General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 2, 2019 on GH

Brad and Lucas were involved in a deadly crash with Kendra's car. Griffin Munro returned for a short visit. Peter put a hit on Andre and Franco. Willow took a pregnancy test. Valentin and Martin broke into Ava's gallery. Sam met her new cellmate -- Nelle.
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Brad and Lucas were involved in a deadly crash with Kendra's car
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Kendra puts her plan into motion

Kendra puts her plan into motion

Monday, December 2, 2019

At Anna's, Maxie was asking Andre about Franco's procedure, much to Peter's discomfort. Andre hoped that Franco would "resurface," but he said that the procedure could "spark" Drew's memories. Andre's phone went off, and he excused himself to answer it. Maxie apologized to Peter for making him uncomfortable, and she inferred that it was because of his residual guilt about his involvement in the original memory procedure. She assured him that he was nothing like his father, and she was lucky to have him. "I'm the lucky one," he replied, and they embraced.

Finn, Anna, and Violet were talking about the Thanksgiving parade when the doorbell rang. Anna let Robert into the house, and Violet cheerfully greeted him. She showed her new teddy bear to him, and Anna explained that it had been a surprise from Finn. "Your daddy's full of surprises. Just ask Anna," he said. Anna suggested that Violet teach Finn her hand-clapping game, and she yanked Robert into the next room to talk to him. She chided him for judging Finn, and she promised to let him know if she ever needed him to stick up for her with Finn.

The phone rang, and Anna gruffly answered it to Robin. She insisted that she hadn't been fighting with Robert, but Robert grabbed the phone and confirmed that they'd been fighting. A few minutes later, he hung up the phone, and he revealed that Robin had told Robert to cut Anna and Finn some slack. Anna marveled over their smart daughter. Anna's phone went off, and she announced that the wishbone was ready. She retrieved the wishbone and handed it to Finn, who let Violet take the other side. He instructed her to close her eyes and make a wish, and the two pulled. Violet won, but she hoped that Finn would also get his wish. "You are my wish," he told her, and he kissed her on the head.

At the hospital, Franco wondered if his outfit was all right for the Quartermaine Thanksgiving, and Elizabeth thought that it was. She called him generous for what he was doing for Monica and related that his sacrifice meant everything to her and her family. He wished her a happy Thanksgiving and left. Epiphany thought that Franco was brave, and Elizabeth didn't how to repay the sacrifice. Epiphany replied that "thank you" was all one could do or say for a sacrifice and that it was the day to be grateful. "I am. You have no idea," Elizabeth answered.

At the Quartermaines', Brook Lynn was taking down some of the Thanksgiving decorations when Monica entered and informed her that Olivia had been in charge of them. Brook Lynn thought it was overboard and folded up a paper turkey. Olivia entered with Ned and Leo and allowed Brook Lynn to do what she wanted. Monica couldn't believe Olivia's reaction, but Olivia just wanted to get along with Brook Lynn. Leo wondered where his favorite turkey was, so Brook Lynn put back the paper turkey that she'd taken down.

Lulu and Rocco entered, and Brook Lynn openly glared at Lulu and spat, "No family of your own to celebrate with?" Rocco wondered if Danny and Scout would be there, and Monica informed them that Jason had taken the kids to see the Rockettes. Leo was happy to have helped decorate, and Rocco talked about how much fun he'd had at the parade with Lulu and Dustin. Olivia looked upset, and Brook Lynn smirked at the news. Monica ran outside to make a phone call, and she called Epiphany to ask how fast she could get there to help Monica with something.

Olivia ushered the kids upstairs to play a game, and Brook Lynn excused herself for some air outside. Lulu followed, and Brook Lynn demanded to know if the ink had been dry on the divorce papers before Lulu had started dating the first guy who'd shown interest. Lulu informed her that Dante had asked for the divorce, and the two ladies argued. Inside, Monica warned Ned that he needed to figure out what Brook Lynn's agenda was. Olivia returned and asked where Lulu and Brook Lynn were. Ned and Monica pointed outside, and Olivia observed, "This is not good."

Lulu and Brook Lynn were still arguing about Dante when Olivia, Ned, and Monica emerged from the house just in time to hear Lulu scream that Dante had abandoned her. Lulu immediately apologized to Olivia for the statement and decided to leave. Olivia assured her that every Thanksgiving dinner involved someone saying something they wished they could take back. She hugged Lulu and went to check on dinner. Brook Lynn hurled more insults at Lulu, and Lulu shot back that Brook Lynn was "the tramp who tried to seduce my husband." Ned broke Brook Lynn and Lulu up and stated that they were family. "She is not my family," the two women said in unison. Just then, they heard Olivia scream.

Olivia returned to the living room and told everyone that their dinner was gone, and she accused Brook Lynn of taking it. Franco arrived as the women argued about the dinner, and Monica got him a drink. She remembered a short time before, when she had given Epiphany all of their food and insisted that she give it to the staff at the hospital. She smirked, and Franco wondered what there was to smile about in the disaster. Monica divulged that disaster was a Quartermaine family tradition. A short while later, Ned entered the living room with a pile of pizza boxes, and Brook Lynn stated, "First we sing, then we eat." The family sang their traditional song.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asked how the dinner in the break room had gotten there. Epiphany only replied that it was just one more thing to be grateful for that day.

Neil and Julian talked about Kendra possibly being the one who'd poisoned Alexis, and Neil wanted to call Alexis to let her know that Kendra was dangerous. He left her a voicemail warning her about Kendra. Julian divulged that he hadn't yet gotten a reply from Kristina, but Molly had said that she hadn't heard from Alexis since earlier that day. Neil called the cops, but when he got off the phone, he informed Julian that the cops wouldn't do anything until Alexis was missing for 24 hours.

Neil and Julian wondered why Kendra would target Alexis, and they read the bio on her website. Julian kept scrolling and saw that she'd graduated from Port Charles High School in 2004. Neil decided to put out the word on the PCHS alumni social media pages about Kendra, and he included a picture in case there had been a name change. Minutes later, Neil had gotten a response from someone who recognized the woman as a classmate, but her last name had been Bauer. Julian related the last name to Kiefer and updated Neil on the accident.

