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Alan James Quartermaine, Sr.
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Actor History

Born February 23, 1948

Died of a heart attack on February 26, 2007


Physician, Chief of Staff at General Hospital

Stockholder of ELQ. Industries


66 Harbor View Road (Quartermaine Mansion)

Marital Status

Married (Monica Quartermaine; second time)

Past Marriages

Monica Quartermaine (divorced; first time)

Lucy Coe (divorced)


Edward Quartermaine (father)

Lila Morgan (mother; deceased)

Tracy Quartermaine (sister)

Bradley Ward II (paternal half-brother)

Jimmy Lee Holt (paternal half-brother)

George Quartermaine (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Ida Zemlock (paternal grandmother; deceased)

Harold Morgan (maternal grandfather; deceased)

Herbert Quartermaine (paternal uncle)

Hal Morgan (maternal uncle)

Alexandria Quartermaine (paternal cousin)

Quentin Quartermaine (paternal cousin)

Edward "Ned" Ashton (paternal nephew)

Dillon Quartermaine (paternal nephew)

Justus Ward (paternal half-nephew; deceased)

Unnamed Ward (paternal half-niece)

Unnamed Ward (paternal half-niece)

Celia Quartermaine (paternal first cousin once removed)


Alan Quartermaine Jr. (son; with Monica; deceased)

Jason Morgan (son; with Susan; presumed deceased)

Emily Bowen-Quartermaine (daughter; via adoption; deceased) )

Skye Chandler Quartermaine (daughter; via adoption; Spring 2004)

Michael Corinthos III (grandson)

Lila Rae Quartermaine (granddaughter; via adoption)

Jacob Martin Spencer (grandson)

Daniel Edward Quartermaine (grandson)

Flings & Affairs

Gretel Rae Cummings (lovers)

Susan Moore (affair; deceased)

Charity Gaitlin (affair)

Lucy Coe (affair)

Aunt Gertrude (part of ruse deal made with Ned; only lasted a few weeks)

Crimes Committed

Tried to kill Monica and Rick Webber in revenge for their affair [sometime in the late-1970's]

Faked his death and assumed a new identity [sometime in the early to mid-1980's]

Killed Ray Conway when he found Ray in the process of beating up Rhonda Wexler; tried to cover it up but eventually the secret was exposed, although the charges were dropped due to problems with the chain of evidence [1993]

Stole medication in order to feed his drug addiction [sometime in the mid-1990's]

Arrested for murdering a drug dealer; really innocent

Tried to kill Joseph Sorel for threatening Emily's life [2002]

Helped plot to get baby Kristina away from Ned's custody [2003]

Covered up the fact that A.J. was alive and had kidnapped Michael [2004]

Threatened to have Emily expelled from medical school if she did not stay away from Sonny Corinthos [Oct 2005]

Helped Tracy fake her death [Jan 2006]

Health and Vitals

Injured his left hand in the late 1970's after being caught in an explosion the injury forced him to end his surgical career

Was addicted to pain killers in the mid 1990s

Briefly paralyzed after being shot in the back by A.J. [2004]

Knocked unconscious during the Metro Court Hotel hostage crisis [Feb 2007]

Underwent heart surgery after being a hostage in the Metro Court Hotel [Feb 2007]

Brief Character History

Alan Quartermaine came to Port Charles from Southampton at the request of Dr. Rick Webber. A former surgeon, Alan had become a general practitioner after suffering a hand injury. He soon decided to stay permanently in Port Charles since he had started to fall for Dr. Monica Webber. They soon married. But Monica still harbored feelings for Rick, who had married Lesley Williams. Monica and Rick gave into their feelings finally and made love. But Rick told her that they were over so Monica reconciled with Alan.

Monica became pregnant, but Alan was unaware that there was a chance that Rick Webber may be the father. However Alan's sister, Tracy knew and did her best to prove that the baby wasn't Alan's, mostly because she wanted her son Ned to be the sole Quartermaine heir. Monica gave birth to Alan, Jr. on a stormy night at the mansion. Rick's wife Lesley delivered the baby and heard Monica confess that the baby was Rick's. But Monica had no recollection later on of her confession since she had been delirious at the time and insisted to Rick, who had been filled in by Lesley, that the baby was Alan's.

