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Elizabeth was devastated when Franco pleaded guilty. Kevin and Laura were reunited. Ava accepted "Kevin's" marriage proposal. Sam went out of town with Shiloh. Kim confirmed that Carly was pregnant. Jordan was struck by Drew's car.
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To lure out the real killer, Franco agreed to plead guilty to the murder
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Laura follows "Kevin" to Ferncliff

Laura follows "Kevin" to Ferncliff

Monday, February 18, 2019

Franco incredulously asked Jordan if he was supposed to take the fall for crimes she knew he hadn't committed. She responded that it was the only way to draw the real killer out of hiding, but Franco believed that the real killer would "bolt" when he saw that someone else was taking the blame. Jordan countered that the killer would lash out in frustration if someone else took credit for his hard work. However, Franco stated that there was "no way in hell" he would admit to killing Kiki. Jordan promised that things would work out if he followed her lead.

Franco wondered if Jordan had thought about what the false confession would do to the people who believed in him. He thought that it would destroy Elizabeth. Jordan regretted any pain it would cause, but she urged him to focus on the gains. "You're asking a lot of me," he informed her, and she knew it. She wondered what would help him make a decision. He wanted to talk to Elizabeth about it, but she forbade him from telling anyone, just in case the real killer caught on somehow. She reminded him that pleading not guilty would likely send him to prison for life.

Franco didn't think anyone would believe that he'd killed Kiki, but Jordan told him that Margaux had enough evidence for a "speedy conviction." She instructed him to weigh life in prison against being "publicly disgraced for a limited time, exonerated," and getting the thanks of a "grateful city." She advised him to sleep on it, and she apologized that "this is where we are." She believed that it was the only way "out of this mess," and she left.

Lulu, Spencer, and Curtis arrived at Lulu's, and Curtis offered to "sweep" the home first. Lulu reminded him that Franco was in prison, so they were safe. They entered the house, and Curtis turned the lights on as Spencer helped Lulu down the steps. When the lights went on, Nina and Charlotte popped out with balloons and a "Welcome Home" sign, eliciting a terrified scream from Lulu.

A few minutes later, Nina apologized for scaring Lulu, and Lulu replied that she did appreciate the warm welcome. Spencer excused himself, but Lulu ordered him to stay, since he never got to spend time with Charlotte. Spencer wanted to leave so he could tell Laura something secret, but Lulu thought it was important to spend time with family. Charlotte commented that some secrets could get you in "big trouble."

Nina returned to the living room with a tray of cookies, and everyone but Curtis took one. She teased that it wasn't like he had to fit into a tuxedo, and Charlotte excitedly said that he would once Nina and Valentin picked a date for their wedding. Lulu and Curtis, both shocked, began to fire questions at Nina, but she thought it was a conversation better suited for the kitchen, away from the kids.

When Nina, Lulu, and Curtis were in the kitchen, Nina explained that Valentin had proven himself the previous few months, and he'd found Sasha. Curtis told her that gratitude didn't have to mean marrying Valentin. Lulu added that she would never trust Valentin, but Nina shot back that everyone had made mistakes. She continued that Lulu had mistakenly identified Franco as her attacker, and Lulu was offended that Nina didn't believe her.

Nina insisted that she knew Franco well enough to know that he was no longer capable of that kind of violence. Lulu countered that Nina had never known the "old" Franco. Lulu mentioned that Nina was marrying a killer, and Curtis stopped their argument about it. Lulu concluded that aside from Franco's face, the only thing she could remember was how focused she'd been on her research, "something about the Ryan Chamberlain victims." To Curtis' curiosity, Lulu explained that her session with "Kevin" had "muddled" things for her even more, "like this conversation has," she added, and she stormed out.

Charlotte observed that Spencer seemed on edge, but Spencer snapped that it was none of her business. Charlotte didn't think Laura would be happy with Spencer for tampering with the election, but he insisted that he was ready to deal with the consequences. Charlotte wondered how long he would last in a "correctional facility," because, as an elected official, Laura would have no choice but to turn him in. Lulu returned, and Spencer asked if she'd heard from Laura, but she hadn't.

Alexis entered the Floating Rib and bumped into Michael, and they made small talk about Valentine's Day. He revealed that his date was running late, and she told him that Diane was her date. Julian and Kim entered the bar, and they were glad to be able to spend a little time together for the holiday, as she was on call at the hospital. Alexis uncomfortably watched as they shared a kiss.

A few minutes later, Kim wanted to talk to Alexis and "set the record straight." They went off to talk in private, and Alexis said that she was glad Kim and Julian were back together. Kim apologized for the way she'd treated Alexis and wanted to make sure that they were "okay." Alexis assured her that they were, and Kim thanked Alexis for hearing her out.

At the Floating Rib, Chase observed that Willow was distracted, but she insisted that she was fine. He promised her that he believed giving her child up for adoption was the most unselfish act he had ever heard. He caught her staring at Brad, who was sitting with Lucas a few tables over. He wondered if she had a problem with Brad, and she replied that she didn't. She was sad that they'd missed karaoke at the bar, and he told her about how he'd ended up singing at the Nurses Ball.

Willow wondered why Chase had moved to Port Charles. He answered that, aside from the open detective position, his brother was in town, and he'd been following up on an old case. He asked her the same question, and she revealed that she'd been running away from a "toxic situation." Changing the subject, she wanted to know more about the Nurses Ball. She picked up her phone to search for a video of the performance and was happy to find one. She talked about how good he sounded, and he suddenly remembered that he'd left her gift in his car.