Michael, Josslyn, and Dev sat down to play poker, and Carly insisted that Josslyn take it easy on Dev. Sonny went outside to check on the fire as the doorbell rang. Michael answered the door and let Sasha in, and he was happy that she was there. When they returned to the living room, Dev thought he should quit while he was ahead. Josslyn whispered that he couldn't, as Sonny was upset about Mike, so they had to "make it okay for him."

Carly went outside to check on Sonny. He told her that he was thankful for what he had, but he didn't want to be "that guy" that looked around and only saw those who weren't in attendance. She insisted that he was allowed to be that guy. He needed another minute to himself, so she kissed him and went inside. She announced that dinner was almost ready, but she had a phone call to make.

Lucas promised Brad that they could get through anything if Brad was just honest. Brad admitted that he was keeping something from Lucas, but he babbled on about Liesl. Lucas yelled at Brad not to lie to his face, and he finally stated that he was "done." Brad swore that he wasn't cheating, as everything he'd done had been for their marriage. Lucas urged Brad to "be brave," but they were interrupted by Lucas' phone. He answered it to Carly, who wanted the couple over for dinner. For Sonny, she didn't want any empty seats at the table, and she begged him. "Absolutely, we'll be there," Lucas agreed.

Carly returned to her family to find that Michael and Sasha had decided to forgo the traditional Quartermaine pizza dinner and stay at Sonny and Carly's. Sasha and Dev wondered why the Quartermaines ate pizza for Thanksgiving, and Sonny and Carly talked about the Quartermaine Thanksgiving curse.

Lucas informed Brad that they were going to Carly's for dinner, but Brad didn't want to. Lucas thought that, if it was their last holiday together with Wiley, they should make it count. A few minutes later, they were in the car, and Lucas wondered if Brad hadn't actually wanted a child. He remembered that things had changed around the time they'd gotten Wiley. Brad replied that he'd wanted Wiley "too much." Lucas pressed him to be honest, so Brad blurted out that Wiley wasn't the baby they'd adopted. "He's Michael and Nelle's son," Brad shouted.

"Here we are. Your final destination," Kendra told an unconscious Alexis from the front seat. Kendra got out of the car with a syringe and got in next to Alexis. "Time to wake up, or you'll miss the holiday fun," she muttered to Alexis as she opened Alexis' coat and stabbed her with the syringe. Alexis' eyes shot wide open, but she couldn't move anything else. Kendra observed that the paralytic had worked. She wanted to explain how Alexis had destroyed Kendra's family, and she called Alexis a "murderous bitch."

Kendra talked about how she and her mother had had to move on after her father had died. She related that she'd talked her mother into a Thanksgiving cruise, and they would have a good reason for celebration. She got out of the car and dragged Alexis out of the car to the middle of the road. She talked about the call she'd received from Shiloh telling her that Alexis had run Kiefer down on purpose. She wanted to do to Alexis what Alexis had done to Kiefer, so when Alexis saw the headlights, she would know how Kiefer had felt.

Kendra returned to the driver's seat of her car and started the car. She backed up, and when she shifted into drive, she floored the gas pedal. Down the road, Lucas tried to brake, but the car wouldn't stop. Brad yelled for Lucas to look out, and the car plowed right into Kendra's.

Neil and Julian find Alexis

Neil and Julian find Alexis

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Neil and Julian deduced that Kendra had been the one to poison Alexis after blaming her for Kiefer's death. Neil wanted to call the cops, but Julian wanted to make sure that Alexis was safe first. Kristina arrived and asked about Alexis, having heard from Molly that Alexis had disappeared. Neil and Julian explained about Kendra Bauer, who Kristina had never met while dating Kiefer. Julian wondered if Alexis still had the tracking app on her phone. Kristina retrieved her phone and managed to find Alexis' location. "Now we can call the cops," Julian told Neil, and Neil said that he would call from the car. Neil promised that Alexis would be back, and he and Julian ran out of the hospital.

In bed, Curtis and Jordan couldn't believe it was already Thanksgiving, and they were happy to be celebrating their first anniversary. Curtis handed her a card for their "paper anniversary," and she opened it to find their wedding vows. They shared a kiss, happy to have made it through the challenges of the last year. He promised to get her to an island beach for their honeymoon. Just then, Jordan's phone went off, and she answered it. She listened for a few moments and stated that she was on her way.

At the hospital, Willow read through a pamphlet about being a first-time mom, and she thought about her conversation with Sasha about being pregnant. Chase entered and handed her a container with a turkey sandwich. She hugged him, and he wondered if she was all right. She replied that she was feeling emotional after seeing how sick some of the kids at the hospital's Thanksgiving celebration were. Chase knew that she would be a terrific mother one day, and she echoed the sentiment about him as a father. He enjoyed being an uncle and worried that he would be a pushover as a father.

Just then, Chase's phone went off, and he answered it to the PCPD. He said that he would be on his way and hung up. Willow told him to be careful, and he left. Willow took her phone out and called Sasha about her situation. She told Sasha where she was and put the phone down after Sasha hung up the phone. A short while later, Willow was reading the pamphlet when Sasha arrived. Willow called herself a coward, which Sasha refuted, but Willow thought that having a baby at that point in her and Chase's relationship would be a disaster.

Sasha took Willow's hand and insisted that she had more support than she knew. Sasha handed a pregnancy test to Willow and instructed her to take it so she could know for sure. If Willow was pregnant, Sasha reasoned that the baby's father was a good man who would rearrange his life to make things work. Willow advised Sasha not to leave, and Willow walked off to take the test. Willow returned a short while later, and Sasha asked what the results of the test were.

Carly divulged to Sonny that the kids were asleep, and Dev and Josslyn had gone out with friends. Sonny was happy to be alone with Carly, but the doorbell interrupted them. Carly assumed it was Brad and Lucas, but she opened the door to Jax. She revealed that he'd just missed Josslyn, but she invited him in for pie and coffee. She left the room to get the dessert, and Sonny revealed that Carly had told him the "whole story." He continued that Jax's secret was safe with Sonny just like Dev's secret was safe with Jax. "What do you think you know?" Jax asked.

