of whom she disapproved of as well. But having no luck with them, she and Lynne broke into Michael Baldwin's office in search of Isabella's past to expose her. Michael caught them, but he graciously dropped the charges. But Isabella's lies and deceptions did catch up with her, so she faked her own death and framed Christine for it. She ended up totally flipping out, tried to murder Christine, and was committed to a mental hospital. Right again, Mary. Paul and Isabella's young son, Ricky, lives with Isabella's parents in California. Hard to believe, considering how much Mary wanted a grandchild.

After five years of never seeing Mary, in 2009, Paul was about to marry Nikki Newman. At the rehearsal dinner the night before, Paul's brother Father Todd told the group that Mary was at home and not up to attending, but that she would be there for the wedding. Unfortunately, Nikki called off the wedding, and we never got to see Mary.

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Who's Who in Genoa City

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