Brad complained that he was tired, but Lucas reminded him that they had two more hours of freedom while Bobbie was watching Wiley. Lucas told Brad that they couldn't neglect their marriage, and they needed to show Wiley what a good marriage looked like. Brad agreed, offered to buy the next round, and went up to the bar. Julian approached Brad at the bar, asking about Willow, and Brad insisted that they were on the same page about no one knowing who she was in relation to Wiley. Brad added that she didn't want to interfere in Wiley's life, so there was no need to tell Lucas anything.

Brad hated keeping secrets from Lucas, and Julian reminded him how quickly things could fall apart. Julian wondered what would happen if the homeless woman Brad had switched babies with returned to claim Wiley. Brad replied that there was no way the woman would ever be allowed near the baby. "Why are you so sure?" Julian wondered.

Michael approached Lucas and was glad to see him and Brad out. He told Lucas about the embarrassment of online dating, but he wanted a fresh start with someone. Someone called Michael's name, and she introduced herself as his date, Zoey. She babbled on about how he looked better than his pictures. They sat down, and she talked about how much she loved social media. Later, he told her a little about himself, but she was busy scrolling through her phone. She excused herself to go to another date, but she informed him that he'd been her favorite so far, so he should call her later.

Kim sat with Lucas, and he told her about how badly he and Brad wanted to get back to Wiley. She happily advised him to enjoy the age while it lasted, because she would give anything to relive those moments with Oscar. He apologized for his babbling, given her situation, but she insisted that she loved talking about Oscar and hearing Lucas talk about Wiley.

Lucas and Kim approached Brad and Julian at the bar, and Lucas pulled Brad back to their table. Kim had to go, as a patient was in labor, but she promised to make it up to Julian. They shared a kiss, and she left.

Alexis bumped into her therapist, Neil, as she headed toward the exit, and he hoped she wasn't leaving on his account. "It's him," she told him, pointing at Julian. Zoey approached and greeted Neil. She told him that he'd messaged her, but he looked a lot younger in his pictures, so she left. He was mortified and needed a drink, and Alexis assured him that she'd seen worse.

Later, Julian asked about Alexis' "new guy," and she finally admitted that she was seeing him. "It's not what you think," she informed him. They sat at a table, and she told him that Neil was her "new shrink." He asked how it was going. She revealed that they'd moved into "murky territory," but it was her future she was concerned about. She got up and left.

Michael approached Willow, and she joked that Chase had fled after she'd looked up a video of his Nurses Ball performance. She asked about his date, and he expressed his disappointment in not being able to find people to connect with. Chase returned with a gift bag and asked about Michael's day. "Abysmal," he replied. Not wanting to impose on their date, Michael told Chase and Willow to enjoy their evening and left. Willow opened the gift and found leather gloves, "because your fingers are always cold," Chase explained. As she put them on, she told him that she loved them, and they shared a kiss.

An orderly at Ferncliff remarked on how late "Kevin" was there as he checked "Kevin's" identification. "Kevin" replied that mental health never took a night off, and he walked off down the hall. Laura entered, and she introduced herself as the mayor, who had a clearance to visit at any time, unannounced. The orderly denied her access, but she advised him to call his superior "now," as "time is of the essence." She waited in the hall for him to do so.

Ryan entered Kevin's room and warned his brother that he'd made a big mistake in lying to Ryan. Kevin wondered how Ryan had been evading the police. Ryan commented that Kevin's hypnotherapy had been useful to him, and he updated Kevin on Lulu's "memories." He was angry that Kevin had lied about having a prenuptial agreement, because Laura had become suspicious after he'd mentioned it. "Now I have to deal with both you and Laura, and you're up first," Ryan said.

Kevin insisted that the prenup was real, and he advised Ryan to look in the safe in his office behind his accreditation. Ryan suspiciously wondered why Kevin would want to help him, but Kevin clarified that he was helping Laura get as far away from Ryan as possible. Ryan left the room, causing Laura to hide around a corner. He locked the door and walked away, and Laura took the opportunity to look through the window of the room he'd left.

In the room, Kevin faced away from the window but turned over, to Laura's shock. She knocked on the window, calling out for Kevin, and a blind Kevin tripped his way to the door, calling out to Laura. Suddenly, Laura passed out. Behind her was Ryan with a syringe.

Maxie puts her plan into action

Maxie puts her plan into action

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Drew arrived at the pier, and Jason got there moments later. Drew updated Jason on his "chat" with Shiloh, and how relieved Shiloh had seemed to be that Drew didn't want to regain his memories. He wondered if Jason had dug up anything, and Jason told Drew about his visit with Harmony in Beechers Corners. He'd observed that she'd seemed hung up on Shiloh and upset that he'd moved on without her. "Or to the city where Sam lives," Drew suggested. Jason added that he had Spinelli researching, and Drew wanted to help. He promised to keep Jason updated and left.

Carly, clad in a hospital gown, was sitting in an exam room with Sonny nearby when there was a knock on the door. Kim entered and told them that she was covering for Carly's doctor, if they were all right with it. Carly offered to reschedule, but Kim didn't think it was fair that she knew the results of Carly's test and Carly didn't. Carly wanted to know, so Kim informed Carly that she was pregnant. From the sonogram, Kim estimated that the pregnancy was about six weeks along.

A short while later, Carly was dressed, and Kim returned. She confirmed that due to Carly's age and previous history, the pregnancy would be high-risk, and the odds of a stroke could change without warning. She advised Carly to avoid stress, to sleep, and to keep a healthy diet. Sonny promised to make sure Carly took things easy. She told Carly to set up another appointment in a couple weeks, and she left. Sonny wondered about Carly's thoughts. Carly told him that she thought the baby was a blessing, and the two embraced.