Sonny replied that he knew that Jax didn't want Josslyn to live with Jax because of a "houseguest." Carly returned and quickly told Sonny that Jax's personal life was none of their business. Sonny countered that it was their business because it impacted Josslyn. Sonny's phone rang, and he answered it to Kristina. She told him that she was fine, but she was at the hospital and needed to see him. He promised to be right there and hung up. He relayed the conversation to Carly and left.

Carly warned Jax against antagonizing Sonny, especially when Jax had a huge secret. She believed that Sonny would turn Nikolas in if Sonny found out about him, but Jax disagreed, since Nikolas was Spencer's father. Carly countered that Sonny would love to have Jax deported again and not get blamed for it. She stated that Josslyn needed Jax in Port Charles, and he would be ripping apart Josslyn's life and family. She urged him to wrap things up with Nikolas soon, whether he turned Nikolas in or kicked him out. "Get it over with," she concluded.

As Kendra drove toward Alexis, Lucas yelled that the brakes weren't working, and they crashed right into Kendra's car. Moments later, Alexis began to move and looked at the wreckage around her. She crawled to Kendra's car and was able to get to her feet, leaning against it. She went to the driver's side of the car and felt for Kendra's pulse. Kendra suddenly opened her eyes and grabbed Alexis' wrist. "It isn't over," Kendra muttered, and she passed out.

Alexis saw a car approaching and flagged it down, and it happened to be Neil and Julian. Julian checked on Kendra as Alexis told Neil the entire story. Julian realized that Kendra had no pulse, and Neil went to call an ambulance. Julian assured Alexis that everything was over, and he asked what had happened. When Alexis was done telling her story, he figured that he should check on the people in the other car. Neil returned to Alexis as the ambulance approached.

A short while later, Chase arrived when Neil was in the middle of explaining to the EMTs what had happened to Alexis. Neil told Chase that he could take statements at the hospital, as Alexis needed to get checked out. He informed Chase that Kendra appeared to be dead, but he wasn't sure about the people in the other car. Neil helped Alexis to the ambulance, and Chase and an EMT went to check on Kendra. They confirmed that she was dead. Jordan arrived; Chase updated her, and she asked about the people in the other car.

Julian checked out the car and noticed an unconscious Brad in the passenger seat. "Sorry, Brad, you forced my hand," Julian muttered. He was glad that Brad had been able to save Alexis. He shined a flashlight in the car and caught sight of an unconscious Lucas in the driver's seat. He yelled that Lucas wasn't supposed to have been in the car, and he tried to break the window open to wake Lucas up. He ran to Jordan and begged her to get Lucas out of the car.

Later, Jordan looked around the crime scene with an officer as another officer put up crime scene tape. Considering the angle of impact and the damage, she knew that Lucas had been going fast until he'd T-boned Kendra. She wondered why there were no skid marks on the road.

Sonny found Kristina at the hospital, and she told Sonny the entire story. She started with Alexis accidentally hitting and killing Kiefer, and concluded with Neil and Julian running off to find Alexis. Kristina confessed that she believed Kendra had decided to go after Alexis after so much time because of the lie in Kristina's Dawn of Day pledge. Sonny advised Kristina that she could regret a lie, but she couldn't control the actions of anyone else, so it wasn't her fault.

Alexis arrived in a wheelchair being pushed by Neil, and she assured Kristina that Kendra was dead. Kristina hugged her mother, and she expressed how sorry she was for Kendra going after Alexis. Alexis agreed with Sonny's sentiments and insisted that it hadn't been Kristina's fault. Neil wanted to get Alexis checked in, so he wheeled her away. Kristina thanked Sonny for keeping her company, embraced him, and followed Alexis and Neil.

Curtis arrived at the hospital and asked Sonny how Alexis was doing. Sonny revealed that she would be all right, and Curtis promised to let Jordan know. Curtis wanted advice from Sonny, and he asked how he and Carly made their relationship work so well. Sonny admitted that, after so many years, the relationship was still a work in progress. He added that they always had each other's backs and that communication and not keeping secrets were important. He believed that secrets, no matter what the motive was for keeping them, always created distance.

In an exam room with Kristina and Neil, Alexis joked that she'd thought she was done with the hospital. Kristina apologized again, but Alexis assured her that it was over. Kristina thought that they were due for a vacation, but just not a road trip. Alexis wanted to know who the people in the other car had been and if they were all right, as they'd saved her life.

Julian arrived at the hospital and demanded that Chase tell him what room Lucas was in. Chase revealed that Lucas was still in surgery, and Brad was in a trauma room. Julian was more concerned with his son, and Chase divulged that most of the damage had been on the driver's side of the car. Chase promised to get to the bottom of the accident, as it had been the only thing to save Alexis' life.

 Nikolas obtains information from Ava

Nikolas obtains information from Ava

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

At Carly's house, Jax insisted that he had put Nikolas "on notice" and would be "cutting him loose" if Nikolas did not find Helena's portrait by New Year's Eve. He promised to be more tactful around Sonny. Carly was not happy with keeping Jax's secret. She admitted that she didn't know how she would react in Laura's presence, knowing that Nikolas was alive. Michael arrived and mentioned that he'd taught Dev how to skate. Laura stated that she was still waiting for Brad and Lucas to arrive.

Jax received a phone call and agreed to meet someone. Carly teased both Michael and Jax about cleaning up after Thanksgiving dinner, even though Jax hadn't been a guest. Jax kissed Carly and left, and Michael went upstairs to check on the kids. Carly received a call from Bobbie, who summoned her to the hospital.

At the home he shared with Anna, Finn sat on the sofa and reread Hayden's goodbye letter. Anna descended the stairs and asked if he'd found any clues, but Finn admitted he was still trying to process everything. Anna mentioned that Violet had stored her part of the wishbone next to her bed, and Finn declared that Violet was his responsibility. He admitted he felt guilty.

Anna reminded Finn that she had lots of experience with little girls and would be fine looking after Violet until she was a teenager. Finn perked up after hearing imaginary sounds, and Anna teased him. He stated that he had to tell Violet that her mother was gone, but he appreciated Robert trying to help find Hayden.

Finn continued to pace the living room and insisted it was helping. Anna offered to get Roxy from upstairs, but Finn stressed that Roxy was for stress, while he was feeling angry and frustrated. The doorbell sounded, and it was Jax. Finn demanded to know what Jax had gotten Hayden involved in, because she had left town.