When Alan found out that Monica and Rick had slept together, he was surprisingly calm. But on the inside he was plotting his revenge against Monica and her lover. He built a nursery for A.J. with the intent of collapsing the roof on Rick and Monica during A.J.'s christening. But his plan was thwarted by Lee Baldwin, who smelled something amiss. So Alan was forced to rescue Rick and Monica. Alan was further angered when Rick had an attack of conscious, divorced his wife, and spilled to Alan that A.J. was really Rick's son. Alan decided to shoot Rick and Monica while they were making love and followed them to their cabin. But a gas leak set off an explosion before he could carry out his plan. When Rick and Monica discovered the gun near Alan's unconscious body, they realized why he had been there and set out to prove that Alan wanted to kill them. But Monica discovered that the baby had a birthmark just like Alan's. Later extensive blood tests proved Alan was the father. However Monica no longer wanted anything to do with Alan. She secretly taped him confessing to trying to kill her and then blackmailed him into giving her a divorce. He agreed and she took A.J. and went to Rick.

When Alan discovered that A.J. was actually his son, he announced it to the public and Rick left Monica. So Monica moved back into the mansion but continued to reject Alan. Soon Alan began an affair with Susan Moore. But Alan wouldn't divorce Monica because he didn't want to lose custody of A.J. Susan became pregnant and gave birth to their son Jason. When Monica found out she filed for sole custody of A.J. and then a divorce. Alan and Susan briefly reunited but Alan developed impotency. He soon realized that Monica was the only one who turned him on. He managed to move back into the mansion, but Monica had divided it into "mine" and "your" sides. To aide her in the custody battle, Monica got photos of Alan and Susan together. Alan wanted to reconcile with Monica, but she refused unless he dumped Susan. So Alan did and got back together with Monica.

But Susan wasn't finished with Alan. She sued him for millions, citing it was for Jason. The court finally awarded Jason one million dollars but Susan only got 10 percent of that. Angry, she started drinking and Alan decided to file for custody of Jason. Monica didn't want the baby under her roof. Susan then met Lila's ex husband Crane Tolliver. He told her that he had never officially divorced Lila. This little fact jeopardized the whole Quartermaine family since it made Lila and Edward's marriage void and their children illegitimate. Susan blackmailed the family with the info. When Susan was killed, the entire family was a suspect in her murder. But Crane turned out to be the culprit. Lila finalized her divorce from Crane and legally married Edward. Monica accepted Jason into their house and raised him as her own son.

Although Alan and Monica were married, they continued to have roving eyes and each in turn cheated on the other. Monica's affair with Sean Donely was seen by the Quartermaines as an opportunity to gain access to his business secrets. However, the pair fell in love and quickly forced the Quartermaines out of their fortune and out of the mansion. So Alan concocted a plan to frame Sean for his murder and collect the insurance money. Alan "died"; in a plane crash, but was really living under a different name in a new town. He also began an affair with Charity Gatlin. Edward dragged him back to Port Charles after blackmailing Sean into returning the Quartermaine fortune. However Alan had amnesia and believed he was a guy named Simon instead of Alan Quartermaine. As Monica tried to prove that Alan was faking, she fell in love with him again.

After Alan manipulated Monica into quitting her new position as assistant chief of staff, which Alan had wanted, she went to Green Meadows Spa for a break. While there she had a hot affair with Ward, who was a tennis pro at the spa. When Monica returned to Port Charles, she found out that Alan had been looking for Tracy's missing son Ned so that he could bring Ned to live with them at the mansion. Monica was floored when Ned turned out to be her lover Ward. Luckily their affair cooled into a friendship. But Alan was suspicious that there was something more going on between them.

Alan began an affair with Lucy Coe, who wanted him to leave Monica for her. He refused at first and Lucy used Scotty Baldwin to make Alan jealous. Alan wanted Monica's long-lost daughter Dawn to move into the mansion, which would please Monica. So Lucy exposed her affair with Alan to Monica in the local newspaper and Monica left town for awhile. Alan married Lucy to end the scandal she had caused. Alan eventually learned of the affair at the spa between Ned and Monica and attacked Ned.