Kim was looking through baby pictures of Oscar on her phone when Drew entered. She showed him the pictures, and she related how alike Oscar and Drew were. She wondered what it would have been like had they raised Oscar together, and Drew asked for her honest opinion. She thought that he would have been a wonderful father.

Michael found Kristina at Kelly's, and he remarked that it was nice to see her smile. Speaking of her smile, she wanted to talk to him about her "new direction." As they sat, she explained about how nice it was to "let go of preconceived notions and be aware of the present moment." She related that Sam and Alexis made her feel like she needed to look over her shoulder, but Michael didn't. He joked that he was "a gullible man." Kristina countered that he wasn't when it had to do with business, which was why she was asking him for help.

Kristina proposed that Michael invest in her future, and she promised to pay him back with interest. She gave him a pile of papers, which he looked through. He appreciated her well-thought-out proposal, but he told her that Sonny would gladly give her money for school. She didn't want a handout; she wanted to pay her own way. He finally agreed to lend her money on the condition that they'd get together more often. She shook his hand and proclaimed it a deal.

Outside Kelly's, Peter observed that Maxie looked pleased with herself, and she replied that she was about to find out the truth about Sasha. Peter told her that he was going to get food and visit Lulu. She decided to stop by when she was done with her "mission" so she could update him, and she walked off.

Sasha arrived outside the spa and got a text from Maxie that she was on her way. As Stella left, happy with her manicure, Sasha entered and gave her name at the front. Maxie entered a few minutes later and complimented the nail color Sasha had chosen. She added that it would look good on "short, square nails," but Sasha hadn't planned on trimming her nails. Looking closer at her nails, Sasha happily took the suggestion.

Maxie stood by and experimented with a color on her nails as Sasha got her nails started. The woman doing Sasha's nails dropped some nail clippings in the trash can, which Maxie spotted. She asked for a tissue to wipe the color off her nails, and she stealthily bent down and grabbed some nail clippings out of the trash can.

A few minutes later, Maxie and Sasha talked about Nina and Valentin's impending marriage as they both got their nails done. Maxie pointedly commented that every time Nina thought Valentin had changed, he had "another secret up his sleeve." Sasha regretted that she'd indirectly convinced Nina to marry Valentin. Maxie related that Nina was a lot like Nathan in regard to their big hearts. She hoped that everyone who loved Nina would try to protect her from people trying to use her big heart against her.

Curtis opened Lulu's door, and Margaux entered wanting to prepare Lulu for Franco's arraignment. She wanted to seat Lulu directly behind the prosecutor's table. She instructed Lulu not to react to anything at the arraignment, as she would have her chance to talk at the trial. Curtis wondered how Franco was doing, which shocked Lulu. He thought that Franco had to have had a break with reality, as it was the only motive Franco would have had for throwing away everything he'd built. Lulu shortly suggested that it was a question for Kevin. Margaux told Lulu that she'd meet Lulu at the courthouse, and she left.

Curtis divulged that he knew the process of criminal prosecution, and he gently told Lulu that, at some point, the court would wonder how she'd gotten away. She admitted that she couldn't remember, as "Kevin" had deemed her too upset to continue with the hypnotherapy. She added that she wanted to see the rest "one day," and Curtis thought she was brave. The doorbell rang, and Curtis answered the door to Peter, who carried a bouquet. Curtis decided to give them a chance to catch up, and he left.

"I have an incredible story to tell," Lulu told Peter. He handed her a new laptop and informed her that he'd convinced the police to let him clone her hard drive onto it. She wanted to get back to work, but he tried to stop her. She urged him to think like a publisher and not a friend. She thought that her story would be great for the front page, but Peter didn't think it was a good idea. She reasoned that there were plenty of people she could sell the story to if he didn't want it.

Maxie entered the house, and Lulu urged Peter to tell Maxie what was going on, so he did. "You already lost," Maxie stated to Peter. Lulu left with her laptop to go plug it in. Peter wondered if Maxie really thought Lulu writing about her ordeal was a good idea. Maxie responded that if it was too much for Lulu, she would stop. Peter accepted the answer and asked about Sasha. Maxie held up a plastic bag and identified the contents as Sasha's nail clippings. She didn't think getting Nina's DNA would be hard, and then they would find out whether or not Nina and Sasha were related. Lulu returned and demanded to talk about the couple.

Stella entered Kelly's and found Marcus, who was happy to see her, as he'd been feeling sorry for himself. She sat with him as he explained how much he and Yvonne had loved Valentine's Day, but he only felt rage at the disease. He revealed that he'd gotten candy for all the nurses and patients at the facility. She thought it was a healthy way to honor what he and Yvonne had shared, and he admitted that it had made him feel a little better.

Curtis entered, and Marcus shook his hand and thanked him for the talk about Stella. He continued that he was lucky to have her as a friend. He had to go and promised to see them soon. He complimented the color on Stella's nails, and he left, leaving Stella smiling. They agreed that it was "nice to have a friend."

A short while later, Stella was gone, and Sasha happened upon Curtis at Kelly's. He was surprised to see her there, since she'd been so reluctant to accept a mother other than the one who'd raised her. She conceded that she hadn't wanted to get too close, but Nina "dares you not to care." Curtis was glad to hear it and added that he didn't want to put Nina in a position to be hurt. "No one wants that," Sasha agreed. Curtis continued that everything about Sasha "seemed legit," and he hoped that she was as genuine as she seemed.

Shiloh was sitting in the Floating Rib when Sam entered and sat with him. He admired her loyalty to Kristina and commented that most of the people who found Dawn of Day were there because they had no support system. He apologized for his preconceived notions of Sam before he'd met her, and she replied that he, of all people, should know that people were capable of changing. He wanted to get to know her better, and he wanted her to see that he wasn't a threat to Kristina.