Jax was confused, and Finn told him that Hayden had confided that she was in trouble. He wanted Jax to provide answers. Jax insisted that he wasn't familiar with anything that Hayden had been involved with, and they had only worked together at Aurora. Finn was certain that Hayden had had a "side project," and Anna was convinced that Jax had had one, as well.

Jax offered to check the Aurora office for anything that Hayden might have left behind. He assumed that Hayden had believed she'd been in danger if she'd left her daughter behind. He left the house, and both Finn and Anna agreed that Jax had been lying.

Later, Finn walked down the stairs after checking on Violet. Anna teased him for the numerous times he'd performed the same act, and he admitted he couldn't help it. He was suddenly a single father. Anna promised that she wasn't going anywhere.

At Shadybrook, Nikolas paid off a nurse to slip Ava a couple of pills that he had provided. He assured her they were safe. Inside her room, Ava lamented the fact that she'd had no visitors for Thanksgiving, not even Julian. There was a knock at the door, but it was only the nurse with Ava's medication. Ava noticed that the pills were not her usual, and the nurse assured her they were just a different brand and would make her feel better.

Ava sat on the floor and recalled that it was the anniversary of Kiki's death. She got up slowly and, feeling dizzy, made her way to the bed. She lay down and suddenly heard a voice. It was Nikolas, and he called out to her. She turned around and saw him standing by the bed.

Nikolas assured Ava that he was really there, but he was dead. He clarified that he wasn't really there but was in hell because of Ava. He drew closer. Ava insisted that Valentin had done it, but Nikolas declared that he was trapped because of Ava and had no peace. Ava was sorry, and Nikolas ordered her to make amends. Ava put her hands up in front of her face in order to block Nikolas from her view.

Nikolas sat on the bed. He said that he'd thought they'd been friends who had understood each other. She had been there when he'd died, but he didn't blame her. He said that Spencer had needed Ava, and she began to scream. She knew what she had done. Nikolas accused her of betraying him by choosing her own beauty over him. Ava promised to make it up to him.

Ava walked around the room, and Nikolas followed her. He told her not to allow Valentin to win, and Ava agreed. Nikolas asked about Helena's portrait, but Ava proceeded to whine about the "wave" that had hit her after Nikolas had died. She'd proceeded to lose Morgan, Griffin, Kiki, and Ryan, who hadn't been real. She fell to the floor, crying. She made it clear that Ryan was the one who belonged in hell, not Nikolas.

Nikolas urged Ava to think of Spencer. He added that the portrait could "right the wrong." Ava insisted she'd do anything for Kiki and Avery, and she knew that Nikolas would do the same for Spencer. She knew that Kiki would never forgive her. Nikolas confessed that he'd seen Kiki, and she was right there with him and suffering because of Ava. "A murdered soul can never rest," Nikolas maintained.

Ava grew hysterical and tried to crawl away from Nikolas. He continued to follow her. He asked if the painting had been sold. Nikolas helped Ava up. He told her that she could still help Kiki and Spencer, and they would all be able to rest. Ava begged him to help Kiki, and she cried that she hadn't meant the things she'd said to her daughter, who had been good, sweet, and pure.

Nikolas lost his patience and again asked where the portrait was. Ava asked if he would forgive her, but she began to slur her words and drift off to sleep. She told Nikolas the painting was at the gallery. Nikolas helped her to lie down and thanked her. He ordered her not to tell anyone about seeing him because it was between friends. He promised to tell Kiki. Ava called out to him several times, but Nikolas was gone.

"No more ghosts," Nina muttered in her sleep. Nikolas' ring lay on the floor under the bed.

Valentin and Nina sat at a table at Metro Court and toasted each other with drinks. Nina was proud of Valentin for allowing Charlotte to stay with Lulu on a night that belonged to him for custody. She revealed that she had invited both Laura and Jax to their wedding. Valentin frowned but said he was okay with it.

Valentin had a revelation of his own. He told Nina about Jax and Laura working together to retrieve Helena's portrait that possibly contained the codicil. If it existed, he would lose everything to Spencer. It could be fake, but he wasn't sure -- and he had to be the one to get it first if it existed. Valentin didn't know how Ava had gotten her hands on the portrait, and he was certain she would start a "bidding war" for it.

Nina thanked Valentin for being honest. He admitted he had a "lifetime of bad habits," but he was trying. Nina assured him they were in it together. Just then, Jax arrived, and he grabbed Valentin's arm and pulled him from his chair. Jax manhandled Valentin and grabbed his jacket. "What the hell have you done with Hayden?" Jax demanded.

Nina rushed to the men and got them to separate. Valentin insisted he didn't know anything about Hayden's whereabouts, but Jax declared that he was aware that Valentin had threatened her. Valentin accused Jax of working with Hayden to steal his estate.

Jax stepped aside and phoned Nikolas. He informed him about Hayden, and he stated that things were out of control. Nikolas announced that he knew where the painting was, and he was on his way to Ava's gallery. Jax demanded that Nikolas meet with him right away, or he would go to the police. He added that he wasn't bluffing.

Nina reminded Valentin that she had defended him with Jax, and she wanted the truth. Valentin insisted that he had wanted information from Hayden, but he hadn't sent her away. Nina agreed that that sounded like Valentin, and he appreciated it. He wanted to get to the gallery right away. He rose and leaned down to kiss the top of Nina's head. After he left, Nina phoned Shadybrook and asked if it was too late for her to visit.

At General Hospital, Willow told Sasha that she'd taken the pregnancy test. Before she could divulge the results, Chase showed up and told Willow that Wiley was safe. He revealed that Brad and Lucas had been in a car accident. Carly arrived, and Chase updated her on the details he knew about the accident and the kidnapping involving Alexis and Kendra. He told her that Kendra was dead.

Brad lay unconscious in his room and connected to tubes. Julian walked in and declared that it was supposed to have been Brad, not Lucas. A nurse arrived and asked Julian to leave. Bobbie stepped off the elevator, and she and Julian joined Carly. Willow asked if she could wait with them. Brad dreamed of his conversation with Lucas in the car at the point that Brad had announced the truth about Wiley.