When Monica and Alan began to bond over A.J. and his latest problems, Lucy got Alan's attention by announcing that she was pregnant. Shocked, Alan resigned himself to stay with her and set up a trust fund for the baby. But Tracy manipulated the real father, Scott Baldwin, into telling Alan the truth and Alan threw Lucy out. Eventually he and Monica remarried.

But their marriage quickly turned stormy when an old flame of Monica's named David Langton turned up on her operating table. Alan was jealous of the attention that Monica gave to David. She was soon embroiled in a malpractice suit filed by David's jealous daughter Nikki after David died in Monica's arms of a heart attack. Nikki had also managed to steal a page from Monica's journal that stated she would never love Alan as much as she had loved David.

Alan escaped the chaos by going to country bars where he danced with Rhonda Wexler. Monica was jealous and suspected them of having an affair. Alan denied it, but Monica schemed to make Alan jealous with a fictitious lover. The plan worked and they reconciled once again. After finding Ray Conway beating Rhonda, Alan accidentally killed him, and then covered up his role in Ray's death. Monica forgave Alan, but A.J. had found out about Alan's role and decided to frame Jagger for the murder. Alan and Monica forced A.J. to retract his statement and the police continued to track down the real murderer. A series of blackmail ensued as evidence was stolen and changed hands repeatedly.

Monica fought a long and hard battle against breast cancer, which included a mastectomy and rounds of chemotherapy. This caused marital strain between her and Alan, as he was unsure of how to comfort her. He grew quite close to Bobbie Spencer at the time. Alan went to see Monica at a Wellness Group out of state and tried to convince her that he found her beautiful. They made love but a distance had grown between them. When Monica returned to Port Charles, she brought her new friend Page Bowen and Page's daughter Emily. Alan and Monica adopted Emily after Page died of breast cancer. Monica continued to be cold towards Alan and he nearly made love to Bobbie but they stopped before anything happened.

Family tragedy struck when Jason was in a car crash that left him with brain damage, causing him to forget his family. He left the Quartermaines to become Sonny Corinthos' right-hand man in the mob. The family was further devastated to learn that A.J. had been the one behind the wheel and that he was drunk at the time.

Monica's former young lover, Dr. Pierce Dorman, filed a sexual harassment suit against her when she tried to end their affair to go back to Alan. The whole family was dragged through the mud during the lawsuit and family secrets were exposed. The court ruled in favor of Dorman, but Monica managed to keep her job. Still not satisfied, Dorman hired a guy to get young Emily hooked on drugs. Furious, Monica trapped Dorman in a hotel room where she "tried and convicted" him and nearly killed him before Jason showed up.

When Alan had surgery on his hand he developed an addiction to pain killers. He continued to pop pills even after he nearly died from an overdose. When the family caught on to his addiction, they arranged an intervention, more to protect the family name than anything else. Despite the family's effort, Alan couldn't stop his addiction. He reached rock bottom when his family kicked him out of the house after finding him in his drug den with a hooker. They cut him off without a cent, and he lost his job. Alan even broke into the mansion to steal jewelry to get drug money with. Later on he was arrested for murder after discovering his hooker friend in bed with a dead drug dealer. He tried out in jail but went right back to the pills after he got out. Monica and Tony were finally able to put him on a drug rehab program at the clinic. After rehab, Alan moved back home, reconciled with his wife, and began working at the clinic.

Another family conflict quickly developed in the custody battle over Michael. Alan sided with A.J., but Monica supported Jason. When A.J. married Carly and brought her home to live at the mansion, Alan continued to support him. He even defended A.J. being appointed CEO of ELQ to Ned and Alexis. Monica disliked Carly, but Alan defended A.J.'s choice for a wife.

A new twist to the breakup/makeup pattern of Alan and Monica's relationship occurred when they agreed to stage a breakup in exchange for Ned not taking A.J.'s job at ELQ. Alan would then romance Chloe's Aunt Gertrude to distract her from trying to take over Chloe's company. But before Alan could put the plan into motion, Gertrude caught Jax and Chloe in bed together, which meant that Alan's charade was no longer necessary.