Shiloh wanted Sam to take a trip with him, as there was something she needed to see to understand. He wouldn't tell her where, so she didn't know if she should go. He urged her to follow her instincts, as they would help her make the correct decision.

A short while later, Sam was gone, and Shiloh spotted Margaux at the bar. He greeted her and told her that he was glad that his seminars had been resonating with her. He wondered what had led her to Dawn of Day, and she admitted that she was so desperate for a certain outcome that she'd betrayed a friend in the process. He wanted to know more, but she didn't think he would believe her.

Without mentioning names, Margaux told Shiloh about how she'd used a flash drive of important information as leverage for something the person hadn't wanted to do. He wondered what had happened to the flash drive. She answered that she'd given the flash drive to her friend, hoping he would want to look back into his past. "Maybe one day he will. I don't know, it's up to him," Margaux concluded.

At the pier, Jason's phone went off, and he saw a text from Spinelli that read, "Have found more disturbing information RE Dawn of Day. Come ASAP!!!" Sam arrived and wondered what he was doing there. "Getting air. You?" he asked. She answered that she'd lost something that she thought was there. He offered to help her look and pulled her behind a wall, and they shared a kiss.

When they pulled apart, Jason asked Sam what Shiloh had wanted. "To chat me up," Sam replied, and she told him that Shiloh wanted to take her on a trip. Jason thought it was a bad idea, but she wanted to go while Jason figured out what was next with Spinelli. He protested, but she explained that Shiloh liked to talk, so she was confident she would get all the information they needed. As a result, she was happy that they would no longer have to pretend not to be together, and she hugged him.

Franco pleads guilty

Franco pleads guilty

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Ava was unsuccessful in getting hold of "Kevin" by phone in order to go to Franco's arraignment together. Julian found her at the café and declared that he thought that Kevin had taken over Ava's life. Ava insisted that her boyfriend kept her sane and was an anchor in her life but Julian didn't think that Ava was in a position to make good decisions so soon after Kiki's death. Ava decided it was time to go, and she suggested that Julian concentrate on his own relationship with Alexis.

As Elizabeth prepared to head out to Franco's arraignment, she found Cameron sitting in a chair and doing some work. She complimented him on his recent good behavior, and Cameron admitted that he believed in Franco if she did. Elizabeth sat down and revealed that she and Franco had gotten married when she'd visited him in jail. Cameron laughed until he realized his mother wasn't joking.

Elizabeth showed Cameron her ring. Cameron confirmed that Franco was suddenly the stepfather to him and his younger brothers, and he asked Elizabeth if she was out of her mind. Elizabeth insisted that she loved Franco and wouldn't turn her back on him, but Cameron accused her of only caring about herself. He thought his mother could have waited, and they began to argue.

At General Hospital, Maxie and Peter waited in order to have a DNA comparison test run between Sasha and Nina. Maxie reminded Peter that she had obtained Sasha's nail trimmings at the salon and had gotten Nina's DNA from a coffee cup. Peter noted that they'd learn the truth, but Maxie felt that she almost didn't want to know.

Maxie explained that she felt uneasy that the truth could hurt Nina, and she wondered why Valentin would have made such a move to pretend that Sasha was Nina's daughter. Peter acknowledged that while he wasn't defending Valentin, he understood Valentin's actions in order to win back the woman he loved. He added that Nina didn't know it was a lie.

As Peter gazed at Maxie with adoring eyes, he went on to explain Valentin's motives behind being with the woman he loved. They were approached by a technician, who informed the couple that it would take ten days in order to get the results of the test. Maxie attempted to persuade the woman that it was an emergency, without any luck.

Maxie searched on her phone and located another lab that would run a test quickly, although it was a distance away. She thought she could rush off and get back in time to avoid her parents' questions. Peter revealed that he had a new sports car, and he offered to drive.

Franco was ready for his arraignment in court. Jordan asked how he was and told him she trusted he'd make the right decision. Franco noted that Elizabeth and the boys were his life, but he would do what it took.

Alexis was surprised to see Lulu out in the hallway alone. Lulu mentioned that Laura had been "tied up" and couldn't get there, but she was determined to be there for the other victims.

At Kelly's, Josslyn and Oscar sat at the counter and waited for their takeout order. Oscar opened an envelope to reveal a letter he'd received from the motor vehicle department. His request for a permit had been denied due to his medical condition. Josslyn had an idea, and she suggested they stay on course for their planned road trip.

Nina sat at a table as Valentin arrived and kissed her. He was still ecstatic over her acceptance of his marriage proposal. Nina related that he had found her daughter, who was the greatest gift. Sasha walked in and sat down at that exact moment. Nina admired Sasha's nails, and Sasha told her about her day out with Maxie. Valentin looked thoughtful. Sasha looked on awkwardly as Nina and Valentin shared a kiss.

Alexis walked in, and Nina called her over to announce her upcoming nuptials. Alexis was surprised and grudgingly wished her luck. Nina wanted to speak to Alexis about changing her will in order to include everyone. Alexis replied that she was busy and would get to it in a couple of weeks. She walked away, but Nina got up and followed her.

Back at the table, Sasha informed Valentin that she was uncomfortable, and Valentin revealed that he knew about Sasha trying to talk Nina out of marriage. Sasha admitted that she liked both Nina and Valentin, and while she saw the love between them, she could also see an unhappy ending. Valentin insisted he could "pull it off," and he told Sasha she didn't have to protect Nina from him.

At the counter, Nina offered to pay Alexis double in order to have the will completed before her wedding. Alexis thought that Nina should wait on the marriage if she had doubts, but Nina told her it was quite the opposite. She wanted to commit herself to uniting her family.