Julian sat down in the waiting area, and Carly told Willow how she'd hated Julian and Ava because of what they'd done to Morgan. She guessed she'd gotten her wish for them to suffer. The doctor arrived with an update. Lucas was out of surgery and critical but stable. He'd had swelling on his brain, and they'd relieved the pressure. Lucas was in an induced coma until the swelling was down and would eventually be moved to the ICU.

Brad awoke and found Willow and Chase by his side. Brad admitted his head hurt, and Chase informed him he had a concussion and bruised ribs. Willow updated him on Lucas, and Brad was desperate to be with his husband. Willow rushed out to find a doctor, and Chase asked what had happened. Brad recounted the accident as he recalled it and remarked that Lucas had stepped on the brakes, but the car hadn't slowed down. He didn't understand it.

Carly and Bobbie looked in on Lucas. Bobbie admitted she knew too much regarding statistics for similar cases. Julian declared that he didn't care if Lucas hated him, but he just wanted Lucas to be all right. A nurse announced that two people could go inside the room, and Bobbie went first. Carly urged Julian to go, but he only stood by the door. Bobbie went to her unconscious son, who was hooked up to a multitude of monitors and tubes. "How did this happen?" she asked.

Bobbie sat down by the bed and spoke to Lucas quietly. Julian stepped outside and urged Carly to go inside instead. Carly sat, too, and she spoke to her brother. She demanded he rally, and Bobbie added that there were three generations of women he would have to answer to. They wanted him to wake up.

Eventually, Bobbie asked Julian to sit with Lucas while she went to check on Brad. She urged him to talk to his son. "Look what I've done," Julian uttered. He'd made a mess, and he was sorry. He added that Lucas was supposed to have been at work, and Brad was the one who was supposed to have been in the car. He had been trying to protect Lucas, and Lucas was being punished for his sins. He wanted forgiveness.

Bobbie pushed Brad into Lucas' room in a wheelchair and overheard Julian ask for forgiveness. Julian snapped that he had referred to the time he'd wasted, and he regretted it. He left the room. Brad assured Lucas he'd wait there until Lucas woke up.

Carly phoned Michael to update him, and she told him how glad she was that he had phoned Sasha. Julian was adamant that Lucas hadn't deserved what had happened, but Carly was convinced that everything would be okay.

Michael asked Sasha to keep him company, and she complied. Michael was hopeful that everything would work out because Wiley could lose both of his fathers. Shortly after, Wiley was sitting on the sofa between Sasha and Michael. Sasha went to the kitchen to get some ice cream and returned shortly afterward with a tray full of snacks.

Sasha noted that she'd heard from Willow that Brad was awake, and Michael stated that he'd heard from Carly about Lucas. Michael told Wiley he'd always have a family. Shortly after, Michael answered the door with Wiley in his arms. It was Willow, and she admitted that she couldn't stay away. Wiley laughed.

Nina finds Nikolas' ring at Shadybrook

Nina finds Nikolas' ring at Shadybrook

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Jax was relieved after Nikolas finally showed up at the pier. Jax announced that he was "pulling the plug" on their operation because Hayden had been in danger and had left town. Nikolas declared that Hayden was always dramatic, but Jax pointed out that Hayden had left her child behind. Nikolas felt they couldn't quit because they were close to taking Valentin down, and Hayden would be out of danger soon enough.

Jax was adamant that he had only joined forces with Nikolas in order to make things right for Spencer, but he had already compromised relationships with friends and Josslyn. He couldn't be responsible for Violet being without Hayden, too. Nikolas confessed that Hayden wasn't really in danger. "Son of a bitch! You did this?" Jax asked angrily.

Nikolas admitted that he'd overheard Valentin make Hayden an offer while threatening her at the same time. She had managed to run out when she and Valentin had been interrupted, and Nikolas had convinced her to leave by staging an "incident." Jax was incredulous, but Nikolas explained that Hayden leaving her daughter was a good thing. Sarcastically, Jax snapped that Nikolas was supposed to be the "good Cassadine."

Nikolas wanted to get to the gallery to search for the painting, and he reminded Jax that Jax had given him until New Year's Eve. He stated that Ava still had the portrait, and he could get the codicil and get Hayden home. He asked Jax to hold off, and Jax reluctantly agreed.

Martin and Valentin broke into Ava's art gallery in order to search for Helena's portrait. Martin wondered how he'd managed to let Valentin talk him into committing the crime because he wasn't a thief but an attorney. "Same thing," Valentin snapped. He handed Martin a pair of gloves and ordered him to start searching.

As Martin and Valentin searched with flashlights in hand, Valentin criticized the fact that they would leave evidence behind with Martin's sloppiness in looking through the artwork. Martin was still angry at being recruited, but Valentin told him that he was "essential." Valentin decided to try to crack open the safe. Martin expressed his views on a painting, which caused Valentin to tell him to shut up.

By the time Valentin managed to get the safe opened, he and Martin heard a noise. It sounded as though someone had opened the door. They hid, and a hooded and masked figure dressed in black entered the room. Valentin pulled his gun and grabbed the man. He ordered the man to remove his mask, but instead, a tussle ensued as Martin cowered nearby.

The man overpowered Valentin by punching him several times and managed to flee. "Who was that masked man?" Martin asked. Valentin was angry that Martin hadn't grabbed the gun, but Martin reiterated that he was a lawyer and not a random burglar. Valentin thought there was something familiar about the man.

Nina arrived at Shadybrook and was annoyed when the nurse told her she couldn't visit with Ava. Nina emphasized that she had called earlier to check and had been told it would be okay to stop by. The nurse replied that Ava had "taken a turn," but Nina suggested that a visitor might help the patient out. The nurse relented, and Nina knocked on Ava's door. She found Ava sitting on the floor and leaning against her bed.

Nina offered to sit on the floor next to Ava, who muttered, "No more ghosts." Nina assured her she wasn't a ghost, and she held out her hands for Ava to see. Ava proceeded to go off; she said she'd been selfish and betrayed "him," and "he" had haunted her. "He" wouldn't let her rest until she paid, and "he" had told her he was in hell with Kiki. Nina asked who Ava had referred to, and she told Ava that those things had been lies. She asked if Ava believed that Kiki belonged in hell.

