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Kendra Lennon
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Actor History
Michelle Argyris
Other Names

Kendra Bauer


Died in car crash on December 3, 2019, while attempting to murder Alexis Davis


Life coach

Resides At


Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages

None known


Warren Bauer (father; deceased)

Melinda Bauer (mother)

Kiefer Bauer (brother; deceased)



Flings & Affairs

None known)

Crimes Committed

Poisoned Alexis Davis with thallium by placing it in Alexis' supplement powder [Oct 16, 2019]

Assault and kidnapping; clubbed Alexis in the head with a rock then abducted her [Nov 28, 2019]

Drugged Alexis with a paralytic [Dec 2, 2019]

Attempted to run Alexis over with a car [Dec 3, 2019]

Health and Vitals

Killed when her car was struck by another car [Dec 3, 2019]

Brief Character History

Kendra Lennon was a life coach who had befriended Alexis Davis when Kendra had led a workout class in the park. Alexis was eager to take charge of her life, so she started therapy and dedicated herself to living a healthier lifestyle. Kendra was happy to help her new client, and she recommended that Alexis try a health supplement in conjunction with a strict exercise program.

Kendra explained that the supplement had not been approved by the FDA, so she offered to supply Alexis with the powdered shake, which Kendra promised worked wonders because Kendra used it herself. Alexis tried the shake and liked it, so she took the powder then asked her doctor to confirm that the ingredients were safe. After Alexis was given the green light by her doctor, she incorporated the shake into her daily regimen.

However, Kendra had a secret. She was the older sister of Kiefer Bauer, the teenager that Alexis had killed in a tragic hit-and-run. Kiefer had dated Alexis' middle daughter, Kristina, but the relationship had been rocky from the start because Kiefer had been physically and mentally abusive. One night, Alexis had arrived home to find Kristina badly beaten and unconscious on the floor. Horrified, Alexis loaded her daughter into the car then raced to the hospital, but as she drove something had darted out in front of her car. Alexis assumed that it had been an animal until she had learned about Kiefer's hit-and-run.

Kendra was determined to avenge her brother's death. She put thallium in several containers of the supplement that she had given to Alexis. As Kendra had hoped, Alexis soon fell ill and was hospitalized. The doctors were stumped, and Alexis' health continued to decline until T.J. Ashford decided to test Alexis for rat poison. To everyone's surprise, Alexis had tested positive for thallium poisoning, but no one had any idea how she had gotten in contact with the substance until Alexis' boyfriend ran into her ex-husband Julian Jerome.

Julian recalled bumping into Kendra in the back of Charlie's Pub. At the time she had claimed that she had been trying to remain inconspicuous because she didn't want her clients to find out that she occasionally ate junk food. Several days later, Julian had taken a bag of trash to the Dumpster, and he had noticed several dead rats around the area. Neil Bryne suspected that Kendra might have been responsible for Alexis' poisoning, and he warned Alexis to be careful.

Later, Kendra stopped by the hospital to visit Alexis, and she offered Alexis a natural remedy that Kendra promised would help Alexis relax. Alexis played along when Kendra insisted on Alexis taking the capsule, but Alexis spit it out the minute that Kendra had left. A test of the capsule revealed it to be a harmless herb, but Alexis remained suspicious. The next time that Kendra stopped by the hospital for a visit, Alexis checked herself out then followed the young woman to the cemetery. After Kendra left, Alexis approached the grave that Kendra had been visiting.

Alexis was stunned when she saw Kiefer's headstone, but she barely had time to register the shocking revelation when Kendra walked up behind Alexis then bashed Alexis in the head with a rock. It had been a trap; Kendra had been aware that Alexis had been following her. After Kendra loaded Alexis into the car, she drove her unconscious hostage to the spot where Kiefer had died. Kendra injected Alexis with a paralytic then woke Alexis up. Alexis was unable to speak or move as Kendra revealed that she was Kiefer's older sister, and she had been away at college when her baby brother had been killed.

Kendra explained that her brother's death had destroyed her family, and she blamed Alexis for Kendra's father's breakdown and death. Kendra dragged Alexis to the middle of the road as Kendra talked about the bleak holidays that she had spent with her mother since Warren and Kiefer had died. Kendra had convinced Melinda Bauer to take a cruise over the Thanksgiving holiday because of a fateful phone call that Kendra had received from a man named Shiloh who had told Kendra that Kristina had confessed that Alexis had deliberately run Kiefer down. Kendra decided to seek justice by making certain that Alexis had met the same fate as Kiefer.

Alexis stared in abject fear as Kendra returned to the car, started the engine, then backed up the car. Kendra revved the engine several times, but a car appeared out of nowhere and crashed into Kendra's vehicle before Kendra could carry out her plan to run Alexis over. After the paralytic wore off, Alexis made her way to Kendra's car. Kendra was alive, but gravely injured. With her dying breath, Kendra warned Alexis that death would find Alexis the way that it had found Kiefer.

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