Alexis insisted that Valentin was lethal and sarcastically commented that Nina could ask her nephew Nikolas. She added to keep in mind everything that Valentin had done. Nina reminded Alexis of Julian and urged her to rush the papers. She went back to her table as Julian arrived. Sasha asked Nina and Valentin about wedding details.

Alexis was happy to see Julian, and she explained that her therapy was not about their future together, as it had sounded previously. It was more about her not making the same mistakes. Julian wished her luck and revealed that he didn't think any of their time together had been a mistake.

Laura woke up on the floor at Ferncliff and spotted Kevin lying nearby. They embraced. "Oh, that is so touching! Does anybody have a tissue?" Ryan mocked them. He announced that Kevin was blind, and he told the couple that they were in the basement. "Welcome to hell," Ryan taunted. Laura called him perverted and declared that he shouldn't have been born.

"Poor Franco," Ryan said. He admitted that he had been the one behind the killings and the attack on Lulu. "You sick son of a bitch," Laura said, adding that he was a monster. Ryan stated that he wanted Laura to call Lulu, and he would have her read from a script. Laura refused at first, pointing out that Ryan would kill her, anyway. Kevin thought that Laura should call.

Laura took the phone and called Lulu. Laura read that she had been trapped in a meeting and would call her later. She hung up quickly. "You screwed yourself," Kevin taunted Ryan. He pointed out that Ryan had had to give in to his "demented urges" and kill people instead of maintaining the status quo as Kevin. He thought that Ryan would have to go on the run.

Laura realized that Kevin was right, and she made fun of Ryan. She realized that Ryan couldn't kill them and leave their bodies at Ferncliff. She wished that Kevin could see Ryan's face. Ryan vowed that they would remain in the basement until they starved and died. He left, and Laura turned to Kevin. She told him how much she had missed him. "You have no idea," Kevin replied.

Laura assured Kevin that his blindness was curable. Kevin asked her to tell him everything from the beginning, and she told him how things had been since her return to Port Charles. She had thought something was "off" with the man she'd thought was Kevin. She was concerned for Ava and wondered if Ryan would kill her.

Kevin revealed that he'd been a prisoner since Labor Day weekend, and Laura couldn't believe it. He declared that his love and memory of Laura had kept him going, and he had been confident that she would figure things out. Laura lamented the fact that she could have rescued him months earlier on her previous trip to Ferncliff with Carly. "We're here now," Kevin said.

Laura was determined to find a way out. Kevin apologized for almost getting them killed by taunting Ryan, but Laura deemed his move "brilliant."

Josslyn and Oscar showed up at Cameron's with takeout food, and Trina arrived shortly after. Oscar revealed that he had a car he couldn't drive, and the teens sat around eating and planning a trip. Cameron noted that he had been grounded, but he agreed that he would go along. They all decided on a trip to nearby Niagara Falls.

Lulu and Elizabeth walked into the courtroom. Jordan stopped Elizabeth from getting too close to Franco, and Elizabeth reminded her that she was married to Franco. "Are you insane?" Lulu asked when she overheard the news. Elizabeth declared that she believed in her husband and knew he hadn't committed the crimes.

Scott sat down beside Franco, and Lulu accused him of orchestrating the marriage to garner sympathy. He told Lulu to go away, and both Margaux and Jordan advised Lulu that it wasn't the time for her to be carrying on. Ava found "Kevin" out in the hallway, and he explained that he'd been with a patient. Ava admitted that she really wasn't eager to go inside.

Margaux listed the charges, and Franco and Scott stood up. Franco turned to look at Jordan, and she nodded her head slightly. "Your honor, I plead guilty to all charges," Franco said. Both Elizabeth and Scott tried to correct him, and everyone else was confused. "Kevin" was happy, and Margaux and Jordan exchanged looks. Franco promised Scott that he knew what he was doing, and Scott cited a previous case that indicated that Franco needed to be mentally evaluated before sentencing. Margaux quickly accused Scott of stalling. The judge remanded Franco to Ferncliff for a psychiatric evaluation.

Franco looked at Elizabeth wordlessly. Lulu felt that something was "off," and Ava agreed with her. Ava thought they'd get the answers they needed from Ferncliff. Elizabeth walked over to Franco. "Why?" she asked. Franco replied that it was the right thing to do, and Elizabeth slapped him loudly. She removed her wedding ring, threw it on the floor, and ran out. A visibly upset Franco stooped to pick it up.

Franco is moved to Ferncliff

Franco is moved to Ferncliff

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Elizabeth returned home with a tear-streaked face. She saw a picture of her and Franco on the mantel. As she was about to slam it on the floor, the doorbell rang. She tossed it on the couch and answered the door to Drew, hugging him before he even entered the house. She invited him in and wondered what she was supposed to tell her boys and why Franco would have pleaded guilty. "What?" Cameron asked as he entered the room.

Elizabeth maintained that she believed in Franco's innocence, but Cameron thought "you've lost your mind." He went off, insisting that, by pleading guilty, Franco had basically told Elizabeth he had killed those people, and she was in a "toxic relationship with a murderer." He called his mother "sick," and Drew immediately demanded that Cameron not talk to his mother that way. Cameron spat that he was the only one who cared enough to tell Elizabeth the truth, and he stormed out of the house.

"What if he's right?" Elizabeth asked Drew of Cameron, even though her heart and her gut both told her that Franco was innocent. She hated that Franco hadn't trusted her enough to tell her what was going on, especially since they'd promised not to keep secrets anymore. "How realistic is that?" Drew countered thoughtfully, believing Franco had to have had a good reason for not keeping Elizabeth in the loop. She vowed to continue fighting for Franco. Drew reached into his pocket and pulled out her rings, hoping that she would soon put them back on. He left, and she broke down in tears.