Ava began to cry, and she told Nina that Nikolas had said those things. Nina wondered what kind of medicine Ava was on. Ava told her that she had been taking little white pills, but they had been orange the previous time. She couldn't sleep because Nikolas and sometimes Kiki showed up, although Kiki had grown faint. She added that the ghosts wouldn't forgive her, but she'd given Nikolas what he'd wanted.

Nina helped Ava up onto the bed as the nurse walked into the room and informed Nina that visiting hours were over. Nina demanded to know about Nina's medicine. "She's hallucinating dead people," Nina retorted. The nurse wouldn't discuss it but agreed to give Nina a few more moments. She left, and Nina sat on the bed with Ava and said she had to leave. She admitted that the reason she had visited was because she'd had an art question, but it could wait.

Ava grew hysterical and begged Nina not to leave. She said that the ghosts wouldn't visit if Nina stayed. Nina made it clear that the ghosts weren't real, and she would check on Ava's medicine. She would even talk to Laura about it. Ava was agreeable and pointed out that Laura could get Nikolas to stop. She maintained that she was calm.

Nina stooped down to retrieve her belongings from the floor, but she spotted something else. "What the hell is this?" Nina asked. It was the ring with the Cassadine crest, and she realized that Valentin had a similar tattoo on his arm. Ava noted that Nikolas had had a similar ring, and Nina announced that she wanted to hear more about what Nikolas had wanted.

Ava revealed that Nikolas' ghost had wanted to know the whereabouts of Helena's portrait. Emphatically, Nina declared that she didn't think Ava had seen a ghost. Nikolas was alive and had been tormenting Ava to get what he wanted. Nina sat and put her arm around Ava, who laid her head on Nina's shoulder.

Nina suggested that she and Ava form an "unholy alliance" and join forces. She was tired of the Cassadine men and their mind games. "No more ghosts," Ava uttered. "Damn right, Ava!" Nina exclaimed, insisting, "No more."

Sam was taken into a new cell at Pentonville and found that Nelle would be her roommate. Both of the women were unhappy, and Sam noted that she would soon have her parole hearing. They proceeded to taunt each other, but Nelle thought it was time to "catch up."

Nelle noted that Shiloh had loved to talk about Sam and had cited their "romantic destiny." Sam laughed. "In his dreams," she said sarcastically. As Sam began to make up her top bunk, Nelle recounted how Shiloh had fallen for Sam, but Sam had killed him. Sam loved Jason, who had killed lots of people, but Nelle assumed that was okay because Jason had been paid.

Sam countered that a boring cell life had led Nelle to a fantasy life. Nelle sat on her lower bunk and jabbed at Sam more than once, causing Sam to order her to stop. Nelle insisted she wouldn't be there much longer, although Sam pointed out that no one would get Nelle out because no one wanted her home. Sam climbed up to her bunk and lay down.

Nelle wondered how Sam had handled Carly because Jason was Carly's best friend. Carly had been overbearing between Nelle and Michael. Sam made it known that she and Carly shared how happy they were that Michael was falling in love with Sasha, but Nelle claimed she had moved on to a "deep and lasting connection" that would eventually change her life.

Sam called Nelle insane and wondered why she would want to get out of jail after trying to kill Michael, who was the son of an alleged crime lord. She taunted Nelle again, but Nelle only replied that "good things come to those who wait." Nelle affirmed that she was patient.

At the Corinthos house, Sasha asked a newly arrived Willow about the scene at the hospital. Willow admitted that it was "tense, especially around Julian." Sasha offered to get some coffee, and she headed to the kitchen. Michael took Wiley upstairs to bed and bounded downstairs again, still holding onto Wiley's toy.

Michael ran back upstairs, and Willow and Sasha made fun of him. Sasha asked Willow about her pregnancy test, and Willow revealed that the test had been negative. She called it the "preferred outcome." The women hugged.

At the hospital, Julian and Bobbie looked through the window into Lucas' room where Brad remained by Lucas' bedside. They talked about how it could have taken mere seconds for there to be a change in what had happened at the scene of the accident. In the hallway, Sonny and Carly pondered the same thought.

Chase arrived, and Carly asked if there was any news on the accident investigation. Carly quickly called out to Bobbie to listen, but Chase admitted there had been nothing conclusive in the preliminary investigation. The car had been badly damaged. Brad had mentioned a problem with the brakes. Julian hovered nearby, and Chase left the group. Carly and Bobbie consoled each other.

Julian continued to keep an eye on Lucas. Epiphany assured him that Lucas was getting great care. Julian inquired about the ventilator, and Epiphany explained that it was supporting Lucas' effort to breathe. Julian hadn't thought he would ever see such a sight involving his son.

Shortly after, Brad argued with Epiphany, who wheeled him out of Lucas' room in order for the doctors to tend to Lucas. Brad refused to rest, and Epiphany was angry with him. Brad insisted the accident had been his fault because he should have been the one driving. They walked past Lucas' family, and Sonny asked Brad why Lucas had been driving Brad's car. Brad replied that they had been fighting, and Brad had been upset.

Sonny and Carly told Brad to rest, and they would get to him as soon as they heard anything. Brad was informed that Wiley was with Michael, who loved him. Sonny eyed Brad's reaction suspiciously.

Bobbie and Julian continued to watch Lucas. They admitted they would rather it be anyone else, but they would have to wait. Julian offered to give Bobbie privacy, but she stopped him from leaving. She was aware that he had tried to do the right thing by Lucas, and Lucas had accepted him. Lucas would need the love from all of them to make it through. She added that she and Julian were getting along, and their son would have wanted that.

Chase showed up at the Corinthos house and stated that he was just checking in. He asked Willow to step out to talk. Willow admitted that it helped her to be around Wiley, and Chase confessed that he was just being the dutiful boyfriend by checking on her. He'd realized that she'd had something on her mind earlier.

Willow admitted her issue could wait because presently it was all about Lucas. Chase kissed her goodbye and stepped back into the living room to say goodbye to Michael and Sasha. Michael wanted to have a word first, and he asked about the accident reports. Chase told him the brakes couldn't be checked because they had been too damaged. He was hopeful that forensics would find something. Michael wondered if the brakes had been tampered with. Chase replied that the report had been inconclusive, but Chase would let him know if he heard anything.

