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Trina Robinson
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Actor History
Tiana Le
Sydney Mikayla

High School student

Resides At

Port Charles, New York

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages



Marcus Taggert (father)



Flings & Affairs

Cameron Webber (flirted)

Crimes Committed

Underage drinking [Jun 23, 2017]

Admitted to hosting parties when her own parents weren't around [2017]

Health and Vitals

Sustained minor injuries during an earthquake [Mar 5, 2018]

Brief Character History

Trina Robinson first appeared on June 23, 2017 when her best friend, Josslyn Jacks called Trina to arrange a party while Josslyn's mother was out of town. Josslyn was in a rebellious mood, and she was eager to meet the new boy in school, Oscar Nero. Trina was happy to take care of all of the arrangements because Trina had been used to being left on her own by her parents.

Josslyn was delighted when Trina got Oscar to attend the party. Josslyn was slightly alarmed by the appearance of alcohol at the party because they were all minors, so she asked the kids to keep the alcohol outside. A short time later, Josslyn's grandmother arrived home and quickly broke up the party.

On March 5, 2018, Trina attended an alternative prom party that Oscar and Josslyn had hosted to offer their support to a transgender student. Unfortunately, the party ended in disaster when illegal fracking had triggered an earthquake. Trina sustained only minor injuries.

On February 20, 2019, Trina joined Josslyn, Oscar, and Cameron at Cameron's house. Oscar had learned that he was terminally ill, so he had decided to work on his bucket list. Oscar had always wanted to take a road trip with a group of friends, so the teens had decided to take Oscar's car and drive to Niagara Falls for the day. Cameron had recently gotten his driver's license, so he had agreed to drive even though he was grounded. The teens' plans hit a snag when money became the issue, but Josslyn decided to tap into her adventure fund -- a secret bank account that Josslyn's father had set up for life's adventures.

Trina flirted with Cameron, but she could see that he had a crush on Josslyn. Both Josslyn and Oscar were oblivious to how Cameron felt about Josslyn. Shortly afterwards, the kids set out on their trip. When they arrived in Niagara Falls, Trina invited Cameron to her motel room, claiming that she wanted to be alone with him. Cameron followed her, but when they arrived at her room Cameron delicately explained that he only liked Trina as a friend. Trina assured him that she felt the same way; she had invited him to her room to give Josslyn and Oscar some privacy.

The trip was cut short when Oscar suffered a seizure. Oscar was rushed to the hospital, and the teens returned home the following day. The delay had cost Cameron dearly because he had missed his mandatory community service. To Cameron's surprise, Trina had attended his hearing with the judge to offer Cameron moral support.

As April drew to a close, Oscar's cancer had progressed. In his final days, Trina was a supportive friend to both Josslyn and Cameron.

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Who's Who for other soaps

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