Carly left a message for Olivia, asking for a "huge favor." She wanted to see if Olivia would take over some of Carly's meetings, as she had "a lot going on." Sonny entered and reminded Carly that they'd agreed not to tell anyone yet that she was pregnant. He instructed her on all the things she had to do to stay healthy, and Josslyn entered in the middle of it, wondering if Carly was sick. Carly promised that she was fine, and she'd just had a routine checkup. Sonny excused himself and left, and Josslyn took the opportunity to ask her mother something.

Josslyn talked about how Oscar had a car but no license, and Cameron had a license but no car. She wondered if she could go to Niagara Falls that weekend with Oscar, Cameron, and Trina. She promised they would be back before midnight, but Carly wondered if Kim had approved the trip. She realized that Josslyn had had no intention of talking to Kim, as she'd "run into her" at the hospital. Carly proposed a weekend-long trip to Niagara Falls for the young couple with her and Sonny, but Josslyn vetoed the idea.

There was a knock on the door, and Cameron entered wanting to talk to Josslyn. They went outside to talk, and Cameron told her about Franco pleading guilty and about his argument with Elizabeth. He'd needed to get out, and Josslyn could relate. She wondered if he still wanted to go to Niagara Falls. Inside the house, Carly talked to Olivia about going over the hotel's calendar.

Harmony sat with Shiloh at a café, and he was surprised to see her. She confided that she needed to warn him that "an impish fellow" had questioned her about Dawn of Day. She supposed that it was a private investigator sent by Jason, and she was determined not to let Shiloh "bring everyone down" with him. "Your arrogance will be our downfall," she added. She instructed him to leave Port Charles and stay out of Jason's way, but he thought that she needed to go back to Beechers Corners and stop worrying.

Shiloh thought that he would be fine as long as he kept Sam close to him, and he informed Harmony that he would be taking Sam to "the tower." Harmony thought he was tempting fate, but he insisted that he knew what he was doing. "I hope you do," she said, and she stormed off.

Sam and Jason met up at the pier, and he told her that he would be "tailing" her and Shiloh. He updated her about a "major incident" Spinelli had uncovered from the Beechers Corners chapter of Dawn of Day. He said that, after a heated argument with Shiloh, a follower had quit, and he'd been found dead in a nearby motel. The cause of death had been a drug overdose, and Shiloh had been the prime suspect until one of his followers had confessed to the murder. Sam correctly guessed that the confessor had been a young woman, as Shiloh clearly had a history of manipulating women.

Jason promised to follow Sam every step of the way through a GPS tracker on her phone, and he was surprised that she easily agreed. She handed her phone to him, and they shared a kiss. As he handed her phone back a few minutes later, it rang, and she answered it to Shiloh. He asked to meet her at Metro Court, and they would leave from there. He wondered if she was having second thoughts, and she denied it. She told him that she was excited to see whatever he was taking her to see, and he insisted that it would change her life.

Finn emerged from Arthur Cabot's room and announced to Anna and Robert that the doctor had been cleared for visitors. Anna bolted into the room, followed by Robert. "It's time for your quid pro quo," Anna demanded. However, Arthur still had his bandages on and wouldn't talk until he knew he had his sight back. Finn estimated that it would be another half-hour, and Anna stormed out of the room.

Finn followed Anna around the corner, and she ranted about needing to know how he'd given her a virus "long-distance." "Look at the bright side -- he was blinded, too," Finn cracked, and Anna smiled. A short while later, Dr. Cohen finished taking Arthur's bandages off, and Arthur opened his eyes. "Oh, thank God!" he exclaimed, looking around the room giddily. The doctor left, and Anna wasted no time in asking about the virus, Alex, and the DVX.

Arthur answered that Alex had been the perfect subject because she was an identical twin. He'd been studying the physical and emotional links between identical twins, and it had been especially useful that Alex's twin "worked for the enemy." Arthur concluded that he'd held up his end of the bargain, but Anna accused him of lying, as she'd never participated in any study with him. "Not willingly, but you did. You just don't remember," Arthur replied.

A stunned Ava walked up to a tearful Franco after the trial, and Jordan warned her to step back. Ava had thought that Franco had loved Kiki and would never hurt her. She walked back to "Kevin" and wondered why he was smiling. He replied that he was happy to see justice done "without the anguish of a trial." Ava thought that either Franco really didn't understand the difference between innocent and guilty, or he'd pleaded guilty to a crime he hadn't committed. He suggested that their faith in Franco had been "misplaced," and they left.

Jordan wondered how Franco was doing, and he scoffed at her. "Because of you and your stupid plan, I may have lost Elizabeth," he replied. Jordan promised that he would be exonerated, but he thought the people he loved would move on without him. Jordan promised they would prove him innocent, but she told him that it was time to go to Ferncliff for his evaluation.

Curtis entered the courtroom and checked in with Lulu "one last time" before his services were no longer needed. She confided that she'd expected to feel some kind of closure. She and Curtis stood as Jordan and an officer escorted a defeated Franco out, and Lulu had flashes of the night she was attacked. She lost her balance, and Curtis caught her.

Later, Sonny happened upon Lulu and Curtis at the hospital, and Curtis told Sonny what had happened. She insisted that she was all right, and she'd received the all-clear. She revealed that she'd gotten lightheaded because she'd had an "overwhelming feeling that something was seriously wrong." She wished she remembered how she'd survived, but Curtis assured her that it was her brain protecting her.