Michael announced that Carly had arranged for Metro Court to prepare food for the hospital staff. Sasha offered to pick it up so she could feel useful. Michael kissed her and let her know that she'd been good company. Just then, the sound of Wiley crying was heard over the baby monitor, and Willow offered to check on him.

Back at the hospital, Carly declared to Sonny that she was glad Wiley was too young to understand what was happening. Bobbie and Julian joined them, and Carly told them all about the food. She had to get home to feed Donna, but Sonny offered to go in her place. On his way out, Sonny informed Julian that it would be okay for him to visit with Wiley.

Brad continued to argue with Epiphany over rest. He insisted he'd had a "power nap," and he intended to stay with Lucas. He indicated that if Lucas awoke because of his shouting, it would be a good thing. Bobbie told Carly that Lucas' ventilator would be removed in order to see if he could breathe on his own. She mentioned the silence that occurred before the first breath.

"Control is an illusion," Bobbie stated simply. They needed to live life the best they could because so much was out of their hands. Carly, Bobbie, and Brad looked through the window at Lucas. Brad confessed that he couldn't cope without Lucas. Bobbie maintained that while she'd seen several losses in the hospital, she'd seen many more miracles. She admitted that she'd never hoped to be in that situation in the hospital again after B.J.

Chase paid a visit to Sam at Pentonville. While Nelle attempted to flirt, Chase wasn't happy to have to speak in front of her. He told Sam about the accident and the fact that Lucas was on life support. Nelle tried to ask questions, especially about Wiley, but the other two wanted her to mind her own business. Chase noted that Wiley was with Michael.

Sonny returned home and sat on the sofa, feeding Donna her bottle. He was joined by Willow and Michael, and when someone showed up at the front door, Sonny told them that he had invited the guest. It was Julian.

Michael went upstairs to retrieve Wiley, and he handed the little boy to Julian, who told his grandson not to worry. He would take care of everything, and Wiley would be with him forever.

Jax sat at the bar at Metro Court and left Hayden a voicemail. He told her to get home because there was no threat, and she would be safe. Sasha arrived to pick up the food for the hospital. She asked Jax how Nina was doing, but Jax was more interested in why Sasha continued to help Valentin because it was wrong to lie to Nina. Sasha insisted she had acted alone, and Jax told her she still had a chance to make things right. He said she was either na´ve or desperate.

Nikolas, dressed in black, tried to catch his breath as he returned to the pier.

Griffin Munro returns

Griffin Munro returns

Friday, December 6, 2019

Willow sat at a table at home, working on a crossword puzzle, when Chase picked her up and tossed her onto the sofa. He began to tickle her and agreed to stop if they could talk. Both sat on the sofa in their pajamas, and Chase declared that he believed that Willow had had something "weighing" on her recently.

Willow admitted her problem was over, even though she wasn't certain that it would have been a problem. She stated that everything was fine, but they needed to figure out whether they wanted kids. She proceeded to tell Chase that she'd thought she'd been pregnant until she'd taken a test. "Oh, wow," Chase replied. He asked why she hadn't told him.

Willow said that the subject of kids had never been discussed. Chase grabbed her hands and admitted that he felt both relief and disappointment that she wasn't pregnant. He knew that Willow would be a great mother; having a child would be "incredible" one day, but they weren't ready yet. He also thought they'd be lucky if it did happen.

Willow agreed that she had mixed feelings, too. It wasn't the right time but would be a happy accident if it happened. She admitted that she was more ready to be a mother than she'd thought. Chase stated that things had suddenly gotten "real," and he was happy they were being honest. Willow wasn't sure if she just had a longing for Wiley, and she didn't want a baby to fill the void.

Chase told Willow he loved her and that she was a good person. He thought she would make a great mom, and he wanted to have kids with her. He thought they should be more settled, and he wanted to enjoy the place in life where they were. Willow agreed, and they shared a kiss.

Peter stopped to make a phone call on his way to Maxie's. He told someone to make certain Franco's procedure was stopped. In the apartment, Maxie played with James and told him that Peter was moving in. She added that she loved Peter with all her heart.

There was a knock on the door, and Maxie picked up James and opened the door. It was Peter, and she told him he didn't have to knock if he was going to live there, too. She handed James over to him.

At General Hospital, Sonny encountered Jason in the hallway. Jason mentioned that it was the day for Sam's parole hearing, and he couldn't go anywhere near it. He noted that he missed Sam every day, and Danny was being brave. Sonny urged Jason to wait patiently in order for everything to be "done clean." Jason admitted he'd made mistakes with Shiloh, but he had to take action.

Finn and Violet passed by Elizabeth on the phone, and he stopped to ask if she had been talking to Hayden. Elizabeth told him she hadn't spoken to Hayden and had no idea where she had gone. She would let Finn know if she heard anything. Finn admitted he didn't want to mess things up, and Elizabeth assured him that Hayden had faith in him if she'd left Violet in his care.

Carly thanked Griffin for showing up at her request. She told him that Bobbie trusted him. Sonny joined them, and he and Griffin shook hands. Griffin explained that he'd been working for an organization that served people in rural areas without medical care. Sonny appreciated Griffin returning to town to check on Lucas, and Griffin noted that he would look at Lucas' tests.

Peter showed up and saw Elizabeth. He told her he'd heard about Franco's upcoming procedure, and he wanted to apologize for starting everything. Elizabeth was confused, and Peter admitted that he had been present when Andre had first created the memory map. Peter could have made different choices that would have prevented Elizabeth from being in her situation.

As they waited for Griffin, Carly told Sonny that she would have begged Patrick to return if Griffin had been unable to. She stressed that they didn't know Lucas' doctor. Griffin returned after examining Lucas, and he revealed that Lucas' condition was extremely serious. There was some brain function, especially associated with pain, but there had been severe damage. They were in the "wait and see" stage, but Lucas had received the best treatment possible.

Carly went off to get Bobbie, and Griffin asked Sonny about Mike. Sonny admitted that his father had "slipped." He wondered if Griffin might look at Mike's lab tests. Carly returned and announced that Bobbie was relieved to hear about Lucas' prognosis. Carly was also happy that Sonny had asked Griffin to look at Mike's records.