Monica was finally able to get Carly out of the mansion when Sonny Corinthos blackmailed A.J. into giving Carly a divorce and signing away his rights to Michael. Sonny had learned from Jason that A.J. had been behind the warehouse fire earlier in the year. Alan and Monica were horrified by A.J.'s actions, but Alan tried to stand by A.J. and even attempted to help him when A.J. turned to booze again. But Monica couldn't bring herself to forgive A.J. for trying to hurt Jason and fought with Alan over his support of A.J. Alan came to A.J.'s defense again when Edward continually bashed A.J. for losing Carly and Michael. Motivated by the memory of a lifetime of tongue lashings from Edward, Alan protected A.J. as best he could.

A few months later, Alan's old flame Rae Cummings came to town to search for information on the baby she had given up years ago. She and Alan greeted each other warmly, much to Monica's fury. After a pregnancy scare turned out to be only menopause, Alan was hooked on the idea of having another baby with Monica and trying to be a better father than he had been with his other children. Their efforts were quickly tabled when Emily was kidnapped. Alan blamed himself for not paying enough attention to his daughter. The family was sick with worry as they tried to handle it privately without the police; they even formulated a plan to get Jason released from jail so he could silently track down Emily and her kidnapper. Fortunately Emily returned safe and sound a few weeks later. Alan and Monica's happiness was quickly squashed as they had to admit A.J. to detox after he nearly died of alcohol poisoning.

To add to the children's list of crises, Emily was dating her kidnapper Zander, also a former drug dealer. Alan tried his best to keep Emily from seeing him, but to no avail. When she was nearly killed in a shooting outside of the PCPD, Alan had her sent away to boarding school. But Zander found Emily and brought her back to Port Charles where they lived together at Kelly's. Eventually Alan and Monica agreed to let them see each other, even if they weren't happy about it.

In early 2001, Alan learned Monica's cancer was possibly returning, and promised to support her the way he couldn't the last time. Fortunately, her tumor was benign. They made plans to renew their vows, but on the day of the wedding, Skye barged in, announcing she was Alan's daughter and asking where her room was. Alan admitted that he knew Rae was pregnant when he broke up with her, but was too young to be a responsible parent and let Edward handle the decision. He thought the child had died.

Guilt-ridden, Alan let Skye move into the mansion to make up for lost time. He justified and defended every wrong move she made. A few months later, Emily was paralyzed after a train crash, and Skye had never given Alan the note Emily left behind to tell them goodbye. Emily went off to rehab. When Alan found out Skye knew of Zander and Emily's whereabouts without telling him, he rejected her. He then forgave her after hearing her anguish and regret in an AA meeting.

An attempt was made on Emily's life in rehab. Alan hissed a threat at a hospitalized Sorel, and was one of the many suspects in his murder. He had actually turned off Sorel's IV medication, unaware that Sorel was already dead. When Monica became a prime suspect, he vowed to protect her. But she told him that she hadn't killed Sorel, although she'd watched him stop the IV and hadn't done anything about it. They both felt justified in their actions.

After months of squabbling about Skye, Monica and Alan managed to reunite and vote together at the ELQ board meeting. Edward lost the company in the process and later had a heart attack. Edward then disinherited his whole family and made his nurse Melissa his sole heir. Alan attempted to end the family squabbling regarding Skye by asking her to move out after learning that she had paid Janine to cause problems for Edward. Their relationship was further strained when Alan blamed Skye for Edward's second heart attack. Lashing out, Skye accused Melissa of being a gold-digger after Edward's money, so Alan checked into Melissa's background. He discovered that she had inherited money before from elderly patients upon their deaths. Alan suspended Melissa but later hired her back. However, Alan later found out that she was an "Angel of Mercy" killer.

While A.J. was courting Courtney to goad Sonny, he fooled Alan into thinking that he actually loved Courtney. Alan then agreed to help the couple escape the hospital via helicopter when Sonny came looking for them. Alan was later furious to learn that A.J. had lied to him and was only using Courtney to get at Michael. Alan and Monica were less than thrilled when A.J. and Courtney returned from their getaway to announce that they had gotten married. When Skye pointed out that A.J. was showing signs of drinking again, Alan agreed with her but Monica refused to side with Skye. A.J. and Courtney moved into the mansion where Alan could hardly stomach A.J. spinning his web of lies to Courtney.