Robert approached and thanked Sonny for agreeing to meet. Lulu asked if the WSB had found Dante, and Sonny asked Curtis for a minute, so he walked away. Robert revealed that the WSB had tracked Dante to Ankara, Turkey, where Raj had been spotted "networking." Robert promised that they were "working on" getting Dante home, and Lulu walked away. Robert confided in Sonny that Dante had gone rogue, and the WSB was hesitant to help him and start an "international incident." Sonny was livid that the WSB was going to leave Dante "out in the cold."

Outside the courtroom, Ava told "Kevin" that Julian believed Ava was too dependent on "Kevin." She admitted her insecurity about the relationship, and "Kevin" insisted that he was "in it for the long haul." He promised to prove himself to Ava and took her hand. "Ava Jerome, will you marry me?" he asked.

When Ava got over her disbelief, she reminded "Kevin" that he was still married to Laura. She also thought that it was too soon after Kiki's death, but he wanted to live the rest of his life with her. She again mentioned that he was married to Laura, and he replied, "Not for long." She divulged that she'd never been married, and he thought she'd been waiting for the right man. "What the hell, let's do it. Let's get married," she agreed, and they shared a kiss.

Jordan arrived at Ferncliff with Franco. He received a new uniform and changed into it. He was examined, photos were taken of him, and he was put into a room. Jordan visited a short while later, and she assured him that he would only be there for a two-week-long evaluation. He reminded her that Carly knew how much could happen in a short time. She promised that the facility had gone through a "big overhaul," but if something did happen, she would make sure that Laura talked to him.

Franco related that Laura hated him, but Jordan countered that she wouldn't once she realized that Franco was innocent. Franco feared that he'd pushed Elizabeth into the killer's crosshairs and asked that Jordan put twenty-four-hour surveillance on his loved ones. Jordan couldn't, because then she would have to explain why the guards were there. She thought everyone was safe as long as the killer was focused on Franco.

Franco wondered how Jordan was so sure that the killer wouldn't just leave town and get on with his life. She answered that the killer needed a spotlight, and while Franco's incarceration would be seen as an accomplishment, he wouldn't like Franco taking credit for his "genius." Franco asked how he was supposed to steal the spotlight. "By granting a tell-all interview," she suggested.

The virus hits Jason and Drew simultaneously

The virus hits Jason and Drew simultaneously

Friday, February 22, 2019

Jason and Sam met at the pier to discuss Sam's further investigation of Shiloh. Sam admitted that she was willing to go with Shiloh in order to get him to trust her, but Jason stressed that she had to make certain that Shiloh wasn't "playing" her. Jason synchronized their phones for tracking purposes. Sam assured him that she could take care of herself and would keep her eyes open.

Ava and "Kevin" arrived at the Metro Court bar, arm in arm, and "Kevin" asked Carly for a bottle of her best Champagne in order to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. Carly asked how "Kevin's" wife felt about it. Ava called her a spoiler, and "Kevin" reminded Carly that he was getting divorced. He offered his help with future co-parenting between Carly, Sonny, and Ava. Carly warned the couple to behave, or she'd force them to leave.

Ava expressed her concern about having Carly and Sonny as enemies after "Kevin's" comment. "Well, I could just kill them," "Kevin" declared. Ava mentioned "Kevin's" wit and advised him that they weren't able to marry without the signed divorce papers. "Kevin" suggested that Ava order something to drink, and he would return. He remembered some "loose ends" that needed to be tied up.

Sam and Shiloh met at the bar, and Sam introduced Shiloh and Carly. Sam asked Shiloh where they were going, but he told her it was a surprise. He spouted off about trusting others and then being able to trust oneself. He thought that he would be able to make Sam's doubts about Dawn of Day disappear.

Jordan visited with Franco at Ferncliff. She informed him that she wanted him to brag to a reporter and include details of his grisly crimes and "manipulate the manipulator." Franco refused, and Jordan asked what he'd thought the plan would be. Franco thought he'd given Jordan time to work things out, but Jordan told him she had to get "under the skin" of the killer, who wanted credit for his crimes.

"How do you know he is just not gonna kill me?" Franco asked. Jordan handed him a burner phone but instructed him to only use it as a last resort. Franco announced that he was calling Elizabeth, but he was unable to get through. Jordan confessed that he would not be able to call anyone but her. She thought the less Elizabeth knew, the safer she'd be.

Jordan advised Franco that she would include a trusted detective in her investigation, and she thought that Franco should call his lawyer from a landline for help. Franco knew that Scott wouldn't be happy with the way things had turned out. Jordan left, and her phone buzzed. It was Franco, who was double-checking to make sure his phone worked.

Franco placed a call to Scott and told him he wanted to speak to someone from the Invader.

Down in the basement, Laura banged on the door and yelled for help. She told Kevin that she had been unable to find another way out, and their only hope was for someone to hear them. Kevin suggested they "regroup," and after some reassuring words from him, Laura agreed that it was good they were together.

Kevin apologized for their situation, but Laura reminded him that he hadn't known that Ryan was alive. Kevin admitted that he'd been having his own conversations with Laura during the time he'd been detained, but he suddenly couldn't find the right words for her. Suddenly, the door opened, and Ryan walked in.

Ryan asked how the reunion was going and taunted Kevin's lack of sight. Kevin wondered why Ryan would be taking a chance of being seen, and he and Laura wondered if Ryan's charade was falling apart. Laura thought that Ryan looked nervous. Ryan announced that he was there to finish what he'd started, and Laura gasped as Ryan removed a knife from his pocket.

Ryan quipped that it wasn't exactly a knife, but it would do the trick. He produced an envelope and opened it with his letter opener. It was the divorce papers, and he wanted Laura to sign them. "Go to hell," Laura snapped as she knocked the papers out of Ryan's hand and onto the floor. She refused to help him to hurt Ava, she added.