Ned found Franco out on the patio at the Quartermaine house. Franco confessed that he was working on the treehouse because there wasn't a lot of time left. Ned thought he was kind to finish it, and Franco admitted that it was one of the last things he could do as Drew and for Drew. Ned received a phone call and spoke to Lois. He asked what was going on with Brook Lynn.

Inside the house, Brook Lynn tried to reach Lucas on the phone. Monica found her, and Brook Lynn revealed that she'd figured out by process of elimination that Monica was the only person who could have stolen the Thanksgiving dinner. She wondered why. Monica explained that she'd wanted Drew to experience the typical Quartermaine Thanksgiving, which consisted of pizza and conflict.

Olivia walked into the room and apologized to Brook Lynn. She'd run into Epiphany, who had thanked her for the Thanksgiving dinner donated to the hospital, and she'd realized that Brook Lynn couldn't have been the one to steal the dinner. Brook Lynn contradicted her and admitted that she had, in fact, stolen the food. She claimed to have missed the Quartermaine tradition, and she'd thought about the poor doctors at the hospital.

Brook Lynn said she had no regrets, and the fighting had been a tradition, as well. Olivia confessed that she couldn't argue, but she wished that Brook Lynn had just asked her. Brook Lynn replied that she liked to fight like Olivia did. Olivia declared that Brook Lynn hadn't seen the half of it. Olivia left the room, and Monica called Brook Lynn noble. Monica also wondered what it would cost her.

Brook Lynn insisted she didn't want anything, and she was just happy to be home. Monica thought that Brook Lynn reminded her of Tracy, who had always been nice when she had been in the middle of covering up a disaster. She couldn't wait to see what Brook Lynn was up to, and she admitted she didn't trust Brook Lynn because Brook Lynn was a Quartermaine.

Ned ran into Jason, who had just arrived. Jason asked Ned to do him a favor and look at a list of names he had. Ned knew all three people listed, and he realized it was the parole board. He admitted that Chip Jones was an associate of his. Jason wondered if the board would be fair, and Ned said that all of the men were decent. He thought they would be fair if Sam was fair, but he couldn't guarantee anything.

Ned informed Jason that Franco had been finishing up the treehouse, and he hoped that Jason would help. Jason went outside, and Franco said that he had to go. Jason made it clear that he would finish things up for Oscar. Franco thanked him and said that he might never see Jason again. He had made his choice. Jason admitted that he couldn't stand Franco, but Franco was important to Jake.

Anna and Robert sat at a table at Metro Court. Robert admitted that he didn't care for Finn and Anna together, but it stood a chance. He thought that it was too late for Anna to dump Finn because he had Violet, and she would feel bad. She could stay if she wanted to, but he felt things were different where Peter was concerned.

Robert thought that Anna was denying the truth about Peter, and it would eventually bite her. Anna replied that she would always love Robert, and they had a bond; however, he had to stop ruining her life. She thought he should look on the positive side and not think about the fact that Peter was Faison's son. She pointed out that Maxie loved Peter. Robert called Maxie's taste in men "suspect." Anna told him to stop pushing.

Lulu visited Maxie with a housewarming gift for Peter. Maxie was excited to talk about the domestic scene she'd shared with Peter as they'd put James down for a nap. Lulu admitted that she was really there to tell Maxie that Brook Lynn Ashton had returned to town. She told Maxie all about their run-in on Thanksgiving.

Lulu talked about how "bitchy" Brook Lynn had been. They'd been having it out about Dante when Olivia had walked in. Lulu was sure that Brook Lynn would cause trouble. Maxie suggested that Lulu brush Brook Lynn off and try to figure out what she might be covering up. Just then, Maxie received a phone call from Felicia, who told her about Lucas' accident.

Finn and Violet showed up at Metro Court, and Robert spoke to the little girl. He suggested they sit at the bar and get into trouble, giving Anna and Finn a moment to catch up. Finn took the empty seat at the table, and Anna admitted that Robert was again being a pain about Peter. He'd tried to convince her that Peter was up to no good. She added that it was always the same, and it always got to her.

Anna realized that Finn wasn't paying attention but looking over toward the bar. He admitted that he was watching his daughter having a great time. Anna confirmed that Robert was good with kids, despite all of his faults, and was like a kid himself. She sent Finn over to the bar.

Finn found Violet with a milkshake, and Finn admitted that Robert was good with her. Robert revealed that having a daughter had been the greatest experience of his life, and he was good with women.

Back at the hospital, Elizabeth found Peter still sitting and waiting for her after some time had gone by. She admitted she was nervous, and only one in four choices would have Franco return to her. She had to have the courage to let him go if things didn't work out.

Griffin found Carly and Sonny after looking at Mike's records. He stated that there had been significant deterioration, and Mike would probably not recognize Sonny or his current situation much longer. Sonny wondered if there was anything he could do to prolong Mike's life. He was willing to do whatever it took.

Griffin explained that a study in Sweden used enzymes, and he would be willing to write a recommendation. He wasn't sure it would help, though. Sonny was willing to pay for it, and he would get Mike there.

At the Quartermaine house, Ned walked into the room just as Brook Lynn was yelling at someone on the phone. She told the person to stop harassing her. Ned offered to help, but just then, Olivia walked in. She had received a text message from Lulu regarding Lucas. Brook Lynn ran out, and Ned explained that his daughter had been friends with Lucas since high school.

Olivia asked if she'd walked in on "something kinda big." "You did," Ned replied. Ned declared that Brook Lynn was just like Tracy and hiding something big.

Monica encountered Jason. She praised the completed treehouse, and Jason told her that Franco had done all of the work. Monica wished she could have spent more time with Franco as Drew, but she knew it wasn't in him to deprive others of Franco. He reminded her of Jason, and she was going to miss him. Jason replied that Franco had done the right thing. He hugged his mother.

Maxie and Lulu stepped off the elevator at the hospital, and the first person they spotted was Brook Lynn. She taunted them for being late, and she told them that only immediate family members could see Lucas. The women proceeded to trade insults. Franco stepped off the elevator and saw Elizabeth.

At Metro Court, Peter was on the phone with someone. He told them they knew what needed to be done. "Kill Maddox, kill Franco. Hell, eliminate them both," Peter declared. He didn't want the procedure to happen. "Peter?" Anna called out as she walked over to him.

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