When Rae returned for a brief visit in order to talk to Alan about Skye, Monica responded by serving Alan with divorce papers. Alan continued to fight with Monica about her support of A.J. and his quest to get Michael back. Alan finally won the war when Monica, prompted by words from Jason, told A.J. to stop using Courtney to get to Michael or move out. Monica then reneged on her divorce from Alan and they reconciled.

Alan's jealous side came out when Rick Webber returned to town to be part of Laura's upcoming wedding. Alan was livid to see his wife in several animated conversations with Rick and even more upset to see them dancing together at Luke's during a party for the hospital. He warned Rick to keep his hands off his wife, and Monica reveled in Alan's attention.

Alan was a little shocked when Skye announced her engagement to Jax but wished her well at her engagement party. However, when Edward had a stroke during an argument with Skye at the party, Alan immediately blamed Skye. While Edward lay in a coma, Alan told Monica about his guilt over how many times he'd wished Edward dead before. Monica reassured Alan that Edward was too stubborn to die. When Edward was discovered with his life support unplugged, Skye was blamed. Later Edward admitted to pulling the plug himself to implicate Skye, which infuriated Alan. A few weeks later Jax and Skye reunited after a brief breakup but Skye told her family not to be at the wedding.

The whole family was happy to learn that Brenda was alive and back in town. Alan warned Edward not to use Brenda to break up Skye's marriage to Jax. However, Jax ended up leaving Skye for Brenda and Skye returned to the bottle. Alan found Skye after she'd fallen and cut her head in a drunken stupor. But as much as he wanted to support his daughter, Alan still participated in the Quartermaines' party for Brenda and Jax. When Alcazar was murdered, Skye did her best to implicate Brenda. When Brenda and Jason were put on trial, Alan tried to support them. But he was also struggling to support Skye as she repeatedly returned to drinking. When Brenda and Jason were found guilty, Monica kicked Skye out of the mansion and yelled at A.J. for framing his brother. But the charges were dropped and Jax and Brenda planned to marry on Valentine's Day. When Skye showed up at the wedding, Alan worried that she would cause trouble. But there was no need since Jax refused to marry Brenda due to her feelings for Sonny.

Ned got custody of Kristina after Alexis was found not guilty of Alcazar's murder by reason of insanity and was sentenced to psychiatric treatment. But Edward wanted the baby under his roof. So Alan, A.J., and Edward concocted a plan in which A.J. would set fire to the gatehouse, "rescue" the baby, and then Alan would "attend" to her. But the baby would actually be safe in the mansion the whole time. Monica and Skye nearly squealed on the trio to the cops, but in the end decided to keep quiet. Ned also suspected them of being behind the fire but couldn't prove it.

Alan's black sheep sister Tracy came into town briefly a few weeks later. Ever the conniver, Tracy revealed to Skye and Alan that Skye was not his daughter. Tracy had known at the time that Rae was pregnant that Alan was not the father so she blackmailed Rae into leaving town. But much to Skye and Monica's surprise, Alan told Skye that he would always think of her as his daughter.

Emily had also returned with a secret of her own: she was suffering from breast cancer. Alan found out when Monica tried to have her treated at another hospital. Together, Alan and Monica supported Emily and convinced her to seek treatment. But even after treatment Emily only seemed to get worse. Alan and Monica couldn't believe their daughter was going to die. But she recovered and after briefly trying to make her marriage to Zander work, she left him to be with Nikolas.

Alan and the rest of the family were baffled to learn that A.J. had managed to empty the family's bank accounts and take off into the sunset with the money. A few weeks later Emily and Nikolas announced their engagement and Nikolas' bankrupt financial status. But their financial problems seemed to be over when Emily and Nikolas announced that they had found a sunken ship that had belonged to the Quartermaines several generations ago. The ship had contained a lot of treasure and Nikolas and Emily planned to hire Sam to salvage the treasure. Then the families would split it down the middle. Alan and Monica agreed to the split in order to support Emily, but Tracy had other plans. She pretended to go along with it but really made her own plans to pay Sam to give them the whole treasure. However, Sam took off with the treasure, leaving behind a disgruntled Quartermaine family.