Ryan declared that he was armed, stronger than Kevin, and had his sight, as Kevin wanted to defend Laura. Ryan wanted Laura to cooperate, or they would "play to a bloody conclusion." He added that he could always forge Laura's signature if need be. Laura gave in and stooped onto the floor to sign the papers. Ryan handed her a pen. Afterward, Ryan looked at the papers and laughed as he left. Kevin and Laura embraced.

Kevin was happy that Laura had given in. She asked if Ryan had always been one to take things from others and destroy them. Kevin revealed that nothing in his life had been safe. Laura declared that their marriage was over, and she was worried about Ava. Kevin was confident they'd be able to get out of their prison and get married again. They shared a kiss.

Elizabeth sat in her car in the hospital parking lot without moving. Terry found her and climbed in. Elizabeth admitted that everything was not okay, and she had been certain that things would work out. She informed Terry that Franco had pleaded guilty after they'd been married. She was sure that he wasn't guilty and thought that something else was going on.

Terry admitted that she didn't know Franco very well, but she had faith in Elizabeth, who was also concerned that she and Franco wouldn't have a chance if he didn't trust her. Her own trust had never wavered. She had been sitting in the car and crying before going upstairs for her shift, but it hadn't helped. Terry thought that Elizabeth was angry, not upset, and she urged her to scream instead.

Terry kept pushing, and Elizabeth finally gave in and screamed. She admitted that she felt better and thanked Terry. The women got out of the car, and Terry offered to cover for Elizabeth like the old days. Elizabeth declined, as she thought it better to work. Terry ordered her to call if she needed a drink or to talk.

Upstairs, Drew found Curtis finishing up a phone call as he waited for Lulu. They talked about the effect of the arraignment on Lulu and the others, and Drew confessed that he thought Franco might have some other plan. Curtis agreed that something else was going on, although Jordan hadn't told him anything. He added that his hunch was that Drew's hunch was correct, even though he didn't have any specifics. Drew placed a phone call to Elizabeth and told her they needed to talk about Franco.

Sonny saw Robert near the elevator and asked for his help in locating Dante. He asked if Robert planned to leave Dante "dangling." Robert declared that it was a political issue that prevented him from helping, and he needed time. He didn't want Sonny to ruin things and alert the wrong people to Dante's involvement. Robert got onto the elevator, and Sonny called Brick for help instead.

Anna and Finn were in Cabot's hospital room where Anna disagreed with Cabot's claim that Anna had been involved in Cabot's study. Cabot maintained that Anna had never been. meant to remember, and she had been drugged and abducted in order to advance science. He challenged her to remember everything that had ever happened to her.

Cabot explained the virus that had been injected had infected his subjects. It had only recently appeared. As a hysterical Anna lunged for Cabot, Finn pulled her away and out into the hallway. He calmed her down and told her they needed to get more information on the HN-242 virus. Anna wondered about the blind Kevin, whose brother had been dead for 25 years.

Anna and Finn met with Robert. They pondered whether Kevin and Ryan might have been involved in Cabot's experiment, and they all headed back into Cabot's room. Robert advised Cabot that he did not have an immunity deal, and he expected Cabot's full cooperation. Anna asked about the purpose of the experiment.

Cabot announced that the experiment had involved transferring memories from one person to another. He deemed it a painless method to extract information, and Anna and Alexis had been in the first trial. He revealed that he had taken Alex's memories. Finn stressed that Anna didn't have any of Alex's memories, so Cabot had failed. "No, he didn't," Anna exclaimed.

Anna was agitated. She didn't have any memories, but she'd realized that Andre Maddox had taken Cabot's study and used it for his own procedure. Cabot clarified that the procedure had built on his own work, and Anna mentioned two unwilling participants.

Sonny spotted Ava at a table in Metro Court and asked Carly what she was up to. Carly revealed that Ava and Kevin had been celebrating. Sonny had news of his own. He explained that the WSB couldn't go after Dante, but Carly assumed that Sonny would take matters into his own hands.

Sonny admitted he'd called Brick, who would make arrangements to get Sonny into and out of Turkey. Carly agreed that Sonny should go and get his son.

"Kevin" returned and presented the signed divorce papers to Ava. He claimed to have found them in his office and had assumed that Laura had dropped them off. The couple raised their glasses in a toast.

Sam and Shiloh walked into a dark and abandoned lighthouse. Shiloh revealed that they were in a town called Burke Lake near Lake Ontario. He explained that he'd found the town and the tower after Afghanistan. He held out his hand, and Sam reluctantly took it. They headed up the winding staircase to the top. Shortly afterward, Jason walked in and looked around.

As Shiloh turned to open the window, Sam secretly pulled her phone from her pocket and contacted Jason in order for him to listen to her conversation. Shiloh spoke about finding the place, falling asleep, and waking up to the brilliant light of the breaking dawn. He'd realized what he'd had to do to ensure that other people saw the light.

Shiloh wanted Sam to experience the light, and he expected her to spend the night in order to see the dawn's light. Then, she would know her path. Shiloh closed the window. Sam was hesitant. She told him that sunrise would be hours away, and she had her children to think about. Shiloh noted that Sam's kids were with their grandmother, but Sam added that things were moving too fast.

Shiloh asked Sam to spend the night with him. Downstairs, Jason grabbed his gun and, slowly and quietly, headed up the stairs.

Drew got into his car in the hospital parking lot, started it up, and began to move out of his parking space. Jordan was standing nearby and was on the phone to Chase.

Drew and Jason suffered attacks at the same time. Jason had difficulty seeing, and he tumbled down the stairs noisily, landing at the bottom. Shiloh and Sam raced downstairs. Drew suddenly couldn't focus as he began to drive. He slumped over the steering wheel, and his car ran into Jordan.

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