The treasure came back to the Quartermaines when Nikolas and Emily were able to figure out where Helena, who had stolen it from Sam, had hidden it. The couple held an auction of the treasure with the intent of splitting the proceeds equally between their two families. However Luke stole the treasure and the PC hotel where the auction was being held caught on fire. The attendees had just started to evacuate when the firefighters closed down the elevators, leaving everyone left trapped in the auction room. Although Alan had wanted Emily to go in the first group, Monica persuaded him to go since doctors would be needed to help the injured. Eventually everyone made it out alive. Edward nearly died from a heart attack soon after, which greatly shook Alan. He encouraged Edward to pretend to be senile to escape responsibility for the hotel fire. It was later proven that the fire had been deliberately set, letting the Quartermaines off the hook. So Edward tried to get back the CEO position at ELQ. Alan and Monica voted against him out of fear of his health. But Edward eventually won against Tracy.

A few months later Alan was shocked to find out that Lila died in her sleep. The whole family was grief stricken, especially Edward. However, none of them could claim any of Lila's money for one month. Lila had left a stipulation in her will that a judge would award her estate to the person who acted the most virtuous in the next month. Monica and Alan were disqualified within the first week after they tried to conspire against the rest of the family. The money chase was put on hold during a particularly scary evening at home. A storm knocked out the power in the house, an accident on the road left everyone stranded for awhile, and then Sage Alcazar was discovered stabbed to death in the basement freezer. Mac arrived by helicopter to find the killer. Alan and Monica cornered who they believed was the killer by the boathouse. However, it was only Faith. The real killer turned out to be Mary, who was after Emily in order to get "Connor" (Nikolas) back. In the confrontation with Mary, Nikolas shot her to protect Emily. Mary was then hospitalized where she showed signs of a serious mental break.

As the family recovered from Mary's attacks, Nikolas and Emily again found themselves involved in another attempted murder. After Nikolas's grandmother, Helena, threatened and eventually cursed Emily (the antidote to the curse was to kiss in the Garden of Aphrodite), the couple understood just how desperate their situation was. After the curse was broken, Helena cornered Emily on the cliffs and tried to murder her. Nikolas saved Emily, but even after he had forced the knife from Helena's hand, he threw her over the cliffs, and it appeared that she had died. Nikolas later confessed to the murder, but the couple decided to still go through with their wedding. Both Alan and Monica shared their reservations with Emily, but she was determined. Continuing their unwavering support of their daughter, Alan and Monica each testified on Nikolas's behalf at his sentencing.

Alan was devastated when Justus, who had inherited the Quartermaine fortune, announced that A.J. was dead. There was a double heartbreak when it was realized that Michael, who has been kidnapped by Faith, was dead as well. He turned back to the bottle, only climbing out after he hit Ric and Alexis' car and Emily begged him to look after himself. When Courtney came to him to tell him that A.J. was still alive, Alan rushed to tell Monica (in part to stop her from selling the mansion), but she refused to believe him. When A.J. showed up with Michael, Alan gave him sanctuary. Alan finally turned his back on A.J., causing his son to shoot him in the back. That night, as both father and son (A.J. fell over the banister) recuperated in the hospital, someone murdered A.J.

Alan blamed Jason for A.J.'s death, and paired up with Michael's therapist, Asher Thomas, to help get Michael away from Sonny and back in the Quartermaine mansion, where Alan felt he belonged. Monica was determined to end their marriage over Alan's treatment of Jason and his handling of the whole affair, and vowed to leave as soon as he recovered. During this time, Durant was temporarily paralyzed during surgery gone wrong, and sued the hospital, which led to Alcazar becoming a new partner in ELQ and installing his wife, Carly, as the new head of Charitable Endowments. Durant finally dropped the lawsuit and dropped the bomb on Alan that Michael was really A.J.'s killer.

Alan began acting secretive and Monica finally learned that his secret was that he knew that A.J. had wanted his brother Jason killed years earlier after the accident that left Jason with permanent brain damage. She wanted to leave him, even after his heartfelt confession that he had saved Jason from certain death that night, even though he couldn't be sure how it would turn out. Alan felt like he was given a new chance with Jason when an experimental drug left Jason with complete amnesia, and tried desperately to get his son to come home, but Monica told him the truth.

Eventually Alan forgave Monica for her role in the restoration of Jason's memory and life in the mob. Their focus turned to Emily when she and Nikolas divorced. Emily began spending excessive amounts of time with Sonny Corinthos and moved in with him. Emily claimed she was helping Sonny care for his children, but her family suspected a romantic relationship was developing. Alan and Monica wanted Emily to focus on medical school and her own family instead. They decided to confront Emily after she chose spending time with Sonny instead of assisting Monica on a rare medical procedure. Alan threatened to have Emily expelled from medical school if she did not end her association with Sonny. When Emily refused to leave Sonny, Alan told her she would no longer be welcome in their home. Alan was pleased when Emily's relationship with Sonny ended and she reunited with Nikolas.

The ongoing sibling rivalry between Tracy and Alan was set aside when Alan agreed to help Tracy deal with her new husband, Luke Spencer. Luke tricked Tracy into marriage and he refused to grant Tracy a divorce unless he received a hefty divorce settlement. Alan and Tracy worked together to fake Tracy's death. Luke continually threatened to poison Tracy and they used the threat to their advantage. Tracy pretended to ingest a tainted drink and then drove her car into a lake and disappeared. Alan and Tracy framed Luke for her supposed death, and Luke went in to hiding outside of Port Charles until Tracy reappeared alive and well.

Alan was at the Metro Court Hotel when it was taken hostage by Mr. Craig, who was later revealed to be Jerry Jacks. Alan witnessed Robin Scorpio being shot and wanted to help her, but Mr. Craig refused. Alan tried to negotiate Robin's release, but was struck and knocked unconscious. When Alan regained consciousness, he began to experience chest pains. Emily was also a hostage, along with Emily's best friend Elizabeth Webber. Elizabeth was pregnant and experiencing cramping. Mr. Craig allowed Emily to choose either Elizabeth or Alan to be released. Emily chose Alan. As Alan exited the hotel, numerous shots were fired. Alan collapsed and was taken immediately to the hospital.

Monica performed surgery on Alan but his prognosis was bleak. He had been in cardiac arrest for too long before he received medical care. His family kept vigil and Monica and Alan professed their love one final time. Alan asked repeatedly to see Jason and Jason did arrive at the hospital to see Alan, but it was too late. Alan passed away on February 26, 2007.

When the family gathered for the reading of Alan's will, they were shocked to learn that Alan had left most of his estate to Tracy and the family accused Tracy of changing Alan's will. The accusation was true. Alan named any future children Jason may have as his primary beneficiaries. Alan was aware of what Tracy had done and returned as a ghost began to haunt her. Alan explained that he could not move on until Tracy admitted what she had done. Only Tracy could see and hear him. Alan encouraged Tracy to admit she had forged the will before Edward had her committed to Shadybrook for talking to furniture. Alan stopped his regular haunting of Tracy after she completed the self-less act of watching over Lulu Spencer.

At Christmastime in 2008, Monica was able to see Alan's spirit after she received a special pair of glasses for Christmas. Alan and Monica immediately fell into their pattern of bickering and then professed their love for one another.

Alan's ghost returned once again in 2012 to comfort Monica after it was revealed that she had secretly allowed everyone, including Alan, to believe that their son A.J. was dead. Monica knew that A.J. would face time in prison so she faked his death and made arrangements for him to leave the country. Alan helped Monica realize that she had done well by their son. He also appeared to A.J. and apologized for not providing his son with the unconditional love that he had deserved. A.J. vowed to make his father proud but Alan reassured him that his love did not need to be earned. Before Alan's ghost left, he checked in on Tracy and let her know that she was not alone.

A few months later, Alan's ghost paid Monica and Tracy a joint visit. The ghost of Emily and Rick Webber accompanied Alan's ghost to deliver a special message to the feuding women asking them to set aside their differences and coexist peacefully. Emily tried to broker peace between Tracy and Monica while Alan and Rick demonstrated how it could be done by laying their past rivalry to rest. After the women agreed to a truce, Alan and the other ghosts departed.

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